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<a name="US33index">
U.S. 33 years, 
■■Review History
■ Marshall mediation
■ Marshall Date table
■ Yalta Conference
■ Korean War and Vietnam War
■ Yalta Marshall Summary
■ USSR annex Tannu Tuva
■■Mongolia perish China, prediction
■ Han,Mon force comparison
■ Special formula
■ Whole picture
Motivation of WTC attack
■■Liu,Hsinhan mother decease
■ Hsinhan and mother last meet
■ Mother die of dehydration under doctor watch
■■Dilute group
■ change Liu,Hsinhan to a puppet
Taiwan politics
■ promote TW to attack mainland China
■ introduce western lady to LiuHH
■ dilute Liu,Hsinhan influence
■■Virginia and New Jersey
■ spelling check program
■■U.Iowa first period
■ Iowa City Chinese bible study
■■U.Iowa second period
∋∈freeman2 cried
■■U.Iowa third period
■ If LiuHH were dead
■ Three classmates
■ Leave Iowa City
■■California life
■ Gift store working
■ California Northridge earthquake
■ Branch store
■ Go to Disneyland, OK?
■ live at landlord big house
■ Input Chinese history books
■ intensive mainland sign
■ two omens before WTC attack
■ 2007 to 2012
■■death curse
■ Death curse to Liu,Hsinhan mother
■ Death curse to Liu,Hsinhan wife
■ Death curse to Liu,Hsinhan himself

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change to
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See also third omen before WTC attack
at US33yr311a
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<a name="US33yr001">
U.S. 33 years

<a name="US33yr002"> index 

2012-02-23-19-30 start
Dear reader, start from 2012-02-24 
Liu,Hsinhan write U.S. 33 years.
LiuHH arrive U.S. on 1978-08-01 
today is 2012-02-23. Total period 
33 years and six month. Approximate
to 33 years. This paper is unlike 
earlier paper. Earlier paper talk 
personal level events. 
<a name="US33yr003">
U.S. 33 years talk U.S. national 
security level and China national 
security level topics. They are 
LiuHH personal opinion. May be 
right and may be wrong. 

<a name="US33yr004">
Writing "U.S. 33 years" may face 
difficulties. They are
1. LiuHH may stop breath any time.
2. computer may break down any time.
<a name="US33yr005">
3. may be shut down any
Third point already show up. 
DNS not respond
<a name="US33yr006">
get page. "DNS not respond" is a 
critical hint to LiuHH.

<a name="US33yr007"> index 
Writing "U.S. 33 years" may face 
difficulties. That mean reader save
as following 
bioge005_20120224.htm for 20120224
bioge005_20120225.htm for 20120225
bioge005_20120226.htm for 20120226
<a name="US33yr008">
"U.S. 33 years" is an all out paper.
All LiuHH know, recorded.
all out paper is NOT all right paper
Reader must evaluate. Accept correct 
part and suspect wrong part.
Certainly, LiuHH write what he think 
all right words.
Thank you for your attention.
Liu,Hsinhan 2012-02-23-20-11

<a name="US33yr009"> index 
■■Review History

Most history event occurred, its result 
is benefit to the event create nation.
But there are few event, its result is 
damaging to the event create nation. 
<a name="US33yr010">
For example, China Ching dynasty, 慈禧
太后 Empress Dowager Tzu Hsi 1835-1908 
change navy budget to build a garden. 
The is a silly decision. Result is 
weakened navy loss battle in China-
Japan sea war.

<a name="US33yr011"> index 
■ Marshall mediation

In U.S. history, the single most error 
policy is Marshall mediation.
//American reader may have different 
//opinion. But this paper is Chinese 
//view point. Please understand. 

<a name="US33yr012">
President Truman ordered Mr. George Marshall as 
          new ambassador to China.
1945-12-22 Mr. Marshall arrived Chinese capital 
Start from 1945-12-22 to 1947-01-08, Mr. Marshall 
mediate between Chinese government and communist 
rebel. Marshall require both side stop war 
and talk. 

<a name="US33yr013">
Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese central issued 
three times stop war order to respond to 
Marshall request. Red bandit do not need 
war at Marshall mediation period. They 
need time to train bandits how to use 
Japanese weapon. Stop war order damaged 
Chinese troop morale. Marshall mediation 
forbid Chinese central to use U.S. weapon 
to exterminate red bandit.
<a name="US33yr014">
1947-01-08 Marshall left China with 
failure result. 

<a name="US33yr015">
After this date 1947-01-08 
Soviet Union ordered Manchuria hundred 
thousand well trained soldier merge to 
bandit troop.
Soviet Union ordered surrendered Japan 
best soldier join bandit troop.
Soviet Union supplied best Japanese 
weapon to bandit troop who received one 
year training under Marshall umbrella.

<a name="US33yr016">
Why say "best Japanese weapon"?
why say "best Japanese soldier"?
Japan intend move island Japan to a 
continental Japan. The land they 
choose is Manchuria. Japanese troop 
and Japanese weapon in Manchuria is 
the best for Japan new home land.

<a name="US33yr017"> index 
Although Japan surrendered, but it is 
still best Japanese soldier use best 
Japan weapon to fight Chinese troop. 
Without knowing this secret, what 
present to the whole world is 
astonishing, a poor trained bandit 
defeat well trained and U.S. equipped 
Chinese central troop??!!

<a name="US33yr018">
Marshall mediation is ordered by 
President Truman. 
President Truman was influenced by 
communist lobby team 共產黨遊說團

<a name="US33yr019">
That is 
communist use American hand to build 
red China, then use red China fight 
American. Korean war, Vietnam war and 
World Trade Center attack.

<a name="US33yr020">
That is 
communist use 1946 American hand to 
fight 1950-1960 American soldier in 
Korea and Vietnam.
2012-02-24-09-47 here

<a name="US33yr021"> index 
2012-02-24-10-05 start 
■ Marshall Date table

Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese central issued 
three times stop war order to respond 
to Marshall request. 
Related event dates are 

<a name="US33yr022">
Bomb Japan Hiroshima : 1945-08-08
USSR invade China    : 1945-08-09
Bomb Japan Nagasaki  : 1945-08-09
Japan surrender      : 1945-08-10
Marshall arrive China: 1945-12-22
Stop war order one   : 1946-01-10
Stop war order two   : 1946-06-06
Stop war order three : 1946-11-11
Marshall left China  : 1947-01-08 
red bandit big attack: 1947-11 
bandit take mainland : 1950-03-28 

<a name="US33yr023">
Reference in Chinese
order one 1946-01-10
order two 1946-06-06
<a name="US33yr024">
order three 1946-11-11
red bandit big attack: 1947-11
bandit take mainland : 1950-03-28
2012-02-24-10-48 stop 

<a name="US33yr025"> index 
2012-02-24-11-38 start 
Soviet Union ordered surrendered Japan 
best soldier join bandit troop.
reader can goto search engine, 
search for the string "鬼子兵"
<a name="US33yr026">
You may find CHINESE paper about 
"surrendered Japanese best soldier 
 join bandit troop"
You will never see "Soviet Union" 
in those Chinese paper. Because 
red bandit hide all foreign link.
<a name="US33yr027">
Red bandit only say they win because 
Chinese people choose red bandit.
Japanese soldier change to "鬼子兵"
that is "ghost soldier", removed 
"Japan", hide foreign link. 

<a name="US33yr028">
surrendered Japanese best soldier 
 join bandit troop.
regular (not surrendered) Japanese 
both be called "鬼子兵"
Pay attention to event year. Those 
event after Japan surrender 1945-08-10
are those join bandit troop "鬼子兵"
2012-02-24-11-55 stop 

<a name="US33yr029"> index 
2012-02-24-13-33 start 
■ Yalta Conference

Yalta Conference detail please see

<a name="US33yr030">
USSR invade China    : 1945-08-09
which is permitted by U.S. president 
Roosevelt at 1945-02-04 to 1945-02-11
Yalta Conference. Document in Chinese

<a name="US33yr031">
Yalta treaty is a secret agreement 
between Roosevelt and Stalin, which
damage China national interest and
damage U.S. national interest.

One event, four explanations:

<a name="US33yr032">
Chinese view point:
USSR invade China    : 1945-08-09

U.S. view point:
USSR declare war to Japan and fight 
Japanese troop in Manchuria, reduce
U.S. soldier casualty.

<a name="US33yr033"> index 
USSR view point:
Roosevelt permitted. Go to Manchuria 
get Japanese weapon. 1945-08-09
//One day earlier, U.S. bombed Japan
//Japan surrender is expected. These
//Japanese soldier and Japanese weapon 
//controlled by USSR turned mainland 
//China to USSR puppet. The fact is 
//Yalta treaty damage U.S. national 
//interest. (Chinese view point)

<a name="US33yr034">
Red bandit view point:
Soviet Union big brother liberate north-
east provinces from Japan occupation. 

<a name="US33yr035">
Red bandit never thank U.S. fight Japan.
Red bandit say 
1945-08-08 Bomb Japan Hiroshima
1945-08-08 Japan did not surrender
1945-08-09 "big brother" attack Japan,
1945-08-10 Japan surrender
Red bandit say Japan surrender credit 
goto Soviet Union "big brother".

<a name="US33yr036">
One atomic bomb attack Japan, Japan 
surrender is expected. Red bandit Mao 
still say cheating words! and many 
mainland web user repeat.
2012-02-24-14-02 stop 

<a name="US33yr037"> index 
2012-02-24-16-00 start 
■ Korean War and Vietnam War

Korean War and Vietnam War both U.S. 
enemy are communist.
<a name="US33yr038">
North Korea has mainland China as 
backbone supporter.
North Vietnam has mainland China as 
backbone supporter.
Both war, U.S. supply from sea.
Above are two wars similarity. But 
<a name="US33yr039">
two wars result are very different.
South Vietnam disappeared.
South Korea still stand.
Whether reader think about the reason?

<a name="US33yr040">
Liu,Hsinhan opinion is that 
Korean War, let Chinese hate U.S.
Vietnam War, communist gain territory.
In other words, if Korean War goal 
were communist gain territory. Today 
there is no South Korea. 
<a name="US33yr041">
USSR gain South Korea territory vs.
USSR gain mainland Chinese hate U.S.
certainly Chinese hate U.S. is bigger 
interest. Because Chinese can have 
just one main enemy. Now Chinese hate 
U.S., then Chinese forget Russia annex 
Chinese soil history.

<a name="US33yr042">
Korean War, Vietnam War, Chinese hate 
U.S. they are all result of 
Yalta treaty and Marshall mediation.
2012-02-24-16-32 stop

<a name="US33yr042a"> index 
2012-02-27-07-00 start
■ Yalta Marshall Summary

Summary Yalta treaty and Marshall mediation
Yalta treaty
Yalta treaty allow USSR troop enter China 
      north-eastern provinces.
Yalta treaty let USSR order 100thousand 
      Manchuria well trained soldier merge 
      to bandit troop.
Yalta treaty let USSR order surrendered 
      Japan best soldier join bandit troop.
Yalta treaty let USSR supplied best Japanese 
      weapon to bandit troop.
<a name="US33yr042b">
Yalta treaty turned China to USSR puppet.
Yalta treaty created north/south Korea.
Yalta treaty did NOT save one U.S. soldier
      casualty in war-to-Japan. The date:
      Bomb Japan Hiroshima : 1945-08-08
      USSR invade China    : 1945-08-09
      Bomb Japan Nagasaki  : 1945-08-09
      Japan surrender      : 1945-08-10
      1945-08-09 to 1945-08-10 one day 
      not enough for USSR send troop.
Yalta treaty send U.S. soldier to Korean 
      war and to Vietnam war.
Yalta treaty got MORE U.S. soldier casualty

<a name="US33yr042c">
Marshall mediation
Marshall mediation stopped last chance to 
      exterminate red bandit.
Marshall mediation supplied one year 
      necessary training period for 
      red bandit.
Marshall mediation turned China to USSR 
Marshall mediation celebrated by red bandit.
      red bandit published stamp in which 
      Marshall stand in front of bandit 
      flag. This flag killed many thousands 
      U.S. soldiers in Korea and Vietnam.
      //bandit flag did not show up in Viet.
      //red bandit is vietcong supporter.
      //LiuHH saw this stamp once online.
2012-02-27-07-25 stop

<a name="US33yr043"> index 
2012-02-25-08-15 start
■ USSR annex Tannu Tuva

<a name="US33yr044">
Tannu Tuva is a small land between 
China and Siberia. Please see map
Dash line is Tannu Tuva which is annexed 
by Russia. Solid red are compensation to
Mongolia. Solid red are taken from China 
red bandit Mao,Chou.

<a name="US33yr045">
Russia is a European nation. Four hundred 
years ago, Russia expand toward east. 
Russia annexed many north Asia small 
nations. Tannu Tuva annex is unique.
Tannu Tuva annex is not by military force.
Tannu Tuva annex is application, Kremlin 
meeting and acceptance procedure. 

<a name="US33yr046">
Chinese document about Tannu Tuva annex 
is recorded from

<a name="US33yr047">
In time sequence, related events are

1911-12-01 Russia push Mongolia announce
        "independent". Chinese central 
        ask Mongolia back to China.
        Mongolia reply "you ask Russia"
1919-07-15 USSR announce give up their 
        interest in Mongolia,China.
1921-spring USSR invade Mongolia.
<a name="US33yr048"> index 
1921-07 USSR build puppet Mongolia.
1921-08 USSR build puppet Tannu Tuva.
        Tannu Tuva is north west soil 
        of Mongolia.
1924-05-31 China USSR treaty, USSR 
        recognize Mongolia be part of 
1924-07 USSR motivate Mongolia build 
        a soviet style "constitution"
        Use title "republic of Mongu"
<a name="US33yr049">
1941-06 USSR begin annex procedure
1941-06-20 Tannu Tuva participate 
        USSR-German war and take USSR
1944-08-17 Tannu Tuva send application 
        to USSR
1945-10 Mongolia popular vote under USSR
        army occupation. 
        USSR soldier vote too.

<a name="US33yr050">
1948-03-17 Kremlin announce annex 
        Tannu Tuva. It become part of 
1948-10-13 Kremlin announce done legal 
        procedure. Tannu Tuva annex is
<a name="US33yr051">
1951 ?? USSR ordered red bandit, wrap 
        northern Chinese provinces to
        "inner Mongolia", its area be 
        same as (or larger than) outer
        Mongolia. red bandit followed.

<a name="US33yr052">
Please do not ignore above steps.
Tannu Tuva application, Kremlin 
meeting and acceptance procedure 
is a model for ONE HUNDRED YEARS 
INTO FUTURE annex HUGE soil.

<a name="US33yr053"> index 
About Mongolia reply "you ask Russia"
● 只憑這個答復該可以了解,
● 蒙古已經是完全落入俄國的操縱之下。
2012-02-25-09-31 here

<a name="US33yr054">
Tannu Tuva area = 170,000 sq.KiloMeter
Mongolia  area = 1440,000 sq.KiloMeter
Russia annexed one third Chinese soil.
about  5,883,800 sq.KiloMeter

<a name="US33yr055">
Russia annexed one third Chinese soil.
red bandit give Russia title "big brother"
U.S. did not take one inch Chinese soil.
U.S. help China fight Japan. But 
U.S. did not earn any reputation in mainland.
//U.S. has good reputation in R.O.C. Taiwan.
Chinese wisdom is second factor.
Russia, U.S. international competition 
is first factor. 
2012-02-25-10-23 stop 

<a name="US33yr056">
2012-02-25-10-37 start
Dear reader: You get home work.
Please think,
Tannu Tuva is part of Mongolia.
Tannu Tuva is  10% of Mongolia.
<a name="US33yr057">
why Russia annex Tannu Tuva ?
The answer 
relate to China national security 
and relate to U.S. national security.
Please think. You have 24 hours.
LiuHH opinion will present here 
tomorrow 2012-02-26.
2012-02-25-10-41 stop 

<a name="US33yr058"> index 
2012-02-26-09-30 start
■■Mongolia perish China, prediction 

Above discussion all be history events.
Facts are not changable, only each one 
interpret differently. 
<a name="US33yr059">
The following is prediction to future 
events. A prediction could be error if 
event manager change direction a little 
bit. But, we must predict ! 
Base on what we have in hand, 
base on our earlier failure experience, 
we must choose future direction which 
minimize damage, or future direction 
bring us benefit.

<a name="US33yr060">
The following use Han,Mon for name of 
two group peoples. Both Han and Mon are 
Han is the race name of 90% Chinese. 
Mon is the race name of  5% Chinese. 
Here, Mon is Mongolia and Han is NOT 
Liu,HsinHAN. Although both Han race 
and Liu,HsinHAN are one Han character, 
but following Han is 90% Chinese. 

<a name="US33yr061"> index 
■ Han,Mon force comparison

China has total population 13_Yee or 
13*100000000 or 1,300,000,000 or 
1300 millions.
Mongolia has less than 10 millions.

<a name="US33yr062">
Compare population the ratio is 
Han:Mon ~= 130:1 //'~' is approximate

Compare territory area, it is about 
Han:Mon ~= 10:1

Compare natural resources, it is about 
Han:Mon ~= 100:1

<a name="US33yr063">
2012-02-26-09-55 sister call
sister will be here get Acer computer
after one hour
2012-02-26-09-56 hang up
2012-02-26-10-30 sister come
2012-02-26-10-49 sister left and 
take Acer computer with her
2012-02-26-15-22 sister bring 
Acer computer back to LiuHH

<a name="US33yr064">
2012-02-26-16-25 start 
Mainland China natural resources is rich.
Mongolia natural resources is poor. Most
Mongolia land is desert, and cold weather.

Compare population,
Compare territory area,
Compare natural resources,
all indicate that Mongolia perish China 
is impossible.

<a name="US33yr065"> index 
■ Special formula 

Trick designer know the big difference.
Trick designer can not promote Mongolia 
be stronger than China. BUT
Trick designer can let China 
be weaker than Mongolia.
<a name="US33yr066">
Special formula is 
push Chinese society into chaos 
push Chinese society into war 
at the same time Trick designer control 
Mongolia with iron fist.

<a name="US33yr067">
What we see today, match above pattern 

Bandit Mao and bandit Chou carry out 
"Cultural revolution", that is push 
Chinese society into chaos. The time 
is 1960's This period, trick designer 
control Mongolia is about at will.

<a name="US33yr068">
Around 1983, mainland China communist 
order each county kill innocent, the 
number of killing is pre-determined.
Mainland has total 1000+ counties. 
Total murder number is high. 

<a name="US33yr069">
Around 1983, Taiwan news report had 
Republic of China government place 
order to build small ship for seashore

<a name="US33yr070"> index 
Here may have error.
Above two events are blur. LiuHH can 
not make sure, then above two events 
are LiuHH wild guess. But other event 
occurred match above two wild guess.
Reader must verify two events exist or 
not. If both exist, must verify the 
dates, make sure two dates be close.

<a name="US33yr071">
The explanation is that 
At 1983 Republic of China government 
had plane to attack mainland communist.
Red bandit responded with killing.

If this observation is true, it is
Special formula : 
push Chinese society into war. 

<a name="US33yr072">
Next event is 
2001-09-11 "Chinese" communist attack 
World Trade Center. Only clue link 
WTC attack to "Chinese" communist is 
BBC news Chinese 
BBC news English 
Why link to "Chinese" communist analysis 

<a name="US33yr073">
Please read warpaper, it IS WTC document
Next is warpaper
with discussion between LiuHH and warpaper 
third author. Both page be Chinese, you 
need find some one translate for you.

<a name="US33yr074"> index 
The goal of WTC attack is 
push Chinese society into war with U.S.
and weaken U.S. strength.

<a name="US33yr075">
Next event is 
push Chinese society into war with Japan
2002-01-01 "Chinese" communist attack 
Japanese warship on East Sea. Analysis 
in Chinese is next.

<a name="US33yr076">
All three events 
1983 Taiwan mainland war intention.
2001-09-11 WTC attack,
2002-01-01 communist Japan sea battle
target at push Chinese society into war.

<a name="US33yr077">
Reader MUST know one thing:
Taiwan mainland war winner is Russia
U.S.   mainland war winner is Russia
Japan  mainland war winner is Russia
If everyone know these outcomes, then 
special formula become powerless. 
Here 'mainland' = red bandit 
     'mainland' = "Chinese" communist. 
2012-02-26-17-24 stop

<a name="US33yr078"> index 
2012-02-26-18-23 start
■ Whole picture

If take trick designer view point, 
Taiwan mainland war //1983, force resume
U.S.   mainland war //2001-09-11 WTC attack
Japan  mainland war //2002-01-01 sea battle
which one is "best"?//2012-03-04-13-22 link

<a name="US33yr079">
U.S.   mainland war, communist soldier
       do not move to southern China
Japan  mainland war, communist soldier
       do not move to southern China
Taiwan mainland war, communist soldier
       WILL move to southern China,
Northern China communist soldier sparse.
Northern China military weakened, let 
Mongolia lightening attack easier.

<a name="US33yr080">
The whole picture is approximately next 

Start mainland to someone war. 
Sustain this war long enough to weaken 
mainland military power.

<a name="US33yr081">
In northern China create two or three 
Han,Mon conflicts. Result be Han people 
bully Mon people and enlarge the event.
These Han,Mon conflicts are excuse for 
Mongolia lightening attack Northern 
China. Mongolia conquer north side of 
Yangtze River, include gulf of Yellow 
Sea. Take gulf of Yellow Sea is the 
main goal.

<a name="US33yr082">
Let Mongolia "reduce" Han population.
Let Mongolia follow Tannu Tuva earlier  
With gulf of Yellow Sea in possession,
Mongolia apply to Kremlin for merge to 
Russia. After Kremlin meeting and final 
permission, northern China change owner 
to Russia.

<a name="US33yr083"> index 
Above is a fantastic imagination. 
However, both 
Tannu Tuva annex and 
Mongolia "independent" 
two facts plus 
WTC attack and 
mainland Japan sea war 
all four events fit to this fantastic 
imagination perfectly.

<a name="US33yr084">
Reader may argue LiuHH is wrong. Then
how to explain 
why Russia annex Tannu Tuva ?

<a name="US33yr085">
Let Mongolia "reduce" Han population.
see warpaper
"all China become a huge graveyard"
World Trade Center attack and warpaper
really send Chinese to an astonishing 
<a name="US33yr086">
American too, 
"All United States become a big public 
 tomb field"
2012-02-26-19-19 stop

<a name="US33yr086a"> index 
Motivation of WTC attack
2012-03-05-18-56 start
Why choose 2001-09-11 attack 
World Trade Center? Next page
give you date answer.
What is the motivation of 
World Trade Center attack? 
<a name="US33yr086b">
Next page Mongolia perish China
give you motivation answer. Go to 
■ Whole picture
delete "Taiwan mainland war"
delete "Japan  mainland war"
keep   "U.S.   mainland war"
change Start mainland to someone war
 to    Start mainland to U.S.A.  war
to get the motivation answer.
Do you agree?
//BBC News, warpaper help you think.
2012-03-05-19-07 stop

<a name="US33yr087">
2012-02-27-11-00 start
Above topic
Mongolia perish China, prediction
Special formula
Whole picture
are discussed in Chinese page in 2007. 
LiuHH use different words state same 
thing. Reader can find record at 

<a name="US33yr088"> index 
2007-02-23-16-27 //Chinese page
why USSR "must" annex Tannu Tuva (Tyva)

2007-04-16-08-42 //Chinese page
Review history, know future.

2007-07-28-09-43 //Chinese page
why Republic of Buryatia is not attractive 
why Tannu Tuva (Tyva) is attractive
2012-02-27-11-24 stop 

<a name="US33yr089">
2012-02-27-12-48 start
Above topic
Mongolia perish China, prediction
Special formula
Whole picture
has a check point. If this check point
is consistent with above topic, then 
the fantastic imagination could be 
right. Otherwise, imagination could be 
<a name="US33yr090">
This check point is 
Mongolia high rank military officer be 
trained by Russia.
If this is true, in future, these Mongolia 
high rank military officer will carry out 
Russia order. 
Mongolia lightening attack Northern China. 
Mongolia conquer north side of Yangtze River, 
Mongolia send application to Kremlin, ask 
merge Mongolia to Russia, like Tannu Tuva 
did before.

<a name="US33yr091">
If this check point 
Mongolia high rank military officer be 
trained by Russia
is not true, then fantastic imagination 
could be wrong.
That is if Mongolia high rank military 
officer be trained by "Chinese" communist 
or be trained by Japan
or be trained by U.S.
then fantastic imagination is wrong.

<a name="US33yr092">
LiuHH can not see Mongolia high rank 
military officer education. But many 
reader can. 
2012-02-27-13-05 stop

<a name="US33yr093"> index 
2012-02-27-13-29 start
■■Liu,Hsinhan mother decease

Liu,Hsinhan mother deceased on 1983-09-13
Father wrote a paper in Chinese. Whole 
page scan at upper half mother58.jpg 
and lower half mother59.jpg. 
<a name="US33yr094">
Mother pass away at age 59. File name 
mother58.jpg and mother59.jpg mark 
mother's age.
<a name="US33yr095">
Above paper record what Liu family 
heard from Washington Hospital Center 
at Washington D.C. around 1983-09-1? 
Above paper record what reader know 
from public media.

<a name="US33yr096"> index 
■ Hsinhan and mother last meet

Sister got a teacher job at Garrett 
community college McHenry VA. 
Mother and sister moved to McHenry VA. 
Hsinhan help move and arrived McHenry VA. 
<a name="US33yr097">
On 1983-07-28 Hsinhan and mother took 
picture at Garrett community college. 
Please see
another one, mother at St. Louis Arch

<a name="US33yr098">
On 1983-08-26 sister drive to Washington 
D.C. for community college business. 
Sister drove community college car, 
mother go with sister. Because we lived 
at Vienna/Woodbridge/Tyson's Corner VA 
in 1979. Mother, sister go to old place 
take a look. 
<a name="US33yr099">
On 1983-08-26 sister drive and collide 
with another car. Both mother, sister 
were sent to Washington Hospital Center 
at Washington D.C. 
Mother live in a room at 4th floor.
Sister live in a room at 3rd floor.
<a name="US33yr100">
On 1983-08-28 or 1983-08-29 Hsinhan 
received hospital call. Hsinhan was 
at Iowa City. Ignored school class, 
Hsinhan bought airplane ticket and 
fly to Washington D.C. immediately. 
1983-08-29 ? arrive Washington Hospital 
Center, brother was not there. Hsinhan 
go see mother and sister. 

<a name="US33yr101"> index 
When walk to 4th floor, mother's room 
at entering the room one moment, 
LiuHH saw mother legs toward hall 
way and mother legs open, 
<a name="US33yr102">
mother private part visible 
to any one walk on hallway. 
//should say? should not say? 
//that is another matter. Here 
//record facts. 2012-02-27-14-19
Saw LiuHH arrive, nurse take a towel 
cover mother private part.
<a name="US33yr103">
Hsinhan walk to mother and talk to 
mother. Mother's consciousness is 
perfect. Nurse ask Hsinhan told 
mother to bend right hand fingers.
mother do so. 
<a name="US33yr104">
mother two hands are 
tied on bed head pole. 
mother two hands shape 
like rise hand surrender.
<a name="US33yr105"> index 
Hsinhan ask nurse why tie hands?
Nurse reply: "tie her hands avoid 
she scratch the wound." 
This explanation cheated LiuHH at 
that moment. (LiuHH believed)

<a name="US33yr106">
mother stick out 
her tongue, hint to 
Hsinhan mother need 
Hsinhan asked nurse give mother 
Nurse use wet towel 
wipe over mother 
lips and done.

<a name="US33yr107">
Last time meet mother, 
Mother's consciousness is perfect.
Mother's physical condition is 
strong enough such that nurse 
must tie mother hands on pole to 
stop mother struggle for water.

<a name="US33yr108">
Last time meet mother, Hsinhan did 
not know any trick is in progress,
Hsinhan believed mother's recovery 
is for sure. 
Hsinhan relieved, went back to Iowa 
continue school class study.
1983-09-13 mother pass away.
2012-02-27-14-52 here 

<a name="US33yr109"> index 
■ Mother die of dehydration 
■ under doctor watch

Hsinhan think 
<a name="US33yr110">
mother die of dehydration, 
not because of wound.
because, mother had enough strength 
struggle for water. Nurse have to 
tie mother hands to stop it.
Above guess may be wrong.

<a name="US33yr111">
The followed question is WHY ?
Why under doctor watch, 
mother dehydration to death?

LiuHH guess the following 
Again, may be wrong.
reader must highly suspect 
what LiuHH said.

<a name="US33yr112">
Liu,Hsinhan mother name is 蔣端容
Mother surname is Chiang, which is 
same as Chiang,Kai-shek surname.

<a name="US33yr113"> index 
1983 dilute group ask TW top chair 
to attack mainland China. 
<a name="US33yr114">
the exchange is that 
in United States, dilute group prepare 
LiuHH + Miss Yao + Yao husband 
triangle relation to TW top chair 
and exchange for 
TW top chair attack mainland China

<a name="US33yr115">
Now 1983-08 angry void
LiuHH + Miss Yao + Yao husband 
triangle relation.
TW top chair refuse to attack 
mainland China. (if do, success 
chance is tiny) 

<a name="US33yr116">
1. mother surname is Chiang
2. mother is Liu,Hsinhan's mother
two reasons, 
Liu,Hsinhan's mother was selected.
Car collision got light skin scratch,
send to hospital, no food, no water 
and force TW top chair resume attack 
mainland China plan.

Wait day after day, until mother 
die of dehydration.

<a name="US33yr117"> index 
Mother pass away on 1983-09-13 
Two events follows 
1. few days after 1983-09-13 
   Taiwan University principle 
   Mr. Chian 錢思亮 pass away. 
   Reader MUST verify date sequence.
   LiuHH memory is not reliable !!
   Two death may NOT be linked.

<a name="US33yr118">
2. Next year, 1984, there is year long 
   news report which damage TW top chair 

<a name="US33yr119">
Net result, around 1983 
Taiwan did not attack mainland. 
World order as it is until now.
2012-02-27-15-37 stop

<a name="US33yr120"> index 
2012-02-28-12-16 start
■■Dilute group

This paper "U.S. 33 years" is all out 
paper. Liu,Hsinhan say all what he knows 
as much as possible. But there are still 
<a name="US33yr121">
blur points in this paper. They are 
1. TW top chair
2. dilute group
3. protect group
4. eastern European lady
All of them not show up, no name, no 
evidence. But there are effects around. 
LiuHH have to use above blurred names.

<a name="US33yr122">
Start from 1978-08-01 to now 2012-02-28
LiuHH live at U.S. Both dilute group 
and protect group dominant LiuHH fate. 
Dilute group want to dilute Liu,Hsinhan 
       influence. It is defined at
Protect group want to protect Liu,Hsinhan 
       influence. It is defined at
<a name="US33yr123">
Before 2001-08-02, dilute group and 
protect group are not clearly separated. 
until 2001-08-05 to 2001-08-09
LiuHH landlord house electric drill 
missing event, dilute group and protect 
group work differently. First time let 
LiuHH know exist two different groups.

<a name="US33yr124"> index 
It is wrong to assume dilute group be 
communist agent in the U.S. Because 
communist agent in the U.S can do only 
small scale work and hidden work. But,
dilute group do big scale work and open 
work. 'open' mean open to protect group 
and open to U.S. government.
Both dilute group and protect group be 
part of U.S. government.

<a name="US33yr125">
What dilute group did which relate to
Liu,Hsinhan are the following.
1. change Liu,Hsinhan to a puppet and 
   hand puppet Liu to TW top chair.
2. promote TW top chair to attack 
   mainland China.
3. introduce western lady to LiuHH.
4. dilute Liu,Hsinhan influence.

<a name="US33yr126">
All of above points have no evidence.
All of above are LiuHH imagination.
Liu,Hsinhan had ill fate, LiuHH try 
to use above points to explain LiuHH
33 years life in the U.S.A.
In other words, 
<a name="US33yr127">
This paper could 
be WRONG. Need 
reader's judgement.
2012-02-28-13-07 here

<a name="US33yr128"> index 
■ change Liu,Hsinhan to a puppet

Change LiuHH to a puppet is a wild guess.
LiuHH told family members, father, mother,
brother and sister ALL of them do not 
believe. Father and mother say 
"Hsinhan live in an illusion world."

<a name="US33yr129">
If do not assume change LiuHH to a puppet,
then there is NO WAY to explain LiuHH ill 
fate start from 1969 to now 2012.

<a name="US33yr130">
Change Liu,Hsinhan to a puppet start from 
Taiwan 1969. 1978-08-01 LiuHH arrive U.S.
Guess first few years, TW top chair send 
worker to U.S. to manipulate LiuHH fate.
TW top chair do not have sovereignty 主權 
in U.S. Guess dilute group discuss with 
<a name="US33yr131">
TW top chair and made agreement (a wild 
guess) dilute group prepare 
LiuHH + Miss Yao + Yao husband 
triangle relation, hand to TW top chair 
and exchange for 
TW top chair attack mainland China.

<a name="US33yr132"> index 
If this assumption is true, it has 
tremendous NEGATIVE impact to U.S. 
national security. 

<a name="US33yr133">
LiuHH + Miss Yao + Yao husband 
package is a puppet package.
Simply ask a question:
Why TW top chair need a puppet? It is 
Republic of China, why need puppet ?

<a name="US33yr134">
Only explanation is that 
TW top chair intend pass political 
power to his family member. 
Under "Republic" not "Empire" name
TW top chair need a puppet. Use 
puppet for few years, after family 
member get firm power, then trash 
puppet. Why "trash" puppet? 
Just see there are how many 
hate-LiuHH people created.

<a name="US33yr135">
This puppet arrangement violate U.S. 
Democratic, Republic spirit.
This puppet arrangement do tremendous 
DAMAGE to U.S. national security. 
Everyone know that 
TW top chair family member is 
half Chinese and half European. 
"half European" is not comply with 
U.S. national interest.

<a name="US33yr136">
Dilute group has no way to explain 
this puppet arrangement. 
Dilute group can not 
explain why help half 
European to gain power
in Taiwan politics 1983.
//unlike attack mainland China
//which do tremendous DAMAGE to U.S.
//excuse is not know Mongolia factor
2012-02-28-13-53 here

<a name="US33yr137"> index 
■ promote TW to attack mainland China.

This is a wild guess. reference is 
1983 mainland communist pre-determine
murder number.
1983 Taiwan place order to build small 
ship for landing. (attack mainland)
Both reference are NOT sure. 
LiuHH could be wrong. However, 
promote TW to attack mainland China 
fit mother thirsty to death picture.

<a name="US33yr138">
If dilute group promote TW to attack 
mainland China is true. It is an 
awkward decision. because Taiwan win 
mainland loss chance is tiny. 

<a name="US33yr139">
"Chinese" communist is created by 
communist third international.
"Chinese" communist is helped by  
Japanese attack Chinese Central.
"Chinese" communist is protected by  
1940's U.S. government.
<a name="US33yr140">
Chinese Central exterminate red bandit 
and work alone is a failure. That is 
a eighty years facts.
To solve "Chinese" communist problem 
need the whole world work together. 
Dilute group push TW attack mainland 
that is just give last thank-U.S. 
Chinese soil to hate-U.S. communist. 

<a name="US33yr141">
If take Mongolia into consideration, 
dilute group push TW attack mainland, 
final result is let Russia annex China.
Fatal to U.S. national security.

<a name="US33yr142"> index 
■ introduce western lady to LiuHH.

This is a dilute group "clean up" work.
Dilute group hope Liu,Hsinhan disappear,
but under whole world watch, dilute group 
have to ask eastern European nation to 
help. Let LiuHH meet eastern European 
lady and LiuHH will be gone. 

<a name="US33yr143">
Another view point.
How U.S. use LiuHH's influence? 
Let LiuHH influence Chinese?
Let LiuHH influence American?
If let LiuHH influence Chinese, then 
arrange LiuHH meet western lady, that 
is just diminish LiuHH influence to 
Chinese! No help at all. 

<a name="US33yr144"> index 
■ dilute Liu,Hsinhan influence.

LiuHH feel dilute group try to dilute 
Liu,Hsinhan influence. LiuHH is isolated 
completely. Selected message reached Liu, 
each has its purpose.
Mr. Shih letter target at LiuHH wife.

Miss Hwa san mail reached LiuHH hands
LiuHH understand the purpose of this 
mail instantly, it target at LiuHH wife.

<a name="US33yr145">
2012-01-24 LiuHH ask reader 
please call Liu at [3one0]6one7+17zero7
but until today 2012-02-28 
LiuHH receive only family call. 
No reader call
No wrong number call
No reader come visit LiuHH 
at resident 14919 Normandie Ave. Apt.8 
Gardena, CA 90247

<a name="US33yr145a">
2012-03-08-21-28 record
2012-03-08-20-45 received a call 
from [70two]43zero+752*
I was taking short nap and missed call.
This is first non family member call 
since 2012-01-24 .
2012-03-08-21-31 stop

<a name="US33yr146">
LiuHH wondered, 
what is LiuHH's future?
stay isolation forever? minimum influence
meet wife possible? happiest thing.
go back to Taiwan possible? 
go back to mainland possible? good influence
go to Mongolia possible? risk or influence
A puzzle.
2012-02-28-15-15 stop

<a name="US33yr147"> index 
2012-02-29-12-45 start
■■Virginia and New Jersey

Above is world events and politics.
Without above material, it is not 
possible to understand LiuHH's ill 
<a name="US33yr148">
Below is U.S. 33 years. Complete title
is LiuHH's resident in U.S. 33 years.

Liu,Hsinhan left Taiwan on 1978-08-01.
Carry minimum luggage. Because LiuHH 
did not expect live in U.S. for long 
time. ALL important personal belonging 
leave at Taipei home. They are gone. 

<a name="US33yr149">
1978-08-01 LiuHH and sister arrive 
Los Angeles. We meet a host family. 
Forget detail. LiuHH and sister go to 
Texas sister's school. Then LiuHH go 
to Woodbridge Virginia. Mother and 
brother, sister-in-law live there. 
We put money to a small gift store, 
<a name="US33yr150">
China Arts, Tyson's Corner, VA. we 
become store stock holder. Big stock 
holder was uncle Yu 郁壽公 LiuHH and 
uncle Yu work in store for few month.
Sale was ordinary, not great and not 
<a name="US33yr151"> index 
One day uncle Yu ask Hsinhan 
take many store business card and go 
to neighborhood, drop card to each 
resident mail box. Hsinhan did so. 
Two days later, China Arts received 
postmaster letter, telling us that 
U.S. has a law, forbid no postage 
commercial ads drop to mail box. This 
is a lesson. LiuHH stopped drop card 

<a name="US33yr152">
In the shopping mall, cross hall way, 
other side from China Arts is a ice 
cream store. Operated by uncle WW 
from Taiwan. (forget his name) We 
may/may not bought stock. Any way, 
LiuHH worked few month in ice cream 
store too. Everyday work, sit in 
China Arts do nothing or busy scoop 
ice cream, both jobs contribute 
nothing to my academic knowledge. 
<a name="US33yr153">
Although it is happy to work with 
uncle Yu and aunt WW. Finally LiuHH 
hoped change to school study. One 
day, brother decide move from Vienna 
VA to Belleville NJ. LiuHH followed.
Mother, brother, sister-in-law and 
LiuHH move to Belleville NJ. Date is 
not clear. Should be in 1978 end or 
1979 begin. 

<a name="US33yr154">
In Vienna VA LiuHH bought a used car.
Oldsmobile Delta 88. it is a big car.
The reason to choose big car is that 
brother good friend Mr. Chang 張偉光 
just had car collision. His car is a 
big car, and Chang did not hurt in 
collision. Learned from this event, 
LiuHH also bought big car. Good thing 
it offer better protection, bad news 
is that big car drink gasoline faster 
than I drink milk !!

<a name="US33yr155"> index 
The life in Belleville NJ was sell 
assorted stuff to customer. Brother 
bought umbrella, hat, cloth, handbag 
etc. We do not have store. Sell at 
flea market/swap meet. Location was 
Englishtown NJ, Roosevelt big field 
Long Island 羅斯福跑馬場 Everyday wake 
up at 4:00 AM. Pack goods to van. 
<a name="US33yr156">
Drive to swap meet. Display goods, 
wait for customer. Earned enough to 
cover living expanse. But not make 
money. Brother tried import/whole 
sale. Hope get away from swap meet 
exhaust work. But whole sale not 
success. Still do swap meet. LiuHH 
did not have independent money-making 
work. LiuHH is just brother's helper.

<a name="US33yr157">
In Belleville NJ LiuHH prepared and 
took GRE, TOEFL two exams. Send 
application to several universities. 
In 1979 Aug or Oct. ? LiuHH received 
University of Iowa admission. 
Discuss with mother and brother, they 
support LiuHH continue study.

<a name="US33yr158">
LiuHH drive Oldsmobile from New Jersey
to Iowa City, Iowa. Arrived school on
2012-02-29-13-52 stop

<a name="US33yr159"> index 
2012-02-29-16-26 start 
■ spelling check program

Background part (world event) is done.
The following "U.S. 33 years" may be 
LiuHH spend time write spelling check 
program. dict708a.htm 
it represent DICTionary 708k version a

<a name="US33yr160">
2012-02-25-17-01 download
708k is ALL words in
First try fewer words, english*.* for 
smaller size. But everyday use word 
"neighborhood" is not included. 
"neighborhood" is in VARIANT_0-WORDS.20 
Finally include all.

<a name="US33yr161">
Brother bought Acer Aspire 5750z-4830 
computer. Paid minimum price and get 
minimum program. No spelling checker.
Go to online for spelling check.

<a name="US33yr162">
stopped service after two weeks.
change to
finally decide write my own spelling 

<a name="US33yr163">
Now dict708a.htm is basically done.
LiuHH will upload dict708a.htm to 
when "U.S. 33 years" is done. 
 8,182,148 dict708a.htm zip to smaller size.
 8,182,148 is not final size. Today
no document.
2012-02-29-16-37 stop

<a name="US33yr163a">
2012-03-07-10-51 start
Above said LiuHH will upload file to 
But now in Gardena, Acer computer 
LiuHH do not have winzip.exe
LiuHH is unable to zip file. 
Please find
in next few days. dict000a.htm has 
<a name="US33yr163b">
spelling check structure, but no 
main dictionary. User need find 
main dictionary and paste to Box 5
in dict000a.htm. After this procedure,
rename dict000a.htm to dict708a.htm
(for example) and dict708a.htm will 
do plain vanilla spelling check. It 
find spelling error words, it does 
not provide correct word suggestion.
2012-03-07-10-59 stop

<a name="US33yr164"> index 
A short record in Chinese.
101,03,01,02,46 記錄始
101,03,01,03,02 記錄止

<a name="US33yr165"> index 
2012-03-01-09-06 start
■■U.Iowa first period 

The following divide University of Iowa 
period into three period. Roughly base 
on advisor period. 
Period one, 1980 to 1983, Prof. Benedict
Period two, 1984 to 1985, Prof. Butler 
Period three, 1986 to 1991, Prof. Choi.

<a name="US33yr166">
1980-01-10 LiuHH arrived U.Iowa. First 
few days LiuHH live at university hotel
wait for dormitory. Got a room in West-
lawn. From Westlawn to engineering building
walk about seven minutes. Cross river. 
I park my car at river bank next to 
hydraulic building. Roommate was Dan. 
<a name="US33yr167">
Forget his major. Dan is a campbus 
driver too. LiuHH learned a little bit 
English from Dan. Resident of Westlawn 
are most American. One is from Taiwan. 
Forget his name, possibly Mr. Lin. On 
<a name="US33yr168">
1980-02-17 one American friend say 
"Happy birthday" to LiuHH. LiuHH reply 
"Thank you. but my family do not celebrate 
birthday." This is a surprise to him. 
Because celebrate one's birthday that 
is a matter everyone do so. LiuHH father 
ask his children study, do work and 
birthday is not important. LiuHH still 
say "Happy birthday" to brother and to 
sister, Say "Happy birthday" to LiuHH 

<a name="US33yr169"> index 
Westlawn is far from engineering building.
1980-06-?? LiuHH move to 221 Church St. 
Iowa City. Walking distance is about the 
same, seven minutes. But here has campbus 
stop. If walk, not cross river. 

<a name="US33yr170">
At 221 Church Street. LiuHH live at second 
floor. Room face Church street. Roommate 
was Mr. Fong 馮維方. He major in hydraulic 
engineering. Next door neighbor was 
Ms. Liu 劉美芳, her roommate was Ms Li 酈如丘.
Few month later next door room change to 
Ms. Hong 洪柔嘉. Next next door neighbor was 
Ms Guo 郭貞德 Later change to Ms. Chu 朱燕靜 . 
Above are all second floor house mates. 
First floor and third floor and #219 had 
more Taiwan students. 

<a name="US33yr171">
洪柔嘉 come from mainland 天津, all other 
come from Taiwan. We all get along well.
Ms Guo had a computer program, throw dice, 
mouse move in east,south,west,north four 
directions. From start go to end point. 
Guo and Liu discussed this problem. 
Ms. Chu invited Liu for meal once.
Thank you 朱燕靜 . 

<a name="US33yr172">
221 Church St. first floor had Mr. Yang 
楊仁傑, Mr. Yin 尹恆助, Mr. Chen 陳建隆(?)
221 Church St. third floor had Mr. Sung
219 Church St. same house other half had 
Ms. Lee 李慧蓮 and Ms. Hsieh 謝淑華
Next house 223 Church St. had Ms Yao 姚文茵
and Mr. Chang 張長義
2?? Church St. had Ms Liao 廖麗珍

<a name="US33yr173">
Above is 1980-06-?d to 1981-08-01 period.
1985 Mr. Yang work at Detroit 
1985 Mr. Fong work at Detroit too.
Fong host Liu from 1985-10-15 to 1985-11-?? 
Yang host Liu from 1985-11-?? to 1985-12-16 
Thank you 馮維方, Thank you 楊仁傑 .
1985 Mr. Fong took LiuHH visited Ms. Hsieh 
she work at Detroit too.

<a name="US33yr174"> index 
1981-06-?? Liao invite Liu for her graduation
piano playing meeting 畢業音樂演奏會
But Liu was busy at the date she play, 
Liu did not attend. Thank you 廖麗珍
Liu meet Liao twice at Iowa Book Supply.
2012-03-01-10-18 stop

<a name="US33yr175">
2012-03-01-11-58 start 
In the period 1980 to 1983, LiuHH visited 
Mr. Lin 林慈竹 several times. Lin major in 
mathematics. (not Westlawn Lin) 

<a name="US33yr176">
In the period 1980 to 1983, LiuHH meet a 
German student Mr. G1 frequently. I forget 
his name now. Mr. G1 major in mathematics 
and Mr. G1 is very friendly. 

<a name="US33yr177">
In the period 1980 to 1983, LiuHH advisor 
was Prof. Robert Benedict. His specialty 
was energy method, structural analysis. 
Close to LiuHH interest. LiuHH ask Prof. 
Benedict allow using recorder to record 
his lecture. because English was not my 
first language. Prof. Benedict said OK. 
<a name="US33yr178">
In his lecture he speak relative slow and 
clearly. That is a big help to LiuHH. 
Thank you Prof. Benedict. LiuHH just begin
learn computer. One day LiuHH ask Prof. 
Benedict "What is software? what is hard
ware? what is the difference?" Professor 
<a name="US33yr179"> index 
Benedict answered: "Hardware is something 
you drop on ground and break it. Software
would not break." Prof. Benedict offered 
LiuHH a teaching assistant job. Let LiuHH 
pay in-state student tuition, which is less 
than out-state tuition and there is salary, 
relief LiuHH from financial burden.

<a name="US33yr180">
LiuHH study hard and score is average. 
Invisible thing to everyone is that LiuHH 
had avoid-puppet-making struggle. No one 
understand and LiuHH worried where to find
my wife? Most female around LiuHH had boy 
friend. I choose domain name 
<a name="US33yr181">
the '2' in symbol number two. 
That is all female around Liu had another 
male. Liu is at most those female's number 
two choice. A sad thing, a helpless thing.
Hsinhan is Liling's number one choice and 
Liling is Hsinhan's number one choice and 
the only choice. 

<a name="US33yr182">
In the period 1980 to 1983, in school Liu 
had two class mate. Mr. Hou 侯展文 and Mr. 
Yao 姚澤民. (other class mate name forget)
Both help LiuHH and both get along well 
with LiuHH. Mr. Hou graduate from Cheng 
Kung University, same as LiuHH and Hou 
graduate few years later than LiuHH. 
<a name="US33yr183">
LiuHH and Mr. Yao discuss class problem. 
One day Mr. Yao make copy of Energy Method 
textbook's solution manual. LiuHH ask Yao 
for a copy. Yao gave Liu one copy. Which 
is a great help. Thank you 姚澤民

<a name="US33yr184"> index 
Liu study rely upon solution manual?! 
Yes !! But LiuHH use solution manual as 
a correction reference. Liu solve problem 
first without viewing solution manual. 
After Liu got his answer, compare this 
answer with solution manual. If two answer 
be same, Liu's method is right. If wrong, 
from solution manual I can find out where 
is my mistake. Without solution manual it
is hard for me to find where is wrong. 

<a name="US33yr185">
On 1980-01-10, LiuHH enter U.Iowa. The 
same time, Mr. Chiou 邱政勳 graduate from 
U.Iowa. LiuHH and Mr. Chiou are classmate 
in Cheng Kung University. We are in one 
class. Mr. Chiou start earlier, Liu start 
late. So Liu enter U.Iowa, Chiou graduate 
from U.Iowa. LiuHH lost ten years, it is 
out of my control. LiuHH ask brother buy  
a suitcase as gift for Chiou's graduation. 
That time brother had import and export 
office in New York. Brother bought a good 
brand suitcase. Chiou was happy.
2012-03-01-12-50 stop

<a name="US33yr186"> index 
2012-03-02-10-31 start
■ Iowa City Chinese bible study

About 1981-10 ?? Liu,Hsinhan attended Iowa 
City Chinese bible study. LiuHH live at 
115 Market street Iowa City. Bible study 
meet at Gloria Day church, its street 
address could be 117 Market street. Walk 
distance one minute from door to door. 
<a name="US33yr187">
Since it is close and Chinese bible study 
is the only place I can meet many female 
student come from Taiwan. LiuHH hope find 
wife who come from Taiwan. Same education 
same ideology, same custom. You can find 
bible study friend name at //local

<a name="US33yr188">
Liu paid attention to Ms Sen 申仲和 first.
1981-10 is uncertainty time. Although 221 
Church Street saw many isolation, but Liu 
do not believe his guess (puppet making) 
is true. If Miss Sen had positive reply, 
then Liu,Sen could be married. But the 
result is difficulty to impossible. Sen 
<a name="US33yr189">
ignored Liu. This situation strengthen 
Liu's guess (puppet making). Then, it is 
necessary find wife secretly. All female 
in bible study are stranger to LiuHH at 
the time 1981-10. Find Sen, find Liling 
陳麗玲 both are random. Earlier paper
has detail about Han,Ling contact. //local

<a name="US33yr190">
In bible study, everyone see LiuHH try 
to talk to Sen, but Ms. Sen ignored Liu. 
Ms. Chang 張寶芳 talk to Liu several times.
Ms. Hsu 徐蓓蓓 prepare meal for Liu twice.
It is not invite and respond. It is Liu 
visit Hsu/Hwang by chance, Hsu prepare 
meal and ask Liu enjoy. Thank you 徐蓓蓓
LiuHH visited Ms Sun 孫德珍 once to observe 
my surrounding. 

<a name="US33yr191"> index 
In bible study, LiuHH meet Mr. Fu 符濟群 
often. Mr Fu and LiuHH both eat at Burge 
Hall restaurant. We talk relatively more
than other friends. Mr. Fu is friendly to
Liu and helped Liu in bible study events.

<a name="US33yr192">
1982 or 1983 one time LiuHH attended 
bible study event 退休會 
It is several days meeting 50 miles 
away from Iowa City. As usual, LiuHH talk 
his opinion, LiuHH believe in God, but not 
in specific religion. LiuHH intended stay 
until the end of this bible study event. 
(end of second session)
But another person (from other university) 
force LiuHH back to Iowa City at middle of 
bible study event (end of first session)

<a name="US33yr193">
Usually, Ms. Sen ignore Liu. But in the 
first session, one moment, speaker ask 
everyone turn to bible page what. LiuHH 
do not know where to turn bible in hand.
Only acquaintance around is Sen. This 
moment Sen told Liu where to turn. 
Thank you 申仲和

<a name="US33yr194">
One day in 1983, Liu attained Mr. Yuan 
袁爭先牧師 bible study speech meeting. 
Mr. Yuan describe Confucius's teaching 
as "Confucius religion 孔教" But a 
religion has god, has heaven, has hell,
has believer donation.
Confucius's teaching has NONE of these.
<a name="US33yr195">
LiuHH wrote a note remind Mr. Yuan that 
Confucius said "I do not know living, 
how can I know death?" Confucius never 
say god, ghost, spirit etc. 
<a name="US33yr196"> index 
Confucius's teaching is a philosophy 
how one should behave in a society.
Confucius's teaching is NOT a religion. 
Mr. Yuan read this notes and gradually 
stop reading. After meeting, Hsu 徐蓓蓓 
say to Liu "That must be your notes."

<a name="US33yr197">
One day in 1983, LiuHH and Linda Geiger 
walk in Old Capital Center shopping mall
Ms Gon 龔雪清 sit in mall and Liu/Linda 
walk pass by Gon. Liu did not stop, but 
Linda stopped and talk to Gon few words 
and Linda run to Liu. That moment, Liu 
had no word say to Gon. 

<a name="US33yr198">
About 1984, one day Bob Redlinger invite 
LiuHH and several other Taiwan students 
to one house for a party. One Taiwan 
student is a female and disabled. (not 
disabled01, this is disabled02) LiuHH 
and disabled02 talked. Before this 
party, disabled02 did not goto bible 
study. After this party, disabled02 go 
to bible study meeting. LiuHH alert 
and stay away from disabled02.

<a name="US33yr199">
Some time in 1984, Mr Yao 姚澤民 go to 
bible study too. One day in bible study,
Mr Yao was unhappy and ask LiuHH 
"Since you do not believe in Christian, 
 why do you come to bible study?"
LiuHH did not answer. I can not say I 
come to find a wife. Because Mr Yao 
wish his sister be LiuHH wife. Few days 
later, in engineering building office, 
Yao ignored Liu. 

<a name="US33yr200">
LiuHH guess 
At 1984, TW top chair need LiuHH go to 
bible study to arrange another lady as 
Miss Yao substitution. Mr. Yao question 
expel LiuHH from bible study, which is 
opposite to TW top chair intension and 
Mr. Yao got trouble from his question.
This is a wild guess. However, Mr. Yao
question and reaction are true.

<a name="US33yr201"> index 
LiuHH stopped visiting bible study some 
time in 1985. One day in 1985, 115 Market
Street neighbor, I forget his name, he 
come from Taiwan. He told LiuHH 
"I (TW student) go to bible study, 
 because bible study is near by."
LiuHH did not say I go too. LiuHH guess 
this is TW top chair wish LiuHH continue
go to bible study, let TW top chair 
arrange a Miss Yao substitution.

<a name="US33yr202">
LiuHH never see bible study behind the 
curtain activity. Because TW top chair 
target at LiuHH. Reader can find some 
story at next link //local
2012-03-02-12-42 stop

<a name="US33yr203"> index 
2012-03-03-11-00 start
■■U.Iowa second period

First period  1980 to 1983 and 
second period 1984 to 1985 and 
third period  1986 to 1991
are based on advisor change. 
<a name="US33yr204">
Period change and school work change 
have good corelation. But period change 
and school mate event relation do not 
have good corelation. Some school mate 
event described below may be earlier 
than 1984. 

<a name="US33yr205">
Since third period 1986 to 1991, LiuHH 
is isolated completely. Most school mate 
event describe here at second period.
Only Mr. Ho 何志勤 and Mr. 盧俊凱 belong 
to third period.

<a name="US33yr206">
About 1982 or 1983, LiuHH eat at Burge 
Hall restaurant. Mr. Chou1 周左生 also eat 
there. Mr. Chou1 major in Chemistry. One 
day LiuHH told Mr. Chou1 that LiuHH big 
car Oldsmobile battery nearly dead. Liu 
guess that if put more acid to battery 
may help, Liu asked Mr. Chou1 for acid.
Liu got acid, pour into battery, then 
battery real dead! LiuHH's guess was 
wrong! Acid can not help old battery.

<a name="US33yr207">
Another day, Liu, Chou1 eat at Burge, 
one Korean sit near by. Liu told Chou1 
that Korean wear a strange hat. Then 
few days later, Liu walk by that Korean,
that Korean talk to Liu (with English) 
Did that Korean understand Chinese? 
Liu did not respond to that Korean, 
because Liu feel even more weird.

<a name="US33yr208"> index 
About 1982 or 1983, LiuHH visited Mr. 
Chou2 周濤聲's home. Chou1 and Chou2 
have no relation. LiuHH record Chou2 
here. Liu really do not remember where 
and how know Chou2. That visit Liu go 
with several other friend, Chou2 was 
very friendly. 

<a name="US33yr209">
115 Market Street neighbors had the 
Mr. Liu,ZJ 劉仁俊 went to St. Louis
with LiuHH
Mr. Tang 唐啟釗 had a music cassette 
which LiuHH like to listen.

<a name="US33yr210">
Mr. Wang 王海銀 live at 115 Market 
basement. 1983-09-13 mother pass away. 
1983-09-2? or 1983-10-?? LiuHH realize 
mother's death was all LiuHH fault. 
See 1983-08 angry. Although feel very 
hard, LiuHH still went to basement 
talk to Mr. Wang friendly.

<a name="US33yr211">
Mr. Yang 楊禮明 major in medicine.
When Yang graduate, Yang need ride from 
house to greyhound station. Liu tie snow 
chain to car tire and help Yang move his
belonging. When done, Yang say (Yang be 
back to Taiwan) "How can I thank you?" 
Liu answered "There are friend helped me 
before, I can not repay to their favor. 
Now I help you, that is a repay. It is 
easy, in the future you help other one."
Yang said thank you.

<a name="US33yr212">
Mr. Jiang 江樵禧(江樵熹?) 1981-08-01 to 
1982-?? Jiang live at 115 Market St. third 
floor. Liu live same room 1986-01-11 to 
1986-06-01. First winter 1981-12 Liu and 
Jiang both feel room temperature too high.

<a name="US33yr213"> index 
Mr. 陳繼平 Mr. Chen live at 115 Market St. 
graduate, went to Cedar Rapids Iowa work, 
then back to U.Iowa. One day Liu, Chen 
discuss helicopter dynamics. Chen said 
in Vietnam war, a helicopter tail was hit 
and loss tail propeller. With only top 
main propeller working, propeller rotate 
clockwise and helicopter passenger house 
rotate counter-clockwise and fall. That 
is correct dynamically.
2012-03-03-12-07 stop

<a name="US33yr214">
2012-03-03-14-27 start 
Mr. Tao 陶敬 live at 115 Market St. second 
floor in the period 1986-01 to 1986-12.
Mr. Tao experienced water hammer with Liu.
Mr. Tao come from mainland China. There 
are several mainland China students at 
115 Market St. Mr. Tao is the only one 
had few chat with LiuHH. One day Mr. Tao 
bring a bottle of green tea to LiuHH as 
a gift. Thank you 陶敬

Above are all 115 Market Street neighbor.
Below are school mate.
2012-03-03-14-40 here

<a name="US33yr215">
Guess 1984 one day, LiuHH wait at casher 
office stand in line for tuition payment. 
This moment, Mr. Lo 羅孝勤 walk to LiuHH 
and say very friendly Hi to LiuHH. But 
LiuHH did not respond. Lo was very 
embarrassed and walk away. Why LiuHH 
react so? 
<a name="US33yr216">
First, LiuHH already experienced too 
many Taiwan students watch LiuHH and 
alienated female students from LiuHH.
Second, Mr. Lo already graduate and left 
Iowa City. Now Lo come back, LiuHH guess 
the reason is that TW top chair selected 
Lo to access LiuHH to get Liu's real 
intention (any event) That is the reason 
Lo come back to Iowa City again. 
<a name="US33yr217">
LiuHH tired of TW top chair puppet making 
job and ignored Mr. Lo.
LiuHH ignored Mr. Lo that is good to Lo?
or bad to Lo? Since "Lo access LiuHH" is
impossible. Guess TW top chair released 
Lo from Iowa City. After that embarrassed 
meet, Liu never see Lo again. 

<a name="US33yr218"> index 
About 1983, one day LiuHH got Chinese 
Student Association, U.Iowa notice, go 
to greyhound station to pick up a new 
student Ms. Lee 李慶璇. Guess Ms. Lee 
come from Taiwan. LiuHH drive car helped 
Ms. Lee to settle to a rented room. Liu 
visited Lee several times, see what she 
need. One day, Liu visited Lee and Lee 
introduce another elder lady to Liu. 
Lee said this is my mother-in-law. That 
was a surprise meeting. 

<a name="US33yr219">
1982, 1983 Liu eat at Burge Hall restaurant.
1982 there are five or six Chinese female 
students from Taiwan work at restaurant to 
serve food. One day in 1982 (guess) LiuHH 
called Ms. Wang 王蕆珍 hope to talk with her. 
But Ms. Wang say no time to talk. About 
1983 Burge Hall restaurant no one Taiwan 
female student work there. (cut off the 
chance Liu meet Taiwan female students) 

<a name="US33yr220">
1980, 1981 LiuHH had English conversation 
partner. Cathy (social study) and next I 
forget her name Miss AA. After two female
English conversation partner, third is 
Bob Redlinger. During Cathy and Miss AA 
time. One day LiuHH went to city park 
with other Taiwan students. LiuHH feel 
that as if Ms. Liang 梁文瑜 had intention 
to talk to LiuHH. This go to park event 
is possibly after "restaurant no one 
Taiwan female student work" Liang show 
up? Let Liu feel unexpected.

<a name="US33yr221">
In 1982 one classmate Mr. Liang 梁國基
(guess Mr. Liang and Ms. Liang have no 
relation) meet LiuHH more frequently. 
Liu and Liang take several same classes.
Liang took a picture for Liu, URL is

Above are non-school events. 
<a name="US33yr222">
U.Iowa second period has advisor Prof. 
Barry Butler 1984-1985 Earlier paper 
LiuHH introduced Prof. Butler //local
First month Prof. Barry Butler advise 
LiuHH, Prof. Butler was very nice to 
LiuHH. One day Prof. Butler drive LiuHH 
to home at 2412 10th Street Coralville.
<a name="US33yr223"> index 
LiuHH was Prof. Butler first doctor deg.
seeking student. Prof. Butler did many 
effort to help LiuHH. But Prof. Butler 
guide Liu to the direction of explosion. 
Liu had many noise around. Now major 
direction is explosion?! Then noise is 
my profession, explosion noise around 
me until I die. Very quick, Liu loss 
interest. Liu did not want explosion 

<a name="US33yr224"> ∋∈freeman2 cried
One day Liu went to Prof. Butler office, 
talk about my work, and topic branch to 
my ill fate. Under tremendous pressure, 
LiuHH can not hold and cried in front of 
Prof. Butler. He (and any one) did not 
know LiuHH's puppet-making background. 
Prof. Butler just look at Liu with puzzle 

<a name="US33yr225">
U.Iowa second period, LiuHH still got 
teaching assistant job. Work for Prof. 
Madison in thermodynamics class. 
Prof. Madison had two T.A.s the other 
one also come from Taiwan. Liu thought
Liu did his best effort for T.A. job. 
The final grade posted on Madison door.
<a name="US33yr226">
Other T.A. students got more A. LiuHH 
students got less A. In engineering 
school T.A. evaluation report, LiuHH 
certainly got poor comments. 
This year is after 1983 border year. 
I can do my best, 
I can not ask the result.
2012-03-03-16-16 stop

<a name="US33yr227"> index 
2012-03-04-09-10 start
About 1983 or 1984 U.Iowa mechanical 
engineering had a student  張嘉勤,
Ms Chang,JC (married) she has an older 
sister Ms Chang,JP 張嘉萍 (single) Both 
study at U.Iowa. LiuHH meet Chang,JC 
frequently. A little bit earlier than 
Liu, Chang,JC frequent meet, 
<a name="US33yr228">
Mr. Sun 
孫國政 bring LiuHH and Ms Chang,JP 
(single) to meet. Later in a bible 
study group recreation meeting, LiuHH 
and Chang,JP both attended. Twice, Liu 
and Chang,JP (single) had no progress.
One day, LiuHH feel Chang,JC (married) 
intend ask some question and stopped.

<a name="US33yr229">
Other conversation, Chang,JC (married) 
told Liu she help Prof. Haug solve 
problem and verify the correctness. 
This is R.A. research assistant job. 
In general, R.A. job is better than 
T.A. job. (teaching assistant) 

<a name="US33yr230">
Everyone study two years to get doctor 
degree and gone. Only LiuHH stay eleven
years and failure quit school. 
After border year 1983, most are ruined.
2012-03-04-09-37 here

<a name="US33yr231"> index 
2012-03-04-09-38 start
■■U.Iowa third period

U.Iowa third period 1986 to 1991, Prof. 
Kyung K. Choi. This is six years period.
Initially, Prof. Choi assign a desk to 
LiuHH, so that LiuHH can put textbook, 
personal belonging in office. Possibly 
<a name="US33yr232">
no T.A. job. (forget) Office has many 
student. 30% or 40% come from Taiwan. 
Next photo LiuHH sit at desk 1986-03-11
In third period LiuHH already stay away 
from Taiwan students. In office, LiuHH 
had minimum conversation with other 
student. After one or two semesters, 
Prof. Choi did not assign a desk to 
LiuHH. Textbook always follow me, no 
office to put book. 

<a name="US33yr233">
In third period LiuHH and Prof. Choi 
relation is minimum. Just registration 
class need advisor to sign. This case 
maintained about four years. One day 
Prof. Choi ask LiuHH write a thesis. 
Since this day, LiuHH visit Prof. Choi 
more frequently. Prof. Choi helped Liu 
in the thesis preparation. Main work 
need LiuHH to do. But LiuHH did not 
work hard and failure is expected. 

<a name="US33yr234"> index 
■ If LiuHH were dead

One event between Prof. Choi and LiuHH.
One day Prof. Choi ask LiuHH drive Choi 
car send a visiting professor to Cedar 
Rapids airport. LiuHH did so. 
On the way from Iowa City to Cedar 
Rapids airport there are two passengers. 
<a name="US33yr235">
On the way back to Iowa City there is 
one passenger LiuHH only. 
On the way back to Iowa City LiuHH did 
NOT tie safety belt.
On the way back to Iowa City LiuHH 
expect death. I am going to die, why 
should I use safety belt? Without safety 
belt I can die faster.

<a name="US33yr236">
Why LiuHH expect death?
Back to Iowa City trip had two points 
similar to mother/sister car accident.
1. only target person sit in the car.
2. the car is a stranger car. Not owned 
   by target person.
<a name="US33yr237">
mother/sister car accident sister drive 
a car belong to Garrett community college 
McHenry VA. Stranger car to sister.
Now, LiuHH drive a car belong to Prof. 
Choi. Stranger car to LiuHH. 

<a name="US33yr238"> index 
Why worry a stranger car? LiuHH guess 
stranger car could be rebuild 
allow remote control system working. 
Make sure accident occur.

<a name="US33yr239">
But LiuHH worry was wrong, no accident,
even no police ticket (no safety belt).
First stop at 2412 10th Street Coralville.
LiuHH meet Mari Jo West. That moment 
LiuHH feeling was very alien 恍如隔世
I should be dead now, 
why do I talk to Mari Jo?

<a name="US33yr240">
If LiuHH was dead in 198?
today, reader do not read 
this reveal-facts paper.
Need someone else to find 
out Mongolia perish China
2012-03-04-10-32 here

<a name="US33yr241"> index 
■ Three classmates

Mr. Ho 何志勤, Mr. Lu 盧俊凱, Mr. Tu 涂松齡
In U.Iowa third period 1986 to 1991,
LiuHH human relation is nearly zero.
Mr. Ho and Mr. Lu attitude are active to 
LiuHH. Mr. Tu attitude like most students
passive to LiuHH. Not blame to Mr. Tu, 
it is LiuHH should be blamed. LiuHH stay 
away from most.

<a name="US33yr242">
Mechanical engineering had a computer lab.
Not the Haug group lab, another one. LiuHH
hope to use computer lab facility, but no 
key to enter. Liu asked Tu help open door. 
Each time Mr. Tu open door, but each time 
Mr. Tu was reluctant. After three or four 
times LiuHH stopped request Tu. 
//Mr. Tu office is near computer lab.

<a name="US33yr243">
1991-05-15 LiuHH move from 115 Market St. 
Iowa City 3rd floor middle room to 
620 Johnson #5 Iowa City.
LiuHH asked Mr. Ho and Mr. Lu help me 
move boxes. They come helped moving.
Thank you 何志勤, Thank you 盧俊凱.

<a name="US33yr244"> index 
1991-05 LiuHH already cut off from U.Iowa
LiuHH still hope do computer work, but no 
access to university computer. In 1991 
there is no other place to buy computer. 
At least LiuHH did not know where to buy.
Some day in 1991-08 ?? LiuHH ask Mr. Ho 
and Mr. Lu whether I can use their name 
buy one Macintosh from U.Iowa? But both 
of them need buy Macintosh for himself. 
No room to help Liu. 

<a name="US33yr245">
Mr. Ho come to 620 Johnson #5 lived one 
month. More in Chinese //local

<a name="US33yr246">
Mr. Lu told LiuHH that Mr. Tu work at 
Indiana. Tu's company need a programmer 
Mr. Lu asked LiuHH whether LiuHH want 
this job? LiuHH said no.
Mr. Lu asked LiuHH whether LiuHH want 
change advisor from Prof. Choi to Prof. 
Wu (吳景凱,不確定)? LiuHH answered no. 
More detail in Chinese biography //local
<a name="US33yr247">
Why not change advisor? 
Because LiuHH expect failure, 
any advisor be same result.
2012-03-04-11-31 stop

<a name="US33yr248"> index 
2012-03-04-14-31 start
■ Leave Iowa City

LiuHH live in Iowa City 620 Johnson St.
LiuHH had no intention go to California 
where brother and sister live. In other 
words, LiuHH live at 620 Johnson St. 
<a name="US33yr249">
LiuHH had no where to go. No degree, no 
job, where can I go? That time, sister 
mail money to LiuHH just enough pay rent 
and food. If LiuHH move to California, 
LiuHH imagine that TW top chair will dig 
out the control channel through brother 
and sister. Then brother and sister will 
got trouble. An example Superior drop out
Why finally move to California?

<a name="US33yr250">
1992-10-01 LiuHH went to San Francisco 
Chinatown to distribute my political 
paper, door to door. About 200 copies. 
After done, LiuHH hope to see sister at 
Los Angeles. Bought airplane ticket fly 
to Los Angeles. Called sister, leave 
message at recorder. About in one hour 
<a name="US33yr251">
sister show up at airport terminal. Liu 
go to sister house. That day father was 
in Taiwan. That period, father constant 
resident in Gardena, 14919 Normandie #8
LiuHH and sister come to 14919 #8 see 
where father live. When LiuHH and sister 
leave 14919 #8, a lady sit near by and 
<a name="US33yr252"> index 
watch. LiuHH judgement is always "watch 
eye looking" (for TW top chair) That 
lady must tell father sister come with 
a male. Father will force sister say who 
is this male? Boy friend? or brother?
Instead of bring trouble to sister, Liu 
wrote a letter (from Iowa City) invite 
father come to Iowa City to meet. LiuHH 
<a name="US33yr253">
went back to Iowa City about 1992-10-05
Father come back to Los Angeles about 
1992-10-11. Father come to Iowa City 
about 1992-10-20. On 1992-10-25 father 
force LiuHH move to Simi Valley CA. 
brother house. Father ask LiuHH live at 
brother big house visitor room. 
Above is how LiuHH end Iowa City life.
2012-03-04-14-57 stop

<a name="US33yr254">
2012-03-05-08-52 start
1990-03-?? LiuHH had oral exam at U.Iowa
for doctor thesis. It was failure. The 
exam committee member are the following
Professor Kyung K. Choi, advisor
Professor Edward Haug, chief professor 
          of solid mechanics, Mech.Eng.
Professor Lance, teaching control theory
Professor Wu,Hanjin 吳漢津 Civil Eng. 

<a name="US33yr255">
After first exam, the failure direction 
is clear. Professor Wu,Hanjin come from 
Taiwan (LiuHH come from Taiwan too).
Prof. Wu told LiuHH that he will be back 
to Taiwan and unable to stay on exam 
committee member for second exam. LiuHH 
find Professor Bhatti (Civil Eng.) to 
replace Prof. Wu. LiuHH told Prof. Bhatti 
first exam condition. Second exam failure 
is expected. You can find Prof. Choi 
<a name="US33yr256">
signed failure notice at next URL
uia0fail.gif written passed, no one sign
uia1fail.gif oral failure, Choi signed. 
Prof. Choi told Liu, only Prof. Lance 
said sympathy words for Liu. 

<a name="US33yr257"> index 
Another story. About 1988 or 1989, TW top
chair pass away. Two month later, LiuHH 
receive Guang Hwa magazine 光華雜誌 (LiuHH 
subscribed in that period). It had one 
smaller book about TW top chair life long 
story. The very night of the receiving 
<a name="US33yr258">
In dream, TW top chair come to LiuHH bed 
In dream, he sit down heavily at bed side 
          and stand up walk away.
In dream, bed vibration wake LiuHH from 
          full sleep to half wake half 
          sleep. LiuHH was scared, saw 
          him walk away slowly. 
In dream, LiuHH struggle to wake up.

<a name="US33yr259">
Finally, LiuHH wake up. Saw TW top chair 
walk away head direction was a stand 
high box, which become walk away head.
//Acer computer all window become hollow
//for two seconds. 2012-03-05-09-15 
Liu removed high box away from bed head 
to window sight line.
LiuHH declare above be dream. Reader can 
not verify it.

<a name="US33yr260">
After TW top chair pass away, LiuHH still 
use "TW top chair" for my fate manager. 
Because "TW top chair" is not one person. 
"TW top chair" is a group person.
2012-03-05-09-31 stop

<a name="US33yr261"> index 
2012-03-05-10-16 start
■■California life

LiuHH divide California life in the 
following periods.
1st period: 1992-10-28 to 1996-12-31
2nd period: 1997-01-01 to 2001-08-01
3rd period: 2001-08-02 to 2012-??
<a name="US33yr262">
1st period: LiuHH work at Gift Bazaar
2nd period: live at landlord big house
3rd period: landlord small house

<a name="US33yr263">
On 2011-11-10 father pass away. LiuHH 
live at 14919 Normandie Ave. Apt.8 
Gardena, CA help sister sell condo.
from 2011-11-10 to now 2012-03-05. 
This period still belong to 3rd period.

<a name="US33yr264"> index 
2012-03-05-10-27 here
■ Gift store working

1992-10-28 to 1993-03-25 Simi Valley CA
    Brother big house under LiuHH name
1993-03-26 to 1994-01-21 Simi Valley CA
    Brother small house 2369 Collier Ct.
1994-01-22 to 2001-08-01 Simi Valley CA
    landlord Jean big house

<a name="US33yr265">
Brother opened a small gift store at 
Simi Valley CA. Store name Gift Bazaar. 
On Cochran Street a shopping center. 
This shopping center has Albertson food 
store, Staple office supply and Bank of 
America branch office. Store open guess 
at 1986 or 1987. Close at 1996-12-31
Close reason is store lease expired and 
not renew. 

<a name="US33yr266">
1992-10-28, LiuHH follow father arrived 
Simi Valley, CA. Brother big house. In 
two or three days. LiuHH go to brother 
store to work. When brother go to Los 
Angeles to buy merchandise, store has 
only employee. Some time sister-in-law 
go to store watch, some time not. Now 
LiuHH come to store. Brother can rely 
on LiuHH watch store. 1992-11-01 is not 
<a name="US33yr267">
LiuHH first time work in store. When I 
was in U.Iowa, each summer/winter, Liu 
went to Simi Valley to help. Brother 
hired about five to six female high 
school student to help. Another one is 
40 years old Japanese lady Ms. Ki-nu-e 
林娟枝. Short as Ki. Ki said she is 
Japanese, but her name is complete 
<a name="US33yr268"> index 
Chinese style. Ki worked almost through 
out store open to store close. Other 
high school American female students 
work one to three years. Few names are 

earlier time 1987 to 1992 
Kathy Hamilton, Linda, Erika, Jennifer, 
Arecelly; Kathy become English teacher.
middle time 1992 to 1994 Michelle;
late time 1994 to 1996 Melinda, Candy 
etc. Many other name forget. Surname 
unknown. Candy work until store close. 
Then Candy work at Walmart Simi Valley. 

<a name="US33yr269">
When brother is in store, girls ask 
brother question. when sister-in-law is 
in store, they ask sister-in-law. If 
both brother and sister-in-law are on 
trip, they ask LiuHH. Later brother 
assign Jennifer be manager, because 
her English is better than LiuHH and 
be smarter. LiuHH has no title. If 
<a name="US33yr270">
LiuHH say words, Jennifer was unhappy. 
Kathy Hamilton receive Jennifer 
instruction and ignored LiuHH, which 
is correct, since Jennifer is manager. 
LiuHH had few month/year hard time. 
(in store, no room for LiuHH)

<a name="US33yr271">
Store work is a happy work, an easy work.
But after Target open store 1989 (guess) 
Gift Bazaar sale drop clearly. Target is 
cross Cochran street from Gift Bazaar, 
very near. Low sale sustained seven years 
and close store. 

<a name="US33yr272"> index 
■ California Northridge earthquake

Simi Valley straight line distance 
from Northridge is about 10 miles 
to 15 miles.
<a name="US33yr273">
1994-01-1? Northridge earthquake is a 
big strike to store life. Follow up 
quake may show up any time. Brother 
did not ask employee come at risk few 
days. Brother and LiuHH two work in 
risky store, glass shelf every where. 
<a name="US33yr274">
We clean up and sum sale value at same 
time. Broken pieces marked value sum 
over 40thousand. If no help, we must 
close store on 1994-01-1?. However, 
store got help from all sources. 
<a name="US33yr275">
Merchandise supplier give us favored 
value. Store landlord give us relaxed 
rent. U.S. government give us financial 
help. Republic of China government give 
us financial help. With all help around, 
Gift Bazaar is able to survive. Store 
<a name="US33yr276">
Landlord require brother extend lease 
to 1996-12-31.
LiuHH sincerely thank all of those 
helped Gift Bazaar after Northridge 

<a name="US33yr277"> index 
■ Branch store

One day in gift store, brother asked 
LiuHH, there is a chance to open a 
branch store. If LiuHH is willing to 
manage the branch store, then brother 
will proceed to do paper work. In few 
seconds, LiuHH refused. 
<a name="US33yr278">
The reason LiuHH refused is that LiuHH 
do not like to do store business. Too 
many thing to do, profit next to none. 
Many customer complain, return, refund 
etc. Brother said OK, no branch store.

<a name="US33yr279">
Weeks later, LiuHH think, to open store 
that is one way I can be financially 
independent. That means my pocket may 
have more money if I manage the branch 
store. LiuHH asked brother if it is 
possible to open a branch store now? 
Brother answered "chance is gone." 

<a name="US33yr280">
Ten years later, review this open a 
branch store decision. LiuHH feel that 
NOT open a branch store is a better 
choice for LiuHH. Why? 
If LiuHH open a branch store, consider 
LiuHH political speech, communist must 
come to branch store as customers, and 
as employees. Communist can be all 
around LiuHH. Sooner or later, LiuHH 
will get trouble. For example one 
political speech Mongolia perish China

<a name="US33yr281">
Now, NOT open a branch store, LiuHH is 
isolated completely. Reduce communist 
access chance. LiuHH can be safer.
2012-03-05-11-42 stop

<a name="US33yr281a">
2012-03-06-09-09 start
From 1992-11-01 LiuHH go to Gift Bazaar 
work. Every day go to store with brother.
Because LiuHH did not have car. (sold 
Oldsmobile around 1986) If brother had 
few days out of town trip, then LiuHH 
has no ride to store. About 1993-06 ??
sister bought a used car for LiuHH. 
solve both LiuHH problem and brother 
problem. Repair car, car insurance, 
gasoline every penny come from sister. 
<a name="US33yr281b">
About 2005 ?? Car broke, LiuHH sold car 
at $200. Buyer was very happy, because 
that time car has four new tire, rubber 
hair is still on tire. And car has one 
good battery DieHard. After sold car, 
sister did not buy car for LiuHH. Since 
all repair, insurance, gasoline sum to 
heavy load. 
2012-03-06-09-21 stop

<a name="US33yr282"> index 
2012-03-05-13-33 start 
■ Go to Disneyland, OK?

In Gift Bazaar, there are many young 
females, whether there is chance for 
LiuHH find a girl friend? 
<a name="US33yr283">
Answer is NO. Reason is simple. A male 
and a female be good friend, must have 
both acceptance the other side. Now, 
LiuHH has no job, 
      (other than store helper job)
LiuHH has no money, 
LiuHH has no young age, 
LiuHH has no American culture.
<a name="US33yr284">
Every consideration, Gift Bazaar female 
employee should not accept LiuHH as boy 
friend. Talk be talk, not be boy friend.
American female employee all be 17, 18.
LiuHH was about 46. 
(Ki was about 40, Ki daughter be 20)

<a name="US33yr285">
About 1990 summer, LiuHH come to Simi 
Valley to visit. One Gift Bazaar female 
employee was more active than other. 
She come to work just two or three days,
still in trial period. Forget her name. 
She asked LiuHH whether LiuHH went to 
Disneyland before? LiuHH answer never 
<a name="US33yr286">
be there. She asked "Go to Disneyland, 
OK?" Just one question, LiuHH did not 
confirm yet. This conversation every 
one in store hear. Brother in office 
hear from monitor. Two days later, 
<a name="US33yr287">
brother find a reason and fired that 
new come female employee. Brother 
explained to LiuHH that she did not 
work as good as other new employee. 
Is this fire a brother decision? or
Is this fire a TW top chair decision? 
LiuHH is unable to find answer.
2012-03-05-13-57 stop

<a name="US33yr288"> index 
2012-03-05-14-45 start
■ live at landlord big house

On the date 1994-01-22, LiuHH move to 
landlord big house. Rent was $325/month
LiuHH work at brother gift store and 
got monthly payment $500 or $600. Rent 
is $325, food about $75. Each month I 
can save about $100 to $200. 
//one year sum spend to newspaper ads.

<a name="US33yr289">
1996-12-31 close Gift Bazaar. 1997 whole 
year still got brother support $500/mo.
1998-01 brother told LiuHH, can not 
support any more. LiuHH have to call 
sister ask support. Sister take over 
LiuHH living load until today 2012-03. 

<a name="US33yr290">
LiuHH landlord is a female, an Irish 
descendent. Four or five years younger 
than LiuHH. Landlord has one son and 
one daughter. In the period 1994-01-22 
to 2001-03 ?? son live with landlord. 
When son move out, landlord decide move 
to a smaller house. Landlord has a good 
friend David. LiuHH and David, landlord 
get along well. Landlord daughter Amber 
<a name="US33yr291">
is 30 years younger than LiuHH. Amber 
come to Gift Bazaar applied once. But 
brother worry that because of landlord 
relation, it is not easy to instruct 
Amber as free as instruct other girls. 
Later Amber find job at Staples, which 
is better than Gift Bazaar. 

<a name="US33yr292">
Amber room door and LiuHH room door is 
one pace away. But same reason 
LiuHH has no job, 
LiuHH has no money, 
LiuHH has no young age, 
LiuHH has no American culture.
apply to Amber. Amber ignored LiuHH.

<a name="US33yr293"> index 
■ Input Chinese history books

1996-12-31 close Gift Bazaar. LiuHH have 
no job. Stay in my room every day. What 
to do? 1997 most time read Chinese 
history book. When read, I think why not 
input to text file? so that ebook is 

<a name="US33yr294">
2nd period: 1997-01-01 to 2001-08-01, 
most work is read history book and input
history book. Until 2007, LiuHH inputted 
ten books. All be Chinese books, 
all be REAL Chinese view point books.
All be Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese Central 
view point books. 

<a name="US33yr295">
When input book, LiuHH read and think,
write down important idea and condense 
it to shorter text. LiuHH spend money 
to print political advertisement on 
Chinese newspaper in U.S. Mainly 
World Daily News 世界日報  and 
SingTao Daily News 星島日報 Both has 
Los Angeles branch office. 

<a name="US33yr296">
Print political advertisement on Chinese 
newspaper follow 2nd period: 1997-01-01 
to 2001-08-01 exactly. 2001-08-02 landlord 
move from big house to small house and 
increase rent to $390. That time sister 
give me $550/month Pay higher rent and buy 
food, no money to print advertisement on 
Chinese newspaper. 
This increase rent, let LiuHH change 
from newspaper advertise 
to internet advertise.

<a name="US33yr297"> index 
Internet advertise has two methods, one 
is go to mainland guestbook/BBS/Forum 
to sign my opinion. Second is create my 
web site and put my paper 
in my site let visitor come read. 

<a name="US33yr298">
Small scale mainland sign started during 
1997 - 1999
Big scale sign started on 2001-08-15
Main purpose is to tell mainland Chinese 
real Chinese view point. One example
<a name="US33yr299">
Result of mainland sign should bring 
down hate-US curve. Please see
2012-03-05-15-57 stop

<a name="US33yr300"> index 
2012-03-06-09-48 start
■ intensive mainland sign

From 2001-08 to 2006-12 LiuHH go to 
mainland guestbook, BBS, forum to sign 
LiuHH's political opinion. 
<a name="US33yr301">
Chinese record in next files.
where "9008sig1" is 
90 =ROC 90 year=2001
08 =August
1  =first file
<a name="US33yr302">
Until 9008si20.htm the date should 
be much later than 9008 (2001-08)
Here 9008 indicate begin year/month.
Because 9008 is meaningful to LiuHH 
no sense to reader, LiuHH link page
9008sig1.htm to cpage011.htm //redirect
9008sig9.htm to cpage019.htm //redirect
9008si10.htm to cpage020.htm //redirect
9008si19.htm to cpage029.htm //redirect
9008si20.htm to cpage030.htm //redirect
Next file is //solid

<a name="US33yr303">
The experience of mainland sign was 
very hard and unhappy. Because all 
real Chinese view points are destroyed 
by communist. Thank U.S. paper
is especially important for us Chinese.
Thank U.S. paper tell Chinese our real 
friend and our real enemy. BUT 
<a name="US33yr304"> index 
Thank U.S. paper has strongest resist 
in mainland China. Many curse toward 
LiuHH paper, no sympathy, no support. 
Those sympathy to LiuHH mainlander say
"your idea is out of date, no one say 
these words any more." not curse, but 
a suggestion. 
<a name="US33yr305">
I can not let real friend 
and real enemy be twisted
LiuHH continue sign BBS/forum .
2012-03-06-10-30 stop

<a name="US33yr306">
2012-03-06-14-05 start
On 2006-12-24 upload
Page title is "Second Korean War"
This page predict second Korean War 
will cause 40 million death. Guess 
this huge death number cause trouble.
About ten days later, LiuHH computer 
can not find DSL program and was unable 
to enter internet. Mainland BBS forum 
sign stopped. 

<a name="US33yr307">
Why LiuHH predict 40 million death ?
First Korean War had 2 million soldier 
wound/death (all sides) and 2 million 
civilian wound/death. Sum to 4 million.
Second Korean War ten times 4 million
get 40 million death (or wound/death) 
Why time 10? The main reference is 
warpaper.htm. warpaper.htm shout 
"all China become a huge graveyard"
China population is 1300 millions. 
Predict 40 million death which is much 
less than warpaper.htm goal. If no 
warpaper.htm, LiuHH will NOT predict 
40 million death. 

<a name="US33yr308"> index 
■ two omens before WTC attack

2001-08-20 warpaper.htm published to 
           mainland internet forums. 
           begin operation. Can you see
           the domain name trick?
           domain is love_hina_plus
<a name="US33yr309">
China chop off head be hina
// has next line
//Moved to this domain name and started 
//to count since 1st September, 2001.

No body paid attention to above two 
ill omens, ten days later 
2001-09-11 WTC attack occurred. 

<a name="US33yr310">
If any future war occur in mainland, we 
must know that war is a tragic event.

40 million is under estimate than the 
target 1300 millions.
Here, LiuHH still guard his 40 million 

<a name="US33yr311">
warpaper.htm published in mainland. registered in Taiwan.
Trick player plant all trick on Chinese 
soil. We do not forget, trick player 
first shot occurred in U.S. 
2012-03-06-15-00 stop

<a name="US33yr311a">
2012-03-09-13-16 start 
Are there two omens before WTC attack?
Any one find third? LiuHH remember in 
2001-09 to 2001-10 saw mainland forum 
has paper title similar to next 
(war with U.S.) even if my 
whole family die, regardless 
the cost of sacrifice. 
<a name="US33yr311b">
When LiuHH saw this title, really hate 
this topic. LiuHH did not save a copy.
(other two omens saved copy.) May be 
someone is able to find this ten years 
old ill paper.
2012-03-09-13-27 stop 

<a name="US33yr312"> index 
2012-03-06-17-09 start
■ 2007 to 2012 

From 2007 to 2012, LiuHH work mainly 
in mathematics and programming. Politics 
paper is minimum. 

<a name="US33yr313">
Politics paper is important, it let us 
apply our history to future direction.
Avoid future error and move toward 
glorious future. 

Mathematics and programming are also 
important. If we find a truth in math, 
it is true for everyone in the world. 
Everyone agree and everyone benefit.

<a name="US33yr314">
LiuHH study mechanical engineering, 
weak in math. LiuHH is interested to 
learn more math and the method of 
proof a theorem. The rest of my life,
I hope to study math and write more 
study notes and math program, which 
allow all visitor to use. 

<a name="US33yr315">
Reader can find LiuHH study notes at
where 'tute' = 'TUTor' 'English' 
Chinese version has
and tutc0053.htm, tutc0054.htm, 

From tute0007.htm to tute0052.htm is 
study notes of math inequality. 

<a name="US33yr316"> index 
English programming list is next
Chinese programming list is next

No one proof read math/programming
work, above LiuHH web page may contain 
error. Reader must verify program 
output and suspect each proof step.
If disagree, please ask a math expert
near by.

<a name="US33yr317">
Paper name "U.S. 33 years" is broad. 
Anything LiuHH do in this 33 years 
period should be covered. Nearly all 
biography bioge001.htm, bioge002.htm, 
bioge003.htm, bioge004.htm are events
in this 33 years. Events in Taiwan is

<a name="US33yr318">
The page bioge002.htm is reserved for
which is all LiuHH related topics and 
link to WTC attack. Solve date puzzle.

<a name="US33yr319">
The page bioge005.htm describe some  
"U.S. 33 years" events which is not 
shown in other pages. For example 
work in Gift Bazaar. bioge005.htm 
is a supplementary page. Even so, 
not all "U.S. 33 years" events are 
supplemented. In the future, I will 
write more biography topics. 

<a name="US33yr320"> index 
Page bioge005.htm has two important 
1. Mongolia perish China, prediction
2. why mother die
Mongolia perish China is revealed in 
2007 ccgrow01.htm ccgrow02.htm
Mother's death is always the deepest 
secret in my mind. I always think it 
is not possible to reveal the fact of 
Mother's death. Now done, a surprise.

<a name="US33yr321">
The page bioge003.htm, bioge004.htm, 
bioge005.htm have reveal-fact goal.
Let reader understand why LiuHH had 
ill fate,
Let reader know why Hsinhan,Liling 
reunion present difficulty.

This reveal-fact work is done.
Thank you for visiting
Liu,Hsinhan 2012-03-06-18-21 index 

<a name="US33yr322"> index 
2012-03-12-08-49 start
■■death curse

There are three death curse. Record 
as following.

<a name="US33yr323">
■ Death curse to Liu,Hsinhan mother.

1983-08-26 LiuHH mother live 
at 4th floor in 
Washington Hospital Center 
at Washington D.C. 
four and for are same 
reading in English. 
four and die are same 
reading in Chinese.
Mother stay in fourth floor 18 days 
and pass away. 
Death curse become true.

<a name="US33yr324"> index 
■ Death curse to Liu,Hsinhan wife.

2009-04 to 2009-05, LiuHH visited U.S. 
Congress web site. Ask Congress help 
LiuHH go back to Taiwan. Root reason is 
that Hsinhan can not meet wife Liling.
If Hsinhan meet wife Liling, Liling 
will support Hsinhan, no need request 
to U.S. Congress. 

<a name="US33yr325">
Response come from
Rep. Joe Wilson, South Carolina (SC)
U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer

<a name="US33yr326">
Between 2009-05 to 2009-07
LiuHH visited 
Rep. Joe Wilson, South Carolina (SC)
web site at
LiuHH saw joewilson web page display 
picture of Rep. Joe Wilson stand in 
grave yard.

<a name="US33yr327">
Between 2009-05 to 2009-09
LiuHH visited 
U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
web site at
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer
web site at
<a name="US33yr328">
One of these two sites had news 
banner close to next 
"Senator investigate the death of 
 a doctor in San Jose area."
(or San Francisco area. Near.
 LiuHH did not record unhappy event)

<a name="US33yr329"> index 
Both stand in grave yard
and  investigate the death of a doctor
Death curse to Liu,Hsinhan wife Liling.

<a name="US33yr330">
LiuHH wife Chen,Liling receive doctor 
degree in Medicine. Please see 
Dr. Li-Ling Chen's Profile Details 

<a name="US33yr331">
Next is U.Iowa Alumni report. 
Next report indicate 
Dr. Li-Ling Chen 's Profile Details 
Dr. Li-Ling Chen (1984) 
San Jose, California 

<a name="US33yr332">
  Degree/Certificate PHD  
Class Year 1984  
College Graduate  
Both 'doctor' and 'San Jose' show up 
at U.S. Senator web page.

<a name="US33yr333">
LiuHH consider 
"Senator investigate the death of 
 a doctor in San Jose area."
picture of Rep. Joe Wilson stand in 
grave yard.
Death curse to Liu,Hsinhan wife.
<a name="US33yr334">
Today Liu,Hsinhan wife Chen,Liling is 
live ? or dead ? LiuHH do not know.
Because no one tell LiuHH. 

Next is 
<a name="US33yr335"> index 
■ Death curse to Liu,Hsinhan himself.

Next is few days earlier record.
<a name=problem04>
14919 Normandie Ave. #24 
Gardena, CA upstairs 
hit floor heavily.

<a name="a10213a63">
On 2012-02-13-14-44 
next door neighbor #9
slam door heavily

<a name=problem05>
why above two record both
14-44 ? (2:44 PM)
1983-08-26 LiuHH mother live 
at 4th floor in 
Washington Hospital Center 
at Washington D.C. 
four and for are same 
reading in English. 
four and die are same 
reading in Chinese.

<a name="US33yr336"> index 
Death curse does not sound nice. 
Should LiuHH not record death curse?
If not record and 
if LiuHH's death not prevented, 
if LiuHH's death real occurred. 
Wipe out Liu,Hsinhan future work.
2012-03-12-09-45 stop

<a name=20120308a> Gardena CA upload 2012-03-08-20-45 call from [70two]43zero+752* I was taking short nap and missed call. This is first non family member call since 2012-01-24 . 2012-03-08-21-31 record <a name="20120310a"> 2012-03-11-14-08 start 2012-03-10-12-40 LiuHH receive call from [70two]43zero+752* a female say "can I speak to Taimen" it has driving noise. LiuHH say "I guess wrong number, my name is Liu." she say sorry and hang up 2012-03-10-12-40 hang up 2012-03-11-14-10 done record
<a name=GOTO_HEAVEN> HSINHAN WAIT FOR GOTO HEAVEN TICKET !!!!!!!!! <a name=problem04> 2012-03-11-14-44 14919 Normandie Ave. #24 Gardena, CA upstairs hit floor heavily. LiuHH do not know why? a103112133 <a name="a10213a63"> On 2012-02-13-14-44 next door neighbor #9 slam door heavily HSINHAN WAIT FOR GOTO HEAVEN TICKET !!!!!!!!! <a name=problem05> 2012-03-11-14-57 why above two record both 14-44 ? (2:44 PM) 1983-08-26 LiuHH mother live at 4th floor in Washington Hospital Center at Washington D.C. four and for are same reading in English. four and die are same reading in Chinese. 2012-03-11-15-02 <a name="a10307a01"> 2012-03-07-09-52 Neighbor event On 2012-03-07-02-?? Apt.10 neighbor called police and fire department. Out side noised one to two hours. <a name="a10307a02"> LiuHH live at Apt.8 14919 Normandie. This community has 16 resident units measured in foot print. Structure is two floor. Total 32 unites. One unit is wash dryer room, working room. Total 31 resident units. From Apt.1 to Apt.16 are first floor. Other are second floor. <a name="a10307a03"> Atp.8+16 = Apt.24 are LiuHH upstairs neighbor, come from South America. Apt.9 is community square corner unit. Apt.9 neighbor is from South America. Apt.10 neighbor is from Japan. His age is 70+. All white hair. Apt.10 neighbor called police. <a name="a10307a04"> Atp.9+16 = Apt.25 is condo board chair. Atp.10+16= Apt.26 is a neighbor who let Japanese old man complain. Both Apt.25, Apt.26 are U.S. American. Apt.26 has eight person resident. Five or six children. <a name="a10307a05"> On 2011-11-10 LiuHH come to Apt.8 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA. That time 2011-11 to 2011-12 Apt.9 was quiet, no noise. Apt.24 has two parents, two high school age boys. No two years old boy. <a name="a10307a06"> Apt.26 has one person live there. Very quiet. LiuHH never know there is #26 unit over there. <a name="a10307a07"> Some time at end of 2011-12 or 2012-01 changed. Apt.9 was noise, (gymnasium level) heavy object drop, and laugh, play noise. Nearly every day, most time noise around 21:00 to 23:00 But day time noise, mid night 02:00 noise does happen. <a name="a10307a08"> Start on 2011-12-?? Apt.24 has a two years old boy come daily at 07:30. His mother and uncle carry two years old boy go to upstairs. Two years old boy left at about 15:00. Every weekday 09:00 to 11:00 two years old boy run and drop (two years old level) object. Week end two years old boy not come. <a name="a10307a09"> Start on 2012-01-?? Apt.26 has eight person live there. They are on top of Japanese old man unit. Japanese old man Jim phone call at his door side. LiuHH can hear he said his room had property damage and his ceiling falls. For these property damage, he called both police and fire department. (at midnight 2012-03-07-02-??) <a name="a10307a10"> On 2012-03-07-09-?? LiuHH saw Japanese old man stand at public yard right in front of LiuHH house window door. At same time Apt.26 lady walk downstairs they cross at public yard. Japanese old man talk to Apt.26 lady, but Apt.26 lady ignored him. Japanese old man yell "Hey!" that is the end of "conversation" LiuHH believe police department will find a good solution. <a name="a10307a11"> Apt.9 noise, Apt.24 noise, LiuHH just ignore them. Because sister is selling Apt.8 . LiuHH will not stay too long. But 2011-12 change is a wonder. LiuHH future fate unknown. 2012-03-07-10-37 stop <a name="a10328a01"> 2012-03-28-04-54 start When LiuHH look for mother rest in peace address, first page to look is biography pages. But both Chinese biogc00?.htm and English bioge00?.htm no record. Only page record is Now record in LiuHH biography page. <a name="a10328a02"> Liu,Hsinhan mother Chiang,Duanzon 蔣端容 rest in peace address is Washington National Cemetery 4101 Suitland Road, Suitland Maryland 20746 Site 6, Section V (Panel) Lot 7A <a name="a10328a03"> Record another topic about LiuHH. Liu,Hsinhan had bad dream at night since young. Bad dream occurred frequently. But there is a clear cut !! On 1970-June Liu,Hsinhan graduate from Cheng Kung Univ. Before this date 1970-06 bad dream often. After this date 1970-06 bad dream rare. <a name="a10328a04"> Last bad dream is about 1970-02 or 1970-03 that time LiuHH hang his graduation photo on wall. Photo is right on top of bed head. One day (day time) LiuHH take a nap and fall into dream. In dream the head of photo on wall fly to me and attempt replace my head. In dream LiuHH struggle and wake up. Since then, LiuHH do not hang his photo on the wall. 2012-03-28-05-11 stop
<a name="a10328a05">
2012-03-28-12-01 start
Mother photo m1
Father wrote memorial paper about mother in Chinese 58, 59.
Mother was 59 years old. File name 58,59 for mother's age.
58 is upper half. 59 lower half.
Father photo b1, b2, b3, b4 , 'b'='ba'=father in Chinese.
Liu,Hsinhan photo h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 , 'h'='han'.
Family photo f1 (deleted). 'f'='family'.
2012-03-28-12-47 stop

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