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Why attack World Trade Center? What is remote cause? immediately cause? trigger event? Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center? Freeman to those who loss love ones in 2001-09-11 all attacks. United States !! Please do not make mistake TODAY !! 2002-10-17-11-35 How to let Freeman be silent? 2003-01-03-23-41. 2000-01-16-10-10 start Freeman's biography (draft) Thank you for visiting Freeman's web page. First time to write my (draft) biography was on 1998-07-11-17-05 in Chinese. My main purpose was to explain why I am "number two". Which would come in time for Freeman's newspaper adv. statement on 1998-07-15 at Los Angeles Sing Tao Newspaper (Chinese). Since in this statement I mentioned that to Expel Marx Lenin!! and Annihilate struggle! I am number two again. Please see 1998-07-15 statement (in Chinese) Please see Freeman's biography (draft) in Chinese or I wanted to write my (draft) biography in English for long time. But I spend my time to input Chinese history books. Now I finished five books, and start to write my biography in English. I will not translate from Chinese version. I write English version from my mind directly. The main story should be the same, but may add/short some details. Chinese history books in Chinese are listed at next URL or One thing important about Freeman's biography is that You may not understand the real reason which mastered Freeman's fate, and I will not point out the hidden reason. Because when I say something, it should be facts. Guess words the less the better, best no guess words. So, even you read Freeman's biography, you may not understand what is going on. If you want to know the hidden reason, it is better go to ask a Chinese. Best are those Chinese from Taiwan province and was born around 1950's. <A NAME="001"> I was born in 1948 in Hankou City. This is a big city at middle of Yangtze river in mainland China. 1948 is the period communist occupied mainland China. Communist advertise that it was "civil war". In fact, communist's occupation is a foreign invasion. The whole communist world work together to conquer Chinese mainland! My father and mother are both come from Szechuan (four river) province. Father served in Chinese Air Force communication branch. Mother was graduated from a normal school in home province. We can escape from communist disaster, the main reason is because my father served in the air force. I and parents moved to Taiwan province in 1949. First lived in Taichung (Taiwan Middle) City. My first memory was in Taichung. One day my mother took me (about two years old) to smoke meats (or to collect tree branch for smoke meat). I remember I saw a train move far far away, that moment, I wanted a toy train! I have one little brother and one little sister. My brother was born in Taichung City. He is thirty three month younger than me. About I was four years old, we moved to Hsinchu (means new bamboo) City. Hsinchu is at the middle point of Taichung City and Taipei (Taiwan north) City. My kindergarten time was in Hsinchu. My earliest picture is the kindergarten graduation. This picture may be lost. My sister was born in Hsinchu. She is fifty one month younger than me. The play ground in my Hsinchu home was near a small river, it is about five to ten meter wide. There is a small fall in the river. The fall is about one or two meters high. When I was about twenty five years old. One day I went back to Hsinchu. River and fall are still there. The village house still same as before. The only change is that I am not five years old any more. <A NAME="002"> At the age about six years old. We moved to Taipei City. My father said at that time, we had two choices. One is move to extreme south at Pindong county, the second is to move to Taipei, the biggest city in Taiwan. If we moved to Pindong, then what follows would be very different. In Taipei, at first, we lived in two places just for short time. At the age seven, we moved to Jian-Hwa village in Taipei city. Where we spend most of our life until we move out of Taiwan. Measured from my age, start from I was seven (go to first grade, 1955) to I was thirty (moved to the U.S. in 1978) I lived for twenty three years in Jian-Hwa village. Until I move from Iowa City to Los Angeles (1992 Oct. 28th), three or four days later, our Taipei home was finally "level to the ground". (a guest told me these words in 1993 April.) Jian-Hwa village is where I spend most of my time, so I should spend most of my pages for this period. The following abbreviate it as "Jian-Hwa". Jian-Hwa is a place about half mile north-south, and quarter mile east west. It is used for air force communication branch office and member's family home. This village has nearly rectangular shape at the intersection of two main roads in Taipei. (Hsinsen South Road and Hoping East Road). Our family lived at Jian-Hwa's south edge. One side of our home is air force office, the other side is non-air force, civilian home. The two civilian home right in front of our door are two National Assembly representative's home. The distance is just seven to ten meters away. One is Guo Rep. (Hu-Nan province), one is Yieh Rep. (Fu-Jian province). At that time, national leader was elected by National Assembly representatives. Around 1957 the space between our home and Guo, Yieh are farm land. I still remember farmer and cow till the land right in front of our window. One thing I want to mention, that is Yieh Rep. and Guo Rep. did not get along well. If this point is just between them self, I will never mention other's dark side. However, from following, you may find out that The fact "Yieh Rep. and Guo Rep. did not get along well" DO CHANGE MY FATE ! <A NAME="003"> My first grade first semester was in a private school, Tsai-Hsin Elementary School. My parents choose this school for me, the main reason is that I do not need to cross street. This private school and our home was in the same block. Start from first grade second semester, my parents send me to a nearby, public Lung-An Elementary School. I need to cross one main street, Hoping East Road. The change I guess is because, private school tuition is higher than public school. In Lung-An elementary school, I and neighbor Yieh's second son go to one class. For this reason, I visit Yieh family often. Start from my fourth grade, my brother need to go to school too. My parents send both of us to go to air force member's children school. Lung-An student are all near by resident. Air force children school take care all greater Taipei area air force member's children. So we took school bus to go to school everyday. Our home is isolated from Jian-Hwa village main society. Only from fourth grade to six grade I go through Jian-Hwa and wait school bus at the north end of village entrance. Usually Air force children school's graduation did not provide classmate graduation book. But I am lucky, I and that time's air force commander's daughter were in same year. (but different class, and I never know her) Only that year, air force children school printed graduation book. After graduate from elementary school. Student took entrance exam to determine which middle school to go. My exam result was to go to Ch'eng Yuan middle school. To go to this school, I must cross the whole Taipei city, there is no school bus, even worse, it was night school. At the same time, I took private school entrance exam. The result was Ch'iang-Su Middle School (day time). My seventh grade was in Ch'iang-Su. Ch'iang-Su period, I and Yieh go to one class again. At the same time I and Ch'iang-Su principal's second son were in same class. During that time, neighbor mother-Guo come to visit us often. Mother-Guo suggest my parents and me to quit Ch'iang-Su (private school), took Chien-Guo (public) school change-school exam to go to eighth grade directly. I followed mother-Guo's suggestion. Quit Ch'iang-Su after seventh grade finished. Went to a private tutoring class she suggested. Studied two month. Took Chien-Guo school's change-school exam. I was success and change to Chien-Guo school. Chien-Guo Middle School is not very far from my home. I can took city bus, or riding bicycle to go to school. Another plus was that Chien-Guo Middle School is top level middle school in Taiwan. I want to point out that eighth and ninth grade I was in Chien-Guo Junior Middle School's night school. After ninth grade, all student take entrance exam again. From tenth to twelfth, I was in Chien-Guo Senior Middle School's regular day school. <A NAME="004"> This change school occurred in my seventh to eighth grade, which is 1961 summer. This change school, changed my life too. I got better opportunity to go to college education. Why mother Guo come help me? If we (my parents) did favor to Guo, then Guo come to help, that is easy to figure out. If we did harm to Guo, Guo come to damage, that is also easy to figure out. But around 1961 we did not do anything special to Guo, why mother Guo come help me? This is the most-difficult-to-find-out hidden story. I figured it out in 1980's. All necessary material are here. In Chien-Guo Senior High period, about 1964. My father already retire from air force and got a job in Taiwan Power Company. My father need the empty land in front of our home and to build one more room. This room may block Guo Rep.'s kitchen window. My father insist, Guo opposite. Finally, my father went to court house to sue Guo. Because that empty land did not belong to Guo, but Guo come to stop. One day, father come back and complain that Guo Rep. used National Assembly's letter head, wrote a letter to father's office chief. My father's supervisor told father that National Assembly is an important office and do not look for trouble. My father then went to court house to withdraw the sue case. Since then, my father went to country side to construct electrical power supply line with worker often. In Chien-Guo Senior High period, I study hard, beside regular school class, I went to a private supplementary class to study more. This class is also named Chien-Guo, but not relate with the regular high school. In high school, all student need to choose a category, science- engineering or literature or doctor-medicine etc. I choose science-engineering. In 1966 July first week, all student took college entrance exam. For science - eng. a student can fill in about one hundred school/department that he like to go. My father told me, not to write any physics-math- chemistry department. Fill in only electrical - electronic department. I asked my father allow me to add mechanical engineering departments. Father agreed. At that time, electrical engineering department require more score to get in than mechanical engineering department. Finally I fill in only nineteen school/departments. For Cheng-Kung University, I fill in electrical eng. and mechanical engineering two departments. The result of 1966 Taiwan college entrance exam, I got Cheng-Kung University, mechanical engineering department admission. My exam result is as following <A NAME="005"> Total points: 417 Three Principles of the People 38 (max possible 100) Chinese 53 English 67 Physics 79 Chemistry 84 Mathematics 77 Math. additional points. 19 (higher weight for math) Three Principles of the People 38 ??!! impossible !! It should be 83 !! I studied both Chien-Guo and First Girl's High School Three Principles of the People text books. I can almost memorize every word in these two books. I applied for recheck my exam paper. Report is the same. No change ! Go to Cheng-Kung University ! (Cheng-Kung means success, accomplish, Cheng-Kung University is in Tainan City, southern part of Taiwan.) In 1980's period, one day I suddenly realize this 38 is ** GUESS ** an accurate adjust, its purpose is to send me to ** GUESS ** most far away school, Cheng-Kung University, south of Taiwan ** GUESS ** the last department, mechanical eng, not electrical eng. ** GUESS ** the last one in class, Cheng-Kung M.E. minimum 417 point. ** GUESS ** In Cheng-Kung University period, first three years my average grade was around 70 (max. 100, good 80+, pass 60). My first year grade was very poor. My father wanted me to study in any college in Taipei. So my father insist that I took both next year college entrance exam (loss one year), and change school exam (keep pace to 2nd year in another school). Plus I need prepare regular freshman class. Last year in Cheng-Kung University, my grade was 80 for both spring and fall semesters. At first year in university, one day I was in chemistry building. One student come to me, he told me "Cheng-Kung University educate people to serve domestic. Taiwan University educate people to study aboard. So Taiwan University give student sweet grade, Cheng-Kung University give student tight grade." That moment another student stand next to me. What he mean? He predict that I will get 70 grade through out my four year ** GUESS ** in Cheng-Kung University! ** GUESS ** <A NAME="006"> Around 1966 (freshman) or 1967 (sophomore), I meet Miss Yen. I and Yen stay close for about seven years. She live in Taipei and study in Taipei. Yen's native place is Fu-Jian province. Yen's family is just common level. Her brother is a barber. My father did not really like her. My mother and Yen get along well. My father worked in Taiwan Power Company. His job was communication. He went out of town often. About 1969, father got a different job in Taiwan Power Company. His new job was Nationalist Party clerk in Taiwan Power Company, power distribution department. There are many Szechuan native Chinese live in Taiwan province. One of them is uncle Mao. He is older than father and mother. So both parents consider Uncle Mao as "big- brother". I visit uncle Mao often. In the year 1969 fall, my fourth year first semester. My father and uncle Mao both urge me to join Nationalist Party. They said if I want to go aboard or to get a better job, to join Nationalist Party can help. Under their pressure I send an application form to join Nationalist Party. I have chance to do so in high school, I received application form first day I come to Cheng-Kung University. I did not apply before. Because I am not interested to go to a political party. Most people who join the party, they did in freshman time. Only me join at the last year in university. This is one event in my university senior year. Second important event in my university senior year was that at the end of 1969, last winter vacation in university. I was in Taipei home. Father and mother quarrel and fight most seriously in my life time. Only this time, mother, me, brother and sister consider to leave home. During this quarrel period, several neighbor come to mediate. My mother say bad words about my father, "mediator" ask any question, my mother answered. What is the picture of my father side? I did not see, but I can guess, same thing. In father's ** GUESS ** office, another team "mediator" ask my father questions, ** GUESS ** father say bad word about mother. So, after this big fight, ** GUESS ** "mediator" knows every detail about my family. ** GUESS ** <A NAME="007"> Above are two special event in my university senior year. Plus I got 80 grade in my senior year. These are event worth to pay attention. After graduation. I serve in military as law required. I served in navy. Not work on warship. I worked in Pong-Hu second navy ship yard for one year. Ship yard selected about twenty employee to form a singing team. I was selected. After exercise several month. Our singing team went to Taipei TV station to sing "Blue Sky White Cloud". After one year in Pong-Hu. I finished military service. My father found a job for me. Uncle Lu worked in a superintendence company. Inspect merchandise quality. I went to Uncle Lu office to work with him. Here, I stay about four and half years, from Oct. 1971 to Feb. 1976. About 1971, my father's office has a barber room. The barber work there "happen to be" Fu-Jian province native. They did not get along well with my father. Finally, my father even hate Fu-Jian province barber. What is the result? Miss Yen's brother is another Fu-Jian province barber. So Taiwan Power Co.'s barber room changed father's attitude to Yen. My father resist Yen in many ways. I have to "steal" time to meet Yen. (not telling parents that I went to meet Yen.) My father want to introduce other girls to me, he think they are "better" choice. But I did not want to meet other girls. Eventually, about 1974, one day my father told me that he agree to let me and Yen to marry. But my father insist after marriage, I and Yen live with my parents. On the other hand, Miss Yen insist that after marriage, we live at another place, (not to live with my parents). These two opposite insist let me impossible to do any thing. I and my father's relation is natural. One day Yen call me, I told her good-by. I and Yen break away under my father's "agree". After one year in 1975 I paid attention to Miss Chang. Chang's father is a high rank officer in military. My father indicated agree Chang long time ago. At the time I start to meet Chang, her office mate Mr. Ai invite Chang too. Because Chang and Ai are in same office. They meet everyday. Chang told me her mother prefer Ai too. That means I got no chance. From April 1976 to May 1977 I went to Palau to work. Palau is an island in south western Pacific ocean. Even in Palau, I called long distance phone to talk to Chang. Finally, it is useless. I can not get Chang's attention. <A NAME="008"> At the beginning of 1975, my father meet uncle Yu. Yu worked in Taiwan Power Co before. Now Yu retired and doing his own business -- selling merchandise to Pacific Islands. My father told me to go with Yu to Pacific Islands. About Feb. or March 1975, my father told me to ask for two month vacation to my supervisor in superintendence company. But what reason? I can not say I want to go to Pacific islands. My father come again, give a paper to me, which is Nationalist Party's order to me for a two month training. Who issued this order? My father said this is his idea. The order is fake. He worked in Taiwan Power Co. Nationalist Party office. My father is the chief there. He made this party order so it is easy to got permission from my supervisor. Father and uncle Lu are good friend. Father told Lu everything, and asked Lu to take the fake order back after my request is approved. Uncle Lu agreed. I got two month vacation. From April to June 1975, I follow uncle Yu to go to Pacific Islands. Main point is to go to Palau to meet my-boss-to-be. Next year, Feb. 1976 I quit job in superintendence company. From April 1976 to May 1977 I went to Palau to work in a supermarket. Ten years later (around 1986) I think why I go to Palau? There are two things related with Taiwan. First, a Taiwan resident Mr. Lin served in Japanese army, came to Palau, and Japan lost the war, Mr. Lin stay in Palau for long time. Someone told me Mr. Lin's living place. I go visit him several times. March 1977 there is a Taiwan newspaper reporter went to Palau to visit Mr. Lin. About April. 1977 I send Mr. Lin to airport. He went home, in Pong-Hu, one of Taiwan's county. Second, a Taiwan fishing boat invaded Palau's water and was captured. I go visit them and help them to write report in English. This fishing boat was released not too long before I leave Palau. So I asked them to ship some of my heavy stuff back to Taiwan. These two event happened when I was in Palau. They worth to take more think. <A NAME="009"> On May 15 1977 I left Palau. I am not sure I will have other chance to go aboard. So I went to Los Angeles first to see mother-Lu. Several years ago, during uncle Lu and mother Lu's difficult time, my parents helped them. So uncle Lu and mother Lu both treat me as a family member. I hoped to stay, better to study. But I did not see a chance. I went to Canada, Vancouver to visit a class mate, then come back to Los Angeles. Next fly to Japan, June 15 1977 arrived Tokyo, stayed for few days. June 24 1977 fly to Korea, visited south-north meeting room. On June 28 1977 I come back to Taiwan. I spend all money I saved in Palau. After I come back to Taiwan, I have no job. That time my father and three other Szechuan fellows together bought a land next to ocean, near Taichung port. My father has 60% or even 70% share, Uncle Chai, uncle Wu and uncle Lee have only small portion. Uncle Chai live close to the land we bought, and uncle Chai was the local police chief that time. We rent this land to uncle Feng and mother Shih. They dig several ponds to raise fish. My father send me to this land as land owner's representative. I do not have other thing to do, I helped uncle Feng and mother Shih. Most time I worked with mother Shih. If there is argument between land owner and tenant. That is uncle Chai and uncle Feng's business. I never involve and I work as one team member. I lived on this land for about six month. Not too long After I went back to Taipei. I heard uncle Feng died due to illness. Then two month later uncle Chai died too. This land was sold around 1978. The money we got should divide to four land owner according to the initial share we have. But uncle Chai asked father for more share, because he lived near the land and carry out father's opinion. Father agreed. This create big trouble. Because uncle Wu and uncle Lee both think they have contribution and ask for more share. My father did not agree with Wu and Lee. My brother married in 1976. His wife's parents also come from same province and same county as our parents. Her father, uncle Chang, and uncle Wu are good friends. My sister in law call uncle Wu as "foster father". Uncle Chang support uncle Wu. Under this situation, my father and sister-in-law's father (Chang) relation become very bad. After uncle Chai died, under Wu and Lee's pressure, my father changed mind, did not want to give Chai extra share. This made my father become a target among Szechuan fellows in Taiwan. <A NAME="010"> So, start from a cheap land opportunity, my father's human relation was ruined. My father, my mother quarrel, my parents and sister-in-law's parents quarrel, my father and Szechuan fellow quarrel. why should XXXX bring these to my family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ** Guess ** Above mentioned "my father changed mind, did not want to give Chai extra share." is from a fact, around 1981 I was in the University of Iowa, my father wrote a letter to me ask me to write a letter to mother Chai, state that I need money. I wrote a letter as he said, mailed to mother Chai and mail a copy to my father. 2000-01-16-21-50 stop 2000-01-17-10-41 start. My brother married in 1976. At the end of 1976, my mother, my brother and my sister-in-law went to Bolivia, later went to Paraguay. At the beginning of 1978, they moved to the U.S. On Aug. 1 1978 I and my sister went to the U.S. Around 1988, my father went to the U.S. After I come back from the seaside land in 1978. I still do not have job. My father seems just let me stay in that way. Besides, also give me big pressure. I remember one day, I wrote a letter with red ink to my mother in South America. I state all the unreasonable pressure around me. I did not receive any reply. But few month later, my father changed his mind, allow me and my sister to go to U.S. During 1977 and 1978, my father's office has a "subordinate" LeeFu (LeeFu is partial of his name, I use LeeFu, but not use Lee, that is to distinguish from other Lee showed up in this paper.) From father's talk, almost any thing LeeFu said, father followed !! One thing worth mention. LeeFu has a foster daughter. My father talked about LeeFu's foster daughter very often. But my father never ask me to meet her, and I never say a word about it. Two month before I went to U.S. LeeFu married his "foster daughter" I never know if there is any hidden story. I just mention the fact happened. <A NAME="011"> Although my father did not push me to meet this "subordinate" "foster daughter". But before 1978 when I was in Taiwan, and after 1978 when I was in the U.S. my father pushed me to meet those girls he think she can help me. In Taiwan, at least one time my father bring me to visit one of his friend, I just say hi to his daughter. Nothing follows. That girl, her father and me are all slow, inactive. After I come to the U.S. my father strongly push me to meet mother Lu's third daughter. I did not do anything. From what I understand, I can say that before 1974 (when I and Yen break) my father's suggestion are all from his own idea. After 1974, some are from his own idea. After 1978 (I went to U.S.) most of my father's suggestion (to meet girl) are questionable. Why I spend more page talk about my father's suggestion to meet girl? In fact start from 1969 until now (2000), ** guess ** my marriage is XXXX's major concern !!! ** guess ** I try to write my biography using only facts, things happened before. But about the hidden intention. I can not mention it, because I do not have any thing to prove. When I mention something float in the air (no evidence), I mark ** guess **. Review my history, I do not have chance to link to a powerful group, such as military, intelligence, security offices. One thing happened about linking me and military, but it was broken one year later. One thing happened about linking me and intelligence, it was broken immediately. About 1974, My brother, took university entrance exam. he got an admission even far then what I got. From Taipei (where we live) to Tainan (where I study), the distance is about 200 kilometer. From Taipei to Ping-Dong (where my brother got admission) is 250 to 280 kilometer. He give up this chance. My brother took military school entrance exam. He got military science and technology university admission. It is just about 50 kilometer away. My brother go to school, registered and studied for two semesters. Then, my father come again, father told brother not to go to military school. Told brother to get poor grade. So after one year, my brother dropped from military school. (My brother insist that to drop out is his own idea, but from my memory, father did urge brother to drop out.) After I stop to meet Miss Yen. One year later, I try to invite Miss Chang. Chang worked in government intelligence office. Mr. Ai stand out. It was a clear cut. I got no chance. <A NAME="012"> Here I just point out two things, My possible link with military (through my brother) was broken. (my brother drop out of military school) My possible link to intelligence office (Miss Chang) was cut off. On Aug. 1 1978 I and my sister come to the U.S. I went to Woodbridge, Virginia to my mother, brother and sister-in-law place. My sister went to Houston Texas to study. I and brother worked in a Chinese gift shop and an ice cream store in Tyson's Corner shopping center. Few month later, move to Vienna, Virginia, which is close to Tyson's Corner. During 1978 end and 1979 beginning. I have chance to meet Miss AA (I hide her name, AA is a substitute name) AA come from Taiwan, single, few years younger than me. AA come to meet my mother. I would say, my mother like Yen better. Last time meet AA, she said she want to marry to one who has (American) university degree. This requirement rule me out of consideration. I stopped to meet AA. During Vienna time. One day two visitor come to our place and live for four or five days. They come from Taiwan. One is aunt, one is niece. Niece is single. But that time I did not pay attention to them. If I show interest to the niece, five days later, they still go back to Taiwan. Woodbridge time was about two or three month, Vienna time was about six or seven month. Both are very close to Washington D.C. Next, my brother decide move to New York. We lived in Belleville, New Jersey. This place is close to New York. During this period, I and my brother went to flea market to sell. Every weekend we get up at 4:00 AM. Drive to flea market. Afternoon come back. The work was exhaustive. In 1979 I took TOFEL and GRE exam. Apply for higher education. I got University of Iowa, mechanical engineering department admission. Around Jan 10 1980 I arrived Univ. of Iowa. I wanted to continue study after graduate from Cheng-Kung University. But my father control every thing. He say no, then that is no chance. I want to study, this has nothing to do with miss AA. If I did not meet AA, I still want to continue study. <A NAME="013"> 1980, I moved to Iowa City, Iowa. Some time around 1980 and 1981, my brother, mother, sister-in-law moved to Los Angeles. That time, my sister is still in Texas. To study for master degree or doctor degree, usually takes two to four years. I stayed in University of Iowa from 1980 to 1990. Got master degree in 1983. Speak from academic point of view, I have no achievement. Speak from my marriage point of view, this period (1980's) wake me up. I was anxious about my marriage in my 30's, which is Iowa period. I hope to find a wife. The place there are more Chinese girl was Iowa City Chinese bible study group. I do not take any religion, but I still go to bible study. When talk about religious topic, I did not yield to those believer. Everybody knows that I go to bible study is not for religious reason. What else? Find a wife !! I paid attention to miss Sen. Sen is from Taiwan. But Sen keep distance from me. From 1981 to 1982 I put Chinese national flag on my wall. One day Sen and one of her friend (female too) come to my room, and saw the flag on the wall. I am not sure the hanging flag on the wall will attract Sen or repulse Sen. She always keep distance from me. At her graduation time, I prepared a small gift, a pen, to her. One day I meet Sen on the street, I give the graduation gift to Sen. She refused and said "No work, no pay". (in Chinese 無功不受祿 ) From 1980 to 1983, I eat in school dorm. dinning room. There are many Chinese girls from Taiwan work there to serve food. There are also many Chinese girls eat there. So I have chance to talk to them. The beginning of one semester, suddenly the dinning room picture become very different. All Chinese girls disappear! I do not even have chance to look at them!! About 1981, I have chance to meet a Chinese girl. Miss Lan. She come from mainland, native of Fu-Jian province, grow up in Shanghai. I go to her place to get People Daily (mainland newspaper). One day she ask me for help about computer. I helped her. Few days later, Lan told me "Another person told me a better method than yours." Other person helped Lan, let my method appears inferior. What can I do? Another event. One day Lan complain to me, she said "Why other call my phone number but look for you? What is the matter?!" I do not know any thing about this. Who called? I do not know. Why? I do not know. In 1983, Lan married with Mr. Wu. <A NAME="014"> From June 9 1980 to Aug. 1 1981 I live at 221 Church Street, Iowa City. For few month, my neighbor was Miss Hung. A teacher from mainland. elder than me. In 1982 or 1983, one day I went to Lan's place. Hung happen to be there. That moment, Hung looked at me with uneasy face. Why? I do not know. What Hung will say about me to Lan? I do not know. The last girl I tried was in Iowa City bible study, Miss Sun. About in 1983, I visited her once. Then come to my stop point. I realized, the hidden hands is playing around. ** guess ** Anything I do must fail. ** guess ** Why should I waste Sun's time? Above are girls I attempt to know more, but failed. Following is the opposite. Girls come to me and failed. After university dorm. dinning room Chinese girls suddenly all gone. Continuous for three semester, each semester I have chance to meet one Chinese girl. But they did not got my attention. Although these three girls did not know each other, but they have one thing in common mysteriously. All of them planned to go to Taiwan at the end of that semester. If I showed interest to any one of them. What would she do in Taiwan? In 1981, there is a Taiwan student come to same mechanical engineering department and same advisor. After talk, I know he is Miss AA's elder brother. (abbreviate Mr. AA) Mr. AA urge me to write to his sister, miss AA. I did so. 1982 summer, I went to Miss AA's place in Cupertino, California. She arranged and let me to live in a Chinese family's home for about two weeks. (I stay two weeks, family husband stay in home for two weeks too.) During this two weeks, I visit AA everyday. First of all, AA ask me how much money I bring with me. I said the real number. (few hundreds dollars). When we go out for dinner or movie. I pay for both, that is what it should be. One day AA show me a personal check she received. She ask to get cash from me. She said she worried about this check, so she want to cash from me. I come from Iowa City which is thousand mile away from Cupertino. If this check give me trouble, how can I go to thousand miles away argue with the one who signed this check? I did not say a word. Next day, we went to a supermarket. She buy food, but short few dollars. I take out a twenty dollar bill. She did not give the change back to me. Of course, this is not a big concern. But combine with other event, it is enough to draw a picture. Another day, AA told me her car has trouble, need to repair. If I pay for her car repair. All of my money can go to car garage's pocket at one time. I keep silent again. If I exhausted all of my money, and rely upon her money for living. What is going to be?! <A NAME="015"> One day AA took me to a near by college library. When we both sit and read. She said to me "That person over there is my friend. You go to him and say Hi." This is a strange request. I do not know that person at all. Why should I go to him say Hi. I did not move. AA showed slightly unhappy. Accumulate everything, I am not happy either. After two weeks I left Cupertino. I feel AA did not real like me. Why?! 1982 winter, I was in Iowa City. Chinese bible study's Mr. Hao and Miss Wang married, move out of town. The place they go is Cupertino, California. 1983 July, I go to Cupertino to visit Miss AA again. Next day is Sunday. Sunday morning, AA said she want to go to church, she ask me if I want to go too. I said no. She left. I feel very very very uneasy. AA never go to church before, at least I never know. Now AA go to church, Hao and Wang also go to church. And Hao, Wang are in Cupertino !! What AA will say to Hao and Wang about me?? Boy friend?! If so, then I loss the chance to meet all Iowa City's Chinese girls. When I think to this point, immediate I leave a message to AA. Took bus left Cupertino before AA come to see me. My brother told me that Miss AA married in Virginia then divorced. The strongest push, is from my father about uncle Lu's third daughter. My father send many letter to me told me to write to mother Lu, show interest to her third daughter. That time I was in deep thought about everything happened before. I feel there are other power behind Miss Lu. I did not send mail to Lu's family. One day, my father said strange word to me. He said "Lu (3rd daughter) is young, if she has boy friend, that is normal. You hurry up ..... " Another day, another strange words. My father said "To get a beautiful wife, even you put her in home, just look at her. That is still a pleasure thing." Is that right? a wife is just for putting in home and look at her everyday???!!! Miss Chang (the girl I tried hard and failed) married in Taipei (not with Mr. Ai). Then divorced. My father recommend the divorced Chang and said strange words "Normally we parents do not allow children to marry a divorced woman. But now I allow you to marry divorced Chang, which is very hard to get. ..... " <A NAME="016"> Next talk about regular friends. I would like to know more about mainland China. I am not sure if the news I read from Taiwan newspaper is hundred per cent correct. The best way is to talk to mainland student. For this reason, I visited mainland student often. In 1980, there is a mainland student Mr. Gu come to where I live. Gu major in Physics. From Gu, I know two other mainland student, Mr. Sun and Mr. Ma. They are physics major too. I meet them often, but weird and unhappy thing happened. Gu's wife come to meet Gu few month after Gu arrived Iowa City. Gu and wife get along well at first. Gradually, Gu and wife quarrel!! At first I did not pay attention to their family business. One year later Gu and wife move to College Station Texas, Texas A & M University. Gu write to me, one word is as following "I just can not understand those Taiwan wives intention. Those Taiwan wives talk to my wife, and made my wife against me. ..... " Do I need any more words?? NO !! I try to stay away from mainland student, of course, stay away from Taiwan student FIRST !! Mr. Sun's wife come to Iowa City. Mr. Ma and Miss Hsiao got married in Iowa City. Hsiao also come from four river province. Gu's case can be immediately applied to Sun and Ma's two families through Iowa City's "Taiwan wives". I do not want to bother Sun and Ma families. I just stop visit them. Keep distance, if meet them. From Sun and Ma's point of view, I behave very strange. Suddenly I become an alien. What can I say to them? What evidence can I show to them? I can not say any word!! I just do not want Gu's fate go to Sun and Ma's family. <A NAME="017"> 1991 Jan. or Feb. every resident of 115 Market Street Iowa City received a registered mail, from property management office. Letter indicate that 115 Market Street will be torn down in June, change to parking lot. Everyone must move out before June. In 1991 I did not register to any class. When I talk to my brother and sister on the phone, they ask me to move to California. I did not do so. Because I already know, where I go, where is XXXX's focus ** guess ** point. XXXX may stir my brother and my sister to against me. ** guess ** (If I do not insert this ** guess ** lines, I can not explain why I refuse to go to Cal.) I refuse to go to Cal. May 15 1991 I asked two Chinese friends (Mr. Ho and Mr. Lu) help me to move my stuff from Market Street to Johnson Street. Oct. 21 1992 my father come to Iowa City where I live. First thing I see let me astonish! father's eyelids is very strange. Changed eyelids, changed his face too. Become not pleasure looking. I ask what happened? Father said, last year summer (1991 June) he was in Taipei. He feel eyelashes sometime go to his eye. That bother him. He went to see doctor. Doctor said a small operation can correct this problem. Then father volunteer to take this small operation. After operation, eye changed, face changed. My father was very very regret about this operation. But there is no way to undo. Although I refuse to go to California, but finally I come to California. Reason as following. On 1992 Oct. 1st. I went to San Francisco Chinatown to distribute Freeman statement. I bought airplane ticket from Iowa City to San Francisco, then to Los Angeles, finally come back to Iowa City. I add one extra stop at Los Angeles because I want to visit my family. Oct. 1 1992 evening I arrived Los Angeles. My father was in Taiwan, did not meet him. So I invite my father come to Iowa City. He came to Iowa City around Oct. 21 1992. On Oct. 25 he force me to move everything to a rented truck. Move to California. I told my father about the hidden story, he half believe half refuse. Finally he said "In Taiwan home, there is a document. I want go back to see that document again." On Oct. 28 1992 we arrived Los Angeles. Father buy airplane ticket immediately. The take off date was Oct. 29 1992 or Oct. 30 1992. Few hours before take off. Father received phone call. Seat canceled. New arrangement is one week later. During this delay days. Our Taipei home was "level to ground". All Jian-Hwa village is gone. After my father arrived Taipei home. Nothing left. The "document" he like to see is gone too. The rebuild plan scheduled long time ago. Now where was Jian-Hwa village, become Taipei "forest park" <A NAME="018"> Most of the Freeman biography contents, first reveal during the period I lived in Johnson Street, Iowa City. (from May 15 1991 to Oct. 25 1992) The method is to write a family letter. Send to my family members. But they do not believe what I said. The reason to reveal is that I hope XXXX stop his behind-curtain work, or hope some one can stop XXXX from doing these works. I forget the exact letter date. But I paid attention to another event. That is in Taiwan, Mr. Guo, Tin-Lian (郭廷亮,孫立人案見證人) dropped from a running train and died in hospital. This accident happened one week after I wrote the letter. Besides mail, I also talk to one American friend, Bob, about my strange story. The reason I want to tell Bob is that any body may suddenly cease to exist. I hope to leave some words to the human world in case something happen to me. I really did not want to mention this weird story. If XXXX hand off before I write letter, I will never say a word. On July 11 1998 I decided to put Freeman's biography on the Internet. The main reason was to explain why I am number two. On July 18 1998 I went to my brother place and read newspaper. One news said "1998 Feb. 16 Taiwan Taoyuan airplane crash, now determined the cause. It was human error." It means pilot error. I strongly opposite to this reason. Freeman's birthday is Feb. 17. 1994 Nov. I first time print Freeman statement in newspaper. 1995 Feb. 16, Taichung restaurant big fire. Many died. News said "found that before fire, someone play fire in the kitchen." 1998 Feb. 16 China Air Line crash in Taiwan. News said "Crash was due to human error". What is the big news on Feb. 16 1996 and Feb. 16 1997 ? I do not have newspaper in hand, so I do not know. On 1998 July 18 I give serious warning on my main page, and point out the date "coincidence". 1999 Feb. 17 I go to online, read Chinese newspaper web page. Did not find any disaster news. If everyone in Taiwan keep highly alert, then XXXX dare not to do any damage!!!!! <A NAME="019"> I will state several facts, which may be very central to Freeman's fate 1. I do not have any solid (political) background to support me. My father is a low rank air force officer. 2. Just like everyone, I am patriotic. 3. My father like to consult with others to get better idea. He is also absolute power to the family members. 4. My mother's family name is Chiang. If you do not know why it is important, then just ignore these points. I do not want to explain. 2000-01-17-20-30 stop 2000-01-18-10-29 start Above I said, "If I move to Los Angeles, XXXX may stir my brother and my sister to against me." What happened after I come to Los Angeles? My brother my sister and I get along well. BUT I BELIEVE THIS IS UNDER GOOD WITCH'S PROTECTION. To write my biography, I can not avoid mention XXXX! Without mentioning XXXX, many things can not be clearly described, even can not be roughly described. Following I use "bad witch" to represent XXXX when necessary. From the experience in Iowa City, my human relation was totally managed by bad witch. So I predict if I go to Los Angeles, bad witch will stir my brother and my sister to against me. Actually, we get along well. The only word from them, that I suspect my brother and sister may speak for bad witch is that they suggest me to move out where I live right now. The time they suggest me was around March 1994. I just moved in on Jan. 22 1994. <A NAME="020"> But I do smell two small events, if I am not alert, then my brother and my sister may quarrel with me. The event between my brother and me is the following. On Sep. 28 1992 I just arrive Los Angeles, I go to my brother's home. That is a two-floor building. First floor has one guestroom. Second floor has master room and three more rooms. Few days after I arrive, my sister in law told me to use one room upstairs as study room. I thanked her good will. But I said no. My brother had a small business. Everyday, he leave home, I must leave. If I have cold, I try NOT to stay in my brother's home when my brother is not at home. I am already alert about what happened in Iowa City. Here, I take every step very carefully, not to step into bad witch's trap! I keep proper distance from my sister in law. This is the main reason, (at my side, besides good witch side) that I can keep good relation with my brother. The event between my sister and me is the following. In 1993, my brother sold the two-floor big house (bought in 1989 summer). Move to the one floor old smaller house (bought around 1982) I follow them, move to the small house. From March 26 1993 to Jan 21 1994 I lived in my brother's small house. During this period, one day my sister came to see me and said that she found a business chance. Her friend's husband is a chemistry engineer. He knows how to find glue. He received order from mainland China, and he ordered glue in the U.S. What my sister ask me to do was to go to the glue container and replace label for each glue can. (there are thousands cans in one container) I immediate refused and said "ask himself to change label !!" This moment I still do not know what is behind the scene. One or two years later, I realized, if I went to change label, then bad witch will use my sister to command me. This biography is just a draft. I hoped to write in time sequence, I also hoped to write in event grouped method. But now, I can write only what come to my mind. I may add more later in either English version or in Chinese version. Please visit Freeman's web page when you have time. Thank you. Freeman 2000-01-18-11-26. <a name=940713a> Liu, Hsin-Han's University of Iowa ten years transcript plus two exam problems and Liu's solution Finite element method exam indicate that Liu solved with right concept, but an error method was used as "standard solution" (to disgrace Liu) Control system exam indicate that a double special case problem trip over many student. Liu was lucky, got right answer. BUT what happen if Liu also got wrong? If all student got wrong solution, every one are in equal foot. Other student get relative requirement, but Liu get absolute requirement. (GUESS) Liu-solved-wrong not happen, so just a guess. However double special case problem IS TRUE. 2005-07-13-11-56. <a name=940713b> 2005-07-13-16-47 Freeman does not blame the professor who give wrong solution. Because Freeman think the trick player hide behind the curtain. 2005-07-13-16-49 <a name=940805a> 2005-08-05-22-30 start On 1987-10-07 Liu told Professor Wu that the correct solution should use A_3x3 matrix to rotate (not to use A_2x2 matrix), please see in which find 53133A99.gif Other exam paper are in English, but this file 53133A99.gif is Chinese (Liu to Wu letter). <a name=940805b> Key point is that after Liu told Professor Wu. Immediately the next class on 1987-10-09, Professor Wu gave corrected solution. This event indicate that Professor Wu carelessly used wrong method as solution. <a name=940805c> Liu guess that XX supplied problem/solution set to Professor Wu. If Liu answered wrong, then XX correct solution before Professor Wu goto class. (***** guess word *****) <a name=940805d> Professor Wu's specialty is NOT Finite Element Method and 1987 Fall lecture is Professor Wu's first time teach Finite Element Method. 2005-08-05-22-52 stop <a name=940803a0> 2005-08-03-08-32 start When visitor read this biography page, many hidden story are not told, it is hard for visitor to understand Freeman's background. Following is a brief of key points. ***** many key points have no evidence, ***** many key points are guess words, ***** visitor please read with criticize ***** or suspect mind. In the year 1949, Republic of China government moved from mainland China to Taiwan province. Republic of China government always want to exterminate the red bandit--Chinese communist. Since enemy support red bandit firmly, Chinese central government has difficulty to exterminate bandit. Enemy drive bandit to carry out "class struggle" Enemy drive bandit to carry out "world revolution" Chinese central government want to create a harmony society. Chinese central government want to carry out our national interest policies. (please compare with the fact: when Japan invade China, bandit slogan is "to protect soviet union", reason is that Japan real target is soviet union !) <a name=940803a1> Chinese central government hope to continue this real-Chinese policies. Under this condition XX came to power. When XX do family-interest (not national interest) work, XX never leave evidence. Whenever mention "XX", there is no evidence to point out who he is. Freeman must use "XX". <a name=940803a2> XX stand for two persons. XXA is big brother, (passed fifteen years ago) XXB is younger brother, (passed ten years ago) Since they keep same pace, so Freeman use "XX" in general. XXA had an eastern European wife. XXB himself is a half Japanese half Chinese. Since our nation title is REPUBLIC of China. XX can stay in power at most two periods (12 years). How to stay in power longer? <a name=940803a3> XX NEED A FRONT STAGE ACTOR! After twelve years, XX put actor to front stage, XX sit behind the curtain, continue hold power. XX work hard to put XXA's sons in power. XXA's sons are half Chinese and half European. XX's goal is find a front stage actor and put sons in power. <a name=940803a4> Eastern European nation's goal is let XXA pass early. (come true) let XXA's successor wipe out resist-enemy Chinese government official. (come true) let half east-European brothers come to power (failed) let east-European mother guide brothers (remember: Chinese father XXA passed) let hidden mother and in-power brother govern whole China. (failed) Between XXA and sons, after sons twelve year period, still need a front stage actor. Who is this front stage actor? What his fate will be? No body knows, Of course it is not me !! ===== <a name=940803a5> Freeman was born in mainland HuBei province HanKou city. Birth date is 1948-02-17. 1949 Freeman followed parents and government move to Taiwan. Grow up in Taiwan, Freeman did not get surrender-to-enemy-Russia education. Freeman did not get "class-struggle" Chinese kill Chinese education. Freeman did not get "world-revolution" Chinese fight the whole world education. To fight the whole world is puppet-agent work! Freeman get Chinese central government BROAD-LOVE LOVE-OUR-NATION, LOVE-THE-WORLD education. 2005-08-03-09-15 here <a name=940803a6> Freeman's real name is Liu, Hsin-Han In Chinese is 劉鑫漢 Liu is family name Hsin composed with three GOLD, symbol treasure. Han is City name, where Freeman was born. In the year 1948, parents take me to see a fortune teller. Fortune teller told parents that I lack of gold and I lack of water. In order to compensate my ill fortune, parents put treasure in my name, so I get Hsin 鑫 which pile up three GOLD. Parents also put water in my name Han 漢 Han 漢 is city name, originally a river name. HanKou City is at Han river mouth (Kou). <a name=940803a7> Lack of gold means no treasure, no money. Lack of water means what? Chinese proverb: "women like water". does that combination mean that Liu lack of women? <a name=940803a8> Through out Freeman's biography, main point is the role of Freeman's wife. In brief, Liu's marriage failed (fact) XX wipe out all free lady (guess) Liu met a Miss A1 in early 1980's (fact) XX put a controlled-lady to Liu side (guess) Liu and miss A1 first meet around 1978, in that period look like Liu and miss A1 has chance to marry. <a name=940803a9> One day in 1979 miss A1 said "I want to marry a person with higher degree" (Ph. Doctor) One excuse break away. after that Miss A1 married then divorced. In Freeman's words "miss A1 is processed by XX" 1980-Jan Freeman goto University of Iowa continue study mechanical engineering. In 1981 Miss A1's older brother come to University of Iowa. Mr. A1 find advisor same as Liu's advisor. Professor Robert Benedict. 1981 Mr. A1 suggested Liu to visit Miss A1. <a name=940803b0> 1981 and 1982 Liu goto Cupertino, California to meet Miss A1 Miss A1 ask Liu go say Hi to a stranger (fact) (to me a stranger, to miss A1 a friend) plus many small activities, let Liu feel that miss A1 attempt to manage Liu. XX's central trick is to play triangle relation. NOT triangle love, "love" between Liu and A1 is NOT allowed. Since miss A1 is in XX's hand, *** guess *** all other female must break away. *** guess *** <a name=940803b1> From 1980 to 1992 Freeman live in Iowa City Early 1980's Freeman hope to find a wife, all attempt failed. For example Miss A2 has a Mr. A2 company Miss A3 has a Mr. A3 company Miss A4 has a Mr. A4 company etc. These Mr. are visible. Several Chinese female may have better choice but their company are hidden (from Liu). <a name=940803b2> Each female assign one male ?! Too much work. XX need one over-all method to wipe out ALL Chinese female from Liu and no need to assign one male to each female. There are two over-all event. Because Freeman grow up in Taiwan, learned many criticize to red bandit. Freeman want to check if these education are true. Therefore in Univ. of Iowa period Freeman (Liu) visit mainland school mate often. Not too long (one year or so) <a name=940803b3> Mr Gu talk to Liu as if Liu were Taiwan spy. Miss Lan talk to Liu as if Liu were Taiwan spy. Miss Hon talk to Liu as if Liu were Taiwan spy. Mr. Gu 顧濟民 come from Shanghai. 上海 Miss Lan 藍湘 come from Fujian province. 福建 Miss Hon 洪柔嘉 come from Tian-jin 天津 Liu become Taiwan spy ? Which female want to marry a spy? Above is first over-all event. <a name=940803b4> Below is second over-all event. About the end of 1981, Iowa city Chinese bible study school mate Mr. Hao 郝逸先 and Miss Wang 王若冰 married and moved to California Cupertino. In 1982 July first or second. Liu went to Cupertino to meet Miss A1. She arrange me to live in a hotel. <a name=940803b5> 1982-07-03 night Miss A1 sleep in my hotel room (in bed). I sleep on floor. 1982-07-04 Sunday, Miss A1 want goto church. I did not go. Miss A1 never goto church before Now goto church? When Mr. Hao and Miss Wang's image pop up in my mind. I get the picture !! I guess later Miss A1 and Mr. Hao and Miss Wang will come to hotel to see me. that moment A1 sit close to me just show to Hou and Wang. Then Hou and Wang send this story back to Iowa City I can no longer find any free Chinese female ! ("free" means not under other person control) Instant I decide to leave as soon as possible! I wrote two identical message, one put to hotel front desk, one insert to the room door. Take city bus and greyhound left Cupertino. <a name=940803b6> Since Liu refuse Miss A1, *** True *** XX's preparation chocked. *** GUESS *** Then XX change attitude. *** GUESS *** Border year is 1983. Before 1983 Liu's most thing are smooth, After 1983 Liu's most thing are ruined. Above is Miss A1 <a name=940803b7> Below is Mr. Gu In XX mind Miss A1 play Liu's wife role and control Liu In XX mind Mr. Gu play Liu's good friend role and control Liu. Before Gu control/influence Liu, XX must control Mr. Gu first. Mr Gu married and Mrs Gu came to U.S. live with Mr. Gu. <a name=940803b8> What show up in front of my eye is that Mr. Gu and Mrs. Gu quarrel, separate and about to divorce. (then set XX's woman to Gu side) After I realize XX's trick, I break away from Mr. Gu. Just do so? NO! NOT just do so ! <a name=940803b9> I break away from ALL Chinese. Because Liu's marriage failed Liu's school failed Liu's career failed when talk to non-Chinese friend, any topic I can not continue. So before 2001 Liu stay away from American friend to avoid embarrass. After 2001-Aug shock (see Liu stay away from American friend to avoid communist trouble. <a name=940803c0> Now Liu live on sister's support, each month get $700 from sister. "Lack of gold" is true !! Now Liu has no wife, no female friend, no friend at all, totally isolated. "Lack of water" is true !! Whenever I have human relation, XX want to control (before) "international communist" want to control (now) Please see Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center for "international communist" manage my fate. <a name=940803c1> The most difficult point in writing Freeman's biography is that no evidence all guess word Hope this writing give visitor a little back ground material. Freeman's biography in Chinese has more. Please visit Freeman 2005-08-03-10-56 stop <a name=940803c2> 2005-08-03-11-59 start A short note: Freeman's biography first show up between 1991-May and 1992-Oct. When Liu live in 620 Johnson street Iowa City, Iowa. One day Liu invited friend Mr. Bob Redlinger to my room. I told Bob some of my story. The reason to tell Bob my story is that I believe my fate is managed by XX (but no evidence) and I worry any natural accident may close my mouth forever. I hope my story recorded in this world. But no Chinese can keep my story (XX close Chinese mouth easily !!) Therefore I told Bob my story. Few years later I realize that this time Bob-talk let XX try to close Liu's mouth !! Freeman 2005-08-03-12-08 stop <a name=940806a> 2005-08-06-06-40 start During Liu's ten year University of Iowa period there is one unusual phenomenon happen. XX need collect Liu's every activity detail. First year in University of Iowa (1980) only civilian Chinese student around Liu. I did not see Republic of China military official. But start from second year (1981) until last year (1992), Republic of China military official around Liu every where, in class room in resident house (115 Market Street Iowa City) Republic of China military official student are called U.S.-training-student, in Chinese 代訓生 <a name=940806b> To collect Liu's every activity detail, XX need many watch eye. Request civilian Chinese student to collect information, XX must pay them to do. But U.S.-training-students are paid by Republic of China government. XX hold government command. XX order U.S.-training-students to collect Liu's activity, no need to pay extra. Beside financial consideration, civilian Chinese student has no training. But U.S.-training-students could be trained in Taiwan in advance for information- collect technique. <a name=940806c> In front of Liu's eye, U.S.-training-students are every where. This is one unusual phenomenon in Liu's life. 2005-08-06-07-03 stop <a name=a609070957> 2017-09-07-09-57 update 2017-09-07 make several correction. 1982-05-31 Liu,Hsinhan first time goto San Jose to meet Miss Yao,Danhon 姚丹紅 . 1982-07-02 Liu,Hsinhan second time goto San Jose to meet Miss Yao,Danhon reference reference is LiuHH diary in Chinese Earlier writing time 2000-01-17-10-41 Liu,Hsinhan say 1983 July, I go to Cupertino to visit Miss AA that time LiuHH remember visited Yao twice and remember first visit is in 1982 July, guessed second visit is one year later (wrong) and give wrong date. <a name=a609071002> Liu,Hsinhan upload personal document to*.jpg Most document are in Chinese index page is Liu,Hsinhan diary page is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan father written document (letter) is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan mother written document (letter) is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan self written document is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan brother written document (letter) is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan sister written document (letter) is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan friend written document (letter) is*.jpg public organization written document is*.jpg Scanned picture is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan father passport scanned image is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan self passport scanned image is*.jpg In which Liu,Hsinhan diary page is*.jpg help make correction. 2017-09-07-10-17 [=][][] ============================================================ <A NAME="021"> 2000-03-21-11-33 start The following is Chinese term/name used in above paper. Szechuan (four river) province. 四川省 Hankou City 漢口市 Taichung (Taiwan Middle) City. 臺中市 Hsinchu (means new bamboo) City. 新竹市。新竹在臺北和臺中之間,大約在中點。 Pindong county 屏東縣,在臺灣省最南端。 Jian-Hwa village (Build-China village) 建華新村,民國四、五十年代為空軍通信大隊辦公處及官兵家眷住村 建華新村位於臺北市新生南路二段及和平東路二段交叉口,現在已經 改建為臺北森林公園。 Guo Rep. (Hu-Nan province), 郭國大代表(湖南省) 100,12,09,10,17始 劉鑫漢由強恕中學初一 轉至建國中學夜間部初二,可能是郭媽媽的盼望。 鑫漢讀建中高一或高二時,父親控告郭國大代表, 指稱郭代表干擾我們修建房間,最後撤銷告訴,此 後,劉家命運一落千丈。100,12,09,10,21止 Yieh Rep. (Fu-Jian province). 葉國大代表(福建省) 100,12,09,10,25始 葉代表二公子葉晨光兄 是劉鑫漢在龍安國小及強恕中學的同班同學。 100,12,09,10,27止 Tsai-Hsin Elementary School (private) Again-Glorious Elementary School 再興小學,小學一年級上學期自由人就學於此。 Lung-An Elementary School (public) Dragon-Peace Elementary School 龍安國民小學,小學一年級下學期至三年級下學期。 Air force member's children school. 臺北市空軍子弟小學,小學四仁、五仁、六愛,三年就學於此。 air force commander 自由人讀空小時,空軍總司令為陳嘉尚總司令,他的女兒在六年忠班 ,我是六年愛班,與總司令女兒從來沒有碰過面。 Ch'eng Yuan middle school. Success-Broad middle school. I need to take two bus (transfer bus) to go to this school. and it was night school. So I did not goto Ch'eng Yuan middle school. 成淵國民中學,我希望沒有記錯,當時因為成淵離家太遠,又是夜校 ,所以沒有去註冊。 Ch'iang-Su Middle School Strong-Forgive Middle School (private, daytime) City bus one line arrive school, no need transfer bus. 強恕中學,初一就學於此。強恕比成淵近。 mother-Guo Guo Rep.' wife. 郭媽媽,對自由人一生早期的命運有很大的影響。 <A NAME="022"> Chien-Guo (public) school Build-Nation middle school City bus one line arrive school, no need transfer bus. 建國中學,當時是臺灣最好的中學。由初二至高三就學於此。 建中初中,自由人是讀的夜校(建夜) 建中高中,自由人是讀的日校。 民國五十年開始省辦高中、市辦初中。自由人在四十九年進入初中。 自由人出生於民國三十七年,屬於三十七年次。 三十七年次是省辦初中的最後一屆,自由人是建中初中部最後一屆。 三十八年次開始省辦高中、市辦初中。所以建中沒有初中部。 三十七年次大學畢業就是預備軍官, 三十八年次開始大學畢業生要考試及格之後才具預官資格。 因此三十七年次的人常常聽見三十八年次的人嘆息「可憐的三八」! Taiwan Power Company. 臺灣電力公司,家父服務於臺電輸配電工程處,該處位置今日建為臺 電管理大廈。 Cheng-Kung University, mechanical engineering department Success University. Tainan, Taiwan Republic of China. Tainan is a big city in Taiwan south (nan) 成功大學機械系。自由人大學四年就讀於此。 四年都住臺電員工子女宿舍——群英盧,所有的系館中,群英盧距離 成大機械系館最近! Miss Yen 嚴姐,與自由人交往七年的女朋友。 uncle Mao 毛伯伯,在臺北的四川老鄉中之長者,與我們一家交往頻繁。對我也 經常教導。 Pong-Hu second navy ship yard 自由人服役於中華民國海軍,澎湖馬公海軍第二造船廠,由五十九年 七月至六十年七月。 "Blue Sky White Cloud" 藍天白雲 自由人在海軍二廠服役時,被選為合唱團員,練習合唱「藍天白雲」 之後,隨合唱團乘軍艦到臺北電視臺演唱「藍天白雲」。 Uncle Lu 盧伯伯、盧媽媽。 家父母的好友。海軍退役後,家父為我在盧伯伯服務的公證公司找到 一份工作。於此,由六十年十月至六十五年二月,我工作了四年半。 Miss Chang 張姐 張姐的父親是國軍將領,家父是尉級軍官,故家父很願意我與張交往 。另外張母與家母同鄉同宗(但非血親)。 Mr. Ai 艾先生,張小姐的同事。 我曾問張﹕張母對艾的看法如何? 張回答﹕她的母親喜歡艾先生。 這表示,當張未婚時,我與張絕緣。張結婚(非艾)、離婚之後,由 舍妹交給我一封張的信,訴說她的艱苦際遇。 自由人的看法是﹕ XX 一定要把 XX 能控制的女性放到我身 邊,自此以後,我漸漸與所有人疏離。 Palau 帛琉島 在太平洋西南,菲律賓東方不遠的小島。 uncle Yu 余伯伯 余伯伯是把我帶到太平洋小島去的人,我隨余伯伯往太平洋小島去過 幾次,主要目的是把我送到帛琉島工作一年。 Mr. Lin 林時極(歐極?)老先生,被日本征去當兵,日本戰敗,林先生被遺 置帛琉。我在帛琉期間曾幾次去訪林先生,後來送林先生上飛機回國 。 <A NAME="023"> mother-Lu 盧媽媽 六十琉年五月十五日,當我離開帛琉時,決定先到美國看一看,唯一 認識的人是當時住在洛杉磯的盧媽媽。 Uncle Chai, uncle Wu and uncle Lee 翟孟雄伯伯(已故),民國六十七年初,翟伯伯是臺灣省彰化市警察 局局長。 李伯伯。 吳伯伯,是舍弟媳的「乾爹」,雖說都是四川老鄉,但是因為家父與 翟、吳、李共購彰化土地而吵翻。民國七十年家母、舍弟、舍弟媳住 在美國洛杉磯時,吳曾經到我們住處當著舍弟、舍弟媳面前,對家母 大吼「滾出去!」 自由人的看法是﹕                  ●猜想● 這全是 XX 的導演!!目的要利用家母把舍弟媳趕走,●猜想● 然後在舍弟身邊放一個受 XX 控制的女性!!    ●猜想● 顧氏夫妻吵翻天,情況相同,在顧身邊另外放一個    ●猜想● 受 XX 控制的女性!!              ●猜想● 因為舍弟可以對我產生很大的影響, 我與顧兄交往頻繁,所以顧兄也可以對我產生很大的影響。 最後,並沒有把舍弟媳趕走,猜想原因很多, 一則,我沒有接受任何令我懷疑是受 XX 控制的女性,    XX 在自由人身邊安放內線的圖謀多年來尚無苗頭,    故 XX 沒有把握能把X家女人放到舍弟身邊。 二則,舍弟(我、顧亦然)四周的美國女性(美國女同學)    很多。所以 XX 還不敢冒然把舍弟媳趕走。  ●猜想● 但 XX 的「準備工作」已使我家大大小小相互之間怒氣充天!! 在我和顧兄斷絕來往之後,顧兄不再有「利用價值」,所以企圖趕走 顧氏元配的工作變為沒有意義,因而顧家可以獲得安寧。 (XX 在自由人身邊所執行的陰謀詭計全被消除,因此 XX 對  自由人更加仇視) uncle Feng and mother Shih 馮秋平伯伯(已故) 石媽媽 都是彰化土地的承租人,他們開塘養魚,六十六年底至六十七年上半 年,家父要我到彰化土地上駐留半年,這一段期間,我與馮、石共同 工作。馮伯伯、石媽媽待我都很好,雖然翟代表地主與馮經常口角, 但馮、石從來沒有把怒氣發到我頭上。 有一次,幾萬塊買來的蝦苗,一夜之間全部死亡(灌空氣的馬達在半 夜停止工作),馮、石也沒有懷疑我,當時,另外有一個局外人,常 來訪馮、石(他們三人都是浙江老鄉)。那個局外人對我的態度不善 ,雖然如此,馮、石從來沒有對我擺臉色。六十七年五月間(大概) 我離開彰化回臺北。約一個月後得悉馮秋平伯伯病故,約三個月後得 悉翟孟雄伯伯病故。 Bolivia, Paraguay 玻利維亞、巴拉圭 民國六十五年底舍弟結婚,婚後家母、舍弟、舍弟媳前往玻利維亞及 巴拉圭住了一年多,然後轉入美國。 LeeFu 李富貴(100,12,09,10,00 引用全名) 為臺電輸配電工程處,黨部職員,為家父部下,但李說任何話,家父 幾乎完全接受!實際上,由李左右家父,特別是左右我們家中的事! Ping-Dong 屏東縣,在臺灣省最南端。 舍弟大專聯考結果為屏東農專,沒有去註冊。 Chung Cheng Science and Technology University (military) 中正理工學院,軍事理學、工程大學,畢業以後為終身軍職。 舍弟在中正理工學院讀了一年半,然後以成績不及格退出中正理工。 Miss AA 在中文版自由人小傳中為「甲一女」 <A NAME="024"> Chinese bible study 查經班 自由人不信教,為了解決我的婚姻問題,查經班裏有很多中國女同學 ,所以我去查經班。但是我可以感覺到有時有壓力阻止我去查經班, 例如有一次我隨愛荷華中文查經班去另外一個城市參加「退修會」, 此時,有人(台灣來的學生)很明確的要我提早離開「退修會」。 當情況改變時,又有人要我參加查經班,例如,我停止去查經班以後 ,有一天,同樓的台灣學生對我說,他要去查經班,因為查經班就在 隔壁。 miss Sen 申姐 在查經班中,我明確表明意向的台灣女學生。但是,申始終疏離我。 Miss Lan 藍姐 來自大陸,最後與吳先生結婚。 Miss Hung 洪老師,女 來自大陸,曾經住在我隔壁。 Miss Sun 孫姐 在查經班中,我嘗試的另外一位台灣女學生。七十二年至七十三年之 間,去訪孫姐一次之後,我已經瞭解因為 XX 的干預,任何我的 努力都是白忙,故停止,此後迄今未再浪費我的時間於找配偶之事。 (也不必浪費孫姐的光陰) <A NAME="025"> Continuous for three semester, each semester I have chance to meet one Chinese girl. 張清姐(有一學期,經常在學校餐廳碰面) 張嘉姐(中華民國軍職人員,代訓生,由大陸學生     孫兄出面介紹,引見張嘉姐與劉鑫漢) 陳勳姐(有一學期,經常在學校餐廳碰面) 這連續兩個學期或三個學期,在七十二年前後。 Mr. Hao and Miss Wang married 郝兄、王姐在愛荷華市結婚。 Mr. Gu 顧兄,來自上海 Mr. Sun 孫兄,來自東北 Mr. Ma. 馬兄,來自陝西 Miss Hsiao 肖姐,來自四川 馬兄、肖姐在愛荷華市結婚。 Mr. Ho and Mr. Lu 何兄,中華民國軍職人員,代訓生。 盧兄 My mother's family name is Chiang. 自由人的母親姓蔣。 2000-03-21-14-25 stop <A NAME="026"> 92,12,28,11,17始 申仲姐(台灣) 藍湘姐(福建) 洪柔佳姐(天津) 孫德姐(台灣) 張清姐(台灣。原來只用姓氏加「兄」、「姐」字) 張嘉姐(台灣。由兩個張姐開始,從名加一字,以便區別) 陳勳姐(台灣) (下面 100,12,09,10,06 引用全名) 郝逸先兄(台灣) 王若冰姐(台灣。郝妻) 顧濟民兄(上海) 孫國政兄(東北) 馬提則兄(陝西) 肖凡姐(四川,馬提兄之妻,肖凡單名) 何志勤兄(台灣) 盧俊愷兄(台灣) 原則上不公布朋友全名,但是藍、洪、顧、郝、王等 已經在中文版自由人小傳第二卷公布全名,所以此處 引用全名。 92,12,28,11,33止 ============================================================ Web Page URL change 2003-12-28-10-35 Freeman's English main page change from to Freeman's Chinese main page change from to Dial up account will be closed in near future. 2003-12-28-10-37 ============================================================ To handle data file, separate Left half data from Right half. 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