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Letter to The President of United States.
This page is mainly Freeman's biography.
Goal: All United States become a big public tomb field,
Remote causes:     Yalta Conference  Marshall mediation
Immediately causes:  Yugoslavia bomb;   airplane collision
Trigger event:    Freeman 2001-08-15 mainland sign. 2004-02-06 update
Chinese communist carry out attack: BBC News   English   Analysis
Number two's strategy and Korean War. How #2 defeat #1?

United States is number one in terms of national strength. How can number two defeat number one? Please visit
Number two's strategy; Discuss Anti-U.S.A.

What event today is possibly future attack's "remote cause" ?

2004-June U.S. gbk sign working record

2004-June U.S. gbk sign contents
200109a2.htm#200406A (local) (online)

撞毀世界貿易中心之遠因及近因 第二頁(簡稱﹕世貿分析)

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Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack WTC?
Freeman to those who lost love ones in 2001-09-11 all attacks.
Close? Delete? OK, But please compare! 2003-05-07-14-37
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Please download war paper
Please download "Where to set up the world capital?"
These two papers help you to understand World Trade Center attack.
These two papers help you to predict next attack more accurately.
Please download "Chinese mainlander hate U.S. index"
This curve explains why choose the date 2001-09-11 to attack.
Broad Love vs "world revolution" (in Chinese) 2003-07-11-08-22 add

WAR Paper, ORIginal page

<a name="20040206">
2004-02-06-20-50 start
Freeman's 2001-Aug mainland sign triggered WTC attack.
IF Freeman do not tell public this fact
(I think 2001-Aug mainland sign triggered
WTC attack is a fact)
then who else will do?
Public must know this trigger fact,
public must know the remote causes,
public must know the immediately causes,
public must know who is real enemy,
so that to prevent future attack is possible.
Freeman 2004-02-06-20-57

Please download WTC attack related key files
Freeman's site created on 2003-11-24. closed on 2004-02-01. said send email to me tell me why and how to recover. But I checked all of my mail box. No such email. 2004-02-06-21-08

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WTC before attack Plane approach WTC WTC initial impact
WTC big fire ball

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2002-06-22-18-25 start index ('=' indicate picture) =WTC attack picture WTC attack process Who? Why? Immediate cause 1 Immediate cause 2 2001 Apr. prepare document_01 (Chinese) 2001 Aug. war paper document_02 (Chinese) war paper in English Why start war? How to carry out? 2001-09-09 trigger document_03 (Chinese) Freeman's warning document_04 (Chinese) Why actually no war? Victim of communism If involve Chinese? document_05 (Chinese) document_05 (English) Dog catch mouse Cat catch mouse document_06 (Chinese) Hate words in English Freeman's argument Chinese vs evil RU, JP created CCP US's China policy 1945-02-04 Yalta Marshall mediation Two remote causes =Hurley, Mao, Chou Yalta Conference Yalta agreement US persuade China Hurley warn error RU annex history rebel weapon supply JP store huge weapon Need time training Lobby US government US suggest talk Communist violation Marshall come China Mediation failure Full scale damage Communist mainland Void Roosevelt hope U.S. more death If were, WTC stand Future are we safe? Future dim, unless NOW !! RIGHT NOW !! Chinese responsible Not aid communist Self-destruction =Break treasure =Cone hat on street Hell smell Kill parents Private jails Scar literature =Propaganda Minister Non-stop struggle Trick smash China Peking Mayer Propaganda Minister Vice Premier Alt. Secretary CCP V.Minis.Propaganda V.Minis.Propaganda V.Minister Cultural Secret. CCP Peking Playwrights chair Deputy Peking Mayor V.Minis.Propaganda CCP Cadre Academy New China News Ag. Pr. Tsinghua Univ. V.Minister Cultural 2nd Secr CCP Peking Deputy Peking Mayor Deputy Peking Mayor Pr. Peking Univ. D.Secre.Peking Univ =Farmer celebration =Notice to landlord =Farmer own land murderer land reform =Landlord on trial =Murder landlord =Divide landlord pr. Life 1953-01-19 p14 Distort history =Del. Gang of four =Lin replace Ho =Peng Chen & Mao True in two ages 1st important paper 2nd important paper =Anti Confucius Confucius lecture 1 Mencius lecture 1 document_07 (Chinese) Protect Soviet Union Mao thank JP invad.CN Chou thank JP inva.CN RU ancestor, grand-pa American become daddy Chinese Soviet Repub. document_08 (Chinese) =CN Roots of Madness =kindergarten toy gun =Street play anti-U.S =1 man stop four tank Steak, chicken, fish thoroughly pre-work Low level goal, talk High level goal,shut Evil "logic" China real face important document Confucius lecture 2 Confucius lecture 3 Confucius lecture 4 Confucius lecture 5 Mencius lecture 2 Present to U.N. announce to the world document_09 (Chinese) =backyard refine steel Destroy oppon. weapon =Mao's red terror Chinese kill Chinese Mao and Lin, Biao Mao and Liu, Shao-chi How Lin died? HIGHLY ALERT 1 POINT anti-intelligence crowd down Deng Tricky power struggle Wall post paper hearts toward Moscow more about China Before next attack outside of US & China words to crazy Chinese who close Freeman lips permanent iron brand communist point view Below After sign world gbk Why sign world guestbk Why CC spy exec attack world gbk sign brief ebook naked conspiracy ebook manmade disaster ebook Mao private life Concern your own fate? anticommunism document Chinese leader picture Half world popula. die C.c. enemy whole world Bat your ancestor tomb foreign ancestor tomb reader seriously think evil action in 2001 pre-determineed number If misjudg second time why "act today !!" ? Mao, Deng, Jiang same! Let Chinese know facts Chinese 5 point goals Turth false exchange ! honest worse t corrupt what u r going to get ask communist directly Hitler say "Thank Mao" hijack or lend Cc spy? indifferent to "loser" 2nd enemy atomBomb U.S Mao die not a factor Why choose 2001-09-11 ? WTC page one, picture only, no analysis. Re-define Korean War Above is in WTC Analysis first page Below is in WTC Analysis second page Why choose 2001-09-11 ? A maximum-damage theory solves this puzzle. Freeman's shock month min/max principles Jan 6 03 puzzle solved Korean War hidden goal Ch./En. ver difference why sign mainland gbk? why political paper? CommunismPoisonChinese First newspaper print FM ask U.S. help print list first newspaper rent room avoid danger Freeman landlord brief 1998-Jul input history 2001-07-18 rent increa decide sign gbk 2001-Aug shock month phone line not connect landlord's phone break drill put high catch i 2001-08-10 drill miss. brother enter newHouse miss AB does not know landlord does not know manager does not know who else I have 2 keys 2001-08-11 connected trip, look for room 2001-08-14 phone work start 2001-Aug sign helicopter pass often Miss AB and Mr. AB 18 egg become antique clean sink water pipe evil master is wrong blackboard trick computer lab trap total failure life Freeman to those who lost love ones in 2001-09-11 all attacks. Internationale Chinese v. has "We want to be the master of the whole world" Internationale Eng. Internationale Ch. Great Similarity En. lyric point direction lyric ill direction communism is trashed 2000-10 plan WTC atck <a name="WTC002"> WTC before attack small 19k big 1777k Plane approach WTC small 18k big 2131k WTC initial impact small 18k big 2148k WTC big fire ball small 52k big 2771k <a name="WTC002A"> ( file name touhsi is from Chinese tou -- steal; stealthily hsi -- attack touhsi = to attack by surprise. ) <a name="WTC309"> Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center? A maximum-damage theory solves this puzzle. If next picture not show up, click above link. Hate-U.S. index <a name="WTC309A"> 2003-04-14-16-14 start Hate-U.S. index (curve) has rising section and drop section. Rising section start from 1940's to 2001. ASSUMED drop section start from 2001 to now (2003). This web page (200109a2.htm) describe events ONLY contribute to drop section. To understand the whole Hate-U.S. index (curve), reader must go read history start from 1940's to now. Only history describe events that rise Hate-U.S. index (curve). Important events are <a name="WTC309B"> 1. 1945-02-04 to 1945-02-11 U.S. Russia Yalta agreement. Which allow Russia equip red bandit with Japanese best weapons. Yalta agreement let U.S. reduce U.S. soldier death/wound in war with Japan. But Russia enter war AFTER U.S. atomic bomb Japan. This delayed enter war, did not help U.S. any!! 2. 1945-Dec to 1946-Dec Marshall mediation between Chinese government and Russia created red bandit. Marshall mediation allow Russia to have one year necessary period to train red bandit how to use Japanese weapon. Yalta agreement let U.S. achieve a virtual goal. Marshall mediation U.S. did not get any benefit! Mediation just provide communist what they need! <a name="WTC309C"> 3. 1949 Chinese government move to Taiwan province. Russia-build red bandit occupy mainland China. 4. Korean War start from 1950-06-25 to 1953-07-27. Korean War let red bandit have a chance to brain wash Chinese. Dilute Chinese hate-Russia (annexed one third Chinese soil) thought. Push Chinese to hate U.S. Let Chinese be ready for canon-ash role in future "China-U.S. big war". <a name="WTC309D"> 5. 1999-05-08 NATO (U.S.) air force bombed Yugoslavia. One bomb flew to Chinese communist representative office in Yugoslavia capital, destroy one building and killed three communists. Bomb event increase Chinese hate-U.S. thought. 6. 2001-04-01 U.S. air force airplane fly near China south soil, communist air plane take off, two sides collide in mid air. Communist lost one air plane. Collide event increase Chinese hate-U.S. thought. <a name="WTC309E"> 7. 2001-09-11 X nation attack World Trade Center. Purpose to trigger start Sino-U.S. big war. Destroy China and weaken U.S. at same time. 8. 2001-09-25 Chinese communist send intelligence team to U.S. to "capture 9-11 attack U.S. event creator". This news indicate that Chinese communist spy net in the U.S. is "9-11 attack U.S. event creator" !! <a name="WTC309F"> To understand the whole Hate-U.S. index (curve), you must at least study above eight history sections. Which range about seventy years. Again, this web page help you to understand the curve right end (assumed) falling trend section. This falling trend section range less than two years. Freeman 2003-04-14-16-56 <a name="WTC310"> 2003-01-31-10-56 start In 2001-Aug, Freeman had a shock month. Some body attempt ruin Freeman's reputation. On 2001-09-11, whole world had a shock day. Murderer carry out World Trade Center attack. If these two shocks are not related? or If these two shocks are related? From common sense, surely, they are not related. But why two event dates are so close? <a name="WTC311"> To respond to Freeman's shock month, on 2001-08-13-06-40 Freeman wrote a paper titled If Freeman will become a murderer? (in Chinese) 2002-12-04 my brother asked me to help him calculate sale tax in the whole 2002 year. 2002-12-07 my brother bring tax related data to me. 2002-12-07-21-23 Freeman announce stop online activity for one month. <a name="WTC312"> Around some time in 2002-Dec, Freeman start think: Why Freeman mainland sign guestbook ** puzzle ** (start on 2001-08-15) and ** puzzle ** World Trade Center attack (2001-09-11) ** puzzle ** are so close? ** puzzle ** If two events are related? ** puzzle ** Without any evidence, lack of any good reason to support I can only scratch my itching foot out side of my shoe! Not to the point. From 2002-12-21 to 2003-01-06 I definitely think about this puzzle. (best guess start from mid point 2002-12-10) I can not solve this puzzle until I find a good clue. <a name="WTC313"> Many science-major graduates know that : The rules of mother-of-nature are minimum or maximum principles. For example: Why apple fall from tree branch to ground? Because on ground, apple has minimum potential energy. Why across a square grass field, your dog running through grass field to you and not run on the side walk? Because the dog path has minimum distance. Why a drop perfume everyone in the room smell it? Because the perfume molecule occupy maximum space. etc. <a name="WTC314"> After three weeks bitter thinking, on 2003-01-06 I ask myself: Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center? What is minimum or what is maximum around 2001-09-11? When I rise this minimum/maximum question, suddenly, my shoe come off, and I can scratch on the itching point directly !! <a name="WTC315"> Puzzle solved !! (I think so) A maximum-damage theory solves this puzzle. It is best described in the hate index curve. To one self, find maximum profit, minimum loss. To one's enemy, bring enemy maximum damage. On 2001-08-15 hate-U.S. curve is at its maximum point. Hate curve is going to big fall (due to Freeman's mainland sign) From 2001-08-15 to 2001-09-10 is prepare period. 2001-09-11 murderer carry out World Trade Center attack. Delayed few hours (input tax data) 2003-01-06-22-02 start prepare "mainland Chinese hate-U.S. index" (picture above) 2003-01-07-11-20 upload to Internet. <a name="WTC316"> 2003-01-08-17-00 I suddenly realize why create Korean War? -- let Mao carry out hate-U.S. brainwash to all mainland Chinese. I did not waste one minute, immediately I write Re-define Korean War 2003-01-08-17-45 upload to Internet. let public know the real purpose of Korean War. <a name="WTC317"> Chinese version If Freeman will become a murderer? (in Chinese) 2001-08-13-06-40 (before 2001-09-11 WTC attack) and English version Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center ? A maximum-damage theory solves this puzzle. (2003-01-06 hate index, 2001-01-31 this paper) are basically same thing, both describe Freeman's 2001-Aug shock month. <a name="WTC318"> Differences are 1. Chinese version is before WTC attack, no link to WTC attack. English version is seventeen month after WTC attack take WTC attack link into consideration. Hate curve link 2001-Aug mainland sign to WTC attack 2. Chinese version describe only 2001-Aug shock. English version covers broader events. 3. Chinese version intentionally hide some weird thing. English version state the whole story, include weird thing. <a name="WTC319"> 2003-01-30 Freeman hand all tax paper document and electronic data file to brother. Tax calculation work is done (2003-01-31 is last day to report sale tax) 2003-01-31 Freeman start write Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center ? A maximum-damage theory solves this puzzle. 2003-01-31-12-23 stop. 2003-01-31-12-44 phone ring 4 ring, then stopped 2003-01-31-14-24 phone ring 4 ring, then stopped 2003-01-31-14-59 start <a name="WTC320"> Below explain [[ In 2001-Aug, Freeman had a shock month. Some body attempt ruin Freeman's reputation. ]] It is one hundred per cent Freeman's biography. <a name="WTC321"> Reader may ask Why Freeman sign mainland guest book/forum? Answer is that I do not have money to print on newspaper. Then reader may ask Why Freeman print political statement on newspaper? Answer is that I want to present my view toward communist evil policies, which eventually destroy China. <a name="WTC322"> After receive its master's "international order", (Chinese communist never dare issue one order to its master!) Chinese communist carry out WTC attack, (see BBC news Let U.S. gun fire kill most of Chinese, (see war paper Then let its master annex whole Chinese soil without annex Chinese massive population! <a name="WTC323"> Since this paper assume that 2001-08-15 Freeman mainland sign cause 2001-09-11 murderer attack World Trade Center. So this whole paper concentrate to freeman's past activities. <a name="WTC324"> Freeman was born on 1948-02-17 in China, Hu-Bei Province, Hankou City. 1948 is the year Chinese government move out of mainland and goto Taiwan province to build anti- communism base. 1949 Freeman followed parents moved to Taiwan province and grow up in Taiwan. <a name="WTC325"> 1978-08-01 Freeman arrived United States. Start from 1979 Freeman distribute political statement in New York Chinatown (most), San Francisco Chinatown (few) and Washington D.C. (once for sure, twice unlikely) <a name="WTC326"> Why Freeman present those political statements? Reader please see brief introduction in WTC Analysis first file pay attention to those ill policies (just one example: "whole nation big refine steel" burn all metal and cause famine, killed twenty million Chinese! and the idiot can still pat his butt and walk away!) those traitor action (after Russia take away our Mongu soil, Mao Chou etc quickly redraw Chinese northern provinces as new "inner Mongu" ready for its master next time annex !) <a name="WTC327"> "Communism" tell Chinese that Chinese should divide themselves into black class and red class, then start kill each other. ("class struggle" and "revolution never stop") "Communism" tell Chinese that Chinese should hate the whole world, especially hate the first leading nation United States. Because they are capitalism nations. So Chinese should carry out "world revolution" and "to be the master of the whole world" (Internationale lyrics, only Chinese version say so, English version no such words). That is to ask Chinese fight the whole world for its master's global annex !! With all of these evil, traitor actions, how can I keep silent? <a name="WTC328"> 1992-10-01 is my last time hand out paper on street (San Francisco Chinatown). 1992-10-25 my father come to Iowa City force me move to Los Angeles. 1992-10-28 move to my brother's house in greater Los Angeles area. Start work in his small gift store. From 1992-10-28 to 1996-12-31 spend all of my time in brother's gift store. <a name="WTC329"> 1994-10-10 wrote Freeman 831021 statement. 1994-10-11 mail $500 to Chinese Daily News and to Freedom Times and to Sen-Chou Times. total spend $1500. Chinese Daily News and Freedom Times are both from Taiwan, if one refuse to print, it is possible non-political reason. If both refuse to print then it is possible political reason. Sen-Chou Times is from mainland China. My intention is to say Hi to Chinese communist. I do not expect Sen-Chou Times will print for me. 1994-10-26-15-?? receive Chinese Daily News printed draft. publish agreement and bill. total fee $1421, I already paid $500, difference is $921. 1994-10-27 mail $921 to Chinese Daily News <a name="WTC330"> 1994-10-27 or 1994-10-28 I showed Chinese Daily News printed draft to my brother. 1994-10-29 sister come to gift store. I showed Chinese Daily News printed draft to my sister. Both of my brother and sister expressed that their financial capability can not support publish political statement on newspaper. <a name="WTC331"> 1994-11-01 check my bank account. Withdraw was $1000 (not $2421) Chinese Daily News did not take $1421 Freedom Times take $500 Sen-Chou Times take $500 Chinese Daily News will not print, because Chinese Daily News did not take $1421 Freedom Times will not print, because Freedom Times did not sign publish agreement with me. (not reply my request) Sen-Chou Times will not print, because Sen-Chou Times did not sign publish agreement with me. (not reply my request) then all become null and net loss $1000. <a name="WTC332"> 1994-11-02-07-46 to 10:01 goto Los Angeles Times request print Freeman statement. This action is in fact Freeman ask American for help. 1994-11-03 goto Los Angeles Times to proof read. then goto Chinese Daily News, they received $1421 and will print. 1994-11-03 goto Freedom Times they will print. 1994-11-03 goto Sen-Chou Times they said they already printed on 1994-10-21. They can print for me again one more time if I hope to do so. I took six copy 1994-10-21 Los Angeles Sen-Chou Times printed statement and I did not say no for second print. Print twice is better than print once. <a name="WTC333"> So Freeman's first printed statement show up in next four newspapers 1994-10-21 Los Angeles Sen-Chou Times printed. 1994-11-06 Los Angeles Times City Time printed. not upload to Internet. 1994-11-11 Los Angeles Chinese Daily News printed Freeman asked American for help to print statement then in Taiwan, XX kill innocent !! ** guess ** decorated as if innocent "suicide" !! ** guess ** XX erase all evidence, I can not point out who is XX. 1994-11-11 Los Angeles Sen-Chou Times printed. 1994-11-12 Los Angeles Freedom Times printed. Above explained why Freeman first printed statement show up in four different Los Angeles newspapers. 2003-01-31-17-30 stop <a name="WTC334"> 2003-01-31-18-50 start Above is Freeman's first newspaper print. Below is Freeman's rent room. Because freeman's 2001-Aug shock, landlord, family, friend had some involvement. 1992-10-28 move to my brother's big house. That time he has two houses. We call it big house and small house. Small house bought about twenty two years ago. Big house bought about fifteen years ago. (reference time is today 2003-01-31) Both are in same city. About five miles away. Brother's store has few years golden age, they earned money then bought big house. They move to big house. Small house rent to other. <a name="WTC335"> 1992-10-28 I move to brother's big house. Five month later 1993-03-25 brother sold big house and move back to small house. The reason is store business slow down. From big house to small house, brother do not have room for me. 1993-02-20 brother put a rent room newspaper on desk let me see. He mean that I should move out, not follow his family move to small house. I still look around for rent room. Temporary followed his family move to small house. I look for room, not goto oriental landlord house. One bed room apartment is second consideration. My first consideration was goto one American family and rent a room. Above I stated frankly that ask Los Angeles Times to print statement is to ask American for help. <a name="WTC336"> Here is another frank words, I choose to rent a room in American family, that is to stay away from danger. If I have contact with any Chinese friend. I may get big trouble. (XX and/or Chinese communist's trap) After I showed my intention (move to American family) then I can not move out of my brother's small house ! On 1993-04-10 my sister-in-law's mother got stroke. My sister-in-law went back to Taichung city (middle of Taiwan) The year 1993 most time sister-in-law stay in Taichung. In Los Angeles, my brother need me for help, so I can not move out. After nine months delay, on 1994-01-22 I move to today landlord's house. <a name="WTC337"> My landlord is an Irish American lady. She has one son (Mr. AA) one daughter (Miss AB). Miss AB has a boy friend (Mr. AB). Landlord has a close friend (Mr. AC) Landlord has two room for rent. I choose one on second floor. First floor room tenant change often. <a name="WTC338"> 1996-12-31 brother's store closed. Because lease expire on that day. Before this day, brother give me money $650 per month. Several year end I got extra money (dividend). 1994 year end $1500, 1995 year end got $3000 All of these money goto print Freeman statement on Chinese newspaper. From 1997-Jan to 1998-Feb brother support me $600 per month. After one year support. Brother can not continue support me. Because he has family load. 1998-03-01 it is time to pay rent, I have to ask sister for help. Since 1998-03-01 to now (2003-01-31) sister support me start from $600 per month to $730 per month today. <a name="WTC339"> After store closed. I have hundred percent free time to do what I want to do. At first I read mainland communist political books (1997 to 1998) 1998-July I decide to input Chinese history book. These are from real Chinese point of view, NOT communist's Chinese-kill-Chinese (class struggle), NOT world-slay (so called "world revolution") !! From 1994-11-11 to 2002-09-10 Freeman printed about seventeen political statement. Please see Freeman's main page at On top of this page has an selection box marked "Freeman page links; Most Chinese" <a name="WTC340"> Before I input Chinese history book, I do not know Chinese modern history very well. Freeman statements are weak, not to the point. After I input Chinese history book, I know communist history much better than before. Freeman statements are (relative) strong, and to key point directly. <a name="WTC341"> In average, I can save $100 per month for printing fund. After one year, I have about $1200 to $1500 capability. It is good for one (U.S.) big city Chinese newspaper first page quarter page one day. Or it is good for small city front page two days. All of these are based on my rent $325. If rent increase, I can not accumulate money for printing. <a name="WTC342"> Next is increase rent. Start from 1994-01-22 to 2001-08-30 My room rent was $325 per month. Start from 2001-09-01 to now 2003-01-31 My room rent is $390 per month. Story back to 2000-12-02. On this date, landlord told me that her son grow up and move out. This house is too big for her. She will sell this house and move to a smaller house. Landlord ask if I want move with her? Actually I do not have other choice, I say yes. On 2001-07-18 She told me that the rent $325 has been seven and half years. Now move to new house, she want increase rent to $390, if I agree? She suggest that same room other place rent for $425 to $500. What can I choose? I say ok and thanks. 92,01,31,20,31 stop 92,01,31,21,31 start <a name="WTC343"> Increase rent is a pressure to me. I shall not ask my brother sister for more money each month. Assume my sister continue give me $600 each month. I can not accumulate $1200 to $1500 each year. That is I have no money to print Freeman statement. If not, what can I do? Allow communist continue incite Chinese kill Chinese? (class struggle) Allow communist continue brainwash Chinese to fight the whole world for its master's interest? (world revolution) NO ! although I have no money, but I have time, I can use Internet and goto mainland to sign guestbook and post my paper. <a name="WTC344"> On 2001-07-30 Freeman announce on Chinese main page that after moving. I will start sign mainland guestbook. Above address is OLD main page. Next page is 2001-Aug mainland sign first page. It contains more explanation. <a name="WTC345"> Next is Freeman's shock month events. In 2001-July landlord told me the moving date is around the end of this month. Finally actual moving date is 2001-08-02. 2001-07-28 landlord told me "moving company shall send boxes for you to pack your stuff. Possibly today or tomorrow. Moving date is 2001-08-03" 2001-07-30 landlord received her boxes, I ask landlord "when can I start pack my stuff into box? I still not receive box." Landlord said need ask moving company. Landlord start pack stuff in box, but I can not. 2001-07-30 landlord said buyer hope move in on 2001-08-03. So the moving date change to 2001-08-02 (was 2001-08-03) 2001-07-31-09-41 Freeman called phone company to move my phone to new address (two miles away) 2001-07-31-15-00 goto office supply store to buy large box for my blanket/clothes. Landlord ordered "book size" boxes for me. <a name="WTC346"> 2001-07-31-15-50 moving company come bring 30 boxes to me. He said he called landlord phone to make sure some one wait to receive box, no one answer, then delayed. But landlord told me she called moving company and agreed to put boxes in front yard. No need wait some one to receive box. 2001-07-31 evening and 2001-08-01 two days pack everything into boxes. It is a tired work. 2001-08-02 is moving date. Landlord wait and wait, moving company not come on scheduled time 9:00 AM Not come at noon time, not come at 13:00 Then how can we empty the house on 2001-08-03? During landlord wait time, I use my car move my stuff, drove about six trips, moved about 60% of my stuff. 2001-08-02-15-30 finally moving company come, move every thing to new house. Moving company said their working order is 2001-08-03. <a name="WTC347"> 2001-08-02-14-40 when I was in new house, phone company worker come connect phone. I goto house back side talk to him. I know he has two working order to move two phones. After phone company man left, I tried phone call from inside new house. Only one line connected. This line connect to landlord daughter's room (very back room) and to my room (second from back) That is all. All other rooms, include master bed room (front of house) living room, kitchen no one line connected !! I called brother, ask him call my phone number immediately. My phone did not ring. This mean the only one connected phone is landlord phone. My phone is not connected, (then I can not start Freeman 2001-Aug mainland sign) <a name="WTC348"> Landlord phone connect to back two rooms 2001-08-07 I found the break point is in my room !! I opened the phone box. In coming line connected. Out going line break. That is why all down stream phone not work. I connected the disconnected line, then landlord phone works for kitchen phone jacket and master room. but living room still has trouble. Landlord called technician to repair phone line. 2001-08-07 She asked me to pay attention to door bell the next day. <a name="WTC349"> 2001-08-08-12-26 a Pacific Bell man come knock door. He said he receive working order for 12345678. I said that is my number. He said connection fee is $120.00 if work for additional, each box $40.00 Landlord ask someone to repair phone line, mainly because landlord living room no dial tone. But His working order did not have ** weird ** landlord's phone number. ** weird ** Landlord told me "Inside one company, outside another company" So, I am confused if landlord asked Pacific Bell (outside company) come to do inside job? I said let me ask landlord to make sure. 2001-08-08-12-35 Pacific Bell man left. 2003-01-31-23-06 stop 2003-02-01-12-29 start <a name="WTC350"> Before my phone is connected, landlord allow me to use her phone to go online. Day time any moment, she may dial out or receive phone. I go to online only when landlord goto office and at mid-night. 2001-08-06-12-47 login to 2001-08-06-12-49 upload freeman1.htm to Internet. 2001-08-06-18-00 landlord take brother to my room. this is brother first time come to my new room and only time too. 2001-08-07-02-07 login to 2001-08-07-02-08 upload biogc001.htm and biogc002.htm 2001-08-09-17-15 landlord come back, she made several phone call. Phone line is ok. <a name="WTC351"> 2001-08-10-02-48 login to 2001-08-10-02-48 get "no dial tone" I can not goto online through landlord phone either. 2001-08-10-08-09 to 08:49 goto brother's place, tell brother that landlord's phone number is disconnected. Brother said that he will come to my place later, to check if out side phone box has dial tone. Landlord new house is brand new, still few engineering work not finish. For example TV cable wiring. Community management employee has right to enter the house and continue unfinished work. <a name="WTC352"> From 2001-08-05 (guess) to 2001-08-09 there is a big electric drill place on top of kitchen-living room separation counter. The counter height : 43 inch width : 18.5 inch length : 77.5 inch a big hand-hold electric drill stand on the top of counter, it surely catch any one's attention. This hand drill is single male hand hold style biggest one. Guess weight 40 pounds. (if I were fixing TV cable wiring, during break time I would put electric drill sleep on floor, not stand on top of 43 inch height counter.) 2001-08-09 new house door bell broke. <a name="WTC353"> 2001-08-10-10-40 brother come knock door, door bell broke. I did not hear door bell, not respond to brother's bell signal. 2001-08-10-10-43 community management employee come to pick up his drill. but drill disappeared! 2001-08-10-10-45 community management employee told me that some body is waiting out side. <a name="WTC354"> 2001-08-10-10-45 I let brother enter house to check phone line. 2001-08-10-10-47 community management employee left. Brother made a phone which clip on terminal. We tested phone line. At out side phone box, both my phone and landlord phone no dial tone. It is out side problem. 2001-08-10-11-18 brother left <a name="WTC355"> Electric drill disappear ?? !! Why !!?? If drill disappear, then landlord will suspect that I and brother take the drill !! I must find out why, otherwise I and brother are first suspect !! From about 2001-08-10-11-50 I sit in first floor wait for landlord daughter. She come back everyday at lunch break. <a name="WTC356"> 2001-08-10-12-05 Miss AB come back. I asked her If she know the phone line disconnected? Miss AB answered: "Phone company already connected phone. If disconnected, it must be community office's responsibility." <a name="WTC357"> I ask again if she know where is the electric drill ?? I also say I do not want to be a suspect !! Miss AB answered: "Last night we all saw the drill. If drill missing, it must be landlord took it or Mr. AA took it. Must ask landlord first." This answer indicate Miss AB did not take drill. <a name="WTC358"> 2001-08-10 afternoon, community management employee come again. He said that he called landlord at her office ask where is the drill? Community management employee said that landlord told him "If drill missing, it must be Miss AB took it." This answer indicate landlord did not take drill. <a name="WTC359"> I keep last hope, if community office second employ come took the drill. Then I ask this community management employee "How many in your office can enter this house?" He pat his chest answered: "only me!" <a name="WTC360"> Up to this point, I know it is hopeless. All key person announce not knowing where is the drill. Then who else? The brand new house has three bed room and three constant resident. Community office give twelve keys to landlord. Landlord has too many keys, so she give two keys to me. ***** That is I have two keys. ***** <a name="WTC361"> (2001-08-10 afternoon) I told community management employee the phone wiring problem. I also told him I found the out going phone line in my room phone box was disconnected. I connected the wire then two down stream phone works. He replied: "community management office provide one year warranty to house owner. If you touch wiring, that could void the warranty." So I can not connect internal phone line myself. <a name="WTC362"> 2001-08-10-17-20 I send notice to landlord express I intend to move out. Event happened one after one, After Freeman's reaction revealed, (move out) The drill-missing play come to an end. <a name="WTC363"> 2001-08-10-17-30 meet landlord, I told her what happen today. Landlord told me that she hide the drill in a safe place. 2001-08-10-17-50 brother call me from out side of the house. I left landlord goto brother. He said ha called phone company. First call wait for 30 minutes, finally find a person talk about our problem. Phone company side said he go check then phone was disconnected. Second time, brother call phone co. got recorder answer, learned if phone company come check and find out it is not their problem, charge $45. If it is their problem, they will repair and no charge. <a name="WTC364"> 2001-08-11-10-22 Pacific Bell engineer come to check phone line. 10:55 he connected both phone to house back side phone box. We need ask other people to do the inside wiring. <a name="WTC365"> 2001-08-11-11-21 call brother tell him my phone line is connected to house back phone box. I also told brother: next time come, choose the time landlord is home. Enter house empty handed and left empty handed. (Few days later told brother never enter this house) <a name="WTC366"> from 2001-08-12-07-30 to 16:06 go to other city to look for room. Attempt to find room. But can not even start. Found rent ads, but not know where to go. After drive 132 miles (one way) , give up. Come back at 16:06 total travel 261.3 miles. <a name="WTC367"> 2001-08-12 evening, landlord told me that she put drill in safe place. She just put drill out on counter, tomorrow community office will come pick up the drill. Landlord point to the drill let me see the drill. This drill is three size smaller than the big drill ! (guess small drill is about 10 pounds, guess big drill is about 40 pounds) To put drill on counter is not my business. To hide drill in safe place is not my business. To put drill back to counter is not my business either. So I did not ask landlord why drill size reduced? <a name="WTC368"> Who took the big drill? All possible candidate are here. Mr. AA ? Mr. AB ? Mr. AC ? No body tell me, I do not know, and I do not need to find out. It is not my business after all !! 2003-02-01-15-03 stop 2003-02-01-17-40 start <a name="WTC369"> 2001-08-14-18-08 phone repair man is here 2001-08-14-18-22 phone repair man connected my line 2001-08-15-06-12 login to start Freeman's 2001-Aug mainland sign This mainland guestbook sign start from 2001-08-15 Stop on 2001-10-31. Above is electric drill event and phone line trouble. Below is helicopter visit. <a name="WTC370"> I can not record each single helicopter pass. Only after too many pass, then I start record. The following few record is partial of many helicopter pass event. 2001-08-24-12-30 helicopter already fly around for about ten minutes 2001-08-24-12-57 helicopter still fly around. 2001-08-24-15-00 to 15:11 helicopter fly around 2001-08-24-17-20 to ?? helicopter fly around around 2001-09-05-21-00 helicopter fly around for about twenty minutes. 2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack occurred. Above is events before WTC attack Below is event after WTC attack <a name="WTC371"> From 2002-03-11 to 2002-04-10 from Internet, Freeman goto mainland guestbook signed "North Watch Our Soil" Main point is to introduce a new lyrics which use a defend-Japan song. This new lyrics call Chinese pay attention to our northern lost soil. (after Russia take away our Mongu soil, Mao, Chou etc. quickly redraw Chinese northern provinces as new "inner Mongu" ready for its master next time annex !) <a name="WTC372"> Before about 2002-03-20 and after about 2002-04-15 Mr. AB come visit Miss AB very frequently. They are good lover and nice couple. Miss AB work at office, leave home everyday. But From about 2002-03-20 to about 2002-04-15 Mr. AB seldom show up and Miss AB work at home most of the time. <a name="WTC373"> My room door and shower/washroom door are directly across a hallway. Just one yard away. Usually, Miss AB take shower and done all hand-wash then open wash room door, walk to her room. 2002-04-10 done mainland one month sign. <a name="WTC374"> 2002-04-11 morning, after take shower, Miss AB wash hand at wash counter and leave door open for a long while. I can hear water running louder, (her door open) I can see light from my door-frame narrow opening. (because her door open) Although I need to go to first floor rest room, I did not open my door. <a name="WTC375"> From 1978-08-01 first day come to U.S. to 2002-04-10 I never feel any one set up a romantic environment for me. No reason this time. These boyfriend-long-time-no-see, work-at-home and washroom event are likely not intentional event. But I am alert to my surrounding. I must take care step. I record here, because I guess if I acted impolite to Miss AB. I may get big trouble. <a name="WTC376"> Another event. Landlord has two refrigerators, one in kitchen, one in garage. I use the one in garage. From about 2002-03-10 to exact 2002-08-10 there is a box 18 egg put in garage refrigerator. Box printed store A brand. Usually I buy food from store A, and landlord buy food from store B, sometime she also buy food from store A. This box egg sit in refrigerator for five and half month. I was confused. If I bought egg and forget it is mine? If brother bring a box egg to me and I forget it is mine? I prefer stay in safe side, I am not sure, then I do not touch it. <a name="WTC377"> Last event Washroom has two water sink, I use right side sink. Which is close to door. Start from 2002-May, right sink water exit slow, clearly some thing in out going pipe choked water way. I did not put any stuff to choke the pipe. So it is not my responsibility. 2002-07-01-22-05 landlord put a note on my door, said: [[ Lou (not "Lou", landlord wrong spelling) Please do not put food or anything down the bathroom sink or toilet they are clogging up. Please empty in the kitchen sink. Thank you. ***** ]] I never waste food, I always eat all eatable food. I did not choke the pipe. Next day 2002-07-02 from my brother's home I take a wooden rod with rubber hat at one end. from 2002-07-02-20-10 to 2002-07-02-20-45 I clean restroom washing sink, pump out many paper stripe. Water way cleared. 2002-07-04 United States holiday. 2002-07-05 upload World Trade Center Analysis to Internet <a name="WTC378"> After 2002-07-05, (and before 2001-July) no recordable event. that is no alienate, no trap event occurred. Some of above events may not relate to any trap planning at all. But Phone trouble stop/slow down my mainland sign. Electric drill event could ruin my reputation then could close my Internet account. Event process has only one. Event interpretation may have several different version. Freeman present event process, Event interpretation open to reader. <a name="WTC379"> If Freeman closed mouth before 2001-09-11, From Freeman's analysis, World Trade Center attack may not happen on the date 2001-09-11 But it surely will occur in the future. <a name="WTC380"> Today (after 2001-09-11) United States citizen showed unified pace to fight enemy. Today United States citizen showed flag on their car to show united as a single giant. This tells evil master: Your first shoot is your last shoot !! Wrong !! You evil master is totally wrong !! Freeman 2003-02-01-19-22. 2003-02-01-19-34 <a name="WTC381"> From what happened, reader can see that If not connect phone line back in place in my room, Freeman need not do any thing, landlord may suspect it is Freeman disconnect the line. (phone line pre-disconnected in my room phone box) Landlord need not do any thing, drill-missing blame come to Freeman. <a name="WTC382"> Similar situation happened before, in Chinese version Freeman biography file one. Stated that all I need to do is to sit in front seat in the Numerical Analysis class at the University of Iowa. Semester beginning, some Chinese clean black board every class before Professor Atkinson come to class. After about three weeks, suddenly this Chinese student stop clean black board. Professor Atkinson himself has to wipe clean. Since Professor Atkinson knew me before this semester, Professor Atkinson assumed that it is me ** guess ** clean the blackboard for him every class. ** guess ** But now I still sit in front seat, no one clean black board. This plot create a dislike Freeman feeling in Professor Atkinson's mind. <a name="WTC383"> Another example, all I need to do is to create a sub- directory and store my file in a laboratory computer system. Professor Haug is the head of this lab. I am NOT a team member of this laboratory. But I am in mechanical engineering solid mechanics group. Prof. Haug is solid mechanics group head too. Some Chinese student told me that for solid mechanics student, it is ok to create a sub-directory in lab computer system. This Chinese student also give me the password of the lab. computer system. I believed his word, use my name created a sub-directory, and store my file. After one month. Computer system password changed. I can not use this computer system any more. Since then when I take Professor Haug class, I always get B. After few years, gradually I realize that Chinese student told me to create sub-directory in Prof. Haug's lab computer. That Chinese student intentionally trap me on purpose. <a name="WTC384"> There are many other event that I never realize what is going on. The net effect is a total failure in my life. Finally I must stay away from ALL Chinese. Because I do not know who is XX's agent, I do not know who is communist agent. Start from mid 1980's gradually, I stay away from non-Chinese too. Because when talk to some one easily talk about my career, my marriage, my school study. No single topic I can continue. I have to stay away from every one !! This is an added comment to electric drill event. 2003-02-01-20-14 2003-02-04-21-23 start "I do not know who is XX's agent" XX has the capability to "hire", to influence ANY Chinese who meet Freeman often. Mr. Gu is one example. From 1980 to 1982 University of Iowa period, Freeman and Gu meet often. What happen to Gu is Gu and wife marriage break. ** truth ** Why marriage break? Because XX need replace Gu's wife ** guess ** with one in XX's control. ** guess ** Quickly I stay away from Gu, at same time I stay away from Mr. Sun and Mr. Ma. (All of them come from main land) 2003-02-04-21-32 stop <a name="WTC385"> 2003-02-02-16-13 start To those who lost love ones in World Trade Center attack in Pentagon attack in those ill fated four airplanes Dear brothers and sisters On 2001-09-11 murderer carried out World Trade Center attack. Destroyed two great buildings. Damaged Pentagon and four airplanes. The whole world fall into deep puzzle. Who? Why? This is a question hard to answer. There are several version to answer this question. <a name="WTC386"> After nine month think, on 2002-07-05 Freeman presented World Trade Center Analysis. Based on three important papers 1. War paper. 2. Where to set up world capital after Chinese communist unify the world? 3. BBC News: on 2001-09-25 Chinese communist send intelligence team to Washington D.C. to capture the creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event. <a name="WTC387"> Freeman point out: X nation plotted WTC attack, Chinese communist spy net in the U.S. carried out WTC attack. Reason is to start "Sino-U.S. big war". Seventeen month after WTC attack, on 2003-01-06 Freeman pointed out the reason to choose 2001-09-11 is that hate U.S. curve reached its peak point. <a name="WTC388"> Based on Freeman's analysis, Freeman mainland sign reduce mainlander's hate U.S. thought, bent hate curve down, created a peak point on hate curve, then X nation ordered Chinese ** see above BBC News ** communist to attack U.S. ** indirectly implied ** <a name="WTC389"> Life is precious gift from God. Freeman ask himself: Why do we come to the human world? Where do we go after human journey? Our human journey reveal each soul's characteristic. <a name="WTC390"> Human world is a soul filter. (no way to proof, just faith !!) Freeman share sorrow with those who lost love ones. What can we do when we are in deep sorrow? If keep faith in God, the answer is <a name="WTC391"> help those in need, comfort those in pain, educate those ignorant, create a harmony society. After we walk to the end of human journey, God will let us meet our love one in heaven! Sorrow with you, pain with you, Freeman 2003-02-02-17-03 <a name="WTC393"> 2003-02-03-18-01 start record Following are ** 1. Internationale (English version) ** 2. Internationale (Chinese version, translate to English) ** 3. Great Similarity English translation key point is Chinese version Internationale has "We want to be the master of the whole world." Communist master assigned this poison to Chinese communist at initial lyrics translation stage. English version Internationale NO such words !! From 2002-11-01 to 2002-11-30 Freeman goto online sign mainland guest book. Topic is "Decorum and Harmony State" message main body is Great Similarity lyrics. All three lyrics are listed below, Reader can compare their differences. Reader can also compare English version Internationale Chinese version Internationale French version Internationale German version Internationale Russia version Internationale etc. see how many version stir listener to fight the whole world. ================== ================== <a name="WTC394"> ** 1. Internationale (English version) 2002-10-12-22-48 [[ Click here for the music Arise, ye prisoners of starvation! Arise, ye wretched of the earth! For justice thunders condemnation, A better world's in birth. No more, tradition's chains shall bind us, Arise ye slaves, no more in thrall. The earth shall rise on new foundations, We have been naught, we shall be all. 'Tis the final conflict, Let us stand in our place. The international working class Shall be the human race! 'Tis the final conflict, Let us stand in our place. The international working class Shall be the human race! SECOND VERSE HOME Click here for the music We want no condescending saviors To rule us from a judgment hall. We workers ask not for their favors, We must consult for all. To make the thief disgorge his booty, To free the spirit from the cell, We must ourselves decide our duty, We must decide and do it well! 'This the final conflict, Let us stand in our place!. The international working class Shall be the human race! 'Tis the final conflict, Let us stand in our place. The international working class Shall be the human race! TOP HOME ]] ================== ================== <a name="WTC395"> ** 2. Internationale (Chinese version, translate to English) 2003-02-03-16-16 translate Chinese into English [[ Internationale lyrics, Chinese version Section one (of three sections) Arise, those slaves who suffer both starve and chilling. Arise, those who suffer all the hardship in the whole world. Full chest hot blood is boiling. Struggle for truth! Smash the old world, Slaves, arise, arise. Do not say we do not have anything. <a name="WTC396"> We want to be the master of the whole world. This is final struggle, Unite, until tomorrow. International must come true. This is final struggle, Unite, until tomorrow. International must come true. ===== <a name="WTC397"> Section two (of three sections) There is never a savior, Do not rely upon immortal and emperor either. To create mankind bliss, all depend upon ourselves. We want take back the labor fruit. Let thought break the cage. Quickly burn the oven to thorough red. Strike while the iron is hot. This is final struggle, Unite, until tomorrow. International must come true. This is final struggle, Unite, until tomorrow. International must come true. ===== <a name="WTC398"> Section three (of three sections) Who created the human world? It is we labor crowd. Everything belong to labor. How can we tolerate parasite? Most hateful those venomous snake and fierce beasts Eat all of our blood and flesh. Once destroy them all, Fresh red sun shine all over the world. This is final struggle, Unite, until tomorrow. International must come true. This is final struggle, Unite, until tomorrow. International must come true. ]] above Internationale lyrics, Chinese version 2003-02-03-17-02 here ================== ================== below Great Similarity translate into English. <a name="WTC399"> on 2002-09-12-20-56 Freeman write Great Similarity which match Internationale tune exactly. ** 3. Great Similarity English translation [[ Section one (of three sections) Wake up ! Those bitter sea wondering compatriot! Come back ! Those misleading extreme suffered people ! Fool, wise, hard-work and lazy are inborn. Foot stand equal is true equality. Struggle each other self destroy our nation's root ! Compatriot ! Wake up ! Wake up ! Do not say we self divide into black and red. We want to be united and work together to build our nation. Strong nation's beautiful dream, Unite, at today. Dirty trick close, bandit disappear and struggle cease must come true. The goal of world great similarity. Help each other, at today. Fraternity, peace and great similarity must come true. ===== <a name="WTC400"> Section two (of three sections) Wake up ! Those bitter sea wondering compatriot! Come back ! Those misleading extreme suffered people ! Fight the whole world shall build many enemies. German and Japan's failure are lessons. World revolution invite whole world destroy China. Compatriot ! Wake up ! Wake up ! Do not say we play canon ash role ! We must obey world laws. Strong nation's beautiful dream, Unite, at today. Dirty trick close, bandit disappear and struggle cease must come true. The goal of world great similarity. Help each other, at today. Fraternity, peace and great similarity must come true. ===== <a name="WTC401"> Section three (of three sections) Wake up ! Those bitter sea wondering compatriot! Come back ! Those misleading extreme suffered people ! Beautiful soil is our nation's root. One inch soil one inch blood ! Five thousand years decorum and harmony state is our base. Compatriot ! Wake up ! Wake up ! Do not say we bend knee call ourselves as little brother ! We want to be the master of our own ! Strong nation's beautiful dream, Unite, at today. Dirty trick close, bandit disappear and struggle cease must come true. The goal of world great similarity. Help each other, at today. Fraternity, peace and great similarity must come true. ]] 2003-02-03-17-41 done translation 2002-09-12-17-26 start write Great Similarity 2002-09-12-20-56 done write Great Similarity 2003-02-03-17-02 start translate Great Similarity 2003-02-03-17-41 done translate Great Similarity 92,02,03,18,19 phone ring 6 ring, then stopped 2003-02-03-18-42 done record <a name="WTC402"> 2003-02-03-19-23 A song has tune and lyrics two part. A good tune 2003-02-03-19-26 phone ring 6 ring, then stopped excite listener's spirit. After listener's mind excited, what to do? It can go east, can go west. This time lyrics lead crowd decides direction. <a name="WTC403"> In Internationale lyrics, Chinese version communist master assigned following directions 1. "Smash the old world" that is self-destruction, destroy victim nation's own ancient culture (old world). Compare with English version, it says: "No more, tradition's chains shall bind us" No destruction to old world. BUT Chinese version ask listener to "Smash the old world". Special !! Special treatment to Chinese !! 2. "We want to be the master of the whole world" that is ask victim nation to fight the whole world first. Follow German and Japan's pace. After the whole world stir up in big chaos, after all strong nations weakened, then it is time for communist master to annex the world ! <a name="WTC404"> 3. "Let thought break the cage" that is to ask victim nation give up regular behavior thought. Accept the canon-ash agent thought, fight the whole world for its master's interest. 4. "Once destroy them all, fresh red sun shine all over the world." This is a rubber check !! "red sun" is Mao's self brand. Here master allow puppet to "red sun shine all over the world." after puppet done agent war ("destroy them all"). But puppet never know after puppet weaken the whole world, before destroy the whole world, puppet will pace after Nazi and Japan warlord, puppet must diminish before "red sun" rise!! <a name="WTC405"> Communist master assigned Chinese version Internationale filled with hate, violence. It is a negative lyrics. Chinese mainlander posted paper complain about "Internationale" and said: "This once exciting song is already an irony. You do not know socialism throw to which trash can. Our worker-class-first nation, workers suffer exploit even severe than capitalist nations. In capitalist nation, worker can strike. Here (mainland China) if communist not let you disappear, that is already a big favor. ..... Internationale already become a funeral march. Arise ....." Next is record. Title: "Today I heard Internationale" Author name "Green Sea Silver Sand" 2002-11-21-13-14-50 Chinese version is in next <!-- comment --> <a name="WTC406"> On the other hand Great Similarity lyrics encourage listener to act positively: Do not carry out class struggle, Do not fight the world, Obey world laws. Love our soil. <a name="WTC407"> In one hand, evil master assign puppet fight world mission. On the other hand, evil master spread rumor "China threaten" all over the world. Puppet can only go every where to explain that "China NOT threaten", Puppet dare not go tell its master "I quit !!" (discard communism, stop receive "international order") 2003-02-03-21-22 done <a name="WTC408"> 2003-02-24-14-27 Reader please pay attention to the following time sequence events 1999-05-08 NATO (U.S.) air force bombed Yugoslavia. One bomb flew to Chinese communist representative office in Yugoslavia capital, destroy one building and killed three communists. 2000-10-26-21:25:05 war paper first version dated. 2000-10-30-05:03 war paper second version dated. 2001-04-01 U.S. air force airplane fly near China south soil, communist air plane take off, two sides collide in mid air. Communist lost one air plane and (communist said) pilot was killed. twelve days later 2001-04-13 "After communist 'unify' the world, where to set up the world capital?" come to Chinese public. 2001-08-15 Freeman start mainland sign 2001-08-20 war paper third version dated and spread to mainland military related web forums. 2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack occurred. <a name="WTC409"> Main point is that after 1999-05-08 U.S. air force bombed Chinese communist representative office in Yugoslavia capital, seventeen month later 2000-10-26 war paper first version is ready. In other words, ***** U.S. air force bombed Chinese communist ***** representative office in Yugoslavia event ***** alone, ***** around 2000-Oct. ***** World Trade Center attack is ***** already take into consideration ! Freeman 2003-02-24-14-45 <a name="WTC410"> 2003-05-07-10-18 start Close? Delete? OK, But please compare! Start from 2003-05-01, Freeman can not update files in account. Between 2003-05-01 to 2003-05-06 Freeman's site was closed for one day (2003-05-05) whole (include Freeman site) was closed for few hours (2003-05-02-08:48:30) Short section text in one page was deleted on 2003-05-06. Next whole page was deleted on 2003-05-06. Broad Love vs "world revolution" (in Chinese) 2003-07-11-08-22 add 2003-05-06-09:35:41 The page cannot be found 2003-05-06-09:36:20 get page but page was modified cut off communist crime part bo_ai.gif has forbidden Chinese words in picture. maot19.htm has SAME forbidden Chinese words in text. <a name="WTC411"> This deleted page bo_ai.gif means broad (bo) love (ai) that is indiscriminate love; fraternity. Of course "indiscriminate love; fraternity." itself will not be deleted. The possible cause to delete these files is that Freeman criticize Chinese communist's anti-Bo_ai policies. <a name="WTC412"> Detail as following. 2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack shock the whole world !! Many change their attitude toward some aspect. 2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack AND 2001-09-25 Chinese communist goto U.S. to "capture the creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event" shock Freeman !! Freeman change his attitude toward Chinese communist !! Those criminal can do any harm they like and pat their butts then walk away without worry any punishment. Because they did not leave a single trace of evidence!! 2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack is a huge anti-Bo_ai action! <a name="WTC413"> The Chinese writing in was written by Dr. Sun, Yet-sen Dr. Sun is the founder and President of Chinese Nationalist Party. Dr. Sun's Bo_Ai spirit represent all Nationalist Party's spirit. Freeman guess there are two key points in that Chinese communist can not tolerate <a name="WTC414"> 1. Freeman's criticize put Chinese Nationalist party's bo_ai policies together with communist's anti-Bo_ai criminal "policies". That form a sharp contrast comparison. <a name="WTC415"> 2. Freeman used an old Chinese saying "Although there are only three Chu's families left, The one who destroy Chin must be Chu." Freeman modified the noun to fit today's case. You modify, I avoid state the modified words. Chin and Chu are both 2000 years ago China's regional strong-group name. Ninety percent Chinese belong to people of Han. Most Chinese are brainwashed and forget our nation's duty. Only few families still remember that we carry our inherent duty. Under Chinese communist's pressure, it is OK to delete those words. But <a name="WTC416"> ***** please think one: 2002-01-29-10:57:55 Chinese military forum showed next title [[ The way to deal with American is to kill them more, [Fire] 22:40:54 1/16/02 (no contents) next is original record in Chinese 對付美國佬的辦法是要多殺他們的人,【開火】22:40:54 1/16/02 (無內容) 勤葆藝弊檗腔域楊岆猁嗣伀坻蠅腔芄活噶盂臐22:40:54 1/16/02 (拸囀) ]] Chinese communist allow this title exist online, which is very rude and forgetful of all helps U.S. gave to China during World War II. Alternatively, please imagine if Chinese communist allow next words stay online ? The way to deal with some-other-nation is to kill them more, Fire. NO !! Only anti-U.S. words allowed in mainland China !! <a name="WTC417"> ***** please think two: Chinese communist allow the paper "After Chinese communist 'unify' the world, Where to set up the world capital?" exist online from 2001-April to at least 2001-Oct. Above Freeman's copy, below original paper 2001-10-14-03:48:41 Chinese communist allow this kind crazy paper stay on line, but Chinese communist want to ban Freeman's criticize. Why ??!! <a name="WTC418"> ***** please think three: Chinese communist allow the paper Above has Freeman and war paper author's discussion below is WARPaper author's ORIginal paper. exist online, 22 days before WTC attack, warpaper "predict" World Trade Center attack precisely. We have to suspect that warpaper and WTC attack are in one plot !! After WTC attack, murderer use warpaper to incite Chinese goto war with U.S. Chinese communist allow this kind criminal paper stay on line, but Chinese communist want to ban Freeman's criticize. Why ??!! <a name="WTC419"> ***** please think four: 2001-09-25 Chinese communist goto U.S. to "capture the creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event" Chinese communist goto U.S. to capture Afghan's Taliban ??!! Then, Chinese communist shall capture all murderers in any corner of this world !! But actually, Chinese communist ONLY goto U.S. to capture "creator". That means that the "creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event" is Chinese communist spy net in the U.S. Chinese communist did such huge criminal activity (attack World Trade Center) but it wants to ban Freeman's criticize?! Why ??!! <a name="WTC420"> ***** please think five: Chinese communist brain wash all mainland Chinese to turn their thought to hate U.S. and to forget Russia. please see communist anti-U.S. picture. please read next page for many more communist anti-U.S. pictures. <a name="WTC421"> United States !! delete Freeman's words !! United States !! use this chance ask Chinese communist 1. to stop their anti-U.S. brainwash work. 2. to criticize previous anti-U.S. brainwash work, 3. to "recover" reputation for U.S. and for the whole world. Chinese communist treat other's reputation as a toy. Chinese communist can ruin one's reputation when need. Chinese communist can "recover" one's reputation when in-power change hand. Today Chinese communist beg United States to delete Freeman's words, United States !! It is a chance today !! Freeman 2003-05-07-12-04 <a name="WTC422"> 2004-07-16-14-31 start 2004-07-16-14-12 add next line (in Chinese) 2001-08-21.16:08 publish "reconstruct China" ; 2001-09-11 attack U.S. to (see blue line, Chinese) Now Freeman summarize few key events AROUND 2001-09-11 WTC attack. Anyone can argue that these events are not relate to WTC attack. Believe or not, it is up to reader. 2001-07-18 Landlord told me that after move to new house, rent increase from $325/month to $390/month In 2001 Freeman got $600/mo from sister. I can not (do not want to) ask sister give me more money to cover the increased rent. Because rent increase, Freeman can not accumulate enough money to print political statement in Chinese newspaper (in U.S.) <a name="WTC423"> 2001-07-30 Freeman announce alternative method is that after move to new house, start mainland sign. 2001-08-02 Freeman follow landlord move to new house. (two miles from old house) 2001-08-02 landlord phone line connected. works in rear two rooms, line cut off in Freeman's room. Landlord master room is in front. No phone connection. 2001-08-02 Freeman phone line is NOT connected. 2001-08-10-10-43 drill disappear in landlord house. Freeman and brother are first suspect. 2001-08-11 Freeman phone line connected to house back side phone box. <a name="WTC424"> 2001-08-10 event attempt to decorate Freeman and brother as "thieves" 2001-08-13 Freeman angrily announce "If Freeman will become a murderer?" Only in Chinese biography. 2001-08-14-18-22 Freeman phone line connected from outside box to my room. 2001-08-15 Freeman start mainland sign. This is FIRST TIME, LARGE SCALE MAINLAND SIGN 2001-08-21 Someone published warpaper in mainland China, its URL is (today closed)肮祩蠅疑ㄐ 2001-08-21.16:08:53 source: [[ Next NOT in date sequence, topic related 2001-09-07-18:59:48 Freeman first time access war paper from 2003-03-02-19-44-58 access war paper third author's site ORIGINAL paper肮祩蠅疑ㄐ ]] <a name="WTC425"> 2001-08-24 all day, helicopter pass Freeman's room many times. IF Freeman were disabled/passed away before 2001-09-11. The WTC attack event may not happen on the date 2001-09-11. BUT it surely will happen some time in 2001. Because two remote causes, two immediately causes are ready. 2001-09-05 all day, helicopter pass Freeman's room many times. 2001-09-07-18:59:48 Freeman first time access war paper. Between 2001-08-21 to 2001-09-11 (and after 2001-09-11) warpaper spread in mainland China military forums. Freeman saw war- paper several times in several different military forum. <a name="WTC426"> 2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack occurred. Mainland forum/web-site showed crazy exciting. 2001-09-12-10:04:32 Freeman send paper to mainland military forum, Paper titled U.S. disaster is the beginning of aggressive nation's attempt start "Sino-U.S. big war" 美國的災難是侵略者啟動「中美大戰」的開始!! paper indicate that WTC attack is aggressive nation attempt to promote "Chinese communist 'unify' the world" 美國的災難是侵略者為「再造中國----中共統一世界之戰略大探密」 加溫的暴行!! [[ 2001-09-12-10,06,24 next is real list, I can save and keep. (Forum disappear now 2004-July) ★ 美國的災難是侵略者啟動「中美大[鏈接]-<2687字節> 自由人 2001-09-13 00:53:28 [點數:1] (paper disappear now 2004-July) ]] <a name="WTC427"> Reader can find Freeman 2001-09-12 paper (in Freeman site) from next URL unzip this file, look for 9008sig5.htm#900912a This paper is in Chinese. This paper is possibly first paper indicate that WTC attack link to evil master, evil puppet. (Therefore suggest NOT Taliban independent initiated attack.) Reader can also find Freeman 2001-09-12 paper (in mainland forum site) here. <a name="WTC428"> supported Freeman's paper for about one month. Then paid price. closed for about two years. After two years, reopen, but no forum. (Thany you ! ! Freeman 9307161753) Above is a summery which collect events in Los Angeles (Freeman) events in mainland China (warpaper) events in New York/DC (WTC attack) All date/time and events are true. If these events are unrelated? If these events are related? It depend upon reader's judgement. Freeman 2004-07-16-16-42 2004-07-16-16-42 stop <a name="WTC429"> 2004-07-16-19-19 Freeman think the 2001-09-12 paper is important. Now include the mainland military forum recorded paper. It is in fm900912.htm top half is 2001-09-12 list page fm900912.htm bottom half is 2001-09-12 Freeman paper 2004-07-16-19-23 <a name="WTC430"> 2004-07-16-23-23 start From tactical view point (immediately goal) WTC attack is 100% "success". World Trade Center DO destroyed. BUT From strategy view point (long time goal) WTC attack is 100% failure!! Because 1. "Sino-U.S. big war" did not occur. 2. "All United States become a big public tomb field, and all China become a huge graveyard" did not occur. 3. Number two's strategy exposed. The whole world take defensive action against evil master's future trick. All plot "achievement" accumulate start from 1921 to 2000 are completely ruined. 2001-Sep. is peace time, 2001-Sep. no war declaration. but evil master still massive kill innocent non-combat civilian. The world paid 2000 life price, learned number two's strategy. We must keep this bloody experience in mind and we must be able to prevent future attack. *** WE MUST NOT ALLOW EVIL MASTER *** GET SECOND CHANCE !! Freeman 2004-07-16-23-48. <a name="WTC431"> To: The President of United States From: Liu, Hsin-Han (SSN *****) Date: 2005-08-12-09-09 Subj. 2006-Jan. U.S.-Japan war exercise Dear Mr. President My name is Liu, Hsin-Han. A Chinese citizen. Grow up in Taiwan province. Live in the U.S. since 1978-08-01. On 2005-08-12-09-06 I access mainland China web page Read that U.S. and Japan will have a joint military exercise in 2006-Jan. Target at "south-west island". <a name="WTC432"> If this news is true, I must say few words. Start from Korean war, to Vietnam war to now. Mainland China citizen increase discontent toward U.S. This discontent was excited by at least two events 1. On 1999-05-08 NATO (U.S.) air force bombed Yugoslavia. One bomb flew to Chinese communist representative office in Yugoslavia capital, destroy one building and killed three communists. 2. On 2001-04-01 U.S. air force airplane fly near China south soil, communist air plane take off, two sides collide in mid air. Communist loss one air plane and (communist said) pilot was killed. <a name="WTC433"> Above are events let mainland-Chinese hate U.S. Below is event link Chinese communist to WTC attack. 2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack occurred. Although ALL news media point to Afghanistan Taliban, but one leak news report that on 2001-09-25 Chinese communist went to U.S. to "help" capture the murderer. Please see BBC news Chinese communist goto U.S. to capture Afghanistan Taliban ??!! NOT logic. I use pen name "Freeman" write a different version about WTC attack, please visit <a name="WTC434"> If Japan occupy "south-west island" 1. Japan next goal is to annex Taiwan. 2. Japan future goal is to annex whole China. 3. U.S. Japan military alliance surely drive Chinese communist re-enter Russia hands. 4. Russia is an "expert" to annex Chinese soil. When Japan invade China, Russia will act quickly. After China feed to both Japan and Russia, Japan and Russia both want to become world "number one". That time U.S. will have big trouble to solve. <a name="WTC435"> There are many "international communist" lobbyist around and try to mislead U.S. policy. U.S. and Japan joint military exercise in 2006-Jan. WILL increase mainland Chinese hate U.S. trend. U.S. help Japan occupy "south-west island" has thousand times bigger impact than Yugo. bomb event and airplane-collision event. U.S. help Japan occupy "south-west island" Russia will be winner. I draw a hate curve to indicate the trend. Please see <a name="WTC436"> *** I try hard to bring down the *** hate curve. *** When U.S. make policy, please *** take broader consideration. *** I hope the hate-curve will *** not increase again. Please consider my view point. I know you are busy. If you do not reply, I can understand. Thank you for your attention. Liu, Hsin-Han 2005-08-12-09-57 ***** address and phone dropped ***** <a name="WTC437"> 2005-08-12-10-25 *** This is a public security related *** mail. Liu will send this mail to *** The President of United States *** and post this mail in next page *** 2005-08-12-10-27 2005-08-12-10-59 send eml***** [[ Your message has been sent to the following address(es). E-mail Address Save Address ]]

<a name="200406A"> 2004-06-18-19-20 start On 2004-06-06 Freeman start U.S. guestbook sign. Intend to end at 2004-06-30 From 2004-06-06 to 2004-06-17 most sign contents is first section. This ten days (exclude June-07, 08) most guestbook are ordinary guestbook. This ten days Freeman paper main point is Taiwan cheating election may be first step of future attack to two U.S. cities. From 2004-06-18 to 2004-06-30 most sign contents is second section. This period most guestbook are WTC attack topic guestbooks. Freeman paper is political paper about the possible cause of World Trade Center attack. WTC attack topic sites may have interest to read Freeman paper and may keep Freeman's message. This period, Freeman paper main point is World Trade Center Analysis. Below first paper, to ordinary gbk Talk about Taiwan election. <a name="200406B">

Dear Sir/Madam: The collapse of World Trade Center gave you big shock. Do you want to know the remote causes / immediately causes? Please visit Freeman's web page More important Do you want to prevent future attack? What event today is possibly future attack's "remote cause" ? Please visit Freeman's web page You need to have some knowledge about China/Japan/Russia's inter relation. <a name="200406C"> In brief, both Russia and Japan try to control China, then drive China to fight the world for RU/JP interest. First to hit is United States. You can not ignore the events of control-China. Taiwan is a province of China. Taiwan crisis is important to you !! Thank you for your attention. Freeman 2004-06-06-15-43 2004-06-13-15-34 Freeman U.S. gbk sign working record Every Sunday update record.

Above first paper, to ordinary gbk Talk about Taiwan election. Below second paper (just links) to WTC attack topic sites <a name="200406D">

World Trade Center Analysis Freeman to those who lost love ones in 2001-09-11 all attacks. Goal: "All United States become a big public tomb field" Remote causes: Yalta Conference; Marshall mediation Immediately causes: Yugoslavia bomb; airplane collision Trigger event: Freeman 2001-08-15 mainland sign. <a name="200406E"> Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack WTC? Chinese communist carry out attack: BBC News Number two's strategy; Korean War. How #2 defeat #1? What event today is possibly future attack's "remote cause" ? Freeman U.S. gbk sign working record Every Sunday update record <a name="200406F"> <a name="200406G">

2004-06-18-19-37 stop <a name="930618A"> 2004-06-18-19-45 start Freeman has and host by I got 200 MB storage space. host by I got 800 MB storage space. Freeman printed political paper on Chinese newspaper. Scanned to *.jpg files. Most *.jpg files are stored in Freeman WTC page 20010911.htm and 200109a2.htm stored in both and closed All link to become invalid. today (2004-06-18) in 20010911.htm and 200109a2.htm I change all to This change make some link become true. But some link still inactive. Mainly those scanned newspaper *.jpg files. They have too big size, I did not upload to 200MB account yet. 2004-06-18-19-56 stop <a name="TEETH000"> 2003-02-07-03-16 Break my tooth open the chance to have a pull-tooth operation. Pull-tooth operation can be successful. Pull-tooth operation can also be fatal. I feel the break of my tooth action on 2003-02-05 is not an accident. (please see better reason) On 2003-02-07-03-10 I realize and conclude start from 2001-July, whenever I goto see doctor, that is time for X nation attack Freeman. Through out the rest of my life. This means I do not have fifty years chace to stay online. Five years? questionable. If the operation of pulling my tooth is not smooth and complicated. My life could be as short as one month left. Operation schedule is on 2003-03-03. If X nation tight watch me, then the remaining of my days are countable. Plus I do not have a penny now. What to do? Sign mainland guestbook !! 2003-02-07-03-22 2003-02-07-19-54 start Above stated [[ On 2003-02-07-03-10 I realize and conclude start from 2001-July, whenever I goto see doctor, that is time for X nation attack Freeman. Through out the rest of my life. ]] 2001-Aug shock let me believe X nation has such capability. May be this conclusion is too pessimistic. Because in 2001-Aug shock *** all events have only first step, no second step. Partially because I am alert and avoid. Partially because X nation has limited capability in the United States. Future facts will prove whether my pessimistic thought is right or wrong. 2003-02-07-19-59 stop 2003-02-07-03-26 include the next letter here. <a name="TEETH001"> To: From: *****@***** Subj. drill cause tooth break, please make best decision. Date: 2003-02-06-06-48 Dear Western Dental Manager: My name is Liu, Hsin-Han. On 2003-02-05-11-50 I went to ***** Western Dental Services, Inc. to repair my teeth. Doctor take teeth picture first. Then decided three teeth need re-do filling. One at left upper. Two at right side. After I paid $900 cash. Start filling for left teeth process. Following is what happened before crack and after crack. I present this detail to you, hope you make best decision for my teeth today's condition. <a name="TEETH002"> Before drilling process, my teeth surface was perfect smooth, no crack. IF TOOTH WERE CRACK BEFORE DRILLING PROCESS, FROM X RAY FILM, FROM VISUAL CHECK, NO ANY DOCTOR WILL DRILL ON AN ALREADY CRACKED TOOTH. Here call the one repair my teeth as Doctor A He did not tell me his name, I can not mention his name. Doctor A is a male, age around 50. Doctor A inject for me to make my teeth num. Inject area limit to left side only. Then he cleaned most of my left side teeth. During clean process, I still feel pain, then he added injection for me. After this cleaning process, Doctor A said: "Now I will remove old filling." and started drilling process. ##### Liu, Hsin-Han mail 2003-02-06 page 1/4 <a name="TEETH003"> Possibly about one minute drilling, Doctor A suddenly stopped, he asked assistant lead me to X ray room to take picture of my left teeth again. After take two pictures. Doctor A told me: "Your teeth is broken vertically from top to bottom. X ray can only detect horizontal crack, X ray can not detect vertical crack." This is highly questionable explanation. I do not think X ray can not detect such big crack on my teeth!! I do not think visual check before drill process can not detect such big crack on my teeth!! <a name="TEETH004"> In other words, Doctor A drilling process caused crack !! Then Doctor A said: "I will ask the chief doctor come take a look." Doctor B come to me, Doctor B is a lady, age in 30's. Doctor B checked my teeth said: "This tooth cracked, you must lose it". Then Doctor A continue explanation, <a name="TEETH005"> Doctor A : "Must pull this broken teeth." Liu: "Do you pull tooth for me?" Doctor A : "No, bottom of this tooth is Sinus, I can not pull tooth for you" ##### Liu, Hsin-Han mail 2003-02-06 page 2/4 Liu: "What is Sinus?" Doctor A : "It is an empty space between teeth and nose under skin. When pull teeth, if Sinus break, I do not know how to close Sinus. Only dental surgery doctor know how." <a name="TEETH006"> Liu: "Where to find dental surgery doctor?" Doctor A : "You have two choices, one is go to another private dental surgery doctor. Second there is a dental surgery doctor work for ***** Dental, you can wait for him to pull for you. He will come here next month." Liu: "I will wait for Western Dental doctor." Doctor A : "After pull your tooth, we will build a bridge for you." <a name="TEETH007"> Liu: "If it is possible to keep this broke tooth? Can you make a crown to envelop the broken tooth?" Doctor A : "No, the nerve is dead." When local manager come, he said: "How much for bridge, we will tell you later." ***** ##### Liu, Hsin-Han mail 2003-02-06 page 3/4 <a name="TEETH008"> Writing this letter, I have no intention to blame any one, I hope For present condition, I ask ***** Dental Manager the following Keep natural tooth. If it is possible to add a stress ring and/or crown to continue use natural tooth? <a name="TEETH009"> Do not break second, third teeth. On 2003-02-08-08-00 second schedule day will repair my right two teeth and replace filling. My right teeth have no pain. If it is possible to keep my right teeth untouched? not to re-do filling work? You are teeth expert. Teeth film is in your office. Please compare the film before tooth break and after tooth break. Please make best decision for my present condition. Thank you for your help. Liu, Hsin-Han 2003-02-06-07-44. ##### Liu, Hsin-Han mail 2003-02-06 page 4/4 <a name="TEETH010"> 2003-02-06-21-22 start All of my money come from my sister. My sister heard that I paid all fee in cash at very beginning. My sister was very upset. She said: "Many store receive full payment, then idle and not respond. Because he already get all what he want. If you pay, you should pay check, not cash!" Freeman explain as following: <a name="TEETH011"> My sister's opinion is correct. If find a bad reputation store, what she said do happen. When I was in Taiwan, everyone bargain for better price. Then many store rise price ready for "discount". After I come to the United States, I learned U.S. way, I do not bargain. The price marked I either accept or go away. To pay cash is provide convenience for dental clinic. If pay check, they receive money after few working day. If pay checking account card they pay service charge. Before I withdraw cash, I do think to this point. I decide trust this clinic. I do not put them to my opposite side and protect my self. If I learned lesson this time, in the future, I surely change my attitude. I pay full amount at one time, that is because they told me total fee is $977. If I pay all at beginning, discount $77. Pay only $900. <a name="TEETH012"> After sister complain price is too high. I wrote a letter send fax and send email, ask clinic : to check teeth $65 to fill one teeth $95 to $120 Now three filling and one thorough clean charge should be 65 + 3*120 + clean That is fee should be $425 + clean Why it sum up to $977? I do not get answer yet. 2003-02-06-21-44 [[ 2003-02-05-11-03 call Western Dental Services, Inc. Talk to Steve, Steve said to check teeth $65 to fill one teeth $95 to $120 ]] <a name="TEETH013"> 2003-02-07-03-41 start Freeman last time check teeth is twelve years ago in The University of Iowa. 2002-12-07 my sister ask my brother bring pumpkin seed to me. My sister strongly suggest me to chew pumpkin seed with shell. I do as she said. 2002-Dec second half month, I had left toothache. I can not even chew softest cooked noodle. I can only eat with right side teeth. On 2003-01-29-20-52 I use my tong find out left teeth filling disappear. If right side teeth also fall out, then I can not eat. I must re-do filling for my left teeth. <a name="TEETH014"> Why I choose the dental clinic I visited now? Because they have 100+ branch clinics around California. If I move to other city, I can still go to same dental service company to check my teeth. My dental record is in one system. <a name="TEETH015"> Why "If I move to other city"? Because my brother sold his house on 2003-01-31. My brother income can not cover his expense, after long time, he bankrupted. He will move to other city, where house is less expensive. He can use the sell-house and buy- house difference (money) to try last time his fortune. (he can not rent house, no one rent to him, must buy house) My brother asked me to move with him. I said OK. <a name="TEETH016"> Freeman and family's fate are in doom and diminish trend. Reader can expect Freeman go to see doctor and get bad news. Reader can expect my brother exhaust his last penny and meet his fate. 2003-02-07-04-05 stop. <a name="TEETH017"> 2003-02-07-04-19 start Above "Liu, Hsin-Han 2003-02-06-07-44." mail was in Freeman's main page. Now I put it in current working page (this page) too. Because in main page, what is new section put new material on top of old material. For my teeth development, I need put new material after old material. So I will put all teeth news here. Just for convenience. 2003-02-07-04-22 stop <a name="TEETH018"> 2003-02-07-10-52 My brother's all major decisions are under lawyer's supervising. Brother told me, lawyer told him everything must consult with lawyer first. If lawyer approve, brother can do, otherwise can not do. For example, brother said lawyer told him "sell house", "apply for bankruptcy", "can not repay debt to friends" etc. Brother said if he gives me cash to buy new computer, no; if brother buy computer as his equipment then let me use computer, ok etc. My main point is that if this lawyer make best decision? If this lawyer mislead my brother to a worse condition? For example, to sell house, no any bank come ask brother move out, but brother "volunteer" sell house and go to hundred miles away to buy a broken house in a unsafe neighborhood. Brother said 2003-01-31 sold his house. House buyer allow brother rent house for one month after escrow. Let brother has time to buy another house. I tried talk to brother NOT MOVE, NOT SELL. But my words is useless. Brother told me lawyer name is "Wu Hsiung ****" He may use English name for business. If many reader concern Freeman and family, then Freeman and family could avoid ill fate ! 2003-02-07-11-16 <a name="TEETH019"> 2003-02-07-11-36 In worst case, my life has only one month left. (2003-03-03 pull tooth operation) I hope do some thing in these days. This morning I already start design "redefine Korean War" in Chinese. Freeman will start mainland sign again as soon as possible. I want to explain here: Start from 2001-08-15 to 2002-11-30, I signed mainland guestbook several times. Hate curve already bent down. My 2003-Feb sign should be no difference from 2002-Nov. sign. From United States view point, U.S. also hope to reduce Chinese people hate-U.S. thought. I will proceed 2003-Feb mainland sign right away. Freeman 2003-02-07-11-46. <a name="TEETH020"> 2003-02-07-14-48 to 15:50 goto Western Dental Services, Inc. talk to manager and doctors ask why my teeth break first meet local Manager D.R. he is not doctor, he can not answer why. Manager refer me to Doctors There are three doctors in this clinic C.W. DDS S.E. DDS Mark Kolchansky DDS Doctor Mark Kolchansky helped me on 2003-02-05 I said I hope to change a doctor. Both Doctor C.W. Doctor Mark Kolchansky come talk to me. Clera explain to me the teeth already cracked before drill. Drilling force can not cause crack. Mark: I talk to your sister. (My sister asked me to give her the dental clinic phone number) Sister ask doctor about my teeth condition and fee. Sister told Doctor Mark that I have Sinus. <a name="TEETH021"> Liu: two month ago I have running nose and tooth ache and eye skin fatigue. Clera that proves your tooth cracked. Through tooth crack, bacteria invade your sinus and cause trouble. Liu: my running nose smell like rotten egg. Clera: bacteria. Liu: If it is possible to save the teeth? Clera: no. We will build a bridge for you. Liu: A bridge add load to two neighbor teeth. I hope use stress ring near root and crown on top. If dental technique use stress ring? Clera Yes, but not for your case. Your tooth crack all the way down to bottom. Can not save your tooth. Must pull it out. We have a doctor come on March 3rd. He will help you. Your tooth root reached sinus. He knows how to close sinus. He is not a dental surgeon, but he knows how. He is from Russia. Liu: he come here work, do you have enough equipment? Clera: yes. Liu: If other to-be repaired teeth has small crack? If drill the other two teeth will cause crack again? Clera said, your two other teeth have crack, we try to stop it. During drilling if tooth crack or not, it is hard to say. Liu said I will come here tomorrow morning 8:00 see Doctor Mark. 2003-02-07-16-55 done record <a name="TEETH022"> 2003-02-07-17-56 start Next price is for three teeth filling and full mouth cleaning Total for me is $977, then $77 discount. Paid $900 cash. Western Dental Services, Inc. Chart: 138 - 9484 ***** Date Created: 02/05/2003 ***** Date Edited: 02/05/2003 ***** Patient: LIU HSIN-HAN Ins Benefits: 0 / 0 / 0 Max: 0 Ded: 0 Ins:NONE Plan:M6005 Patient Copy Patient Patient Ins Tth Surface Treatment Unts Accept UCR Fee Share Expl ================================================================================== 000210 Full Mouth X-Ray 1 YES 124.00 124.00 0.00 000150 Oral Examination Co 1 YES 72.00 72.00 0.00 UR 004341 Scaling and Root Pl 1 YES 206.00 206.00 135.00 LR 004341 Scaling and Root Pl 1 YES 206.00 206.00 135.00 UL 004341 Scaling and Root Pl 1 YES 206.00 206.00 135.00 LL 004341 Scaling and Root Pl 1 YES 206.00 206.00 135.00 001110 Prophy - Adult (13 1 YES 82.00 82.00 63.00 4 DO 002150 Amalgam- 2 surface 1 YES 151.00 151.00 99.00 14 MOL 002150 Amalgam- 3 surface 1 YES 180.00 180.00 111.00 30 DO 002150 Amalgam- 2 surface 1 YES 151.00 151.00 99.00 ================================================================================== Accepted Services at UCR: 1584.00 Total Fee Charged: 1584.00 Less Estimated Insurance: 0.00 --------- Estimated Patient Cost WITHOUT Plan: 1584.00 With Plan: Patient Share: 912.00 Plan Fee: 65.00 --------- Estimated Patient Cost WITH Plan: 977.00 Patient Saves: 607.00 (Including Plan) Terms: Total Patient Share Less Patient Payments Received (on this treatment plan) Remaining Patient Share Down Payments: Payment Date Amount Payment Date Amount Payment Date Amount Monthly Payments: Start Date Amount Number of Mayments Final Payment for Accept Terms? (Y/N) N Date: ]] 2003-02-07-18-46 stop <a name="TEETH023"> 2003-02-08-10-33 start record Today, 2003-02-08-08-00 has appointment with Western Dental Services, Inc. I left room at 2003-02-08-07-32 (come back at 09:25) Arrive dental clinic at 07:50 About 08:10 meet Doctor Mark Kolchansky Mark: I will do deep clean for you, then replace filling for other two teeth. Liu: My plan changed, I hope to do cleaning today and not replace filling. I want to go to another dental hospital consult third doctor, see if I can keep my broken teeth, add stress ring and crown. Mark: we can build bridge for you. Liu: Bridge add load to two neighbor teeth and top of two neighbor teeth must remove about one third. For me that is something I do not like. Mark: There is another choice. Mount fake teeth in place, use screw fix on bone. Liu: will this method add stress to neighbor teeth? Mark: No. teeth is fixed on bone, no load to neighbor teeth. Liu: Then the load added to bone ! Bone load increased, how to increase bone thickness? Mark: We will cut open your gum, and put re-enforce plate next to bone. The sinus can be lifted to make room for thicker bone. Liu: That is too much work. How about you cut teeth exposed part and keep root. this way no open/close sinus problem. Mark: No. root has crack too, allow bacteria enter sinus. Liu: But bacteria can enter sinus from nose! Mark: Teeth bacteria is different. Liu: I hope use glue to fill the crack to stop bacteria, and use ring and crown to hold tooth together. Natural tooth is the best choice. Mark: bacteria is very small, they can still find way invade sinus. Liu: How about pull tooth, then let it be empty, do not add any fake tooth. Mark: That is your choice. Some people do this way. Liu: Today please do cleaning only. Not replace old filling. Mark: I know a Chinese dentist, if you goto his office, he may explain to you better. Liu: My sister already suggested a dentist to me. Mark: I do deep cleaning for you. After two weeks come back to do regular cleaning. Liu: Yes. I will finish cleaning here. After deep cleaning, I go to see manager. Manager: Today is Saturday, I am off today. Just happen to be here. Liu: May I still talk to you? Manager: Sure, please. Liu: My tooth crack, both doctors suggest me to pull tooth and use bridge. But I prefer natural teeth. I hope get third opinion see if I can keep natural tooth. So I will change hospital. I will finish teeth cleaning here. Would you please adjust the fee? Manager: Yes, Monday I will call you. Liu: Please cancel March 3rd appointment. (that is pull tooth appointment) Manager: yes. 2003-02-08-11-16 done record <a name="TEETH024"> 2003-02-09-18-45 start record Next is my diary file record (in my computer) First time show up "" "92,02,01,12,00" is "2003-02-01-12-00" [[ 92,02,01,12,00 I am in a move/not-move uncertain situation. If I goto see dentist, and later move to another city. I have trouble to do follow up check. If there is a dentist which has hundred branch chain store? over 120 office location ]] 2003-02-05 I goto Western Dental to drill teeth. 2003-02-09-18-47 done record <a name="TEETH025"> 2003-02-24-15-09 start Teeth events brief. 2003-02-13-16-00 went to another local dentist ask for consultation. He said without X ray film he can not suggest/evaluate anything. I got two key points: 1. Nearest big dental clinic is UCLA dental school. 2. I must ask Western Dental give me X ray record. 2003-02-13-16-20 went to Western Dental Service ask them give me X ray record. 2003-02-19 UCLA dental school appointment. They insist that I must control my blood pressure first. Recent several blood pressure reading was around 160/105. 2003-02-20 goto see internal medicine doctor for my blood pressure. He gave me medicine for seven days observation period. Up to 2003-02-20, I spend my last penny, this years newspaper political statement printing is impossible. Next time see doctor must use sister's credit card. 2003-02-22-08-00 went to Western Dental Service for regular cleaning. Teeth cleaning work is done. Next internal medicine doctor appointment is on 2003-02-27. Next UCLA dental school appointment wait for internal medicine doctor's green light. 2003-02-24-15-23 stop <a name="TEETH026"> 2003-04-01-19-29 start Teeth events update 2003-02-27 Internal medicine doctor decided that Lisinopril 20mg works fine. It controls blood pressure in reasonable range. I asked UCLA dentist why dentist concern my high blood pressure? Dentist answered: "Dental procedure will increase your blood pressure. On the day to extract teeth, you must take Lisinopril before come to dental clinic." On 2003-04-01 before extract my teeth #14, UCLA dentist especially asked; "Did you take Lisinopril today?" I said: "Yes, at 5:45 AM". 2003-03-06 UCLA dental school appointment, preview my teeth condition (repair teeth) 2003-03-12 UCLA dental school appointment, preview my teeth condition (extract teeth) Agreed to extract #14, #1 and #32. ( #1 and #32 are right side wisdom teeth #1 to #16 are upper row, #17 to #32 are bottom row ) 2003-03-14-12-52 request to save my #1 and #32 wisdom teeth. Doctor agreed. <a name="TEETH027"> 2003-04-01 UCLA dental school appointment, extracted teeth #14 About 09:15 sit on patient chair. About 09:30 doctor said: "It is out." Doctor showed me two borken pieces. I asked: "Did you close sinus?" Doctor: "I do not see your sinus open." Now my left side has only #15-#18 molar pair works. #14 extracted, #19 exist but useless #16 and #17 extracted fifteen years ago. If fifteen years ago I save my wisdom teeth #16 and #17 pair, then today lost #14 that is a smaller impact to my eating. Actually, if I save my left side wisdom teeth, then today my left side first molar (#14) may NOT BREAK AT ALL !! Because wisdom teeth take over the most heavy grinding work. <a name="TEETH028"> Left side has three pair molars responsible to chew food, they are #14-#19 pair (first molar) #15-#18 pair (second molar) #16-#17 pair (third molar, wisdom teeth) Several dentist said first molar is the major molar to chew food. Assume first molar takes 50% chewing load Assume second molar takes 30% chewing load Assume third molar takes 20% chewing load After extract wisdom teeth, First molar takes 60% chewing load Second molar takes 40% chewing load So ***** extract wisdom teeth increase load to ***** first and second molar pairs. (percentage numbers are NOT accurate, assumed numbers, easier for discussion) <a name="TEETH029"> The reasons to extract wisdom teeth are 1. wisdom teeth is inner most teeth, narrow space, hard to reach, hard to clean and hard to repair. 2. wisdom teeth does not contribute to chew food as much as other two pairs. 3. On 2003-03-06 UCLA dentist told me that "In human's evolution, wisdom teeth is in its degenerate process." Therefore, in the United States, many dentist encourage patient to extract wisdom teeth. 2003-04-15-21-25 add next section, key points are difficult to clean difficult to restore access can be a problem [[[[[ 2003-04-15-13-48-33 access 2003-04-15-14-03-44 get page page 105 (oa022.PDF contains page 104 to 107) [[ ..... PERMANENT MAXILLARY THIRD MOLAR Arch position eighth tooth from midline mesial contact second molar distal contact none Universal Annotation 1, 16 International Annotation 1-8, 2-8 General characteristics most variable tooth in maxillary arch function compliments other molars normally smallest molar in mouth more rounded than second molar high percent are removed often impacted (soft tissue or bone) difficult to clean coronoid process interferes with brush placement result in early caries difficult to restore access can be a problem ..... ]] oa022.PDF page 107 has COMPARISONS OF MAXILLARY FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD MOLARS from first to second to third molar oa023.PDF page 108 has first , second , third molar comparison ]]]]] <a name="TEETH030"> The reason to KEEP GOOD wisdom teeth are (Based on four normally erupted wisdom teeth) 1. wisdom teeth share 20% chewing load. If extract wisdom teeth, then increase load to other two pairs, shorten life to other two pairs. My left side wisdom teeth pulled fifteen years ago. My left side #14 molor break around 2002-12-20 My right side wisdom teeth exist, right side first molar and second molar no trouble. (Please see different argument) 2. if extract wisdom teeth, then remaining teeth has bigger space in between teeth, which trap food easily. (my sister's experience, she regret) 3. if extract wisdom teeth, there are five per cent chance that lip numbness be permanent !! (2003-03-12 UCLA dentist let me know in advance. "five per cent" is dentist oral words.) Click for risk list. (goto "TEETH041") 4. MOST IMPORTANT. if keep wisdom teeth, then when lose other molar (for example #14) the impact to eating is smaller. (still two pair molar exist) 5. Pincers and nutcracker are mechanism to break object with minimum force. They are made of two metal pieces, connected with a rotational joint. If user put object close to rotational joint, then apply less force to crack object. It uses law of lever. Similarly, human teeth act like nutcracker, upper teeth bone and lower teeth bone connected at a bio-rotational joint, wisdom teeth are most close to the joint. ***** VIEW FROM LAW OF LEVER, ***** TO BREAK A ROASTED PEANUT, ***** WISDOM TEETH DO THE BEST JOB !! Whether to extract your wisdom teeth or to keep your wisdom teeth that is your choice. Please click to see expert opinion: Under what condition you can keep wisdom teeth? Please click to see expert opinion: Why should you extract your wisdom teeth? Not only my sister regret, I regret too !! My sister pulled all four wisdom teeth twenty-four years ago (1979) in Texas. I lost left two wisdom teeth (#16 and #17) about fifteen years ago in Iowa. My sister lost teeth #14 sixteen years ago (1987) in Utah. I lost teeth #14 on 2003-04-01. My sister lost teeth #14 due to chew roasted DRY horse bean. I lost teeth #14 due to chew pumpkin seed WITH SHELL. <a name="TEETH031"> A pop up reason to KEEP your wisdom teeth, If you extract all of your wisdom teeth, then where your smart idea come from !!?? Please do not blame me, I am two wisdom teeth dumber than you. Sigh !! Freeman 2003-04-01-20-12 <a name="TEETH032"> 2003-04-06-07-02 Start How to define GOOD wisdom teeth? A good wisdom teeth is the teeth which still serve its chewing function, it can be fixed by filling process and not break into left-right two pieces. <a name="TEETH033"> How Freeman lost his left side wisdom teeth? About fifteen years ago, University of Iowa dentist told me that I need to extract my wisdom teeth. I said "I pull my wisdom teeth only if it is in bad condition." Dentist quickly told me that my wisdom teeth is in bad condition. Suddenly dentist let me know that my pull-teeth-condition is true. I still hesitate, reluctant to pull my wisdom teeth. I asked "Which wisdom teeth?" Dentist said "Left two wisdom teeth." <a name="TEETH034"> ***** I did not verify my wisdom teeth condition just trust dentist's words and signed paper to extract my left side two wisdom teeth. After I pulled my LEFT side wisdom teeth, fifteen years later my LEFT side first molar break. (my RIGHT side wisdom teeth still exist, my RIGHT side molars still serve their function.) <a name="TEETH035"> On 2003-03-06, I visit UCLA dentist, almost repeat same process. Dentist ask me to pull my right side wisdom teeth. I said only if it is bad teeth. Dentist replied "It is in bad shape" which satisfy my pull-teeth-condition again !! This time ***** I DID verify my wisdom teeth condition 2003-03-14-12-35 I put roasted peanut in between my right wisdom teeth, I can use wisdom teeth to chew food perfectly!! Immediately I wrote letter request UCLA dentist save my wisdom teeth. <a name="TEETH036"> The main point of this experience for you is that ***** NEVER USE THE UNCLEAR WORDS ***** I pull my wisdom teeth only if ***** it is in bad condition. ***** AS YOUR PULL-TEETH-CONDITION. Because dentist can satisfy your condition easily. If there is one filling in wisdom teeth, it can be said as "bad" teeth. Actually after one filling, it last more than ten years. Teeth can redo filling several times. If you choose better filling material, each filling may last longer. <a name="TEETH037"> ***** Pull your wisdom teeth only if wisdom teeth ***** give you tremendous pain, which is usually a ***** crack from middle. (center crack) ***** If wisdom teeth side surface chipped (side ***** crack), repair teeth, do not extract!! Oh !! My dear GOD !! Would you please let me re-grow my teeth #14, #16 and #17 ? Thank GOD. Freeman 2003-04-06-07-35 <a name="CRACK01"> 2003-04-21-07-27 start Crack from middle give you tremendous pain, Because tooth break to left half and right half. Two halves are NO LONGER A RIGID BODY, THEY HAVE RELATIVE MOTION, WHEN CHEW FOOD, BROKEN SURFACE SLIDE OVER NERVE, CAUSE TREMENDOUS PAIN. 2003-04-21-07-32 stop <a name="TEETH038"> 2003-04-13-17-39 start The following is a brief notes about extract wisdom teeth and its benefits/risks. You may want to read before make decision about your wisdom teeth. 2003-04-13-17-41 stop 2003-04-13-17-06 start scan THIRD MOLAR EXTRACTION NOTES UCLA Medical Center A Member of the UCLA Health Network INFORMED CONSENT INFORMATION THIRD MOLAR EXTRACTION You have decided to have an important procedure and we appreciate your selecting UCLA Healthcare to meet your needs. It is important to you and to us that you fully understand the risks, benefits and alternatives to the procedure you have planned. The purpose of this document is to provide written information regarding the risks, benefits and alternatives to this procedure. The information provided here is a supplement to the discussions you have had with our physicians and surgeons in preparation for the procedure. You should read this material and ask your doctors any questions you have before giving your consent. <a name="TEETH039"> The Procedure: The extraction of any or all third molar (wisdom) teeth is to be performed. Anesthesia can be local anesthesia, conscious sedation, deep sedation or general anesthesia. <a name="TEETH040"> Benefits You might receive the following benefits. The doctors Cannot guarantee you will receive any of these benefits. Only you can decide if the benefits are worth the risk. 1. Reduce pain 2. Eliminate infections 3. Prevent periodontal disease 4. Preserve adjacent teeth and bone <a name="TEETH041"> Risks Before undergoing one of these procedures, understand- ing the associated risks is essential. The following risks are well recognized, but there may also be risks not in- cluded in this list that are unforeseen by your doctors. 1. Pain 2. Bleeding 3. Swelling <a name="TEETH042"> 4. Infection 5. Facial discoloration or bruising 6. Muscular injury and stiffness <a name="TEETH043"> 7. Need for additional surgeries 8. Changes in temporomandibular joint function- temporary or permanent 9. Damage to or loss of adjacent teeth <a name="TEETH044"> 10. Periodontal defects at adjacent teeth 11. Sinus infections (upper teeth) 12. Sinus openings-temporary or permanent (upper teeth) <a name="TEETH045"> 13. Numbness of chin, lip, teeth or tongue with loss of taste-temporary or permanent (lower teeth) 14. Inflammation of veins from medications 15. Leaving root fragments in jaws <a name="TEETH046"> 16. Jaw fracture <a name="TEETH047"> Alternatives The alternatives to is procedure include: 1. No treatment 2. Extraction of less teeth than indicated 3. Other anesthetic alternatives Patient Signature: Liu, Hsin Han Date: 03/12/2003 2003-04-13-17-09 done scan THIRD MOLAR EXTRACTION NOTES 2003-04-13-17-34 done correction <a name="TEETH048"> 2003-04-14-14-41 start On 2003-04-01-09-15 UCLA extract-tooth doctor extracted my teeth #14. On 2003-04-08-09-00 revisit UCLA extract-tooth doctor. Doctor said my gum looks ok. I said I feel teeth number 13 is loose. Doctor checked and said tooth #13 is ok. Doctor told me to eat vitamin C two pieces every day for ten days, because ***** VITAMIN C HELP HEALING PROCESS. After I come back, I bought "Health Care Vitamin C 500 mg" 30 tablets. Enough for fifteen days. 2003-04-14-14-47 stop <a name="TEETH049"> 2003-04-27-16-36 start To KEEP wisdom teeth reason number 1 is [[ 1. wisdom teeth share 20% chewing load. If extract wisdom teeth, then increase load to other two pairs, shorten life to other two pairs. ]] It can be viewed from different point. Lets take city bus as an example. City bus (first molar) are designed to carry 50 passengers. If passenger exceed 50, then bus may get flat tire. Assume in average city bus carry 30 passenger in most trip. Now taxi driver are on strike. City bus load increase from 30 passenger to 40 passenger per trip. 40 passenger is still within its capability 50 passenger limit. Therefore increase load is not a big concern. Extract wisdom teeth is same as taxi driver strike. First molar increase load from 50% to 60% may exceed teeth load limit but may not exceed teeth load limit either. Freeman try to bring two side view to reader. To KEEP wisdom teeth reason number 2, 3, 4, 5 no second argument. 2003-04-27-16-47 here <a name="TEETH050"> Teeth event update 2003-04-16 went to UCLA dental clinic to clean teeth. Start from Western Dental two doctors to UCLA dental clinic four or five instructors (dental doctor) all of them suggest me to use dental bridge is the best choice for my case. Initially I intend to use removable fake teeth or not to build anything, purpose is to reduce load to teeth #13 and #15 (#14 extracted) and reluctant to remove healthy teeth (for bridge). Finally I accepted all doctor's suggestion to build bridge. 2003-04-17 went to UCLA dental clinic to take teeth impression, this is first step for bridge process. 2003-04-24 went to UCLA dental clinic to shape teeth #13 and #15, that is to remove healthy teeth!! <a name="TEETH051"> I asked doctor if it is possible to build teeth bridge without carve my healthy teeth? Doctor said: "In order to have enough strength, teeth bridge must have a minimum thickness. Space between teeth are limited, must remove teeth to make room for bridge." Healthy teeth removed at 1.5 mm on top and two sides of teeth #13 and #15. 2003-04-24 doctor build a temporary plastic bridge for me. The real bridge will be gold. UCLA charge $1275 for bridge. I asked my sister for help to pay it. <a name="TEETH052"> Temporary plastic bridge is perfect, left side fake teeth and right side real teeth are even in height. I can use left side teeth to break vitamin tablet. I do not have pain with my left side teeth. Only difference is that left side chewing loss a little bit food taste and when rinse mouth there is clear water flow impact under bridge. ***** 2003-04-24 received Western Dental's refund $232.00 2003-04-27-17-12 stop <a name="TEETH053"> 2003-04-30-07-09 Teeth event update. Why UCLA dentist suggest me to extract my wisdom teeth #1 and #32? First both #1 and #32 are repaired, have filling cover on top. Second dentist use probe to measure tooth-gum space depth, the reading is 6 mm. Normally should be 3mm to 5mm. Dentist said that 6mm depth trap food and not easy to clean. May cause future problem. But from my view point, natural teeth must have its function. My left side wisdom teeth extracted fifteen years ago, now left side tooth #14 broken. I highly suspect that extract left wisdom teeth cause #14 tooth broken. For my right side wisdom teeth, 6mm exceed 5mm just 1mm. I still prefer to keep natural teeth. All of my four wisdom teeth erupted normally, function normally. <a name="TEETH054"> 2003-04-28 I visited UCLA dental clinic. Morning dentist remove temporary plastic bridge, re-shape teeth #13 and #15 (#14 extracted), then take accurate impression for final gold bridge. Next is to adjust plastic bridge and put it back in place. Gold bridge takes about two weeks to make. Still re-use plastic bridge. Dentist add material under bridge to reduce space, so that the narrow space under bridge will not trap food easily. Morning work there are dentist and assistant both work together. Afternoon work there is dentist and NO assistant. Dentist one hand hold drill, other hand hold mirror. Assistant one hand hold water spray, other hand hold suction tube. When dentist drill, assistant spray water to cool down, to remove drilling generated heat quickly. 2003-04-28 afternoon work is to repair tooth #3. There are two locations on #3. First is top decay. remove old filling, remove decay, and then fill in new filling. Silver filling appears dark gray. Second repair is tooth #3 outer side surface near gum place, enamel was brushed away. Dentin expose to outside. When brush, feel very sensitive. Filling material has same color as white tooth. <a name="TEETH055"> The key point to record 2003-04-28 teeth event update is the following two points. 1. if drilling and NOT spray water, over heat may damage healthy tooth. The over heated healthy tooth may become future decay candidate. 2. the process to fill side with tooth-color material hurt my eye. <a name="TEETH056"> Detail is as following. Without assistant, dentist can drill and spray water at same time. The drilling head has three functions drill, spray water and light source. Without assistant dentist put suction tube on my mouth. I wide open mouth for long time and lip left corner skin become irritated. Suction tube just pass this pain point. Then I hand hold suction tube. It is possible to continue without assistant. 2003-04-24 and 2003-04-28 are two major drilling days. 98% of the time, dentist or assistant spray water. I remember twice I smell drilling smoke. That is no spray water. Over heat tooth cause smell. I suggest student dentist always spray water. He said only touch up short moment no spray water. <a name="TEETH057"> Above is drilling tooth must cool down immediately. Next is to fill side with tooth-color material hurt my eye. When fill side with tooth-color material, dentist use a gun-like tool to add material or to dry material (?) Before this process, dentist said: "Please close your eye". I closed my eye for long time, until dentist finish this process. I did not know why I must close my eye and I did not ask either. 2003-04-28 I wake up at 5:30, I must leave my room early to avoid rush hour. After this day's work, I come back to my room at 17:57. I was tired and goto sleep directly. (that is I did not look at mirror) Next day 2003-04-29 after eat, I brush my teeth, At 2003-04-29-10-30 I look at mirror. I was very surprise!! <a name="TEETH058"> My eye become red eye !! Only right eye, right to black eye circle (pupil). The white eye-white covered with big area blood !! Visible red area has at least half of the black pupil area. It is not covered red lines. It is solid red! I did not know the cause, immediately I feel must goto eye clinic to find out cause. I do not have money. Any spending I must ask my sister for permission 2003-04-29-10-33 I called my sister, told her what happen to me. I ask my sister if support me to go to UCLA eye clinic to check my eye. My sister suggest me this could be caused by dentist. She ask me to tell my dentist, I say ok, but at the same time I ask my sister call UCLA eye clinic to make appointment for me. My sister called, no opening in this week. 2003-04-29-10-51 I wrote a letter to my dentist. Main point is teeth appointment no longer free at any time, eye appointment is coming. 2003-04-29-11-36 send email to dentist. Up to here I still do not think dental process may cause eye problem. Afternoon 2003-04-29-15-00 I remembered yesterday (2003-04-28) afternoon, dentist start gun-like tool said "close your eye" At this moment 2003-04-29-15-00 I know what cause my red eye. Since I know cause, so I do not worry too much. Possibly gun-like tool generate smoke which irritated my eye. This is possibly a temporary trouble. It is "all right". My tooth #3 is at my right side. Dentist always sit at my right side work. Gun smoke passed my right eye. My right eye, right end got irritated. <a name="TEETH059"> Freeman suggest reader next two things (if you go to see dentist) 1. Please remind dentist always spray water to cool down the drilling point. 2. If reader need to repair tooth with gun-like tool. Ask dentist use a paper towel, fold twice then spray water on paper towel. Use wet paper towel to cover your eye. First water will seal paper towel and your eye. Second water will absorb gun smoke. These are small experience you can use when you need. 2003-04-30-08-37 stop <a name="TEETH060"> 2003-05-01-04-13 start I closed my eye, why I still get red eye? On 2003-04-28 afternoon, UCLA dentist said: "Close your eye", then start dental gun process to add tooth color material to my tooth #3. I closed my eye, why I still get red eye? I hope solve this puzzle. There are two possibilities. 1. smoke particle entered my eye from tear. 2. smoke particle entered my eye from air. On top of dental chair it has a big light toward my mouth and eye. Strong light let my eyes running small amount tear. Right eye right corner run tear to right ear. Left eye left corner run tear to left ear. I closed my eye, but right eye tear absorbed smoke particle and flow back to my eye, cause right eye right end eye-white covered with blood. Second possible reason is that I opened eye too early. Smoke particle entered my eye from air. If it is this case, then right eye whole eye-white should covered with blood. Actually it is not this result. So I guess it is tear absorbed smoke particle and cause red eye. The way to prevent is to cover eye with wet paper towel. 2003-05-01-04-26 stop. <a name="TEETH061"> 2003-05-01-04-27 start Tooth bridge or removable fake tooth? Fifteen years ago, University of Iowa dentist extracted my wisdom teeth #16 and #17. Now result my tooth #14 broken in 2002-Dec. my tooth #13 and #15 BOTH slightly mobile (loose) This result may be caused by wisdom teeth extraction, but may be not caused by wisdom teeth extraction. No way to prove. Tooth #14 was extracted on 2003-04-01. What to do? There are several choices <a name="TEETH062"> 1. to build bridge, remove top and side part of teeth #13 and #15 then put a bridge on top. 2. implant a fake tooth in #14 space, use screw to attach fake teeth to upper bone. This choice need big engineering. Lift sinus, make room for fake bone to strengthen real bone. Then screw fake tooth to composite bone. 3. Use removable fake tooth. 4. Not do anything, leave the space empty. Implant tooth has too complicate process, forget. Leave the space empty means never use left side to chew food. Not a good choice. Left two choices <a name="TEETH063"> Tooth bridge or removable fake tooth? All dentist suggest bridge. But I guessed that bridge will add more load to teeth #13 and #15. Initially I prefer removable fake tooth. But on 2003-04-16 UCLA dental school instructor strongly suggested bridge is better choice for my mobile #13 and #15 and removable fake tooth will ADD MORE LOAD TO REAL TEETH!! I try to figure out why? <a name="TEETH064"> Teeth are designed to transmit chewing load VERTICALLY to bone. No HORIZONTAL load. (no lateral load) (Circus actor bite at string end hanging in air, He exerts tremendous lateral force to his teeth. that is abusing his teeth !!) A teeth bridge transmit vertical load to bone. No excessive horizontal load to teeth #13 and #15. BUT a removable fake tooth, I must take it out every night to clean fake teeth. Next day morning put fake tooth in place to eat. <a name="TEETH065"> I EXERT HORIZONTAL FORCE TO TEETH #13 AND #15 EVERYDAY This practice (lateral bending force) will shake out teeth #13 and #15 much sooner. Lateral bending force break a pencil easily. Normal press or pull break a pencil very hard. Although opposite to my initial judgement, -- bridge add MORE load to two neighbor teeth (wrong) finally I accepted that bridge is the best choice -- bridge NO LATERAL LOAD to two neighbor teeth (right) (Western Dental never mention removable choice !!) 2003-05-01-05-02 stop <a name="TEETH066"> 2003-05-01-14-04 start The red area in my right eye gradually return to normal white. Outer red contour persist for long time. Center part return to white first. 2003-05-01-14-08 stop <a name="TEETH067"> 2003-05-07-15-36 start The red area in my right eye almost completely disappeared. Outer red contour near pupil persists for longer time. 2003-05-05 afternoon goto UCLA see dentist. I ask for the technique name for "dental gun" and name of tooth color repair material. They are "dental gun" optilux light cure unit name of tooth-color repair material herculite composite name of gray-color repair material (silver) amalgam Student doctor said that optilux light cure unit does not have smoke. optilux light cure unit emits light, this light hurt eye. If close eye, then no problem. Neither optilux light cure unit (dental gun) nor light on top of chair will cause red eye . If this is true, then reader should not ask your dentist to use wet paper towel to cover your eye. If this is true, then I shall really worry about my red eye ! Since cause is unknown ! About spray water during drilling teeth, dentist said, there are two kind drill, low speed and high speed. High speed drill spray water automatically. Low speed drill no need to spray water. For this case, reader should not ask your dentist to spray water during drill, since high speed drill spray water automatically. Low speed drill (polish?) no need to spray water. 2003-05-07-15-54 stop
<a name="FACT01"> 2003-04-06-08-22 start Dental Materials Fact Sheet 2003-04-06-09-05 stop 2003-04-12-12-42 start 2003-04-12-20-02 done Dental Materials Fact Sheet On 2003-02-19 I first visited UCLA dental school. UCLA dentist give me a "dental materials fact sheet". I input this paper here, reader may want to know the dental material comparison. Next line is the fact sheet contents. <a name="FACT02"> The following document is the Dental Board of California's Dental Materials Fact Sheet. The Department of Consumer Affairs has no position with respect to the language of this Dental Material Fact Sheet; and its linkage to the DCA website does not constitute an endorsement of the content of this document. The Dental Board of California Dental Materials Fact Sheet Adopted by the Board on October 17, 2001 <a name="FACT03"> As required by Chapter 801, Statutes of 1992, the Dental Board of California has prepared this fact sheet to summarize information on the most frequently used restorative dental materials. information on this fact sheet is intended to encourage discussion between the patient and dentist regarding the selection of dental materials best suited for the patient's dental needs. It is not intended to be a complete guide to dental materials science. <a name="FACT04"> The most frequently used materials in restorative dentistry are amalgam, composite resin, glass ionomer cement, resin-ionomer cement, porcelain ceramic), porcelain (fused-to-metal), gold alloys (noble) and nickel or cobalt-chrome (base-metal) alloys. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, benefits and risks. These and other relevant factors are compared in the attached matrix titled 'Comparisons of Restorative Dental Materials." A Glossary of Terms" is also attached to assist the reader in understanding the terms used. <a name="FACT05"> The statements made are supported by relevant, credible dental research published mainly between 1993 - 2001. In some cases, where contemporary research is sparse, we have indicated our best perceptions based upon information that predates 1993. The reader should be aware that the outcome of dental treatment or durability of a restoration is not solely a function of the material from which the restoration was made. The durability of any restoration is influenced by the dentist's technique when placing the restoration, the ancillary materials used in the procedure, and the patient's cooperation during the procedure. Following restoration of the teeth, the longevity of the restoration will be strongly influenced by the patient's compliance with dental hygiene and home care, their diet and chewing habits. <a name="FACT06"> Both the public and the dental profession are concerned about the safety of dental treatment and any potential health risks that might be associated with the materials used to restore the teeth. All materials commonly used (and listed in this fact sheet) have been shown - through laboratory and clinical research, as well as through extensive clinical use - to be safe and effective for the general population. The presence of these materials in the teeth does not cause adverse health problems for the majority of the population. There exist a diversity of various scientific opinions regarding the safety of mercury dental amalgams. The research literature in peer-reviewed scientific journals suggests that otherwise healthy women, children and diabetics are not at increased risk for exposure to mercury from dental amalgams. Although there are various opinions with regard to mercury risk in pregnancy, diabetes, and children, these opinions are not scientifically conclusive and therefore the dentist may want to discuss these opinions with their patients. There is no research evidence that suggests pregnant women, diabetics and children are at increased health risk from dental amalgam fillings in their mouth. A recent study reported in the JADA factors in a reduced tolerance (1/50th of the WHO safe limit) for exposure in calculating the amount of mercury that might be taken in from dental fillings. This level falls below the established safe limits for exposure to a low concentration of mercury or any other released component from a dental restorative material. Thus, while these sub-populations may be perceived to be at increased health risk from exposure to dental restorative materials, the scientific evidence does not support that claim. However, there are individuals who may be susceptible to sensitivity, allergic or adverse reactions to selected materials. As with all dental materials, the risks and benefits should be discussed with the patient, especially with those in susceptible populations. <a name="FACT07"> There are differences between dental materials and the individual elements or components that compose these materials. For example, dental amalgam filling material is composed mainly of mercury (43-54%) and varying percentages of silver, tin, and copper (46-57%). It should be noted that elemental mercury is listed on the Proposition 65 list of known toxins and carcinogens. Like all materials in our environment, each of these elements by themselves is toxic at some level of concentration if they are taken into the body. When they are mixed together, they react chemically to form a crystalline metal alloy. Small amounts of free mercury may be released from amalgam fillings over time and can be detected in bodily fluids and expired air. The important question is whether any free mercury is present in sufficient levels to pose a health risk. Toxicity of any substance is related to dose, and doses of mercury or any other element that may be released from dental amalgam fillings falls far below the established safe levels as stated in the 1999 US Health and Human Service Toxicological Profile for Mercury Update. <a name="FACT08"> All dental restorative materials (as well as all materials that we come in contact with in our daily life) have the potential to elicit allergic reactions in hypersensitive individuals.(note 1) These must be assessed on a case-by- case basis, and susceptible individuals should avoid contact with allergenic materials. Documented reports of allergic reactions to dental amalgam exist (usually manifested by transient skin rashes in individuals who have come into contact with the material), but they are atypical. Documented reports of toxicity to dental amalgam exist, but they are rare. There have been anecdotal reports of toxicity to dental amalgam and as with all dental material risks and benefits of dental amalgam should be discussed with the patient, especially with those in susceptible populations. <a name="FACT09"> Composite resins are the preferred alternative to amalgam in many cases. They have a long history of biocompatibility and safety. Composite resins are composed of a variety of complex inorganic and organic compounds, any of which might provoke allergic response in susceptible individuals. Reports of such sensitivity are atypical. However, there are individuals who may be susceptible to sensitivity, allergic or adverse reactions to composite resin restorations. The risks and benefits of all dental materials should be discussed with the patient, especially with those in susceptible populations. <a name="FACT10"> Other dental materials that have elicited significant concern among dentists are nickel-chromium-beryllium alloys used predominantly for crowns and bridges. Approximately 10% of the female population are alleged to be allergic to nickel. (note 2) The incidence of allergic response to dental restorations made from nickel alloys is surprisingly rare. However, when a patient has a positive history of confirmed nickel allergy, or when such hypersensitivity to dental restorations is suspected, alternative metal alloys may be used. Discussion with the patient of the risks and benefits of these materials is indicated. ------------------------- note 1 Dental Amalgam: A scientific review and recommended public health service strategy for research, education and regulation, Dept. of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, January 1993. note 2 Merck Index 1983. Tenth Edition, M Narsha Windhol z, (ed). ******************** ******************** <a name="FACT11"> Comparisons of direct restorative dental materials There are four materials and sixteen comparisons four materials are Amalgam Composite resin (direct and indirect restorations) Glass Ionomer Cement Resin Ionomer Cement ******************** Sixteen comparisons are next <a name="FACT12"> Comparative factor A01 General Description Amalgam Self-hardening mixture in varying percentages of a liquid mercury and silver-tin alloy powder. Composite resin Mixture of powdered glass and plastic resin. self-hardening or hardened by exposure to blue light. Glass Ionomer Cement Self-hardening mixture of glass and organic acid. Resin Ionomer Cement Mixture of glass and resin polymer and organic acid, self hardening by exposure to blue light. ***** <a name="FACT13"> Comparative factor A02 Principle Uses Amalgam Fillings; sometimes for replacing portions of broken teeth. Composite resin Fillings, inlays, veneers, partial and complete crowns; sometimes for replacing portions of broken teeth. Glass Ionomer Cement Small fillings; cementing metal & porcelain/metal crowns, liners, temporary restorations. Resin Ionomer Cement Small fillings; cementing metal & porcelain/metal crowns and liners. ***** <a name="FACT14"> Comparative factor A03 Resistance to Further Decay Amalgam High; self-sealing characteristic helps resist recurrent decay; but recurrent decay around amalgam is difficult to detect in its early stages. Composite resin Moderate; recurrent decay is easily detected in early stages. Glass Ionomer Cement Low-Moderate; some resistance to decay may be imparted through fluoride release. Resin Ionomer Cement Low-Moderate; some resistance to decay may be imparted through fluoride release. ***** <a name="FACT15"> Comparative factor A04 Estimated Durability (permanent teeth) Amalgam Durable Composite resin Strong, durable. Glass Ionomer Cement Non-stress bearing crown cement. Resin Ionomer Cement Non-stress bearing crown cement. ***** <a name="FACT16"> Comparative factor A05 Relative Amount of Tooth Preserved Amalgam Fair; Requires removal of healthy tooth to be mechanically retained; No adhesive bond of amalgam to the tooth. Composite resin Excellent; bonds adhesively to healthy enamel and dentin. Glass Ionomer Cement Excellent; bonds adhesively to healthy enamel and dentin. Resin Ionomer Cement Excellent; bonds adhesively to healthy enamel and dentin. ***** <a name="FACT17"> Comparative factor A06 Resistance to Surface Wear Amalgam Low Similar to dental enamel; brittle metal. Composite resin May wear slightly faster than dental enamel. Glass Ionomer Cement Poor in stress-bearing applications. Fair in non-stress bearing applications. Resin Ionomer Cement Poor in stress-bearing applications. Good in non-stress bearing applications. ***** <a name="FACT18"> Comparative factor A07 Resistance to Fracture Amalgam Amalgam may fracture under stress; tooth around filling may fracture before the amalgam does. Composite resin Good resistance to fracture. Glass Ionomer Cement Brittle; low resistance to fracture but not recommended for stress-bearing restorations. Resin Ionomer Cement Tougher than glass ionomer; recommended for stress-bearing restorations in adults. ***** <a name="FACT19"> Comparative factor A08 Resistance to Leakage Amalgam Good; self-sealing by surface corrosion; margins may chip over time. Composite resin Good if bonded to enamel; may show leakage over time when bonded to dentin; Does not corrode. Glass Ionomer Cement Moderate; tends to crack over time. Resin Ionomer Cement Good; adhesively bonds to resin, enamel, dentine/post-insertion expansion may help seal the margins. ***** <a name="FACT20"> Comparative factor A09 Resistance to Occlusal Stress Amalgam High; but lack of adhesion may weaken the remaining tooth. Composite resin Good to Excellent depending upon product used. Glass Ionomer Cement Poor; not recommended for stress-bearing restoration. Resin Ionomer Cement Moderate; not recommended to restore biting surfaces of adults; suitable for short-term primary teeth restorations. ***** <a name="FACT21"> Comparative factor A10 Toxicity Amalgam Generally safe; occasional allergic reactions to metal components. However amalgams contain mercury. Mercury in its elemental form is toxic and as such is listed on prop 65. Composite resin Concerns about trace chemical release are not supported by research studies. Safe; no known toxicity documented. Contains some compounds listed on prop 65. Glass Ionomer Cement Not known incompatibilities. Safe; no known toxicity documented. Resin Ionomer Cement Not known incompatibilities. Safe; no known toxicity documented. ***** <a name="FACT22"> Comparative factor A11 Allergic or Adverse Reactions Amalgam Rare; recommend that dentist evaluate patient to rule out metal allergies. Composite resin No documentation for allergic reactions was found. Glass Ionomer Cement No documentation for allergic reactions was found. Progressive roughening of the surface may predispose to plaque accumulation and periodontal disease. Resin Ionomer Cement No known documented allergic reactions; Surface may roughen slightly over time; predisposing to plaque accumulation and periodontal disease if the material contacts the gingival tissue. ***** <a name="FACT23"> Comparative factor A12 Susceptibility to Post Operative Sensitivity Amalgam Minimal; High thermal conductivity may promote temporary sensitivity to hot and cold; Contact with other metals may cause occasional and transient galvanic response. Composite resin Moderate; Material is sensitive to dentist's technique; Material shrinks slightly when hardened, and a poor seal may lead to bacterial leakage, recurrent decay and tooth hypersensitivity. Glass Ionomer Cement Low; material seals well and does not irrigate pulp. Resin Ionomer Cement Low; material seals well and does not irrigate pulp. ***** <a name="FACT24"> Comparative factor A13 Esthetics (Appearance) Amalgam Very poor. Not tooth colored; initially silver-gray, gets darker, becoming black as it corrodes. May stain teeth dark brown or black over time. Composite resin Excellent; often indistinguishable from natural tooth. Glass Ionomer Cement Good; tooth colored, varies in translucency. Resin Ionomer Cement Very good; more translucency than glass ionomer. ***** <a name="FACT25"> Comparative factor A14 Frequency of Repair or Replacement Amalgam Low; replacement is usually due to fracture of the filling or the surrounding tooth. Composite resin Low-Moderate; durable material hardens rapidly; some composite materials show more rapid wear than amalgam. Replacement is usually due to marginal leakage. Glass Ionomer Cement Moderate; Slowly dissolves in mouth; easily dislodged. Resin Ionomer Cement Moderate; more resistance to dissolving than glass ionomer, but less than composite resin. ***** <a name="FACT26"> Comparative factor A15 Relative Costs to Patient Amalgam Low, relative inexpensive; actual cost of filling depends upon their size. Composite resin Moderate; higher than amalgam fillings; actual cost of fillings depends upon their size; veneers & crown cost more. Glass Ionomer Cement Moderate ; similar to composite resin (not used for veneers and crowns). Resin Ionomer Cement Moderate ; similar to composite resin (not used for veneers and crowns). ***** <a name="FACT27"> Comparative factor A16 Number of Visits Required Amalgam Single visit (polishing may require a second visit) Composite resin Single visit for fillings; 2+ visits for indirect inlays, veneers and crowns. Glass Ionomer Cement Single visit. Resin Ionomer Cement Single visit. ******************** ******************** <a name="FACT28"> Comparisons of IN-direct restorative dental materials There are four materials and sixteen comparisons four materials are porcelain (ceramic) porcelain (fused-to-metal) Gold alloy Nickel or Cobalt-chrome (base material) alloys ******************** Sixteen comparisons are next <a name="FACT29"> Comparative factor B01 General Description porcelain (ceramic) Glass-like material formed into fillings and crowns using models of the prepared teeth. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Glass-like material that is "enameled" onto metal shells. Used for crowns and fixed-bridges. Gold alloy mixture of gold, copper and other metals used mainly for crowns and fixed bridges Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys mixture of nickel, chromium ***** <a name="FACT30"> Comparative factor B02 Principle Uses porcelain (ceramic) Inlays, veneers, crowns and fixed-bridges. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Crowns and fixed-bridges. Gold alloy Cast crowns and fixed bridges; some partial denture framework. Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Crowns and fixed bridges; most partial denture framework. ***** <a name="FACT31"> Comparative factor B03 Resistance to Further Decay porcelain (ceramic) Good, if the restoration fits well. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Good, if the restoration fits well. Gold alloy good if the restoration fits well. Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys good if the restoration fits well. ***** <a name="FACT32"> Comparative factor B04 Estimated Durability (permanent teeth) porcelain (ceramic) Moderate; Brittle material that may fracture under high biting forces. Not recommended for posterior (molar) teeth. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Very good. Less susceptible to fracture due to the metal substructure. Gold alloy Excellent. Does not fracture under stress; does not corrode in the mouth. Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Excellent. Does not fracture under stress; does not corrode in the mouth. ***** <a name="FACT33"> Comparative factor B05 Relative Amount of Tooth Preserved porcelain (ceramic) Good-Moderate. Little removal of natural tooth is necessary for veneers; more for crowns since strength is related to its bulk. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Moderate-High. More tooth must be removed to permit the metal to accompany the porcelain. Gold alloy Good A strong material that requires removal of a thin outside layer of the tooth. Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Good A strong material that requires removal of a thin outside layer of the tooth. ***** <a name="FACT34"> Comparative factor B06 Resistance to Surface Wear porcelain (ceramic) Resistance to surface wear; but abrasive to opposing teeth. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Resistant to surface wear; permits either metal or porcelain on the biting surface of crowns and bridges. Gold alloy Similar hardness to natural enamel; does not abrade opposing teeth. Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Harder than natural enamel but minimally abrasive to opposite natural teeth. does not fracture in bulk. ***** <a name="FACT35"> Comparative factor B07 Resistance to Fracture porcelain (ceramic) Poor resistance to fracture. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Porcelain may fracture. Gold alloy Does not fracture in bulk Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Does not fracture in bulk ***** <a name="FACT36"> Comparative factor B08 Resistance to Leakage porcelain (ceramic) Very good. Can be fabricated for very accurate fit of the margins of the crowns. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Good-very good depending upon design of the margins of the crowns. Gold alloy Very good - excellent, can be formed with great precision and can be tightly adapted to the tooth. Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Good - very good - stiffer than gold, less adaptable, but can be formed with great precision. ***** <a name="FACT37"> Comparative factor B09 Resistance to Occlusal Stress porcelain (ceramic) Moderate; brittle material susceptible to fracture under biting forces. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Very good. Metal substructure gives high resistance to fracture. Gold alloy Excellent Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Excellent ***** <a name="FACT38"> Comparative factor B10 Toxicity porcelain (ceramic) Excellent. No known adverse effects. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Very good to excellent. Occasional/rare allergy to metal alloys used. Gold alloy Excellent; Rare allergy to some alloys. Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Good; Nickel allergies are common among woman, although rarely manifested in dental restoration. ***** <a name="FACT39"> Comparative factor B11 Allergic or Adverse Reactions porcelain (ceramic) None porcelain (fused-to-metal) Rare. Occasional allergy to metal substructures. Gold alloy Rare; occasionally allergic reaction seen in susceptible individuals. Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Occasional; infrequent reactions to nickel. ***** <a name="FACT40"> Comparative factor B12 Susceptibility to Post Operative Sensitivity porcelain (ceramic) Not material dependent; does not conduct heat and cold well. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Not material dependent; does not conduct heat and cold well. Gold alloy Conducts heat and cold; may irritate sensitive teeth. Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Conducts heat and cold; may irritate sensitive teeth. ***** <a name="FACT41"> Comparative factor B13 Esthetics (Appearance) porcelain (ceramic) Excellent porcelain (fused-to-metal) Good to Excellent Gold alloy Poor, yellow metal Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Poor dark silver metal ***** <a name="FACT42"> Comparative factor B14 Frequency of Repair or Replacement porcelain (ceramic) Varies; depends upon biting forces; fractures of molar teeth are more likely than anterior teeth; porcelain fracture may often be repaired with composite resin. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Infrequent; porcelain fracture can often be repaired with composite resin. Gold alloy Infrequent; replacement is usually due to recurrent decay around margins. Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Infrequent; replacement is usually due to recurrent decay around margins. ***** <a name="FACT43"> Comparative factor B15 Relative Costs to Patient porcelain (ceramic) High; requires at least two office visits and laboratory services. porcelain (fused-to-metal) High; requires at least two office visits and laboratory services. Gold alloy High; requires at least two office visits and laboratory services. Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys High; requires at least two office visits and laboratory services. ***** <a name="FACT44"> Comparative factor B16 Number of Visits Required porcelain (ceramic) Two minimum; matching esthetics of teeth may require more visits. porcelain (fused-to-metal) Two minimum; matching esthetics of teeth may require more visits. Gold alloy Two minimum Nickel or Cobalt-chrome alloys Two minimum ******************** ******************** <a name="FACT45"> Glossary of Terms General Description - Brief statement of the composition and behavior of the dental material Principle Uses - The types of dental restorations that are made from this material. Resistance to further decay - The general ability of the material to prevent decay around it. <a name="FACT46"> Longevity/Durability - The probable -average length of time before the material will have to be replaced. (This will depend upon many factors unrelated to the material such as biting habits of the patient, their diet, the strength of their bite, oral hygiene, etc.) Conservation of Tooth Structure - A general measure of how much tooth needs to be removed in order to place and retain the material. <a name="FACT47"> Surface Wear/Fracture Resistance - A general measure of how well the material holds up over time under the forces of biting, grinding, clenching, etc. Marginal Integrity (Leakage) - An indication of the ability of the material to seal the interface between the restoration and the tooth, thereby helping to prevent sensitivity and new decay. Resistance to Occlusal Stress - The ability of the material to survive heavy biting forces over time. <a name="FACT48"> Biocompatibility - The effect, if any, of the material on the general overall health of the patient. Allergic or Adverse Reactions - Possible systemic or localized reactions of the skin, gums and other tissues to the material. Toxicity - An indication of the ability of the material to interfere with normal physiologic processes beyond the mouth. <a name="FACT49"> Susceptibility to Sensitivity - An indication of the probability that the restored teeth may be sensitive of stimujli (heat, cold, sweet, pressure) after the material is placed in them. Esthetics - An indication of the degree to which the material resembles natural teeth. Frequency of Repair or Replacement - An indication of the expected longevity of the restoration made from this material. <a name="FACT50"> Relative Cost - A qualitative indication of what one would pay for a restoration made from this material compared to all the rest. Number of Visits Required - How many times a patient would usually have to go to the dentist's office in order to get a restoration made from this material. Dental Amalgam - Filling material which is composed mainly of mercury (43-54%) and varying percentages of silver, tin, and copper (46-57%). 2003-04-12-20-02 done Dental Materials Fact Sheet <a name="MOVE01"> 2003-04-13-18-13 start On 2003-04-04 I start help my brother to pack things into boxes ready to move home to one hundred miles away. My online related work reduced. On 2003-04-11 moving company move everything out of town. On 2003-04-12 moving company move everything to new town. 2003-04-12 I stay in old town and do scanning work. On 2003-04-13 I and brother do final clean up work. On 2003-04-13-13-50 lock our 21 years old house door. My brother goto new town, I come back continue scan. If my brother find a new efficiency/one-bed-room apt. in new town, I will move too. I stay in old town for now. 2003-04-13-18-18 stop <a name="MOVE02"> 2003-05-02-11-51 start On 2003-05-02-11-35 I cook in kitchen, landlord come ask me when I will move out? I said my brother will let me know. When I face change landlord, the situation is very complicate. Today's landlord is Irish descendant. Freeman's 2001-Aug shock ended quietly. If Freeman's landlord were east Europe immigrant, then Freeman's 2001-Aug shock would have different result!! My brother's buy-house agent is a Ukraine immigrant. My brother ask me to move to new town. I must consider <a name="MOVE03"> 1. communist try to be Freeman's new landlord. 2. communist try to be Freeman's doctor. One event reveal what would the future look like. 2003-04-24-17-22 leave UCLA dental clinic second floor 2003-04-24-17-40 start my car, go back to where I live 2003-04-24-18-35 arrive hometown's used stuff store Salvation Army's family store. I stop my car, walk to store entrance, saw sign say close at 18:00, but now it is 18:35, store door is still open, one man stand behind the counter, I asked: "If you are open? Sign says close at 18:00!" He answered "Today I will open until seven o'clock." I walk in and look around. He also walk around and work. I did not find anything I want. About 2003-04-24-18-45 I walk to front door, no one is in the store. no one care register counter. That employee walk to other place to work. I yell loud: "Thank you, goodbye" and left. This store has in-store monitor TV system. <a name="MOVE04"> Why extend one hour? Why no other customer? Why the only employee walk away? What this arrangement expect me to do? If I walk out with one thing in hand and unpaid, what will happen??!! This 2003-04-24-empty-store-event reveal what would the future look like. Trap everywhere !! Just wait for chance to ruin Freeman's reputation !! OH !! WHAT A LIFE !!?? 2003-05-02-12-15 stop <a name="EXPERT01"> 2003-04-20-21-54 reference start Why should you extract your wisdom teeth? The following are expert opinion 2003-04-20-08-51-49 in search for extract wisdom 2003-04-20-08-54-50 [[ Wisdom teeth derive their name from the fact that they form in the late teen years, making them "older and wiser." In today's world, the softer diet and shorter jaw of modern humans have rendered wisdom teeth unnecessary. ..... ]] 2003-04-20-09-02-16 <a name="EXPERT02"> 2003-04-20-09-36-21 in search for keep your wisdom teeth 2003-04-20-09-38-01 2003-04-20-09-52-09 <a name="EXPERT03"> 2003-04-20-10-07-41 2003-04-20-10-09-59 <a name="EXPERT31"> Under what condition you can keep wisdom teeth? The following are expert opinion 2003-04-20-10-01-11 [[ ..... In my opinion, to be able to keep your wisdom teeth, the following three criteria MUST be met in order to maintain ultimate oral health: You MUST have room for the wisdom teeth to fully erupt into position. There must not be any gum over the top of these teeth. If there is, then there is always the potential for an infection. These teeth CANNOT interfere with the normal biting scheme of your other teeth. They must not "hit" first. You MUST keep them as clean as your other teeth even though they are harder to maintain because of their position. ..... ]] <a name="Mohshard"> 2003-04-18-15:30:57 in all the words search for "dental material hardness" [[ Advanced Search Results 1 - 10 of 36,411 Martindale's Health Science Guide: Dental Center ... Mohs' Hardness DENTAL MATERIALS DATABASE - M. Sherriff ... information see Dental Materials Conspectus ... DENTAL MATERIALS LECTURE - N.J. Ray ... ]] 2003-04-18-15:32:11 <a name="Mohstabl"> 2003-04-18-15:36:56 Mohs' Hardness [[ Mohs' Hardness A material's Mohs' hardness value indicates the materials resistance to scratching. Diamond has a maximum Mohs' hardness of 10. __________________________________________________________________ Material Mohs' hardness Ref. __________________________________________________________________ Abrasives Aluminum oxide 9 1 Boron carbide 9-10 1 Chalk (calcium carbonate) 3 1 Cuttlebone 7 238 Diamond 10 1 Garnet 6.5-7 1 Gypsum 2 1 Pumice 6 1 Quartz 7 1 Silicon carbide 9-10 1 Talc 1 1 Tungsten carbide 9 1 Zirconium silicate 7.5 1 Amalgam 4-5 238 Gold 2.5-3 1 Porcelain, feldspathic 6-7 238 Restorative materials Composite resin 5-7 238 Tooth structures Dentin 3-4 238 Enamel 5 238 __________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction to Biomaterials Properties | Biomaterials Properties Table Listing | References (1-100) | References (101-200) | References (201-244) | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Revised April, 1996 Biomaterials Properties Database, University of Michigan Contact: Dr William J. O'Brien, Director (FAX: 313-647-5293). Copyright Quintessence Publishing, 1996. ]] 1. Lide, D.R. (ed.) CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. 73rd ed., Boca Raton, Fla.: The Chemical Rubber Co., 1992- 1993. 238. C.M. Sturdevant, T.M. Roberson, H.O. Heyman and J.R. Sturdevant (eds.) The Art and Science of Operative Dentistry. St. Louis: Mosby, 1995. <a name="Brinell"> Brinell Hardness Number, BHN 2003-04-18-15:50:06 [[ The Brinell hardness test depends upon the resistance offered to the penetration of a steel ball (1.6 mm diameter) when subjected to a weight of 12.6 kg. The resulting hardness value is computed as the ratio of the applied load to the area of the indentation produced. ..... ]] 2003-04-20-22-18 reference stop <a name="TEETH068"> 2003-12-09-19-47 start Now I am updating this page (200109a2.htm) with new link. Here record the teeth bridge result. On 2003-05-16 Freeman went to UCLA to install metal bridge on teeth number 13, 14, 15. First month after install, I feel teeth stress (not pain) when I eat. Both upper (bridge) and bottom (natural teeth). After one or two month, slight disconfort is gone. I know my left side is fake teeth. When I eat I use right natural side more. In general, I will grade UCLA teeth bridge work with 99% to 100%. Great work. Thank you UCLA !! Thank you student doctor and Thank you all (several) instructors. Freeman 2003-12-09-19-56 <a name="TEETH069"> 2003-12-31-09-31 start "When I eat I use right natural side more" Because my teeth bridge supports, teeth number 13 and number 15 are BOTH slightly movable. I use natural side more often to avoid shake those bridge supports. 2003-12-31-09-34 stop
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