Binomial factorial, double factorial
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Because binomial, factorial, double factorial
are frequently used functions. Create a file 
for them.

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Find binomial, factorial, double factorial, summation factorial. 9808122120
2009-04-27-17-04 binomial(m,n)=m!/[n!*(m-n)!] ; m≧n ; 0!=1
binomial m , n = answer is here
m!=m!!*(m-1)!! ex. 7!=7!!*6!!=7*6*5*4*3*2*1
double factorial: odd 7!!=1*3*5*7 ; even 6!!=2*4*6
sum. fact. for 7=1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28
Please input a number in m box
Gamma function Γ(x)= =(x-1)!
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Use program to verify page 229 line 5 equation 9808071733 record
Sum k from k=0 to k=n. After whole range summation, answer has no k factor.
---page 229 line 5
width of above equation
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Next two boxes are program input parameters.
binomial n power = Please see page 229 line 5 eqn.
Someone proved that power≧3 no closed form sol. .
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Factors of sums of powers of binomial coefficients
by Neil J. Calkin (Clemson, S.C.)
save as binoSum0.pdf This file page 1 
(total 10 pages) say
It is possible to show (Wilf, personal 
communication, using techniques in [8])
that for 3≦ power ≦9 there is no closed
form for fn,b as a sum of a fixed number
of hypergeometric terms.
2009-08-19-21-01 LiuHH note:
In Neil J. Calkin paper, fn,b was written
as fn,a . LiuHH change 'a' to 'b' avoid
confuse with two following 'a'.
Please see page 229 line 5 left side 
expression. Change power '2' to 'a'
then it is same as fn,a 2009-08-19-21-11

Please see page 229 line 5 eqn. Power 2
change to 3 then no closed form solution, 
only numerical solution available.
2009-08-08-16-40 stop

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Binomial factorial, double factorial

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