World Trade Center Analysis page three
Why World Trade Center building 7 collapse?

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Liu,Hsinhan consider 200109a3.htm is part of WTC analysis.
Goal: All United States become a big public tomb field,
Remote causes:     Yalta Conference  Marshall mediation
Immediately causes:  Yugoslavia bomb;   airplane collision
Trigger event:    Freeman 2001-08-15 mainland sign. 2004-02-06 update
Chinese communist carry out attack: BBC News   English   Analysis
Number two's strategy and Korean War. How #2 defeat #1?

United States is number one in terms of national strength. How can number two defeat number one? Please visit
Number two's strategy; Discuss Anti-U.S.A.

What event today is possibly future attack's "remote cause" ?

2004-June U.S. gbk sign working record

2004-June U.S. gbk sign contents
200109a2.htm#200406A (local) (online)

撞毀世界貿易中心之遠因及近因 第二頁(簡稱﹕世貿分析)

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Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack WTC?
Freeman to those who lost love ones in 2001-09-11 all attacks.
Close? Delete? OK, But please compare! 2003-05-07-14-37
If you want to ask Chinese communist, click here.
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Please download war paper
Please download "Where to set up the world capital?"
These two papers help you to understand World Trade Center attack.
These two papers help you to predict next attack more accurately.
Please download "Chinese mainlander hate U.S. index"
This curve explains why choose the date 2001-09-11 to attack.
Broad Love vs "world revolution" (in Chinese) 2003-07-11-08-22 add

WAR Paper, ORIginal page

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2013-08-31-17-08 start
from 2013-08-19-16-42
  to 2013-08-19-18-51 
Liu,Hsinhan watch video file 
UFOTV® Presents - 9 11  The Myth and The Reality - FREE Movie

After watch UFOTV, LiuHH think 
Why World Trade Center building 7 collapse?
After twelve days thinking, around 
2013-08-31-15-26, LiuHH figure out 
a reasonable explanation. That is 
<a name="20130831a02">
2001-09-11 World Trade Center attacker 
set up an observation site at building 
seven. U.S. counter strike. Therefore, 
building seven collapse. 
This is a wild guess. but reasonable. 
Certainly, reader can believe other 

<a name="20130831a03">
From 2013-08-19 to 2013-08-31, LiuHH 
main attention is move resident from 
Simi Valley CA to Gardena CA or to 
other city. 

2013-08-28-17-14 sister call LiuHH.
sister signed rent house agreement 
with landlordE. Sister got Lancaster 
house key. 

<a name="20130831a04">
2013-08-28-22-25 LandlordLJ ask 
LiuHH stay until 2013-09-01 to take 
care of her dog. Because landlordLJ 
will be out of town from 2013-08-30 
to 2013-09-01. LiuHH say OK.

2013-08-29 LiuHH intensive pack all 
book/belonging to box and move to 
first floor near entrance.

<a name="20130831a05">
2013-08-30 LiuHH and brother and 
sister-in-law and sister move 80% 
of LiuHH book/belonging to Lancaster 
2013-08-31 LiuHH and sister move 18% 
of LiuHH belonging to Lancaster 

<a name="20130831a06">
2013-09-01 LiuHH move out from Simi 
Valley resident 

Right now 2013-08-31-17-36 Liu,Hsinhan 
is at Simi Valley resident. It is last 
whole day in Simi Valley.
2013-08-31-17-45 stop

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2013-09-06-22-38 start 
update 2013-09-06 just change 
from "This a wild guess."
 to  "This is a wild guess."
from "Reader Certainly "
 to  "Certainly, reader "
Liu,Hsinhan moving record, please see
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