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<a name="a10223a">
LiuHH health

<a name="a10223b">
2012-02-23-08-26 start
Liu,Hsinhan's health appears OK. But 
"appears OK" does not equal longevity.
High blood pressure, heart problem etc.
all hidden killer illness can end one's 
life suddenly.

<a name="a10223c">
LiuHH was born on 1948-02-17. This is 
war time. Red bandit carry out 
"international order" to overthrow 
Chinese government. LiuHH guess his 
fetus and infant period, mother did 
not got enough nutrition. The result 
is that LiuHH body temperature be 
lower than other. LiuHH never know 
this point when LiuHH was in Taiwan.
Because the Tropic of Cancer pass 
Taiwan. Taiwan has tropic weather. 
Environment is always warm. 
<a name="a10223d">
1976 or 1977 when LiuHH left Palau 
first stop was Los Angeles. One day 
LiuHH shake hand with a friend, he 
was shocked. LiuHH hand was cold. 
This is first time LiuHH know his 
body temperature was lower than most 
other person. Since this experience, 
LiuHH avoid shake hand with other. 
LiuHH prefer room temperature be 
warmer, for example 75 degree F. 

<a name="a10223e">
Compare Latitude as next
Rep.O.China Taipei Latitude:N 25:5:0
U.S.A. Los Angeles Latitude:N 34:3:15
Taipei is 9 deg. closer to equator 
than Los Angeles. 
Taipei is warmer than Los Angeles,
Tainan is warmer than Taipei. LiuHH 
live at Tainan city four years, study 
at Cheng Kung University.

<a name="a10223f">
Liu's family never smoke and never 
drink alcohol. This is good for our 
health. Liu's family do not gamble 

<a name="a10223g">
LiuHH never have operation and never 
have bone break. During U.Iowa study 
time, headache some times. Possible 
environment pressure and too much 
worry cause headache.

<a name="a10223h">
LiuHH had ureter stone twice.
occurred at 1967 summer and 1969 
summer. Urine is black, blood.
1967 summer went to see doctor. 
This moment, stone already move to
genital organ cylinder part. It is 
possible to feel stone with hand.
Doctor told LiuHH go to rest room 
to pass urine. LiuHH urinate with 
pain. Stone come out !!
2012-02-23-09-27 stop

<a name="a10223i">
2012-02-23-13-16 start
In 198? University of Iowa doctor 
told LiuHH that LiuHH had high blood 
pressure. Need take medicine to 
control high blood pressure. This is 
life time long medication. LiuHH was 
very upset. LiuHH ask doctor if it is 
possible to cure high blood pressure
in limited time? Instead of life time 
<a name="a10223j">
long. Doctor reply, not know the cause 
of high blood pressure, doctor is not 
able to cure high blood pressure in 
limited time. Life time long medication
bring down blood pressure, avoid damage 
body organ. Prolong life. Initially 
reluctant, finally accepted life time 
long medication. Since if stop taking 
medicine, blood pressure increase. 
<a name="a10223k">
LiuHH tried take natural food garlic 
to reduce pressure. But garlic not help.
Taking banana do reduce blood pressure.
But effective time is unknown. Everyday 
several banana cost more than medicine.

<a name="a10223l">
Today, LiuHH take high blood pressure 
medicine coreg, which come from brother.
But brother stopped Blue Cross insurance
on 2012-02-01. Whether brother can get 
high blood pressure medicine again, that
is unknown today 2012-02-23.

<a name="a10223m">
LiuHH teeth has more trouble. Number 
14 molar broke. Sister paid let LiuHH 
build a bridge at UCLA dental school. 
[[ //from Sunga notes
#13-15 FGC bridge $1275 
2003-04-28 morning model
2003-05-16 afternoon install
<a name="a10223n">
2003-April UCLA doctor Elaine Sunga 
build bridge for LiuHH. Until today 
2012-02-23 the bridge is unknown to 
LiuHH. //like real teeth.

<a name="a10223o">
2009-03-03 last visit UCLA dental school.
2009-05-14-18-01 sister called UCLA 
dentist Tania Koharsinay, sister say 
no money to pay for LiuHH. Since then 
sister did not have money to support 
LiuHH dental care. No money for any 

<a name="a10223p">
LiuHH eye has presbyopia, 老花眼
it come with age. About six years ago, 
went to UCLA eye clinic did regular 
check (no ill) Sister did not support 
for another eye check.

<a name="a10223q">
LiuHH is unable to get medicare in U.S.
LiuHH hope go to Taiwan for a regular 
physical exam. But LiuHH do not have 
money to buy airplane ticket. If I do,
after exit Taiwan airport, LiuHH has 
no place to go. LiuHH Taipei home was 
pull down 1992-11 rebuild as city park.
Father got compensation house, father 
sold compensation house. Those money 
become LiuHH living fee (sister say so)

<a name="a10223r">
Today, LiuHH health is in God up heaven 
2012-02-23-14-25 stop

<a name="a10223s">
2012-02-23-14-52 record
Next is complete Elaine Sunga notes.
LiuHH dental care at UCLA 2003-April
2003-04-17 Elaine Sunga give me the following list

<a name="a10223t">
teeth     what to do        cost     when repair
 #03     OL Ag              $67   2003-04-28 Afternoon
 #03     c1 V B composite   $75   2003-04-28 Afternoon
 #04     B ce V composite   $75  NOT repair 2003-05-20 said
 #04     B ce V composite         2003-09-13 morning by Dr. Shing
 #05     B ce V composite   $75   2003-05-20 afternoon
 #11     Mo D Ag            $79   2003-05-13 afternoon
<a name="a10223u">
#13-15   FGC bridge       $1275   2003-04-28 morning model
                                  2003-05-16 afternoon install
 #18     O Ag               $56   2003-05-13 morning (two pt)
 #19     O Ag               $56   both Sunga and Shing said
 #19     B pit              $56   teeth #19 no need repair.
 #29     O composite        $75  NOT repair 2003-05-20 said
 #29                              2003-05-13 afternoon small decay
 #30     OB Ag              $67   2003-05-05 Afternoon
 #31     OB Ag              $67

<a name="a10222a"> LiuHH study 鑫漢求學 <a name="a10222a01"> 2012-02-22-09-09 start Earlier paper no one target at school study. This paper discuss school study. 1954 LiuHH went to elementary school first grade at Taipei Tsai-Hsin Ele. School 再興小學. Study one semester, that is five month. Tsai-Hsin is a private school, father worked in Air Force, can not afford tuition. First grade second semester transfer to <a name="a10222a02"> Lung-An elementary school 龍安國民小學, this is a public school, tuition is less. From first grade to third grade LiuHH study at Lung-An. Fourth grade transfer to Air Force service person children's Elementary School AFES 台北 空軍子弟小學 1960 graduate from AFES. <a name="a10222a03"> 1960 summer to 1961 summer seventh grade, LiuHH study at a private school Taipei Chiang-Su middle school 強恕中學 From elementary school to middle school unified exam, LiuHH score was average, accepted by Cheng-Yuan middle school. 成淵中學 which is too far and average level school and public school. At the <a name="a10222a04"> same time, accepted by Chiang-Su. Which is near and average and private. 1961 summer transfer from Chiang-Su to Jian-Guo middle school 台北建國中學. <a name="a10222a05"> Jian-Guo is number one middle school in Taipei and Taipei is number one city in Taiwan. LiuHH entered the best school. However, from 1961 summer to 1963 summer LiuHH study at night school. Everyday 16:00 to 21:00 go to Jian-Guo middle school. <a name="a10222a06"> 1961 summer transfer event LiuHH got help from neighbor mother Guo. 郭媽媽 郭國大代表妻子 mother Guo told Liu mother, let LiuHH exit from Chiang-Su and goto a class for supplementary schooling aim at transfer school exam. Mother did so. <a name="a10222a07"> 1961 summer LiuHH dense study at Jian- Hwa supplementary class 建華補習班 transfer school success. 1964 father sue Guo, change a helping-mother-Guo to a damaging-mother-Guo. Everything out of LiuHH control. That is my fate. <a name="a10222a08"> 1963 summer LiuHH take unified high school entrance exam and accepted by Jian-Guo high school which is same as Jian-Guo middle school, one school. Difference is high school be regular day time school. <a name="a10222a09"> In all LiuHH school time, 1963 summer to 1966 summer Jian-Guo high school period is LiuHH's best period. Many key concept, math, physics, chemistry learned in this period. LiuHH physics teacher was Mr. Fu,Zen- Hwuei 傅仁輝, Mr. Fu is also LiuHH home room teacher 高三二班級任老師 LiuHH math teacher forget. LiuHH chemistry teacher was a female teacher. <a name="a10222a10"> 1966 summer LiuHH took unified university entrance exam. 民國五十五學年大專聯考 total score 417 Dr. Sun thought 38 Chinese 53 both bring down score. LiuHH guess above low score was damaging-mother-Guo's work. But no evidence. <a name="a10222a11"> LiuHH go to most far away university most low score department most end in name list. That is Cheng-Kung University at Tainan City 台南成功大學機械系最後一名 2012-02-22-10-32 stop <a name="a10222a12"> 2012-02-22-12-13 start Cheng-Kung University study is not attractive. Freshman time, father order take next year freshman entrance exam and take next year Taiwan Univ. transfer school exam (sophomore) Plus Cheng-Kung University freshman class three loads add to LiuHH. Finally all three fail. Father stopped transfer to <a name="a10222a13"> Taipei pressure. But father had other opinion, blame LiuHH did not do social activity well 不會說話,不會應對. I spend time in extracurricular activities, show father my effort. It take away study time. Possibly damaging-mother-Guo work from freshman to junior three years. A wild guess, but no evidence. <a name="a10222a14"> Net result is that Cheng-Kung University transcript does not look nice. During Jian-Guo high school period, LiuHH did not have any extracurricular activities. Got my best study result. <a name="a10222a15"> If LiuHH have second chance to study, I ignore extracurricular activities completely. Do light extracurricular activities only if get all grade A. You can find LiuHH CKU score at 144,687 ckuscor2.gif English 269,765 ckuscore.gif Chinese <a name="a10222a16"> Many graduate student continue master degree study right after bachelor degree. But LiuHH NEVER have such motivation, because LiuHH know father did not allow. What father expect is work, make money and support family living expense. LiuHH entered Far East Superintendence Co. From 1971 to 1979 LiuHH did not touch math, physics, engineering books. <a name="a10222a17"> 1978-08-01 father allow LiuHH go to U.S. with sister. Sister got study-in-U.S. visa LiuHH got sight-seeing visa. 1978-08-01 LiuHH arrived U.S. 1980-01-10 LiuHH arrived University of Iowa. Start mechanical engineering study again. Ten years alienation let Liu almost forget everything. <a name="a10222a18"> It was hard, both start from new and change language to English. Need time to overcome. Study time in University of Iowa is extra long. Transcript record from 1979 to 1991. You can find LiuHH U.Iowa score at\oralexam 222,187 uiascore1.gif 94,178 uiascore2.gif <a name="a10222a19"> There are three advisors in U.Iowa study. Professor Robert Benedict 1979-1983 LiuHH fate change border: 1983-08 angry Professor Barry Butler 1984-1985 Professor Kyung K. Choi 1986-1991 Please refer to LiuHH resident history for short absent from Iowa City. Fate change year is inserted for reference. <a name="a10222a20"> During Professor Robert Benedict period, most thing are smooth. Prof. Benedict knew LiuHH stopped ten years, knew LiuHH change language to English. Both bring difficulty to LiuHH. Prof. Benedict was very patient. Explain physics/math concept to Liu until Liu understand. Liu made <a name="a10222a21"> one mistake. One day Prof. Benedict told Liu: "Let us (Benedict and Liu) write a paper ... " LiuHH did not know this is beginning of master thesis paper and reply wrongly "I will write my own paper." then Benedict and Liu paper never come out. 1983-07-29, LiuHH received no-thesis master degree. From academic view point, "no-thesis" is lower grade. But error "I will write my own paper." already made. No way to change. <a name="a10222a22"> LiuHH fate change border: 1983-08 angry and Professor Barry Butler 1984-1985 period is after fate change border 1983. Prof. Butler give LiuHH an explosion project as thesis direction. But LiuHH major in mechanical engineering, measure structure stress strain and statics and dynamics. No one link to explosion. <a name="a10222a23"> Explosion is one special branch of Chemical Engineering. Prof. Butler ask LiuHH go to Chemical Engineering seminar for explosion knowledge. Prof. Butler set LiuHH office at an experimental room, where Chemical Eng. student do explosion experiments same time as LiuHH teaching <a name="a10222a24"> assistant office hour. When do explosion experiments, office other two T.A. can walk away, but LiuHH must sit wait for student question. That is my office hour. Prof. Butler give LiuHH an explosion textbook, which has a big colorful fire ball as cover picture. All of these tell Liu his future direction is explosion. //1985-12 spark job offer. <a name="a10222a25"> LiuHH was not happy. After one year, LiuHH told Prof. Butler LiuHH want change major field away from explosion. Which is same as change advisor. One year later, Mechanical Eng. Chairman Prof. Chen 陳景仁教授 told LiuHH that Prof. Butler promotion delayed one year, because of LiuHH. When LiuHH saw Prof. Butler, he ignored LiuHH. <a name="a10222a26"> Next LiuHH change advisor to Professor Kyung K. Choi 1986-1991 This period, LiuHH is nearly not a member of Mechanical Eng. department. 1986-1989 LiuHH meet Prof. Choi only at class registration form signature few minutes. About 1990, Prof. Choi ask LiuHH write a thesis. Other student <a name="a10222a27"> got research assistant job, and write thesis relate to R.A. job. LiuHH do not have R.A. job, do not have T.A. job and do not have office in engineering building. At first Prof. Choi ask LiuHH write a computer program as thesis. But five years ago Prof. Haug gave Liu a project to solve five degree tilt door stress/strain distribution problem. <a name="a10222a28"> Which proved LiuHH can not use computer program. In two days, LiuHH ask change thesis topic. LiuHH did not work hard enough in new topic. Eventually failed oral exam. LiuHH is the only one to blame. <a name="a10222a29"> Professor Haug had one lab. many Taiwan students work for Professor Haug. LiuHH was not one of Professor Haug team. One day (1983 or 1984) one Taiwan student cheat LiuHH that mechanical engineering solid mechanics group students all can use this Haug lab computer. That Taiwan <a name="a10222a30"> student gave Liu Haug lab computer system password. //this is a trap LiuHH was in solid mechanics group (but not Prof. Haug lab. team) Simple minded LiuHH use password login to Haug lab. computer system and create a directory name LiuHH and store few files in it. <a name="a10222a31"> One month later. password changed. LiuHH can not access Haug lab. computer system and no one tell Liu new password. Since this day, LiuHH take any Prof. Haug class, always get B. Gradually realize those Taiwan students send LiuHH to Prof. Haug black name list. <a name="a10222a32"> Another event. One Taiwan student come to LiuHH, told LiuHH "You can go to Professor Foo ask an account to access U.S. national super computer." LiuHH ignored this suggestion, not because alert from Haug black name list. It is because LiuHH not need super computer calculation. Later when realize Haug black name list. LiuHH understand super computer is second trap. <a name="a10222a33"> Another event. one semester, Professor Andrew teach dynamics. One mid term exam, one final exam. When Prof. Andrew done mid term exam grading, hand back to students. This class hour LiuHH happen got many book from library, carry heavy backpack to classroom. Prof. Andrew give Liu mid term exam paper, it was 100. <a name="a10222a34"> LiuHH loss attention to heavy backpack one second. heavy backpack drop and cause big bang noise. Prof. Andrew walk out of class room. One minute later walk back again with smile face. The final exam problems are too many. It can not be done in three hours. But we have only two hours. LiuHH did not done all final exam problems and got B. <a name="a10222a35"> LiuHH has two 'C' 1986-1987 Intro. Analysis 22M 115 C 1986-1987 Contmp Topics in ME 058 195 C Advisor Prof. K.K. Choi request LiuHH take 1986-1987 Intro. Analysis 22M 115 <a name="a10222a36"> This is mathematics department Real Analysis. Teacher was Prof. Anderson. He speak English fast, and Real Analysis is not an engineering related object. Real Analysis is pure math class. LiuHH got C. <a name="a10222a37"> 1986-1987 Contmp Topics in ME 058 195 C This professor come to U.Iowa just one semester. Teach Contmp Topics in ME give LiuHH a C then left U.Iowa. One day LiuHH had question and visit Prof. 'Contmp' office. His office is unlike other professor office. LiuHH saw Prof. 'Contmp' office pile <a name="a10222a38"> high. One lady sit high look at door direction. Her head almost touch ceiling. LiuHH guess that lady is not a teacher and not a student either. Why such arrangement? whether only Liu saw this scene? If only Liu saw, WHY? LiuHH can not find answer. <a name="a10222a39"> LiuHH got grade C, and whole class only LiuHH got C. Prof. 'Contmp' left. LiuHH fate change border: 1983-08 angry Everything are different, most ruined. 2012-02-22-15-25 stop <a name="a10222a40"> 2012-02-22-16-13 start Rotation and displacement are two motions in 3D world. 3D Rotation has one point fixed in space. 2D Rotation has one line fixed in space. Displacement has no point fixed in space. Displacement transformation is easy each body point coordinate add same delta_x, delta_y, delta_z to get final location. <a name="a10222a41"> Rotation transformation is not easy before understand. Rotation transformation is easy after understand. In U.Iowa study period, LiuHH understand rotation transformation. Major instructor was Prof. Haug. Prof. Haug teach the result. Did not do the proof. LiuHH always hope to find out the proof. Finally <a name="a10222a42"> find proof at [[ Simon L. Altmann Rotations, Quaternions, and Double Groups ISBN 0-486-44518-6 page 160, equation (7). ]] <a name="a10222a43"> LiuHH write study notes about this topic please see [[ Use Rodrigues Construction to prove Euler's Rotation Theorem ; It is same as to prove quaternion multiplication rule. 2011-07-03 ]] <a name="a10222a44"> Start from 2009-01, LiuHH main attention is write mathematics program and study notes. In the near future, it should be the same direction. 2012-02-22-16-31 stop
<a name="a10221a"> California Yao 加州姚姐 (姚丹紅) <a name="a10221a01"> 2012-02-21-08-03 start Earlier paper Hell Heaven Hand Hold Hand introduced TW top chair designed two tricks decorate LiuHH as a Taiwan spy and LiuHH sleep with a lady over night in one room The paper Mainland schoolmate describe detail about LiuHH be a spy. The current paper "California Yao" say more about "LiuHH sleep with a lady over night". <a name="a10221a02"> Both "be a spy" and "sleep over night" try to isolate LiuHH from other ladies, and LiuHH has ONLY ONE CHOICE -- TW top chair controllable woman. TW top chair demand controllable woman and controllable woman demand LiuHH. A simple control pipe line. <a name="a10221a03"> One day in 1979 (no detail record) miss Yao told Liu that she had another choice. Liu,Yao break. 1980-01-10 LiuHH arrived the University of Iowa at Iowa City, Iowa. Advisor was Professor Robert Benedict. <a name="a10221a04"> 1981 Miss Yao's elder brother 姚澤民 Yao,Tsemin also come to U.Iowa and his advisor is Prof. Benedict too. Mr. Yao push hard, ask LiuHH visit his younger sister Miss Yao at Cupertino CA. Liu visited Miss Yao twice. <a name="a10221a05"> 1982 summer first time visit. Yao said she arranged a room for Liu to live few weeks. It is a room in another Chinese house. Liu stayed about two weeks, that Chinese husband stay home two weeks too. Yao paid rent for Liu first, later Liu mail rent check to Yao. First visit two weeks, Liu did not feel Yao as warm as <a name="a10221a06"> Liu expected. Liu brother told Liu that Mr. Chang,WeiGuan told brother that Miss Yao married. Liu know only Yao had another choice. Yao married come from brother. Then "not as warm as expected" should be two ways. Both Liu and Yao are not as warm. TW top chair required <a name="a10221a07"> One day Liu,Yao went to a university library, when reading, Yao told Liu: "The person over there is my friend. You go there say Hi." Liu look at the person over there, that is a stranger to Liu. Liu did not go and Liu Yao both were not happy. <a name="a10221a08"> Another day, Liu Yao go shopping, at register counter, Liu take twenty dollar bill out. Yao take this twenty dollar pay food price, instead of money in her hand. There is nothing wrong, Liu, Yao one must pay. <a name="a10221a09"> Another day, Yao told Liu that Yao's car had engine trouble. Liu guess Yao expect Liu say "Liu pay for repair charge." But Liu did not say so. Liu bring money just enough for living expense, Liu did not bring money to repair a car. Which may cost around one thousand dollars. <a name="a10221a10"> Put repair car and buy food two events together, Liu feel TW top chair attempt exhaust Liu's money. After empty money, Liu every spending rely upon Yao, this condition, Yao has demanding power over Liu. <a name="a10221a11"> Another day, Liu Yao go watch movie. when walk to seats, Yao reach hand to Liu, but Liu did not respond. This is a signal to Yao, that Liu,Yao ALREADY break. Liu visit Yao just because Yao brother push hard. Both Liu, Yao know that do not expect any result. But TW top chair still expect a command channel through Yao. <a name="a10221a12"> Mr. Yao continue push. Next year summer 1983-07-01 ? Liu visit Yao second time. Second time Yao arrange Liu live in a motel room. On 1983-07-02 ? Liu, Yao walk in a food store. Liu saw Miss Wang,Yichuin 王怡群 shopping in same store. Yao,Wang were roommate in Vienna Virginia. Now both Yao,Wang show up at Cupertino CA. It is a surprise to LiuHH. <a name="a10221a13"> On 1983-07-03 ? Liu, Yao, Wang went to San Francisco Chinatown shopping. When drive back to Cupertino, Yao told Liu do not drive, let Yao drive 不要太累了 Yao drop Wang at Wang house first, Yao drive to LiuHH motel. Liu exit from <a name="a10221a14"> car, Yao exit too. Yao say she want go to Liu hotel room take a break. Yao is host. Liu did not say no. Yao full dressed rest on bed. Liu spread blanket on floor and sleep on floor. Yao asked is it comfortable on floor? Liu answer since youth age, Liu sleep on top of celling. Liu get used to hard bed. //Liu sleep on top of celling is true. //Taipei home is too crowded. <a name="a10221a15"> Next day 1983-07-04 ? Yao said she will go to church, ask Liu go with her or not? Liu never know Yao is a go-church person. This go church question is a surprise to Liu. Liu answer "No I do not go church." Yao say "wait for a while, be back soon" <a name="a10221a16"> During waiting, Liu think, few month ago Iowa City bible study Mr Haw 郝逸先 and miss Wang 王若冰 married, then move to Cupertino, right here. Now Yao go to church? What if Yao back with Haw+Wang together? If in front of Haw+Wang, Yao sit close to Liu, Haw+Wang will tell <a name="a10221a17"> Iowa City friends that Liu and Yao sit together and sleep in one room over night what can I do? When come to this point, LiuHH hope go away immediately. Liu write two notes to Yao. One insert at room door other one put at hotel registry counter. Liu walk to city bus stop wait for bus. <a name="a10221a18"> That day is a Sunday, whether bus come or not?! Liu is lucky, bus come and Liu go to greyhound station buy ticket to Los Angeles see mother and brother. When greyhound bus start engine and close bus door. This moment Liu relieved. not be caught by three of them. When arrive Los Angeles, July 4th firework everywhere. The date 1983-07-04 must be right. <a name="a10221a19"> In 1983 University of Iowa engineering building is next to Old Capital Center. It is a in-door shopping mall. This mall has one side face Old Capital. This side other end is a bank. Forget all street name, forget bank name. One day after 1983-07-04 (guess 1983-10 or 1983-11?) <a name="a10221a20"> LiuHH walk cross street toward bank (back direction is Iowa Book Supply) LiuHH saw a lady walk in opposite direction, face to face, shoulder close to shoulder passed. She look like Miss Yao. But LiuHH did not say Hi, because she did not look at Liu and Liu did not expect Miss Yao show up at Iowa City. 2012-02-21-09-46 stop <a name="a10221a21"> 2012-02-21-11-20 start Miss Yao,Danhon to Liu,Hsinhan relation has three steps Virginia Yao, 1979, Liu,Yao first meet Hidden Yao, 1980,1981. Yao meet husband. California Yao 1982,1983. Yao meet Liu. <a name="a10221a22"> Above three steps are very carefully designed. Virginia Yao, 1979, test Liu,Yao relation if Liu like Yao, Yao fate goto step 2. Hidden Yao, 1980,1981. Yao meet husband. Yao husband had demanding power over Yao. This period is hidden from Liu. <a name="a10221a23"> California Yao 1982,1983. Bring Liu and Yao together. Let Yao have demanding power over Liu. Accomplish a command channel TW top chair to Yao husband to Yao to Liu Miss Yao is TW top chair one attempt. Few more events are next. <a name="a10221a24"> 1979-?b to 1980-01-?c Belleville NJ. During this period, LiuHH live with mother, brother and sister-in-law in a condo-apartment at Belleville NJ. <a name="a10221a25"> One day brother friend Mr. Cheng's sister and niece Miss Cheng (鄭小姐) come to New Jersey (New York) Brother host aunt, niece. Niece Miss Cheng is about 22 years old. LiuHH has photo record LiuHH, aunt, niece visit museum picture. Aunt, niece live about one week and back to Taiwan. LiuHH has no intention to niece. Test step ends. <a name="a10221a26"> Second event is 1982,1983 Iowa City. One day LiuHH meet Miss Liao (廖麗珍) at Iowa Book Supply. Once is coincidence. But LiuHH meet Liao twice, both at Iowa Book Supply. Then never see Liao again. <a name="a10221a27"> Third event is mother Lu invite LiuHH for dinner with her third daughter. (1983? Los Angeles, Monterey Park) After dinner, LiuHH did not invite third daughter. This no reaction, let mother Lu stay away from Liu's family. <a name="a10221a28"> Fourth event is disabled01 (1989, Iowa City) <a name="a10221a29"> LiuHH has a big puzzle. TW top chair reside in Republic of China, Taiwan province. Dilute group reside in United States. Two different group, two different country, but one goal change Liu,Hsinhan to a puppet. <a name="a10221a30"> LiuHH puzzle is this build puppet effort serve for Republic of China national interest? or serve for United States national interest? It can not be both true. Why one goal? 2012-02-21-12-11 stop
<a name="a10220a"> Mainland schoolmate 大陸同學 <a name="a10220a01"> 2012-02-20-08-20 start Earlier introduced someone decorate LiuHH as a Taiwan spy Main event is LiuHH visit several mainland schoolmate. Minor event is Miss Chang offer LiuHH a job. <a name="a10220a02"> LiuHH grow up in Taiwan. Educated by Republic of China government. Learned that "Chinese" communist is a traitor group, killing sum exceed in history all other bandit killing sum. "Chinese" communist is created by Soviet Union, aim at destroy Chinese culture and "reduce" Chinese population. <a name="a10220a03"> Mao's "Cultural revolution" is destroy Chinese culture in action. Mao classify mainland Chinese to black and red two categories. Each person must have a black or red label. Its goal is some day in the future, ignite black/red big war, let Chinese kill Chinese, let Chinese population self exterminate. Mao gang carry out all of these "international order". <a name="a10220a04"> LiuHH is wondered, whether these accusation be true or not? If it is true, why all mainland population look like sea of dummy, no thought at all? It is a puzzle when Liu was in Taiwan. <a name="a10220a05"> 1978-08-01 LiuHH arrived U.S.A. 1980-01-10 LiuHH arrived University of Iowa at Iowa City, Iowa. There are many student come from mainland China. LiuHH need to verify what learned in Taiwan. LiuHH need to solve the puzzle why mainland population look like sea of dummy, no thought at all. <a name="a10220a06"> "sea of dummy" is not new. Another word say same idea is "Soviet Union removed 'Chinese' communist brain. 'Chinese' communist removed all Chinese brain." by Mr. Wei (魏京生,取消大腦) <a name="a10220a07"> "sea of dummy" is not fabricated. Next is communist to public saying "Those order you understand, carry out the order. Those order you do not understand, carry out the order as well." 理解的要執行,不理解的也要執行。 Above three are equivalent. Simplest description is "sea of dummy" 不理解的也要執行=一堆木偶 完全拋棄中國人立場。 <a name="a10220a08"> LiuHH visited mainland students more often than any other Taiwan students. This condition be used by someone and decorate LiuHH as a spy. Work for ROC government to watch mainland students. <a name="a10220a09"> In Iowa City, LiuHH visited the following mainland students. 顧濟民 Mr. Gu 孫國政 Mr. Sun 馬提則 Mr. Ma 肖凡 Ms. Hsiou 藍湘 Ms. Lan,Hsiang, elder sister 藍燕 Ms. Lan,Yan, younger sister 陳乃容 Ms. Chen,Naizon 洪柔嘉 Ms. Hon 姚介興 Mr. Yao,Jieh-hsin <a name="a10220a10"> Mr. Gu is the most frequent visited mainland friend. Because of more often visit, Mr. Gu got family trouble. Gu and wife quarrel, after quarrel, next step is divorce, then Gu meet another TW top chair controllable female. Finally TW top chair influence LiuHH through Gu. Gray lines are guess. <a name="a10220a11"> There are TOO MANY QUARREL around LiuHH. LiuHH see Gu and wife quarrel, LiuHH get away from Gu. Not only so, LiuHH get away from Mr. Sun, Mr. Ma. Not only so, LiuHH get away from ALL. 2012-02-20-09-23 stop <a name="a10220a12"> 2012-02-20-11-29 start Above is final result. Below is detail. 1980-06-?d to 1981-08-01 LiuHH live at 221 Church St. Iowa City. This is a house resident all come from Taiwan. <a name="a10220a13"> Around 1980-08, Mr. Gu move in to 221 Church St. LiuHH live at second floor. Gu live at third floor with Mr. Sung 宋宏一 Mr. Gu major in physics. Mr. Gu criticize "Chinese" communist. Both physics and criticize communist catch LiuHH attention. Liu, Gu talk often. <a name="a10220a14"> Many mainlander dislike communist, but they do not support Nationalist Party. Mr. Gu be so, other dislike-communist mainlander also not support Nationalist Party. To LiuHH, it is a contradiction. Because Chiang,Kai-shek Nationalist Party firm policy is to exterminate traitor "Chinese" communist 消滅共匪 <a name="a10220a15"> The explanation could be Chiang,Kai-shek Nationalist Party failed in mainland and Mao communist killed ALL Nationalist Party supporter in mainland. <a name="a10220a16"> But the main cause of Nationalist Party failure in mainland is Japan invasion and ONLY Chiang,Kai-shek Nationalist Party stand up defend Japanese invasion. Next is a map record Chinese army fight Japan record. Each battle field is a red number from 01 to 22 <a name="a10220a17"> These numbered fight are large scale. Chinese soldier exceed 100 thousand and Japanese soldier exceed 100 thousand. Other smaller fight not marked. The biggest fight is 01 at ShangHai. Two sides total soldier is 1070 thousand. All fight be Chiang,Kai-shek Nationalist Party troop. Resist Japan war diminished Chinese government military power. <a name="a10220a18"> Traitor "Chinese" communist did two wars with Japan. Both small scale. One is attack Japanese transportation team by surprise. Mao criticize this attack. Second is damage railroad action. Meet minimum Japanese soldier. <a name="a10220a19"> Because traitor "Chinese" communist no contribution in resist Japan war. Traitor "Chinese" communist forbid any record, movie-making about Chiang,Kai-shek Nationalist Party resist Japan facts. <a name="a10220a20"> Traitor "Chinese" communist coordinate with Japan, traitor "Chinese" communist kill those resist-Japan Chinese, exchange for Japan help communist expand territory. <a name="a10220a21"> Traitor Mao,Tsedong and traitor Chou,Enlai both thank Japan for invading China, let communist be able to ruin China and be able to fight the whole world, include Korean war, Vietnam war and 2001-09-11 attack World Trade Center and 2002-01-01 attack Japanese ship. <a name="a10220a22"> Reader can never see above view point any where else. Liu,Hsinhan is Chiang,Kai-shek follower. Liu,Hsinhan see event from China view point. <a name="a10220a23"> LiuHH write at will. Back to Mr. Gu. After few month in 221 Church with Gu. Mr. Gu move to other street in Iowa City. Then Mrs. Gu come to Iowa City. In short time, they had quarrel. In Iowa City, Gu quarrel did not catch Liu attention. All couple have small argument. It is College Station Texas Gu quarrel catched Liu attention. <a name="a10220a24"> 1984-07-10 to 1984-10-16 is LiuHH College Station period. LiuHH first week in College Station, only Gu live by himself. Gu and wife live in two different cities. One or two weeks later, Mrs. Gu come back to College Station. This time Gu quarrel catched Liu attention. It is severe. <a name="a10220a25"> One day Mrs. Gu visit LiuHH, Mrs. Gu say many Gu error. This conversation let Liu know TW top chair intention. Certainly, LiuHH can not explain to Gu the TW top chair factor. What LiuHH can do is to stay away from ALL. Above is Mr. Gu, below is Sun, Ma. <a name="a10220a26"> During Mr. Gu Church St. living period. Liu meet Mr. Sun and Mr. Ma. Because Gu, Sun, Ma all three major in physics. <a name="a10220a27"> Both Sun and Ma are pro-communist (relative to Gu) Both Sun and Ma get along well with LiuHH. We talk less politics, more other topic. When LiuHH criticize communist, both Sun and Ma avoid verbal conflict. They be silent, LiuHH can not continue and change topic. <a name="a10220a28"> 1981-08-01 to 1984-01-29 LiuHH live at 115 Market street Iowa City. In this period, one day 1983-05-22, LiuHH and Sun, Ma and two other house mate, Thai and Liu,ZJ we five ride LiuHH big car Oldsmobile Delta 88 from Iowa City to St. Louis visit Arch. Next picture is taken during this trip <a name="a10220a29"> From engineering view point, St. Louis Arch is a wonderful building. Minimum material let building stand firm. Mr. Sun take several picture for LiuHH. They all have camera and they all have LiuHH image. We all go to Arch top observation room. Because LiuHH has one picture with Liu,ZJ in observation room. Without picture, I almost forget many detail. <a name="a10220a30"> When just arrive St. Louis, Liu Oldsmobile leak transmission oil. We goto a repair shop ask help. Manager give Liu a can of transmission oil let Liu be able go back to Iowa City. Liu ask how much? Manager say "register is locked, it is free." Liu thank manager and continue trip without problem. On the way back to Iowa City, we stopped at Mark Twain museum. <a name="a10220a31"> Final Liu,Sun relation and Liu,Ma relation is become stranger. Because LiuHH did not want Gu husband wife quarrel reappear to Sun family and Ma family. Sun, Ma do not know why, Liu can not explain either. <a name="a10220a32"> Next is Miss. Hsiou LiuHH parents come from Fourriver province. 四川省 There are many mainland students. But students from Fourriver is not common. Hsiou come from Fourriver. LiuHH say broken Fourriver dialect with Hsiou. Why 'broken' ? Because LiuHH father forbid child say dialect, allow only national language. <a name="a10220a33"> Miss. Hsiou is Mrs. Ma too. They married in Iowa City. LiuHH has a picture taken by Mr. Ma. It is Liu,Hsiou stand together. This picture let LiuHH remember Fourriver schoolmate Hsiou image. 2012-02-20-13-33 stop <a name="a10220a34"> 2012-02-20-15-35 start Next see Miss Lan,Hsiang, elder sister Miss Lan,Yan, younger sister Both come from FuJian province. They live in Shanghai long time. LiuHH meet Lan,Hsiang more than Lan,Yan. First meeting is LiuHH find Lan,Hsiang. Lan had newspaper <a name="a10220a35"> people daily. LiuHH get Lan done reading newspaper. Other source is University library, but read only. I can not take home. Can not cut newspaper. Liu,Lan did not talk politics. Just non-politic topics. During Iowa study, Lan,Hsiang married with a Chinese Mr. Wu 吳新藻 who grow up at Indonesia. Wu,Lan both live at Iowa City until Lan graduate. <a name="a10220a36"> Lan,Yan, younger sister is taller than Lan,Hsiang, elder sister. LiuHH and Lan,Yan has little contact. One day is Lan,Yan birthday, Lan,Yan invite LiuHH (and several others) for her birthday party. Liu saw photo and pick up memory. After Lan,Hsiang and Lan,Yan move out of Iowa City. LiuHH receive Lan,Yan call once and had short talk. <a name="a10220a37"> Lan,Hsiang, elder sister major in Chinese literature. Lan,Yan, younger sister major is unknown. <a name="a10220a38"> Next is Miss Chen,Naizon. Chen,NZ and Lan sisters and Mr. Sun and Mr. Ma are close friends. LiuHH can not remember when first time meet Chen,NZ. LiuHH took picture of Chen,NZ and remember her image. Chen,NZ asked LiuHH teach her drive car. Liu had Oldsmobile big car. LiuHH teach Chen drive few times. <a name="a10220a39"> Chen,NZ invite LiuHH visit her resident once. Liu,Chen had common topic chat. Chen,NZ said she is family member of KMT founder Chen,Lifu 陳立夫、陳果夫家族 But LiuHH has no interest at this relation. Because Mr. Gu quarrel with wife, LiuHH stay away from every one. LiuHH stay away from Chen,NZ too. <a name="a10220a40"> Next is Miss Hon. LiuHH meet Hon at 221 Church St. period. 1980-06-?d to 1981-08-01 LiuHH live at 221 Church St. Iowa City. About 1981-06-?? Miss Hon move to 221 Church Street. Hon room and Liu room has just one wooden plate separation. Next door <a name="a10220a41"> neighbor. Miss Hon come from Tianjin 天津 Hon self introduce her title is "teacher Hon" 洪老師 Because her profession was teacher. Liu Hon talk nearly minimum. <a name="a10220a42"> Next is Mr. Yao,Jieh-hsin. All above mainland students, Mr. Yao should be core communist. This is LiuHH guess. When Mr. Yao graduate, before leave Iowa City, LiuHH visited Mr. Yao and present small gift to Yao. It is U.Iowa brass key ring and a question mark shape letter weight scale. Both are tiny, easy to carry. <a name="a10220a43"> LiuHH consider Mao, Chou are traitor, and those one generation younger, or two generation younger be goto wrong line person 排錯隊的人 In the future China need national spirit education and not kill all communist. LiuHH and Mr. Yao,Jieh-hsin do not have personal gratitude and grudge. <a name="a10220a44"> Above mainland students all express free will. LiuHH suspect Mr. Sung,JianGuo 宋建國 carry out hidden manager order and target at decorating LiuHH look like Taiwan spy. LiuHH walk away from Mr. Sung immediately. Above is LiuHH and Iowa City mainland students relation. Which point is a spy suspect action? <a name="a10220a45"> Below is Miss Chang,Hwasan to LiuHH request. 1983-07-?? LiuHH and Miss Chang meet at Los Angeles. Chang work at Republic of China national defense department. <a name="a10220a46"> Chang ask Liu to collect Iowa City newspaper cutting news 收集剪報 for her office. Chang did not say any thing more than that. Did not mention monthly pay, did not say cutting news hand to who. very light request. Liu <a name="a10220a47"> reply "Let me think about it." Liu did not refuse in front of Chang. Weeks later, Liu wrote to Chang and say no time. <a name="a10220a48"> Dear reader, do you know ? if Liu say OK, what will happen? LiuHH guess too much. It is your turn to guess. 2012-02-20-16-51 stop
<a name="a10219a"> Key Ladies 關鍵女性 <a name="a10219b"> 2012-02-19-11-05 start Liu,Hsinhan had four key female friends. Miss Yan (嚴月粧) from 1968 to 1975. Miss Chang [張華山(珊)] from 1976 to 1978. Miss Yao (姚丹紅) from 1979 to 1983. Beloved wife Liling (陳麗玲) 1982 to forever. <a name="a10219c"> Liu meet Yan at Taipei. Yan studied at Taiwan Normal University (師範大學國文系) Yan come to Liu home many times. Yan meet Liu mother frequently. Mother and Yan get along well. Liu father did not like Yan. Father said Miss Chang was better choice. Because Chang father is high rank military general. Chang father can help LiuHH. Yan family was common citizen. No high rank job. Liu view Yan there is nothing wrong. LiuHH did not change friend. Eventually, father agreed that Hsinhan and Yan can be married. <a name="a10219d"> One day father talk to Yan, father ask Yan to coordinate with father "to re- construct Hsinhan". LiuHH really do not know "re-construct Hsinhan" to what direction? This conversation is already after father change from field work head to political officer. In other words, it is NOT father "re-construct Hsinhan" it is TW top chair "re-construct Hsinhan" LiuHH guess Yan dislike this re-construct idea and did not coordinate with father. <a name="a10219e"> Father insist that after Liu,Yan marriage both live with father. Father not only require this near-by wish to Hsinhan, father require this near-by wish to brother and sister too. Sister entered Chung-Yuan University (中原理工), which is 80 miles (for example) from Taipei. <a name="a10219f"> Father ask sister transfer to Dan-Jiang University (淡江大學) which is 20 mile (for example) from Taipei. Father is demanding. His word is order, if not like his word, children must say good reason. If father accept good reason, it is ok not follow father words. But <a name="a10219g"> father forbid Hsinhan study physics, mathematics, chemistry, that may not be best decision. Father send LiuHH to Palau, send LiuHH to sea side land to raise fish. Those all be waste LiuHH time. (from academic view point) Father bar (limit) elder son, that is really true. <a name="a10219h"> Father insist Hsinhan and Yan live with father. Yan insist move to other house. There is no common point for LiuHH to stay. Finally, LiuHH have to stay away from Yan. LiuHH and Yan both loss seven years precious young age time. 2012-02-19-11-47 here <a name="a10219i"> A note about "academic view point". The happiest thing LiuHH feel is writing study notes and writing math computer programs. Fill in detail to textbook proof, LiuHH understand the proof procedure and reader understand too, for example <a name="a10219j"> Please access Rotation matrix from rotation axis and angle method 2. Mass point rotate, coordinate static. 2011-10-05 <a name="a10219k"> Use Rodrigues Construction to prove Euler's Rotation Theorem ; It is same as to prove quaternion multiplication rule. 2011-07-03 Rotation matrix from rotation axis and angle Equation derivation, 3D graph geometric construction Mass point static, coordinate rotate. 2011-05-29 Above are proofs <a name="a10219l"> below are graph for math curve Power Mean Inequality Curve 2010-02-19 Space Curve Projector 2009-01-03 <a name="a10219m"> If reader like those programs, that is LiuHH happiest thing. Alert, no one proof read, proof run. Output may contain error. You must verify first. Sister isolation decision, let LiuHH do many useful thing. 2012-02-19-12-08 stop Above is Miss Yan (嚴月粧) from 1968 to 1975. <a name="a10219n"> Below is Miss Chang [張華山(珊)] from 1976 to 1978. 2012-02-19-14-31 start 1976 LiuHH paid attention to Miss Chang. Chang graduate from Fu-Zen University (輔仁大學中文系) That time Chang work at Republic of China national defence department. She had one co-worker Mr. Ai (艾先生). Mr. Ai paid attention to Miss Chang too. Liu and Ai compete for one lady. Ai, Chang work in one office. They meet everyday. The year 1976 is after selection year 1969. Ai, Chang work in one office that is not a coincidence. After Liu, Chang break, Chang did not marry Ai. This indicate that Mr. Ai is used by TW top chair. <a name="a10219o"> Miss Chang's mother and LiuHH mother both come from Fourriver, Yingsan and both surname be Chinag (蔣). But no relative relation. Miss Chang and LiuHH mother must meet several times. Chang, LiuHH and mother three person meet once at Los Angeles. There is no marriage expectation. Miss Chang and LiuHH mother meet is not as close as Yan and LiuHH mother meet. <a name="a10219p"> Miss Chang's mother had preference between LiuHH and Mr. Ai. Miss Chang's mother prefer Mr. Ai. (Liu asked, Chang say so) This preference determined Liu,Chang relation must be failure. Liu,Chang break away quickly two years. (compare with Liu,Yan seven years) <a name="a10219q"> After LiuHH goto U.S. LiuHH ask Chang help buy a set history book. Miss Chang mailed a whole set Chinese history book to Liu and Chang did not want Liu pay. Chang said it is a gift to Liu. (鑫漢謝謝 華珊姐贈送的歷史課本。101,02,19,15,02) <a name="a10219r"> Around 1982 to 1984, LiuHH received a letter from sister. In which, sister included Miss Chang to LiuHH letter. Chang said that time (1982 to 1984) is Chang worse time in her life. What can I say? LiuHH can not tell Chang, there is TW top chair ruin Liu life and ruin Chang life. Liu never reply to this sister forward letter. Chang only get answer from reading this file. <a name="a10219s"> Around 2002 Miss Chang come to U.S. to find information for her son. This trip Chang called father. (Liu father and Chang mother both come from Fourriver Yingsan. Chang has Liu father phone ) Chang then called sister. Chang visited sister for two days. That time, it is sister isolate father-Han time. Sister told Chang, Han disappeared, not know where Han is now. Chang told sister Chang's younger sister jump floor and die several years ago. <a name="a10219t"> 2011-11-22-15-45 sister told Han that Chang's younger sister jump floor and die. 2011-11-22-15-30 sister told Han that father said, he read Taiwan newspaper got "Miss Yan kill her husband" news. On 2011-11-22 LiuHH learned both news. LiuHH can not believe. <a name="a10219u"> LiuHH ask historian to find out one thing. Chang's (張華山) younger sister jump floor and die. what year? what month? Yan's (嚴月粧) younger sister got what fate? If ill fate, what year? what month? Thank you, historian. 2012-02-19-15-35 <a name="a10219v"> On 2009-12-10 Miss Chang wrote a letter to LiuHH at 2505 Cloverleaf Ln. Simi Valley, CA. LiuHH saw this letter, immediate know it is dilute group arranged white trick. LiuHH will reply to Hwa san mail after Han,Ling reunion. Above is Miss Chang [張華山(珊)] from 1976 to 1978. <a name="a10219w"> Below is Miss Yao (姚丹紅) from 1979 to 1983. Liu know Yao in the period living at Virginia Woodbridge/Vienna 1978-08-?a to 1979-?b Yao roommate is Wang,Yichuin (王怡群) Wang boyfriend is Mr Chang,WeiGuan (張偉光) Mr Chang is LiuHH brother good friend. <a name="a10219x1"> Liu,Yao meet several times and Yao come to Liu resident once. That time mother, LiuHH, brother, sister-in-law live in one apartment. Yao meet mother. Compare mother-Yan, mother-Chang, mother-Yao three meet. ('mother' is LiuHH mother) <a name="a10219x2"> Both mother-Chang, mother-Yao meet are not very close. Because both no marriage to LiuHH possibility. That is although Liu and Yao meet, at the same time Yao meet other choice (LiuHH never know until last day). One day Yao told LiuHH Yao choose other one. Liu,Yao break. Above is Miss Yao (姚丹紅) from 1979 to 1983. <a name="a10219x3"> Below is Beloved wife Liling (陳麗玲) 1982 to forever. Hsinhan and Liling are perfect stranger From 1982 to about 1985 or 1986 four years, Han, Ling total conversation not exceed 20 sentences. Be stranger is the result of special environment. Whole reveal-fact paper try to explain why Han,Ling can not meet until now. <a name="a10219x4"> There is one thing worth mention. mother-Yan, mother-Chang, mother-Yao three meeting recorded. If there is mother-Liling meeting? Answer is YES. <a name="a10219x5"> 1983-07 mother and sister and Hsinhan move from San Bernadino CA to McHenry Virginia. On 1983-07-23 we stop at Iowa City. Mother, sister, Hsinhan went to Iowa City Chinese bible study meeting. Because Miss Hsieh (薛媖) is sister high school classmate. Hsieh study at U.Iowa. Liu meet Hsieh at bible study meeting. <a name="a10219x6"> Liling is one member of bible study meeting. Liling come to mother and warm welcome mother. <a name="a10219x7"> At the same day 1983-07-23, LiuHH and mother,sister go to Old Capital Center (a shopping center) we meet Miss Lan (藍湘) by surprise. Liu and Lan had very short talk and Lan walk away. <a name="a10219x8"> Several comparison, Beloved wife Liling and mother meeting is very warm. Han,Ling are perfect stranger. No much can say. Above is description about LiuHH four key female friends. 2012-02-19-16-51 stop <a name="a10219x9"> 2012-02-19-18-01 spelling check today's paper page not show up
<a name="a10216a"> Hsinhan father 鑫漢父親 Photo 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 <a name="a10216a01"> 2012-02-16-08-07 start This paper "Hsinhan father" introduce Liu,Hsinhan father. Father name is Liu,Wenchang (劉文章) Government registration Liu,Shaoling (劉少陵) Liu,Shaoling show up in all document. Father birth on 1924-05-25 at Fourriver province, Yinsan county (四川省營山縣). Grand father was a farmer. <a name="a10216a02"> Father worked in farm land at youth time. Father elder brother squeeze money and hand to father ask father go to big city to study. Father said "Big brother was poor, he found money in very difficult condition. brother hand was shaking." Father sincere thank uncle let father go out of farmer life. <a name="a10216a03"> Father went to Chinese Air Force school of mechanical (or communication) engineering. After graduation, father serve in air force as guidance (領航) (here may not be accurate). Solid memory is father serve in Chinese Air Force communication branch (空軍通信大隊) LiuHH youth time live at a house right next to communication branch office. Father work there. <a name="a10216a04"> Red bandit receive/carry out "communist international order" and topple Chinese government. Father follow Chinese Central move to Taiwan province. Last few month in mainland, one day father go see a fortune teller. Fortune teller told <a name="a10216a05"> father that father's future is 1. bar (limit) elder son //剋長子 2. move toward south east //走向東南 3. wife away, son disappear. //妻離子散 late years dreary. //晚景悽涼 <a name="a10216a06"> Bar elder son can be a prediction but, it can be an instruction too. Later years, this bar elder son is true. Bar (limit) elder son is one main reason that TW top chair choose LiuHH as a puppet. Because in control channel, TW top chair need this kind absolute demanding relation. <a name="a10216a07"> Earlier paper, LiuHH use "front stage actor", now in these reveal-truth paper LiuHH use the term puppet directly. <a name="a10216a08"> Father limit Hsinhan in many instance. for example. Graduate from high school, before taking universities entrance exam. Father told Hsinhan: "Do not write physics, math, chemistry department in your wish list. Since these theoretical fields are hard to get job. Write engineering department in your wish list." Few days later, <a name="a10216a09"> more limit follows "Only electrical and electronics engineering department can be in your wish list." LiuHH requested relax and include mechanical Engineering, father agreed. Finally LiuHH study ME. <a name="a10216a10"> LiuHH go to Cheng Kung University at Tainan City, far away from Taipei City. Father want all child around him and ordered "Prepare university entrance exam next year, in department-wish list fill only those near Taipei. At the same time, prepare transfer school exam. Transfer back to Taipei." <a name="a10216a11"> Entrance exam is for next freshman, Transfer exam is for next sophomore. Current ME freshman classes need care. Three preparation, all three failure. Father see three red ink report, silent and not push any more. <a name="a10216a12"> After graduation from Cheng Kung Univ. ME department. Father ask good friend uncle Lu for a good-pay job at Far East Superintendence Co., right under Uncle Lu. LiuHH worked four and half years. After third year work, father got the idea, let LiuHH goto Pacific Islands a very unusual direction. Every one go to U.S., go to Japan, go to Europe But LiuHH goto Guam, Yap, Palau. 1976 to 1977 Liu work at Palau NECO one year. Boss was Mr. Etpison. <a name="a10216a13"> Reader must not think this is father's decision. LiuHH always consider goto Palau is TW top chair's decision. <a name="a10216a14"> After Palau one year, back to Taiwan. For several month, father let LiuHH stay at home idle. 1977 winter, father send LiuHH to sea-side land to help uncle Fong (馮秋平) to raise fish. This is also TW top chair's decision. <a name="a10216a15"> TW top chair wish demand father easily, father order LiuHH to do certainly. Above is 1. bar (limit) elder son Below is 2. move toward south east <a name="a10216a16"> Second point is not a predict at all. Because at 1949, every one see the trend that Chinese Central move to Taiwan province. Father serve in Chinese Air Force. Fortune teller just say the facts. <a name="a10216a17"> Next see third point. 3. wife away, son disappear. late years dreary. <a name="a10216a18"> Mother pass away at 1983-09-13. This is "wife away" prediction. At the year 1994 or 1995, LiuHH wrote a letter say that before LiuHH go back to Taiwan, LiuHH hope see father and sister -in-law parents become harmony again. <a name="a10216a19"> This wish angered TW top chair (guess) Because Liu parents and sister-in-law parents, two parents quarrel, that is TW top chair's "achievement". //gray lines are LiuHH guess, reader //can suspect it. <a name="a10216a20"> Father went back to Taipei and back to Los Angeles, father was very angry at LiuHH, certainly for other reason, not because hope to see harmony again. <a name="a10216a21"> Sister was unable to mend father-Han relation. Sister determined isolate Han from father. It is "son disappear" part of fortune teller words. LiuHH brother live at Bakersfield CA. Far away from Gardena. Brother come visit father few times a year. This is half "son disappear". Sister live two miles away from father. Sister take care father through out father late years. <a name="a10216a22"> One day sister told LiuHH: "It is lucky, fortune teller said [wife away, son disappear], not say a word about daughter." LiuHH do not believe fortune teller. LiuHH do not believe he is robot. LiuHH do not believe God pre-determined his life. Above is fortune teller prediction. 2012-02-16-10-05 here <a name="a10216a23"> The year 1958, father exit from air force service. Because father had lung illness. Father entered Taiwan Power Company TPC (台灣電力公司輸配電工程處) LiuHH had youth time memory went to TPC hospital for medicare. Because father serve in TPC. <a name="a10216a24"> One important event, father did which change all of our family life worse. Our house in Taipei was small, we need more room. A small empty land right in front of our main gate. This land was rice farm land. Farmer discard city land and no one use it. Father intend to build a room on that small land. <a name="a10216a25"> This room block ten yard away neighbor kitchen window from sun light. That neighbor was Mr. Guo. Guo was powerful national assembly member, represent Hu-nan province. Father and Guo quarrel. Guo dis-allow room building. Eventually father go to court house to sue Guo. <a name="a10216a26"> One day father office TPC receive mail from national assembly and say words father's supervisor and father both feel trouble. Father go to court house withdraw sue case. Since this sue Guo event, our family fate fall to bottom. Sue Guo occurred around 1964. <a name="a10216a27"> 1966 LiuHH had universities entrance exam. LiuHH score was Total score 417 Dr. Sun thought 38 Chinese 53 English 67 Physics 79 Chemistry 84 mathematics 77 math more weight 19 <a name="a10216a28"> Physics, math, chemistry are average. Dr. Sun,Yatsen thought 38 ?? impossible. LiuHH request review score. Answer is the same, no change. <a name="a10216a29"> Total score 417 send LiuHH to most far away university most low score department most end in name list. <a name="a10216a30"> Most far away university is Cheng Kung university at Tainan City, south of Taiwan. LiuHH wish list no other wish south to CKU. In CKU, LiuHH had two wish department electrical engineering, mechanical eng. electrical need high score, mechanical need lower score. <a name="a10216a31"> mechanical eng. border limit is 417. LiuHH guess above score send LiuHH to most,most,most that is Mr. Guo's revenge work to father sue Guo. Guess, no evidence. <a name="a10216a32"> Three years later, brother was accepted by a school even south than CKU. Match LiuHH most,most,most pattern. <a name="a10216a33"> Four years later, sister was accepted by a school near Taipei. LiuHH explanation is that TW top chair paid attention to LiuHH and give sister a near-Taipei school which is father wish. //gray line are all guess. 2012-02-16-10-50 stop <a name="a10216a34"> 2012-02-16-14-18 start After sue Guo event, not only we three children get ill fate. Father too. After sue Guo event, father goto high mountain, country side do field work. Climb wooden pole, set up electric power cable together with worker. <a name="a10216a35"> Parents have FOUR children. Fourth was aborted by father. Father can not support more children. Mother fight to keep, but mother failed. After this abortion, father mother relation sour. quarrel some time. But severe quarrel is artificially ignited. The time is about 1969. Father got extreme pressure in office, come back to home release anger at family member. LiuHH remember <a name="a10216a36"> one astonishing scene, never forget. One day father come back from office, father was very angry, family member no one do anything wrong. Father can not blame any one of us. Suddenly father stand up hold radio receiver high and through radio receiver to cement ground. That time we do not use carpet. Cement ground is harder than radio receiver, receiver debris every <a name="a10216a37"> where. This very moment, father laugh loudly. Why it is so? LiuHH guess TW top chair need to know Liu family history. It is not possible ask father write down family history. Alternative exert tremendous pressure to father, let father, mother quarrel, then in father office arrange one comforter (guess 李富貴) to talk with father. //comforter=勸架人 <a name="a10216a38"> In our house neighbor arrange another comforter (guessed person pass away) to talk with mother. When a couple in quarrel, each say other side was wrong. comforter record every thing. Hidden manager analysis, if any question, send comforter to clarify. <a name="a10216a39"> Reader believe or not, above is real event happen to LiuHH family. In other words, some where in Taipei, there is record more complete than this paper. Detail record may not be in government office. Because TW top chair do this trick not for Republic of China national interest. TW top chair do this trick for his private interest. Detail record may be in private office. <a name="a10216a40"> Father, mother was beloved couple, but abortion and TW top chair trick spoiled relation. Hsinhan try to explain to family member. Father, mother, brother, sister never believe trick around! never believe Hsinhan was selected to be a puppet! They say "Hsinhan live in an illusion world." 2012-02-16-15-10 stop <a name="a10216a41"> 2012-02-16-16-13 start Father education is strict, demanding and wordy. Before LiuHH 30 years old, much more time contribute to sit and listen to father speak. Because of this strict education, all three children, Hsinhan, brother, sister did not become juvenile delinquents. We all study hard. <a name="a10216a42"> This part, Miss Yan know detail. Miss Yan (嚴月粧) is LiuHH first girl friend. Start from 1968 to 1975. Liu,Yan break because father insist after marriage, LiuHH and Yan live with father under one roof, Yan opposite. LiuHH do not have room to satisfy both. LiuHH can not drop father, then stay away from Yan. <a name="a10216a43"> Hsinhan and brother, sister all three education fee come from father support. This fee for three child is a very heavy load. We all sincerely thank father and mother for their working hard to support our education. <a name="a10216a44"> Father work at Taiwan Power Company. Mother work at home. TPC salary alone is not enough to support three children education fee. What do they do? Father had a side job. Repair TV. Father teach mother how to repair. Two of them repair TV. Later time, change to design vacuum tube tester. Here is one picture <a name="a10216a45"> In this picture, father explain vacuum tube tester to then vice president Mr. Yan,Jiagan (嚴家淦) Father, mother and two or three young worker together for production. Parents did not ask three children to participate. Just ask us study well. <a name="a10216a46"> Hsinhan, brother, sister all three of us did not got scholarship. Our score is average. Niece has superior score and drop out from school. This is a very sorrow thing. 2012-02-16-17-12 stop continue tomorrow <a name="a10216a47"> 2012-02-16-19-37 start astonishing scene occurred in front of Hsinhan eye only. Mother, brother, sister come few seconds later. They all did not see father change angry to laugh scene. 2012-02-16-19-39 stop <a name="a10216a48"> 2012-02-17-08-12 start One big event occurred to father. In short, father and three friends bought sea side land at low price. Few years later sell land at high price and make money. This profit distribution totally ruin father reputation. Whole event is a designed and guided trick, target at destroy father human relation. Create more indirect enemy for puppet LiuHH. <a name="a10216a49"> Begin year is possibly 1968. One day father come home from office, excited tell everyone that there is a good chance to buy large land at low price. Land located at ChangHwa county (彰化海 埔新生地) Straight line distance from Taichung sea port (台中港) is about 10 to 20 kilo meter. Very close. Land <a name="a10216a50"> size GUESS 30 acre. Father found three friends Mr. Wu (吳光宏), Mr. Lee (李蜀生), Mr. Chai (翟孟雄) to buy land. All four landlords are from Fourriver province, Yingsan county. Father contribute money exceed 50% of the initial purchase amount. Father is the big <a name="a10216a51"> landlord. Father money come from repair TV and sell vacuum tube tester. Land increase value at few years later. Four landlords, only Chai live near by. Chai is Changhwa county police department, on-sea police branch chief. <a name="a10216a52"> During these years, landlords rent land to Mr. Fong (馮秋平) Fong invite Mrs. Shih (石媽媽) to work together. Both Fong and Shih come from Chejiang province (浙江) A frequent visitor Mr. Z. also come from Chejiang. <a name="a10216a53"> 1977 winter, father send LiuHH to sea-side land to help uncle Fong. Work is to raise fish, shrimp. Mother Shih take care LiuHH most of the time. LiuHH stay at sea-side land for about six month. During this period. Uncle Chai come to fish land frequently. Chai (landlord) and Fong <a name="a10216a54"> {tenant) had quarrel. LiuHH is landlord representative at tenant side. Although Chai,Fong quarrel, uncle Fong never show dislike face to LiuHH. Because LiuHH was one of his team member. Big event occurred. One day Fong and Shih bought baby shrimp and put in in-house pound, pump air to shrimp pound. Fong <a name="a10216a55"> explain baby shrimp need more oxygen otherwise, shrimp die. Few days later one night, electric power off. Next day morning, LiuHH saw uncle Fong sit with sad face. LiuHH ask why? uncle Fong reply "Last night power failure, 20thousand (Taiwan dollar) shrimp all gone." LiuHH do not know what to do. <a name="a10216a56"> It is uncle Fong's personal loss. Mr. Z show up. Guess Mr. Z suggest uncle Fong that power failure is turned off by LiuHH. But uncle Fong never blame LiuHH for the loss. LiuHH never know where is power switch. LiuHH never do any damage, LiuHH just follow Fong and Shih instruction. <a name="a10216a57"> This "never blame" cost uncle Fong's life. Because the whole trick target at create one more enemy for puppet LiuHH. <a name="a10216a58"> After six month, father call LiuHH go back to Taipei. One or two month in Taipei, father said "Fong pass away" Another few month, father said "Chai pass away" Fong pass away is side play. Chai pass away is main play. <a name="a10216a59"> Father is big percentage landlord, Chai is small percentage landlord, Fong is tenant. Chai, Fong argument is Chai work for father. This is a contribution. Father agree give Chai reward for this take care land work. 2012-02-17-09-36 stop <a name="a10216a60"> 2012-02-17-11-56 start Four landlords, Liu,Chai,Wu,Lee. Now Liu give Chai rewards?, Wu and Lee follow, each say he had contribution to father, each ask for reward. How much money father can hand out? Wu, Lee ask reward that is a pressure to father. At a 'proper' moment, Chai sick and pass away. Under Wu and Lee <a name="a10216a61"> pressure, father ask mother Chai 翟伯母 return Chai-reward back to father. Mother Chai was reluctant, father need good reason to get money back. Father wrote letter to LiuHH, ask LiuHH write a letter to mother Chai say that LiuHH study at University of Iowa, need money for tuition, request money back for Han <a name="a10216a62"> tuition. Here the whole sea-side-land trick link to LiuHH again (first link is shrimp death) Father word is order, LiuHH follow order wrote a letter to mother Chai say need money. What is the result? LiuHH never know. Guess mother Chai did return money to father. After this Chai-live-give-money and Chai-die- withdraw-money play, father reputation is ruined in Fourriver Yingsan friends. <a name="a10216a63"> How much money father earned from sea- side-land ? LiuHH do not know. How it go away? Known events is next. <a name="a10216a64"> Brother bought big house at Simi Valley CA. Father contribute 30thousand or 50thousand two sources, two numbers. <a name="a10216a65"> Father sister's son 楊銘 study university at mainland. His four years tuition come from father support. 1994-01 father wrote to his nephew, telling nephew how to change U.S. dollar to mainland money need be careful. Do not be cheated. This mail had one copy in father document. Main point, support period cover 1994. <a name="a10216a66"> Sister living fee, partial come from this sea-side-land profit. Larger percentage of sea-side-land profit goto land legal document writers (土地代書) Liu family view point is land legal document writers got money by fraud. TW top chair view point is done big play (sea side land) take money back. <a name="a10216a67"> 1983-08 angry changed LiuHH fate. The year 1983 to 1986 father should have plenty money in hand, but one period father do not have money buy food. Father wrote a letter to retired-soldier assistance office ask for help. This letter use one reason explain why <a name="a10216a68"> father do not have money. The reason is "son was not in accordance with filial piety." (兒子不孝) It is a document TW top chair needed to ruin LiuHH reputation. Only father accusation letter that is not enough, need real evidence. One day around 1986 <a name="a10216a69"> LiuHH receive father letter say that father need money, ask send money to him. That time LiuHH did not know the accusation letter. LiuHH (Iowa City) withdraw ten thousand from bank account mail to father (Taipei). Ten thousand dollars mail dis-proof accusation letter. <a name="a10216a70"> To LiuHH's guardian angel, this ten thousand dollars mail is serious warning. If father ask second time (from Taipei), LiuHH left $3000 to $4000 all be gone. Not too long after this ten thousand dollars mail event, father change from Taipei constant resident to Los Angeles constant resident. The date could be 1987-June. <a name="a10216a71"> After mail 10thousand dollars to father LiuHH do not have enough money to pay next tuition and living fee. Sister step in at this critical moment. Sister mail money to support LiuHH. 2012-02-17-13-20 stop <a name="a10216a72"> 2012-02-17-17-53 start This afternoon, sister come say happy birthday to LiuHH. Sister eat dinner with Hsinhan and browse old pictures. This afternoon, brother call LiuHH say happy birthday. Brother live at Bakersfield, can not come to Gardena to meet LiuHH. <a name="a10216a73"> LiuHH and brother, sister say happy birthday to each other. Since young, father forbid us celebrate birthday. Guess it is father farmer's custom. work first, no time celebrate birthday. or no money celebrate birthday. Above is "son was not in accordance with filial piety." document written by father which damage LiuHH reputation. <a name="a10216a74"> 2012-02-17-18-01 here Below is fake document written by father which damage LiuHH reputation. <a name="a10216a75"> Start from 1974, father ask uncle Yu 余春生 take LiuHH to Pacific Islands, Guam, Saipan, Truck, Yap, Palau etc. In 1974 and 1975 LiuHH follow Yu two or three times travel to Pacific Islands. Work is sale assorted items. 1976 Yu bring LiuHH to Palau, Koror?? city and work at NECO for one year. <a name="a10216a76"> LiuHH quit Far East Superintendence Co. job at 1976-02 ?? How to explain to Far East Superintendence Co. for 1974 and 1975 travel? I can not say follow Yu sale assorted items to Pacific Is. That time father work in Taiwan Power Company, political party office 黨支部書記 Father fabricated a reason of absence <a name="a10216a77"> for one travel trip. Father wrote a fake order, that is Nationalist Party (KMT) order to LiuHH for training two month. Father told boss uncle Lu 盧興華 the whole story and ask Lu take fake document back to father after Far East manager OKed. Whole thing proceed as father designed. Until now no ill result happen. Above is fake document written by father which damage LiuHH reputation. <a name="a10216a78"> LiuHH think both "son not filial piety." and to Far East fake document are designed by TW top chair. purpose is to criticize LiuHH at puppet-end time. But LiuHH do not like to be a puppet, all strike setting become useless. 2012-02-17-18-25 stop continue tomorrow. <a name="a10216a79"> 2012-02-17-23-29 start Earlier said father goto high mountain, country side do field work and father wrote a fake order, that is Nationalist Party (KMT) order to LiuHH for training two month. Reader may ask: a powerful political officer climb wooden pole, set up electric power cable? Certainly two jobs are very different. <a name="a10216a80"> Answer is that father changed job (still within TW Power Co.) from field work head to political officer. This change job date is very important to historian. Because change job date indicate the time TW top chair paid attention to LiuHH. First thing they do is change father job. Second thing <a name="a10216a81"> they do is request father bring LiuHH into Nationalist Party (KMT). LiuHH has no interest to stay in a political group, no interest to receive order and carry out order. If no pressure, LiuHH will not apply (enter) any party. <a name="a10216a82"> Now father force, uncle Mao (毛隆英) push, 1969 LiuHH hand in application form. After done military service 1971 LiuHH did not go to KMT any more. However, LiuHH strongly support KMT. Reader see banner, white sun on blue sky design is KMT symbol. Which is also banner. <a name="a10216a83"> Above section key point is father change job indicate when LiuHH was selected. 2012-02-17-23-50 stop <a name="a10216a84"> K = Kuo (Guo better) = nation M = Min = citizen T = Tung (Dung better) = party KMT = national citizen party KMT = Nationalist Party 國民黨 2012-02-18-00-09 <a name="a10216a85"> 2012-02-18-08-45 start During the year 1955 to 1958 (approx.) father worked in Air Force and a night job at Taihwa electronic sale/repair shop 泰華電器行 This period nothing special, just a notes about father's career. Taihwa was in Taipei near train station. Father got good pay in Taihwa. <a name="a10216a86"> Father had a good friend uncle Chen 陳長培 Both of them work at Taihwa, uncle Chen did not serve in Air Force. We three children had good memory about visiting uncle Chen each new year day for several years. <a name="a10216a87"> Now all father friends are old. Uncle Mao pass away, uncle Chung ill stay on bed. Sister wrote email to uncle Chung telling uncle father pass away. Uncle Lu unknown, uncle Chen unknown, uncle Yu unknown. <a name="a10216a88"> One twist between father and uncle Lu. Uncle Lu had three daughters. Mother Lu intend introduce third daughter to LiuHH. If success, uncle Lu become LiuHH father- in-law. One day, 1987? father told LiuHH that father got money (few 10thousands) from uncle Lu and invest for Lu. Result is money ALL GONE. Liu,Lu relation become <a name="a10216a89"> sour. If LiuHH accepted Lu third daughter then LiuHH father-in-law will be angry at LiuHH for father loss Lu money. That is TW top chair create all kind enemy around LiuHH. Damage all LiuHH human relation. <a name="a10216a90"> Another small event. One day around 1993? father ask LiuHH go visit uncle Lu at Lu house near Los Angeles. LiuHH worked under uncle Lu for four and half years in Taipei. Uncle Lu trust LiuHH and hope LiuHH help Lu for his recent new job. But LiuHH did not accept. If LiuHH accept then LiuHH get paid by uncle Lu, receive instruction from Lu. That is a pipe line for TW top chair sending command to LiuHH. Uncle Lu never know LiuHH's TW top chair consideration. <a name="a10216a91"> LiuHH rejected spark job offer, rejected programmer job offer, then LiuHH did not find a job. No income. No job, no income is a disadvantage. No job, no income is also an advantage. View from the opposite direction. If LiuHH got any job, TW top chair and dilute group can demand LiuHH and arrange LiuHH meet an eastern European lady (for example). That is an extreme dangerous condition for Liu. <a name="a10216a92"> Father started Chinese medicine doctor 中醫 learning in 1970's About 1980 father quit Taiwan Power Company job. Father become a Chinese medicine doctor through out his late years. His major field is acupuncture. After father pass away, LiuHH and brother, sister find many medical books. Most are Chinese medicine book. LiuHH told sister <a name="a10216a93"> keep father books, not sell, not give away. We keep father books as memorial. When we become old, need medical knowledge, those book will be useful to us some day. Father medical books weight about 250 pound to 280 pounds. <a name="a10216a94"> Father change from Taipei constant resident to Los Angeles constant resident. The date could be 1987-June. During Taipei constant resident, father go to U.S. several times for taking Chinese medicine doctor U.S. license examination. During Los Angeles constant resident, father go to Taiwan many times. <a name="a10216a95"> Father go to U.S. take license exam. This period, father live at brother house at Simi Valley, CA. One time take exam at Florida, father follow a group team. All member of this group have same goal, take exam. Travel agent arrange every thing. <a name="a10216a96"> Above is simple. The opposite situation, during Los Angeles constant resident, father go to Taiwan many times. This is for what? Taking Chinese medicine doctor Republic of China license examination? No! father goal is to get U.S. license, not Taiwan license. <a name="a10216a97"> Start from about 1988 to about 2005. Father get a special job. Delivery man for IBC Pacific Inc. El Segundo, CA That period it has a law, require all luggage must follow owner ride same airplane. Some one need send boxes to foreign country in fastest way, but sender not take airplane. In this special <a name="a10216a98"> case, IBC ask father take airplane fly to assigned country. Ticket paid by box sender. Sister joke said "Father become fly man in air" (空中飛人) This fly man in air job let father travel almost all over the world. But each city just light touch. Under this special job father go to Taiwan many times. <a name="a10216a99"> LiuHH guess in 1987-June, father change to Los Angeles constant resident that is against TW top chair wish. Because TW top chair need father send command to LiuHH. now father live in Los Angeles, how to give command to father? The solution is give father a fly man in air job. Any time TW top chair need talk to father, father got a IBC ticket fly to Taiwan. father was very angry is one example how fly man in air job works. <a name="a10216b01"> Sister isolation make fly man in air job meaningless. About 2005, IBC stopped fly man in air job, because law changed, new law allow luggage go by itself without owner. <a name="a10216b02"> Father change from Taipei constant resident to Los Angeles constant resident. The date could be 1987-June. This change is a great news for father. Why? because in Taipei father is both command deliver person and revenge target. After 1983-08 angry, one or two years. Father had genital surgery, removed partial genital tissue muscle. <a name="a10216b03"> Father never say this surgery, but father wear a special underwear with hard wall make big room for genital organ. LiuHH consider this is TW top chair revenge to father for LiuHH 1983-08 angry. Not only this one surgery event. Father said his neighbor can do any damage to father <a name="a10216b04"> (in Taipei). 1987-June change constant resident is a big relief for father. In U.S. father got $850/month from U.S. government and father live in a pleasant environment. <a name="a10216b05"> In U.S. father got $850/month. In Taiwan father also get living assistance fee. Amount unknown to LiuHH. Both money supply until father last month. Sister called U.S. government to stop $850. But whether sister send message to Republic of China government? LiuHH do not know. If not, then Taiwan living assistance fee continue deposit into father account in Taiwan post office. 2012-02-18-11-35 stop <a name="a10216b06"> 2012-02-18-14-06 start Father had life time long sleep disorder. In average, every week, there are two to three night father had bad dream. In dream father run for life and loud shout. This loud shout wake up everyone else, but not wake up father. <a name="a10216b07"> Cause of sleep disorder is youth time father saw massive killing. Create a permanent mental wound. Father was born on 1924-05-25 1920 Communist third international come to China collect a group bandit, build killing troop. Around 1930, red bandit enter Fourriver province Yingsan county. <a name="a10216b08"> Government troop move away. Red bandit capture those anti communism Red bandit capture those resist Russia Red bandit capture those rich Red bandit capture government employee. Day time, red bandit force victim dig deep hole. Night time, red bandit bury victim alive. This is massive killing. <a name="a10216b09"> Result of long time massive killing from 1930 to 1989 let mainland China no one anti communism and no one resist Russia. The surprise result is mainland China popular thought be hate U.S. and hate the world. <a name="a10216b10"> Father was five to seven years old. The scene of massive killing let father got life time long sleep disorder. When father dream shout, it is possible hear "run! run! bandit is coming!" <a name="a10216b11"> Father sleep need someone to push wake. When mother and father live together, mother do the push wake job. Mother pass away on 1983-09-13 Since 1983-09 father non-stop find a company to do push wake job. A few applicant come but they did not stay long and go away. <a name="a10216b12"> 2011-10-15 suddenly father told sister, "I am too old, it is impossible find a company." 2011-10-18 father told sister "I had enough time on earth." 2011-11-10-00-?? father pass away. 2012-02-18-14-40 stop 鑫漢父親 Photo 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
<a name="a10215a"> Genital bending 下體中折 <a name="a10215b"> 2012-02-15-08-50 start Here discuss LiuHH's genital organ change shape. Over all speak, LiuHH's genital organ is healthy. Since these events are facts, LiuHH do not avoid discuss genital organ. <a name="a10215c"> From 1966 to 1970 LiuHH study at Tainan (south city of Taiwan) Cheng Kung Univ. (success university) 1967 summer and 1969 summer twice, LiuHH had ureter stone. Urine is black, blood. LiuHH <a name="a10215d"> thought that Tainan City water contain too high mineral. After second ureter stone, LiuHH buy distilled water. Live in Taipei City no trouble, live in Tainan got trouble? Explanation is LiuHH body system dis agree with new environment in Tainan. (水土不服) <a name="a10215e"> 1980-01-10 to 1980-06-?d Westlawn, U.Iowa period, LiuHH found his genital organ deform. Normally, when genital organ stand up, it is cylinder shape. But now cylinder right edge center point, muscle not fully extend, which cause cylinder outer half turn right from center line. About 30 degree. Whole shape very different from normal. <a name="a10215f"> Westlawn period LiuHH did not go visit doctor for this trouble. Liu guessed it is hot air (winter time) created trouble. LiuHH can not turn off hot air, Liu put on heavy coat sit at window side, open window let fresh air come in. Room mate Dan come back saw this strange scene. LiuHH did not explain, just close window. Genital organ deformation 90% go away after one year. 100% go away after two years <a name="a10215g"> 1981-08-01 to 1984-01-29 LiuHH live at 115 Market street Iowa City. About 1982-end or 1983-begin, Liu found his genital organ stand up with extra tension. This time no bending, the organ is straight, but cylinder sponge organ has greater expansion coefficient than ureter-in-cylinder does. The result is ureter-in-cylinder had excess strain. This genital organ excess strain last one week then never happen. Above two events do not have record. <a name="a10215h"> Third event is same as first, middle bending. The date is uncertain. But third event has document (letter). That time, LiuHH went to Univ. of Iowa hospital internal medicine to see doctor for high blood pressure. Doctor was Sheryl (spelling not sure) a female doctor. LiuHH do not know what is the cause of genital organ deform. <a name="a10215i"> Third event occurred at taking Veramapil high blood pressure medicine which Doc. Sheryl gave to Liu. LiuHH wrote a letter to Doc. Sheryl describe the trouble. Doc. Sheryl returned a letter, next meeting another male doctor show up, he never care the extra trouble, just care high blood pressure. <a name="a10215j"> Why occur? Why bending twice, expansion once? why not all bending? How can I apply Tainan explanation to Iowa events? LiuHH can not find answer, just record facts here. 2012-02-15-09-42 stop
<a name="a10214a"> Change route 改變路線 <a name="a10214b"> 2012-02-14-07-39 start The following record few facts. They relate to LiuHH get food method and relate to LiuHH safety. <a name="a10214c"> 2006-07-03 Liu sold car at $200. Start from this day. LiuHH walk to supermarket to buy food. Vons, Jones, Albertson. One year later, little Vons closed. Simi Valley Big Vons is far away. <a name="a10214d"> 2007-02-15 Uncle Chung (鍾秉權) deposit U.S.$21000. to LiuHH Bank of America account. This is father's money. Father give money to Uncle Chung and ask Uncle to use this money invest stock market at Taipei. 2007-02-01 ?? father ask Uncle Chung to close stock market account, send money to sister bank account. LiuHH and sister both own one account. <a name="a10214e"> 2008-12-23-17-10 Liu walk to Albertson supermarket at Simi Valley, Stern St. and Los Angeles Street. Liu live at 2505 Cloverleaf Ln, walk to Dove Ave. (just five yard entrance road) turn east on Cochran Street. At the inter- section of Cochran and Stern, traffic light stopped both LiuHH and a big <a name="a10214f"> cargo truck. Both Liu and truck move toward south along Stern. Truck driver jump out of seat, run to LiuHH asked "where is Los Angeles State?" Los Angeles State? LiuHH puzzled. He repeat one more time. Suddenly, <a name="a10214g"> Liu realize it is Los Angeles Street. Liu said "Straight ahead, next traffic light is Los Angeles Street." Truck driver run back and drive forward. Truck driver had European accent. Truck driver is male about 30 years old. <a name="a10214h"> 2009-02-23-21-25 Liu done shopping at Albertson and walk back to room. At Leeds and Stearn T intersection, saw three car stop at street side. One police car had three strong lights (三個探照燈) shoot light beam forward right on to LiuHH eye. Here, LiuHH change route. Old route is walk along Stern street west side go north. <a name="a10214i"> New route is turn west to Leeds St. Walk a bigger loop back to my room. Old route is dangerous. Heavy traffic many big truck pass by. Stern street west side shoulder is not designed for pedestrian. (east side shoulder OK) New route is residential road, light traffic. Take 15 minutes more time. <a name="a10214j"> 2009-05-31-11-14 first time Sister bring food to LiuHH. Since 2009-05-31, Liu's food always come from sister delivery, and Liu no need walk to supermarket. <a name="a10214k"> Dear reader, what conclusion can you draw from above facts? Next is LiuHH conclusion, certainly it is guess words. May be wrong. <a name="a10214l"> 2006-07-03 Liu sold car. At this modern age, a car is a must for everyone. Sister do not have money to buy another car for LiuHH. LiuHH's guardian angel try to solve this no car problem. $21000 dropped to sister pocket. But sister need money in commodity market and used all of $21000. <a name="a10214m"> LiuHH continue walk along Stern west road shoulder, which is dangerous. 2008-12-23-17-10 LiuHH's guardian angel let Liu see big truck. <a name="a10214n"> 2009-02-23-21-25 LiuHH's guardian angel let Liu go safer residential road. 2009-05-31-11-14 LiuHH's guardian angel free Liu from walk on dangerous road. Reader believe it or not? It is your judgment. <a name="a10214o"> Reader may ask, why LiuHH not go buy food at day time? Car driver can see Liu clearly and avoid collision. <a name="a10214p"> Answer is that LiuHH start at day time shopping. But at the intersection of Cochran St. and Stern St. LiuHH nearly always see retarded group walk on Liu eye sight. Finally, goto food store at 21:00 avoid to see retarded group. 2012-02-14-08-35 stop <a name="a10214q"> 2012-02-14-12-50 start Three car three beam light? It is not one car carry one beam light. One passenger car and one police car both park at road side. Another beam light car park behind two cars and supply strong light. Three beam light compact arrangement. (三燈排列如品字) 2012-02-14-12-54 stop
<a name="a10213a"> Noise, noise 噪音噪音 <a name="a10213a01"> 2012-02-13-08-13 start The motivation of writing reveal-fact series papers is to explain to general public Why Han,Ling reunion not happen up to now 2012-02-13? <a name="a10213a02"> 2008-04-2? Han,Ling secret husband and wife relation is just detected. Since 2008-04-2?, Liling got tragic life. What life Liling get? Hsinhan do not know. What life Liling get? general public do not know. But <a name="a10213a03"> what life Han,Ling get worth every body alert. Since similar tragic life may happen to reader silently. <a name="a10213a04"> Since Hsinhan do not know what life Liling get, How can Hsinhan discuss Liling life? The answer is simple. Han,Ling are secret husband and wife. Han,Ling get similar ill fate. Then discuss Hsinhan's ill life, that is very close to what Liling got. <a name="a10213a05"> This paper "Noise, noise" discuss ONLY Hsinhan's ill life. If Liling is still alive, reader can go ask Liling and compare. The only difference is that Hsinhan's ill life has 33 years. Liling's ill life has 4 years. <a name="a10213a06"> 1978-08-01 LiuHH arrived U.S.A. 1980-01-10 LiuHH arrived University of Iowa at Iowa City, Iowa. Seventeen month life is normal. <a name="a10213a07"> From 1980-01-10 to 1980-06-?? LiuHH live at Westlawn dorm (U.Iowa building) Roommate was Dan. (Not Coralville Dan) Liu room door cross the hallway face neighbor's room door. Just one or two pace away. That neighbor's room door slam heavily almost everyday many times. No one stop it. One day, another neighbor come tell LiuHH "that guy smoke ma-liu-ana and slam door heavily." <a name="a10213a08"> From 1980-06-?? to 1981-08-01 LiuHH live at 221 Church Street, Iowa City, Iowa. This period, no noise, but many Taiwan student activities played here. Let Liu highly alert: Liu may not have chance to find a girl friend. (Chinese from Taiwan) <a name="a10213a09"> LiuHH resident history //2012-02-13-09-00 1978-08-01 LiuHH and sister arrive U.S. 1978-08-02 to 1978-08-?a Texas sis. school 1978-08-?a to 1979-?b Woodbridge/Vienna VA. 1979-?b to 1980-01-?c Belleville NJ. 1980-01-10 to 1980-06-?d Westlawn, U.Iowa 1980-06-?d to 1981-08-01 221 Church St. Iowa City 1981-08-01 to 1984-01-29 LiuHH live at 115 Market street Iowa City. <a name="a10213a10"> 1984-01-29 to 1984-02-29 Joliet, Ill. 1984-02-29 to 1984-06-26 Hammond, Ind. 1984-06-26 to 1984-07-05 Ann Arbor, Mich. 1984-07-10 to 1984-10-16 College Station, TX. 1984-10-18 to 1985-10-14 Coralville, Iowa. 1985-10-15 to 1985-12-16 Detroit, Yang 楊仁傑. 1985-12-18 to 1986-01-11 Coralville, Mari Jo. //above Yang and Mari Jo are hosts. 1986-01-11 to 1986-06-01 115 Market Iowa City 3rd floor small room 1986-06-01 to 1991-05-15 115 Market Iowa City 3rd floor middle room 1991-05-15 to 1992-10-25 620 Johnson #5 Iowa City <a name="a10213a11"> 1992-10-28 to 1993-03-25 live at 5492 San Joaquin Street, Simi Valley CA Brother big house under LiuHH name. //reader will find LiuHH owned house. Gift Bazaar prosperous buy big house 1988. Gift Bazaar sluggish sell big house 1993. Gift Bazaar end business 1996-12-31. 2012-07-05-17-16 LiuHH and sister pass by 5492 San Joaquin Street Simi Valley CA and LiuHH write down address. 2012-07-09-12-55 add 5492 to bioge004.htm <a name="a10213a11b"> 1993-03-26 to 1994-01-21 Simi Valley CA Brother small house 2369 Collier Ct. //1993-04-0? brother ask LiuHH move out. //1993-04-1? sister-in-law mother stroke. //2003-04-11, brother move from Simi CA //to Bakersfield CA. LiuHH did not follow 1994-01-22 to 2001-08-01 Simi Valley CA landlord Jean big house 3591 Finchley Ct. Simi Valley CA 93063-2252 <a name="a10213a11c"> 2001-08-02 to today 2012-02-13 landlord Jean small house 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063. However 2011-11-10 to today 2012-02-13 LiuHH live at sister condo 14919 Normandie Ave. #8 Gardena, CA 90247. Still pay rent to 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, //2012-02-13-09-53 here 2012-07-05 sold 14919 condo, LiuHH move to 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley CA <a name="a10213a12"> Above is a summary of LiuHH resident history. 1980-06-?d to 1981-08-01 221 Church St. is a quiet period. 1981-08-01 to 1984-01-29 LiuHH live at 115 Market street Iowa City. This <a name="a10213a13"> is a quiet period. But 1981-11 to 1982 Feb. winter period, outside snow, inside hot air temperature is much higher than body temperature. LiuHH have to open window let cold wind neutralize hot air. LiuHH live at first floor. Mr. Jiang (江樵熹) live at third floor small room Liu and Jiang discussed hot temperature, Jiang said his room is hot too. Jiang come from Taiwan. Serve in ROC military. <a name="a10213a14"> 1981-08-01 Liu rent a room at 115 Market street from house owner, an old lady. Few month later, house ownership change from old lady to Gloria Day church. <a name="a10213a15"> 1984-01-29 to 1984-02-29 Joliet, Ill. LiuHH live at a low-income community. Not a pleasant environment. Move away quickly. Joliet one month is a quiet month. <a name="a10213a16"> 1984-02-29 to 1984-06-26 Hammond, Ind. is a hotel. A big cubic building. About two weeks after 1984-02-29. Hotel begin rebuild roof engineering. It cause many noise, Liu counted there are ten+ different noise show up in turn. The most trouble noise is mid <a name="a10213a17"> night right on top of head start water pipe water hammer hitting noise. One day LiuHH went to first floor reception office complain about noise. Manager just keep silent. He can not say a word. This is the only time LiuHH complain about noise. In the future, LiuHH know to complain is useless. <a name="a10213a18"> 1984-06-26 to 1984-07-05 Ann Arbor, Mich. LiuHH live at basement, there is water pipe pass desk side, de-moisture machine running. All cause noise. <a name="a10213a19"> 1984-07-10 to 1984-10-16 College Station, TX. Upstairs neighbor drop metal ball every mid-night. In Hammond, Liu learned not complain, it is useless. One night, up stairs book shelf collapse. Every night upstairs had concentrated noise right reach LiuHH bed head. LiuHH feel like sitting in the power (head) train where tremendous noise can be heard. If LiuHH move head one feet away, noise reduce a <a name="a10213a20"> lot. One day upstairs neighbor climb to upstairs step on LiuHH window air conditioner. This event, LiuHH wrote a note told upstairs neighbor it is unsafe to climb this way. Day time upstairs had noise like cat running. One day before LiuHH move out, upstairs neighbor come ask for newspaper, he said newspaper is for his cat. <a name="a10213a21"> 1984-10-18 to 1985-10-16 Coralville, Iowa. This one year period, upstairs neighbor run wash machine nearly everyday. Upstairs wash machine is ten pace away from LiuHH study desk. But wash machine noise fall right on top of LiuHH study desk. <a name="a10213a22"> 1984-10-18 to 1985-10-16 Coralville, Iowa. LiuHH live at 2412 10th Street. Cross 10th street had one disabled camp-bus show up in LiuHH sight frequently. <a name="a10213a23"> 1985-10-15 to 1985-12-16 Detroit, Yang 楊仁傑. One day Liu and Yang watch TV. Suddenly downstairs had tremendous hitting noise. Both Liu and Yang are shocked. Yang asked "What happen?" LiuHH keep silent. Because Liu did not want say "It target at Liu." <a name="a10213a24"> 1986-01-11 to 1986-06-01 115 Market St. Iowa City 3rd floor small room. This room has a metal stair way at window, allow third floor resident escape from fire. Metal stair way lower end is at first floor ceiling height level. It is easy to go from third floor to ground. Lower end just jump. It is hard to go from ground to third floor. <a name="a10213a25"> Weeks after 1986-01-11, one day LiuHH saw lower end had a make up stair way. Shape like right angle triangle. From ground go up is easy. At the same period 1986-01-11 to 1986-06-01, third floor neighbor Van (A Vietnamese) ask LiuHH go to his room, Van use telescope camera take picture of Burge Hall (Dormitory). Liu stand watch <a name="a10213a26"> Van take photo. Put two events together let LiuHH highly alert. In the period 1986-01-11 to 1986-06-01 if LiuHH say any irritating word, intruder may enter LiuHH room. Today, 2012-02-13 LiuHH wait to go to heaven, LiuHH do not care any more. 2012-02-13-10-55 stop <a name="a10213a27"> 2012-02-13-11-40 start 1986-06-01 move from third floor small room to middle room. Middle room do not have direct access to steel stairway. Not too long after 1986-06-01, ground triangle base stairway is removed. <a name="a10213a28"> 1986-01-11 to 1986-06-01 115 Market St. Iowa City 3rd floor small room period has heaviest noise. Old style heater use hot water running through a loop stand. Air in water cause water hammer <a name="a10213a29"> effect. This water hammer run at mid night. It is hard to sleep. Not only LiuHH bothered, but all building many resident bothered. Second floor has three students come from mainland China. They live at same noise pipe path. One of three named Mr. Tao,Jin (陶敬) All three will tell same story as Liu did. Water hammer run two to three month, worker come release gas and stopped. <a name="a10213a30"> 1986-06-01 to 1991-05-15 115 Market St. Iowa City 3rd floor middle room. In this period. First floor (students from TW) resident drop heavy object cause whole building shake. Not just once, but every day in one or two years. <a name="a10213a31"> Second floor student from mainland China create big vibration from his room ceiling which is right under LiuHH room. One day LiuHH pass second floor, right below mainland student (not Mr. Tao) say to Liu "bitter, bitter" (苦哇,苦哇) Liu can not reply. Bitter life is true. Why discuss bitter life? This second room ceiling vibration happen once. But second floor room slam door every day. <a name="a10213a32"> 1991-01-?? Iowa City Keystone property management send registered letter to every resident at 115 Market St. Say that Gloria Day church will change resident building to parking lot. All must move out before 1991-05-?? From 1991-01-?? to 1991-05-?? house room empty one by one. Street people move in one by one. LiuHH 3rd floor <a name="a10213a33"> middle room bed side wall other side is a small storage room. Store wood stick, door plate etc. One day, all cleaned, change to a rolled carpet. Start from that change, one street people sleep on rolled carpet. Just few inch away from Liu bed. (with thin wall separation) <a name="a10213a34"> Second floor has public rest room. Street people mess up toilet seat cover with pupu. Other can not sit. One day one street people test twist open LiuHH room handle. (was locked from inside) All of above are unpleasant event. All of above are true, real happened. 2012-02-13-12-21 here <a name="a10213a35"> During 1986-06-01 to 1991-05-15 for about one year period almost everyday, fire engine run pass 115 Market street once. Market street is one way street. Fire engine run only enter University of Iowa. This is a strange phenomenon. Today, 2012-02-13 Liu still hear fire engine or police siren pass by every day. Is this regular to everyone? <a name="a10213a36"> 1991-05-15 to 1992-10-25 620 Johnson Street Apt.5 Iowa City. LiuHH had a living room which is kitchen too. One bed room is at inner end. Bed room other side is a neighbor. Few weeks after 1991-05-15, bed side neighbor changed to three Hong Kong student. At 1991, LiuHH already stay <a name="a10213a37"> away from everyone. LiuHH did not talk to Hong Kong students. At mid night, Hong Kong student make big noise frequently almost on purpose. 620 Apt.6 neighbor (male) had hundred beads in water stirring noise. <a name="a10213a38"> LiuHH Iowa City resident period is from 1980-01-10 to 1992-10-25. During this period. LiuHH see disabled on wheel chair very very frequently. In later years 1983 to 1992 almost every day see disabled on wheel chair and retarded person. <a name="a10213a39"> One day it is first day of one class lecture. LiuHH goto that class to test listen, if satisfied, then register to that class. This first day class has one disabled on wheel chair enter class room which cause all class surprise. <a name="a10213a40"> Many many times, LiuHH walk through any where in engineering building, on campus street, on city street, always see disabled on wheel chair pass by. Iowa City is a beautiful city to everyone else, but To LiuHH, Iowa City is a city of disabled on wheel chair running and retarded person everywhere. <a name="a10213a41"> During 1991-05-15 to 1992-10-25 620 Johnson Street Apt.5, one day LiuHH is tired to see disabled on wheel chair but must go to U.Iowa register office. Instead of walk to register office, LiuHH send document by mail. Liu put this mail with stamp in mail box. BUT postman did not take this mail. Force LiuHH walk to register office. <a name="a10213a42"> Later years 1983 to 1992, LiuHH see street people lift street side trash container, reach hand to pick up food and feed to his mouth. This is ugly scene, but show up to Liu several times. <a name="a10213a43"> Later years 1983 to 1992, one day Liu went to police sell no owner bicycle field to find a bicycle. When browsing one person wear wooden dummy mask walk toward Liu. That dummy is used in car collision test. Liu walk away immediately. When walk to mathematics building, Liu saw one bicycle head down tail up stand in trash container. <a name="a10213a44"> Pick food from trash container and bicycle stand in trash container both are hint to LiuHH that what LiuHH future would be. 2012-02-13-13-18 here <a name="a10213a45"> 1992-10-28 to 1993-03-25 Simi Valley CA Brother big house. This is a short period. 1992-12-25 sister-in-law's sister (堂妹) come visit. That time sister's sister was single. LiuHH avoid to meet. Liu sleep in brother's gift store. Start from this avoid-meet event. Liu drive on Simi Valley street, see gardener pick up or engineering truck (苦力車) more frequently than usual. <a name="a10213a46"> 1993-01-0? brother and sister-in-law sudden decide sell brother big house, although this big house is owned by LiuHH (in name only) LiuHH did not say one word about how to handle big house. LiuHH guessed that if LiuHH meet sister's sister and under control, then Liu can live in brother big house. This is just <a name="a10213a47"> a wild guess. Sudden sell decision is true. 1993-03-25 is sell period, in this period, one similar house ten building away also for sale. That house marked low low price. brother and sister-in-law want fast sell. This time, brother loss big money. When buy big house, father supported 30thousand or 50thousand. <a name="a10213a48"> Now this money is total loss. Because father is demanding, father did not get chance to live in big house, father paid 30thousand. But sister-in-law parents did not pay and come live in big house several times. This twist create big discomfort in Liu's family. //in-law parents go from Taiwan (台中) //to Simi Valley, CA month long vacation. <a name="a10213a49"> 1992-10-28 to 1993-03-25 Simi Valley CA Brother big house. there is no noise around. But big truck accelerate and brake at same time, draw tire black line on street right in front of big house. <a name="a10213a50"> Big house up hill neighbor is a Korean. Simi Valley oriental resident is rare. Now two oriental live side by side? LiuHH had illusion that up hill neighbor is a Chinese from Korea and they watch LiuHH activity. Possibly pipe to TW top chair. No evidence, just a wild guess. <a name="a10213a51"> 1994-01-22 to 2001-08-01 Simi Valley CA landlord Jean big house This period, no noise caused by Jean. (new house no noise caused by Jean either; new house=small house;old house=big house) 1996-12-31 brother store Gift Bazaar lease expire. Store closed. LiuHH stay at rented room everyday. No other job. <a name="a10213a52"> 1997-01-?? landlord Jean big house immediate neighbor move out. Move in a new neighbor. New neighbor push/pull metal stand on cement ground cause sharp noise every day. LiuHH window is most close to it. <a name="a10213a53"> New neighbor had one visitor, riding motor cycle with special design. Running blades (20 or 30 blades) on wheel, blades pass static rod which cause big noise. <a name="a10213a54"> 1998 or 1999 to 2001-08-01 landlord Jean big house outside street there is one car accelerate from zero speed to high speed in very short time. Everyday around 17:00 do so. No one stop it !! <a name="a10213a55"> 1994-01-22 to 2001-08-01 Simi Valley CA landlord Jean big house In this period, one day LiuHH car front wind shield was hit and cause big crack. Hit point is nail small hit on glass at driver side top edge. Sister warned several times, sister said on highway, <a name="a10213a56"> strong wind pressure may sudden break front glass. LiuHH think some one want take LiuHH life by damaging car front wind shield, that is on purpose action. No way to escape from taking life action. LiuHH did not replace front wind shield. Car eventually break down, water tank big leak. 2006-07-03 Liu sold car at $200. <a name="a10213a57"> 2001-08-02 to today 2012-02-13 landlord Jean small house 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063. <a name="a10213a58"> 2001-08-02 land lord move from her big house to smaller house. Because her son moved out. No need big house. LiuHH followed landlord move to small house. This move showed protect group overwrite dilute group noise action. //protect group, dilute group <a name="a10213a59"> Landlord old house is at two street corner. //Alamo and Lemon, Simi Valley Many traffic just few yard away from LiuHH room. Landlord new house is at the center of residential community. New house address is 2505 Cloverleaf Ln, Simi Valley, CA 93063. Residential community name is Milestone. <a name="a10213a60"> If reader exam Milestone area. you will find 2505 Cloverleaf Ln is at center of residential area. 'center' means it is far away from four side streets. Crazy drive on city street has minimum noise at LiuHH room. Crazy drive on hiway 118 has minimum noise at LiuHH room. Here, LiuHH sincerely thank protect group. <a name="a10213a61"> Landlord choose new house location, that is not one direct choose. Landlord choose first, told LiuHH that LiuHH new room is slightly larger. Then Landlord changed to different choice. LiuHH new room is slightly smaller. But it is at most quiet center. LiuHH room outside is a chicken yard. Forest scene is a pleasant view. <a name="a10213a62"> Noise in landlord new house is three house away neighbor ride motor cycle drive around seven house block, cause noise. Above is noise/unpleasant scene around Liu. If Liling is still alive, reader can ask Liling and compare two environments. 2012-02-13-14-35 stop <a name="a10213a63"> On 2012-02-13-14-44 next door neighbor #9 slam door heavily HSINHAN WAIT FOR GOTO HEAVEN TICKET !!!!!!!!! <a name=problem04> 2012-03-11-14-44 14919 Normandie Ave. #24 Gardena, CA upstairs hit floor heavily. <a name=problem05> 2012-03-11-14-57 why above two record both 14-44 ? (2:44 PM) 1983-08-26 LiuHH mother live at 4th floor in Washington Hospital Center at Washington D.C. four and for are same reading in English. four and die are same reading in Chinese. 2012-03-11-15-02
<a name="a10212a"> Gardener Farmer 園丁農夫 <a name="a10212b"> 2012-02-12-06-14 start 1983-08 angry changed LiuHH fate from most smooth to most ruined. LiuHH get the following job offer 1985-12 spark job offer. 1992-0? programmer job offer. Is there any other job offer? <a name="a10212c"> Answer is not clear, not an offer, but it is a hint. Three hints are 1. gardener 2. street cleaner 3. farmer <a name="a10212d"> 1989, 1990 two years, American friend Jean Kennedy invite LiuHH to clean her back yard twice. 1989 invite, Jean Kennedy come to Liu room at 115 market street Iowa City, lead Liu to her car. When arrived her car, Liu saw there is another female student already sit in the car. This female student (殘一姐 disabled01) come from Taiwan and she had polio, both leg need metal cane to support. Liu <a name="a10212e"> entered car, at the moment Jean start car, one wedding car start from Gloria Day church drive to Jean car front and same direction. Wedding car hang empty can make noise. A couple sit on the wedding car. 1989 invite, Jean Kennedy, and Taiwan disabled01 all do clean back yard job. <a name="a10212f"> In Jean Kennedy house it is not first time meet disabled01. Two/three month earlier, one day LiuHH walk pass by Old Capital building, saw one person talk to disabled01, at ten pace away they finish conversation. disabled01 begin walk and let LiuHH pass by disabled01 in closest distance. Second event is Jean introduction. Third time <a name="a10212g"> LiuHH walk along business building (U.Iowa) saw disabled01 stand high on a short stone wall. LiuHH pass by and ignored. Above three events time order is correct. Fourth event may be any time after first Old Capital event. <a name="a10212h"> One day LiuHH go to U.Iowa computer center. All seats taken, except one is empty. This seat back is wall, other three direction sit three female students. LiuHH think few seconds and walk away quickly. LiuHH imagine if Liu take this seat, few minutes later one neighbor female walk away and disabled01 come sit to LiuHH side. Above is 1989 Jean Kennedy garden work. Below is 1990 Jean Kennedy garden work. 2012-02-12-07-16 here <a name="a10212i"> Some day in 1990, Jean Kennedy invite LiuHH to do her garden work again. Liu, go work, this time did not see disabled01. After work one hour, Jean left neighbor (male European descendent about 60 years old) come to fence and talk to LiuHH. He ask LiuHH to clean <a name="a10212j"> his yard. LiuHH immediately feel disgrace. Liu become a gardener !! LiuHH answer "No". Left neighbor say "You must be rich." If stand at Jean front yard face to Jean house. Left hand side neighbor is defined as "left neighbor". <a name="a10212k"> After these two invitation unhappy experience, LiuHH told Jean Kennedy next year Jean find other one to help. Above is two Jean invitation. Whether there is third? Answer is no third. But third in progress is likely. <a name="a10212l"> 1991-05-15 LiuHH move from 115 Market street Iowa City to 620 Johnson Street #5 Iowa City One day LiuHH invite American friend Bob Redlinger come to 620 #5 . During this meeting, first time LiuHH revealed biogc001.htm story to Bob. <a name="a10212m"> Liu told Bob why TW top chair choose LiuHH as control target. Liu ask Bob "Do you now what is my mother surname?" Bob think few second answered "Chiang, Kai-shek". (蔣中正、蔣介石) Liu said "right , Chiang" (蔣端容) LiuHH revealed biogc001.htm story very little compare to today's biogc001.htm <a name="a10212n"> LiuHH do not know behind curtain activity. But LiuHH do know, Jean Kennedy pass away some day after 1991-05-15. If there is third Jean invitation, what goal to achieve? LiuHH do not know, now Jean Kennedy pass away, no one carry out third goal. <a name="a10212o"> What follow is in Taiwan occurred "hide gun case" (藏槍案) 2012-02-12-07-42 here <a name="a10212o1"> 2012-02-23-10-07 start Historian need find out Liu, Bob Redlinger conversation date. Jean Kennedy death date hide gun case date If three dates have logic sequence, then above discussion is meaningful. Otherwise, above discussion is wild guess and wrong. 2012-02-23-10-11 stop <a name="a10212o2"> 2012-02-12-07-42 here gardener hint similar record in Chinese local Above is gardener hint. Below is street cleaner hint. street cleaner hint similar record in Chinese local <a name="a10212p"> Republic of China has one famous song "The descendent of dragon" (龍的傳人) Song author is Mr. Hou,Dejian (侯德建) Mr. Hou is one model person. In 198? Mr. Cho,Changzen (卓長仁) hijack one mainland passenger plane and fly to Taiwan, Republic of China. Mr. Cho is one model person. Around 1994, both model person were put to jail by Rep. of China police. <a name="a10212q"> These two model arrest let LiuHH highly alert. LiuHH predict third model arrest is in progress. But who? One day (no record) LiuHH realized third model arrest may happen to Mr. Wu-er (吾爾開希) <a name="a10212r"> LiuHH write a letter to sister and indicate the future third model arrest. LiuHH went to Simi Valley post office, but car happen battery-die. LiuHH walk to post office and drop mail. LiuHH assume there are political observer watch all Liu activity. Above have nothing to do street cleaner hint. This hint occurred when LiuHH walk from post office back to Liu rented room. <a name="a10212s"> //date no record. Liu walk to a traffic light, stopped at red light. Liu stand at south-west corner. Face to south east corner, there is one worker sit on mower. North-east corner has four to five worker cut tree. Liu left back park a big truck. <a name="a10212t"> Liu saw mower worker yell at Liu (or truck) and ask Liu (ask truck driver) look at five worker cut tree direction. This scene is street cleaner hint. Above is street cleaner hint. Below is farmer hint. <a name="a10212u"> On 2003-04-11, brother move from Simi Valley California to Bakersfield California In Simi, brother live in residential area. In Bakersfield, brother live in farmer land, guess 10000 acre. In which guess 500 acre is farmer house land. Brother bought two acre farm land. <a name="a10212v"> The reason brother buy farm land is first In 2003 Bakersfield best high school Stockdale High school district cover brother land (today no more) Brother hope his daughter go to best school. second Brother buy farm land is a bargain. Brother paid less than market price to get land. <a name="a10212w"> When brother need help, first person is LiuHH. If brother jewelry sale is slow, if brother vegetable sale is smooth. Brother will discuss with sister. Change from sister support to brother support. LiuHH move to Bakersfield farmer land and LiuHH become a farmer. <a name="a10212x"> Brother two acre farm land has four neighbors. Only one side has family live. Other three sides are all empty land. That tell LiuHH that brother's farmer work can extend to larger area. Certainly need LiuHH put ALL time to farmer work. Liu,Hsinhan will become a farmer local <a name="a10212y"> However, today 2012-02-12 above three gardener, street cleaner, farmer all not happen to LiuHH. 2012-02-12-08-47 stop
<a name="a10211a"> LiuHH mis-judge 鑫漢誤算 <a name="a10211b"> 2012-02-11-09-06 start There are many tricks around LiuHH. Liu must see the events and make a guess. Here "guess" is same as Liu's judgment. Some judgment are right, some judgment are wrong, extremely wrong. <a name="a10211c"> 1980-01-10 LiuHH arrived University of Iowa at Iowa City, Iowa. Since this day 1980-01-10 until LiuHH left Iowa City 1992-10-25, there are many Taiwan student around LiuHH and their activity catch LiuHH attention. Since they are students come from Taiwan, <a name="a10211d"> LiuHH guess (judge) Taiwan top chair direct command those Taiwan students. Relatively, LiuHH guess that American are side-watcher. LiuHH again guess direct command had iron fist will to carry out his goal, and side-watcher had sympathy to LiuHH's ill fate. Above is LiuHH's biggest mis-judge. <a name="a10211e"> When LiuHH realize above mis-judge? 2008-04-2? Han,Ling secret husband and wife relation is just detected. on 2008-11-20 first time, web page show up Chen,Liling's name. From 2008-04-2?, through 2008-11-20, eventually some day in 2009, LiuHH realize above mis-judge. <a name="a10211f"> Taiwan top chair command TW students, and American are side-watcher. Above is mis-judge, real picture is Taiwan top chair give wish list to U.S. dilute group, and U.S. dilute group command TW students to achieve Taiwan top chair's wish. This wish is to put LiuHH, Miss Yao and Miss Yao's ex-husband triangle relation in one box and hand to TW top chair. TW students=TW students in Iowa City around LiuHH 1980-1991. <a name="a10211g"> From 1980 to 2009, LiuHH always had mis-judge, one big puzzle present to LiuHH, why TW top chair's Iowa City activity look like TW top chair act as free as it were in Taipei City? LiuHH must find explanation to this puzzle. LiuHH conclude (wrong) that <a name="a10211h"> it is exchange agreement, U.S. dilute group allow TW top chair free move in Iowa City. In the future, TW top chair allow U.S. dilute group free move in Taipei City. Here assume triangle Liu,Yao go back to Taipei in the future. <a name="a10211i"> Wake up from above mis-judgment is a result of reality, Han,Ling can NEVER MEET. Why? No sympathy involve here, because U.S. dilute group is not side watcher, U.S. dilute group is the manager of LiuHH's ill fate. <a name="a10211j"> Base on root mis-judge, there is a derived miss-judge. Root mis-judge period is from 1980 to 2009. Han,Ling secret letter is in 1982. Derived miss-judge occurred in 1982 or early 1983. <a name="a10211k"> TW top chair had iron fist will to control LiuHH (correct judge) American side-watcher had sympathy to LiuHH's ill fate (wrong to U.S. dilute group) <a name="a10211l"> How can LiuHH protect wife Liling? LiuHH's "power" can not match TW top chair's power. That is LiuHH can not protect wife Liling, never. But Liu do hope reunion with wife Liling. What to do? <a name="a10211m"> LiuHH assume American side-watcher had sympathy to LiuHH's ill fate. LiuHH assume American do not have same political desire as TW top chair. LiuHH turn to American for help. Mis-judge period from 1980 to 2009. Han,Ling goto same church period is 1982 to 1984. <a name="a10211n"> Some day in 1982 or early 1983, LiuHH wrote a letter to Linda Geiger Liu told Linda that Liu hope to marry two wives at same time. Chinese wife help Liu in Chinese document. American wife help Liu in English document. <a name="a10211o"> LiuHH's solution (terribly WRONG) is that if TW top chair destroy LiuHH Chinese wife Liling, but TW top chair is unable to destroy LiuHH American wife (undetermined, possibly Linda) TW top chair can not put he processed demanding lady (possibly Miss Yao) to LiuHH side. Because LiuHH still has indestructible American wife, then LiuHH guess TW top chair would give up destroy Liling thought. <a name="a10211p"> LiuHH hope Liling is not an agent, Liling do not command LiuHH, therefore LiuHH hope American wife is not agent either and do not command LiuHH. <a name="a10211q"> After mail letter to Linda Geiger, two or three weeks later, Liu receive father mail. That time father live in Taipei. Father mail inserted one sentence: (兩人是本份,三人太貪心) two person is what it should be, three person that is too greedy. <a name="a10211r"> Another event catch LiuHH attention. Some day in 1983, Taiwan news media publish one photo, it showed TW top chair shake hand with one American female high school student. This photo may NOT link to two wives letter. But if timing is right (LiuHH can not point out the correct time), <a name="a10211s"> this photo indicate that two wives letter let U.S. dilute group step toward TW top chair. two wives letter do NOT let side-watcher American step toward LiuHH. <a name="a10211t"> Derived miss-judge, two wives letter is a total failure. //reference: 2008-04-2? Han,Ling secret //husband and wife relation is detected. //1983 no one know Han,Ling secret 2012-02-11-10-50 here Above is LiuHH's biggest mis-judge and derived miss-judge. Below is smaller mis-judge. <a name="a10211u"> 2008-03 brother and partner Miss Chen went to Seattle for gift show. LiuHH had the illusion that if brother is willing to make one phone call to LiuHH, let LiuHH talk to Liling's elder sister, then Han,Ling reunion is smooth and Han,Ling marry happily live together. <a name="a10211v"> (Han will tell Liling do not speak bible study behind curtain story, Han will not write this series reveal-fact papers) But, in fact, it is not so !! <a name="a10211w"> Because U.S. dilute group is not side-watcher, U.S. dilute group is the manager of Han,Ling fate. U.S. dilute group do not tolerate Liling for three reasons. <a name="a10211x"> 1: Liling is Hsinhan's secret wife and dilute group did not detect this relation before 2008-04-2? 2: Liling saw ALL bible study behind the curtain activity. 3: Liling is not controllable. <a name="a10211y"> 2008-04-2? Han,Ling secret husband and wife relation is detected. 2008-05-12 LiuHH created email account liu.hsinhan_aO_gmail_dot_com 2008-05-13 LiuHH ask old friend write to LiuHH local In fact LiuHH expect Liling letter. <a name="a10211z1"> 2008-07-0? LiuHH receive one email from liu.hsinhan_aO_gmail_dot_com box. It has title [[ 金瓶梅,如果男方不能決定,男方就應該依從女方決定。 If male can not make decision, then male follow female decision. ]] <a name="a10211z2"> Liu saw this strange letter, delete it immediately. It is possible the only email deleted by Liu. Other email send to archive. LiuHH delete from liu.hsinhan_aO_gmail_dot_com account, and record this title in electronic diary file. But later days, LiuHH is unable to find this record. Above "follow female decision" is a fact. Based on this event, LiuHH found mis-judge again. <a name="a10211z3"> Error guess is if brother is willing to make one phone call to LiuHH, let LiuHH talk to Liling's elder sister, then Han,Ling reunion is smooth and Han,Ling marry happily live together. <a name="a10211z4"> Because [[ If male can not make decision, then male follow female decision. ]] is a test email, see whether LiuHH is willing receive Liling's demanding. <a name="a10211z5"> then, correct direction is if brother is willing to make one phone call to LiuHH, let LiuHH talk to Liling's elder sister, then Han,Ling meet first, second step, Liling meet another male, when the other male get demanding power over Liling, then Liling back to LiuHH let Liling have demanding power over LiuHH, complete a control channel. <a name="a10211z6"> 1982 Han two mail to Liling, Han told Liling, "If Liling is controlled by other, Han will go away without any hesitation." Liling accept Han's marriage request, Liling must not be controlled by other. //Han to Ling first letter //Han to Ling second letter <a name="a10211z7"> Liling is Hsinhan's secret wife, Liling saw bible study behind the curtain activity both can be relaxed, "Liling is controllable" be a must. As long as Liling is one ring in the control channel, U.S. dilute group still allow Han,Ling meet. [[ If male can not make decision, then male follow female decision. ]] indicate this "allow Han,Ling meet" <a name="a10211z8"> (LiuHH requirement to Liling) Liling must not be controlled by other is the ROOT cause of Han,Ling ill fate. Liling must not be controlled by other is the ROOT cause of Liling last few year's tragic life. <a name="a10211z9"> Hsinhan take full responsibility to beloved-wife Liling's tragic fate. Hsinhan,Liling reunion in the Heaven. 2012-02-11-12-05 stop
<a name="a10210a"> Dark trick 深層陷井 <a name="a10210b"> 2012-02-10-00-25 start LiuHH side has many tricks. White trick, understand in minutes. Gray trick, understand in days. Dark trick, understand in months. Black hole trick, never understand. <a name="a10210c"> An example of white trick is Miss Hwa san mail to LiuHH. LiuHH understand the purpose of this mail instantly, and decide reply to Hwa san mail after Han,Ling reunion. <a name="a10210d"> Republic of China president is Ma,Yinjiu. President Ma is Nationalist Party leader. LiuHH and Nationalist Party have same political view point. Both LiuHH and President Ma are thank U.S. Chinese. If Liu,Ma quarrel, that is against U.S. national interest. <a name="a10210e"> The following talk about one dark trick 施畯鈜來函 mail in Chinese Call it "Shih mail". 2008-10-29-09-36 LiuHH receive Shih mail. Shih mail appear to be a anti-communism mail, same view point as LiuHH. <a name="a10210f"> Why Mr. Shih send email to LiuHH? What goal Mr. Shih want to achieve? Wife Liling mail can not reach LiuHH and bible study friends mail can not reach LiuHH, under these condition why Mr. Shih email can reach LiuHH? <a name="a10210g"> Shih mail (Chinese) is here Most people do not understand Shih goal. LiuHH realize Shih goal about three month later. <a name="a10210h"> Shih mail surface goal is trigger start LiuHH and President Ma quarrel. Shih mail use one word like the next [[ President Ma negotiate with "Chinese" communist, that is a tray da. ]] "tray da" is English, Liu avoid the correct spelling on purpose. Quote around Chinese, that is LiuHH work, not Shih writing. <a name="a10210i"> If LiuHH had loose mind and say same word as Shih did. Then Liu,Ma relation spoiled. When Liu,Ma relation become sour, dilute group will stop Republic of China observer from watch Liling. No-one-care Liling is in danger. <a name="a10210j"> on 2008-11-20 first time, web page show up Chen,Liling's name. Why LiuHH put wife name on web page? LiuHH must put Chen,Liling's name to public attention. If there is Republic of China observer watch Liling, if there is whole world observer watch Liling, then before do any thing to Liling, dilute group need second thought. <a name="a10210k"> Shih mail result is NOT what dilute group expected. Shih mail result is next. LiuHH 20081104 announcement: [[ <a name="a10210l"> Use peaceful method to solve red bandit problem, that is a (Chinese) patriotic behavior. Since the opposite way use military force to solve red bandit problem, the result is both Nationalist Party and communist party lose/diminish Russia is the only winner. ]] <a name="a10210m"> Above announcement is a very important concept. Without this concept and start Taiwan/mainland war, Japan will get involved, U.S. will get involved. Many U.S. young soldier will goto mainland China and rest there forever. Korean war and Vietnam war is earlier example. <a name="a10210n"> One day, in rocsiteu.js LiuHH add link to 20081104 announcement and use command onmouseover="title='.....'" this time, when mouse over do not show title string !! LiuHH explanation is dilute group is unhappy about the result of Shih mail. (20081104 announcement). <a name="a10210o"> Back to Shih mail. Shih mail is dilute group designed mail. Shih mail hidden goal is to remove international (Republic of China) watch from Liling. 2012-02-10-01-29 stop <a name="a10210p"> 2012-02-10-07-18 start The following is date/time record of each related event. 2008-04-2? Han,Ling secret husband and wife relation is just detected. <a name="a10210q"> 2008-10-07-08-43 Shih mail sent. 2008-10-29-09-36 LiuHH receive Shih mail. 2008-10-29-10-00 LiuHH reply to Shih mail. and include Shih mail to mail0001.htm upload to Internet. 2008-10-29-10-41 send reply to Shih at "Your message has been sent." <a name="a10210r"> 2008-11-04-05-12 delete Shih mail from mail0001.htm LiuHH state reason <a name="a10210s"> 2008-11-14-13-48 add Shih mail to biography page 5 but change "tray da" to "patriotic". To include again has the following purpose <a name="a10210t"> Shih mail is an important event. Personal importance is Shih mail target at Liling. World level importance is LiuHH reply, if start Taiwan mainland war. China will be disappear from this world. <a name="a10210u"> Keep negative paper for document purpose only. Another example is warpaper 2012-02-10-07-47 stop <a name="a10210v"> 2012-02-10-09-43 start 2012-02-10-09-30 upload bioge004.htm to found that online bioge004.htm already exist. Now include bioge004.htm existing record below. Long time not write bioge and forget online bioge004.htm exist. 2012-02-10-09-46 stop

<a name=20110406a> 2011-04-06-21-42 start This is Freeman's biography page 4. Page 1,2,3 are deleted on 2009-01-15 Because my sister demand to delete. If not, the alternative is cut off financial support, no money to pay web site fee, then automatically close, that is still delete biography and delete all. <a name=20110406b> The reason that sister demand to delete all biography page is on 2009-01-11 someone from Taipei call my father in Gardena California. Someone tell my father every detail I write in Chinese version biography page. <a name=20110406c> After delete biography page, some topic not belong to politics, not belong to study notes, not belong to programming, then there is no page for those biography related material. I created askhelp2.htm also put some material in site entrance page freeman2.htm . <a name=20110406d> Today (2011-04-06) finally decide create bioge004.htm for biography related material, write carefully not say events that someone can make use of it. Copy material from freeman2.htm which fits biography page better. 2011-04-06-21-58 stop <a name=20110308a> 2011-03-08-15-52 start LiuHH has a HP computer Win XP not connect to internet, Chinese input function disappeared. HP computer not allow install Chinese input software and not allow install any program. (try instal Paint Shop Pro 7 and fail) LiuHH has a ABS computer Win 98 can connect to internet, Chinese input function normal. <a name=20110308b> 2011-03-03 upload tute0054.htm Pseudovector calculator. 2011-03-04 write Chinese version tutc0054.htm. Use ABS computer. During working, spy software try to connect to internet several times. This situation occurred several year. Finally, 2011-03-07 LiuHH decide to find and delete those virus. <a name=20110308c> Start from 2011-03-07-00-10 to now 2011-03-08-15-52 LiuHH try to remove computer virus. In HP computer (Win XP) wood horse slow down computer speed. and Bloodhound.W32.EP sign where ever it want to sign. <a name=20110308d> In ABS computer (Win 98) HTML.Redlof.A virus is every where. Another unknown virus drop two hidden file at every folder. It wipe out guess 300 MBytes space. <a name=20110308e> 2011-03-07 Liu,Hsinhan recover HP system hope to remove virus. Result is I can not remove. Norton anti virus warning "your computer still has virus" virus definition is 12/2/2002 LiuHH political guestbook sign end at 2005-12. So virus in 2003,2004,2005 are all not detected. <a name=20110308f> HP computer is my main work computer. After recover HP system, virus is still around. Plus MSIE stop work. MSIE insist this computer goto online. My HP computer is off line. 2011-03-08-13-21 I open MSIE but MSIE cover whole screen with "this page can not be displayed", there is NO WAY TO CLOSE THIS 100% COVER the only way is turn off computer. <a name=20110308g> LiuHH rely on MSIE heavily, but my HP computer is effectively not usable. (MSIE stop work) Pseudovector calculator next ? I do not know !! 2011-03-08-16-10 stop <a name=20110308h> 2011-03-08-17-08 start During recover HP system file, there are about ten times error message say some file can not be opened for reading. The final result is all sound function are disabled. Which virus has this capability? 2011-03-08-17-11 stop change date <a name=20110309a> 2011-03-09-13-38 record start 2004-07-25 Liu,Hsinhan bought HP pavilion a255c computer (refurbished) at Frys WoodlandHill CA. When I just set up computer, never goto internet, I put Pawclock in start up folder. Few minutes later Pawclock is deleted from start up folder. I re-do, then re-delete about five times. What virus has this capability ? From this delete Pawclock event and disable sound function during recover system process I have to suspect that the virus is burned into CPU !! <a name=20110309b> 2011-03-07 recover HP computer system files 2011-03-08 scan for virus and hand deleted about 40 out of 58 infected virus files. Norton anti virus report back up hard drive has 174 infected files repaired 13 files. 2011-03-08 shut down HP computer several times, there is no delay. 2011-03-09 begin show up virus in action. 2011-03-09 shut down HP computer, computer alert window say "closing ccApp program" and wait for two minutes. This is the virus phenomenon before recover HP computer system files. This condition tell LiuHH that this HP computer can never be cleaned. It support the view: virus is burned into CPU. <a name=20110309c> After I bought HP pavilion a255c computer, around 2004-07, 2004-08 I did not use Norton anti virus program . One day in 2004-08 brother called and excited told LiuHH that etrust offer one year free service. Brother strongly suggest me use this free service. LiuHH accepted. When install etrust program etrust request to uninstall Norton. Liu did. LiuHH use etrust one year free service. Second year need to pay. LiuHH paid one year service fee to etrust ( ?) This one year free service and one year paid service is LiuHH intensive mainland China political guestbook sign period. <a name=20110309d> All file I saved from internet has a special code line. If I open those page I saved to my computer, special code line will call one URL with an ID. All file I saved have different ID. When I found this feature, I was unhappy. Why I read saved page should let remote watcher to know ? The beginning of third year etrust service is pay time. LiuHH paid, few days later my computer lock and not work. I have to uninstall etrust program and never use etrust again. (not use any other service either). <a name=20110309e> Main point is that 2011-03-08 recovered HP system with hope that Norton anti virus can solve my problem. But Norton report: quarantine failed and delete failed . After all of these effort try to remove virus, but virus is still around. Recovered HP system let me install Chinese input program Twinbridge 6.0 LiuHH can input Chinese in HP computer at recent few days. (Chinese input function was disabled on 2009-08-14) 2011-03-09-14-30 record stop <a name=20110309f> 2011-03-09-18-10 record start 2011-03-08-13-21 I open MSIE, MSIE cover whole screen, such that I can not work. 2011-03-08-20-40 use MSIE open tute0054.htm ok now it is same as before, I can open javascrip files. MSIE return to normal. <a name=20110309g> 2008-10-13 LiuHH bought Duracell 4GB USB Memory Drive at Simi Valley Stern street Albertson. Paid $39.95 + tax. LiuHH hope to transfer big file (bigger than 1.44 MBytes) between ABS computer and HP computer. But both computer not read 4 GB thumb drive. <a name=20110309h> 2011-03-07-21-39 I insert 4 GB thumb drive to HP computer USB2 opening, get dir k:\ Volume in drive K is UDISK Volume Serial Number is A017-2771 Directory of k:\ 03/07/2011 02:37 PM [DIR] $fm 1 Dir(s) 4,001,878,016 bytes free k:\$fm\upload\fm is empty, put something to get free size. <a name=20110309i> 2011-03-09-17-16 I insert thumb drive to HP computer, there is no response. I click USB icon open USB window click trouble shooting, then, after this click directory window for thumb drive is opened. <a name=20110309j> Before recover HP system files, HP not read 4 GB thumb drive . After recover HP system files, 2011-03-07-21-39 HP read 4 GB thumb drive . 2011-03-09 virus start work, 2011-03-09-17-16 I insert thumb drive to HP computer, there is no response. 2011-03-09-18-05 I insert thumb drive to HP computer, there is no response. <a name=20110309k> Start from today 2011-03-09 LiuHH HP computer function will be gradually cut off little by little! WHAT VIRUS IS IT? ABS computer too!! ANY BODY CARE ??!! 2011-03-09-18-32 record stop change date <a name=20110310a> 2011-03-10-11-15 start On 2004-07-25 Liu,Hsinhan bought HP pavilion a255c computer. One or two years later, all window change to dull top bar gray color. Until 2011-03-07 recover HP system, window return to top bar blue color. <a name=20110310b> Before recover HP system, notepad open file with courier new and font size=16 as default. After recover HP system, notepad open file with Lucida Console and font size=10 as default. LiuHH is 63 years old need larger font. But after recover HP system, notepad has no way to use larger font as default. I have to set larger font each time open a file, no way to set default font size for notepad. Why before recover system, notepad open file with font size=16 as default and now no such function? //2011-03-12-22-49 now notepad default //larger font as before recover system. <a name=20110310c> 2011-03-09-19-03 start dialup to earthlink ready upload freeman2.htm 2011-03-09-19-04-58 phone line was cut off 2011-03-09-19-06 retry dialup to earthlink 2011-03-09-19-07 done upload freeman2.htm After upload freeman2.htm, Yesterday 2011-03-09-20-?? turn on HP computer At done time exit from HP computer, there is no ccApp.exe delay. Just once. <a name=20110310d> Today 2011-03-10 turn on HP computer, when log off from HP computer, ccApp.exe delay re-appear at least once. At this very moment 2011-03-10-11-29, LiuHH log off from computer. ccApp.exe delay NOT present. Computer auto open too much application and jam, slow down my computer work, LiuHH do not like this treatment. Yesterday LiuHH deleted Quicken weatherbug wildTangent etc auto open useless programs. Why computer open many useless program to jam my work? <a name=20110310e> That is out of my control. I have to remove software one by one. At this moment, start from just one "E" (English) icon at lower right corner increase to total four program, virus open one by one slow down my computer. New open programs are next three Local area connection Norton anti virus window messenger Is this normal? Before I delete, virus also open Quicken weatherbug wildTangent. <a name=20110310f> I deleted about ten programs, all games are deleted. Quicken and weatherbug are not game, but virus open them to jam my computer. 2011-03-10-11-42 stop change date <a name=20110311a> 2011-03-11-16-51 start On 2011-03-11-16-46 turn on HP computer. the system memory is already saturated. MSIE open tutc0054.htm result is infinite wait. 2011-03-11-16-53 tutc0054.htm opened. It takes five minutes to do so at start up time. Everybody get the same thing ? or only LiuHH has this trouble ? <a name=20110311b> Task manager show five opened application files : freeman2.htm notepad tutc0054.htm MSIE dailyRecord.txt notepad Pawclock 2.93 Command Prompt <a name=20110311c> Task manager show thirty three opened processes : Image name User name CPU Mem usage cmd.exe LiuHH 00 60k rundll32.exe LiuHH 00 4832k hpgs2wnf.exe LiuHH 00 3592k notepad.exe LiuHH 00 6492k ctfmon.exe LiuHH 00 2272k msmsgs.exe LiuHH 00 3808k ccApp.exe LiuHH 00 14164k kdb.exe LiuHH 00 5880k <a name=20110311d> hpgs2wnd.exe LiuHH 00 3788k HpqCmon.exe LiuHH 00 4480k hpsysdrv.exe LiuHH 00 3312k explorer.exe LiuHH 00 21308k ccEvtMgr.exe SYSTEM 00 2356k notpad.exe LiuHH 00 7860k taskmgr.exe LiuHH 00 6992k OPXPApp.exe SYSTEM 00 2980k omniServ.exe SYSTEM 00 1488k nvsvc32.exe SYSTEM 00 2648k Navapsvc.exe SYSTEM 00 928k spoolsv.exe SYSTEM 00 3388k <a name=20110311e> svchost.exe LOCAL SERVICE 00 5024k svchost.exe NETWORK SERVICE 00 1676k svchost.exe SYSTEM 00 18260k svchost.exe SYSTEM 00 2944k lsass.exe SYSTEM 00 864k services.exe SYSTEM 00 2940k winlogon.exe SYSTEM 00 9908k csrss.exe SYSTEM 00 3864k smss.exe SYSTEM 00 344k <a name=20110311f> IEXPLORE.EXE LiuHH 00 23916k Pawclock.exe LiuHH 00 5916k system SYSTEM 00 220k System Idle Process SYSTEM 99 20k process 33 CPU usage:0% to 4% (vary) Commit Charge 181M/1250M 2011-03-11-17-32 here <a name=20110311g> LiuHH wonder why open so many application? why start up time MSIE open page wait for five minutes? why I am forced to turn off computer because all pull down manu black. <a name=20110311h> I do not know why they are opened? I do not know which are necessary? I do not know which are junk? LiuHH do not know computer system. No way to solve it. <a name=20110311i> Computer system saturated with many junk programs slow down computer speed. 2011-03-11-14-58 LiuHH was forced to quit work, because computer nearly not respond. For example, click pull down manu, it is all black. where mouse pointer pass by, where show text. Is this normal ? Is this happen to every one ? 2011-03-11-17-39 stop change date <a name=20110312a> 2011-03-12-03-19 start Two days ago it was log off time ccApp.exe closing two minutes and finally result is "can not close" then I unplug power cable. Yesterday and today (2011-03-12) the situation reversed. Computer log off time no delay, but start up time wait for long time. I set start up folder with a MSIE open tutc0054.htm , it <a name=20110312b> took five minutes to open. During this five minutes, if move a window for example notepad window, desktop has notepad residual shadow cover up desktop. Open task manager see which program occupy huge memory space. But task manager show every thing 'normal', idle process 99, all other are 00. <a name=20110312c> Now 2011-03-12-03-29 task manager list 33 processes same as yesterday but one big change is that user name not listed today. Only System Idle Process SYSTEM has user 'SYSTEM', other 32 process no user name. Why different? Which one is normal? (list user normal or not list normal) Why start up time computer freeze five minutes? LiuHH is not able to find out this answer. Just record here. 2011-03-12-03-35 stop (mid night) <a name=20110312d> 2011-03-12-04-02 start re-try turn on computer. MSIE open tutc0054.htm takes 5 min. 11 sec. This time task manager list user name. When list, when not, that is task manager's decision. 2011-03-12-04-05 stop <a name=20110312e> 2011-03-12-09-47 start 2011-03-12-09-32 turn on computer 2011-03-12-09-34-09 MSIE show up and freeze 2011-03-12-09-40-46 MSIE open tutc0054.htm it takes 6 min. 37 sec. Open task manager. 2011-03-12-09-41 replace 'e' with 'dkgfkh' cause cpu usage increase to 100% and PF usage 178MB LiuHH do not know this 100% usage is normal or not, just record here. 2011-03-12-09-51 stop change date <a name=20110313a> 2011-03-13-20-08 start Two minutes ago plug thumb drive to HP computer, get dir k:\ Volume in drive K is UDISK Volume Serial Number is A017-2771 Directory of k:\ File Not Found and <a name=20110313b> md k:\$fm //nothing under k:\$fm dir k:\ Volume in drive K is UDISK Volume Serial Number is A017-2771 Directory of k:\ 03/13/2011 08:09 PM [DIR] $fm 1 Dir(s) 4,001,886,208 bytes free Thumb drive is normal. 2011-03-13-20-10 stop change date <a name=20110314a> 2011-03-14-07-45 start record 2011-03-14-07-35 turn on HP computer 2011-03-14-07-36-02 MSIE window show up 2011-03-14-07-43-03 MSIE open tutc0054.htm MSIE takes seven minutes to open a file at start up time. Today during this seven minutes wait time, I move notepad window, there is no ghost shadow. 2011-03-14-07-48 stop record
<a name=980816a> 2009-08-16-18-56 //fmb2010L.htm Freeman bought the following four computers. 1. Comtrade DOS3.1 Computer On 1993-10-07 LiuHH went to Comtrade Computer to pick up. 15314 East Valley Blvd. City of Industry, CA 91746 Model 486-66 DX2 EISA SCSI (VLB) (8MB, 128K) Invoice number 9316263C, brother ordered for LiuHH. <a name=980816b> 2. ABS Win98 Computer LiuHH current (2009-08) use this ABS computer through dial up goto Internet My invoice number: 187673 Invoice Date : 08-25-98 My customer number: 129565 - 1 on 1998-08-25 LiuHH went to ABS Computer to pick up. 9997 E. Rose Hills Rd. Whittier, CA 90601 brother ordered for LiuHH. Paid $1712.31 <a name=980816c> 3. ABS WinXP Computer 2003-05-26-17-54 brother call LiuHH brother said he ordered computer from ABS computer one hour ago. Paid $1122.91 , Invoice #: 374520 Service number 667723 2003-06-09-21-41 LiuHH call brother, tell brother 2003-06-09 received ABS computer 2003-06-12 brother and sister-in-law bring a flat panel screen to LiuHH. Envision model EN7100. screen 17 inch 2003-06-14-18-06 first time power on new ABS computer. <a name=980816d> 4. HP WinXP Computer from 2004-07-25-12-55 to 2004-07-25-16-00 LiuHH go to Frys to buy a computer. (Frys Electronic at Woodland Hills, CA) HP pavilion a255c P42.66 refurb $549.99 Money come from sister support. HP computer is today still in use computer. HP computer is LiuHH's main working computer. HP has opening for four memory cards Smart Media, MMC/SD, Compact Flash I/II MS/MSPro and USB2.0, 1394 openings. HP back side has one more USB2.0
<a name="docA_001"> 2011-04-06-22-25 start Current time (2011-04) LiuHH use ABS Win98 Computer to go online method is slowest dial up. LiuHH use HP WinXP Computer for editing files, and read download files. <a name="docA_002"> Download to ABS Win98 Computer then copy to 1.44MB floppy disk transfer file to HP WinXP Computer. If *.pdf file size is greater than 1.44MB, I have to cut file to smaller piece to fit 1.44MB size. <a name="docA_003"> First use winzip to zip several huge file to one Second use arj.exe to slice to 1.44MB size, command is arj a -v1440 huge.arj 2011-04-05-11-22 created 14 files huge.arj, huge.a01, huge.a02 ... copy these files to 1.44MB floppy disk. Move to HP WinXP Computer <a name="docA_004"> Third is to put parts together arj x a:\huge.arj arj x a:\huge.a01 ..... arj x a:\huge.a13 Fourth unzip to recover several huge *.pdf files. <a name="docA_005"> This is a long process and this is also unnecessary. 2008-10-13 LiuHH bought Duracell 4GB USB Memory Drive. Hope to transfer files between ABS Win98 Computer and HP WinXP Computer. But both computer not read 4GB USB Memory Drive. <a name="docA_006"> 2010-10-14 LiuHH receive brother mail. It is Smart Media (SM) card reader and writer and two pieces Security Digital (SD) memory card. (brother did not pay attention to the difference between SD and SM) HP WinXP Computer read and write to SD card. HP do not recognize SM card reader and writer. But HP has a build in SM card reader and writer. <a name="docA_007"> ABS Win98 Computer recognize SM card reader and writer. ABS Win98 do not have build in memory card reader/writer. I can use SM card to transfer big files! <a name="docA_008"> 2011-02-27 LiuHH received brother bought SD card reader/writer. Seller live in Baldwin park CA record as "Baldwin SD reader" 91706. HP do not recognize it. ABS Win98 say can not find driver for this card reader. ABS WinXP read/write to 4GB thumb drive and SD card reader/writer <a name="docA_009"> 2011-03-27 Sunday LiuHH received brother bought SD card reader and writer. Seller live in Hong Kong. Chinatera Limited, DN 11030500041 PC:A ; 15 3 11 record as "HongKong SD reader" Identical condition as previous SD card reader/writer. <a name="docA_010"> 2011-04-05-23-30 LiuHH received brother bought SM card 32MBytes Seller live in Clute TX 77531-4310 USPS delivery confirmation number 420 93063 9101 7850 9140 1969 6618 65 Start from 2011-04-05-23-50 to 2011-04-06-02-?? and 2011-04-06 all day long, try to use SM card to transfer files between two computers. Result is not success. 2011-04-06-23-03 stop <a name="docA_011"> 2011-04-07-09-20 start 2003-06-12 brother and sister-in-law bring a flat panel screen to LiuHH. Envision model EN7100. screen 17 inch <a name="docA_012"> 2007-11-06 flat panel monitor stop receive signal from computer. Few month later LiuHH use one bulk monitor for HP and ABS Win98 two computers. Bulk monitor come from landlord. Landlord use flat panel monitor and stop use bulk monitor Sylvania F96. Landlord let me use bulk monitor, She did not charge me for this monitor. Related record in Chinese is next <a name="docA_013"> 2011-01-21-17-4? LiuHH carry flat panel monitor big box pass landlord, she asked curiously "What is that?" LiuHH said this is flat panel monitor brother bought for me, my computer can not connect to it, I give it back to brother. Landlord opened garage door for LiuHH and saw my brother stand outside. <a name="docA_014"> 2011-01-21-17-5? LiuHH give flat panel monitor to brother. 2011-04-07-09-50 here <a name="docA_015"> To transfer files between ABS Win98 and HP WinXP, LiuHH has four media to do the job. SM Smart Media card reader/writer SD Security Digit card reader/writer Duracell 4GB USB Memory Drive (thumb drive) and 1.44 MBytes floppy disk Three computers react differently <a name="docA_016"> HP WinXP & SM reader/writer 2010-10-14 plug SM reader to HP HP do not recognize it. 2010-10-14 plug SD card to HP's build-in SD card opening. HP recognize it, LiuHH copied files to SD card, it is normal. <a name="docA_017"> HP WinXP & SD reader/writer 2011-02-27-17-5? plug Baldwin SD reader to HP computer HP do not recognize it. (HP has build-in SD reader which work normally) <a name="docA_018"> HP WinXP & Duracell 4GB thumb drive 2008-10-13-22-08 hp computer restart on/off four or five times. can not connect to usb drive. when goto manager account try open "new hardware", hp computer never react, not open anything. <a name="docA_019"> Remark: [[ from about 2005-11-25 (the date disappear without reason) to 2011-03-07 Liu,Hsinhan recover HP system. In this 5.5 year period, HP computer function was cut off little by little. 2008-10-13 HP do not read thumb drive. 2011-03-07-21-39 HP read thumb drive. ]] 2011-04-07-10-43 record here <a name="docA_020"> 2011-04-07-11-20 start Above is HP WinXP Below is ABS Win98 <a name="docA_021"> ABS Win98 & SM reader/writer 2010-10-15 plug SM reader to ABS Win98 computer, ABS Win98 show up device icon immediately HP computer has build-in SM reader so I can use SM card to transfer big files. But I do not have SM card. <a name="docA_022"> ABS Win98 & SD reader/writer 2011-02-27-18-1? plug SD reader to ABS Win98 computer. Computer say need find driver. But can not find proper driver and not work. <a name="docA_023"> ABS Win98 & Duracell 4GB thumb drive 2008-10-13-22-?? ABS Win98 computer never respond to 4GB thumb drive. Above is ABS Win98 Below is ABS WinXP <a name="docA_024"> ABS WinXP & SM reader/writer 2011-04-06-12-13 plug SM reader to ABS WinXP. It works. <a name="docA_025"> ABS WinXP & Baldwin SD reader 2011-03-07-14-20 ABS XP computer accept Baldwin SD reader. Work properly. <a name="docA_026"> ABS WinXP & Duracell 4GB thumb drive 2011-03-07-14-40 ABS XP computer accept 4GB thumb drive. Work OK. 2011-04-07-11-50 here <a name="docA_027"> Above is ABS WinXP Below is SM card received on 2011-04-05-23-30 <a name="docA_028"> Other memory card has many legs as contact points. But SM card do not have contact legs. It has memory body metal part exposed, not cover with plastic. Computer reading head contact to those exposed metal part. SM card I received look OK, no scratch, no crack, no mark. <a name="docA_029"> In HP WinXP computer 2011-04-05-23-43 dir i:\ The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted. <a name="docA_030"> 2011-04-05-23-45 in Window format removable disk i:\ [[ capacity 31.2 MBytes file system FAT allocation unit size : default allocation size volume label : buy_100y4m5d format option: quick format ]] <a name="docA_031"> 2011-04-05-23-49 click start format [[ the disk is write protected ]] But this SM disk no way to protect or un-protect it, there is no moving parts on this 32 MBytes SM card. <a name="docA_032"> Above is in window to format SM card. Below is in command prompt to format SM card. <a name="docA_033"> 2011-04-06-00-40 In HP WinXP computer from Command Prompt window format 32MBytes SM memory card enter next line format I: /FS:FAT get [[ the disk is write protected ]] <a name="docA_034"> Because HP WinXP computer read thumb drive. 2011-04-06-01-20 open "My Computer" window find thumb drive icon, click property look for driver file name. Directory of C:\windows\system32\drivers 08/29/2002 05:00 AM 33,792 disk.sys 10/21/2002 10:21 AM 82,784 drvmcdb.sys 08/29/2002 05:00 AM 18,688 partmgr.sys <a name="docA_035"> 2011-04-06-01-29 (mid night) copy C:\windows\system32\drivers\disk.sys a:\a copy C:\windows\system32\drivers\drvmcdb.sys a:\a copy C:\windows\system32\drivers\partMgr.sys a:\a hope these driver will help ABS Win98 computer to read thumb drive, let me able to transfer big files. above is HP winXP & driver.sys below is ABS Win98 & driver.sys <a name="docA_036"> 2011-04-06-01-43 copy a:\a c:\windows\system32\drivers a:\a\DISK.SYS a:\a\DRVMCDB.SYS a:\a\PARTMGR.SYS <a name="docA_037"> 2011-04-06-01-50 I copy driver to ABS Win98 computer then I plug thumb drive to ABS Win98 Now driver is here, but computer no reaction. <a name="docA_038"> 2011-04-06-02-18 plug in Baldwin SD reader to ABS Win98 computer, window show up ask selection location for driver I specify c:\windows\system32\drivers computer system can not find a driver for Baldwin SD reader. 2011-04-07-12-21 record stop <a name="docA_039"> 2011-04-07-13-20 record start Above is ABS Win98 computer Below is ABS WinXP computer 2011-04-06-10-20 turn on ABS WinXP 2011-04-06-10-25 find keyboard has green light but not work. 2011-04-06-10-26 restart ABS WinXP computer <a name="docA_040"> 2011-04-06-10-30 plug in 4GB thumb drive to ABS WinXP computer, it is H:\ drive <a name="docA_041"> 2011-04-06-10-35 In ABS WinXP tried 30 times hope to highlight command prompt screen and copy the free space size. but can not highlight, each single click become double click. <a name="docA_042"> 2011-04-06-10-38 ABS WinXP computer return to normal. I can copy screen 89,946,619,904 bytes free 2011-04-06-10-42 ABS WinXP computer mouse pad is disabled I can not high light DOS prompt screen I can not re-size H:\_fm folder size <a name="docA_043"> Because ABS WinXP computer read all memory cards. LiuHH copy ABS WinXP driver folder all files to ABS Win98 hope ABS Win98 can do the same thing c:\ is ABS WinXP computer hard drive g:\ is ABS Win98 computer hard drive 2011-04-06-10-55 copy c:\windows\system32\drivers g:\windows\system32\drivers Later in ABS Win98 computer found this copy do not help any. <a name="docA_044"> 2011-04-06-11-05 insert 1GB SD memory card to card reader/writer which connected to ABS WinXP computer, found it work normally. <a name="docA_045"> 2011-04-06-12-13 put SM card reader and 32 Mbytes SM card to c:\ is ABS WinXP computer computer say this card is not formatted ask whether format it ? show up same window as HP computer [[ capacity 31.2 MBytes file system FAT allocation unit size default allocation size volume label [blank] quick format [unchecked] ]] <a name="docA_046"> 2011-04-06-12-16 click ok, get [[ the disk is write protected ]] but disk has no movable parts I can not protect it I can not un-protect it <a name="docA_047"> Above in ABS WinXP use window to format 32 Mbytes SM card Below in ABS WinXP use Command prompt to format 32 Mbytes SM card 2011-04-06-12-18 dir h:\ The device is not ready. <a name="docA_048"> 2011-04-06-12-28 format H: /FS:FAT [[ C:\$fm>format H: /FS:FAT Insert new disk for drive H: and press ENTER when ready... Cannot open volume for direct access. ]] //ABS winXP , H: is 32MB SM disk Above ABS WinXP computer Below ABS Win98 computer <a name="docA_049"> 2011-04-06-13-52 plug in SD reader/writer to ABS Win98 computer but computer no reaction <a name="docA_050"> 2011-04-06-14-08 now driver is here plug in SD reader/writer and computer not response. plug in SM reader/writer and computer show icon for it but computer do not read this SM card I received on 2011-04-05 2011-04-07-14-00 stop <a name="docA_051"> 2011-04-07-14-40 start [[ ABS win98 ; F: is 32MB SM disk 2011-04-06-00-12 C:\$fm>dir f:\ Volume in drive F is ___________ Directory of F:\ <a name="docA_052"> File not found 0 bytes free There is no file in 32MB SM disk and free space is zero. <a name="docA_053"> 2011-04-06-00-17 use window drag and drop copy C:\$fm\ph\thesis to f:\ get the disk in the destination drive is full, insert a new disk to continue. <a name="docA_054"> 2011-04-06-00-21 format f:\ the program has performed an illegal operation and will be terminated. Quit all programs, and then restart computer <a name="docA_055"> If the program consistently encounters problems, click the start button then select help. troubleshooting, and "If you have trouble running MS-DOS programs" <a name="docA_056"> The program encountered a general protection exception fault location 1080:10000 interrupt in service: none 2011-04-06-00-27 done copy error message. ]] 2011-04-07-14-52 stop <a name="docA_057"> 2011-04-07-15-56 start The net result is that I can not use 4GB thumb drive can not use SM memory card can not use SD memory card to transfer file bigger than 1.44 MBytes <a name="docA_058"> I can only use 1.44 MBytes floppy disk to transfer file. Use the commands arj a -v1440 huge.arj arj x a:\huge.arj This method is not smooth either <a name="docA_059"> 2011-04-05-12-16 run arj x a:\huge.a07 [[ ARJ 2.30 Copyright (c) 1990-92 Robert K Jung. Jan 19 1992 NOT REGISTERED for business, commercial, or government use. <a name="docA_060"> Processing archive: A:\huge.A07 Archive date : 2011-04-05 10:22:04 $FM\huge.ZIP exists, Append at position 10193964? [YNAQ] y Extracting $FM\huge.ZIP at position 10193964 83% Data error reading device Abort, Retry, Fail?a ]] <a name="docA_061"> Then I have to put HP WinXP to sleep mode, unplug monitor cable from HP WinXP. Plug monitor cable to ABS win98 and re-do copy file to a:\huge.a07 <a name="docA_062"> This slice and merge method arj a -v1440 huge.arj arj x a:\huge.arj can not work from 2009-08-14 to 2011-03-07. In this period, ALL DOS program stop work in HP WinXP computer. Include arj.exe not work. In this period, only few DOS commands work, they are dir, copy, xcopy, del, date, time. <a name="docA_063"> HP WinXP computer function reduce to minimum. What left is just enough for LiuHH to write study notes files. For transfer files one goal, LiuHH spend total time guess about seven working days and still empty handed. <a name="docA_064"> Next talk about computer sound function. Start from about 2005-11-25 HP WinXP computer sound disappear. ABS Win98 computer has sound. <a name="docA_065"> One day in 2006 or 2007, I play movie "The Wizard of OZ" It run to about 70% then both image and sound disappeared. Since this day until 2011-04-06 I never turn on speaker. <a name="docA_066"> 2011-03-07 recover HP WinXP computer system files. During recover process there is error message say some file can not be opened for reading. Final result is all sound function are disabled. <a name="docA_067"> ABS WinXP computer and ABS Win98 computer has sound Next record this point. <a name="docA_068"> 2011-04-06-11-12 one more to verify sound system of c:\ is ABS WinXP computer 2011-04-06-11-17 use real one play C:\_fm\...\song0101.wma OK <a name="docA_069"> 2011-04-06-11-26 in ABS WinXP computer click icon link to "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /prefetch:1 no response no explanation wmplayer.exe not work Real One work <a name="docA_070"> 2011-04-06-12-10 In ABS WinXP computer Real One open only one *.wma file at one time. highlight two *.wma files and click "open selection" never open. Above is ABS WinXP computer Below is ABS Win98 computer <a name="docA_071"> In ABS Win98 computer Windows Media Player not work. In ABS Win98 computer Real One is Chinese interface and not readable "Chinese". Real One not work at all. <a name="docA_072"> 2011-04-06-14-55 winamp.exe play *.wma music normal. High light many music files, winamp.exe play them one by one. 2011-04-07-16-32 stop
<a name="docA_073"> 2011-04-07-10-55 start About " disappear without reason" Around 2009-08-0? my sister close , Chinese song site close , Miss Deng,LiJun close , not LiuHH work keep , LiuHH work keep , dial up <a name="docA_074"> 2005-11-25 disappear from Internet due to not pay domain name registration fee. 2009-08-0? parking closed due to sister's decision. 2011-04-07-11-16 stop <a name="docA_075"> 2011-04-07-21-20 start The huge files LiuHH zip/cut/merge transfer from ABS Win98 to HP WinXP are the following eight files 2010-05-15-18-27 1,641,934 05-15-10 6:36p 2010-05-18-19-28 5,504,576 05-18-10 8:13p <a name="docA_076"> 2010-05-26-11-55 3,500,337 05-26-10 12:15p 2010-07-14-18-16 2,226,488 07-14-10 6:46p <a name="docA_077"> 2011-02-06-18-14 3,919,044 02-06-11 6:42p 2011-02-06-18-33 2,649,340 02-06-11 6:56p <a name="docA_078"> 2011-02-07-20-54 1,649,909 02-07-11 9:03p 2011-04-04-15-45 2,117,300 04-04-11 4:00p 2011-04-07-21-27 here <a name="docA_079"> Hardware brother bought for LiuHH are next 2010-10-14 received Smart Media (SM) card reader and writer. Brother bought from store. <a name="docA_080"> 2011-02-27 received SD card reader writer. "Baldwin SD reader" Brother bought from eBay. <a name="docA_081"> 2011-03-27 received SD card reader writer. "HongKong SD reader" Brother bought from eBay. 2011-04-02 LiuHH give this hardware to sister. Next day sister said computer show "ready to use" <a name="docA_082"> 2011-04-05 received 32MBytes SM memory card. Brother bought from eBay. This card was put in a folded card board and tape three sides, no plastic container for it. 2011-04-07-21-35 stop <a name="docA_083"> 2011-04-08-11-30 start ABS Win98 computer has start up two extra click to do for about three years. Three years ago LiuHH suspect ABS Win98 computer has virus and spend few hours to delete virus files. One is at root directory c:\virus.file <a name="docA_084"> I delete it, few seconds later same file show up again. I open it with notepad.exe, delete all contents and save to original path/file name. After restart computer, this damaged file return to original virus file. <a name="docA_085"> Next, open/delete/save as before plus one more step, next command attrib +R c:\virus.file Now c:\virus.file is a read only file and it is not working file. Is this a smart idea ? virus can not change read only file. Yes, BUT virus is smarter than me. <a name="docA_086"> After this day, until today, each time turn on ABS Win98 computer operating system always open two extra DOS-prompt window. I do not know where is this command hide and I can not remove it. <a name="docA_087"> ABS Win98 open two extra DOS-prompt window which is same as HP WinXP auto delete start-up folder Pawclock link. Force me to do more click than usual. <a name="docA_088"> Next is another point. ABS Win98 computer start up folder has one DOS prompt icon. because LiuHH use DOS commands frequently. When I finish work in ABS Win98, I always copy working record from ABS Win98 to floppy disk, transfer to HP WinXP computer, since HP is my main working computer. <a name="docA_089"> Trouble is that in ABS Win98 copy/delete files in 1.44 MB floppy disk cause ABS Win98 command prompt window show "error". The "error" screen look like boot-from-emergency-disk screen. After few click, DOS return to full screen mode. I have to type "exit" to close DOS window. <a name="docA_090"> Each time after this trouble, ABS Win98 start up folder command prompt icon property change setting from "window" to "full screen". Next time restart ABS Win98, it show full screen DOS face like DOS 3.1 face. I have to <a name="docA_091"> type exit and goto command prompt icon property window change from "full screen" back to "window". This trouble occur frequently last year (2010). Recent two or three month (2011) not see this trouble for a while. 2011-04-08-11-56 stop <a name="docA_092"> 2011-04-08-20-54 start If someone ask: First question why not use ABS WinXP goto online? ABS WinXP can communicate with HP WinXP. Solve problem. <a name="docA_093"> This is a good question. Next is related to above. Second question ABS WinXP read all memory card and ABS WinXP play music, why buy HP WinXP? <a name="docA_094"> Both question have one answer: The period use ABS WinXP go to online, someone at remote place is able to shut down ABS WinXP computer many times in one day. 2011-04-08-21-00 stop <a name="docA_095"> 2011-04-08-21-16 start About "shut down ABS WinXP computer" Please see 862621 Jul 30 2004 find the file wk930601.txt (93=2004) (and several other record files) partial record is next <a name="docA_096"> [[ ABS Pentium IV computer got too many trouble always shut down. I try to buy new window xp and new hard drive see if avoid trouble 93,06,01,17,34 record //2004-06-01-17-34 record 93,06,01,18,53 computer shut down 93,06,01,21:27 computer shut down ]] I do not record every shut down, I record only some shut down. 2011-04-08-21-21 stop <a name="docA_097"> 2011-04-10-09-10 start "Baldwin SD reader" has printing [[ All in 1 mini card reader moon 月球 M2, MS Duo, Micro SD HD, SD HC CEFCC Made in China //above on plastic housing <a name="docA_098"> //below in card board All in one card reader Product features Compliant with USB specification version 2.0 Supports SD series and MS series memory card Speed up to 150 Bus powered, requires no external power supply Supports Windows 98/ME2000/XP/Vista Supports Mac OS 9.0 or higher. SM-080 87108380158236 ECO Made in China FCC CE ]] 2011-04-10-09-28 stop <a name="docA_099"> 2011-04-10-10-40 start SM card reader has printing [[ USB 2.0 Cardreader SM/XD Digital concepts card reader Fits SM/XD memory cards model no. CR-45 Serial no. RE 31136336 CE Made in China FCC Tested to comply with FCC standards For home or office use //above on metal housing <a name="docA_100"> //below in card board Sakar International Inc. Edison, NJ 08817 Made in China ..... Compatible with Microsoft Windows 98 2000, SE, ME & XP and Max OS 8.6 or higher. ]] <a name="docA_101"> There is a cable and a CD come with it. I need cable to connect to computer and I did not use CD. Because ABS Win98 already recognize this Sakar SM/XD card reader and show folder window when insert a card. <a name="docA_102"> Next is SM card 32MBytes Seller live in Clute TX 77531-4310 there is no hand writing on card and no paper label, just plastic. It has the following printing 3V 32 MB (gold metal side) M2 Smart Media (other side) 8T15 CT0501 R47711 (or B47711) JAPAN 0003MAD (other side) 2011-04-10-10-55 stop <a name="docA_103"> 2011-04-15-18-15 record in bioge004.htm 2011-04-15 upload mail5001.htm Superior Court of California Ventura County summoned Liu,Hsinhan Badge number #002583611, report on 02/13/2007 Badge number #002631836, report on 12/08/2008 Badge number #003530763, report on 05/23/2011 Liu,Hsinhan letter to Ventura County Justice Dept 04/15/2011 04:36 PM 120,683 mail5001.htm <a name="docA_104"> 2007-01-17-11-?? first time walk dog and drop letter to mail box. Letter to Ventura County Justice Dept. <a name="docA_105"> 2011-04-15-12-46 goto street end drop mail to mail box. Letter is summon return form. and walk dog 2011-04-15-13-06 done walk dog <a name="docA_106"> from 2011-04-14-13-38 to 2011-04-14-13-58 Liu,Hsinhan walk dog at the corner of Border street and Pathway Ave. meet one person, he asked LiuHH <a name="docA_107"> "Do you know those who live at the house on the corner over there?" He point to a house at the end of Border street. LiuHH say "no, I do not know." 2011-04-15-18-26 done record. <a name="docA_108"> HP computer start change 2011-05-20-19-20 Scanner is power on and connected to HP winXP computer. LiuHH open iPhotoExpress and choose scan new picture, but iPhotoExpress never do anything. <a name="docA_109"> 2011-05-20-19-36 retry open iPhotoExpress and choose scan new file, iPhotoExpress respond now, result is scan wizard can not find scanner but scanner is turned on and connected to HP winXP computer retry same thing. <a name="docA_110"> Why 2011-05-20-19-20 (never respond) and 2011-05-20-19-36 (can not find scanner) computer react differently !!?? 2011-05-20-23-10 test scanner, OK I can scan a book cover page. <a name="docA_111"> 2011-05-20-21-23 2011-05-20-22-52 system stand by failed The device driver for the SCSI/RAID Host controller device is preventing the machine from entering standby. Please close all application and try again. If the problem persist, you may need to update the driver. ..... 2011-05-24 system stand by never come back !! WHY !!?? <a name="docA_112"> LiuHH use scanner once a year in average. LiuHH use HP computer stand by button 30 times everyday. LiuHH get scanner function and loss stand by function. //2011-05-24-22-48 record <a name="docA_113"> 2011-05-22-13-53 2011-05-24-09-35 2011-05-24-22-03 Generic Host Process for Win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. ..... [send error report] [done send] 2011-05-24-22-04 click [done send] <a name="docA_114"> 2011-05-24-09-37 when proofreading axs2mat2.htm (rotation axis to rotation matrix) computer whole screen automatic refresh once. "computer whole screen automatic refresh" occurs very frequently in ABS Win98 computer. After the whole screen action, some icon change. For example, notepad icon change to other icon. <a name="docA_115"> 2011-05-24-22-00 turn on computer (turn off/on, because no stand by) 2011-05-24-22-04 open notepad window twice both change to before HP recovery window classic style that is square corner and all silver not Window XP style (round corner) not default blue. why change ? 2011-05-24-22-05 whole screen auto refresh, simply bother my reading !! <a name="docA_116"> window classic style show up twice only, later open notepad, it is Window XP style (round corner) But start from 2011-05-24-22-00 turn on computer, the taskbar is always square corner and all silver. After I recover HP computer on 2011-03-07, the window appearance return to Window XP style (round corner) <a name="docA_117"> Before recover HP computer, few years ago, computer self change window from Window XP style to window classic style. <a name="docA_118"> why right now it is half Window XP style and half window classic style ? Window XP style for browser and notepad. window classic style for taskbar 2011-05-24-22-26 record <a name="HP_trouble"> 2011-05-22-13-53 2011-05-24-09-35, 2011-05-24-22-03, 2011-05-25-07-03, 2011-05-26-18-31, 2011-05-27-12-11, 2011-05-28-10-15, Generic Host Process for Win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. ..... [send error report] [done send] LiuHH click [done send] <a name="taskBar"> 2011-05-24 all day, 2011-05-27-12-18 2011-05-28-10-15, Task bar become window classic style but it should be Window XP style <a name="HP002"> 2011-05-25-07-00 turn on HP WinXP computer. Browser window and working notepad window are Window XP style, round corner blue top bar. But click browser view source button, open one notepad window it is window classic style, square corner gray top bar. <a name="HP003"> 2011-05-25-07-01 Window task bar is Window XP style. (2011-05-24 task bar was window classic style) 2011-05-25-07-22 record. <a name="docA_119"> 2011-05-26-18-31 open notepad window classic style 2011-05-26-18-32 computer auto refresh whole screen classic style notepad window become WinXP style notepad window, but Taskbar is window classic style <a name="docA_120"> 2011-05-26-21-20 Today 2011-05-26 modify html file source code, save file then click MSIE browser refresh button, but MSIE browser not update, no action! Save source code several times and refresh MSIE browser several times then updated html page show up. Already happen twice. 2011-05-26-21-23 <a name="docA_121"> 2011-05-27-12-18 HP winXP self refresh whole screen, task bar change from WinXP style to win classic style <a name="docA_122"> 2011-05-27-16-42 start HP WinXP Computer condition is to force Liu,Hsinhan do more click than usual. LiuHH always open status bar in MSIE browser. Each time turn off and turn on computer, MSIE browser default status bar off. LiuHH have to click open status bar. System should remember status bar is on and restart computer auto set at status bar on condition. <a name="docA_123"> ABS Win98 Computer condition is to force LiuHH do more click than usual. Each time open Netscape 9.0 when access pdf file. pdf reader ALWAYS ask "the setting do not allow open pdf reader automatically, do you want to change the setting?" LiuHH click yes. But next time open pdf file still ask same question. <a name="docA_124"> Question window is hidden behind Netscape 9.0 window. I can not reach pdf window. Netscape wait for pdf window click. Net result is Netscape freeze. First few times LiuHH have to turn off computer. Later move Netscape 9.0 to lower left corner and use smaller window size, let screen center pdf window show a corner, so I can click pdf window. <a name="docA_125"> pdf window hide behind Netscape 9.0 happened years ago, LiuHH do not know how to solve it. Just open smaller Netscape window. Is this pdf reader regular property? Do you also have this problem? 2011-05-27-16-57 stop <a name="docA_126"> 2011-05-27-18-30 turn on HP WinXP computer, MSIE browser status bar show up at start up time. But when turn off computer, system wait some application to close and show a time progress scale. This is not regular shut down procedure. 2011-05-27-19-53 record <a name="docA_127"> 2011-05-28-18-20 start 2011-05-28-15-22 turn on computer 2011-05-28-16-28 sister call and leave computer unattended. twenty minutes later find that computer goto stand by mode. 2011-05-28-18-22 record this fact. <a name="docA_128"> 2011-05-28-19-48 turn on HP WinXP computer, MSIE browser status bar show up at start up time occur once on 2011-05-27-18-30 Later turn on still no status bar. 2011-05-28-19-49 Close all MSIE browser at status bar on condition then re-open a html file. status bar IS on. <a name="docA_129"> 2011-05-28-19-52 press HP WinXP stand by button (new moon figure) HP goto stand by and no trouble. 2011-05-28-19-54 record. <a name="docA_130"> 2011-05-29-18-05 start record Liu,Hsinhan working record always keep data stamp, accurate to minute. Then clock is important for LiuHH. In 2011-March one day, ABS Win98 computer Pawclock stop work. It is not because not start up Pawclock, LiuHH click Pawclock icon, still not work. LiuHH wondered, do not know what to do. <a name="docA_131"> The next day, Pawclock return to normal. About one week later, again ABS Win98 computer Pawclock stop work. The next day, Pawclock return to normal again. LiuHH record this fact. //LiuHH did not goto online site // and delete two //days ago record. a005311304 <a name="docA_132"> One event date is 2011-03-08-11-29 open pawclock get error five times The following error has occurred [ ActiveX component can't create object ] please report error to 2011-05-29-18-14 stop record 2011-05-29-18-47 done spelling check <a name="docA_133"> 2011-05-29-19-07 Insert 1.44 floppy disk to HP WinXP computer get The device is not ready. This occurred start about 2011-01-?? and occasional happen. 2011-05-29-19-05 happen again, let LiuHH record. <a name="docA_134"> Insert 1.44 floppy disk to ABS Win98 computer. Ten percent chance get all screen change to DOS emergency style window. Ask to click ok. Click several times, type "exit" to DOS prompt window to close it. After this event, start up folder DOS prompt icon auto change to start up computer at full screen like DOS3.1 LiuHH have to modify DOS prompt property from "full screen" to "window". This occurred start about one year ago. 2011-05-29-19-16 done record. <a name="docA_135"> 2011-05-30-14-00 start record. Both HP winXP and ABS win98 whole screen cover with yellow color. ABS win98 blink this whole screen yellow cover and yellow drop few times in about five seconds, blink let me know the difference. 2011-05-30-13-58 in HP winXP open axs2mat2.htm and draw yellow line, but I can not see it. Blue and black are nearly the same color. This whole screen cover with yellow color start about 2011-Jan. 2011-05-30-14-06 stop <a name="docA_136"> 2012-04-05-18-52 add 3591 1994-01-22 to 2001-08-01 Simi Valley CA landlord Jean big house 3591 Finchley Ct. Simi Valley CA 93063-2252 1996-06-26 LiuHH receive Republic of China passport. Envelope use 3591 Finchley Ct. 2002-06-29 LiuHH receive Republic of China passport. Envelope use 2369 Collier Ct. Simi Valley CA 93065-2449 2012-06 passport expire. 2012-03-30 LiuHH go to 2505 Cloverleaf Ln. Simi Valley to get passport. 2012-04-05-18-40 LiuHH found old envelope and record 3591 Finchley address. Otherwise, forget address. 2012-04-05-19-03 stop <a name=a609070957> 2017-09-07-09-57 update 2017-09-07 make several correction. 1982-05-31 Liu,Hsinhan first time goto San Jose to meet Miss Yao,Danhon 姚丹紅 . 1982-07-02 Liu,Hsinhan second time goto San Jose to meet Miss Yao,Danhon reference reference is LiuHH diary in Chinese Earlier writing time 2000-01-17-10-41 Liu,Hsinhan say 1983 July, I go to Cupertino to visit Miss AA that time LiuHH remember visited Yao twice and remember first visit is in 1982 July, guessed second visit is one year later (wrong) and give wrong date. <a name=a609071002> Liu,Hsinhan upload personal document to*.jpg Most document are in Chinese index page is Liu,Hsinhan diary page is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan father written document (letter) is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan mother written document (letter) is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan self written document is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan brother written document (letter) is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan sister written document (letter) is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan friend written document (letter) is*.jpg public organization written document is*.jpg Scanned picture is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan father passport scanned image is*.jpg Liu,Hsinhan self passport scanned image is*.jpg In which Liu,Hsinhan diary page is*.jpg help make correction. 2017-09-07-10-17 [=][][]

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