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How many people read this page? WTC attack one more clue !!
Freeman 2001 mainland sign is here.   2002 sign complete.
Goal: All United States become a big public tomb field,
Remote causes:     Yalta Conference  Marshall mediation
Immediately causes:  Yugoslavia bomb;   airplane collision
Trigger event:    Freeman 2001-08-15 mainland sign.
Chinese communist carry out attack: BBC News   English   Analysis
Number two's strategy and Korean War. How #2 defeat #1?

United States is number one in terms of national strength. How can number two defeat number one? Please visit
Number two's strategy; Discuss Anti-U.S.A.

What event today is possibly future attack's "remote cause" ?

2004-June U.S. gbk sign working record

2004-June U.S. gbk sign contents

撞毀世界貿易中心之遠因及近因 第一頁(簡稱﹕世貿分析)

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Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack WTC?
Freeman to those who loss love ones in 2001-09-11 all attacks.

If you read Chinese, there are nine solid documents in
Chinese, direct prove and indirect explain WTC attack.
<!-- Chinese documents are all in comments -->
中文讀者請看中文簡介 Brief in Chinese
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If you want to ask Chinese communist, click here.
"C.C. 'unify' world" Freeman newspaper adv.   Publish working record (in Chinese)

Freeman page links; Most Chinese

Please download war paper
Please download "Where to set up the world capital?"
These two papers help you to understand World Trade Center attack.
These two papers help you to predict next attack more accurately.
Please download "Chinese mainlander hate U.S. index"
This curve explains why choose the date 2001-09-11 to attack.
Broad Love vs "world revolution" (in Chinese) 2003-07-11-08-22 add

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WTC before attack Plane approach WTC WTC initial impact
WTC big fire ball

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2002-06-22-18-25 start index ('=' indicate picture) =WTC attack picture WTC attack process Who? Why? Immediate cause 1 Immediate cause 2 2001 Apr. prepare document_01 (Chinese) 2001 Aug. war paper document_02 (Chinese) war paper in English Why start war? How to carry out? 2001-09-09 trigger document_03 (Chinese) Freeman's warning document_04 (Chinese) Why actually no war? Victim of communism If involve Chinese? document_05 (Chinese) document_05 (English) Dog catch mouse Cat catch mouse document_06 (Chinese) Hate words in English Freeman's argument Chinese vs evil RU, JP created CCP US's China policy 1945-02-04 Yalta Marshall mediation Two remote causes =Hurley, Mao, Chou Yalta Conference Yalta agreement US persuade China Hurley warn error RU annex history rebel weapon supply JP store huge weapon Need time training Lobby US government US suggest talk Communist violation Marshall come China Mediation failure Full scale damage Communist mainland Void Roosevelt hope U.S. more death If were, WTC stand Future are we safe? Future dim, unless NOW !! RIGHT NOW !! Chinese responsible Not aid communist Self-destruction =Break treasure =Cone hat on street Hell smell Kill parents Private jails Scar literature =Propaganda Minister Non-stop struggle Trick smash China Peking Mayer Propaganda Minister Vice Premier Alt. Secretary CCP V.Minis.Propaganda V.Minis.Propaganda V.Minister Cultural Secret. CCP Peking Playwrights chair Deputy Peking Mayor V.Minis.Propaganda CCP Cadre Academy New China News Ag. Pr. Tsinghua Univ. V.Minister Cultural 2nd Secr CCP Peking Deputy Peking Mayor Deputy Peking Mayor Pr. Peking Univ. D.Secre.Peking Univ =Farmer celebration =Notice to landlord =Farmer own land murderer land reform =Landlord on trial =Murder landlord =Divide landlord pr. Life 1953-01-19 p14 Distort history =Del. Gang of four =Lin replace Ho =Peng Chen & Mao True in two ages 1st important paper 2nd important paper =Anti Confucius Confucius lecture 1 Mencius lecture 1 document_07 (Chinese) Protect Soviet Union Mao thank JP invad.CN Chou thank JP inva.CN RU ancestor, grand-pa American become daddy Chinese Soviet Repub. document_08 (Chinese) =CN Roots of Madness =kindergarten toy gun =Street play anti-U.S =1 man stop four tank Steak, chicken, fish thoroughly pre-work Low level goal, talk High level goal,shut Evil "logic" China real face important document Confucius lecture 2 Confucius lecture 3 Confucius lecture 4 Confucius lecture 5 Mencius lecture 2 Present to U.N. announce to the world document_09 (Chinese) =backyard refine steel Destroy oppon. weapon =Mao's red terror Chinese kill Chinese Mao and Lin, Biao Mao and Liu, Shao-chi How Lin died? HIGHLY ALERT 1 POINT anti-intelligence crowd down Deng Tricky power struggle Wall post paper hearts toward Moscow more about China Before next attack outside of US & China words to crazy Chinese who close Freeman lips permanent iron brand communist point view Below After sign world gbk Why sign world guestbk Why CC spy exec attack world gbk sign brief ebook naked conspiracy ebook manmade disaster ebook Mao private life Concern your own fate? anticommunism document Chinese leader picture Half world popula. die C.c. enemy whole world Bat your ancestor tomb foreign ancestor tomb reader seriously think evil action in 2001 pre-determineed number If misjudg second time why "act today !!" ? Mao, Deng, Jiang same! Let Chinese know facts Chinese 5 point goals Turth false exchange ! honest worse t corrupt what u r going to get ask communist directly Hitler say "Thank Mao" hijack or lend Cc spy? indifferent to "loser" 2nd enemy atomBomb U.S Mao die not a factor Why choose 2001-09-11 ? WTC page one, picture only, no analysis. Re-define Korean War Above is in WTC Analysis first page Below is in WTC Analysis second page Why choose 2001-09-11 ? A maximum-damage theory solves this puzzle. Freeman to those who loss love ones in 2001-09-11 all attacks. <a name="WTC002"> WTC before attack small 19k big 1777k Plane approach WTC small 18k big 2131k WTC initial impact small 18k big 2148k WTC big fire ball small 52k big 2771k <a name="WTC002A"> ( file name touhsi is from Chinese tou -- steal; stealthily hsi -- attack touhsi = to attack by surprise. ) <a name="WTC002B"> 2002-07-01-11-48 start Here is a link let Chinese communist to post their answer to Freeman's accusation. 2002-01-21-16:15 Freeman visit at the moment his page show up, death threaten words printed on Freeman's screen. 2002-02-15-16:50 Freeman decide to link this site to Freeman's Chinese main page allow communist to reply. 2002-07-01-11:46 Freeman decide to link this site to W.T.C. Analysis page allow communist to reply. VISITOR PLEASE CLICK AND SEE WHAT IS CHINESE COMMUNIST REPLY. 2002-07-01-12-00 stop <a name="WTC002C"> 2002-07-02-04-42 start is NOT a formal communist site. appears to be a personal site. Although Freeman said "SEE WHAT IS CHINESE COMMUNIST REPLY." but actually, you may never find reply in What Freeman mean is that IF communist want to explain, here is a link from Freeman's page to a mainland page. Freeman choose this page that is because <a name="WTC002D"> 2002-01-21-16:15 Freeman visit at the moment start access his page, Freeman's screen pop up a window says: "You had better do not regret the choice you made just before your death." (in Chinese) The only way to close window is to click "ok" 2002-07-02-04-57 stop <a name="WTC002E"> 2002-07-19-11-03 start Please pay attention to that To "unify" the world is NOT Chinese intention. No any world super power say "unify world", then why mainland Chins -- belong to third world would say "unify world" ? "Chinese communist to 'unify' the world" that is an evil master's poison to evil puppet !! that is evil master drive evil puppet to fight the whole world for evil master's interest !! "To 'unify' the world" is NOT Chinese intention. "China threaten" is a misleading concept !! It is evil master threaten !! 2002-07-19-11-11 stop <a name="WTC003"> 2002-06-13-18-03 World Trade Center is a great building, Freeman went to its top floor once. Feel its engineering work push to the extreme point of human capability. Sure, I miss World Trade Center. On 2001-09-11-08-45 first hijacked American Airline Boeing 767 airplane hit World Trade Center north tower 1. Eighteen minutes later, on 2001-09-11-09-03 second hijacked United Airline Boeing 767 airplane hit World Trade Center south tower 2. 09:50 a.m. south tower collapses 10:29 a.m. north tower collapses Estimated death around several thousand to ten thousand. This criminal act shocked the whole world!! <a name="WTC004"> People ask questions WHO ?! WHY ?! There are popular answers around the world community, Freeman attempts to give a possible alternative as following. Freeman tries to state with solid events, absolute no fabricate! and guess words keep to minimum. <a name="WTC005"> WHO ?! Freeman does not find any evidence, although people point finger to Afghanistan, but Freeman says "I do not know" <a name="WTC006"> WHY ?! This heavy weight attack, must have heavy weight goal !! Freeman says: The destruction of World Trade Center, its purpose is ***** TO TRIGGER START SINO-US-BIG-WAR. ***** ***** TO DESTROY CHINA AND TO WEAKEN U.S. ***** There are immediate causes and remote causes. <a name="WTC007"> Immediate causes are 1. On 1999-05-08 NATO (U.S.) air force bombed Yugoslavia. One bomb flew to Chinese communist representative office in Yugoslavia capital, destroy one building and killed three communists. <a name="WTC008"> 2. On 2001-04-01 U.S. air force airplane fly near China south soil, communist air plane take off, two sides collide in mid air. Communist loss one air plane and (communist said) pilot was killed. These two events are direct causes of World trade Center attack. Both events create big noise in mainland China. Many mainland Chinese say hate words to U.S. Remote causes are longer, I will put it at later half in this paper. Now record what happened in mainland China after 2001-04-01. <a name="WTC009"> After 2001-04-01 airplane collision, it is "excellent" chance to promote mainland Chinese to go to war with U.S. In 2001 April mainland forum appeared papers about how Chinese communist "unify" the whole world. Please think, if they come to China and promote how Chinese fight the whole world for X-nation's interest. Chinese will not have much motivation to do it. Now, X-nation come and promote How Chinese communist "unify" the whole world. This topic does get some attention. <a name="WTC010"> Selected SOLID document_01 is in next <!-- comments --> It is in Chinese, and just partial of long paper. After Chinese communist unify the world Where to set up the world capital? (in Chinese) Please download "Where to set up the world capital?" Please download this paper, have someone translate for you, so that you can predict the future more accurately. (This paper is already deleted from mainland China) Selected SOLID document_01 is in above <!-- comments --> document_01 dated 2001-04-13 document_01 topic: after communist "unify" the world, where to set up the world capital? document_01 URL: document_01 Freeman access date: 2001-10-14-03:48:41 2002-07-14-09:54:52 Freeman re-visit. site not exist <a name="WTC011"> Start from 2001 April to 2001 August, this topic How Chinese communist "unify" the whole world. gradually spread to more reader in mainland China. On 2001-08-20, twenty two days before World Trade Center attack, heavy weight war paper come to public. <a name="WTC012"> Selected SOLID document_02 is in next <!-- comments --> It is in Chinese, and about 1/30 of original paper length. Selected SOLID document_02 is in above <!-- comments --> document_02 dated 2001-08-20 3:28 document_02 title: Reconstruct China --- How Chinese communist unify the world document_02 URL: document_02 Freeman access date: 2001-09-07-18:59:48 2002-07-14-09:51:50 Freeman re-visit. The site does not exist. document_02 may be deleted in mainland China forums Next URL: is Freeman's copy (war paper) plus Freeman and war paper author's discussion. War paper first upload on 2002-07-05 Because SINO-US-BIG-WAR plot failed, not only the paper URL become invalid, but the innocent site disappear from Internet too !! First visit 2001-08-26-11:07:09 First sign paper 2001-08-26-11:22:57 send wbd last existence 2001-10-04-03-23-17 re-visit, get list page first non-existence 2001-11-21-05-43-16 The page cannot be displayed <a name="WTC013"> document_02 is the KEY paper to link World Trade Center attack and TO TRIGGER START SINO-US-BIG-WAR. Freeman translates the selected beginning section here. <a name="WTC014"> [[[[[ document_02 start Submit date: 2001-08-31 02:22:53 Forum name "Enlightened China Movement" War flag flutter forever Forum manager: Comrade Good!肮祩蠅疑ㄐ Above communist deleted; Below Freeman keep a copy.   warpaper.htm Paper title: Reconstruct China --- How Chinese communist unify the world Paper send to forum by final version Author: China fighter Date: first version: author worried-heart 2000-10-26, 21:25:05 second version: author wen-hwa 2000-10-30, 05:03 third version: author China fighter 2001-08-20, 3:28 ------------------------------------------------------------ (paragraph one) The tomb of SINO-US-BIG-WAR: One after one high skyscraper; one after one tomb plate. One after one green mountain; one after one grave pile. Friend, did you see those great skyscraper groups in New York and those beautiful green mountain in KweiLin (China)? Although I saw just once, but they show up in my dream with a very different picture, one screen after one screen, non-stop and all are tragic scene!! Deeply printed in my memory. One moment, One after one high skyscraper become one after one tomb plate high reach into the clouds. They connected with near-by public tomb field; and another moment those one after one green mountain become one after one grave pile. Continuously on and on, one can not see its <a name="WTC014A"> boundary. All United States become a big public tomb field, and all China become a huge graveyard. These scene repeated show up in my brain. This is also my omen about the result of SINO-US-BIG-WAR. Extreme threaten situation, probably I can see it only in my dream. Probably only me, in my dream, always want lead people to self-exam this sad history process. What is the cause of this result, must study the beginning of the war. (paragraph two) SINO-US-BIG-WAR -- The war of end of the world ..... ]]]]] document_02 end 2002-06-13-20-45 stop <a name="WTC015"> 2002-06-14-07-10 start Third version author "China fighter" his own forum is next肮祩蠅疑ㄐ He sign his paper to The rest part of document_02 incite Chinese, tell Chinese why should Chinese goto SINO-US-BIG-WAR, and how Chinese carry out SINO-US-BIG-WAR. <a name="WTC016"> why? document_02 says: Chinese need larger living space, American Indian has ancient Chinese link. <a name="WTC017"> how? document_02 says: wipe out American population as much as possible, (massive-killing-capable anthrax attack is evidence) preserve American city, building, utility facility as much as possible. (Freeman absolute not add one fur weight to those hate words, but cut short is true. "how?" is based on next Chinese original words: [[ 樟哿硒俴※鏢諳§數赫﹝ 藝弊笝衾艘堤笢弊腔醴腔岆硐殘障藝弊笭猁諳奧悵隱膘耟睿笙莉 鼎笢弊砃藝弊硈鏍ㄛ咘勤笢弊弊芩楷雄賸載樓襖轄腔華抮宒腔鏢橈俶 瞄湖僻﹝ 奧匐坋爛測堤珋腔汜昜挕 睿笢赽挕脹準輓俶湮寞耀鏢橈俶伀忒齔ㄛ妏妗珋涴珨珨璋邧蛐 腔醴梓植埻寀奻蔡傖峈褫夔ㄛ 笢僕 濂勦笢議虳梪挍森儂躇腔屾袕詢撰蔚鍰郪傖腔※MJUS杻梗硌閨窒§ㄛ ]] MORE BLOODY WORDS ARE NOT INCLUDED !! <a name="WTC017A"> Mie Chinese "destroy" Jue Chinese "extinct" Although this war paper present to the world in Chinese. Reader should know it is evil master's behind curtain work ! Purpose incite Chinese goto war with U.S. War paper third version author's URL is next肮祩蠅疑ㄐ Possibly he can answer some of the question rised in his paper. ) document_02 whole paper from first word to last word are all hate, violence and bloody words !! This is how X nation stir Chinese society into SINO-US-BIG-WAR mood. <a name="WTC018"> Between 2001-08-20 Reconstruct China war paper come to Internet and 2001-09-11 actual carry out attack to World Trade Center there is another important event. This event cause X nation finally execute the W.T.C. attack. Mao die on 1976-09-09, on 2001-09-09 Chinese communist nearly forget Mao. This is an indication that current Chinese communist walk in different direction from Mao. This forget-Mao fact let X nation decide to use its residual influence in China before its influence is gone. It is necessary to start SINO-US-BIG-WAR immediately. Two days later on 2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack occurs. <a name="WTC019"> In X nation point of view, Chinese communist has canon-ash value, Chinese communist stand in front stage fight the whole world, let China swallow whole world gun shot. One is to reduce Chinese population, second to exhaust world munitions. Mao is X nation's hard core loyalist, X nation told Mao that Mao should divide Chinese into classes then start self-destruction under the smoke of "class struggle". Mao accurately carry out this order. From 1948 communist occupied mainland China to 1976 Mao die. There are many political movement, neighbor fight neighbor, children fight parents, poor fight rich, student fight teacher. Chinese death sum up to sixty millions !! This is common recognized estimate number, not Freeman estimate number. After Mao die, other communist removed Marx, Lenin picture from Beiping biggest square. Sure ! X nation miss Mao. <a name="WTC020"> document_03 says that Mao's death date is ignored by mainland news media. Selected SOLID document_03 is in next <!-- comments --> It is in Chinese, and whole (short) paper is here. Selected SOLID document_03 is in above <!-- comments --> document_03 dated 2001-09-09 document_03 title: Mao's death day Beiping news media all silent. Today? I know today typhoon blows. document_03 URL: document_03 Freeman access date: 2001-09-09-04:15:25 2002-07-14-09:49:29 Freeman re-visit. paper exist Two days later, On 2001-09-11 X nation carry out World Trade Center attack, which shock the whole world. <a name="WTC021"> From 2001-09-12-08-45 to 09:31 Freeman wrote a paper warn those crazy "Chinese" that World Trade Center attack target at destroy China and U.S. document_04 is Freeman warn paper. <a name="WTC022"> Selected SOLID document_04 is in next <!-- comments --> It is in Chinese, and whole (short) paper is here. Selected SOLID document_04 is in above <!-- comments --> document_04 dated 2001-09-12 document_04 title: U.S. disaster is the beginning of aggressive nation plotted SINO-US-BIG-WAR document_04 URL: document_04 Freeman SIGN date: 2001-09-12-10:04:32 (U.S. Pacific time) 2002-06-14-08-52 stop <a name="WTC023"> 2002-06-14-10-22 start X nation already done things are 1. incite mainland Chinese to hate U.S. and create a war mood in mainland China society. 2. attack World Trade Center 3. hijack Chinese communist spy net in the U.S. to show up Chinese face everywhere. (later in this paper introduce this point) Now all three things are ready, why actually not start SINO-US-BIG-WAR ? <a name="WTC024"> The answer is that there is one missing link -- ***** ***** U.S. did not shoot a missile to mainland China. ***** then Chinese communist has no reason to fire missile to U.S. bomb office in Yugoslavia mid air plane collision are not enough to start war with U.S. <a name="WTC025"> If U.S. were mislead and shoot one missile to mainland China, than today (2002-06-14) half U.S. is in ruin and ninety per cent of China is ruined. Just mentioning Chinese face involve in World Trade Center attack and anthrax virus spread, create a wide hate-China mood in the U.S. Then no need U.S. government to send any order to shoot a missile to China, X nation is probably capable to hijack one U.S. nuclear submarine and shoot a missile to mainland China. Once this missing link (missile attack China) is complete, Chinese communist missile troop fall into X nation's direct command !! SINO-US-BIG-WAR formally start !! <a name="WTC026"> Freeman ask reader after read this paper, please do not hurt any Chinese who just walk on the street. Because to hate China is exact what X nation want to create in the U.S. Most Chinese people do not like communism, but communist conquered China, ordinary Chinese have no choice. ***** China is biggest victim nation of communism !!! <a name="WTC027"> Clearly U.S. government are very very carefully not step into SINO-US-BIG-WAR trap. Even not mention any Chinese face in 2001 September tragedy. If actually there is no any Chinese involve, then this paper has no value to read ! <a name="WTC028"> How can Freeman show there is Chinese face involve in 2001 September tragedy? Freeman ask the reverse: All Chinese face involve in 2001 September tragedy are ignored. No news say one word about it, then how can Freeman collect such information? Freeman has no evidence to show Chinese face involve ! but Freeman got one indirect news report, which is true only if there is Chinese face involve in 2001 September tragedy !! <a name="WTC029"> document_05 is Chinese communist goto Washington help U.S. to investigate. Selected SOLID document_05 is in next <!-- comments --> It is in Chinese, and whole (short) paper is here. Selected SOLID document_05 is in above <!-- comments --> document_05 dated 2001-09-25 document_05 title: Important change: China intelligence team arrive U.S. help to capture murderer document_05 URL: document_05 Freeman access date: 2001-10-12-13:13:31 Above mainland forum, paper deleted below record, paper exist document_05 URL: document_05 Freeman access date: 2002-07-16-07-59-03 2002-07-14-09:47:00 Freeman re-visit. paper deleted﹛﹛辣茩嫖還氈埶,勤祥,珋婓堤渣賸! document_05 is an important paper, Freeman translate as following <a name="WTC030"> [[[[[ document_05 start 2002-07-16-07-59-03 Freeman access BBC news reporter in Beiking Fu, Dong-Fei report, Chinese intelligence team today (Sep. 25 2001) arrive Washington, work together to capture the creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event. Attack U.S. event bring a far deep influence to international relation. Although at present time no one knows what information this team can give to U.S. But only from China-U.S. intelligence experts work together this point of view, we can tell China-U.S. relation has a big change. For China, attack U.S. event bring very positive contribution to China-U.S. relation China's position to support government of president Bush "to fight terrorism" this position draw public attention. China intelligence team today arrive Washington this action reveal China's support U.S. As a matter of fact, China does not have much intelligence about Taliban and Bin Laden to give to U.S. But China must get goodwill reply from U.S. that is for sure. Today's China-U.S. good relation is rare in recent years. Especially at current time, to fight back terrorism is U.S. first priority and most important national policy. Therefore China's human right record, Tibet issue, Taiwan independent issue etc. are all become less important. ]]]]] document_05 end This news does not say one word about Chinese face involve in 2001 September tragedy either. BUT !! <a name="WTC031"> Please think, Chinese communist goto Washington to capture Taliban people?! Chinese communist goto Washington to capture Afghanistan people?! That is dog catch mouse !! Not Chinese communist's business !! Is it that Chinese communist afraid of similar attack carry out in mainland China, so Chinese communist eager to know the detail and goto Washington to involve investigation ? If this is true, 2001 Sep. is U.S. government busiest time. U.S. government will not have time to host Chinese communist one side need. <a name="WTC032"> Now in U.S. government busiest time, 2001 Sep., U.S. government and Chinese communist quickly reached a common agreement -- to send Chinese communist intelligence team to Washington as soon as possible, then it must be cat catch mouse !! Chinese communist intelligence team goto U.S. to recover its spy net in the U.S. which is hijacked by X nation to show up Chinese face everywhere !! (WTC attack and anthrax attack. 2004-07-12-01-44 add) 2002-06-14-11-55 stop 2002-06-14-15-12 start <a name="WTC033"> If mainland China society has strong hate-U.S. mood and if U.S. society has strong hate-China mood, then X nation can easily set fire and start war. Following is a snap shot about how much mainland China society hate-U.S. ? <a name="WTC034"> document_06 is mainland China hate words to U.S. Selected SOLID document_06 is in next <!-- comments --> It is in Chinese, and whole (short) paper is here. Selected SOLID document_06 is in above <!-- comments --> document_06 dated collected several hate words, 2001 Sep to 2002 Jan. document_06 title: no single topic document_06 URL: document_06 Freeman access date: 2001 Sep to 2002 Jan. Reader should know how communist brain wash Chinese, following is the translation <a name="WTC035"> [[[[[ document_06 start 1. WTC attack is U.S. hundred years retribution, wise man already expected today's disaster. 2. American, go to see ghost !! 3. American big blow up, they deserve it. 4. Wonderful! American should get some retribution, it reveal so-called loss-moral-less-help. 5. Blow up great, blow up wonderful, blow up I cheer!! Very good! I am extreme happy, those terrorists are cool !!!! !!!!!!!!!! 6. American deserve it!! I think this is the happiest thing in all of my life ! :) 7. Therefore, one day, if who want to become famous, he must die in American hands, this is truth! 8. There is still White House, why not bomb? Too bad, why it is not nuclear weapon? 9. Long live Bin Laden ! thousand years ! million years ! My loyal idol ! 10 I do not know why, I always feel that to bomb U.S. is one thing let everyone happy! I cheer for Bin Laden ! 11 Laden, Laden I love you, whole world you are number one ! <a name="WTC036"> 12 The way to deal with American is to kill them more, Fire. ]]]]] document_06 end During this period, (2001 Sep to 2002 Jan) Freeman argue with those mainlander. Freeman said: (from my memory, my own words) [[[[[ Freeman argue start <a name="WTC037"> Around 1890, world industry super power plan to divide China to several region, each nation occupy one piece. That time United States is only one say no. U.S. proposed a (China) door open policy, keep China as a whole unit and world nation have equal chance to access China's natural resources and market. This open door policy stopped other country's plot and saved China. <a name="WTC038"> Around 1930, Japan aggressively invade China, Chinese are forced to fight. That time Japan is already industrialized nation. China is still non-industrialized nation. It is very hard to kick Japanese out of our soil, most weapon we need buy from other country. Japanese cut off all supply routes. Without third nation involve, it is very hard for Chinese to imagine what would be the result of China-Japan war. <a name="WTC039"> 1941-12-07 Japan attack Pearl Harbor. Unites States begin war with Japan. Since then China get strong support from U.S. Finally who defeated Japan? It is clearly U.S. nuclear bomb defeated Japan. Japan surrender, then China recover all lost land. <a name="WTC040"> 1945-08-08 U.S. atomic bomb Japan. Japan failure is clear. same day mid night 1945-08-08 Soviet Union declare "war" with dead tiger Japan. Soviet Union troop did not attack Japan soil, but invaded Chinese soil, Soviet Union troop just come to collect Japanese weapons!! Soviet Union troop occupy our provinces and no intention to withdraw. This time U.S. come again. U.S. told Soviet Union move troop out of China. They delayed several month, finally move out of China. Russia already annexed one third Chinese soil. This time, if U.S. do not come help. Whether Soviet Union troop occupied Chinese soil can come back to China ? it is very hard to say !! <a name="WTC041"> This time attack WTC, it is an attempt to trigger and start SINO-US-BIG-WAR. We Chinese are not outsider. WTC attack deeply involve with China. ***** It is U.S. solely suffer the bitter ***** consequences of SINO-US-BIG-WAR ***** No war come to our soil, ***** we still get happy life. you mainland crazy guys should calm down and have second thought !! ]]]]] Freeman argue end 2002-06-14-16-55 stop 2002-06-14-19-27 start <a name="WTC042"> From above mainland crazy hate words and Freeman's history analysis. Reader should be able to tell the huge difference between regular Chinese and evilized "Chinese". Regular Chinese think from Chinese point of view, respect history facts (for example U.S. helped us.) and remember mistake done in history, try not to repeat. (for example Russia break away Chinese soil Mongu). Regular Chinese consider ourselves as part of the world community, we should help other nation when they are in need. Evilized "Chinese" do things following "communism". Evilized "Chinese" ignore U.S. helped us before, Evilized "Chinese" hate U.S. mainly because U.S. is "capitalism" nation Evilized "Chinese" forget Russia annexed our soil. Evilized "Chinese" forget Russia break away our Mongu. Evilized "Chinese" pack our northern provinces as "inner mongu"--ready for next Russia annex!! Evilized "Chinese" exports violence to whole world. <a name="WTC043"> We Chinese call ourselves as a decorum and harmony state. ( in Chinese 禮樂之邦 ) Why now turn to evil struggle and hate hell !!?? The following is history review: How China turn to communism hell ? The following is also the section of World Trade Center attack remote causes. 2002-06-14-20-02 stop 2002-06-15-08-37 start <a name="WTC044"> The creation of Chinese communist has two major nations. They are Russia and Japan. Russia initiated, protected, raised Chinese communist. Chinese communist is actually a Russia political party's China branch! -- the branch of third communist international in China. Every one knows that in fact the so-called third communist international is totally under Russia control. Russia not only export communism to China, but export to the whole world. Most major nation put down communist rebellion successfully. As long as to this point, China and other major nations stand in equal position, China should be no exception. 2002-06-15-08:50 stop 2002-06-15-10-37 start <a name="WTC045"> That means if Russia is the only factor, Chinese government should be able put down communist rebellion just like other nation did. What make the difference is that other nations do not have Japan invasion. Japanese invaded Chinese soil. From 1930 to 1945 China fight Japan for fifteen years. This war greatly weaken Chinese government capability to put down communist rebel ! <a name="WTC046"> The build up of Chinese communist, foreign factor is dominate factor ! In all of foreign factor, Freeman estimate Russia contribute at least fifty per cent. Japan contribute about forty per cent. Russia, Japan are NOT key concern of this paper. (There are many books written for this topic) <a name="WTC047"> The key concern of this paper is U.S. government China policy from about one hundred years ago to about fifty years ago. There are two important history events, which are in favor to keep Chinese communist in existence. <a name="WTC048"> First important history is Yalta Conference, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. 1945-02-04 to 1945-02-11 U.S., British, Russia meet at Yalta, a city in Black Sea area. ***** Yalta Conference let Chinese communist receive ***** Japan best troop's all weapon Longer reference is at next URL (in Chinese) from page 1[30]30 to page 1[36]36 <a name="WTC049"> Second important history is Marshall mediation (between Chinese government and communist) 1945-08-28 U.S. ambassador to China, Mr. Patrick Hurley safe guard Mao goto war time capital Chungching page number 14[18]3016 1945-10-11 Mao back to communist base Yan-an page number 14[24]3022 1945-12-22 Mr. Marshall come to China page number 14[30]3028 1947-01-08 Mr. Marshall left China page number 14[70]3068 <a name="WTC050"> ***** Marshall mediation (include U.S. ambassador safe ***** guard Mao) let Chinese communist rebel troop gain ***** necessary one year training time. Both Yalta Conference, and Marshall mediation have far reaching influence to China's fate. Both Yalta Conference, and Marshall mediation have far reaching influence to world's fate. Both Yalta Conference, and Marshall mediation have far reaching influence to World Trade Center's fate!! <a name="WTC051"> In brief, Both Yalta Conference, and Marshall mediation let Chinese communist gain solid ground on Chinese soil !! let Chinese communist play X nation's canon-ash role !! let Chinese communist ruin the whole world first, before X nation annex the whole world !! let X nation have confidence to destroy the whole world while present its own smiling face!! 2002-06-15-12-33 stop <a name="WTC052"> Hurley and Mao 1945-08-28 U.S. ambassador to China, Mr. Patrick Hurley safe guard Mao goto war time capital Chungching China, the Roots of Madness. page 106. Theodore H. White, Mel Stuart 2002-06-15-13-05 start Above is brief for two important history. Below is detail for two important history. <a name="WTC053"> First important history is Yalta Conference, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. 1945 (Aug.) is the year to end second world war. Before end, there are major combat took place. From 1945-02-04 to 1945-02-11 U.S., British, Russia meet at Yalta, a city in Black Sea area. Main topic is how to defeat Nazi German and Japan. U.S. president Mr. Roosevelt hoped to reduce U.S. soldier's wound/death rate. So Mr. Roosevelt like to see Russia enter the war. Russia say yes or no that is very important to U.S. Stalin know itself has value, so Stalin rise the price. Stalin ask conditions U.S. must agree <a name="WTC054"> 1. Outer Mongu ("Mongu People's Republic") current (independent from China) situation must maintain. 2. 1904 Japan-Russia war, Russia loss the battle, Those benefit transfer to Japan must transfer to Russia again. They are 2A. Sakhalin island southern part and all near by islands must give to Soviet Union. 2B. Keep Soviet Union's superior position at China Dalian port, internationalize Dalian. Re-rent China's Lushun port to Soviet Union as military base. 2C. Railroad in northern-eastern China should be managed by both Chinese government and Soviet Union government. Keep Soviet Union's superior rights and admit the Republic of China government has complete sovereignty over northern-eastern China, ( Reference: page 1[32]32 source from Japanese government document ) <a name="WTC055"> Stalin knew Chinese government will oppose to this proposal. So Stalin ask U.S. take the responsibility to "persuade" Chinese government to accept Yalta conference agreement. Stalin add one line on the agreement "Based on Stalin notice, Roosevelt take action to ask Chairman Chiang Kai-Sek to agree." Then, according to the agreement, U.S. has responsibility to "persuade" (that is to use a little bit force) China to accept. (let Russia use our port, let Russia to interfere our railroad management) On the agreement, Stalin also add condition <a name="WTC056"> "Soviet Union want to help the Republic of China to liberate from Japanese occupation, it is ok to use Russia troop for support. Based on this point, China agree to sign China-Soviet friendship and Alliance treaty." So after Yalta Conference, U.S. government "persuade" Chinese government, and Russia treaty constraint Chinese government. The result is it severely damaged China's sovereignty and provide a safe environment for Chinese communist rebel ! <a name="WTC057"> Stalin agreed after German surrender, Soviet Union enter the war with Japan, which is Roosevelt's main concern. Yalta Conference agreement is Stalin one side paper, Roosevelt did not ask for modification. They reached agreement quickly. This damaged China's sovereignty and provide a safe heaven for communist rebel Yalta Conference agreement was kept secret. 1945-02-12 public announced Yalta Conference agreement has only Europe section. <a name="WTC058"> First person issue warning about the severe mistake in Yalta Conference agreement is U.S. ambassador to China Mr. Patrick Hurley. Mr. Hurley explain to Roosevelt, Roosevelt agreed and wanted to modify the Yalta Conference agreement. Roosevelt ordered Mr. Hurley to take correction action. Mr. Hurley went to see Churchill, Churchill express no interest and said all Churchill did is put signature on Yalta Conference agreement. It is U.S. responsibility. Hurley left British empty handed. On the way to Moscow, Mr. Hurley learned that President Roosevelt passed away. New President Truman come to office. New U.S. government send order to Hurley: No need to modify Yalta Conference agreement. <a name="WTC059"> From Chinese point of view, we absolute can not accept to "rent" our port to Russia !! From Chinese point of view, we absolute can not let Russia manage our railway system !! From our history <a name="WTC060"> 1858 China-Russia "Ai-Huei treaty" says : east to Ussuri river 430 thousand square kilo-meter land govern by both China and Russia (this land is Chinese soil, Russia invaded and force its way in treaty form.) 1859 China-Russia "Bei-Jing treaty" says : east to Ussuri river 430 thousand square kilo-meter land annex to Russia <a name="WTC061"> WE CHINESE ABSOLUTE CAN NOT LET RUSSIA STEP FOOT ON OUR SOIL !!!!! Russia "rent", "manage" that is pre work of Russia annex !!!!!!!! 2002-06-15-14-37 stop 2002-06-15-16-38 start Above, how Yalta Conference agreement was born? <a name="WTC062"> Below, how Yalta Conference agreement transform to communist rebel weapon supply? 1945-08-08 U.S. atomic bomb Japan Hiroshima. Japan failure is clear. same day mid night 1945-08-08 Soviet Union declare "war" with dead tiger Japan. immediately Russia army invade China 1945-08-09 U.S. atomic bomb Japanese second city Nagasaki. 1945-08-10 Japan announce surrender. Since Japan already announce surrender, Russia army entered Chinese north-eastern provinces, they did not fight Japanese. Russia army just come and collect Japanese weapon. <a name="WTC063"> There is one special point worth mention. Japan stored many weapon in Chinese north-eastern provinces. Because after Japan occupied our land. Japan intend to become a continental nation, not an island nation any more. For this purpose, Japanese treat occupied Chinese soil as their new base. Build many heavy industry, stored many sharp weapons. That time Japan simply consider Chinese north-eastern provinces as their home land. After Japanese surrender, Russia blocked or disturbed Chinese government army's moving toward north-eastern provinces. Russia robbed most heavy industry, bring to Russia. Russia robbed all Japanese sharp weapon, hand to communist rebel. Many communist rebel entered north-eastern provinces empty handed. Russia equip them, Russia train them. Russia ask Japanese puppet Chinese troop to join communist rebel. <a name="WTC064"> In all directions ***** RUSSIA CREATE SECOND CHINESE REBEL FORCE, ***** EQUAL POWER WITH GOVERNMENT FORCE. ***** LET CHINESE KILL THEMSELVES!! 2002-06-15-18-09 stop 2002-06-15-19-31 start Above is first important history Yalta Conference agreement <a name="WTC065"> Below is second important history Marshall mediation (between Chinese government and communist) Russia create communist rebel force, need time for training. If Chinese government non-stop attack communist rebel, they do not have time to learn how to use Japanese weapon. Since China and U.S. fight common enemy--Japan. Chinese force all equipped with U.S. weapon. U.S. supply to Chinese government. So U.S. advice to Chinese government is very effective. <a name="WTC066"> In the Unites States there are several agent work for "international communist". They lobby U.S. government, try to influence U.S. policy. More or less U.S. government geared in direction in favor of "international communist". Communist agent hide their real intention, they do not say "we need time to train communist force in China". They say "Chinese communist is land reformist", "Chinese communist is democratic China", "Chinese government is feudal China". Somebody describe communist as "repeat hundred times, lie become truth". <a name="WTC067"> With those Communist agent lobby U.S. government, many U.S. official think that "Chinese communist is land reformist" and forget Chinese communist real face -- Russia puppet. U.S. government "suggest" Chinese government talk to communist. Do not fight. 1945-08-14, 1945-08-20, 1945-08-23 three times, Chinese top leader President Chiang, Chung-cheng invited Mao to go to Chungching to talk. Mao ask for safe guard. U.S. government offered protection. U.S. ambassador to China Mr. Hurley fly to Yan-an. 1945-08-28 Mr. Hurley company Mao arrive Chungching. Talk was in friendly and happy mood. 1945-10-10 Chinese government and communist signed agreement. 1945-10-11 Mao back to Yan-an. <a name="WTC068"> Not too long, later communist violated all agreements. Because agreement put several restriction to communist, but communist want to conquer whole China. How can they obey the restriction? Ambassador Hurley know China's real situation. U.S. government heard hundred times communist lobby. So Mr. Hurley and U.S. state department have different opinion. 1945 Sep. Mr. Hurley went back to U.S. 1945-11-27 Mr. Hurley quit his job as ambassador to China. <a name="WTC069"> President Truman ordered Mr. George Marshall as new ambassador to China. 1945-12-22 Mr. Marshall arrived Chinese capital Chungching Start from 1945-12-22 to 1947-01-08, Mr. Marshall mediate between Chinese government and communist rebel. <a name="WTC070"> Communist real purpose is one year time for training. How can the "mediate" success? All Marshall order to both sides, Chinese government must accept and cooperate, but communist did not obey. Reason is simple. Most Chinese government military supply come from U.S. and most communist military supply come from Japan and Russia. Chinese government can not put down communist before they are ready for combat. After communist training is done. Communist no need play around for delay time. "Mediation" is actually impossible. Mr. Marshall have to quit. <a name="WTC071"> Communist not only military fight with government. They fight government in all possible field. Communist damage economy, money become valueless. Rumor wide spread. "Communism theory" poison. All kind damage target at overthrow Chinese government. Chinese government is in down trend, Chinese communist is in rise trend. <a name="WTC072"> In this situation, U.S. government reduced (if not cut off) support to Chinese government. Final result: Chinese government move out of mainland and build anti-communism base in Taiwan province. Above is Second important history Marshall mediation let communist gain one year training period. It is very hard to look into future. It is easy to look back into history. Sixty years ago, 1945-02-11 President Roosevelt signed Yalta Conference agreement with Stalin. <a name="WTC073"> President Roosevelt hoped to reduce U.S. military person wound/death rate. This position is correct. All presidents have responsibility to protect his people. But the development in the future U.S. bomb Japan on 1945-08-08 Soviet Union declare war with Japan on 1945-08-08 Japan surrender on 1945-08-10. Soviet Union troop did not help reduce U.S. soldier's wound/death rate. President Roosevelt's intention did not gain one point. but Soviet Union gain evilize Chinese mainland !! <a name="WTC074"> In Korean war and Vietnam war U.S. soldier paid heavy price -- many wound/death just because Russia evilized China !! <a name="WTC075"> If Chinese government still govern in mainland China, China does not have canon-ash value. It is not possible to trigger start SINO-US-BIG-WAR Then, today World Trade Center still gloriously stand in lower Manhattan !! 2002-06-15-21-02 stop. 2002-06-16-09-50 start. <a name="WTC076"> From the war paper "How Chinese communist unify the world" we know the World Trade Center attack is just a tiny portion of a would-be total destruction of U.S. and total destruction of China. This time American government smartly avoid the rest possible disasters. Are we safe ?? Is there no more huge scale terrorist attack in the future? The answer is simple. Just look at the evil master !! Just look at the evil puppet !! <a name="WTC077"> With evil puppet in hand, How can evil master not plan next explosion !!?? Evil master put a big smile face to the world, Evil puppet execute the actual killing ! We must destroy evil puppet !! <a name="WTC078"> NOW !! RIGHT NOW !! WE MUST STOP FUTURE SINO-US-BIG-WAR RIGHT NOW !! Chinese people and Chinese government never forget to exterminate communist bandit !! <a name="WTC079"> The creation of communist bandit aimed at weaken China ("class struggle", let Chinese kill Chinese) aimed at destroy China ("world revolution", let China fight the whole world) Either we Chinese exterminate communist bandit or evil master annex whole China !! <a name="WTC080"> To exterminate communist bandit is we Chinese responsibility ! To exterminate communist bandit, we Chinese do not ask the world community for help. However, We Chinese do ask the world community for one thing <a name="WTC081"> ***** PLEASE DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO SUSTAIN ***** THE EXISTENCE OF CHINESE COMMUNIST !! Freeman 2002-06-16-10-20 2002-06-16-10-21 stop
Please download war paper Please download "Where to set up the world capital?" These two papers help you to understand World Trade Center attack. These two papers help you to predict next attack more accurately. How Chinese communist destroy Chinese ancestor's tomb.
9106121640 start <a name="WTC082"> By the way, how about we help you build a refine oven to refine steel in your back yard? What!? you don't like? Be careful !! "chairman mao" is going to get you !! Then how about we brand you as red first class, and brand the next door neighbor you hate as black class five? So that you can struggle him everyday drag his hair, pinch his arm, kick his leg !! "legally" !! How is that ?! Hey !! don't go away !! That is how we Chinese live for eighty years !! 9106121644 stop 9106121835 We just want give you the "best" we have !! 9106161227 2002-06-16-12-27 start <a name="WTC083"> self-destruction Next picture has following information. "red guard" destroy precious Chinese ancient treasures. Because they symbolize "feudal old China" Which nation does not develop from "feudal old" to modern new? That means: If communism come to your nation, probably some crazy guy in your nation will do same thing -- destroy your own history treasures. The sign on wooden-man face says: "crash old world" small picture right to wooden-man is the result of Chinese ancient treasure after communist destruction. Communist think a watch/clock store street sign has capitalism meaning. Communist put a cover on it. Cover has another sign "destroy capitalism, glorious proletarian" Famous writer was forced to jump lake and died. (the one sit in chair) Famous actor was struggled. Communist change street sign, draw big crowd attention. <a name="WTC084"> The Union Medical Center in Beiping sign changed to "anti-imperialism hospital" (reader can identify this picture by four big Chinese character on top of its entrance, "anti", "imperialism", "medical", "house") Under the excuse "break four old" communist send crazy guys to destroy Chinese ancient treasure. Picture shows "red guard" invade a famous antique/cultural store. The one with hat is communist "public security" chief he ask "public security" department to give the black -five-category list to "red guard". What follows is one whole family are ALL KILLED. Left to hat-man is one lucky victim who got protection from Chou, red guard dare not hurt this lucky guy. Below to hat-man is one victim, red guard beat him. Most victim died. This victim walk home alive. "struggle" a victim, put a tall conic "hat" and show him to public. Picture shows two victims stand on truck slowly moving on street. Behind victim are several red guards. Victim (near) neck hang a big sign says "anti-revolutionary revisionist", this "anti-revolutionary revisionist" title worth death !! If communist come to your country and seize power. probably similar scene will show up in your street !! Bottom is four victim's picture. 9106161309 stop 2002-06-16-13-09 stop <a name="WTC085"> 2002-07-01-00-54 start Picture right side vertical Chinese characters is Freeman's comments, it says "If Chinese central government did not bring most important ancient treasure to Taiwan province, then five thousand years Chinese history treasures would be totally destroyed by Marx-Leninist incited rioter !!" and "Before aggressive nation annex China, aggressive nation must drive Chinese crazily self-destruct Chinese civilization !!" (In case communism come to your nation some day in the future, please remember Freeman's comments !!) Freeman dated 1999-12-02 2002-07-01-01-08 stop <a name="WTC086"> self-destruction <a name="WTC087"> hell on earth. Here is another cone hat picture. victim put on cone hat, stand on truck slowly move on street. Do you want to know how hell look like? Communist occupied China is not too far away from real hell !! HATE !! VIOLENCE !! MURDER !! 2002-06-18-19-07 The Chinese Cultural Revolution. page 48 by David Pictrusza World History Series Lucent Books. San Diego, CA. 2002-06-22-15-40 start <a name="WTC088"> To support the statement "Communist occupied China is not too far away from real hell !!" Reader can find many books about what happened during communist "cultural revolution". Here copy one section let you get a little bit "hell smell" !! The Chinese Cultural Revolution. page 50 by David Pictrusza World History Series Lucent Books. San Diego, CA. [[ book selection start <a name="WTC089"> Deprived of Humanity Red Guards accused one man of being a capitalist because he rented out a square room in his house to a boarder. They (red terror) smashed everything in his house. He and his family were beaten with belts and then dragged out to the street and humiliated further. Then they were brought back into their house and left without food for days on end. After finding a pen knife in the ruins of their house, they desperately de- cided to commit suicide. The family's daughter was a doctor, and it was agreed <a name="WTC090"> she would kill her parents first and then herself. She killed her father, but then Red Guards burst in. She and her mother jumped out of a window. The mother soon died, but their daughter, despite two broken legs and miserable treatment in prison hospital, survived. She was sen- tenceed to life in prison for her father's murder but was released in March 1979. She still lives with the guilt of her act. "In the Cultural Revolution." she told an in- terviewer, "people were deprived of their basic humanity. Who in their right mind could stab her own father to death? Under normal circumstances no one would even consider it." above The Chinese Cultural Revolution page 50 below The Chinese Cultural Revolution page 51 <a name="WTC091"> Hong Yung Lee wrote in "The Politics of the Chinese Cultural Revolution": On the whole, the attitudes of the Red Guards were arrogant, authoritarian and coercive, reflecting a mentality that went along with their privilege and high position in society. Advancing the slogan "Long Live the Proletarian Uprising" they subjected the "class en- emy" to physical abuse and torture in their private jails and torture rooms" ]] book selection end <a name="WTC092"> Several million victim's accusation are classified as "scar literature". and in mainland China "scar literature" is discouraged to keep Mao and communist image !! 2002-06-22-16-37 stop 9106161321 start 2002-06-16-13-21 start <a name="WTC093"> "Drag his hair" ?! No kidding !! We mean business !! See next picture !! Propaganda Minister Lu Ting-i struggle Lu-Ting-i <a name="WTC094"> On 1927-08-07 Chinese communist had one important meeting. During this period, Besso Lominadze told Mao that "revolution should never stop." Mao accept this concept. In 1949 Chinese government move out of mainland to Taiwan province. Communist suddenly loss class struggle target "feudal old China", "capitalist class" Chinese central government. But Besso Lominadze taught Mao "revolution should never stop", where to find "class enemy" to continue class struggle? Mao announced that "capitalist walker is still inside communist party, class struggle continue". Since then many high rank communist become "capitalist walker" and torture to death, include bogus so-called "national chairman" Liu Shao-chi. <a name="WTC095"> If continue to struggle "capitalist walker inside communist party", then Besso Lominadze's "revolution should never stop" trick will turn Chinese society, upside down, down side up, again and again until Chinese society smash into mud !! <a name="WTC096"> following are the picture of "capitalist walker". Please click to access picture. <a name="WTC097"> Peking Mayer Peng Chen, branded as anti-revolutionary revisionist. 反革命修正主義頭子彭真。 <a name="WTC098"> Propaganda Minister Lu Ting-i 原中宣部長、反革命修正主義分子陸定一。 <a name="WTC099"> Vice Premier and Chief of the General Staff Lo Jui-ching. 原國務院副總理、總參謀長、反革命修正主義分子羅瑞卿。 <a name="WTC100"> Yang Shang-Kun, Alternate Secretary of the CCP Central Secretariat. 原中共中央書記處候補書記、辦公廳主任、反革命修正主義分子楊尚昆。 <a name="WTC101"> Vice Minister of Propaganda Lin Mu-han. 原中宣部副部長、反革命修正主義分子林默涵。 <a name="WTC102"> Hsu Li-chun, Vice Minister of Propaganda. 原中宣部副部長、反革命修正主義分子許立群。 <a name="WTC103"> Vice Minister of Culture Hsia Yen. 原文化部副部長、反革命修正主義分子夏衍。 <a name="WTC104"> Secretary Cheng Tien-hsiang of CCP Peking Municipal Committee. 原北京市委書記處書記、反革命修正主義分子鄭天翔。 <a name="WTC105"> Chairman Tien Han of the Playwrights Association. 原戲劇家協會主席、反革命修正主義分子田漢。 <a name="WTC106"> Deputy Peking Mayor Wu Han. 原北京市副市長、反革命修正主義分子吳唅日今口。 <a name="WTC107"> Vice Propaganda Minister Chou Yang 原中宣部副部長、反革命修正主義分子周揚。 <a name="WTC108"> Lin Feng, Vice Chairman of NPC Standing Committee and Superintendent of CCP Cadre Academy. 原人大常務副委員長、中共中央高級黨校校長、反革命修正主義分子林楓。 <a name="WTC109"> Director Wu Leng-hsi of New China News Agency. 原新華社社長、反革命修正主義分子吳冷西。 <a name="WTC110"> Minister of Higher Education and President of Tsinghua University Chiang Nan-hsiang. 原高教部長、清華大學校長、反革命修正主義分子蔣南翔。 <a name="WTC111"> Vice Minister of Culture Chi Yen-ming. 原文化部副部長、反革命修正主義分子齊燕銘。 <a name="WTC112"> Second Secretary Liu Jen of CCP Peking Municipal Committee. 原北京市委第二書記、反革命修正主義分子劉仁。 <a name="WTC113"> Deputy Peking Mayor and Secretary of CCP Peking Committee Wan Li 原北京市委書記處書記、副市長、反革命修正主義分子萬里。 <a name="WTC114"> Fan Chin, Deputy Peking Mayor and Director of Peking Daily. 原北京市副市長、北京日報社長、反革命修正主義分子范瑾。 <a name="WTC115"> President Lu Ping of Peking University 原北京大學校長、反革命修正主義分子陸平。 <a name="WTC116"> Deputy Secretary Peng Pei-yun of Peking University Party Committee. 原北京大學黨委副書記、反革命修正主義分子彭珮云。 2002-06-16-14-24 stop 2002-06-16-15-33 start <a name="WTC117"> humanity land reform 02 humanity land reform 03 <a name="WTC118"> humanity land reform 04 humanity land reform 05 <a name="WTC119"> humanity land reform 06 humanity land reform 07 above, humanity land reform in Chinese government governed Taiwan province. Use peaceful method, government mediate landlord and farmer two sides both satisfied, no need killing !! <a name="WTC120"> Below, murderer "land reform" in communist occupied mainland. The one killed in picture owns only two third acre land. There are millions landlord own land larger than two third acre. Most of them are killed by bandit communist !! How much land do you own? Can you imagine how much land communist own !? <a name="WTC121"> murderer land reform 08 murderer land reform 09 <a name="WTC122"> murderer land reform 10 murderer land reform 11 <a name="WTC123"> murderer land reform 12 <a name="WTC124"> humanity land reform 02, farmer celebrate national holiday small 16k big 187k humanity land reform 03, public notice and land measuring small 17k big 199k humanity land reform 04 collect land notice to landlord small 16k big 174k humanity land reform 05 landlord hand ownership back to government small 16k big 203k humanity land reform 06 farmer pay; ex-landlord receive compensation small 17k big 210k humanity land reform 07, happy farmer receive land ownership small 14k big 161k <a name="WTC125"> murderer land reform 08, landlord under watch like criminal small 13k big 154k murderer land reform 09, "public trial" landlord, crowd watch. small 17k big 207k murderer land reform 10, before killing. he owns only two third acre land. small 14k big 169k murderer land reform 11, expose dead body to public small 18k big 217k murderer land reform 12, divide landlord belonging to public small 14k big 161k <a name="WTC126"> Picture number 8 to 12 are a set of pictures taken on 1952-07-23 in communist occupied mainland China. Record landowner Hwang, Cheng- Tze's fate. Hwang own two third acre and put on "trial" finally murdered by communist. LIFE magazine reported this event on 1953-01-19 edition p. 14-17 1953-01-19 edition LIFE magazine cover page is located at <a name="WTC127"> (Cover is NOT one of the mainland picture, just let you to identify which LIFE magazine contains this report.) 2002-06-16-17-08 stop 2002-06-16-20-01 start <a name="WTC128"> Communist alter history truth without red face. Communist publish the altered pictures to the whole world. <a name="WTC129"> first altered picture Gang of four loss power and loss image too Gang of four loss image small 18k big 74k big 81k small contains both before and after alter. big 74k has before alter image include gang of four. big 81k has after alter image exclude gang of four. <a name="WTC130"> second altered picture Lin Biao gain power, gain shadow next to Mao. Left is original, Mao and wife Ho Right is fake, Mao and Lin to "prove" they are close long time ago. Lin replace Mao wife small 15k big 73k big 60k small contains both before and after alter. big 73k has both before and after alter. "before" not clear. big 60k has before alter only. clear than big 73k <a name="WTC131"> third altered picture Beiping mayor Peng Chen loss power, loss image. Left is original, Peng Chen included with Mao Right is fake, Peng disappear, Mao only Peng Chen loss power, loss image small 16k big 70k small contains both before and after alter. big 70k has both before and after alter. 2002-06-16-21-13 stop 2002-06-17-02-21 start <a name="WTC132"> Above mentioned "before its influence is gone." means evil puppet is going to break away from evil master. Above also mention "With evil puppet in hand," means evil puppet is still under evil master's control. Two statement look like a contradiction. It is very hard to predict what will happen in the future. "evil puppet is going to break away from evil master" is a current phenomenon and it is true in near future. <a name="WTC133"> "evil puppet is still under evil master's control" can be true in ten or twenty years later if 1. evil master gain national strength 2. today's crazy "Chinese" hold power. Two look contradict statement can be both true in two different age. For the safety of the whole world, ***** WE MUST PERMANENTLY BREAK AWAY EVIL PUPPET ***** AND EVIL MASTER TIE !! 2002-06-17-02-35 stop 2002-06-17-04-00 start <a name="WTC134"> The most important paper is "Reconstruct China --- How Chinese communist unify the world" without reading this paper, Freeman is unable to understand the real goal of WTC attack, and unable to issue warning. When I download "Reconstruct China --- How Chinese communist unify the world" initially there is difficulty, is there some one attempt to block this war paper from Freeman? <a name="WTC135"> [[ 90,09,07,18:59:48 **** Reconstruct China --- How Chinese communist unify the world <31377 bytes> China fighter 2001-08-31 02:22:53 [click : 29] a97_ccus.txt "can not complete the operation due to error 800c0008" receive just few hundred words 90,09,07,19:07 receive complete page ]] <a name="WTC136"> The second important paper is Important change: China intelligence team arrive U.S. help to capture murderer With this paper in hand, Freeman gain solid foundation to present this "World Trade Center Analysis" to you, and we all try to stop possible future attack. Without this paper, Freeman can not show there is Chinese face involve, then the whole analysis become unfounded. I can not present this analysis to you, everyone still point finger to Afghanistan, we can not effectively prevent next attack !! To download "China intelligence team arrive U.S. help to capture murderer", there is no trouble. <a name="WTC137"> [[ 90,10,12,13:13:31 Important change: China intelligence team arrive U.S. help to capture murderer 18:27:14 9/26/01[104] (828) ]] 2002-06-17-04-17 stop 2002-06-17-08-26 start <a name="WTC138"> Criticize Lin-Biao criticize Confucius Big character wall post in a communist military camp. critisize Lin critisize Confucius small 9k big 55k Confucius teach us how to create a harmony society. But evil communist attempt to destroy Chinese morals. Evil criticize ALL CHINESE SAINT, INCLUDE CONFUCIUS !! There are twenty "capitalist walker" pictures listed. One of which display here (above) Propaganda Minister Lu Ting-i All of these twenty pictures, Freeman add comments on its top. The comments are as following <a name="WTC139"> First comment: (Confucius: B.C. 551 -- B.C. 479) Student Tzu-Gon asked "If there is one word that I can follow through out of my life?" Confucius answered: "That should be consideration. Do not give others what you do not like." The Chinese character "consideration" is a combination of two words: "simulate" + (others) "heart" <a name="WTC140"> Second comment: (Mencius: B.C. 372 -- B.C. 289) Mencius told King Chi, Hsuan "If a king treat his subjects as if they were his own hands, then his subjects treat the king as if king were their own hearts. If a king treat his subjects as if they were dog horse, then his subjects treat the king as if king were ordinary citizen. If a king treat his subjects as if they were mud grass, then his subjects treat the king as if king were enemy." Freeman select these two paragraph, main purpose is to tell reader: <a name="WTC141"> From Confucius teach Mao "give others what Mao do not like". What Mao give to his followers are struggle, insult, torture and death !! <a name="WTC142"> From Mencius teach Mao treat his follower as "class enemy", then other follower "forget" Mao's death date that is a natural result !! As a "communism" loyalist Mao, how can he be kind to any one Mao suspect as "capitalist walker" ? But the title "capitalist walker" is so easy to throw onto a victim's head. 2002-06-17-09-18 stop 2002-07-15-11-21 start <a name="WTC142a"> Evil master and evil puppet turn Chinese history upside down and turn down side up !! Evil not only criticize saint Confucius, but evil also rise tyrant Chin-shih-hwang !! evil rise bandit Hwang Tsao (rebel from 874 to 884 AC), rise bandit Lee, tze-cheng (around 1630 to 1660) Tyrant Chin-shih-hwang 246 - 214 B.C. burned many books, Tyrant Chin-shih-hwang buried 460 intellectual alive. Someone criticize Mao like tyrant Chin-shih-hwang, <a name="WTC142b"> In 1958 Mao said: "Wrong !! Chin-shih-hwang buried only 460 intellectual alive. We communist buried 46000 intellectual alive !! We communist exceed Chin-shih-hwang one hundred times!! Your accusation is not enough, and need we communist to clear for you !!" (Document is in next <!-- comment -->) 2002-07-15-11-36 stop <a name="WTC143"> 2002-06-17-10-47 start next is document for Mao's communist killed sixty millions Document is in Chinese. Source from 1971 U.S. legislatures, domestic security office estimate Chinese communist killed 63,700,000 citizen. document_07 is how many Chinese were murdered by communist? document_07 is traitor Mao, Tse-dong's words. document_07 is traitor Chou, En-lai's words. <a name="WTC144"> Selected SOLID document_07 is in next <!-- comments --> It is in Chinese, it is a selection record from a book. Selected SOLID document_07 is in above <!-- comments --> document_07 dated record from a book document_07 title: Criticize Mao, Tse-dong document_07 URL: document_07 Freeman INPUT date: 1998-09-28-10-15 <a name="WTC145"> When Japanese attack Pearl Harbor on 1941-12-08 Please imagine: If in continental U.S. a group people yell: "Protect German !! Guard German !! Japanese real intention is to attack Berlin !!" If reader is an American, when Japan attack Pearl Harbor some one spill out such traitor speech, what is American reader's feeling? <a name="WTC146"> On 1931-09-18, Japanese invaded China, "Chinese communist" yelled: "Protect Soviet Union !! Militarily Protect Soviet Union !! Japanese real intention is to attack Soviet Union !!" When we Chinese heard such traitor bark, we Chinese simply want throw those traitors back to Moscow !! <a name="WTC147"> After Japanese attack Pearl Harbor on 1941-12-08 Please imagine: (Assume) some American told Japanese: "Thank you Japan attacked our Pearl Harbor, because since then we American developed atomic bomb." If reader is an American, after Japan attack Pearl Harbor some one spill out such traitor speech "thank Japan"?!, what is American reader's feeling? <a name="WTC148"> From 1931-09-18, Japanese invaded China, to 1945-08-10, Japanese surrender. Japanese killed several millions Chinese Japanese destroyed an astronomical figure property damage. Please remember, Freeman estimated Japan has forty percent contribution to the creation of Chinese communist. <a name="WTC149"> On 1964-07-10, Mao told Japanese visitor: "Thank you Japan invaded China ....." <a name="WTC150"> When Japanese prime minister Tanaka visited mainland, Chou, En-lai hold Tanaka's hand said "(Japan invasion) loss is not countable, but for one point, we (communist traitor !!) thank Japan. If there is no eight years (1938 to 1945) Chinese Japan war, then there is no Chinese communist party's today." <a name="WTC151"> That means communist party's interest is higher than national interest !! This explains why Chinese communist destroy Chinese history, destroy Chinese society without mercy. Because evil master guarantee the existence of its puppet !! (before rabbit is killed, keep dog alive) Tanaka and Chou talk date is not recorded on the reference book. Freeman does not know the date. <a name="WTC152"> Russia annexed one third Chinese soil, Chinese communist call Marx, Lenin as "ancestor" Chinese communist call Stalin as "grand-pa" After fifty years secret work, On 1945 Russia break away our soil -- Mongu On 1948 communist traitor seize power, communist traitor know its master's appetite, communist traitor re-draw Chinese northern soil, pack a new Mongu -- "inner Mongu", ready for next time Russia annex !! <a name="WTC153"> American are silly !! American should pinch Chinese communist arm !! American should kick Chinese communist leg !! American should drag Chinese communist hair !! then American become Chinese communist daddy !! all troubles are gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2002-06-17-11-55 stop 2002-06-17-12-02 <a name="WTC154"> Lenin come first, occupied "ancestor", Stalin come second, grabbed "grand-pa" the only spot left is "daddy", no choice ! sorry !! 2002-08-25-07-44 start If Chinese communist blame Freeman's "American daddy" words, then Chinese communist should also blame "Lenin-ancestor" words!! and Chinese communist should also blame "Stalin-grandpa" words!! 2002-08-25-07-47 stop 91,08,25,19,48 始 如果大陸同胞不敢罵共產黨唱的「列寧是祖宗」、       不敢罵共產黨唱的「史大林是爺爺」言論, 那麼,大陸同胞盡可指責自由人的「美國人變爸爸」言論, 指桑罵槐,洩洩一肚子的怨氣吧!! 伸出五根手指罵「四」人幫,不是異曲同工嗎?! 馬列是祖宗,無爹無娘共!! 剿滅民族叛逆!!!!! 消滅賣國赤匪!!!!!           自由人 中國九十一年八月二十五日 91,08,25,19,57 止 2002-06-21-11-39 start <a name="WTC155"> If reader is an American, when you see some American build an "American Soviet Republic government", what is your feeling?! If reader is a French, when you see some French build a "French Soviet Republic government", what is your feeling?! If reader see some one of your nationality build a "Your-nation-name Soviet Republic government", what is your feeling?! Do not think that is joke !! It happened to China !! <a name="WTC156"> 1928-07-09 "Chinese communist" goto its "mother nation" Moscow for its "Sixth 'all nation' representative meeting" Under "communist third international" instruction, prepare to build "Chinese Soviet Republic government" in China. 1931-09-18 Japanese attack China. Chinese government must fight Japanese first, Government does not have enough force to watch traitor. <a name="WTC157"> 1931-11-07 in southeastern China, "Chinese communist" build a "Chinese Soviet Republic government". Its head is Mao, Tse-Dong. (do not be surprise !!) This "Chinese Soviet Republic government" use Russia soviet flag, money print Lenin head. This "Chinese Soviet Republic government" last about six years. When Chinese government and communist made an agreement to fight Japanese together. On 1937-09-22 Chinese communist cancelled the puppet "Chinese Soviet Republic government". <a name="WTC158"> In communist history, from 1928 to 1937 are ten years "soviet period". 1949 communist occupies mainland China, they do not rely upon Russia any more, so they do not continue the "Chinese Soviet Republic government". <a name="WTC159"> Actually, now Chinese communist try to hide the history that they created "Chinese Soviet Republic government" !! Everyone knows Russia "merged" other nations by the name "Soviet Union". The "Chinese Soviet Republic government" is first step for Russia to annex China !! 2002-06-21-12-35 stop <a name="WTC160"> Selected SOLID document_08 is in next <!-- comments --> It is in Chinese, and partial of two set Chinese history book. Selected SOLID document_08 is in above <!-- comments --> document_08 date range from 1911 to 1970 document_08 topic: Chinese Japanese war The history of Chinese communist document_08 URL: 2002-06-19-07-15 start <a name="WTC161"> teen's hate face Evil master control evil puppet, evil puppet poison Chinese, teach Chinese to hate the whole world. Look at his face, if master give him a hi-tech sharp weapon to blow up a whole city, probably he will go for it !! 200206181808 NOW!! RIGHT NOW!! WE MUST STOP SINO-US-BIG-WAR RIGHT NOW !! China, the Roots of Madness. Theodore H. White, Mel Stuart Picture is on cover page. <a name="WTC162"> kindergarten play gun Evil master control evil puppet, evil puppet poison Chinese, teach Chinese to hate the whole world. Evil brain wash Chinese start from kindergarten. Target at American. China under communism. p127 Michael G Kort. Millbrook Press <a name="WTC163"> Anti U.S. play Evil master control evil puppet, evil puppet poison Chinese, teach Chinese to hate the whole world. Number one is U.S.A. An actor play U.S.A. lay down on street, U.S. hat and "U.S. imperialism" sign are at bottom of picture. 2002-06-18-13-52 China, the Roots of Madness. Page 128 Theodore H. White, Mel Stuart <a name="WTC164"> One man stop four tank 1989-06-04 in Beiping city Tian-An-Men square, Chinese communist used tank and machine gun killed thousand empty-handed students. Students asked for democracy. One of them stopped four tanks before killing (mid night) The Chinese Cultural Revolution. page 82 200206182304 by David Pictrusza. World History Series, Lucent Books. 200206190739 here <a name="WTC165"> One man feel hungry, he ate a piece of steak, but still feel hungry, then he ate a piece of fried chicken, useless. Next he ate a big piece of tuna fish, what is the problem? It does not work ! Finally he ate a piece of cake. This time he is no longer hungry. Therefore this man draw a conclusion: To eat steak can not solve my hunger problem. To eat fry chicken does not help either. To eat tuna fish can not let me free from hunger. Only to eat cake let me solve hunger problem. If reader agree his conclusion ?! NO !! clearly wrong !! Steak, chicken and fish pile up in his stomach, lucky cake is the last one to fill up the hunger space. Similarly, <a name="WTC166"> If one draw conclusion that two immediately causes 1. U.S. air force bombed Chinese communist representative office in Yugoslavia capital, 2. U.S. air force airplane collide with communist air plane in mid air. are enough to put mainland China society in a war-ready state. That is wrong !! <a name="WTC167"> There are intensive, wide range, deeply, thoroughly pre-work in past fifty years !! 1949 Mao's communist occupied mainland China. Under Mao, communist brain wash Chinese start from kindergarten. Tell Chinese "communism is heaven, capitalism is hell" Tell Chinese to fight capitalist nation. This hate-education start from one's kindergarten through out his life, the hate education never stop. The one says "The way to deal with American is to kill them more, Fire." He is thoroughly immerse into evil blood !! Evil master want to use Chinese to blow up the whole world, while evil master itself still present smile face to the world. Evil puppet (mainly Mao's group) follow its master's instruction, turn one quarter of world population into evil master's canon-ash-to-be !! <a name="WTC168"> Not all Chinese are evilized. Chinese majority are silent. Anti-world slogan, hate words are open and no one stop it. Low level goal -- democracy -- are open topic among those brave Chinese. The famous picture, one man stopped four moving tank on 1989-06-03 in Beiping street. That is a revelation of real China -- we do not want communism, we are not afraid of evil's bloody claw !! Low level goal -- democracy -- Chinese talk, but they are crashed by communist tank !! <a name="WTC169"> High level goal -- recover our northern soil, Chinese not only dare not to talk about it. But Chinese dare not to think about it !! BECAUSE CHINESE KNOWS WHAT IS COMMUNIST !! BECAUSE CHINESE KNOWS COMMUNIST ARE TRAITOR !! BECAUSE CHINESE KNOWS COMMUNIST ARE KILLING MACHINE !! <a name="WTC170"> Freeman signed one paper, title "Expel Russia, Recover our Northern Soil". One mainlander respond "Now nobody care about it." Another respond "Are you crazy?" PLEASE THINK: <a name="WTC171"> THE "REASON" TO START SINO-US-BIG-WAR IS THAT "CHINESE NEED LARGER LIVING SPACE", SO GO ATTACK AMERICAN. BUT TO RECOVER THE LAND WHICH BELONG TO CHINA, THAT IS "CRAZY"!! What "logic" evil master molded into Chinese brain !! <a name="WTC172"> If we Chinese do not exterminate communist bandit, the whole world will be exploded by evil master !! (some time in near future, worse than WTC attack !!) If we Chinese do not exterminate communist bandit, the nation China will be swallowed by evil master !! 2002-06-19-08-41 stop 2002-06-19-17-33 start <a name="WTC173"> If reader accept the analysis of this paper -- World Trade Center attack's goal is ***** TO TRIGGER START SINO-US-BIG-WAR. ***** ***** TO DESTROY CHINA AND TO WEAKEN U.S. ***** Then reader must concern what is China's real face? If Chinese people are rational ? To answer this question, please see the following, which is Freeman work in 1996. Its URL is <a name="WTC174"> "Li Jee, Li Yuen chapter" is a very important document, which answer the question What is China's real face? <a name="WTC175"> Time stamp 1996-04-26-06-36 start. Under Mao's communist system, it is impossible for people to make any decision. On the other hand, Deng's path uses practical manner, forget struggle, less mention doctrine, more construction, improve people's living. Recent ten years mainland Chinese average living standard has been greatly improved. Isn't this a good phenomenon? From now on, if news media start rise Mao criticize Deng or rise Deng criticize Mao, this represent the ruler's choice between Mao's path and Deng's path. If it is rise Mao criticize Deng, then everything Mao did is for "revolution", they are all "correct forever". Therefore to start another full scale power struggle and to purge non-alliance are "necessary". Another big leap forward , big cultural revolution are possible. Will one billion two hundred million fellow Chinese uproar once again? <a name="WTC176"> Dear brothers and sisters (include communist Chinese), may be everybody are thinking that should choose Marx-Lenin style I (Mao's path) or Marx-Lenin style II (Deng's path) such that it is most beneficial to oneself. Here Freeman tap everyone's shoulder and say "Brothers ! There is one belong to we Chinese Dr. Sun, Yat-Sen's thought !" One day a son (Marx-Lenin worshipper) put on a long gown horse jacket and happily found his father (Chinese culture) said "Father ! Now finally I put on Chinese style long gown horse jacket." Father looked at his son carefully and noticed that his son still put on a Lenin style Red Army hat. Father frowned and sighed "Aiii !" {alas in Chinese} then left. <a name="WTC177"> -------------------- important document start ******************** important document start Li Jee, Li Yuen chapter: When the perfect society prevail, the whole world belongs to the public. Choose wise; select capable man, everyone be honest and harmony, so everyone in this society does not only serve his parents, not only raise his children. This society shall take care the elderly, provide jobs for every adult man, raise every children. Those who lost his/her spouse, those who are lonely, those who are disabled, all be taken care by this society. Man has his properties, woman has a husband. It is bad if the merchandise / utility are put on the ground, no need to hide for oneself. It is bad if one's energy is not doing work, not necessary do job just for oneself. Then no body play dirty plot, no body become bandit or thief. Anyone go out, no need to close his door. That is Da Tong. ******************** important document end -------------------- important document end {Da is Chinese means big, great, Tong is Chinese means same, similar} <a name="WTC178"> Confucius said: "Kindness is that if one wants to stand up, then he must help others to stand up first. If one wants to get good luck, then he must offer others good luck first." <a name="WTC179"> "Do not give others what you do not like." <a name="WTC180"> "Politics is standard. If you be standard first, who dare not to be standard ?" {A chief asked Confucius what is politics, Confucius answered with above words.} <a name="WTC181"> "Remove food ! There is death since ancient time. A government can not survive if it is not honesty to his people." {A student asked Confucius, if for a government, between food supply and honest must drop one, what to do.} <a name="WTC182"> "A nation does not need to first worry the lack of supplies, it does need to first worry the non-even distribution. It does not need to first worry poorness, it does need to first worry un-stability. Since to be average then no poorness, harmony then no loner, stable then no toppling." <a name="WTC183"> Mencius said: "The people are the most important, the society is next, the king is the least." <a name="WTC184"> Dear brothers and sisters ! Please read Li Yuen chapter, Confucius saying and Mencius saying for several times !! The thought of Chinese culture compare with Marx-Lenin struggle thought and Mao's open-plot-method have very different taste !! {Mao asked the people to criticize communist and no need to worry, after several month communist put those who criticize communist into jail. Later Mao called this action as "open-plot"} <a name="WTC185"> Our National Father Dr. Sun, Yat-Sen use Chinese culture as the main body, choose Europe- American culture's important point (such as election method), plus National Father his own knowledge (five power constitution) combined to form the Three Principles of the People. The Three Principles of the People is a continuation to our traditional kindness-pardon thought, there is no hate class struggle. The Three Principles of the People support average-rich, not Marx-Lenin's average-poor (no property class). The Three Principles of the People think that we Chinese be strong standing in the world, no need to bend our head to Marx-Lenin !! Dear brothers and sisters ! National Father Dr. Sun's thought is the most beneficial thought to everyone, isn't it? Under the Three Principles of the People there is no struggle movement, Time stamp 1996-04-26-09-06 stop. <a name="WTC186"> "Li Jee, Li Yuen chapter" was written about twenty five hundred years ago. "Li Jee, Li Yuen chapter" does NOT mention one word about use violence to solve problem. "Li Jee, Li Yuen chapter" tell us to create a harmony and mutual help society. "Li Jee, Li Yuen chapter" is Chinese moral standard. <a name="WTC187"> In 1968, Chinese government present "Li Jee, Li Yuen chapter" to United Nation. Document carved on stone plate. 1971 bandit Chinese communist grab Chinese seat in U.N. Bandit force United Nation to remove this historical, humanity, mutual help document "Li Jee, Li Yuen chapter" 1974-09-16 United Nation removed "Li Jee, Li Yuen chapter" Because concepts in "Li Jee, Li Yuen chapter" are very different from bandit's violence and "world revolution" method. World Trade Center attack is a typical evil work !! We Chinese work hard to root out communism from our soil !! <a name="WTC188"> Freeman announce to the whole world: ******************************************************* *** *** *** China is going to change back to *** *** Dr. Sun, Yat-sen's China -- Republic of China *** *** *** *** A DECORUM AND HARMONY STATE !! *** *** *** ******************************************************* Freeman 2002-06-19-18-10 Next is documents of "Li Jee, Li Yuen chapter" and Confucius words and Mencius words and United Nation activity in Chinese <a name="WTC189"> Selected SOLID document_09 is in next <!-- comments --> It is in Chinese, and just partial of an ancient bible. Selected SOLID document_09 is in above <!-- comments --> document_09 dated Confucius: B.C. 551 -- B.C. 479 Mencius: B.C. 372 -- B.C. 289 document_09 topic: China's real face A DECORUM AND HARMONY STATE document_09 URL: right here, this file.
Please download war paper Please download "Where to set up the world capital?" These two papers help you to understand World Trade Center attack. These two papers help you to predict next attack more accurately. How Chinese communist destroy Chinese ancestor's tomb.
2002-06-20-11-05 start Following are some pictures to reveal more facts about Chinese communist . <a name="WTC190"> backyard refine steel backyard refine steel <a name="WTC191"> To refine steel need high technology, need accurate quality control equipment, need well-trained engineers. Mao's "genius" replaced all three necessary conditions. 1958 Mao started "great leap forward" attempt to rise steel production and exceed British. Communist build thousands "back yard steel refine oven". <a name="WTC192"> Above ground daily tools are limited sources for steel, under ground iron ore are unlimited sources for steel! But communist burned all Chinese daily-need belongings. Burned farming tools, From 1959 to 1961 three years famine follows, killed twenty million Chinese, "steel" output sulfur contents too high, useless. 20 million life for nothing. 200206200749 <a name="WTC193"> "officially", communist put famine blame on "natural causes" to hide Mao's idiot instruction !! <a name="WTC194"> What if Mao is not an idiot ? 200206221248 start Someone guess Mao just use "increase steel production" as an excuse. Mao's real purpose is to destroy all opponent's weapon !! 200206221251 stop Picture from "China under communism" page 98 Michael G Kort. Millbrook Press 1994 <a name="WTC195"> Mao's red terror Mao's red terror <a name="WTC196"> From 1930's to 1940's, it is Chinese communist fight Chinese government. same nationality, but "different class" (communist view) It is Chinese kill Chinese !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <a name="WTC197"> From 1966 to 1976 it is "red guard" kill "red guard", All red terror are same nationality, and same class (proletarian) All sides rise Mao's flag, but they kill each other. <a name="WTC198"> From evil master's behind curtain "magic". even if they are all "proletarian" It is Chinese kill Chinese ANY WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT evil master still earn "ancestor", "grand-pa" position ! 200206200820 The Chinese Cultural Revolution. page 53 by David Pictrusza. Lucent Books To reduce the load of this web page, following picture have only description and link. Please click URL to access pictures. <a name="WTC199"> Mao and Lin, Biao Lin Biao helped Mao to down Liu, Shao-chi, bogus so called "national chairman". 1970 Mao and Lin took this picture. Next year, 1971 it is Lin's turn to go to hell. 2002-06-20-11-46. <a name="WTC200"> Mao and Liu, Shao-chi This picture shows gloria Liu and crowd criticize Liu. Mao's "great leap forward" result in three years famine and twenty million death. Although no one dare point finger to Mao, everyone knows that is Mao's mistake. Liu, Shao-chi come to front line, Mao draw back to second line. This picture is Mao and Liu together on 1962-10-01 Mao used second much bigger error "cultural revolution" to deal with the result of his first error "great leap forward" In the year 1966, Mao incite teenage kids ("red guards") to down Liu. Liu went to jail and die in jail. <a name="WTC201"> Mao successfully re-gain power, with Lin's help, Mao build a god-like position in mainland China. After Lin served his value, Mao trashed Lin, Lin fight back, attempt capture Mao, but failed. 1971-09-13-00-32 Lin Biao and his close aids fly to Russia. But around 1971-09-13-02-30 Lin's airplane crash landed in Mongu, reason is not clear, possibly not enough fuel, crash land in desert during mid night. All nine people on board are burn to death. 91,06,21,11,26 phone ring 4 ring, then stopped After Lin take off, Chou, En-lai ask Mao what to do? Mao answered: "sky want to rain, lady want to marry, let him go." It is possible that Mao already sabotaged Lin's airplane. Mao has confidence that Lin will not go too far. <a name="WTC202"> PLEASE HIGHLY ALERT ONE POINT : ***** WHEN COMMUNIST ATTEMPT TO ESCAPE FOR PROTECTION, ***** ***** THEY CHOOSE RUSSIA ***** ***** THEY DO NOT CHOOSE CHINESE GOVERNMENT ***** (IN TAIWAN PROVINCE) ***** ***** STRAIGHT SPEAK: ***** RUSSIA IS COMMUNIST'S MOTHER NATION !!!!!!!!! ***** ***** IF LIN BIAO FALL INTO RUSSIA HAND, ***** TODAY IT IS ANOTHER MORE SEVERE ***** ***** *** CHINESE KILL CHINESE HELL !!!!!!!! ***** ***** SIMILAR CASE APPLY TO FUTURE, IT IS A DEEP WORRY ***** FOR CHINESE AND FOR THE WORLD COMMUNITY !! <a name="WTC203"> "heroes" of anti-intelligence Communist aimed to destroy Chinese culture completely !! Communist turn truth-false upside down ! Communist turn saint-evil downside up ! Communist prize the "hero" of "anti teacher's dignity" Communist prize the "hero" of "hand-in-blank-exam-paper" It is mainly Mao's communist. With such "hero" model, all Chinese shall follow and all China "anti teacher's dignity" all China "hand-in-blank-exam-paper" push China back to stone age !! THIS IS NOT WHAT CHINESE WANT TO DO !!! THIS IS EVIL MASTER'S GOAL !!! THIS IS EVIL PUPPET'S WORK TO DESTROY CHINA !!!!!!!!!! <a name="WTC204"> Communist drive crowd to down Deng, Hsiao-ping <a name="WTC205"> Tricky power struggle Same crowds, same meeting place yesterday down Deng, Hsiao-ping (when gang of four in power) today down gang of four (when Deng, Hsiao-ping in power) "people" are just in-power's toy !! <a name="WTC206"> Wall post paper is one method used intensively during Mao's period. (collection of several wallpost) <a name="WTC207"> bottom half of above picture. <a name="WTC208"> "Our hearts are toward Moscow" 1957-11-03 Mao goto Moscow, communist "People's Daily" published editorial, titled "Our hearts are toward Moscow" OOPS !!!!!!!! 2002-06-20-12-58 stop 2002-06-20-15-17 start <a name="WTC209"> If you want to know more about China and Chinese communist, to find out what communist did to Chinese citizen to find out how communist brain wash Chinese to find out possible future action taken by Chinese communist please goto a big library near you. <a name="WTC210"> Look for key words "China" "cultural revolution" "great leap forward" "Mao" etc. <a name="WTC211"> Look for book under HISTORY category, if you find "China" under travel category, may not have much help. Look for book with more pictures. One source is communist published "People's Pictorial" Noise period is from 1949 to 1976 2002-06-20-15-26 stop <a name="WTC212"> 2002-06-21-20-09 start Freeman inserted 200 in-file stop points from <a name="WTC001"> to <a name="WTC212"> Freeman use MSIE 5.0 to open this file 91,06,21,19:25 always error and no action "Can not find the file or item 'C:\$fm\20010911\200109_k.htm#WTC023' Make sure the path and file name are correct. Type 'go <search text>' to use AutoSearch." 91,06,21,19:28 use Netscape 4.7 to open C:\$fm\20010911\200109_k.htm#WTC001 but infinite loop never open, and never stop. 91,06,21,19:31 use Netscape 6.2 to open C:\$fm\20010911\200109_k.htm#WTC023 Netscape 6.2 goto #WTC023 as expected <a name="WTC213"> Browser has its capability limit. Clearly 200 stop point is too much for older browser. Freeman still keep 200 stop points. If you use older browser, please do not add "#WTC128" to the end of 20010911.htm you can use browser's search function to locate the key string you want that is to use then search for "WTC128" do not use On the other hand If you use newer browser, you can use directly. 2002-06-21-20-21 stop <a name="WTC214"> 2002-06-22-08-18 start This file inserted 212 in-file stop points. To create from <a name="WTC001">&lt;a name="WTC001"&gt;</a> to <a name="WTC212">&lt;a name="WTC212"&gt;</a> *** *** in one line change number sequence in two locations both marked "***" must I modify number four hundred times ?! (212 lines, each line two numbers) NO !! Use program to do the job. The program inbe.exe can change just ONE number sequence in one target line. Run inbe.exe twice, cut both output to two left and right files, then merge the number varying part to one output file. <a name="WTC215"> 91,06,21,18:45 Run next commands [[ inbe.exe /\la\bname=\qWTC001\q\g&lt;a\bname=\qWTC001\q&gt;\l/a\g 13 15 1 1 222 wtc003.txt inbe.exe /\la\bname=\qWTC001\q\g&lt;a\bname=\qWTC001\q&gt;\l/a\g 33 35 1 1 222 wtc004.txt l_re.exe c wtc003.txt wtc003l.txt wtc003r.txt /20 l_re.exe c wtc004.txt wtc004l.txt wtc004r.txt /20 l_re.exe m wtc003l.txt wtc004r.txt wtc005.txt ]] <a name="WTC216"> first command inbe.exe /\la\bname=\qWTC001\q\g&lt;a\bname=\qWTC001\q&gt;\l/a\g 13 15 1 1 222 wtc003.txt says given raw line <a name="WTC001">&lt;a name="WTC001"&gt;</a> 12345678901234567890123456789012345678901234 11111111112222222222333333333344444 *** ... "13 15" in "13 15 1 1 222 wtc003.txt" says start from column 13 to column 15 are three byte space for number increase. (column 33 to 35 are not changed) "1 1 222" in "13 15 1 1 222 wtc003.txt" says first number is 1 increase number by 1 each new line until maximum number 222 "wtc003.txt" in "13 15 1 1 222 wtc003.txt" says output to wtc003.txt second command is same as first one, inbe.exe /\la\bname=\qWTC001\q\g&lt;a\bname=\qWTC001\q&gt;\l/a\g 33 35 1 1 222 wtc004.txt but change to from column 33 to column 35 (column 13 to 15 are not changed) <a name="WTC001">&lt;a name="WTC001"&gt;</a> 12345678901234567890123456789012345678901234 11111111112222222222333333333344444 ... *** <a name="WTC217"> third command l_re.exe c wtc003.txt wtc003l.txt wtc003r.txt /20 cut wtc003.txt to left and right two files at column 20 wtc003l.txt contains number increase part. fourth command l_re.exe c wtc004.txt wtc004l.txt wtc004r.txt /20 cut wtc004.txt to left and right two files at column 20 wtc004r.txt contains number increase part. fifth command l_re.exe m wtc003l.txt wtc004r.txt wtc005.txt merge wtc003l.txt and wtc004r.txt to wtc005.txt wtc005.txt is final output <a name="WTC218"> Since it is impossible to use '<', '>', ' ', '"' in command line, replace them with escape byte change '<' to "\l" change '>' to "\g" change ' ' to "\b" change '"' to "\q" then run command inbe.exe /\la\bname=\qWTC001\q\g&lt;a\bname=\qWTC001\q&gt;\l/a\g 13 15 1 1 222 wtc003.txt || || || |||| || || || || || translate to /< a name= "WTC001 " >&lt;a name= "WTC001 "&gt; </a > which is equivalent to /<a name="WTC001">&lt;a name="WTC001"&gt;</a> leading '/' tell inbe this string is target string definition. inbe.exe is located at l_re.exe is located at You are welcome to try these programs. 2002-06-22-08-49 stop <a name="WTC219"> 2002-06-23-12-54 start Several times, on Internet, bandit follower curse Freeman, or threaten Freeman. It is reasonable that BEFORE NEXT ATTACK EVIL SHALL CLOSE FREEMAN'S MOUTH FIRST. This is one point reader should take into consideration. 2002-06-23-12-58 stop 2002-06-24-11-36 start This means: It is necessary to root out communism from Chinese soil BEFORE FREEMAN'S MOUTH IS CLOSED !! 2002-06-24-11-38 stop <a name="WTC220"> 2002-06-24-18-56 start If reader resides out side of the United States and out side of China. Please do NOT think that SINO-US-BIG-WAR is not your concern! If evil destroyed China and weaken U.S. Evil has potential to rule the whole world DIRECTLY. If evil rule the whole world DIRECTLY. You should believe that MAO'S HELL WILL COME TO YOUR NATION !! The citizens of your nation kill each other !! Children kill their parents Then start nation_A - nation_B - big - war You will constantly live in a tragic environment. Worst case is a victim nation all citizens are killed to extinct from earth !! Just read the war paper again !! Please highly alert the World Trade Center attack event !! (and massive-killing-capable anthrax attack event) If not cure the cause, SAME TRAGEDY WILL COME TO YOUR STREET SOONER OR LATER !! No matter which corner you live on the planet Earth !! 2001-06-24-19-18 stop <a name="WTC221"> 2002-06-27-11-30 start Few words to those crazy "Chinese" ESPECIALLY TO MEMBERS OF CHINESE COMMUNIST SPY NET IN THE U.S. It is open to many that Chinese communist spy net carry out attack to U.S. The hidden fact is that X-nation attacked U.S. Just use Chinese communist spy net as a smoke curtain !! Similarly In SECOND stage of "SINO-US-BIG-WAR" It is open to public that "American trained Chinese" carry out attack to mainland China. The hidden fact is that X-nation attacks mainland China Just use "American trained Chinese" as a smoke curtain !! Brain wash Chinese and send Chinese fight the whole world, its goal is to use world gun fire to wipe out ALL CHINESE from our land !! X nation want to annex our soil !! X nation does not want to annex our people !! Please stop the kill-whole-world evil thought !! so-called "world revolution" is a trick let monkey to pull chestnuts from fire !! Please trash communism !! Please come back to the decorum and harmony state, Please come back to real China -- Republic of China !! Freeman 91,06,27,11,48. 2002-06-27-11-48 stop <a name="WTC222"> 2002-06-28-14-06 start Who is going to "close" Freeman's mouth ? How can evil master "close" Freeman's mouth ? Evil master always use agent to do job for him. The one follow evil master instruction exactly is Chinese communist !! Self-destruction, turn Chinese history upside down, put Chinese in opposite "classes" and let Chinese kill Chinese. "Chinese communist" carry out all of these dirty works ! To "close" Freeman mouth will be "Chinese communist" job too. That is if there are Chinese come from mainland who gain access to Freeman, then evil master control evil puppet and control those mainlander around Freeman to carry out evil master's goal -- "close" Freeman's mouth. This is just one possibility. Freeman not only keep alert to Chinese come from mainland, Freeman also keep alert to Chinese come from Taiwan. Freeman had bitter experience with those Chinese !! Please see Freeman's biography in Chinese (longer) in English (shorter) 2002-06-28-14-21 stop <a name="WTC223"> 2002-06-28-14-35 start In Chinese mainland hell, (mainly Mao's period) there are "red five category" and "black five category". Communist assign everyone a permanent iron class brand. Class brand pass from one generation to next generation !! (DO YOU BELIEVE IT ! "WAS BORN RED" ! "WAS BORN BLACK" ! EVIL !!) From "Communism theory" black classes and red class shall always "class struggle". "Class struggle" shall never stop. Evil master let Chinese kill Chinese. Although present time classes are ignored, but when one day evil master gain national strength, and when those crazy "Chinese" hold power, this Chinese kill Chinese chaos will show up to the whole world again !! After "China experience", evil master will apply same trick to the whole world !! 2002-06-28-14-53 stop <a name="WTC224"> 2002-07-01-20-24 start There are several communist point of views as following, Freeman put comments to those views. <a name="WTC225"> 1. Communist say: "Mao's time is over, look forward, do not spend too much time for past." Freeman ask: communist Mao can criticize Confucius back to two thousand years ago. Mao criticize two thousand years ago which is ok and everyone follow. But Freeman criticize fifty years ago Mao's mistake, that is "look backward", why !? <a name="WTC226"> 2. Communist say: "When communist is in power, Chinese really stand up, no one in the whole world dare to bully China. Communist recover all foreign settlement. Communist developed 'two missile one satellite' Communist strengthen national force. Can Nationalist Party do this ?" Freeman ask: During Chinese government mainland period, there are Japanese invasion and Russia incite Chinese kill Chinese. Chinese government fight both Japan and Russia for our nation's survival. Because of Chinese government's achievement, BEFORE communist occupied mainland all foreign nation give up there settlement on Chinese soil. (except Russia) <a name="WTC227"> After communist occupied mainland, U.S. controlled Japan. Japan no longer a harm to China. (THIS IS THE KEY DIFFERENCE !!) After communist occupied mainland, Russia become Chinese communist "ancestor", "grand-pa" and "big brother". Whole Chinese society Russialized. Put hate target to U.S. and forget Russia annexed one third of our soil !! (THIS IS THE KEY DIFFERENCE !!) <a name="WTC228"> If Chinese government exterminated communist bandit. There is no "great leap forward", there is no "cultural revolution", there is no "class struggle", there is no red class kill black class chaos. There is no re-draw our northern provinces to so-called "inner Mongu" If Chinese government exterminated communist bandit. Chinese national strength should be much stronger then now !! We Chinese have capability to recover our northern lost soil! All communist can do is to carry out "class struggle" let Chinese kill Chinese !! All communist can do is to re-draw Chinese northern soil as "inner Mongu" ready for Russia next annex !! <a name="WTC229"> 3. Freeman signed paper North Watch Our Soil One reader respond (North Watch Our Soil is) "touching, but still solve Taiwan issue first" Freeman ask: To recover our northern soil need Chinese unify and work together. Do communist really think it is time to recover northern lost soil "AFTER Taiwan issue is solved" ? Communist never recognize the creation of itself is Russia's plot to split Chinese, let Chinese kill Chinese and China never have chance to recover northern lost land !! If "Taiwan issue is solved", Russia is capable to split Chinese society again and communist never have chance to recover northern soil !! <a name="WTC230"> Freeman suggest reader visit and see if communist reply and how communist reply ? (Please pay attention to notes.) 2002-07-01-21-20 stop
Above Before world wide guestbook sign (start from 2002-07-20) Below after world wide guestbook sign ( stop on 2002-09-10)
<a name="WTC231"> 2002-09-14-18-56 Why sign world guestbook? If any one ask "Why Freeman sign guestbook world wide?" The answer is straight forward ! The paper "Reconstruct China --- How Chinese communist unify the world" and "After Chinese communist unify the world, Where to set up the world capital?" directly involve ALL nations on the planet Earth !! To "unify" include the process 1. sabotage a victim nation, include sabotage physical structure like WTC attack. 2. Incite rebellion, let victim nation citizen kill each other. 3. Overthrow victim nation's political system. 4. Conquer victim nation. All of the dirty job -- explosion, killing -- let evil puppet (Chinese communist) do it. Final stage conquer the whole world, that is evil master come to pick the "fruit" ! At the same time let world gun fire kill all Chinese population !! ("one stone two birds") Since the paper "Reconstruct China --- How Chinese communist unify the world" and "After Chinese communist unify the world, Where to set up the world capital?" are here. Since the sabotage -- WTC attack and anthrax virus attack -- already start. Freeman must warn the world community to keep high alert Freeman must let the world community know that -- Chinese communist begin to "unify" the world, -- Chinese communist spy already carry out attack in the U.S. Other nations will be next !! Based on these understanding, Freeman think to sign the world guestbook, and to issue warning to the world community are necessary and correct. Freeman 2002-09-14-19-27 <a name="WTC232"> 2002-09-14-19-32 Why Chinese communist spy already carry out attack in the U.S.? Isn't it Taliban attack U.S. ? Please read BBC news again Chinese intelligence team today (Sep. 25 2001) arrive Washington, work together to capture the creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event. This news says Chinese communist goto U.S. "to capture the creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event.", that is Chinese communist goto U.S. to capture the creator. If it is dog catch mouse, then Taliban is creator. If it is cat catch mouse, then communist spy net is creator !! Reader's judge either dog catch mouse or cat catch mouse determine the conclusion. Freeman choose cat catch mouse version, therefore it is "Chinese communist spy already carry out attack in the U.S." Since it is "to unify the world", therefore it must follow with attack to other nations !! Taliban is at most front stage actor, expose completely, Chinese communist spy net is middle stage actor, half hide. Evil master is behind the curtain, hide completely. 2002-09-14-19-50 <a name="WTC233"> 2002-09-14-19-52 Brief on world guestbook sign. First of all, Freeman want to say thanks to all guestbook owner who allow freeman's message. And say thanks to all ISP and all Guestbook S.P. and all search engine service provider. for allowing Freeman's activity. There are three times sign activity before this time. First three times are all sign to mainland China guestbook or forums. My activity is totally under Chinese communist watch, I open my working record or not, Chinese communist already know every detail. Past three sign activities, Freeman open all working record for public viewing. they are This time world wide sign, consider following points 1. This time topic "World Trade Center Analysis" which is highly sensitive. Everyone finger point to Taliban, only Freeman point to Chinese communist and its master. 2. This time only Freeman and Freeman's ISP have complete activity record. Chinese communist and "International communist" can not hold the whole picture. (I assume) 3. Freeman guess some communism minded person may wait for Freeman's working record and buzz those guestbook owner. For above consideration, Freeman decide NOT open my work record to public. If I do, that should be few years later. This time sign brief as following: Very first sign is in Mongu 2002-07-08-10:22 send wbd [[ Thank you for posting! You will now be taken to your post. If the administrator has selected to moderate all posts in this forum, you will be taken back to the forum and your post will be displayed presently. If you opted to post a poll, you will now be allowed to do so. 赸馰 摳殪鳪 禔?蠉蕻 摫閷谾?飶襜憵蠉僦 闉?欑魡礯v? 摳殪鳪 鴇?魡譇馯 闉膼 麑 ]] \$fm\wk\b78wtc01.htm 2002-07-08-10:32 > National Forums > Politics & People \$fm\wk\b78wtc03.htm Very last sign is in Indonesia 2002-09-10-23:57:52 send gbk Total click "send" button is nearly 4000 times. (4000 is my guess, actual recorded must be less) Total actual record number I do not know. Some guestbook owner will view my sign first, not immediately show up. Some I signed return invalid response. If these review, invalid response sign will be included in guestbook? If any already recorded guestbook later deleted by owner ? All of this uncertainty let me unable to get an accurate number. Area covered almost all over the world. Exceptions are Vietnam Cuba Iran I tried, but can not sign even one. North Korea, Cambodia and Lao was in my mind, but did not have time to try. Saudi Arabic and Egypt have individual visit, other Arabic world treat as whole, no individual visit. English speaking country, in general ignored. I expect word of mouth will help in English speaking country. There are many side hit to English speaking country. State head or king's guestbook signed three places, Philippines, Thailand and Armenia. But Armenia state head office guestbook did not record Freeman message. Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia) guestbook their not-record percentage is higher than other area. Southeast Asia has many Chinese, they are Freeman's main target. Under communist shadow, many guestbook do not record Freeman's message. Hard to reach areas are Mongu, Burma, central Asia and Africa. (Each has few sign) But South Africa has intensive sign. I did not spend time for revisit, however it occurred few times. From different sources goto same guestbook again. There are two deletion found, one in Argentina, one in Turkey. One day sign maximum is 67 signs. One day sign minimum is 12 signs. 2002-09-03 I knock Vietnam door, spend time, not sign any. Then goto Hong Kong signed 12 gbk. Freeman use dial-up account, not DSL account, so slow. Most important thing to sign activity is search engine. When I goto Internet user dense area, plus good search engine allow me sign 60+ per day. When I goto Internet user sparse area, that day sign number is low. After I collected 300 or 500 URLs, I use my program, in ten minutes my program pick out all URL and sorted and convert to html page, already visited URL is blue. New URL is red, help me to avoid repeat. If there are guestbook message page and sign form page, I always view message page before I sign. Avoid repeat. All of my methods their main point is to avoid double sign. But double sign does happen, I guess less than ten. At first (2002-07-20) I intend to sign forum, but many forum ask for registration. This is one time sign. I hope to save time, so change to sign guestbook. from 2002-07-08 to 2002-07-12 signed six forums One in Mongu, three in mainland China, two in Taiwan. From 2002-07-20 to 2002-09-10 I concentrate my mind sign the world guestbooks. Besides cooking, eating, sleeping, buy food, I spend all of my time to sign guestbook. My eye get sour most of the time. Second is finger hurt. Some guestbook allow picture, I estimate about 35% chance. All URL I signed will not be available in near future. Freeman 2002-09-14-20-59 2002-09-16-18-20 start Start from 2002-09-11 sign guestbook stopped completely. But until today (2002-09-16) I still sign guestbook in my dream ! Scene of computer screen, paste URL, access web page etc. still show up in my dream everyday !! 2002-09-16-18-24 stop <a name="WTC234"> 2002-09-15-11-50 The paper "Reconstruct China --- How Chinese communist unify the world" and "After Chinese communist unify the world, Where to set up the world capital?" announce to the world that evil will conquer the world! World Trade Center attack is first shot! No matter where you live, reader must think seriously: what will happen if evil "unify" the world become true? Just read this paper "World Trade Center Analysis", that is not enough! Because Freeman grow up in Chinese government governed Taiwan province. Freeman just heard events happen in mainland China. All information in this paper are true, but superficial ! What will happen if evil conquered your country ? It is hard to predict future, but it is easy look back into history. To know what will happen to you, just look back see what happen when evil conquered China !! Please download next three books (331,698 bytes) (224,734 bytes) (204,184 bytes) Scar literature (傷痕文學) is individual's accusation. They are microscope report. Record-Truth literature (記實文學) is a global review about what communist did in mainland China. Above three books are all Record-Truth literature ! which is broader than scar literature. yangmou: naked conspiracy. yang: Chinese for Sun; positive; open to public mou: Chinese for plot; conspiracy Mao's in-power period is from 1949 to 1976. During this period, Mao used communism "theory" carry out three major tyrannies -- "Anti right-winger struggle" "Three red flag movement" "Cultural revolution" The book yangmou centered at "Anti right-winger struggle". Who is right-winger? In leftwing-only communist society no one will admit himself is right-winger. No target, how to carry out "Anti right-winger struggle"? In 1957 early Summer, Chinese communist announce "Big Chirp, Big Exposure" movement, communist ask citizen to say anything they like, and "promise" "those who speak out no sin, those who are criticized self exam.". Because of this "promise", many intellectual criticize communist policy. During "Big Chirp, Big Exposure" period, communist record most intellectual speech. After get enough evidence. Chinese communist announce "Big Chirp, Big Exposure" movement ends, and the purpose of "Big Chirp, Big Exposure" movement is "to induce snake (intellectual) out of hole". With enough evidence in hand, Chinese communist started "Anti right-winger struggle". One and half million Chinese intellectual become "class enemy". Loss their academic job, and goto "education camp" work like cow! (In old China use cow to farm) yangmou record major events in "Big Chirp, Big Exposure" and "Anti right-winger struggle" period. If communist conquered your nation, BE AWARE COMMUNIST BIG LIE !!!!! [[ Please note: "Big Chirp, Big Exposure" is word to word translation. Dictionary says "Let a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend" ]] ========== 2002-09-15-12-55 here ========== <a name="WTC235"> Next second book renhuo: Human Disaster ren: (should pronounce as "Zen") human huo: Chinese for disaster Chinese communist second major tyranny is "Three red flag movement" One flag is the guiding plan for socialism construction. One flag is people's commune (first occurred in France) One flag is great leap forward. The book renhuo recorded major event in "Three red flag movement". Man-made disaster mainly come from people's commune and great leap forward people's commune put everybody into a economy-political structure. People loss free-will, everything wait for communist instruction. From communism "theory" everyone should get same pay. Work-hard guy and lazy guy get same payment. Since then all work-hard guy become lazy guy. Production slow down. <!-- Chinese document below in comment section. --> Great leap forward force people to "refine steel" first. Young male adult goto "refine steel" Child and woman work in farm. Put all of above factor together, agricultural production must reduce. BUT Chinese communist start big lie. Regularly, one acre farm land produce 350 kilo gram grain. But in 1958, communist manager from top level to elementary level, most of them lie what they can produce in the farm. Start from 1000 kg/acre to 130000 kg/acre. In communist main newspaper "People's Daily", communist published those lies which is not-erasable record !! Those who refuse to lie were announced to be "right-winger" and send to cow team. Mao himself is farmer, Mao knows one acre produce at most 400 kg grain. People ask why Mao believe those lie data? Mao said a "scientist" presented a paper, it says if rice can utilize 30% of sun light energy, then one acre 40000 kg grain is possible. This "scientist" is Chien, Hsueh-Sen. People ask Chien why he present lie paper? Chien said "The political environment at that time need such paper". (from my memory, other source but I can not find now) <!-- Chinese document below in comment section. --> ========== 2002-09-15-13-56 here ========== <a name="WTC236"> Next third book maot: Mao, Tse-Dong private doctor's memory about Mao life. Freeman has this printed book in hand, its publisher publish date information is next (in Chinese) 毛澤東私人醫生回憶錄——李志綏醫生著 台北,時報出版公司。台北市和平西路三段二四○號四樓 民國八十三年出版。 This book describe Mao's private life. This book cost author Doctor Lee, Chi-Sui's life !! After publish this book, One day Lee's "friend" go visit Dr. Lee, that moment all of Lee's family are absent. Lee died, "friend" left. Possibly professional execution, no evidence left. (American) police announce it is "natural death" to close the case. Lee's son highly suspect his father's death, but useless. The book "Mao, Tse-Dong private doctor's memory about Mao life" first publish in English. If reader like to know its detail. You can go to a library near you. Hopefully you can find this book. has only partial of its whole contents. In four years, online book provider did not make up the missing part. Following is 1998-12-01 Freeman download and 2002-09-14 Freeman download records and run file comparison command get FC: no differences encountered That is in four years, never make up one word!! 禱屙陲佌汜魂 燠祩呦翍禱屙陲佌瓟汜隙砪翹ㄩ課繞湮講堯穠 毛澤東私生活 李志綏著毛澤東私人醫生回憶錄:揭露大量醜陋 87,12,01,08:10:49 87,12,01,08:10:49 start 199K 1.1k/sec save as 87,12,01,08:12:18 done 91,09,14,17:10:25 森珜笢腔梒誹岆扂垀夔婓厙奻梑善腔窒ㄛ湮模祥猁婬懂陓戙恀呁豻窒煦﹝ 此頁中的章節是我所能在網上找到的全部,請大家不要再來信詢問剩餘部分。 91,09,14,17:12:50 download again see if he add new chapter 91,09,14,17:15:00 done C:\az\book_ml>fc /b \mydown~1\ Comparing files \mydown~1\ and FC: no differences encountered ========== 2002-09-15-14-19 here ========== On 2002-09-11 and 2002-09-12 Freeman attempt goto online to find more books. It is a surprise that many Chinese ebook site refuse Freeman access their page. I can not see what they have, I can not verify if URLs listed in my book page are still valid. I revisit old URL where I download these book. But I can not get and If and are wiped out by Chinese communist? So on 2002-09-12 Freeman decide upload to Freeman site, All book are in Chinese, you need find someone translate for you. <a name="WTC237"> If you concern what happen if "Chinese communist unify the world" become true? If you want to know your possible fate PLEASE DOWNLOAD (331,698 bytes) (224,734 bytes) (204,184 bytes) *** NOW *** !! Freeman's financial is fragile. These books may discontinue again any time !! Freeman 2002-09-15-14-33 <a name="WTC238"> 2002-09-15-16-10 Mao, Tse-Dong name abbr. is Mao T.D. is possibly come from Mao's name is incomplete also come from Mao's name abbr. is Freeman version When I have time, I try to make up the missing part. Today, 2002-09-15 and are identical 2002-09-15-16-16 <a name="WTC239"> 2002-09-15-16-38 At the time upload Freeman will also upload next ten *.zip files, which include most of Chinese government fight communist document. This is a collection of President Chiang, Chung-cheng life long document. President Chiang, Chung-cheng lead Chinese defend our country against two foreign invasions. The difficult one is agent (Chinese communist) invasion. Agent doing all kind damage to Chinese society and no one can see its master! index, Chinese. (1,796,201 bytes) (1,098,270 bytes) (1,759,600 bytes) (2,109,690 bytes) (1,989,326 bytes) (1,954,860 bytes) (1,693,268 bytes) (1,773,819 bytes) (2,026,408 bytes) (1,952,204 bytes) <a name="WTC240"> Chinese National Father Dr. Sun, Yat-sen President Chiang, Chung-cheng President Chiang, Chung-cheng and wife 2002-09-15-16-51 <a name="WTC241"> 2002-09-27-13-30 start Mao: "According we Chinese communist opinion, we like to see half world population die and to destroy capitalism. Exchange for socialism." This is Mao's speech at the end of 1957 in a Moscow meeting. Today, Mao is still a "positive" image bandit head in mainland China. Most of Mao's words are considered as "correct" or "necessary". This situation provide a chance for Chinese communist "unify" the world. That is to ruin the whole world before Chinese communist is destroyed by its master !! 2002-09-27-13-49 here <a name="WTC242"> Mao's madness follower can be found even after 25 years of Mao's death. Following is Freeman's by-chance record of a Chinese mainlander's enemy-the-world madness speech. 2002-07-18-22-18-29 On-net military talks 網上談兵 Then, Chinese communist will enemy the whole world! What to do ! (0 bytes ) (9 reads)2002-7-18 那麼,中共要與世界為敵了 - 怎麼辦,,(0 bytes ) (9 reads)2002-7-18 We already enemy the whole NATO, Japan, India, Australia, if add one more Russia, that is not a big surprise. (0 bytes ) (3 reads)2002-7-18 我們已經與整個北約、日本、印度、澳大利亞為敵,多個俄羅斯也沒 - 什麼大不了的!(0 bytes ) (3 reads)2002-7-18 2002-09-27-14-03 here If Mao's words become true, then half world population will be killed by com-cap war. ANOTHER HALF WORLD POPULATION WILL BE KILLED BT COMMUNISM'S EVIL POLICY !! Communism evil policy killed sixty million Chinese, please read (All in Chinese, you should ask someone translate for you) (331,698 bytes) (224,734 bytes) (204,184 bytes) Today 2002-09-27, it is hate-speech turnning to action (WTC attack) corner point! Do not wait any more !!! WE CHINESE MUST ACT NOW !! DESTROY RED BANDIT KILLER !!!!!!!!!! EXPEL MARX/LENIN/COMMUNISM !!!!!!!!!! 2002-09-27-14-16 stop <a name="WTC243"> 2002-09-27-16-03 start IF Chinese communist "unify" the world, What treatment your citizen will get? You should read next three books. (All in Chinese, you should ask someone translate for you) (331,698 bytes) (224,734 bytes) (204,184 bytes) <a name="WTC244"> Now the question is : What treatment your ANCESTOR will get? You should read next (Still in Chinese, you should ask someone translate for you) This is what Chinese ancestor got AFTER communist occupied Chinese soil !! <a name="WTC245"> BEFORE Chinese communist come to your country, Your ancestor rest in peace UNDERground. AFTER Chinese communist come to your country, Your ancestor WILL suffer in torture ABOVEground. ancestor.htm brief the events happened in China. <a name="WTC246"> According to communism "theory", proletarian class represents majority peasant population. ALL Chinese history recorded figures are "ruling class" or "ruling class agent". Ruling class is proletarian class enemy. Therefore whole Chinese history is a "dark" period. (In the world, which nation's history can be exception ??) The only "good guys" are those bandit and massive killer. Communist say those bandits and killers are "peasant revolution leaders" Based on communism "theory", in 1963 Chinese (Mao's) communist announce: "Drive those kings, emperors, generals, prime ministers out of history platform !" In 1966, "red guard" destroyed almost ALL Chinese history important figures tomb. Area covered from north to south, from east to west. Period covered from five thousand years ago Yan-King to decade ago modern figures. Ancient figures have only plate or carved figurine. destroyed and burned. Within thousand years, ancestor's body still can be found, then those red terror take body out, beat, drag on street, hang on tree. They do all kind humiliation. <a name="WTC247"> A British lady married with a Chinese scholar. Chinese communist ordered them to translate a document to English. After done the translation, this British lady insert a note said "You Chinese communist flat your Chinese ancestor tomb, you go ahead. But you Chinese communist can not flat foreign ancestor's tomb." Chinese document That is true, <a name="WTC248"> BEFORE CHINESE COMMUNIST 'UNIFY' THE WORLD, CHINESE COMMUNIST CAN ONLY FLAT CHINESE ANCESTOR'S TOMBS !! WATCH OUT !! WORLD !! HERE COMES CHINESE COMMUNIST !! Freeman 2002-09-27-17-00 2002-09-27-17-00 stop <a name="WTC249"> 2002-09-27-19-22 start One thing worth reader consider SERIOUSLY ! Since Chinese communist announced that it will 'unify' the world. Since Chinese communist torture all live AND deceased people. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU ? AFTER YOUR HUNDREDTH BIRTHDAY ?! WOULD YOU LIKE TO WAKE UP AGAIN !? WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE BEATEN ?! WOULD YOU LIKE BE TOWED ON STREET ?! WOULD YOU LIKE BE HUNG ON TREE ?! IF YOU DO NOT WANT THESE TORTURES ADD TO YOU JOIN WE CHINESE !! ROOT COMMUNISM OUT OF CHINESE SOIL NOW !! Since Communist torture people based on its communism "theory", SHOOT COMMUNISM INTO FAR FAR OUTER SPACE NOW !! after your hundredth birthday, you can not do anything, <a name="WTC249A"> ACT TODAY !! Freeman 2002-09-27-19-30 2002-09-27-19-30 stop How Chinese communist 'unify' the world. "After Chinese communist 'unify' the world, where to set up the world capital?" BBC news indicate Chinese communist involve WTC attack. (News is in Chinese) Analysis BBC news (English) How Chinese communist destroy Chinese ancestor's tomb.
<a name="WTC250"> Given target line, repeat line and in given column vary number in sequence. Add link to URL is located at Freeman's program list page is Web subpage maker (use /r25) Cut JKC file to equal length(/c) Complex polynomial root finder Cut/merge two files left-right Convert number to J/K/C text Chinese National Father picture President Chiang's picture President Chiang all paper list Marxism did tremendous damage to China, Expel Marx Lenin!! Annihilate struggle! Mr. Chiang Tsemin (Chinese communist head) please worship our Chinese ancestor! Freeman wants to carry blue-sky-white-sun-shine-over-the-red-land national flag and go back to mainland China. Please help Freeman to achieve this goal. Thanks Freedom definition: Chinese history books: Freeman's web page list: Mainland forum/gbk sign record: North watch our soil:
<a name="WTC251"> 2002-09-28-08-43 start One thing worth mention. Most of the evil policies are carried out by Mao, Tse-Dong's communist. Mao seized power in 1949, Mao died in 1976. After Mao went to see Marx. Chinese communist follower abandon most of Mao's evil policies. Allow farmer use land to produce food for farmer's own need. Repaired most flattened ancestor tombs. Should we conclude that today's Chinese communist no harm to Chinese and no harm to the world community? Please think twice !! The evil heresy "communism theory" is still a bible in mainland China. Evil Mao is still a "respected" bandit head. Although Mao's evil policies stopped, but (in year 2001) <a name="WTC252"> allow "where to set up world capital" stay online for more than six months; allow "how Chinese communist 'unify' the world" stay online for several months; allow "the way to deal with American is to kill them more, fire" stay online; MOST IMPORTANT <a name="WTC253"> ALLOW X NATION TO 'BORROW' CHINESE COMMUNIST SPY NET IN THE U.S. TO CARRY OUT WTC ATTACK, TO SPREAD ANTHRAX VIRUS All of these "allows" plus not-criticize-Mao, indicate that today's Chinese communist has great potential to repeat what Mao did !! AND CARRY OUT DAMAGES THAT MAO DID NOT DO !! (WTC ATTACK) <a name="WTC254"> Chinese communist assign "criminal" NUMBERS first, order province and city branch office to capture "bad-guy" to satisfy its pre-determined NUMBERS !! This evil method TORTURED MANY INNOCENT CHINESE BUT huge criminal Mao, Tse-dong can escape from justice. This is a temporary phenomenon, in the long run, either second Mao come out to ruin the whole world or Chinese destroy the evil empire !! Look at Mao's dead body !! Look at those allows !! <a name="WTC255"> Reader should not miss-judge today's Chinese communist again !! (First miss-judge created Chinese communist, Second miss-judge will destroy the whole world !!) WE MUST ROOT OUT COMMUNISM FROM CHINESE SOIL !! WE MUST ROOT OUT COMMUNISM FROM PLANET EARTH !! Freeman 2002-09-28-09-22 <a name="WTC256"> 2002-09-28-11-45 start About ACT TODAY !! Evil already acted ! Evil already destroyed World Trade Center ! Evil already trigger started "Sino U.S. big war"! Shouldn't I (a Chinese) say "ACT TODAY !!" ?! Must I tie my hand, wait for evil's second attack?! Must I wait for second "Sino U.S. big war" risk ?! NO !! WE CHINESE ARE NOT DUMMY !! "ACT TODAY !!" still use peace method, let Chinese understand the fact of evil communist, let Chinese realize our responsibility to our nation. 2002-09-28-12-09 stop <a name="WTC257"> 2002-09-28-14-49 start Mao's communist ends, followed with Deng's communist, Deng die, followed with Jiang's communist. Since most communist tyrannies were carried out in Mao's hand. Should we conclude that Deng's communist is better than Mao's communist(??) and Jinag's communist is better than Mao's communist(??) so "let the mild communist run, they will not do harm as big as Mao's communist did" (??) <a name="WTC258"> THIS POINT OF VIEW IS A TOTAL MISTAKE !! To destroy World Trade Center To spread anthrax virus (massive killing capable) To promote "Chinese communist 'unify' the world" Allow "the way to deal with American is to kill them more, fire" stay online. etc. are ALL EVENTS 25 YEARS AFTER MAO'S DEATH !! <a name="WTC259"> After 2001-09-11 WTC attack event After 2001-09-25 Chinese communist goto U.S. to "capture the creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event" the world should understand that THE ROOTS OF MAO, DENG, JIANG COMMUNIST ARE SAME. Deng communist, Jiang communist hate Mao just limit to the part Mao struggle communist member. <a name="WTC260"> MAO, DENG, JIANG COMMUNIST HAVE A COMMON GOAL: TO DESTROY THE WORLD THIS COMMON GOAL NEVER CHANGE !! 25 years after Mao's death WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACK EXPLAIN THIS POINT !! <a name="WTC261"> Communist did tremendous damage but still exist, that is because communist lie to people, communist hide all tyrannies facts from people, communist create "enemy" to deviate people's attention let people stand around communist. communist use torture to scare away discontent people. That is how the evil empire can keep running. <a name="WTC262"> What we should do is to let mainland Chinese know all of the facts To attack World Trade Center, mainlander cheer , Tell mainlander that WTC attack is to start kill all Chinese ("all China become a huge graveyard") then mainlander quickly calm down. To 'unify' the world, mainlander cheer , Tell mainlander that "To 'unify' the world" is to let world gun fire kill ALL Chinese, then mainlander calm down. Communist party ruling, mainlander yell Tell mainlander that communist ruling, sooner or later farmer's land will wipe out by communist again. Mainlander shall be silent !! <a name="WTC263"> The difficult part is that communist control all information pipe lines. It is hard to send facts WIDELY to mainlander. "Let mainlander know the facts" is what we Chinese should do now. Again MAO, DENG, JIANG COMMUNIST HAVE A COMMON GOAL: TO DESTROY THE WORLD THIS COMMON GOAL NEVER CHANGE !! Freeman 2002-09-28-15-32 <a name="WTC264"> 2002-09-28-17-05 What goal we Chinese want to achieve ? 1. Farmer own his land. This is long time Chinese government policy. Farmer own his land, then every farmer contribute his maximum effort to produce food FOR HIS OWN BENEFIT, SOCIETY RECEIVE ENOUGH FOOD. (communism ask all farmer go to people's commune, work-hard or lazy same pay) Farmer own his land successfully AND PEACEFULLY achieved in Taiwan province. 2. Citizen of different income level help each other. Government is mediator, collect more tax from rich and aid to poor. Everyone become rich. (communism hate rich, wipe out rich and prize poor) 3. Respect and follow International laws. Help other nation who is in need. (communist export violence to other nation, promote hate, create violence, so-called world revolution) 4. Glorious out history, be proud of being a Chinese. (communist deny all Chinese history, destroy most ancestor remains) 5. Recover our northern loss land. (communist recognize the lost land as "foreign" communist re-draw our northern land as a new [inner] Mongu, wait for its master to annex!) Above are brief of our goal. Items 1. 2. 3. 4. directly break communism "theory" Item 5. high light communist traitor face !! If Chinese communist accept above five points, that is a happy thing for all Chinese. And benefit to the whole world. (no longer export violence) but then they are not communist any more !! they are not EVIL any more !! Freeman 2002-09-28-17-30 <a name="WTC265"> 2002-09-28-23-21 start After "communism" introduced to China, This "communism" turn Chinese society upside down and down side up !! again and again !! This "communism" turn Chinese history inside out and out side in !! This "communism" turn Chinese common sense black white and white black !! If this is a special-made "communism" !? let Chinese consume only or these confusions are general to all communist ruled nation? Freeman do not know and Freeman eager to know the answer !! 2002-09-28-23-27 stop <a name="WTC266"> 2002-09-29-09-02 start Please think: Honest officials and corrupt officials which one you like ? From common sense, from un-common sense, from any-kind-of sense the answer should be Honest officials are better than corrupt officials BUT THE HELL ECHOED HONEST OFFICIALS ARE WORSE THAN CORRUPT OFFICIALS !? Chinese document <a name="WTC267"> Hell master argued: (word to word translation to above linked Chinese document one paragraph) [[[[[ Communist scholar followed Mao's instruction, in People's Daily published long paper, prove that "Severe officials" and "honest officials" are both landlord controlled nation-machine-parts. Both are farmer-class's enemies. Some feudal-landlord class officials alleviated class contradictions, that is in favor of feudal-ruling class's interest. Their alleviation work can only benefit to feudal- ruling class. But feudal-ruling class exist one day, then farmer can not break their fortune one day. To alleviate class contradictions is same as maintain people (ruler) eat people (farmer) political system. Honest official rise flag to get rid of bad things for people, get rid of corrupted official for people. To reduce class contradictions, to palsy people's struggle will. honest officials play much more cheating than corrupted officials. therefore "Honest officials are worse than corrupt officials" ]]]]] <a name="WTC268"> "Class struggle", "ruling class", "peasant class", "landlord class", "feudal class", "class contradictions" "people eat people system" are all communism terms Evil master use communism terms fabricated confuse conclusion "Honest officials are worse than corrupt officials" From this example we know the so called "communism" is actually an evil bible !! Since "Honest officials are worse than corrupt officials" then "Corrupt officials are better than honest officials" who will play "honest officials" ?? This is how evil master drive mainland China to corrupted official side. "honest official" become a dirty term !! Chinese communist do not criticize Mao, then they do not criticize the evil "Honest officials are worse than corrupt officials" <a name="WTC269"> Many Chinese anger to these turn common sense upside down confusion on purpose communist advertisement. But communist does not care. They iron fist control the whole society, "what communist did is always correct" (unless the evil is flunked from power) Since Chinese communist announced that it will 'unify' the world. SO <a name="WTC270"> Dear reader: You are going to become my fellow Chinese! I am glad to tell you in advance what you are going to get (briefly)!! 2002-09-29-10-20 here 1. Corrupt officials are better than honest officials 2. those who received higher education (bachelor degree, master degree, doctor degree) are "stink number nine" the bottom of communist society. 3. those no-knowledge at all knock down those knowledge rich. <a name="WTC271"> 4. those poor (proletarian class, no-property class) knock down those rich (bourgeois class, has-property class) 5. you disgrace your ancestor. 6. if communist determined that you are "class enemy" you must "self-examine", that is to slap on your own face quickly and openly, because that is the best choice you can get. (in mainland China, many suicide, because that is the best they can get, then you should know what is communist torture look like !!) <a name="WTC272"> 7. the term "husband" and the term "wife" will be discarded, replace with "comrade lover". the term "family" will be discarded, no replacement. all family destroyed. 8. school will teach "do not love father, do not love mother, love only communist party" 9. you can not cook in your home. you must goto people's commune, eat what communist give to you. <a name="WTC273"> 10. you work hard, that is great, but remember, your pay can not exceed those of lazy bones !! 2002-09-29-10-50 stop 2002-09-29-11-22 start 11. be alert that your farm land unhulled rice will utilize near 100% sun light energy, the grains will not burn into ash, but it will produce one acre 130000 kg grain !! (normally 350 kg/acre) 12. if you are young male adult, be prepare to "refine steel" in your back yard, burn all metal you can find in your neighborhood. Prepare for big famine. you must not say the human error cause famine. you can only say "natural cause famine". ok! here is one dozen flavor for you to "thank" the greatest Chinese communist correct-forever policies. WATCH OUT !! WORLD !! HERE COMES CHINESE COMMUNIST !! Freeman 2002-09-29-11-36. <a name="WTC274"> 2002-09-29-12-34 start Dear reader, if you worry about what you are going to get, please visit Chinese communist main mouthpiece People's Daily Chinese page valid on 2002-09-29-13:42:07 page bottom has email address for information question Chinese News Agency Chinese page valid on 2002-09-29-13:53:03 page link to "about us" 2002-09-29-13:56:57 then javascript:OnContactWithUs(); page shows next email address <a name="WTC275"> Ask Chinese communist for a satisfactory answer. All items mentioned are slogans/policies used before. If communist tell you: "no more such policies", Please ask "which ill policies no more, which policies continue?", If communist answer: "all gone", Please ask Chinese communist "why do you still hang the communist party plate ?" "why you do not criticize those ill policies?" "what do you mean 'unify' the world?" If communist answer: "I never say unify the world", Please ask Chinese communist "why you allow the war paper exist on line for several months?" Please also ask Chinese communist "2001-09-25 Chinese communist goto U.S. to capture the creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event. is it dog catch mouse? or cat catch mouse?" 2002-09-29-12-57 stop <a name="WTC276"> 2002-09-30-20-43 start "correct-forever" (in Chinese 一貫正確 ) is Mao's communist term. After Mao die, Deng come to power. Deng had three down three up experience. Down by Mao and up by Mao, by Hwa (Mao's hand picked successor, short political life) Since Mao purged Deng, now Deng come to power. so what Mao did is not "correct-forever" . Today if you ask Chinese communist, they will deny the term "correct-forever" . Freeman use one period Mao's daily terminology. Similarly, some story, some term Freeman used here, today's communist may deny. 2002-09-30-20-54 stop <a name="WTC277"> 2002-10-01-00-05 start Why "today's communist may deny." ? Because many evil policies / ill policies are carried out by Mao's communist. Mao died, today's communist do not admit they did / said those evil things. Since today's Chinese communist do not carry out Mao's evil policies, Do you think today's communist not evil any more? BUT Why they still "respect" evil Mao ? Why Chinese communist go to U.S. to "capture the creator of 2001 Sep. 11 attack U.S. event."? This action indicate that Chinese communist spy net in the U.S. 1. Carried out World Trade Center attack 2. Carried out anthrax virus spread 3. paved road to "All United States become a big public tomb field" and "all China become a huge graveyard" if today's Chinese communists are not evil, what else ?! 2002-10-01-00-20 stop <a name="WTC278"> 2002-10-03-13-35 start There is one unique sign-guestbook worth mention 2002-10-03-13-25 find the following info [[[[[ 2002-08-31-14:46:00 send gbk [[ Thank you, your entry has been added to our Remark. Here is what you submitted: Name: World Trade Center Analysis - September 01, 2002 My E-mail: My URL: Location: Nan-jing, Republic of China <a name="WTC278"> Comments: Hitler want to say "Thank Mao" because Mao let Hitler off from world-first-killer seat !! Hitler killed several million Jews, Mao killed sixty million Chinese !! Freeman 2002-08-31-14-41 World Trade Center Analysis Why attack World Trade Center ? What is the remote causes ? What is the immediate causes ? Murderer expect what result from WTC attack ? How much murderer's goal achieved ? If next attack possible ? If safe live outside of U.S. ? Plase visit (spelling error signed, keep as is) World Trade Center Analysis Freeman 2002-07-15-21-40 ]] 2002-08-31-14;47:22 refresh gbk C:\$fm\sign_wtc\910831\wtc1900.htm has pic This Hitler site main page. ]]]]] 2002-10-03-13-40 here <a name="WTC279"> Mao, Chinese communist and its evil master created huge disaster in communist occupied China. Many researcher estimate the death was around sixty millions Chinese. Mao and Hitler have following differences 1. Hitler killed several million. Mao killer sixty million, 2. Hitler kill foreigner. Mao kill same nationality Chinese. <a name="WTC280"> 3. Hitler use direct method to kill. Mao use both direct and indirect methods to kill. Direct method include severe torture and bury alive. Indirect method include big famine and incite poor kill rich and incite red guard to kill each other ! <a name="WTC281"> 4. Hitler target at Jews. Mao target at the whole world. Mao said: "(communist) kill half world population to destroy capitalism and build communism world." What Mao intend to do was to use massive killing method, neutron bomb and virus spread. (both are mentioned in warpaper.htm) 5. Hitler killed only several million Jews, Hitler is already a world criminal. Mao killed sixty million Chinese, but today's Chinese communist still "respect" the super killer !! <a name="WTC282"> No matter where reader live on the planet earth, Mao's words and the following Chinese communist's behavior worth reader take a deep consideration !! WTC attack, anthrax virus spread, warpaper to incite Chinese to go to war and fight the whole world !! "Honest officials are worse than corrupt officials" Destroy family "those no-knowledge at all knock down those knowledge rich." WE CAN NOT ALLOW EVIL COMMUNISM EXIST ON THE EARTH !! 2002-10-03-14-22 stop <a name="WTC283"> 2002-10-04-10-05 start This paper mentioned X nation hijack Chinese communist spy net in the U.S. to show up Chinese face everywhere. and Chinese communist intelligence team goto U.S. to recover its spy net in the U.S. which is hijacked by X nation to show up Chinese face everywhere !! Now the question is if it is Chinese communist spy net was hijacked by X nation or Chinese communist lend its spy net in U.S. to X nation to attack U.S. Reader please think to loss property or to loss reputation (become a murderer) which one is more serious? Most will answer to loss reputation is more serious. <a name="WTC284"> If X nation did not consult Chinese communist in advance, X nation hijacked Chinese communist spy net in the U.S. to show up Chinese face everywhere, to damage Chinese reputation and to trigger start China -- U.S. war. Chinese communist must protest seriously !! And stop its spy net killing work immediately. <a name="WTC285"> Now the fact is start from 2001-09-11 (should be earlier for preparation) to 2001-09-24, Chinese communist spy net are free to act. Until 2001-09-25, Chinese communist sent intelligence team to Washington D.C. to work with U.S. officials "to capture the creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event." (that is Chinese communist spy net is attack creator !) <a name="WTC286"> Chinese communist NO protest to X nation (X nation is completely hidden) NO immediate action (delayed two weeks) NO self-initiative. (work together with U.S. that is work under U.S. request) NO explanation to what Chinese communist did in Washington D.C. Just a leak message and post news in BBC remark the "favor" Chinese communist give to U.S. and expect U.S. return a goodwill favor. {But China must get goodwill reply from U.S. that is for sure.) <a name="WTC287"> All of these traces indicate that it is Chinese communist lend its spy net in U.S. to X nation to attack U.S. NOT Chinese communist spy net was hijacked by X nation in other words, Chinese communist already know this attack in advance !! Above is what already happened. From what happened, we can predict future: <a name="WTC288"> If big war occurred some day Chinese communist not just "lend" its spy net to X nation Chinese communist not just "lend" its missile troop to X nation Chinese communist not just "lend" its whole three million army to X nation but <a name="WTC289"> Chinese communist will send twelve hundred million Chinese (quarter of world population) to X nation's direct command !! This is a reasonable prediction !! and this is an important factor for world politics consideration !! Freeman 2002-10-04-10-47 <a name="WTC290"> 2002-10-04-12-29 start By the way, Freeman just downloaded a map. It is Palau location in southwest Pacific Ocean. In Freeman's biography, four lines above mentioned: "From April 1976 to May 1977 I went to Palau to work. Palau is an island in southwestern Pacific ocean. " 2002-10-02-11:37:05 access next page 2002-10-02-11:38:49 access map at upload map to Freeman site at 2002-10-04-12-34 stop <a name="WTC291"> 2002-10-04-14-22 start I just checked my working record, during world sign period from 2002-07-20 to 2002-09-10 "send" appears in 4097 lines (total number), in which "send gbk" appears in 3308 lines "send p" appears in 492 lines ("send preview", "send paper") "send wbd" appears in 61 lines (forum, BBS) rest include "send message", "send one line" etc. So Freeman estimate click "send" less than 4000 times, and around 3500 times is a good estimation. In ( was ) Freeman said "I also guess message can be kept longer than one day could be around 2000 sites." this is also a good estimation. 2002-10-04-14-38 stop <a name="WTC292"> 2002-10-05-20-15 start Mao said: "(communist) kill half world population to destroy capitalism and build communism world." This is Mao's speech at the end of 1957 in a Moscow meeting. If this "kill half world population" speech is Mao's personal opinion? or is Chinese communist opinion? or is international communist opinion? Freeman is unable to draw conclusion. 2002-10-05-20-15 stop <a name="WTC293"> 2002-10-16-11-22 start Indifferent to "loser" On 2002-10-15 Freeman found a web site provide Chinese patriotic songs. Their pages are ..... (151.mp3 to 160.mp3 are missing) ..... total 15 pages and 218 songs Freeman downloaded ten songs. One song named Memory Our Leader Forever (in Chinese 永 懷 領 袖 ) 2002-10-15-15:03:10 (Freeman downloaded 01.mp3,15,22,23,25,44,83,88,117,133.mp3) 2002-10-16-11-12 Freeman first time listen to this song. Freeman has much sentimental feeling !! President Chiang, Chung-cheng (commonly known as Chiang, Kai-shek) lead our nation 1. defend Japanese military invasion (Japanese kill Chinese) and 2. defend Russia hidden-plot invasion (Russia create Chinese communist, let Chinese kill Chinese) With two superpower evil attack China, we had very difficult time. We Chinese sincerely thank U.S. come help kick Japan out of China. We Chinese surely regret that U.S. make up the last foot kick Chinese government out of mainland China !! After Chinese government move out of mainland, evil puppet start brain wash all Chinese to hate the whole world, *** especially hate U.S. *** start from one's kindergarten to one's death !! After Chinese government move out of mainland, Chinese government and our leader President Chiang, Chung-cheng look like "loser". On 1975-04-05 our leader passed away at age 89. To attend funeral service, at first U.S. government intend to send agricultural minister to Republic of China. This is clearly a degrade arrangement! Chinese government refused. Then U.S. government send vice president to attend President Chiang's funeral service. If just Russia invade China, Chinese government must not be a "loser" and Chinese government can wipe out those traitor effectively !! Now history fact was Russia AND Japan both invade China, If U.S. government support Chinese government (Russia support communist, Japan help communist, so Chinese government do need foreign aid) firmly, Chinese government must not be a "loser" either and is capable to exterminate traitor communist !! If Chinese government still govern in mainland China, China does not have canon-ash value. It is not possible to trigger start SINO-US-BIG-WAR Then, today World Trade Center still gloriously stand in lower Manhattan !! After Chinese communist attack World Trade Center, U.S. government and U.S. citizen shall consider U.S. China policy seriously !! Do not make mistake any more !! OR "All United States become a big public tomb field" !! Freeman 2002-10-16-12-09 <a name="WTC294"> 2002-10-17-10-55 start Above mentioned [[ We Chinese surely regret that U.S. make up the last foot kick Chinese government out of mainland China !! ]] Freeman did NOT mean U.S. China policy in 1940's is the only factor cause Chinese government move out of mainland. In fact 1940's U.S. China policy is a small portion of China fate. ( but critical, provide communist weapon supply and provide communist training period ) Russia plot, Japan invasion are the main factors. Foreign factors are major, but domestic factors are important too. Chinese government self-examined the error WE CHINESE made during Russia and Japan invasions. Chinese error part can be found in next paper (identical pager in two different servers) <a name="WTC295"> Above mentioned [[ U.S. government and U.S. citizen shall consider U.S. China policy seriously !! Do not make mistake any more !! ]] Clear speak, it is 1. Please do not weaken Chinese government (in Taiwan now) any more !! 2. Please do not let Chinese society (Taiwan now) fall into thought chaos !! First enemy controlled Chinese communist, evilized mainland China and carried out World Trade Center attack and intend to destroy the world (first U.S.) <a name="WTC296"> Second enemy start from 1946 (until today and into the future) again secretly managed to topple and annex Taiwan province. In future, possible annex southern China, then conquer whole China. Once China fall into second enemy's hand. United States should believe that second enemy will not show mercy to United States !! Second enemy could atomic bomb U.S. major cities !! <a name="WTC297"> ***** United States ! do you know ***** Second enemy agent in Taiwan ***** speaks enemy languages !! United States !! Please do not make mistake TODAY !! Freeman 2002-10-17-11-35 <a name="WTC298"> 2002-12-20-03-28 start About United States !! Please do not make mistake TODAY !! there are two related paper at following URL, both are in Chinese First: Why Democratic Progress Party come to birth? Second: "Taiwan independent" is just a cloud <a name="WTC299"> In 1970's American lady Ai-Linda came to Taiwan protected and created Democratic Progress Party which is used by "independent" minded people to promote separation from communist China AND approach to Japan. To create Democratic Progress Party and root out X nation influence in Republic of China (now govern Taiwan province) which is success. <a name="WTC300"> What U.S. possible mistake today is that the creation of Democratic Progress Party allows Japan (already) reach its hand to induce some people in Taiwan to merge Taiwan with Japan. Frankly speak: Japan will annex Taiwan Japan will invade southern China Japan will conquer China After Japanese control whole China, Japanese version "Sino-U.S. big war" will destroy at least two U.S. major cities. (note01) Only atomic bomb can do this destruction!! Based on this prediction, U.S. absolute can not allow Taiwan "merge" to Japan !! So second paper titled "Taiwan independent" is just a cloud Freeman 2002-12-20-03-56 note01: Please compare with X-nation's "Sino-U.S. big war" which destroy only two skyscrapers. <a name="WTC301"> 2002-12-20-03-57 start After second thought, After third thought, there is a small modification to World trade Center Analysis. The change part is that Mao's dead date (Sep 9) is not a factor at all !! Please see the facts On 2001-04-01 U.S. air force airplane fly near China south soil, communist air plane take off, two sides collide in mid air. Communist loss one air plane and (communist said) pilot was killed. twelve days after airplane collision <a name="WTC302"> document_01 dated 2001-04-13 document_01 topic: after communist "unify" the world, where to set up the world capital? and later document_02 dated 2001-08-20 3:28 document_02 title: Reconstruct China --- How Chinese communist unify the world Paper "world capital" is 214 days before WTC attack Paper "Reconstruct China" is 22 days before WTC attack <a name="WTC303"> *** What effect will occur if REVERSE the order? *** that is if Paper "Reconstruct China" is 214 days before WTC attack Paper "world capital" is 22 days before WTC attack "Reconstruct China" is a bloody war paper, which predict to kill all American and kill all Chinese. Can kill-all-Chinese paper stand for 214 days ? NO!! Chinese already rejected this kill-all-Chinese paper!! <a name="WTC304"> Therefore ! On 2001-08-20 war paper Reconstruct China --- How Chinese communist unify the world come to public, that is to start a count down stage !! World Trade Center attack "MUST" carry out before Chinese reject this kill-all-Chinese paper!! From this consideration, Freeman concluded that Mao's dead date (Sep 9) is not a factor at all !! Freeman 2002-12-20-04-19 <a name="WTC305"> Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center? A maximum-damage theory solves this puzzle. Above link bring you to WTC Analysis page two. If next picture not show up, click above link. Hate-U.S. index [[ 92,01,07,10,31 add hateindx.gif title line Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center? A maximum-damage theory solve this puzzle. 92,01,07,10,33 spelling check get Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center? A maximum-damage theory solves this puzzle. 92,01,07,10,34 phone ring 4 ring, then stopped ]] 2003-01-07-10-53 Now (2003-Jan.) Freeman input data for brother's business sale tax. I will write a paper to explain "Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center? A maximum-damage theory solves this puzzle." after I finish the tax work. 2003-01-07-10-55 [[ 92,01,07,19,25 brother call brother said this moment 12345678 always ring, brother ask if I called I say no. during conversation, I can hear other phone (12345678) still ringing now brother use 87654321 call me. 92,01,07,19,27 hang up ]] <a name="WTC306"> 2003-01-08-14-55 2001-08-15 mainland sign is recorded in the following files (all in Chinese) ..... ..... 2003-01-08-15-02 2003-01-14-22-08 President Chiang, Chung-cheng (Chiang, Kai-shek) 659365 bytes, color picture President Chiang, Chung-cheng and wife 813052 bytes, color picture 2003-01-14-22-10 <a name="WTC307"> 2003-01-08-17-04 Re-define Korean War Korean War is the first important event that causes mainland Chinese hate-U.S. Who really started Korean War? North Korean communist head? or x nation ? In Korean War, x nation did not send one troop to fight, but x nation ask Chinese communist to go to Korean War, fight U.S. troop directly. Mao's son went to Korean War, communist commander put Mao's son in safest place. BUT Mao's son was killed by U.S. bomb. United States government should re-think this kill-Mao's-son event. How can U.S. get Mao's son accurate location ? Is it U.S. spy collected information? Is it Republic of China supplied info.? Is it x nation supplied intelligence? IF It is x nation supplied intelligence, Let U.S. kill Mao's son, Let Mao start hate-U.S. brainwash. Today face collapsed World Trade Center, United States should re-define Korean War!! Freeman 2003-01-08-17-17 <a name="WTC308"> 2003-01-09-02-10 Old definition: Korean War stop north Korea from invading south. New definition: Korean War let Mao start hate-U.S. brainwash. 2003-01-09-02-12 2003-01-09-22-33 Old definition is most people's understanding. New definition is Korean-War- creator's hidden goal. U.S. kill Mao's son that is Korean-War-creator expected center play! 2003-01-09-22-36 <a name="941001a"> 2005-10-01-22-57 How many people read this page? World Trade Center Analysis Who attacked World Trade Center? the popular version is Afghanistan Taliban attacked World Trade Center. Freeman has different version. X nation hide behind the curtain completely. Chinese communist stay at middle half hide. Afghanistan Taliban are front stage actor. This page was uploaded on 2002-07-05. One day after U.S. national holiday on purpose. In 2002 World Trade Center Analysis URL was (now void) <a name="941001b"> Start from 2002-07-20 to 2002-09-10 Freeman signed 2300+ world guest book to inform world community Freeman's World Trade Center attack reason. Please download 1,063,539 byte file (I would start sign two weeks earlier if my family did not ask for help.) 2003-04-20 Freeman paid yearly fee $240 for account 2003-05-11 above account closed. 2004-04-20 charged $240 for next year. Freeman called ask why close? why charge after one year close? answered that during 2002-07-20 to 2002-09-10 someone send large number email those email link to So treat as if Freeman send large number email and close account (that is to void the URL promise to credit back $240 to my bank account. I did not spend time to trace. But I feel the money not come back. <a name="941001c"> 2005-04-20 charged $240 for next one year. Freeman guess that during 2002-07-20 to 2002-09-10 has too many visitor. did not close my site, allow visitor to view. Now just charge the extra flow cost. This is what I should pay. So this time Freeman did not call 2005-04-18 evening Freeman asked a question. "There are how many people read World Trade Center Analysis"? Freeman guessed about from hundred thousand to half million. Record in Chinese biography: <a name="941001d"> Today (2005-10-01) record " continue charge extra flow cost" to help reader to estimate the visitor number. *** Reader can discuss, *** Reader can ask, BUT *** Freeman can not get this picture. Because Freeman live in a complete isolated environment. Freeman 2005-10-01-23-34 <a name="941002a"> 2005-10-02-12-57 start There are a little bit inaccurate. One is that from 1999 to 2001 (or 2002) charge yearly fee at every year March 29. Because my bank account is nearly empty at end of month. I requested charge my account at the beginning of a month. change to April 20 (2001 or 2002) It is long time ago, hard to find record to say which year. <a name="941002b"> Second inaccurate is that [[ "There are how many people read World Trade Center Analysis"? Freeman guessed about from hundred thousand to half million. ]] It should be from hundred thousand to half million CLICKS not from hundred thousand to half million visitors It is all guess words any way. Freeman can not get solid data for 20010911.htm visitors during 2002. 2005-10-02-13-08 stop <a name="960426"> 2007-04-26-11-18 On 2001-08-15 Freeman started mainland China sign. On 2001-08-20 warpaper come to mainland China Internet. On 2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack occurred. The following is Freeman mainland China sign from 2001-Aug. ..... to 2001-Dec. total five zip files. They are in Chinese, and when you read, please be prepare that material include mainlander crazy words. Please tolerate these words, because mainlander are x-nation brain washed. These crazy words are not Chinese language, they are x-nation language. (for crazy words, find file name *ny*.*, 'ny' is 'New York') Freeman provide these record for reader to understand the strength of 2001 mainland anti-U.S. mood. Let reader to analysis whether WTC attack is Chinese communist related event. One clue link to Chinese communist is in the next page Freeman's sign records are PLEASE SCAN FOR VIRUS File size is next. Directory of c:\_fm\wtc 04/26/2007 11:05 AM 4,054,635 2001-Aug 04/26/2007 11:06 AM 12,579,339 2001-Sep 04/26/2007 11:08 AM 20,332,584 2001-Oct 04/26/2007 11:09 AM 7,411,591 2001-Nov 04/26/2007 11:11 AM 850,728 2001-Dec Related web pages are (Chinese page) ..... wtc2001?.zip has all signed pages and all collected interesting pages, and has all sign-success record. But no search record, no sign-failed record. Because 2001 sign is Freeman's initial mainland sign. All record mixed with my daily activity record. I do not have time to filter out my daily activity record. So only sign-success record uploaded. Freeman 2007-04-26-11-30. <a name="9604271752"> 2007-04-27-17-52 On 2002-07-20 Freeman started world sign for World Trade Center Analysis. On Jul 17 2005 this record uploaded to next path file size is 1063539 bytes. This zip file has only Freeman's working record, no signed guestbook pages, no collected interesting web pages. After three years (2002 to 2005), reader may not be able to find the guestbook pages. Freeman's record is here. You can view all signed guestbook pages. On 2007-04-27 Freeman uploaded 2002 sign with signed guestbook pages and collected interesting web pages. Their URL are next PLEASE SCAN FOR VIRUS Their size are next 04/27/2007 08:11 AM 6,715,349 2002 July 04/27/2007 08:16 AM 13,523,601 2002 Aug. 04/27/2007 08:17 AM 6,978,848 2002 Sep. This is all I have. No delete, no modification. Thank you for visiting Freeman's site. Freeman 2007-04-27-18-06 <a name="9604272225"> 2007-04-27-22-25 Freeman bought firewall and anti-virus program [[ CA.COM SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS STORE Invoice Order Number: 3239898812 Order Date: 10/1/2006 Billing Address: HsinHan Liu ..... Product Name Quantity Platform Delivery Method Unit Price Extended Price CA Internet Security Suite 2007 Renewal - Home Protection Pack w/Warranty 1 Windows 98/NT/2000/XP Electronic Download $49.99 $49.99 Mobile Lifeline Identity Theft Protection 1 Single User License Electronic Download $0.00 $0.00 PC Pitstop Optimize 1 Windows 98/NT/2000/XP Electronic Download $29.99 $10.00 Sub-Total $59.99 Tax $0.00 Total $59.99 ]] five days after install CA Internet Security Suite 2007 [[ 2006-10-06-13-00 to 2006-10-06-13-30 computer start at infinite loop start up auto install CA firewall missing parts, auto re-start install and it is infinite loop tried several times, no way to stop. I goto safe mode to delete all CA firewall directory ]] CA personal firewall purchase date 2006-10-01 delete date 2006-10-06 Freeman can not make CA personal firewall work properly. Have to delete it. Freeman use eTrust already two years. No trouble before. But 2006-09-11 mainland sign. Somebody attacked Freeman's computer. 2006-10-01 installed CA personal firewall which is eTrust. But remote controller disabled CA personal firewall. This means that Freeman's zip file may contain communist inserted virus. Please scan for virus before you view record. Freeman 2007-04-27-22-49 <a name="20070430"> 2007-04-30-21-20 On 2007-04-26 Freeman upload possibly WTC attack related mainland China sign records I thought these zip files have only sign-success record, no sign-fail record, no non-sign related record. From 2007-04-28 to 2007-04-30 Freeman review old record and attempt to include all sign material and delete some personal record. On 2007-04-30-20-31 find out that my daily record is included in !! It has all sign record and all personal record from 2001-08-01 to 2001-10-31. Please find 90*.dly in 90*.dly need write.exe to open write.exe is window 95 or 3.1 old program. Main purpose of wtc2001?.zip and wtc2002?.zip upload is to help those who want to analysis WTC attack event. Freeman 2007-04-30-21-29 <a name=960523> WTC attack one more clue !! 2003-03-23-13-53 Freeman accessed next page it has ( First established in June 1997. Moved to this domain name ( and started to count since 1st September, 2001. 2007-04-24-08-53 Freeman begin read "Russia in China" a book written by President Chiang, Kai-shek. Last chapter last section is "Merged Government". 2007-05-15-20-46 Freeman begin read Mao,TseDong's "Discuss Merged Government" (page in Chinese) 2007-05-19-18-00 write note about (communist controlled) "liberated zone" 2007-05-19-18-28 opened\soviet\FED.GIF for map of ultimate "liberated zone" 2007-05-20-08-35 paid attention to lovehina no 'C' ! 2007-05-22-21-07 paid attention to domain active date. Please compare next three dates (quick view) 2001-08-20 warpaper come to Chinese public. 2001-09-01 domain name become active. 2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack occurred. It would be a real plus if the domain name were Dropped 'C', Chinese can not see, can not think! The goal of WTC attack is possibly to destroy C_hina (use U.S. force) 2007-05-23-07-21 lovehina archive: warpaper (Chinese): 2007-05-23-10-32 record
<a name="WTC701"> Following is brief for Chinese reader. 請用文字處理軟體閱讀相關中文文件。 91,07,18,23,03 開始 91,07,12,10,21,55肮祩蠅疑ㄐ 91,07,12,10,24,11肮祩蠅疑ㄐ 主頁地址: 用 撞毀世界貿易中心之遠因及近因 91,07,12,10:27:47 簽送文章 91,07,12,10:31:06 撞毀世界貿易中心之遠因及近因 自由人 0 -- 2002-07-13.00:56:49 0肮祩蠅疑ㄐ \$fm\sign\sign_wtc\b7cwtc12.htm 91,07,18,22:53:14 重訪 撞毀世界貿易中心之遠因及近因 自由人 1 金剛戰士 2002-07-14.21:52:06 12肮祩蠅疑ㄐ \$fm\sign\sign_wtc\revb7c12.htm <a name="WTC702"> [[ 撞毀世界貿易中心之遠因及近因 ..... 作者: 自由人  時間:2002-07-13.00:56:49 來源: 自由人兄弟好!我是中華戰士,歡迎你光臨---謝謝還沒有忘記我!!!        不過,你的網頁亂的很,我一個也看不明白----全是英文!!! 作者: 金剛戰士  時間:2002-07-14.21:52:06 來源: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 本論壇言論純屬發表者個人意見,與 炎黃在線錦州站 立場無關 免費論壇服務由 炎黃在線錦州站 提供 技術支持:Yuzi工作室 ]] <a name="WTC703"> 再造中國——中共統一世界之戰略大探密 中美大戰之墓:   2001/08/20 ●● (美國)一座座高樓一座座墓碑, ●● (中國)一座座清山一座座墳堆。 朋友,你見過紐約那雄偉壯觀的摩天高樓群和 桂林那一座座秀麗的青山嗎?我雖然只見過一 次,但它們卻以另外一種一幕幕不斷變幻的悲 慘夢景常常出現在我的睡夢中,深深留在我的 記憶中。一會兒,那一座座摩天高樓成為一座 座高聳入雲的墓碑,與附近的公墓連在一起; 而另一會兒,那一座座秀麗的青山,就成為一 座座巨型墳堆,聯綿不斷、一望無邊。 ●● 整個美國都成為一大片公墓,而 ●● 整個中國就成為一大片墳場。 ……………             ■■ <a name="WTC704"> 9107182305始 中華戰士君,你好,我是自由人。民國九十一 年(今年)七月五日,我把「撞毀世界貿易中 心之遠因及近因」送入國際網路,主要對象為 歐美讀者,所以,該文以英文書寫,其中有許 多參考資料,都在 <!--網頁注解-->中 ,這些參考資料都是中文。 「撞毀世界貿易中心之遠因及近因」主要論點 為我們中國的敵國企圖啟動「中美大戰」,利 用美國火力消滅大多數中國人口,然後敵國可 以兼併全中國! <a name="WTC705"> 啟動「中美大戰」的方法為 一、利用美國炸館事件、撞機事件,敵國在中   國大陸社會鼓動反美情緒; 二、敵國誘使阿拉伯人撞毀美國世界貿易中心   ; 三、敵國誘使中共駐美特務網參與攻擊美國的   行動,讓美國人誤以為是中共發動對美攻   擊; 四、敵國誤導美國決策,誘使美國向中國大陸   發射一枚飛彈; 五、至此,敵國便可以啟動大陸與美國的戰爭   。 第一點的參考資料是 一甲、民國九十年(去年)四月間,大陸論壇    興起「在中共統一世界之後,世界首都    應該設在那裏?」 一乙、民國九十年八月下旬,大陸論壇出現「    再造中國——中共統一世界之戰略大探    密」 第二點的參考資料是民國九十年九月十一日飛 機撞毀世界貿易中心的新聞及照片。 第三點的參考資料是英國BBC新聞報導: 民國九十年九月二十五日,「中共派遣情報專 家赴美協助緝拿九一一襲美事件的製造者」。 中國一批情報專家今天( 9月25日)到達華盛頓, 參與追捕9月11日美國受襲事件制造者的工作。 <a name="WTC706"> 第一、第二、第三點,敵國都已經成功執行! 唯獨第四點,敵國無法左右美國決策,所以 敵國未能啟動「中美大戰」!! 敵國未能實現「一座座清山一座座墳堆」 敵國未能完成「整個中國就成為一大片墳場」 9107182342止 9107190814 「撞毀世界貿易中心之遠因及近因」的主要論 點如下﹕ <a name="WTC707"> 9106270752始 撞毀紐約世界貿易中心的遠因及近因 中華民國九十年九月十一日,X國夥同其走卒 ,劫持民航客機,惡意撞毀世界貿易中心!! 遠因一﹕民國三十四年二月十一日美國及蘇聯 簽定雅爾達密約,以蘇聯進攻日本為美國解困 交換美國支持蘇聯在我國東北享有特殊利益。 此舉讓俄帝把日本精良武器裝備予中共叛逆! 遠因二﹕民國三十四年十二月二十二日美國特 使馬歇爾來華調停國共衝突,三十六年一月八 日調停失敗。調停讓中共有一年訓練軍隊熟悉 日本武器的必要時間!讓中共俄化中國社會! 近因一﹕大約民國八十九年美國在南斯拉夫誤 炸中共駐南斯拉夫代表處,炸死三名共產黨。 近因二﹕民國九十年四月一日美國偵察機在海 南島沿海與中共飛機互撞,中共飛機落海,飛 行員失蹤。兩次近因都在大陸引起反美情緒。 九十年四月間X國來華鼓吹「中共統一世界」 ,煽動討論「統一」後,世界首都設在何處? 九十年八月下旬X國在華拋出了「再造中國— 中共統一世界之戰略大探密」,鼓吹「整個美 國都成為一大片公墓,而整個中國就成為一大 片墳場」。九十年九月十一日X國偷襲美國, 九月二十五日中共赴美收回其特務網指揮權。 若啟動「中美大戰」,打著美國攻華的幌子, X國在中國散佈瘟疫,大肆殺戮中國人!直到 「整個中國就成為一大片墳場」為止!自由人 9106270839止 9107190825始 <a name="WTC708"> 換言之,只要啟動「中美大戰」, 敵國便可以在美國大肆殺戮美國人口, 而讓全世界誤以為是中共在美國執行殺戮!! 敵國也可以在中國大肆殺戮中國人口, 而讓全世界誤以為是美國在中國執行殺戮!! 這些都是敵國亡華謀略, 這些也都是敵國絕對不讓其打手—中共—知道 的玄機!!   希望上面的摘要能夠為不懂英文的大多數 讀者(包括中華戰士君)提供參考。 <a name="WTC709"> 請下載四份網頁 「撞毀世界貿易中心之遠因及近因」 英文網頁,但是所引參考全部是中文,都在 <!--網頁註解-->中 <a name="WTC710"> 「再造中國——中共統一世界之戰略大探密」 (中文) <a name="WTC711"> 「在中共統一世界之後,世界首都應該設在那  裏?」(中文) <a name="WTC712"> 中國一批情報專家今天( 9月25日)到達華盛 頓,參與追捕9月11日美國受襲事件制造者的 工作。(中文) 分析上面的新聞報導(英文)   希望這些資料能讓中華戰士君及廣大讀者 認清敵國之亡華謀略!! <a name="WTC713"> ● 自由人提出「撞毀世界貿易中心之遠因及 ●       近因」,其主要目的是 ●●不願意看見敵國滅亡中華民族!!!!!      自由人 中國九十一年七月十九日 9107190947止 <a name="WTC714"> 9110050901始 民國七十年前後,自由人曾經在美國紐約華埠散發呼聲,其中有一段 為「天天反」,配合「東方紅」的歌曲。二十年以來,自由人未曾提 及此段文字。民國九十年九月二十五日,「中共派遣情報專家赴美協 助緝拿九一一襲美事件的製造者」之後,自由人多加思考,洞悉中共 將其駐美特務網指揮權暫時「轉移」予其「老大哥」,在美國製造了 九一一襲美事件及散佈碳疽病毒,讓「中國人」在美國四處露面!以 誘使美國對中國大陸發動毀滅性的攻擊,於殺盡中國人之後, (中國「一座座清山一座座墳堆」「整個中國就成為一大片墳場」) 便利其主子掠奪中華錦繡山河!! 是故,自九一一襲美事件之後,自由人對赤匪的看法轉變! <a name="WTC715"> 親愛的兄弟姐妹們! 以下是「天天反」!! 共產黨,天天反!黑貓白貓紅貓轉, 那裏有了共產黨,呼儿咳喲,那裏人民鬥萬年! 中南海,黑如炭!奪權冤魂搞大亂, 我們幸福有多少?呼儿咳喲,屠殺人民六千萬! 解放軍,靠邊站!人民革命好好幹! 合力消滅共產黨!呼儿咳喲,我們才能享平安! 合力消滅共產黨!呼儿咳喲,我們才能享平安! 9110050921此 <a name="WTC716"> 中華頂上洋奴佛, 人民翻身翻入魔! 共和安定何處有? 馬列共黨鬥爭「國」! 9110050924止 <a name="WTC717"> 9110050949始 百黨不信馬列說, 冤多假多鬼也多! 實踐檢驗真理後, 人民革命葬赤魔! 9110050950止 <a name="WTC718"> 9110051827始 [[ 是故,自九一一襲美事件之後,自由人對赤匪的看法轉變! ]] 毛酋死亡之後,鄧共及江共都表現對人民比較寬鬆的政策,不若毛酋 鼓動中國人自相殘殺(「階級鬥爭」),所以,自由人認為鄧共及江 共比毛共略好。但是「九一一襲美事件」明顯看出 一、敵國在中國境內散佈《中共統一世界之戰略大探密》,鼓動殺盡   中國人(中國「一座座清山一座座墳堆」「整個中國就成為一大   片墳場」),但是江共沒有絲毫阻力,任由敵國在中國境內散佈   殺盡中國人的言論。請讀者試想﹕   國際上講求平等,江共有沒有辦法在敵國境內「禮尚往來」的宣   傳一番? 二、「九一一襲美事件」中,   「中共派遣情報專家赴美協助緝拿九一一襲美事件的製造者」。   這一則新聞指出﹕中共駐美特務網是九一一襲美事件的製造者!   敵國調用中共駐美特務網,讓「中國人」露面,四處幹殺人放火   勾當(撞毀世界貿易中心、散佈炭疽病毒),讓美國誤以為是「   中國人」進攻美國,然後啟動「中美大戰」,借用美國武力殺戮   大多數中國人口。(中國「一座座清山一座座墳堆」「整個中國   就成為一大片墳場」)。而敵國自己則深藏幕後,不留痕跡。這   是典型的奴才打大花臉、當壞人,而主子則裝扮成「好人」!   江共借出特務網,必定預知將要幹這種傷天害理的大屠殺!   但是江共沒有絲毫阻力,任由敵國在中國人臉上抹黑!   江共到底是在為中國人辦事?還是為敵國辦事?! 所有中國人應該清楚的認識一點﹕ 只要「中國共產黨」存在一天,所有中國人就當一天敵國的奴才!!                自由人  中國九十一年十月五日 9110051917止 <a name="WTC719"> 9110140918始 下面一段也是民國七十年左右散發的文字,今天(九十一年十月十四 日)才想到,記錄於此。 憶往北伐抗日寇, 苦命浩劫大小鬥, 思變青天白日照, 甜在努力自己有! 9110140921止
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91,07,09,19:40 and 19:42 twice ambulance on coming from my front 91,07,09,19:40 at the intersection of AB street and CD street, one ambulance on coming from my front 91,07,09,19:42 at the intersection of EF street and CD street, one ambulance on coming from my front from 91,07,10,10,48 to 21:25 goto brother's place about 91,07,10,11,05 when I exit a food store goto my car, an ambulance just park in front of my car. Two uniformed medical worker walk toward food store.