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<a name="docA001">
2012-03-14-16-51 start
On 2012-03-14-16-42 Liu,Hsinhan send 
email to 
AA membership [membership_aO_uifoundation dot org]
LiuHH mail is next.
To Jane Marshall
From Liu,Hsinhan 
Date 2012-03-14-16-17
Subj. Liu,Hsinhan membership

<a name="docA002">
Dear Jane Marshall
2012-03-13 Liu,Hsinhan received your mail 
dated Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 9:48 AM about
"not have record of membership in your name"
LiuHH open email box once a month. 2012-Feb 
gmail dot com change Terms of Service and I can 
not open inbox. 2012-03-13 open inbox and 
receive your mail.

<a name="docA003">
My financial status is same as past three 
Liu,Hsinhan do not have one penny income 
in past 30 years.
Liu,Hsinhan do not have money in bank 
saving/checking account in past 3 years.
Sister deposit $400 let me pay $390 rent.
Sister buy food for me. 

Thank you for your mail about Liu,Hsinhan 
membership question.

Liu,Hsinhan 2012-03-14-16-28.

<a name="docA004">
Quick Reply  get
Your message has been sent. 
2012-03-14-16-46 sign out from 
liu.hsinhan_aO_gmail dot com 

2012-02-06 Liu,Hsinhan working record
2012-03-13 Liu,Hsinhan working record
are in next Boxc11 and Boxc12 
2012-03-14-16-53 stop
<a name="docA005">
Boxc11 2012-02-06 Liu,Hsinhan working record

<a name="docA006">
Boxc12 2012-03-13 Liu,Hsinhan working record
Mr. Liu - I do not have record of membership in your name
University of Iowa Alumni Association to Liu,Hsinhan letter.

<a name="20120329a01"> 
Tomorrow LiuHH and sister goto Simi Valley 
to take LiuHH's passport and apply for 
This trip, should LiuHH bring father relics 
from Gardena to Simi Valley? or should 
LiuHH bring personal belonging from Simi 
Valley to Gardena ?
Sister will let LiuHH stay Simi Valley how 
Where is LiuHH's home? Answer is no home.
where is LiuHH's reliable resident? 
very confuse !!
2012-03-29-20-22 stop

<a name="20120403a01"> 
2012-04-03-14-19 start
On 2012-03-30 Friday LiuHH and sister 
go to 2505 Cloverleaf Ln. Simi Valley CA 
where LiuHH rent a room. LiuHH put rent 
check $390. on kitchen message board. 
LiuHH did not bring father belonging to 
Simi Valley and did not bring LiuHH own 
stuff to Gardena. Either direction is 
not proper. 
<a name="20120403a02"> 
LiuHH bring passport and dried food, can 
food and freezer food from Simi Valley 
to Gardena.
Landlord asked LiuHH "Do you come back 
to stay?" LiuHH answered "I come back 
for few hours. Bring refrigerator food 
to Gardena."  
2012-04-03-14-28 stop

<a name="20120407a01"> 
2012-04-07-20-42 start
State one thing, which is consistent with 
LiuHH's guess.
Given facts are 

<a name="20120407a02"> 
2010-02-26 and 2010-02-27 two days, 
ROC President conversation with citizen 
web page disappeared.

2010-02-27 LiuHH heard David speak 
loudly "SHE IS GONE"

2010-03-01 Landlord Jean said to Liu:
"Amber just had surgery."

<a name="20120407a03"> 
From above three facts, LiuHH figure out
the next guessed event.

2010-02-25 Chen,Liling had car collision
and Liling was sent to hospital.

<a name="20120407a04"> 
Next is another fact.
2010-12-24 LiuHH arrived brother house at 
Bakersfield, CA. 
2010-12-25 LiuHH and sister-in-law talk 
for about one hour. During this talk, 
sister-in-law said 
"Recently, Miss Chen parents and brother 
come to California. Miss Chen called Tai
(Tai is LiuHH brother) and invite Tai go 
to Miss Chen's house for dinner. But Tai 
did not go."

<a name="20120407a05"> 
This Miss Chen parents (from Taiwan) and 
Liling brother (from mainland China) come 
to California fact is consistent with 
"Liling had car collision 
and Liling was sent to hospital"
Because Liling injured. Liling whole 
family come to California to take care 
<a name="20120407a06"> 
This is also consistent with LiuHH guess 
that Miss Chen is Chen,Liling's elder 
Miss Chen is LiuHH brother Tai's business 

LiuHH guess may be wrong, but at least 
LiuHH saw consistent story!!
2012-04-07-21-17 stop

<a name="20120409a01"> 
2012-04-09-22-25 start. Neighbor event.
2012-04-09-13-28 LiuHH heard neighbor 
glass broke noise.
2012-04-09-13-31 LiuHH saw upstair Apt.24 
neighbor walk to ground and look at Apt.x 
2012-04-09-13-34 LiuHH saw Apt.x neighbor 
lady America stand at outside of her condo, 
two other neighbor talk to lady America. 
(her name is America) 2012-04-09-13-50 
LiuHH saw apartment y broken door glass. 
Look like break by accident and damage 
his own property. There is no quarrel and 
no one call police. Glass is door size.
2012-04-09-22-35 stop

<a name="20120429a01"> 
2012-04-29-16-24 record
2012-04-28-05-5? upstairs drop heavy 
object. it is early morning.
2012-04-29-09-56 to 2012-04-29-10-18 
upstairs move in many objects, three 
trip shoulder load long bars, folding 
tables, metal stands.
2012-04-29-11-11 upstairs drop object
2012-04-29-11-38 upstairs all go out. 
four or six person always walk away one 
by one. Rarely walk together.
<a name="20120429a02"> 
Upstairs Apt.24 resident has four family 
member, frequently one or two visitor 
2012-04-29-16-20 upstairs hit floor

Liu,Hsinhan can not do anything, LiuHH 
can only record truth.
2012-04-29-16-28 done record

2012-04-30-00-10 next door Apt.9 
heavy hit at my bed head side wall 
other side.
101,05,01,08,30 upstairs drop object


<a name="20120430a01"> 2012-04-30-20-59 start Start from 2012-05-01, Liu,Hsinhan will sign world guestbook. Main point is to introduce spelling check program and mathematics web pages. Following is paper contents. [[ <a name="20120430a02"> 2012-04-30-16-26 Dear friend My name is Liu,Hsinhan. I am a Chinese. My web site is Please visit This file has spelling check code structure. But no dictionary. Next <a name="20120430a03"> English, 1.88MBytes French, 880kBytes Spanish, 654kBytes German, 1.78MBytes has working spelling check pages <a name="20120430a04"> which include dictionary. Although they are working file, they can pick out the spelling error words. But, all four are introduction. Need native speaking author re-write and improve. (LiuHH speak Chinese and speak broken English) If your language is not en,fr,es,de please open or <a name="20120430a05"> or or read LiuHH working record and modify dict000a.htm to your language spelling check page. Latin source languages all write from left to right. Hebrew, Arabic, Thai all write from right to left. These languages need modify dict000a.htm code. <a name="20120430a06"> Next is mathematics web pages. Please visit Rotation matrix from rotation axis and angle method 2. Mass point rotate, coordinate static. 2011-10-05 Use Rodrigues Construction to prove Euler's Rotation Theorem ; It is same as to prove quaternion multiplication rule. 2011-07-03 <a name="20120430a07"> Build 3D rotation matrix; rotate parallel move 3D points Twelve 3 axis sequence rotation matrix at one click. (15 too) 2011-04-23 Display drawing code, XYGraph model file 2010-12-21 Power Mean Inequality Curve 2010-02-19 <a name="20120430a08"> The Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class (Inequality) 2009-06-24 Complex variable functions with non-principle solution This page is also a calculator. 2009-04-12 Math curve 2006-10-25. Suggest keep this Multi-graph page. <a name="20120430a09"> Great circle equation/locus 2006-04-26 All of above can be found in JavaScript program list Please visit my home page whatsnew section has LiuHH most recent activity record. Thank you for your attention. Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 2012-04-30-17-00 ]] <a name="20120430a10"> 2012-05 main record will be in 2012-06 main record will be in etc. Key point record will be here 2012-04-30-21-06 stop <a name="20120513a01"> 2012-05-13-05-33 start Death curse partial revealed On 2012-03-12-08-49 LiuHH wrote ■■death curse One section is Death curse to Liu,Hsinhan himself record next two events <a name=problem04> 2012-03-11-14-44 14919 Normandie Ave. #24 Gardena, CA upstairs hit floor heavily. <a name="a10213a63"> On 2012-02-13-14-44 next door neighbor #9 slam door heavily HSINHAN WAIT FOR GOTO HEAVEN TICKET !!!!!!!!! <a name="20120513a02"> four and for are same reading in English. four and die are same reading in Chinese. 2012-03-11-15-02 <a name="20120513a03"> Now 2012-05-13 both 2012-03-11-14-44 event and 2012-02-13-14-44 event have partial picture present. <a name="20120513a04"> 2012-03-11-14-44 event is upstairs hit floor heavily. partial picture is drop bundle wood bar. 2012-02-13-14-44 event is slam door heavily. partial picture is witness hear and feel. Explain as following. <a name="20120513a05"> At 2012-03-11-14-44 Liu,Hsinhan sit in front of computer desk working. Suddenly upstairs drop heavy object and cause big noise and whole building shake. There are two questions. a1. drop what object? a2. why occur at 14:44 Start from 2012-Jan to now 2012-May, Liu saw upstairs neighbor move in/move out some big size object. <a name="20120513a06"> Two events are recorded. 2012-04-29-09-56 to 2012-04-29-10-18 upstairs move in many objects, three trip shoulder load long bars, folding tables, metal stands. 2012-05-02-16-30 LiuHH saw upstairs Apt.24 two sons bring three shoulder load long bars to front yard and move away. <a name="20120513a07"> Previous move in/move out are not mentioned or just text record. On 2012-05-12-13-09 there is record about move wood long bar from second floor to first floor. URL is (7,779,632 bytes) <a name="20120513a08"> This movie clip answered 2012-03-11-14-44 drop what object? Answer is drop one bundle long wood bar from waist height free fall to floor. But it is still not answer why 2012-03-11-14-44 event occur at 14:44 (one die:die die) Only upstairs Apt.24 neighbor can answer this timing question. above is 2012-03-11-14-44 event. below is 2012-02-13-14-44 event. <a name="20120513a09"> On 2012-05-04-16-10 sale house agent Gloria arrive. Meet sister and LiuHH. Gloria and sister discuss sale condo contract, sister sign paper. 2012-05-04-16-30 Apt.9 neighbor drop very heavy object, shock Gloria, shock sister, shock LiuHH. This degree drop is enough to damage building structure. 2012-05-04-16-50 Gloria left <a name="20120513a10"> 2012-02-13-14-44 event (slam door) LiuHH do not have direct record. But 2012-05-04-16-30 event (heavy drop) has hearing-witness and vibration-feeling witness Gloria. <a name="20120513a11"> Why 2012-02-13-14-44 event occur at 14:44 (one die:die die) Only Apt.9 neighbor can answer this timing question. <a name="20120513a12"> Either individual event timing can be explained as occur at random, it is just happen to take place at 14:44. But two events both occur at 14:44, it is hard to explain with 'occur at random'. When visitor read above record, please review next record Noise, noise at Future noise will be recorded here. ANYBODY CARE?! 2012-05-13-06-30 stop <a name="20120513a13"> 2012-05-13-07-08 start 2012-05-12-16-07 sister call sister ask LiuHH update commodity data. 2012-05-12-16-48 start download for Genesis Trade Navigator and for 2012-02-27, 2012-02-28, 2012-02-29 three days data. 2012-05-12-19-50 done download <a name="20120513a14"> 2012-05-12-20-00 call sister done download three days data. It takes 182 minutes to download and used 1,125,543,936 bytes disk space Sister say impossible! <a name="20120513a15"> But it is true! Before download, 411,494,158,336 bytes free After download, 410,368,614,400 bytes free 3 days data used 1,125,543,936 bytes space 2012-05-13-07-22 stop <a name="20120513a16"> 2012-05-13-09-53 start 2012-05-13-08-53 sister call sister said Genesis told her one day data size is about 44Mbytes. Then three days data ia about 130 MBytes. Now used 1125 MBytes, partial space is for temporary file. Now dir c:\ could recover some space. LiuHH did, get 411,052,023,808 bytes free compare with before Genesis download 411,494,158,336 411,052,023,808 ================ 442 MBytes three days data used 442 MBytes. Sister say that is still too much. 2012-05-13-09-01 hang up <a name="20120513a17"> 2012-05-13-10-03 record here Upstairs Apt.24 move things up, move things down many times. Only 2012-05-12-13-09 LiuHH get a movie clip which support LiuHH's noise claim. 2012-05-12-12-?? Upstairs Apt.24 move many things down and take away. On 2012-05-13-04-06 upload movewood.mpg to <a name="20120513a18"> LiuHH may continue world guestbook sign, but 2012-05-12-13-31 sister call, her computer auto turn off. Sister may take Acer Aspire computer back to sister. Then LiuHH do not have computer! 2012-05-13-09-57 sister call, sister will take Acer Aspire computer this afternoon. <a name="20120513a19"> 2012-05-12-12-?? to 2012-05-12-13-00 Apt.24 move many things away, but ! 2012-05-13-09-00 to 2012-05-13-09-30 Upstairs Apt.24 move many things up !! Upstairs Apt.24 work never end !! LiuHH is very upset and decide upload 03/24/2012 01:40 PM 20,832,062 bangban4.mpg 03/18/2012 05:13 PM 19,474,935 wave_bag.mpg to 2012-05-13-09-46 start upload, now upload in progress. <a name="20120513a20"> is Apt.24 make noise. is Apt.9 make noise. is unknown place make noise. movewood.mpg record on 2012-05-12-13-09 wave_bag.mpg record on 2012-03-18-17-13 bangban4.mpg record on 2012-03-24-13-40 First time upload did not use hpim*.mpg file name. Their relation is next movewood.mpg = hpim4412.mpg bangban4.mpg = hpim3931.mpg wave_bag.mpg = hpim3663.mpg <a name="20120513a21"> Apt.9 drop heavy object in his room. LiuHH is unable to take movie record. However, on the windy day 2012-03-18, Apt.9 hang a plastic bag, wave in wind make big noise. At first, LiuHH thought self unit's roof flip over and water preventing cloth wave in wind. After detail check, found the wave bag and keep a movie record. Above is wave_bag.mpg Next is bangban4.mpg <a name="20120513a22"> Start about 2012-01-someday, LiuHH hear gun shot noise. First time occur, it is one shot (Bang Bang is one shot) one day. Few days later, daily frequency increase. Now it is about 30 to 40 shot (Bang Bang) every day. Apt.24 noise, only LiuHH hear. Apt.9 noise, Apt.8 LiuHH and Apt.10 Mike and Apt.25 Ken Anderson all hear. Ken Anderson is village board chairman. <a name="20120513a23"> Bang Bang noise in radius one mile circle all resident hear. Bang Bang noise is just like gun shot and no one can stop them. LiuHH have several one minutes Bang Bang noise movie clip. Only bangban4.mpg has four Bang in one minute. When visitor read above record, please review next record Noise, noise at <a name="20120513a24"> Dear reader, do you think above three cases are all un-related? Liu,Hsinhan think they all start around end of 2011 to beginning of 2012. Liu,Hsinhan think all three noise will end when LiuHH sold condo and move away. Liu,Hsinhan think all noise target at LiuHH. ANYBODY CARE?! 2012-05-13-10-38 stop 2012-05-13-11-28 upstairs drop heavy object <a name="20120513a25"> 2012-05-13-14-31 start 2012-05-13-14-21 LiuHH call sister, tell sister come take Acer Aspire computer. Sister say she change mind. Sister want buy another computer. Why change mind? 2012-05-12-13-31 sister call LiuHH that sister need take Acer computer for her use. That time LiuHH warned sister, say LiuHH use Acer Aspire computer for few month, and go to internet from earthlink fourriver account. From 1996 to 2006, LiuHH use this account go to mainland forum/guestbook sign anti communism paper, <a name="20120513a26"> Communist may hunt any computer enter internet from fourriver account (IP track) and LiuHH HP computer had trouble, install operating system several times. Acer Aspire computer may already installed spyware. If sister use this Acer computer, sister invite trouble in the future. Today, 2012-05-12-16-48 LiuHH download three days data from Genesis, spend three hours and C:\ drive free space reduce 1125MBytes. <a name="20120513a27"> Sister highly suspect. With all of these reason, sister change mind around (guess) 2012-05-13-12-00. Sister do not touch Acer computer. Sister say she will buy another computer. LiuHH ask sister when sister go buy, take LiuHH to computer store at same time. Few seconds silent, <a name="20120513a28"> sister say "I buy from online, find used computer. I do not have money to buy new computer." LiuHH go to computer store dream break. LiuHH suggest sister ask brother first. See if brother have any good idea. Sister say OK. 2012-05-13-14-26 hang up. <a name="20120513a29"> The good news is Liu,Hsinhan world guest book sign can continue. Today 2012-05-13 most time upload *.mpg files. Today can not work all day long. 2012-05-13-14-57 stop <a name="20120513a30"> 2012-05-13-18-55 14919 Normandie Ave. Apt.9 heavy hit. They hit floor frequently and it is sufficient to damage building. <a name="20120514a01"> 2012-05-14-03-51 start Following are few fine tunning notes . First: dialup speed/dialup speed = 33/1 Next two files 20,832,062 bangban4.mpg 19,474,935 wave_bag.mpg total size is 40MBytes <a name="20120514a02"> 2012-05-13-09-46 upload 20,832,062 bangban4.mpg 2012-05-13-11-36 upload 19,474,935 wave_bag.mpg 2012-05-13-13-17 done above two uploads Spend 3.5 hours to upload two mpg files. <a name="20120514a03"> 2012-05-12-16-48 start download for Genesis Trade Navigator and for 2012-02-27, 2012-02-28, 2012-02-29 three days data. 2012-05-12-19-50 done download download from Genesis spend 3 hours and disk free space reduce 1,125,543,936/3 hours ?! which is 375MBytes/hour how can it be possible ?? upload 40MBytes in 3.5 hours, speed is 11.4MBytes/hour download Genesis data speed is 375 MBytes/hour <a name="20120514a04"> Dial up enter fourriver account and upload to which is hosted by . Upload process never leave and not cross net to other net, which should be faster. But get slower speed 11.4MBytes/hour Genesis download cross net to other net, it should be slower, but get faster speed 375 MBytes/hour !! 375/11.4 = 33 time faster !! why?? 2012-05-14-04-20 here <a name="20120514a05"> Second: fourth noise Above mentioned there are three noises Apt.24 noise, Apt.9 noise, bang bang noise. Actually there are fourth noise. <a name="20120514a06"> In a village, there is one big nearly cubic size metal trash container. Its size is about a computer desk size. Fourth noise is hitting metal container generated noise. Frequency is in about three to four hours, hit about 100 times. 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena, <a name="20120514a07"> all resident can hear this noise. 2012-05-13 upload 20,832,062 bangban4.mpg 19,474,935 wave_bag.mpg 2012-05-13 has more frequently fourth noise. <a name="20120514a08"> Third: other few month, LiuHH forever noise Above said [[ Liu,Hsinhan think all three noise will end when LiuHH sold condo and move away. ]] When LiuHH move away, 14919 Normandie Ave. resident will be free from above noises. Can you imagine more than that? When LiuHH move away, LiuHH new living environment will become new noise area, Noise target at LiuHH, until LiuHH die! 2012-05-14-04-34 stop <a name="20120514a09"> 2012-05-14-08-20 start Fourth: wave bag more. wave_bag.mpg is Apt.9 created noise. on the windy day 2012-03-18, Apt.9 hang a plastic bag, wave in wind make big noise. Wave bag event is between 2012-03-18-16-3? to 2012-03-18-18-??. Same day afternoon, From 2012-03-18-13-?? to 2012-03-18-16-1? Apt.9 all went out but let door unlocked and free to rotate. From 13:?? to 16:1? Apt.9 entrance door slam by big wind many times. It is very loud. Slam door and wave bag in a windy day, both condition can not be explained by common sense. On purpose? If on purpose, then WHY? 2012-05-14-08-33 stop <a name="20120514a10"> Fifth: Apt.26 move away Apt.26 has no in/out for three weeks. 2012-05-14-08-48 saw two person walk in to Apt.26 and U Haul truck park at 20 yards away 2012-05-14-08-58 two person move big bed mattress down to ground. Apt.26 is moving away. 2012-05-14-08-59 stop <a name="20120515a01"> 2012-05-15-13-12 start On 2012-05-15-07-30 a mother bring a two year old boy to Apt.24. This child care start in 2012-Jan. Today 2012-05-15 start from 08:00 to 11:00 apt.24 adult play with two year old boy, make noise three hours. <a name="20120515a02"> Liu,Hsinhan decide upload 10,947,689 hpim3632.mpg 14,606,898 hpim3743.mpg 19,122,824 hpim4230.mpg 584,475 hpin4162.jpg 584,895 hpin4165.jpg 497,589 hpin4397.jpg 'hpim' represent HP camera IMage. <a name="20120515a03"> Their creation date are next hpim3632.mpg 2012-03-18-14-06 hpim3743.mpg 2012-03-20-14-50 hpim4230.mpg 2012-04-24-09-42 hpin4162.jpg 2012-04-14-14-13 hpin4165.jpg 2012-04-14-14-15 hpin4397.jpg 2012-05-12-12-47 Their record location all be 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena CA U.S.A. <a name="20120515a04"> Explain as following Liu,Hsinhan father live at Apt.8 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena CA U.S.A. Liu,Hsinhan live at 2505 Cloverleaf Ln. Simi Valley, CA U.S.A. 2011-11-10 Liu,Hsinhan father pass away. LiuHH come to 14919 Normandie Ave. say goodby to father's body and help sister sell 14919 Normandie Ave. condo. LiuHH live at 14919 Normandie Ave. since then. <a name="20120515a05"> Start about 2011-12-?? or 2012-01-?? upstair Apt.24 neighbor begin take care a two years boy. Every week day 07:30 mother bring boy to Apt.24. About 15:00 his father bring boy back home. From this child care start until now, APT.24 EVERY DAY MAKE NOISE, AVERAGE THREE HOURS PER DAY. <a name="20120515a06"> LiuHH come to Apt.8 14919 Normandie Ave. just few month. LiuHH and Apt.24 neighbor do not have any trouble before. Why Apt.24 constant make noise ?? It is NOT Apt.24 noise decision !! It is noise designer's decision !! Please see Noise, noise at <a name="20120515a07"> In this case (noise designer's decision) it is useless to go ask Apt.24 neighbor keep quiet. Only thing LiuHH can do is record and present to the whole world !! 2012-05-15-13-49 upstair drop heavy object <a name="20120515a08"> Following explain 2012-05-15 uploaded movie/photo hpim3632.mpg is Apt.9 slam his door. LiuHH have several slam door movie clip. only hpim3632.mpg has two slam noise in one minute. Please see earlier document door unlocked 2012-03-18 afternoon Apt.9 door slam more than 60 times. hpim3632.mpg record just two. <a name="20120515a09"> 2012-05-15-14-04 call from 310-696-**** Her name is Sonia, she will be here 18:00 to 19:00 see condo. LiuHH say please call when arrive gate, LiuHH will open gate for her. 2012-05-15-14-05 hang up <a name="20120515a10"> record upstair non stop make noise ten second. Usually it is hard to capture heavy hit, long hit. When camera ready, he stopped. This ten seconds record is recorded by chance. <a name="20120515a11"> Apt.24 adult play with two year boy, adult drop object several times, each drop, child laugh. When camera ready, record only last drop/laugh. <a name="20120515a12"> 'hpim' represent HP camera IMage. 'hpin' represent size reduced IMage. photo date 2012-04-14-14-13. Location 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena CA U.S.A. Apt.24 neighbor bring folding table to front yard. Apt.24 make constant noise to Apt.8 Each time move up/move down always have folding table. <a name="20120515a13"> photo date 2012-04-14-14-15. Location 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena CA U.S.A. Apt.24 bring bag material to front yard. 2012-03-11-14-44 Apt.24 free fall bag load. It could be this bag. <a name="20120515a14"> photo date 2012-05-12-12-47. Location 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena CA U.S.A. Apt.24 neighbor drill wood frame. Apt.24 drop drill many times on top of Apt.8 LiuHH feel like drop stone or drop metal ball. From picture, it is clear, drop drill to floor. <a name="20120515a15"> Reader may say blame to Apt.24 neighbor. LiuHH do not think so. Apt.24 neighbor is not special (good/bad), just average. LiuHH would say Apt.24 neighbor can be motivated by noise designer. Reader may say if Apt.24 neighbor cannot be motivated by noise designer, then Liu can get quiet life. Is that right? NO ! See next real occurred event. <a name="20120515a16"> 1996-12-31 LiuHH brother gift store close. Start from 1997-01-01 LiuHH stay in room everyday, every night. 1997-Jan. LiuHH room side neighbor move away. They are nice couple with a one year old baby. About 1997-Mar. LiuHH room side neighbor change to another couple. They push/pull metal frame book stand on cement ground everyday. Generate sharp noise. <a name="20120515a17"> They have a friend come visit frequently. This friend ride a motor cycle with special design, on tire axis fix 30 or so metal plate, let tire arm wipe over plates and generate big noise when moving forward. <a name="20120515a18"> Liu,Hsinhan can get better life only if you give support voice !! Please speak for Liu,Hsinhan !! Thank you. 2012-05-15-14-36 stop 2012-05-15-14-36 upstair drop object 2012-05-15-15-11 upstair drop object <a name="20120515a19"> 2012-05-15-15-18 start 2012-05-13 upload 20,832,062 bangban4.mpg 19,474,935 wave_bag.mpg 2012-05-13 has more frequently fourth noise. <a name="20120515a20"> 2012-05-14-10-16 upload few fine tunning notes 2012-05-14 MSIE 9.0 browser text size change to small size, text size as small as ant eye. LiuHH is unable to make MSIE 9.0 browser text size return to before. then change from <pre><font size=+2> to <pre><font size=12> In LiuHH computer get readable size. 2012-05-15-15-30 stop <a name="20120515a21"> 2012-05-15-16-00 start Ultimate noise. In 1984, Liu,Hsinhan study at University of Iowa, mechanical engineering. Advisor was Prof. Barry Butler 1984-1985. Prof. Butler give LiuHH an explosion project as thesis direction. Prof. Butler give LiuHH an office in a corner of experiment room. Someone do explosion experiment in this room. His experiment schedule coincide with LiuHH teaching assistant office hour. <a name="20120515a22"> Someone do explosion experiment, three other T.A. get up walk away. LiuHH can not, it is my office hour. I must wait for student question. Prof. Butler give LiuHH a book, its cover is a full page colorful explosion fire ball. Very much like this one If LiuHH go forward to explosion "profession". LiuHH will be shock to death! That is Ultimate noise! 2012-05-15-16-14 stop <a name="20120515a23"> 2012-05-15-19-00 start If someone say "it is just two years old boy running and drop small thing. LiuHH should tolerate these things." LiuHH opinion is that if through out my life, noise is uncommon, certainly two years old boy made noise can be tolerated. But <a name="20120515a24"> it is my life time long noise !! two years old boy made noise is just a part of life time long noise. it is my life time long noise !! future noise is coming !! LiuHH fight for avoid life time long noise !! Besides, Apt.24 adult drop electric drill, drop one bag wood rods free fall to floor, these are NOT two years old boy made noise. <a name="20120515a25"> Dear reader! can you believe noise follow one victim forever?? Today 2012-05-15 all day long, I do not goto Internet to sign world guestbook. Just wait for record upstairs made noise!! 2012-05-15-19-13 stop <a name="20120515a26"> 2012-05-15-20-18 start Although LiuHH said many complain words, but LiuHH also know that he is under protection. In other words, If no protection, it is not two years old boy make noise, it would be adult power hit floor everyday. <a name="20120515a27"> 1984-07-10 to 1984-10-16 LiuHH live at College Station, TX. that is adult power hit floor everyday. In fact, if no protection, there is no reveal-fact paper present to reader. Because LiuHH will not be able get a chance to write. Thank you, Guardian Angel! 2012-05-15-20-30 stop <a name="20120516a01"> 2012-05-16-15-26 start Today 2012-05-16 upload the following movie clips. 10,720,998 hpim3708.mpg yell drop @40+ 12,745,432 hpim3833.mpg noise 60sec 19,436,239 hpim4319.mpg boy down 8,183,439 hpim4378.mpg ma boy up ride @40+ = At 40%, '+' = can be heard clearly <a name="20120516a02"> Their creation dates are next hpim3708.mpg 2012-03-20-10-41 hpim3833.mpg 2012-03-23-11-47 hpim4319.mpg 2012-04-27-15-05 hpim4378.mpg 2012-05-08-07-32 Location: enter to/exit from Apt.24 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena CA U.S.A. <a name="20120516a03"> Explain as following hpim3708.mpg has child yell and object drop at first half. To care a child, adult can tell child do not make noise. But Apt.24 care child that is just an excuse, and a smoke curtain, real purpose is down grade LiuHH living environment. This view point can be true if reader see Liu,Hsinhan <a name="20120516a04"> U.S. 33 years resident history at If nobody care LiuHH, LiuHH predict that his remaining life will be very noise life !! hpim3708.mpg capture only few noise. But LiuHH life is all kind noise pile up every where. <a name="20120516a05"> hpim3833.mpg has noise at most points in 60 seconds period. Dear reader, do you like your upstair neighbor make noise like this? EVERYDAY !! <a name="20120516a06"> hpim4319.mpg is uncle or big brother take boy down to ground. <a name="20120516a07"> hpim4378.mpg is boy ride on uncle or big brother move to upstair. <a name="20120516a08"> In both hpim4319.mpg and hpim4378.mpg, reader see a vertical wooden bar closer to camera. That wooden bar is one bar of a four bar rectangular frame. It is build on 2012-03-03 by unknown person on Apt.8 (OUR) garden wall. Condo has a rule, out side of one's door, everything belong to public, or belong to property management office. LiuHH and sister (Apt.8) has no right to opposite and no right to remove. Sister say we are selling condo, do not mind this wooden frame. <a name="20120516a09"> Today 2012-05-16 all day wait for upstairs noise and press camera button. There is a moment adult and boy both dance 原地快速踏步 big noise, but camera happen to be process earlier one drop/hit movie file. Missed this dance noise. 2012-05-16 LiuHH did not go to internet and did not sign world guestbook. 2012-05-16-16-02 here <a name="20120516a10"> explain Apt.9 slam door, where is apt.9? If reader see reader will find Apt.10 door and number. Where is Apt.9? The big window belong to Apt.9 Their entrance is at window right side and not visible from movie clip. Apt.9 entrance is very narrow, designer cut Apt.8 kitchen a corner, this corner is used as Apt.9 entrance. 2012-05-16-16-12 stop <a name="20120517a01"> 2012-05-17-10-43 start Two smoke curtains 2012-05-17-07-35 mother bring boy to Apt.24. 2012-05-17-14-47 father and boy left Apt.24. Above said 14919 Normandie Ave. Apt.24 care child that is just an excuse, and a smoke curtain, real purpose is down grade LiuHH living environment. Second smoke curtain is 14919 Normandie Ave. Apt.24 wood work. With wood work and drill in place, then Apt.24 drop electric drill many times. Apt.24 free fall one bag load wood rod at 2012-03-11-14-44 once. <a name="20120517a02"> U.S. has a law forbid commercial and resident in one place, main purpose is to keep residential area in pleasant quiet condition. But now Apt.24 is free to do wood work (manufacturer) and create shock impact noise on top of Liu,Hsinhan room !! Now Liu,Hsinhan main work is record noise and upload noise to Internet !! 2012-05-17-10-55 stop <a name="20120517a03"> 2012-05-17-11-15 start Yesterday 2012-05-16, one moment camera disk full. I take disk to computer copy movie files to computer. At this short moment, upstair Atp.24 made a drop noise. I am unable to record. From this event and from 2012-03-11-14-44 free fall bag load wood, Liu,Hsinhan guess Atp.24 has very good timing capability. 2012-05-17-11-19 stop <a name="20120517a04"> 2012-05-17-16-43 start 2012-05-17-16-02 Apt.24 has kitchen cutting or wall nailing hit noise. until 2012-05-17-16-16 If it is kitchen cutting, that is part of family life. On 2011-11-10 LiuHH come to Apt. 8 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena. From 2011-11-10 till now 2012-05-17, kitchen cutting did not enter my memory. 2012-05-17-16-25 apt.9 slam door 2012-05-17-16-28 apt.9 slam door 2012-05-17-16-48 stop <a name="20120517a05"> 2012-05-17-16-53 start impede public safety. Now gun shut noise 30+ times everyday, which numb public alert about gun shut. If real gun shut occur, resident think that is part of everyday life and ignore real gun shut. 2012-05-17-16-59 stop <a name="20120517a06"> 2012-05-17-17-44 start One thing worth mention, that is reduce-noise happened before. 2001-08-02 LiuHH follow landlord Jean move from 3591 Finchley Ct. Simi Valley CA 93063 to 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063. <a name="20120517a07"> 3591 Finchley Ct is at corner of Alamo Street and Lemon Street. 3591 house three side street Alamo St., Lemon St, Finchley. Alamo St. is main street, many traffic. For several years, most day evening 17:00 Alamo and Lemon intersection has a car drive on Alamo from zero speed accelerate to 50 mile/hour in few seconds, that is high acceleration, create big noise, no one stop that noise. <a name="20120517a08"> 2001-Jan. landlord decide move to a smaller house, at first landlord told LiuHH that LiuHH new room is larger, which is a street side house (LiuHH guess this point) 2001-08-02 move to new house, this new house is landlord change purchase to a smaller house and away from street. LiuHH new room is 20% smaller than 3591 Finchley Liu's room. <a name="20120517a09"> At first LiuHH was disappointing. rent increased, room smaller. After few month think and observe, know 2505 Cloverleaf Lane is a better place for LiuHH. It locate at the center of a village. Far away from main streets. Traffic noise reduce to minimum. LiuHH room face a chicken yard, out side of my window is all green trees which is rare in a city. <a name="20120517a10"> Is that perfect? Isn't that perfect? (which one correct?) Noise designer still has his method. 2001 year end or 2002 year begin. One day LiuHH went out several hours. After I go back to 2505 Cloverleaf Ln. Landlord told LiuHH "Today I hired worker installed whole house music speaker system." They install speaker on ceiling. Landlord never turn on speaker too loud, never make noise. <a name="20120517a11"> 2006-Feb-25 landlord daughter move out. LiuHH remember clearly, one month before Amber move out, start from 2006-02-01, LiuHH room ceiling has power switch on/off noise. After 2006-02-25 on/off noise louder. About one year later, ceiling top noise follow me. I walk from my room to restroom. A line switch noise follow me to restroom. <a name="20120517a12"> If I walk from my room to second floor living room, living room ceiling no on/off noise. This ceiling top noise is better than car acceleration noise, better than push/pull metal book stand on cement noise. Bed head wall inside has hitting noise. I do not know how it occurred. <a name="20120517a13"> 1993-12-?? brother ask LiuHH move out. I go find room in Simi Valley. One place is a garage rebuild bed room. It take 70% garage space as tenant room and 30% as landlord work room. In work room there is an electrical rotating polish disk. I know I can not come to this place. <a name="20120517a14"> In general, LiuHH must walk each step very carefully, and also need protection group's guard. 2012-05-17-18-33 stop <a name="20120517a15"> 2012-05-17-18-48 start Today, LiuHH live at 14919 Normandie Ave. Apt.8. Second floor is another unit. LiuHH bed room top is Apt.24's bed room. LiuHH waked up by Apt.24 bed room's spring noise. Low frequency, when they walk, spring noise begin. Strange place. 2012-05-17-18-51 stop <a name="20120518a01"> Two is greater than sixty four 2012-05-18-16-17 start 2012-05-12 Saturday, two year old boy and mother do not come on week end. 2012-05-12 world guestbook sign Albania guestbook. 2012-05-12 second floor Apt.24 neighbor (14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena CA) move wood work material from Apt.24 to ground and move away. Liu,Hsinhan video record movewood.mpg <a name="20120518a02"> After few hour think, 2012-05-13-04-00 decide upload movewood.mpg to 2012-05-13-04-06 upload 05/12/2012 01:09 PM 7,779,632 movewood.mpg 2012-05-13-04-47 done upload <a name="20120518a03"> The reason decide upload movewood.mpg to internet is the following. Apt.24 do wood work in residential area. Wood work is an excuse, and is a smoke curtain. They bring many wood bar to home and bring electrical drill to home. Normally one would gentle put electrical drill on floor, not cause any impact noise. One would NOT lift a bag load wood bar drop to floor. With wood work <a name="20120518a04"> smoke curtain in place, Apt.24 has wood bar and has electrical drill. They drop electrical drill many times, shock first floor resident Liu,Hsinhan. 2012-03-11-14-44 Apt.24 lift a bag of wood bar high and free fall to floor. Which shake apartment building. <a name="20120518a05"> Liu,Hsinhan has long time ill fate. Please see Noise, noise at These drop electrical drill and free fall bag load wood bar are on purpose. It is useless go ask Apt.24 keep quiet. Only way LiuHH can do is upload evidence and ask public opinion support Liu,Hsinhan. <a name="20120518a06"> 2012-05-13-04-06 mid night LiuHH upload 05/12/2012 01:09PM 7,779,632 movewood.mpg If 2012-05-13-04-06 LiuHH intend upload bangban4.mpg and wave_bag.mpg, LiuHH will upload all three files at night because internet traffic is slow. Mid night LiuHH upload only movewood.mpg. 2012-05-12 Apt.24 move finished project material away. <a name="20120518a07"> 2012-05-13-09-00 to 2012-05-13-09-30 they move new project material up to Apt.24. Their drop electrical drill free fall wood never end. LiuHH was very upset and decide upload bangban4.mpg and wave_bag.mpg <a name="20120518a08"> bangban4.mpg, wave_bag.mpg are NOT Apt.24 related movie clip. movewood.mpg Apt.24 do wood work in home. bangban4.mpg unknown make gun shut noise. wave_bag.mpg Apt.9 hang plastic bag in windy day. Three movie clips are three noise sources. Three noises all target at Liu,Hsinhan ! <a name="20120518a09"> 2012-05-13-09-46 upload 20,832,062 bangban4.mpg 2012-05-13-11-36 upload 19,474,935 wave_bag.mpg 2012-05-13-13-17 done <a name="20120518a10"> 2012-05-18-17-06 upstair drop object on top of where LiuHH sit. 2012-05-18-17-08 upstair begin hammer nail. 2012-05-13 most time upload three mpg files. 2012-05-13 world guestbook work is re- visit earlier wait for guestbook owner exam. Only one passed exam and published. <a name="20120518a11"> 2012-05-14 two year old boy and mother did not come to Apt.24 2012-05-14 sign Thailand guestbook. <a name="20120518a12"> 2012-05-15-07-30 two year old boy and his mother come to Apt.24, boy stay, mother left. 2012-05-15 LiuHH decide not sign world guestbook. Child care is just an excuse, Child care is a smoke curtain. Main goal is create noise in LiuHH room. <a name="20120518a13"> LiuHH decide upload 10,947,689 hpim3632.mpg 14,606,898 hpim3743.mpg 19,122,824 hpim4230.mpg 584,475 hpin4162.jpg 584,895 hpin4165.jpg 497,589 hpin4397.jpg Please see <a name="20120518a14"> 2012-05-15-11-55 upload 584,475 hpin4162.jpg move folding table down 584,895 hpin4165.jpg move bag wood down 497,589 hpin4397.jpg electric drill standing 1,666,959 bytes 2012-05-15-12-04 upload 10,947,689 hpim3632.mpg slam door @10@75 14,606,898 hpim3743.mpg ten sec noise 19,122,824 hpim4230.mpg run drop boy laugh 44,677,411 bytes 2012-05-15-16-14 done upload 2012-05-15 all day not sign world guestbook. <a name="20120518a15"> 2012-05-16-07-37 two year old boy and his mother come to Apt.24, boy stay, mother left. 2012-05-16 LiuHH did not sign world guestbook. 2012-05-16 upload 10,720,998 hpim3708.mpg 12,745,432 hpim3833.mpg 19,436,239 hpim4319.mpg 8,183,439 hpim4378.mpg <a name="20120518a16"> 2012-05-16-12-04 upload 10,720,998 hpim3708.mpg yell drop @40+ 2012-05-16-13-00 upload 12,745,432 hpim3833.mpg noise 60sec 19,436,239 hpim4319.mpg boy down 2012-05-16-15-50 upload 8,183,439 hpim4378.mpg ma boy up ride 2012-05-16-16-33 done upload total 51,086,108 bytes <a name="20120518a17"> 2012-05-17-07-35 two year old boy and his mother come to Apt.24, boy stay, mother left. 2012-05-17 did not upload mpg file 2012-05-17 did not sign world guestbook. all day hold camera wait, record upstair made noise. <a name="20120518a18"> 2012-05-18-07-34 two year old boy and his mother come to Apt.24, boy stay, mother left. 2012-05-18 did not upload mpg file 2012-05-18 did not sign world guestbook. all day hold camera wait, record upstair made noise. 2012-05-18-17-36 here <a name="20120518a19"> Noise designer treat victim with following methods. READER SHOULD COMPARE YOUR OWN FATE WITH FOLLOWING LIST. 1. if victim live at lower level in a building, upper level resident is a noise maker, he drop lead ball on top of victim head. <a name="20120518a20"> 2. if victim live at upper level in a building, lower level resident is a noise maker, he hit floor in a degree damage building, cause upper level victim shocked. <a name="20120518a21"> 3. if victim live at old house and at northern cold area, if victim use old style heater, noise designer create water hammer effect, hammer noise all night all winter. <a name="20120518a22"> 4. if victim study in university. Victim is guided to do explosion career. this is ultimate noise. Victim could become mental damaged. Above are exclusive target at victim. <a name="20120518a23"> Below is many share with victim. 5. if victim live next to big street, all kind car related noise occur. Noise motor cycle. Noise car/truck acceleration and break at same time. Fire engine, ambulance running many times. <a name="20120518a24"> 6. is a noise target at LiuHH, but everyone hear. <a name="20120518a25"> Reader should exam your own fate compare with above list. Reader should know one thing, if you are in trouble, it is useless to ask neighbor noise maker keep quiet. Neighbor noise maker are motivated by earning profit. Victim ask neighbor keep quiet has no use. <a name="20120518a26"> Above list is NOT ALL. Above list is LiuHH experience. LiuHH did not experience all treatment. Noise treatment is a 'better' way for victim. Bad guy not show up. If victim is sent to hospital, isolate from public. Victim should expect the worst. Actually LiuHH should be alert. <a name="20120518a27"> LiuHH was born on 1948-02-17. Sixty four years old now. Achieve nothing. 2012-05-18-18-42 stop <a name="20120519a01"> 2012-05-19-08-51 start 2012-05-15 to 2012-05-18 everyday all day long hold camera record upstair made noise. Computer closed in most of the time. Then no text record about upstair made noise. From 2012-05-15 to 2012-05-18 recorded 94 movie clips. At least 70 are drop <a name="20120519a02"> noise. Each drop noise movie clip has one or two hits, other 58 seconds do not carry information. 60 seconds movie clip length about 20MBytes. 19MBytes no drop record, LiuHH did not want upload these sparse drop movie clips. Then reader see no text record, no movie clip uploaded. Actually, there are still many drop/hit but not present in my document. 2012-05-19-09-01 stop <a name="20120519a03"> 2012-05-19-09-16 start Reader may estimate, four days 70 movie clip. Assume maximum all be two hits, then four days 70*2=140 drops. one day 35 drops. That is not correct. LiuHH did not record every drop/hit. HP camera record 60 seconds then process image. Any drop during process time can not be recorded. Brother give me HP camera and rechargable battery Duracell AA/HR6/DX1500 NiHM,1.2V,2000mAh four pieces and one charger Duracell model CEF80NC, four seats only two seats work. Each time charge two battery. Charge four battery takes 90 minutes. In this time gap 90 min. I can not record. Over all drop is more than above estimation. 2012-05-19-09-24 stop <a name="20120519a04"> 2012-05-19 Sat. two year old boy did not come 2012-05-19-08-40 upstair drop object 2012-05-19-08-47 upstair drop object 2012-05-19-08-58 Atp.24 all four went out. 2012-05-20-07-26 upstair drop object 2012-05-20-08-06 upstair drop object 2012-05-20-08-23 upstair drop object 2012-05-20-11-10 upstair heavy hit floor right on top of where LiuHH sit. 2012-05-20-11-12 upstair heavy hit floor right on top of where LiuHH sit. <a name="20120520a01"> 2012-05-20-20-20 following is 2012-05-15 to 2012-05-20 LiuHH record noise files. Most are created by Apt.24 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA resident. Slam door are created by Apt.9 'HPIM'=HP camera IMage '@55' = at 55% in one minutes scale. '@40+'= at 40% and heavy (+) '@55-'= at 55% and light (-) <a name="20120520a02"> [[ 05/15/2012 10:00 AM 19,493,957 HPIM4432 drill @55.mpg 05/15/2012 10:05 AM 18,961,984 HPIM4434 noise @50.mpg 05/15/2012 10:10 AM 18,686,388 HPIM4436 hit @10.mpg 05/15/2012 10:12 AM 19,373,843 HPIM4437 drop @50.mpg 05/15/2012 10:15 AM 19,452,782 HPIM4438 noise @65.mpg 05/15/2012 10:17 AM 19,111,397 HPIM4439 noise @05.mpg 05/15/2012 10:31 AM 18,853,925 HPIM4447 noise @15@65.mpg 05/15/2012 10:33 AM 19,055,128 HPIM4448 drop @20@35@50.mpg 05/15/2012 10:35 AM 12,864,746 HPIM4449 drop @60.mpg 05/15/2012 @@@ 12 times <a name="20120520a03"> 05/16/2012 08:22 AM 17,139,679 HPIM4495 hit @35@95.mpg 05/16/2012 08:24 AM 18,257,019 HPIM4496 run @40.mpg 05/16/2012 08:27 AM 19,323,235 HPIM4497 hit @30.mpg 05/16/2012 08:56 AM 19,415,203 HPIM4509 drop @98.mpg 05/16/2012 08:59 AM 19,435,412 HPIM4510 hit @45.mpg 05/16/2012 09:06 AM 18,931,693 HPIM4512 friction @70.mpg 05/16/2012 09:12 AM 19,124,006 HPIM4516 hit @50.mpg 05/16/2012 09:20 AM 16,208,969 HPIM4520 hit @55@90.mpg 05/16/2012 09:36 AM 17,896,209 HPIM4528 drop @40.mpg 05/16/2012 09:52 AM 18,801,678 HPIM4534 run @50.mpg 05/16/2012 10:01 AM 18,744,542 HPIM4537 drop @15 run.mpg 05/16/2012 10:03 AM 18,582,203 HPIM4538 drop @50.mpg 05/16/2012 10:20 AM 18,965,108 HPIM4543 noise @45.mpg 05/16/2012 02:56 PM 16,311,412 HPIM4566 drop @20.mpg 05/16/2012 03:02 PM 14,512,671 HPIM4568 run @10@50.mpg 05/16/2012 @@@ 18 times <a name="20120520a04"> 05/17/2012 08:23 AM 16,958,335 HPIM4586 bang bang @35.mpg 05/17/2012 08:51 AM 16,283,674 HPIM4597 drop @85.mpg 05/17/2012 08:57 AM 16,871,922 HPIM4599 walk @70.mpg 05/17/2012 09:03 AM 14,705,424 HPIM4604 run @55.mpg 05/17/2012 09:08 AM 5,968,661 HPIM4608 hit @35@55.mpg 05/17/2012 09:11 AM 16,238,178 HPIM4610 drop @45@65.mpg 05/17/2012 09:15 AM 15,352,242 HPIM4613 @40 helicopter.mpg 05/17/2012 09:24 AM 14,593,829 HPIM4619 drop @40+.mpg 05/17/2012 09:29 AM 13,948,836 HPIM4622 run @55-.mpg 05/17/2012 09:34 AM 16,300,085 HPIM4624 noise @02.mpg 05/17/2012 12:35 PM 16,032,638 HPIM4643 bang bang @65.mpg 05/17/2012 02:14 PM 10,549,071 HPIM4646 hit @15.mpg 05/17/2012 02:23 PM 16,827,565 HPIM4653 hit @55.mpg 05/17/2012 02:25 PM 15,660,007 HPIM4654 hit @70.mpg 05/17/2012 02:31 PM 13,938,123 HPIM4656 hit @40.mpg 05/17/2012 02:37 PM 13,131,910 HPIM4661 noise @70.mpg 05/17/2012 03:04 PM 11,581,574 HPIM4671 apt9 slam door @50.mpg 05/17/2012 03:38 PM 11,031,322 HPIM4680 @50 helecopter.mpg 05/17/2012 03:48 PM 11,861,072 HPIM4686 apt9 close door @85.mpg 05/17/2012 04:31 PM 12,177,287 HPIM4690 door @55 drop @95.mpg 05/17/2012 @@@ 23 times <a name="20120520a05"> 05/18/2012 08:44 AM 14,574,224 HPIM4717 drop @95.mpg 05/18/2012 09:12 AM 13,984,968 HPIM4720 noise @35to75.mpg 05/18/2012 09:14 AM 12,175,150 HPIM4721 friction @05.mpg 05/18/2012 09:20 AM 13,735,953 HPIM4725 hit @50-.mpg 05/18/2012 12:10 PM 11,816,331 HPIM4759 noise @40-.mpg 05/18/2012 12:12 PM 11,925,300 HPIM4760 hit @55.mpg 05/18/2012 12:32 PM 15,999,097 HPIM4772 noise @30@60.mpg 05/18/2012 12:42 PM 15,810,359 HPIM4779 drop @75+.mpg 05/18/2012 12:51 PM 15,667,704 HPIM4786 noise @50.mpg 05/18/2012 01:05 PM 17,914,841 HPIM4793 hit @75- @95+.mpg 05/18/2012 01:07 PM 18,088,191 HPIM4794 drop @15 @75++.mpg 05/18/2012 01:32 PM 16,455,708 HPIM4801 noise @30- @55-.mpg 05/18/2012 10:30 PM 15,069,036 HPIM4849 bang bang @90.mpg 05/18/2012 @@@ 17 times <a name="20120520a06"> 2012-05-19 all day sign Morocco guestbook 2012-05-20 all day sign Argentina guestbook 05/20/2012 12:23 AM 15,436,864 HPIM4876 drop @10.mpg 05/20/2012 12:39 AM 16,196,038 HPIM4881 bang @55 midnight.mpg 05/20/2012 08:25 AM 16,271,631 HPIM4889 drop @10 @20 @70.mpg 05/20/2012 @@@ 5 times ]] <a name="20120520a07"> Above numbers are not continuous. LiuHH record and if not worth to keep, delete that number. 2012-05-20-20-50 2012-05-20-20-56 upstair drop object <a name="20120521a01"> 2012-05-21-02-15 start Now 2012-05-21-02-11 begin upload next 12,175,150 hpim4721.mpg , friction @05 18,088,191 hpim4794.mpg , drop @15 @75++ File creation date hpim4721.mpg 2012-05-18-09-14 hpim4794.mpg 2012-05-18-13-07 File creation location Apt.8 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA noise come from second floor Apt.24 <a name="20120521a02"> 2012-05-18 Friday morning 09:14 Apt.24 move object and create friction noise. Last about 30 seconds. Missed first 20 seconds, recorded last 10 seconds. Apt.24 vacuum clean their carpet once a week. That suggest Apt.24 has carpet. How to create such friction noise on a carpet? LiuHH can not imagine. Apt.24 make noise on purpose, they can do all possible modification. <a name="20120521a03"> hpim4794.mpg has noise at first 20 sec. and one drop at 75% time scale. Upstair has carpet. How can they drop object like drop on wooden floor? Everyday drop 30 to 50 times, it can only be explained as on purpose. Doing wood work in house provide an excuse. <a name="20120521a04"> Frequency of all kind noise is next period from 2012-01-01 to 2012-05-20 1. One bag load wood bars free fall to floor occur once at 2012-03-11-14-44 2. friction noise like hpim4721.mpg occur once about every three days. 3. drop noise like hpim4794.mpg occur every day many times. <a name="20120521a05"> LiuHH got one camera from brother. Use camera take furniture picture, upload to Craig list for sale. After sold most furniture, brother leave camera at LiuHH hands. Camera has motion record function. It record at most one minute and take another one minute to process file. During process file, camera can not record. This is a blind period. <a name="20120521a06"> Brother give LiuHH rechargeable battery. Every full charge use about one hour, thirty motion pictures, then battery low. Need recharge. Charge battery take about 90 minutes. This is also a blind period. Camera in service only 20% to 25% of the time. Probability of capture big hit big noise chance is 25% . <a name="20120521a07"> Actually, several big noise occurred during blind period and missed !! One big noise is Apt.24 two adults and one two years old boy play together, they talk laugh, drop big object six or seven times in one minute. Location is right on top of LiuHH computer. Missed. <a name="20120521a08"> If reader eye on Apt.24 and ignore other possibility, that is wrong !! Because all kind noise around LiuHH through out LiuHH 33 years U.S. resident. Reader should see deeper than Apt.24 <a name="20120521a09"> 1986-01-11 to 1986-06-01 LiuHH live at 115 Market Iowa City 3rd floor small room Three month winter time, heater generate water hammer noise. That is constant hit day and night, night and day. Small room dimension is about 3 meter by 4 meter. In other words, LiuHH can not walk away from water hammer noise. Water hammer is the worst noise in LiuHH experience. 2012-05-21-03-10 stop <a name="20120521a10"> 2012-05-21-04-03 start has a file 20120514th.txt, it record next [[ 2012-05-14-11-42 click View the Guestbook. 2012-05-14-11-51 page show up view source, save as c:\$fm\sign\sign101a\a105a168_th_long_recorded1.htm 05/14/2012 11:56 AM 6,095,076 a105a168_th_long_recorded1.htm ]] <a name="20120521a11"> LiuHH move a105a168_th_long_recorded1.htm away from because 6,095,076 is huge and a105a168_th_long_recorded2.htm is included. which is smaller size of same guestbook. LiuHH sign try to avoid other advertisement sign. But a105a168_th_* is signed right on other adv. <a name="20120521a12"> Zip files all do not contain sub-folders, which is not important. Drop sub-folders to save internet flow load. do not have readme file. I am tired. 2012-05-21-04-11 stop <a name="20120523a01"> 2012-05-23-00-02 start Following is 2012-05-22 noise record Noise location 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena CA U.S.A. Noise source from Apt.24 target at Apt.8 <a name="20120523a02"> 2012-05-21 Monday two years old boy come 2012-05-22 Tuesday two years old boy not come LiuHH think 2012-05-22 is a quiet day, but noise continue. 2012-05-22-11-02 upstair drop object 2012-05-22-11-03 upstair drop object 2012-05-22-11-04 upstair drop object 2012-05-22-11-30 LiuHH enter internet 2012-05-22-11-37 upstair drop object 2012-05-22-11-49 upstair drop object 2012-05-22-11-57 exit internet upstair busy drop now. <a name="20120523a03"> 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena CA U.S.A. Apt.24 neighbor drop object on top of Apt.8 Apt.24 neighbor dropped about one hour from 2012-05-22-11-00 to 2012-05-22-11-50 2012-05-22 Tuesday two years old boy not come 2012-05-22 Tuesday Apt.24 still drop. 2012-05-22-12-08 record <a name="20120523a04"> 2012-05-22-12-34 upstair drop heavy object 2012-05-22-12-36 upstair drop heavy object 2012-05-22-16-02 apt.24 group back 2012-05-22-16-11 apt.24 drop object 2012-05-22-16-51 apt.24 drop object <a name="20120523a05"> 2012-05-22-17-51 apt.24 drop heavy object 2012-05-22-17-55 decide upload hpim4320.mpg Apt.24 shake blanket. 2012-05-22-19-30 decide upload hpim3638.mpg Apt.9 let wind slam door @50 hpim3641.mpg Apt.8 wooden frame by unknown 2012-05-22-19-56 decide upload hpin4118.jpg second floor side walk view <a name="20120523a06"> 2012-05-22-18-22 enter internet 2012-05-22-18-22 in google find City of Gardena police department [[ Gardena Police Department Online Welcome to Gardena Police Department Online Welcome to Gardena Police Department Online. I feel extremely privileged to be the Chief of Police for the City ... 3 Google reviews 1718 West 162nd Street Gardena, CA 90247 (310) 217-9670 ]] <a name="20120523a07"> 2012-05-22-18-24 Gardena Police Department 1718 West 162nd Street Gardena, CA 90247 (310) 217-9670 2012-05-22-18-26 exit internet <a name="20120523a08"> Next is 2012-05-22 movie clip data 05/22/2012 10:44 AM 16,009,494 HPIM4973 drop @65.mpg 05/22/2012 10:46 AM 15,783,592 HPIM4974 drop @65-@80-.mpg 05/22/2012 11:03 AM 15,131,555 HPIM4982 drop @50 @70.mpg 05/22/2012 11:06 AM 15,290,800 HPIM4984 hit @20 @55.mpg 05/22/2012 11:08 AM 15,001,506 HPIM4985 hit @75.mpg 05/22/2012 04:03 PM 16,985,874 HPIM5016 apt24 group back.mpg 2012-05-23-00-08 here <a name="20120523a09"> 2012-05-23-00-00 begin upload next four files 03/18/2012 02:24 PM 8,380,683 hpim3638.mpg 03/18/2012 02:43 PM 13,287,963 hpim3641.mpg 04/27/2012 04:39 PM 18,013,852 hpim4320.mpg 05/22/2012 08:14 PM 614,572 hpin4118.jpg total 40,297,070 bytes, takes about 4 hours. 2012-05-23-03-30 done upload above hpi*.*pg Sister give me dial up service, so that I go online at Simi Valley, at Gardena, at anywhere. <a name="20120523a10"> hpim3638.mpg Apt.9 slam door at 50% scale hpim3641.mpg Apt.9 slam door at 80% scale hpim4320.mpg Apt.24 shake blanket drop dust hpin4118.jpg second floor side walk view. 2012-03-18 is a windy day. Apt.9 whole family left home at about 2012-03-18-13-00 and let door be unlocked. Strong wind blow door and slam door 60+ times in 4 hours. <a name="20120523a11"> hpim3638.mpg aim at Apt.9 door. At scale 50%, there is strong slam door, but door appears not rotate!! Out side is a metal security door. Inside is solid wood door. Inside wood door slam. <a name="20120523a12"> hpim3641.mpg aim at Apt.9 and Apt.10 . hpim3641.mpg start at Apt.8 window outside wooden frame. Which is built on 2012-03-03 by unknown person. wooden frame far side window is Apt.8 living room window-door. wooden frame near side window is Apt.8 kitchen window. <a name="20120523a13"> Apt.9 entrance cut a corner from Apt.8 kitchen. hpim3641.mpg has slam door noise at scale 80%. That moment camera did not aim at door. therefore, hpim3641.mpg can not replace hpim3638.mpg . Both hpim3638.mpg and hpim3641.mpg have strong wind sound. <a name="20120523a14"> hpim4320.mpg is today 2012-05-23 main goal Apt.24 shake blanket drop dust takes about two minutes. LiuHH recorded second one min. <a name="20120523a15"> hpim4320.mpg show Apt.24 shake blanket. drop dust. There are other drops. Few month earlier LiuHH walk back to Apt.8 saw Apt.24 mother broom sweep second floor dust to first floor ground. Few month earlier LiuHH in Apt.8 saw Apt.24 someone pour water on second floor side walk let water flow/drip to first floor ground. shake blanket, wipe dust, pour water at second floor are not welcome by any first floor resident. <a name="20120523a16"> wipe dust, pour water did not video taped. Only shake blanket is recorded. Their frequency is next. In six month period (LiuHH live at Apt.8 six month) wipe dust LiuHH saw once. pour water LiuHH saw twice. shake blanket LiuHH saw once. <a name="20120523a17"> How to describe second floor side walk? hpim3641.mpg wooden frame top is bottom side of second floor side walk. Picture show second floor side walk top side better than I explain with broken English. Inside apartment, floor has carpet. On the side walk, it is cement walk way. If second floor resident use broom and trash collector put dust to basket, that would be much nicer to first floor resident. 2012-05-23-01-07 here <a name="20120523a18"> Apt.24 drop more, Apt.8 upload more! I have many movie clips!! 2012-05-23-01-10 stop <a name="20120601a01"> 2012-05-31-23-53 start 2012 May LiuHH signed world guestbook, recorded in the following file 05/01/2012 07:20 PM 46,598 20120501en.txt English 05/02/2012 09:59 PM 46,001 20120502it.txt Italy 05/03/2012 11:11 PM 71,603 20120503se.txt Sweden 05/04/2012 08:54 PM 111,594 20120504eg.txt Egypt 05/05/2012 10:25 PM 50,688 20120505br.txt Brazil 05/06/2012 08:02 PM 135,130 20120506vn.txt Vietnam 05/08/2012 08:30 AM 51,928 20120507za.txt South Africa 05/08/2012 08:08 PM 112,634 20120508gr.txt Greece 05/09/2012 09:35 PM 97,296 20120509cl.txt Chile 05/10/2012 09:28 PM 63,863 20120510fi.txt Finland 05/11/2012 07:35 PM 41,384 20120511cd.txt Congo DRC 05/12/2012 11:06 PM 40,360 20120512al.txt Albania 05/13/2012 06:12 PM 24,026 20120513_wait4.txt revisit 05/14/2012 08:43 PM 104,610 20120514th.txt Thailand 05/17/2012 05:09 PM 10,187 20120515wk.txt record noise 05/17/2012 05:08 PM 3,096 20120516wk.txt record noise 05/17/2012 06:55 PM 6,152 20120517wk.txt record noise 05/18/2012 06:59 PM 6,974 20120518wk.txt record noise 05/20/2012 01:42 AM 78,468 20120519ma.txt Morocco 05/20/2012 04:34 PM 55,455 20120520ar.txt Argentina 05/21/2012 08:08 PM 77,586 20120521ua.txt Ukrainian 05/22/2012 06:26 PM 53,478 20120522ph.txt Philippines 05/24/2012 12:48 AM 36,358 20120523mg.txt Madagascar 05/25/2012 09:03 AM 42,847 20120524mx.txt Mexico 05/26/2012 12:22 AM 54,532 20120525at.txt Austria 05/27/2012 09:59 AM 93,408 20120526in.txt India 05/27/2012 09:00 PM 76,850 20120527in.txt India 05/28/2012 07:36 PM 47,616 20120528cu.txt Cuba 05/28/2012 08:59 AM 27,550 20120528sd.txt Sudan 05/29/2012 10:16 PM 66,592 20120529de.txt Germany 05/31/2012 12:12 AM 67,968 20120530de.txt Germany 05/31/2012 11:18 AM 34,979 20120531de.txt Germany 32 File(s) 1,837,811 bytes <a name="20120601a02"> When select guestbook, LiuHH prefer mathematics personal web site guestbook. Try to avoid commercial web site, Try to avoid organization web site. However, 20120511cd has most organization guestbook, because personal web site is rare. <a name="20120601a03"> When sign 20120528sd, feel it is hard to find guestbook, then change to 20120528cu But, 20120528cu still signed minimum. Next day, 20120529de has many mathematics personal web site guestbook. Continue to 20120530de and to 20120531de. But 20120531de meet difficulty again. 20120531 noon 12:00, sister come and same day guestbook sign stopped. 2012-06-01-00-19 stop <a name="20120601a04"> 2012-06-01-07-50 start When sign 20120514th, Liu,Hsinhan computer screen text font change to tiny size. LiuHH is 64 years old, can not read tiny text, have to use magnify glass to read guestbook message. <a name="20120601a05"> When sign 20120528cu LiuHH copy computer monitor screen save to picture file 05/28/2012 09:21 AM 208,968 why_text_size_tiny01.jpg From 20120514th to 20120528cu several times, guestbook show up one second normal font size, then auto change to mini size. On 2012-05-28 LiuHH found where to control font size. It is at MSIE 9.0 window lower right corner. Click change 75% to 100% return to normal size. But, why auto change to mini size?? <a name="20120601a06"> Next four days 05/17/2012 10,187 20120515wk.txt record noise 05/17/2012 3,096 20120516wk.txt record noise 05/17/2012 6,152 20120517wk.txt record noise 05/18/2012 6,974 20120518wk.txt record noise did not sign guestbook. LiuHH use HP camera record noise from Apt.24 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA, U.S.A. which is second floor. LiuHH Live at Apt.8 first floor to Apt.24 <a name="20120601a07"> Apt.24 child care a two years boy, let boy run and run, let boy drop object. Sometime Apt.24 adult also run and drop heavier object. These noise are special designed, target at Liu,Hsinhan. 2011-11-10 LiuHH come to Apt.8 14919 Normandie 2012-01-?? Apt.24 begin make noise. 2012-05-01 LiuHH start world guestbook sign. Making noise that is not because LiuHH sign world guestbook. that is because LiuHH anti-communism. Since about 1980-01 until now 2012-06-01 noise is always around LiuHH. <a name="20120601a08"> 2012-05-16 LiuHH upload 05/16/2012 04:22 PM 66,926 bioge006.htm 03/20/2012 10:41 AM 10,720,998 hpim3708.mpg yell drop @40+ 03/23/2012 11:47 AM 12,745,432 hpim3833.mpg noise 60sec 04/27/2012 03:05 PM 19,436,239 hpim4319.mpg boy down 05/08/2012 07:32 AM 8,183,439 hpim4378.mpg ma boy up ride Two years old boy up/down/noise <a name="20120601a09"> 2012-05-21 Monday, two years old boy come. 2012-05-22 to 2012-05-25 two years old boy did not come. 2012-05-28 Monday, holiday. 2012-05-29 two years old boy re-appear. Until today 2012-06-01-07-33 boy come. <a name="20120601a10"> LiuHH guess the following. 2012-05-16 LiuHH upload four mpg files. Prove it is true that Apt.24 child care two years old boy and make noise. Public opinion force noise designer stop one week. Just after a short while, noise designer re-start making noise. During one week stop period. It is adult force drop very heavy object. <a name="20120601a11"> 2012-05-15 to 2012-05-18 four days LiuHH record noise and stop guestbook sign four days. Now, Apt.24 noise continue and world guestbook sign continue. If I full time record noise and stop sign guestbook, that is exact what noise designer hoped. <a name="20120601a12"> Reader will see year-month-day-hour-minute noise record frequently, but video recording unlikely. Although LiuHH still work part time record noise. 2012-06-01-08-36 here <a name="20120601a13"> Before I write readme_20120531.txt 2012-05 world guestbook sign record file size is next 05/31/2012 10:18 PM 11,419,054 05/31/2012 10:21 PM 38,054,598 <a name="20120601a14"> has html and text files. do not have sub-folders has html and text files and sub-folders. <a name="20120601a15"> LiuHH upload to sub-folders are not important, smaller file size, reduce internet data flow. 2012-06-01-08-48 stop <a name="20120608a01"> 2012-06-08-19-39 start Today upload four mpg files. They are 05/26/2012 11:04 PM 15,650,464 hpim5266.mpg 06/04/2012 01:45 PM 20,438,741 hpim6102.mpg 06/06/2012 07:40 AM 14,432,027 hpim6214.mpg 06/07/2012 04:39 PM 20,877,622 hpim6391.mpg Date/hour is file creation date/hour. LiuHH did not modify mpg files. date/hour do not change. <a name="20120608a02"> Explain as following. 2011-11-10 Liu,Hsinhan come to Apt.8 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA, U.S.A. help sister sell Apt.8 About 2012-Jan, upstair Apt.24 begin make noise. They have two excuses. One is child care a two years old boy. Two is manufacture style in home wooden bar work. <a name="20120608a03"> Child care please see hpim4378.mpg ma,boy up hpim4319.mpg boy down hpim3708.mpg yell,drop hpim3833.mpg noise 60sec In home wooden bar work please see movewood.mpg movewood down hpin4165.jpg move bag material hpin4397.jpg electric drill <a name="20120608a04"> 2012-05-13 LiuHH first time upload Apt.24 mpg and jpg files. 2012-05-13 is a border line. Before 2012-05-13, Apt.24 make noise as much as they want. After 2012-05-13, Apt.24 gradually make less moise. But never stop noise. <a name="20120608a05"> hpim5266.mpg date 2012-05-26-23-04 hpim5266.mpg is a group people jump at Apt.24 From 0% to 50%, it is smaller noise. From 50% to 70%, it is big noise. Apt.8 ceiling vibrate. //Apt.8 has a cricket. You can hear Apt.24 talk laugh. Apt.24 has parents and two 18/20 young man. hpim5266.mpg is four plus another three or four visitor. Total seven or eight people jump. Meeting about three hours. Jump about 20 minutes. <a name="20120608a06"> hpim6102.mpg date 2012-06-04-13-45 At scale 80% to 95%, two years old boy run. Before 2012-05-13, two years old boy run continuously two or three minutes, break five minutes, run again three minutes, everyday one or two hours do so. <a name="20120608a07"> After 2012-05-13, Apt.24 know LiuHH is recording and know LiuHH camera record up to one minute. Then boy run is sudden run 10 seconds, stop few minutes, again sudden run 10 seconds. LiuHH turn on camera try to capture noise, most time one minute record nothing and erase. hpim6102.mpg is recorded by surprise. <a name="20120608a08"> hpim6214.mpg date 2012-06-06-07-40 2012-06-06-07-34 mother bring two years old boy to Apt.24 From common sense, a mother will tell baby sitter to keep quiet, not to bother neighbor. 2012-06-06-07-40 LiuHH heard Apt.24 has goodby voice. Turn on camera, record to hpim6214.mpg . scale 30% drop one object. scale 70% mother walk down. <a name="20120608a09"> LiuHH can not explain hpim6214.mpg with common sense. Can you? 2012-06-06 is an extra noise day. Usually 15:00 father come pick up boy. 2012-06-06-17-12 mother come pick up boy. Stay extra two hours. Usually father and one older boy come pick up two year old boy. 2012-06-06-afternoon two or three boy come at 14:30 they make noise until 17:12 <a name="20120608a10"> hpim6391.mpg date 2012-06-07-16-39 hpim6391.mpg is apt.24 roll and drop heavy object at scale 70% 85% Before 2012-05-13, hpim6391.mpg style drop every day several times. After 2012-05-13, hpim6391.mpg style drop about once or twice a week. LiuHH feel 2012-06-07-16-39 drop is a reserve-drop-right style drop. <a name="20120608a11"> 2012-04-14 Saturday Apt.24 move finished "product" to ground and test assemble similar to 2012-05-12 Saturday record hpin4397.jpg electric drill <a name="20120608a12"> 2012-06-02 Saturday Apt.24 has extra busy in-house work. LiuHH guess they may move finished "product" to ground LiuHH hope take a movie record. Apt.24 count same point, they guess LiuHH will take a movie record. 2012-06-02 Apt.24 did not move finished "product" to ground <a name="20120608a13"> but they go up/down many times to see LiuHH window. LiuHH wide open curtain see outside clearly. It is two way, apt.24 also see LiuHH set up camera clearly. Actually, Apt.9, Apt.10 ..... every one see LiuHH wide open curtain but they do not hear Apt.24 noise. 2012-06-08-20-55 stop <a name="20120608a14"> 2012-06-08-22-35 start Start from 2012-05-13 apt.24 reduce drop gradually. Now hpim6391.mpg style drop about once or twice a week. hpim6214.mpg style drop about seven to ten times a week. But group jump is new after 2012-05-13. 2012-06-08-22-40 stop <a name="20120610a01"> 2012-06-10-08-18 apt.24 drop heavy object right on top of LiuHH head 2012-06-10-08-22 LiuHH found Apt.24 move new material to upstairs and LiuHH begin take picture 2012-06-10-08-30 Apt.24 mother come knock door. <a name="20120610a02"> She say "Why do you take picture of us?" LiuHH say "You do industry work here, that is not right. I collect evidence ask other you are right or I am right." <a name="20120610a03"> She say "We do this (move in/out) just once a month." LiuHH say "you drop heavy object several times everyday." <a name="20120610a04"> She say "You should tell me, let me know." LiuHH say "Drop heavy object create impact noise, bother other resident, you should know that. No need me tell you." <a name="20120610a05"> She say "I do not feel noise." LiuHH say "You free fall a bag load wood, how can you not feel noise?" <a name="20120610a06"> She say "I take care of a one year old boy, he has no shoe, what can I do?" LiuHH say "you let him run and run everyday." 2012-06-10-08-33 Apt.24 mother left LiuHH continue movie record. <a name=hpimlist> <a name="20120614a01"> 2012-06-14-20-42 start 2012-06-09 Saturday, Apt.24 resident at 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA, U.S.A. ship finished commercial product and move many thing out of Apt.24. From hpim6491.mpg to hpim6530.jpg record moving out. Apt.24 has four family member. Parents and two sons age around 18/20. 2012-06-14-20-50 Apt.24 hit object. <a name="20120614a02"> 2012-06-09 record has a 20 years old lady, guess she is project manager or assistant. hpin6513.jpg move out a long metal rod. This is a surprise material to LiuHH. 2012-06-09 LiuHH change battery, missed few minutes. Record is not complete. <a name="20120614a03"> 2012-06-10 Sunday 08:10 to 08:40 Apt.24 move in new material. hpin6548.jpg record a plastic body model stand. LiuHH saw body model several times, only 2012-06-10 record as image file. Not only plastic body model. Real model come to Apt.24 several times. Earliest in LiuHH's memory is on 2012-03-01. hpim5502.mpg record two ladies by surprise. 2012-05-29-10-04 has a row of four ladies walk down. HP camera 60 sec. limit record only first two. <a name="20120614a04"> Today 2012-06-14 upload main motivation is hpim6811.mpg & hpim6813.mpg & hpim6814.mpg Three movies record three person come to Apt.8 front garden look for non-trash drop. <a name="20120614a05"> hpim6813.mpg record two year old boy father come to Apt.8 front yard find non-trash. LiuHH walk to glass door asked "Hello, do you need help?" He wave hand mean no need help. hpim6813.mpg record LiuHH back view. LiuHH front view has many, liuhh001.jpg to <a name="20120614a06"> Apt.24 is second floor resident. LiuHH live at Apt.8 which is first floor condo. Apt.24 drop trash to Apt.8 at will. LiuHH saw 1. slow falling candy wrap paper. 2. fast falling thicker than needle size wood bar debris. 3. fast falling marble. 4. lay on tree food bag. Only stationary 4th has record hpin6399.jpg Saw falling trash, it is not possible to video record. <a name="20120614a07"> hpim6811.mpg & hpim6813.mpg & hpim6814.mpg are strong suggestion that Apt.24 throw trash to Apt.8 at will. When they find out it is non-trash, they come to Apt.8 look for non-trash. LiuHH cross the wall, goto garden, but see only tree leaves. Not see any non-trash. Apt.24 mother is first one sweep dust to Apt.8 see hpim6563.mpg . How can other younger not do so? 2012-06-14-21-39 here <a name="20120614a08"> 2012-06-14-21-53 start hpim6740.mpg and hpim4320.mpg both are Apt.24 shake blanket dust to ground. When record hpim4320.mpg LiuHH guess shake blanket dust is rare case. When record hpim6740.mpg LiuHH must think shake blanket dust is frequent event. hpim6740.mpg capture only last few seconds. hpim6740.mpg has second floor Apt.29 view. From 2012-06-11 to 2012-06-14 worker come four days. <a name="20120614a09"> Today 2012-06-14 Apt.29 has new curtain block big glass door. Guess Apt.29 is sold and ready for rent. Sister told LiuHH that two years old boy parents live at Apt.29 one year ago. They move to two miles away another apartment. 2012-06-14-22-05 stop <a name=event26a01> 2012-06-08-22-47 start event26 2012-06-08-16-59 condo buyer agent Fatima Blasey Shalluf come. Fatima take picture of this condo. Apt.8 14919 S. Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA 90247 Buyer26 did not come. Only agent come. 2012-06-08-17-12 Fatima left 2012-06-08-22-51 stop <a name=20120616a01> 2012-06-16-09-58 agent and buyer27 come Didi Rayman femal agent Keller Williams cell: 310-927-**** buyer is a male about 40 years old Didi say she will call seller agent Gloria again. 2012-06-16-10-03 agent and buyer27 left <a name=20120618a01> 2012-06-18-01-20 start 2012-06-13 to 2012-06-16 signed Spanish guestbook. 2012-06-17 try sign Norwegian guestbook, but can not get web page. Guess monthly data flow reached limit. <a name=20120618a02> 2012-06-17-11-04 our sale condo agent Gloria come and meet sister. Gloria told us that buyer27 offered purchase price and hope transfer ownership in 17 days. Gloria told LiuHH: "You are going to move out soon." Gloria asked sister sign many paper. 2012-06-17-12-48 Gloria left <a name=20120618a03> LiuHH told buyer agent Fatima and told seller (our) agent Gloria that we have a new neighbor. Both Fatima and Gloria are happy to see baby hamming bird and both take picture of baby bird with mobil phone which has small lense. Because 2012-06-17 <a name=20120618a04> LiuHH can not sign world guestbook. LiuHH spend two hours wait for chance to take bird picture with HP camera which has much larger lense that mobil phone. Right now 2012-06-18-01-38 uploading [[ hpin6878.jpg: 324699,2012-06-17-10-05 baby hamming birds at Gardena, Cal. hpim6939.mpg: 13835038,2012-06-17-18-13 mother feed baby hamming birds ]] <a name=20120618a05> Fatima and Gloria and LiuHH all three like to see baby hamming bird, LiuHH decide upload hpin6878.jpg and hpim6939.mpg to Many bird lover may also like to collect. <a name=20120618a06> hpin6878 has a leaf block left bird beek. Leaf is two arm away, LiuHH use a long handle broom tie a fork. Let fork bite leaf and twist handle removed leaf. hpim6939.mpg is a complete view without leaf block. <a name=20120618a07> hpim6939 end up with wild run. because mother hamming bird fly close to LiuHH see what I am doing and bird chirp. LiuHH hope to capture this scene too, but get only wild run. 2012-06-18-01-46 stop <a name=20120621a01> 2012-06-21-07-14 Apt.24 may sue LiuHH 2012-06-21-06-30 morning, second floor Apt.24 bed room has five to six drop noise wake up LiuHH. LiuHH quickly pick up camera and record to Record last drop, but this drop noise is covered by LiuHH fast moving noise. <a name=20120621a02> LiuHH continue record, no drop and erase several times until Still not record drop. Apt.24 know LiuHH may be ready recording, they just sudden drop many, then no drop, let LiuHH unable to record. <a name=20120621a03> both hpim7242.mpg and hpim7248.mpg have spring noise. This is first time Apt.24 drop several object in bed room at early morning. Clearly on purpose, pave the road to sue LiuHH. <a name=20120621a04> LiuHH need to know what they do after drop object at bed room. LiuHH wait at front window door, on 2012-06-21-06-43 recorded apt.24 walk down <a name=20120621a05> 2012-06-21-06-44 Apt.24 head knock LiuHH door. He say: "Do you know take film of other that is illegal?" Liu say: "Why do you drop object several times and wake me up?" <a name=20120621a06> Apt.24 avoid drop object question, he say: "I will call police." Liu say: "You call." Apt.24 head walk away. LiuHH continue record Apt.24 activity to 2012-06-21-07-41 stop <a name=20120621a07> 2012-06-21-06-45 Apt.24 group (three) left. Apt.24 told Apt.28 that LiuHH movie record their activity. 2012-06-21-07-45 Apt.24 group back. They meet Apt.25 chairman of village board, they point to LiuHH camera and tell Apt.25 chairman that LiuHH movie record their activity. Exit and back, Apt.24 meet neighbor on time exactly. 2012-06-21-07-49 stop <a name=20120621a08> 2012-06-21-08-40 start Sister's Apt.8 condo may be sold in seventeen days. That is LiuHH is about to leave 14919 Normandie Ave. Gardena. 2012-06-21 event clearly started by Apt.24 early morning drop_on_purpose. 2012-06-21 event look like Strike LiuHH before LiuHH go. 2012-06-21-08-43 stop <a name=20120621a09> 2012-06-21-08-46 Police come knock LiuHH door at Apt.8 14919 S. Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA 90247 Police business card has Police Department Presented by Officer Evans 310-217-9600 DR# Inc-154 6/21/12 1718 West 162nd Street City of Gardena. CA 90247-3732 <a name=20120621a10> Police say: "Do you rent this house?" LiuHH say: "My sister own, I come help her." Police say: "How long you lived here?" LiuHH say: "Six month or seven month." <a name=20120621a11> Police say: "Why take picture of Apt.24?" LiuHH say: "Apt.24 drop heavy object this morning and wake me up. I video record what they are doing." Police say: "They make noise, you should audio record. Take picture can not record noise." LiuHH say "I do not have one penny, I can not buy audio recorder." Police say: "Will your sister help you buy audio recorder?" LiuHH say "No, my sister is poor too." <a name=20120621a12> Police say: "Show me your ID." LiuHH give driver's license to police. LiuHH say "I upload all evidence to Internet. Please go here see my recording." LiuHH write '' on a father's name card and hand this card to police. Police say: "No I do not go to Internet. I do not need your Internet address." Police copied LiuHH ID and give ID back to Liu. <a name=20120621a13> Police say: "If you take picture again. Court will give you a constraint order. After that order, taking picture will get you in trouble." 2012-06-21-08-53 police left 2012-06-21-09-23 done record <a name=20120621a14> 2012-06-21-14-21 start About audio recorder, it has following conversation. Approximately one month ago. LiuHH told sister Apt.24 make noise, I use camera movie clip function to record noise, which is awkward. because I need audio recording, all video data has no use. <a name=20120621a15> I need continuous recording. LiuHH told sister "If you buy an audio recorder for me, I can collect better evidence." Sister keep silent, not reply. That is same as "no money" answer. <a name=20120621a16> 2012-06-21-14-30 here We may sell Apt.8 condo in two weeks. We need move all belonging out of Apt.8 About storage room, sister has earlier opinion. LiuHH and sister go to brother house at Bakersfield, assemble three metal plate room. But buyer27 come to Apt.8 at any time, we must present and can not go to Bakersfield (150 miles from Gardena) Later sister say, rent a 5 ft by 5 ft storage room to store all belonging. <a name=20120621a17> Sister has recent opinion. 2012-06-21-13-15 sister say she think in Bakersfield brother two acre land back yard assemble three metal plate room and build (another) over all cover on top of three metal plate room to block heat. We always worry store father paper document under severe sun light in Bakersfield, may let document become brittle quickly. 2012-06-21-14-46 Apt.9 heavy hit. <a name=20120621a18> LiuHH has no opinion, any one choice we have are not pleasant. metal plate room in Bakersfield sun light let paper brittle quickly. Store in mini storage room, if other unit get fire, all units spray water. <a name=20120621a19> Store in mini storage room can be either burned or water spray damaged. Sister rent mini storage experienced fire damage once. That is total loss. All sister master thesis paper are gone. 2012-06-21-14-53 stop <a name=20120621a20> 2012-06-21-15-06 Apt.24 bring two years old boy down to front yard, meet Apt.12 and Apt.28, they look at LiuHH set up camera. Guess Apt.24 try to get village public opinion support Apt.24 (against LiuHH) 2012-06-21-16-03 record <a name=20120621a21> 2012-06-21-16-05 start About bang bang 4 LiuHH old opinion was that bang bang gun shot noise come from bird- expelling equipment. Start from 2012-06-0? LiuHH paid attention to 14903 Normandie Ave. Gardena parking lot entrance. Each time bang bang occur there is a car in or out. bangban4.mpg does indicate this view point. <a name=20120621a22> Bang bang new explanation is that 14903 Normandie Ave. parking lot entrance generated gun shot like noise. It is too loud bang than it should be. LiuHH still guess this too loud bang is special designed for LiuHH's residence. 2012-06-21-16-11 stop <a name=20120624a01> Date:2012-06-24-11-54, Location: Bakersfield, CA brother back yard First chicken house right side and done. Second chicken house left side. 2012-06-24 LiuHH,brother,sister,sister-in-law set up columns 2012-06-30 Liu's brothers/sisters will build roof, wall and floor. This chicken house is built to store Liu,Hsinhan father and mother belongings. Our parents pass away, Liu's brothers/sisters are not able to store parents belongings in a residential room. Sister decide build second chicken house. Expect on 2012-07-05 sell Apt.8 at 14919 S. Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA 90247. We must move every thing to chicken house before July 5. Liu,Hsinhan 2012-06-24-20-27; <a name=20120630a01> From Huge dust curtain around LiuHH to Liling has worse living environment than LiuHH 2012-06-30-21-09 start About 2012-06-30-15-50. Liu,Hsinhan and brother, sister, sister-in-law work at brother back yard. A small car (越野車) drive around LiuHH at distance 30 meter to 50 meter create a huge dust curtain around LiuHH. Detail as following. <a name=20120630a02> Brother and sister-in-law live at Bakersfield north-west off-city limit farm land. Brother has two acre land. We build second chicken room at back yard north-west corner. Two acre land is a square area. North side has one neighbor. He has one acre land. East side is street. Cross street, it is two acre empty land. South side is three acre empty land. West side and north neighbor's west side is three or four acre empty land. We four build chicken house, progress to build roof. <a name=20120630a03> About 2012-06-30-15-50 two small car (越野車) park at west side street, it is about 100 meter away. Guess two car two rider instruct third car rider start from thirty meter north of our working point, sudden high speed drive toward south west. Car drive path is a straight line from north east to south west. Distance most close to chicken house is about 30 meter. <a name=20120630a04> Fast moving car on desert like ground, create huge dust curtain. About 100 meter long, 20 meter high, wind blow direction send many dust to four of us. First dust drive, LiuHH know no thing and not react. After first dust drive, LiuHH realize this is action on purpose target at LiuHH. <a name=20120630a05> About 2012-06-30-16-12 one car drive same path as first time, create second huge dust curtain blow to four of us. Brother,sister,sister-in-law all witness two dust curtains. <a name=20120630a06> This moment LiuHH is working, immediately LiuHH drop work, run to camera, pick up camera record huge dust scene. But too quick action, LiuHH press camera button twice, on and immediately off. I do not know I turned off movie record function until I play. Missed, no movie clip in hand. But LiuHH has deep exclamation. In Gardena, all kind noise around LiuHH. In Bakersfield huge dust blow to LiuHH. Both target at down grade LiuHH living environment. <a name=20120630a07> Dear reader, you see LiuHH record many detail, you know LiuHH has down grade living environment complain. Dear reader, do you know what happen to Liu,Hsinhan wife Chen,Liling? That is, do you think Liling get better living environment than LiuHH? or worse? <a name=20120630a08> LiuHH suggest the following: If Chen,Liling still alive, Liling's living environment is NOT better than LiuHH living environment, or Liling get worse living environment. <a name=20120630a09> Liu,Hsinhan guess the following, 2010-02-25 Chen,Liling had car collision and Liling was sent to hospital. //guess 2010-02-27 LiuHH heard David speak loudly "SHE IS GONE" //FACT 2010-03-01 LiuHH heard Landlord say //FACT "Amber just had surgery." real word is "Liling just had surgery." (not die) <a name=20120630a10> Dear reader, please verify, whether 2010-02-25 Chen,Liling had car collision? If it is true, then compare the following: Chen,Liling trouble event "SHE IS GONE" Liu,Hsinhan avoid-risk event Change route //no trouble occur ever. <a name=20120630a11> If Liling went to hospital is true, then Liling has worse living environment than LiuHH. (LiuHH goto hospital not occur) Liu,Hsinhan guessed wife Liling was forced to suicide. About Liling suicide LiuHH guess words in English LiuHH guess words in Chinese Liu,Hsinhan is unable get any information about wife Chen,Liling. LiuHH guess is arbitrary. <a name=20120630a12> Because LiuHH has site. Liling do not. has world attention, but Liling do not. Today 2012-06-30 main point is that if Liling is alive, Liling has worse living environment than LiuHH. <a name=20120630a13> Dear reader, please go ask Liling and compare with LiuHH living environment. Thank you. 2012-06-30-22-08 stop. 2012-06-30-23-13 Apt.24 drop object 2012-06-30-23-19 Apt.24 drop object <a name=20120706a01> 2012-07-06-17-36 start Following is 2012-07-01 to 2012-07-05 key event record. Sister sell condo change owner on 2012-07-05-13-00 2012-07-01 LiuHH and sister pack all belonging to boxes. <a name=20120706a02> 2012-07-01-19-37 access this is Liu,Hsinhan home town Yingshan web site. 2012-07-01-19-43 sign guestbook at main point hope to contact to LiuHH aunt, LiuHH mother's younger sister. Possibly fail sign guestbook. <a name=20120706a03> 2012-07-01-19-54 sign in to account //drop uppercase Write letter to aunt's elder son. 2012-07-01-19-59 send email Your message has been sent. but [[ <a name=20120706a04> me, Mail (2) 請姨父、姨媽打電話給鑫漢 美國 3one0+6one7+one707 謝謝 - Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: Technical details of Jul 1 2012-07-05-01-31 Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: ]] <a name=20120706a05> 2012-07-02-07-21 write (in Chinese) Chen,Liling received absolute ill fate. Please voice support Chen,Liling. 2012-07-02-08-11 upload to <a name=20120706a06> 2012-07-02 sister rent a mini storage 5ft by 5ft to store sister immediately need belongings. After rent this one, sister has 5ft by 5ft storage (LiuHH name) and 5ft by 10ft storage (sister name) and 5ft by 5ft storage (2012-07-02 rent) Next month close LiuHH name storage. 2012-07-02 LiuHH and sister move boxes to 5ft by 5ft storage. <a name=20120706a07> 2012-07-03-10-00 sister go to CityBank withdraw money and deposit $440 to Bank of America LiuHH's account let LiuHH pay 2012-07 rent $390.00 <a name=20120706a08> 2012-07-03-10-10 sister buy day quil for LiuHH. 2012-07-01 LiuHH begin non stop running nose. 2012-07-02 LiuHH cough severely. 2012-07-03 LiuHH need drive truck, must be not sick. sister buy day quil. day quil is effective, LiuHH drink day quil and flu reduced. <a name=20120706a09> 2012-07-03-10-28 LiuHH and sister arrive U-Haul Gardena office. 2012-07-03-11-00 LiuHH and sister upload boxes to U-Haul truck. <a name=20120706a10> 2012-07-03-15-00 LiuHH and sister drive U-Haul truck to mini storage to carry more boxes to brother's place. sister add gas. to U-Haul truck. sister paid $40 for U Haul gasoline. (total add $56 gasoline at $3.7?/gallon) <a name=20120706a11> 2012-07-03-15-58 LiuHH and sister start trip from Gardena to Bakersfield (150 miles) LiuHH called brother we start on 16:00 expect arrive brother's place 20:00 <a name=20120706a12> 2012-07-03-19-55 LiuHH and sister arrive brother's place at Bakersfield. brother build second chicken house is almost done, only no door. This second chicken house is a all side closed house with one door. LiuHH park U-Haul truck next to second chicken house door side. we did not download boxes, because the sky is dark. <a name=20120706a13> 2012-07-04-06-?? sister, sister-in-law, brother wake up, they go to second chicken house and download boxes from U-Haul truck to second chicken house LiuHH eat night time medicine, 2012-07-04-07-28 LiuHH wake up, after wash face, drink, 08:00 sister-in-law come back to kitchen, sister-in-law say brother, sister-in-law, sister already moved all boxes from U-Haul truck to second chicken house. <a name=20120706a14> 2012-07-04-10-45 LiuHH drive U-Haul truck sister drive her car both left brother and sister-in-law place. We add gasoline first. Sister paid $16 for U Haul gasoline. (total paid $56 for U Haul gasoline) 2012-07-04-11-00 LiuHH and sister arrived Bakersfield U Haul office. Return U-Haul truck to U-Haul Office. <a name=20120706a15> 2012-07-04-11-20 LiuHH and sister start trip from Bakersfield to Gardena. 2012-07-04-14-?? LiuHH and sister arrived Gardena. LiuHH and sister begin move Apt.8 boxes to mini storage room. 2012-07-04-19-00 sister go to sister's room. <a name=20120706a16> 2012-07-05-01-29 2012-07-05-01-30 sign in to account Did not find U.S. President reply mail. [[ 2012-06-25 LiuHH send mail to United States President, LiuHH ask U.S. President tell LiuHH where is Liu,Hsinhan wife Chen,Liling. ]] <a name=20120706a17> 2012-07-05-01-44 send request to receive [[ Thank You! Thank you for contacting the White House. ]] <a name=20120706a18> 2012-07-05 request is next [[ Dear United States President Please tell Liu,Hsinhan where is Liu,Hsinhan wife Chen,Liling. Please call LiuHH at 3one0+6one7+one707 Thank you. Earlier document Liu,Hsinhan 2012-07-05-00-20 <a name=20120706a19> 親愛的美國總統,請您告訴 劉鑫漢,鑫漢的妻子陳麗玲 現在何方?請您打電話給劉 鑫漢 3one0+6one7+one707 謝謝您。略早文件存於 劉鑫漢敬上 2012-07-05-00-20 ]] 2012-07-05-01-50 upload 2012-07-05 request to <a name=20120706a20> 2012-07-05-07-00 begin pack last belonging 2012-07-05-09-?? LiuHH sister bring belonging to mini storage 2012-07-05-15-15 LiuHH sister left 14919 Normandie Ave. permanently Sister go to supermarket buy food for LiuHH first. <a name=20120706a21> 2012-07-05-15-33 LiuHH sister start drive left Gardena 2012-07-05-16-35 to 2012-07-05-16-50 LiuHH sister stop at Da-Hwa supermarket buy dumpling and fast food. 14919 S. Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA 90247 <a name=20120706a22> 2012-07-05-17-20 LiuHH sister arrive 2505 Cloverleaf Lane where LiuHH rent a room. LiuHH and sister meet landlord, chat a while. 2012-07-05-17-57 sister left. go back to Gardena. <a name=20120706a23> 2012-07-05-20-?? Sister meet buyer27 at Apt.8 14919 S. Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA 90247 Sister give all keys to buyer27 <a name=20120706a24> Above is 2012-07-01 to 2012-07-05 key event record. Sister sell condo at Apt.8 14919 S. Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA 90247 News report say the house market is at its lowest point now. Although we sell at lowest time. But <a name=20120706a25> we are better than other neighbor. Apt.29 for closure by bank Apt.17 for closure by bank Apt.4 for closure by bank Apt.3 bank action 2012-07-06-19-00 stop <a name=20120708a01> 2012-07-08-15-56 start 2012-07-07-00-02 begin upload next five files 06/28/2012 09:54 AM 18,114,363 hpim7509.mpg 07/05/2012 11:23 AM 12,690,276 hpim7650.mpg 07/06/2012 11:29 AM 12,091,400 hpim7676.mpg 07/06/2012 11:33 AM 14,825,337 hpim7678.mpg 07/06/2012 11:42 AM 13,702,361 hpim7681.mpg 2012-07-07-07-11 done upload above five files LiuHH use dial-up, slow. <a name=20120708a02> Explain as next Date 2012-06-28-09-54 Location Apt.8 14919 S. Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA 90247 North side window. Baby hamming bird fly away from nest. LiuHH is lucky, recorded this fly away moment. My first bird record on 2012-05-18-09-32 It is mother bird sit in nest, not build nest. <a name=20120708a03> Date 2012-07-05-11-23 Location Apt.8 14919 S. Normandie Ave. Gardena, CA 90247 On 2012-07-05-13-00 Apt.8 change owner from sister to buyer27. LiuHH take the last chance record 14919 S Normandie Ave. scene. Other 14919 resident may like to keep this movie clip. 2012-07-05 morning, there is a helicopter fly around for more than one hour. The moment taking movie, helicopter enter sight by chance. <a name=20120708a04> Date 2012-07-06-11-29 Location 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063. LiuHH rented room. hpim7676.mpg main point is initial 30 seconds (total 60 sec.) 0 to 5 sec. is landlord computer desk. then in hall way see LiuHH room, laundry room. LiuHH bought Econofood box in Iowa City. I use this box for dirty cloth. After laundry room it is third bedroom, half second. Third bedroom was landlord daughter room. Now empty. <a name=20120708a05> After third bedroom, it is wash room. Since third bedroom empty, only LiuHH use wash room and toilet. hpim7676.mpg show Acer computer on bed. Aspire 5750Z-4830 On 2012-07-05-17-20 LiuHH back to 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063. 2012-07-06-11-29 video record my room. My room is still in mess up condition. <a name=20120708a06> Date 2012-07-06-11-33 Location 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063. LiuHH rented room. hpim7678.mpg main point is book shelf. Brother gave LiuHH a metal book shelf. It was used in Gift Bazaar as office document shelf. (Brother owned Gift Bazaar ten years in Simi Valley CA) <a name=20120708a07> hpim7678.mpg show LiuHH boxes pile high to ceiling. hpim7678.mpg show room has narrow space for just one chair. No room for second. hpim7678.mpg show HP computer and monitor on desk. HP pavilion a255c and Envision EN-710 <a name=20120708a08> Date 2012-07-06-11-42 Location 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063. LiuHH rented room. hpim7681.mpg main point is LiuHH bed, computer back side wiring and chicken yard and its gate. From computer back side, you can see ABS win98 computer back view. Its front panel is in a hard to reach place. LiuHH has no choice. <a name=20120708a09> Before 2011-11-10 each time upload file, use 1.44 floppy disk transfer file from HP computer to ABS computer, hard to reach and do it everyday. Start from 2012-07-08 LiuHH use Acer computer access Internet. Replace ABS computer. Before read all ABS data, ABS will stay on desk for a while. <a name=20120708a10> LiuHH window hang curtain and large size towel for 11 years. Before video record, LiuHH removed curtain and towel to get enough light. 2012-07-07-08-30 landlord left for two days trip. 2012-07-08-16-38 landlord back. LiuHH use this period to clean up room. Room scene change a little. 2012-07-08-17-24 stop <a name=20120708a11> 2012-07-08-20-37 start Liu,Hsinhan will upload next five pictures 07/08/2012 07:55 PM 254,121 hpin7602.jpg 07/08/2012 08:23 PM 224,210 hpin7605.jpg 07/08/2012 06:29 PM 172,911 hpin7697.jpg 07/08/2012 07:02 PM 173,854 hpin7698.jpg 07/08/2012 07:24 PM 191,214 hpin7703.jpg Explain as next <a name=20120708a12> Date 2012-07-04-08-31 Location Bakersfield, CA north-west rural brother house north- west corner. Right side open building is first chicken house. Left side close building is second chicken house. Liu,Hsinhan father and mother belonging store in these chicken houses. LiuHH do not have one penny income, LiuHH do not have one penny saving. LiuHH is unable to store parents belongings in regular resident. Chicken houses are build by brother, sister. Mother pass away on 1983-09-13 at Washington D.C. Father pass away 2011-11-10 at Gardena CA. a107081932 <a name=20120708a13> Both chicken house main engineer is brother. First chicken house (right side) roof use 10 ft. aluminum plates. Two sides 20 ft. Center is higher and left side has 7 or 8 inch not used which is cut off when build second house. Second chicken house (left side) roof use 8 ft. aluminum plates. It appears not as wide as first. Second house depth is one ft longer than first house. First chicken house ground is earth. Second chicken house ground has 50 brick 空心磚 stand then floor-wooden-plate on top. Let storage boxes be eight inch higher than earth. Wait for future big wind, big rain, big flood for wind, leak water, flood test. <a name=20120708a14> Date 2012-07-04-08-34 Location Bakersfield, CA north-west rural brother house north- west corner. Left side close building is built 2012-06 to 2012-07. On 2012-06-30-15-50 one small car 越野車 run start from right side of photo 30 meter far away than chicken house, car run to left side of picture about 150 meter away. Car run cause big dust curtain about 100 meter long, 20 meter high, wind blow direction send many dust to chicken house building LiuHH, brother, sister, sister-in-law. On 2012-06-30-16-12 second huge dust curtain blow to us. a107081958 Please see dust curtain document. <a name=20120708a15> Date 2012-07-08-11-21 Location 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063. LiuHH rent a room. This is LiuHH dinner table and chair. 99% time place food tray on bed, sit on folding chair. 1% time eat at kitchen dinner table. a107081802 1% time eat at kitchen dinner table, that happen only if landlord be out of town. hpin7697.jpg sit on hall way eat is a special case. It is hot, hall way has natural wind. <a name=20120708a16> Date 2012-07-08-11-23 Location 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063. LiuHH rent a room. This is LiuHH room door. Landlord give me an electrical blanket and an electrical fan. Summer time turn on fan drive cold air from out side to inside. a107081835 <a name=20120708a17> In hpin7698.jpg five shelf plastic frame and desk and folding chair and bed and electrical fan are all supplied by landlord. Computer monitor come from father. Father's computer is under desk. Father pass away on 2011-11-10, LiuHH inherit some of father's belonging. <a name=20120708a18> Date 2012-07-08-11-26 Location 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063. LiuHH rent a room. This is LiuHH wash room and toilet room. Two pile books sit in rooms. They are old computer software manual and old computer books. LiuHH will send them to trash. a107081906 <a name=20120708a19> Shower tub is my food storage, drinking water storage and food trash storage. Avoid ants enter bed room. When take shower, move every thing to outside. Thank landlord did not rent third bed room to other. 2012-07-08-21-12 stop <a name=20120715a01> 2012-07-15-14-53 start Liu,Hsinhan declare that LiuHH do not have one penny income for 20+ years. and LiuHH do not have one penny saving for 20+ years. but <a name=20120715a02> Dilute group may announce the following In 1985-11, Some company offered job to Liu,Hsinhan, but LiuHH did not take this job. In 1991-08? Mr. Lu offered job to LiuHH, but LiuHH did not take this job. <a name=20120715a03> Dilute group may announce that Liu,Hsinhan Bank of America account has few hundred ($800.+) balance. //2012-07-15-07-02 walk to Jones supermarket //withdraw $40 from Bank of America ATM //found balance is $866. and start record Liu,Hsinhan explain the following <a name=20120715a04> In 1985-11, a spark company offered job to Liu,Hsinhan, but LiuHH did not want become explosion expert and LiuHH did not take this spark company job. <a name=20120715a05> In 1991-08? Mr. Lu offered job to LiuHH, that is a programmer work. However, about five years earlier, Professor Edward Haug give a project to LiuHH, which is to solve door stress and strain distribution. This door hinges deviate five degrees from vertical. LiuHH use Nastran and spend two months, Liu was unable to solve this door <a name=20120715a06> problem. Prof. Haug project proved that LiuHH do not have the capability to use computer to solve problem, therefore 1991-08? LiuHH did not take Mr. Lu offered programmer job. Give up two, then no more. Result is that LiuHH do not have one penny income for 20+ years. (before 1986? LiuHH had TA job) <a name=20120715a07> Next explain LiuHH do not have one penny saving for 20+ years. Sister deposit money to LiuHH bank account as early as 198? when LiuHH was in U. Iowa and no TA job. <a name=20120715a08> Sister deposit money let LiuHH pay rent and buy food to sustain life. Buy car for LiuHH and see doctor, health care for LiuHH are stopped five or six years ago. Liu,Hsinhan Bank of America account has balance $800.+ , LiuHH can pay rent and buy food. Other needs, brother buy for LiuHH, ABS computer and Acer computer and camera. Sister buy for LiuHH, foods and external hard drive. etc. LiuHH do not have one penny saving for 20+ years is in fact true. LiuHH can not use balance $800.+ freely. <a name=20120715a09> Liu,Hsinhan declare no income, no saving. Dilute group announce LiuHH had job offer and LiuHH has bank account balance $800.+ Both are right. Depend on how one explain. 2012-07-15-15-28 stop <a name=20120930a01> about 2012-09-30-17-30 LiuHH, brother, sister go to storage room. one four wheeler car drive near by create huge dust curtain and wind blow dust toward us. //2012-11-11-11-28 four wheeler run //2012-11-13-11-22 make up record //sister:"four wheeler";brother:"ATV".a202131006 //LiuHH guess ATV=Anywhere Travel Vehicle <a name=20121018a01> Whose shoe? 10/18/2012 05:59 PM 342,281 hpin8086.jpg <a name=20121018a02> 2012-10-18-17-41 start Photo date: 2012-10-18-15-17 ; Location: 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063 U.S.A. Picture taken by: Liu,HsinHan. This is a pair of woman shoe. It placed at a place where it is not designed to put shoe. Liu,HsinHan ask reader help observe the following person. Liu,HsinHan's relative in mainland China 四川營山 Liu,HsinHan's friend who live in Taiwan. Liu,HsinHan's friend who live in the U.S.A. Liu,HsinHan is unable to fabricate any story from this photo of shoe on stool and ask reader for help. Thank you. 2012-10-18-17-50 <a name=20121019a01> Liu,Hsinhan skin ill. <a name=20121019a02> 2012-10-19-15-13 start Above is a photo about Liu,Hsinhan back one inch below waist. Ill skin should started few weeks ago, no pain, no itch and LiuHH never know there is skin problem. About 2012-10-19-10-55 found underwear print and paid attention to ill skin. If Liu,Hsinhan has money, simply go to see doctor and no need upload photo to Internet. But LiuHH <a name=20121019a03> do not have one penny and brother/sister both poor. Liu,Hsinhan do not expect brother/sister send LiuHH to skin doctor. Now upload photo, let public evaluate whether this is small problem or sign of big problem. Sister scheduled let LiuHH see free clinic doctor on 2012-10-26. (Liu's family can only afford free clinic) Sister's goal is to measure blood pressure and bone density etc. Not expect ill skin. 2012-10-19-15-26 stop <a name=20121106a01> cut off mouse and keyboard 2012-11-06-14-36 start Liu,Hsinhan HP computer self cut off mouse and keyboard from computer. This is first happen since 2004-07-25 bought HP computer <a name=20121106a02> Liu,Hsinhan ask reader pay attention to the following 1. public opinion about Liu,Hsinhan. 2. World Trade Center murderer capture condition. 3. Chinese communist recent activity. <a name=20121106a03> Liu,Hsinhan guess above three focus points may relate to HP computer self cut off mouse and keyboard. Please do not be surprised ask "why?" because Liu,Hsinhan's computers are all remote control computer, even if off line. <a name=20121106a04> HP computer behavior record is next [[ 2012-11-06-11-33 screen freeze few second release few second then screen freeze few second release few second and active window jump up or jump down at its will. 2012-11-06-11-34 open task manager find explorer.exe use cpu time 2% while idle process use 98% <a name=20121106a05> 2012-11-06-11-36 in task manager close explorer.exe then all desk top disappear 2012-11-06-11-40 but no help. freeze and jump continue 2004-07-25 buy HP pavilion a255c computer strange behavior begin about 2005 when Liu,Hsinhan sign mainland China guestbook/forum <a name=20121106a06> 2012-11-06-11-41 restart computer immediately, same buzz as few minutes ago 2012-11-06-11-45 notepad window sudden jump from line 1069 to line 799 2012-11-06-12-05 HP pavilion a255c computer auto cut off mouse and keyboard from computer. only unplug power cable to turn off computer ]] <a name=20121106a07> Above is 2012-11-06 event. Next record force Liu,Hsinhan use HP pavilion a255c computer. Liu,Hsinhan input Chinese text. HP computer WindowsXP installed Twinbridge Chinese input software version 6.0 (for WinXP) <a name=20121106a08> Twinbridge software is very user friendly. About 2012-January, brother bring Acer Aspire 5750Z-4830 to LiuHH. This Acer Windows7.0 is LiuHH main computer since 2012-January. Windows7.0 has Chinese words input capability, but it is not user friendly. Input speed very slow. <a name=20121106a09> 2012-10-10 LiuHH ask sister buy Twinbridge Chinese input software version 6.5 (for Win7.0) 2012-10-25 Liu,Hsinhan received Twinbridge version 6.5 2012-10-25-21-55 LiuHH install Twinbridge version 6.5 to Acer Win7.0 computer. But LiuHH always get Win7.0 input method and never get Twinbridge input bar. <a name=20121106a10> 2012-10-30-10-14 LiuHH access can not solve my problem. 2012-10-30-23-52 send eml to ask Twinbridge why Twinbridge version 6.5 not work on my computer? <a name=20121106a11> 2012-11-01-20-48 2012-11-03-23-38 twice sign in to liu_hhh at but no Twinbridge reply mail. The only option LiuHH can choose is use HP WinXP Twinbridge 6.0 input Chinese. Force me use HP WinXP and cut off mouse and keyboard from computer. Liu,Hsinhan's Chinese web page may be slow down. <a name=20121106a12> 2012-10-29-15-35 begin write document for Liu,HsinHan must use Twinbridge to input Chinese document. 2012-11-06-15-10 stop <a name=20121107a01> 2012-11-07-22-26 start Only Here 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063 Liu,Hsinhan can stay safely at 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063 Here and Only Here <a name=20121107a02> On 2012-10-09-21-05 Liu,Hsinhan phone call 011-86-817-823**** This is LiuHH aunt (mother's younger sister) home phone number. Aunt husband answered phone. LiuHH said "My name is Liu,Hsinhan may I talk to aunt Chiang,Hsundee?" 我是劉鑫漢,請問姨媽蔣訓迪在嗎? Other side answered "My name is Hsu,Dinghwa Aunt pass away on 2010-10-10" 2012-10-09-21-20 hang up <a name=20121107a03> Few hour after call, Liu,Hsinhan realize why aunt Chiang,Hsundee pass away on 2010-10-10. Above is first event. On 2012-10-18 whose shoe, this is second event. Two event let LiuHH deep think for few days. <a name=20121107a03> Before two events, LiuHH illusion is that LiuHH's recover northern land speech may be parallel to mainland China popular opinion. Please see local For this parallel interest, if LiuHH go back to mainland China, LiuHH may not be in danger. (WRONG) But if LiuHH go to Mongolia, LiuHH expect death. Please pay attention to one point: In mainland China, no one say recover northern land. <a name=20121107a04> After two events, LiuHH realize that if LiuHH go back to mainland China, LiuHH must die. Next question is what happen if LiuHH go to Taiwan? Now, Taiwan and mainland are linked by commercial airplane. Communist agent is free to enter Taiwan. LiuHH must die in mainland China, then if LiuHH go back to Taiwan, every one should expect the worst. <a name=20121107a05> Next question is what happen if LiuHH move within U.S.A.? LiuHH live in Simi Valley since 1992-10 until now 2012-11-07 2003-04-11 brother move from Simi Valley to Bakersfield, both in southern Calif. That time brother buy-land agent is an Ukrainian immigrant. If 2003-04-11 LiuHH follow brother move to Bakersfield, brother's agent may find a rent-room for LiuHH, guess the landlord may come from eastern European. <a name=20121107a06> If LiuHH landlord come from eastern European or come from mainland China, LiuHH may get ill fate. Therefore, if LiuHH move within U.S.A. Eastern European or mainland China land lord will offer good chance. If step in, LiuHH will get big trouble. <a name=20121107a07> After all consideration, Here and Only Here, LiuHH is safe. LiuHH landlord is an Ireland descendent. 2012-11-07-23-15 stop <a name=20121108a01> Mother photo mother01, mother02 ; local 01, 02. <a name=20121108a02> 2012-11-08-09-12 start This is Liu,Hsinhan's yima, mother's younger sister. 2009-07-14-19-05 LiuHH write letter to yima. Main point is to inform yima about mother's rest in peace address. On 2009-10-03-21-45 LiuHH sign guestbook to ask mainland web user help forward letter to yima. <a name=20121108a03> On 2009-12-07 LiuHH (Simi Valley, CA, USA) receive yima letter (mainland China 四川營山) 2009-12-08-20-29 LiuHH write reply letter to yima. 2009-12-09-10-16 send letter to brother & sister. Both brother & sister say no, LiuHH did not send letter to yima. <a name=20121108a04> 2009-12-13-09-30 receive yima second letter. Nearly same as first one. Difference is second letter included yima photo and yima home phone number. yima photo is next URL (display above) <a name=20121108a05> After open second letter, same day LiuHH got sick. Eye become red and back pain, can not stand, can not sit. Lay on bed few days. Yima photo back side has signature. Yima's surname is blurred before LiuHH open mail. 2012-11-08-09-33 stop <a name=20121108a06> Liu,Hsinhan mother Chiang,Duanzon 蔣端容 rest in peace address is Washington National Cemetery 4101 Suitland Road, Suitland Maryland 20746 Site 6, Section V (Panel) Lot 7A <a name=20121109a01> 2012-11-09-19-47 start Earlier paper say that in U.S. there are protection group and dilute group. Protection group protect Liu,Hsinhan from trouble. Dilute group dilute Liu,Hsinhan's influence. Because protection group is stronger than dilute group, so Liu,Hsinhan's breath continue to now. <a name=20121109a02> LiuHH is President Chiang,Kai-shek policy follower. Chiang's policy is a real Chinese citizen's view point. Liu,Hsinhan said that if LiuHH go back to mainland China, LiuHH must die. <a name=20121109a03> Now there is an interesting question worth reader deep think. If today, 2012-11-09, Liu,Hsinhan go back to mainland China, is there a protection group stand up in mainland China, offer Liu,Hsinhan a safe environment? If yes, what is their force compare with Chinese communist? Please think. <a name=20121109a04> Above answer is a measurement of what degree communist China is evilized? 2012-11-09-19-57 stop <a name=20121113a01> 2012-11-03-07-48 put Pawclock icon to C:\Users\SJ\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup 2012-11-12-16-08 put pawclock icon to start up folder deleted immediately 2012-11-12-16-11 put pawclock icon to start up folder <a name=20121113a02> 2012-11-13-08-55-00 restart computer pawclock auto open, but it is "08:58:" instead of "08:58:00" 2012-11-13-10-18 turn off acer computer 2012-11-13-10-55 start up folder paw clock icon is deleted re-put paw clock icon to start up folder 2012-11-13-10-57 turn off acer computer 2012-11-13-10-58 re-open acer computer paw clock show up <a name=20121127a01> 2012-11-27-17-41 start There are four dust curtain record. 1, 2012-06-30-15-50 full length dust curtain 2, 2012-06-30-16-12 full length dust curtain 3, 2012-09-30-17-30 full length dust curtain 4, 2012-11-11-11-28 dash ten yard then run north three times, someone drive four wheeler near by and create long huge dust curtain wind blow dust direct toward Liu,Hsinhan. <a name=20121127a02> Location is Bakersfield north west rural area. Brother house back yard. All three LiuHH did not have time record. Fourth time, LiuHH recorded 11/11/2012 11:28 AM 15,205,795 HPIM8158.MPG <a name=20121127a03> 2012-11-10-17-40 LiuHH and sister arrive brother house. 2012-11-12-07-50 LiuHH and sister left brother house. <a name=20121127a04> 2012-11-11-11-28 sister work in storage room, picture is next brother work outside of storage room. LiuHH stand near by. Two four wheeler come again. One observe, one run near by create dust curtain. LiuHH recorded in hpim8158.mpg <a name=20121127a05> Dust creator dash about ten yard then sudden turn north run away from camera. Guess observer called dust creator to go away. Therefore hpim8158.mpg record just sharp turn with dust and run away. Next time LiuHH record full length dust curtain, LiuHH upload that record to Internet, not upload hpim8158.mpg. 2012-11-27-17-57 stop <a name=20121127a06> 2012-11-27-18-07 start 2012-11-22-12-45 LiuHH and sister arrive brother house. 2012-11-25-11-00 LiuHH and sister left brother house. <a name=20121127a07> 2012-11-24-11-?? LiuHH and sister work in brother house two acre back yard. This time no body drive four wheeler, no dust curtain. But someone burn trash and wood nearby. Heavy smoke blow right over LiuHH. Very thick smoke. Yard work period about one hour. Smoke fly period about ten minutes. Liu,Hsinhan have no comments, just record fact. 2012-11-27-18-17 stop <a name=20121127a08> 2012-11-27-23-13 start Liu,Hsinhan and wife Chen,Liling have same fate. Liu,Hsinhan get down grade living environment, LiuHH guess wife Liling too, Liling get down grade living environment. LiuHH has a web site, LiuHH can announce recent news, but Liling do not have such publish channel. Liu,Hsinhan ask reader pay attention to Chen,Liling living environment. Thank you. 2012-11-27-23-18 stop <a name=20130102a01> 2013-01-02-22-28 start Record several recent event as next. 2011-11-21 LiuHH install scanner program and get "SmarThru 4\ImageEditor.exe" ImageEditor.exe work ok for few month. 2012-08-22 LiuHH open ImageEditor.exe modify picture file in ImageEditor.exe allow user choose jpg file's resolution (mspaint not) <a name=20130102a02> 2012-08-22 ImageEditor.exe work OK 2012-11-someday open ImageEditor.exe get operating system error message "so and so error, can not open program" 2012-12-25 LiuHH told sister that scanner program ImageEditor.exe stop work. LiuHH ask sister click open ImageEditor.exe see the error message, sister clicked and no error, program ImageEditor.exe work normal. <a name=20130102a03> 2013-01-02-22-55 LiuHH click open program ImageEditor.exe , it work normal. When a program stop work? When a program start work? that is NOT under my control. <a name=20130102a04> 2012-12-07-18-52 Liu,Hsinhan's computer delete Pawclock icon from startup folder right under LiuHH watch. Delete Pawclock icon occurred many times. <a name=20130102a05> 2012-12-08 Liu,Hsinhan's computer MSIE stop respond to javascript function. <a name=20130102a06> 2012-12-19-10-47 found logictt2.htm has QiftP{B,A}, but LiuHH write function in the form P___Q() not Q___P() LiuHH did not write function QiftP{), then LiuHH did not use the string "QiftP". <a name=20130102a07> 2013-01-02-20-36 LiuHH upload file fmb2012L.htm to get upload error Receive error Blocking call cancelled LiuHH disconnect from Internet, re-do dial up, second time upload success. <a name=20130102a08> 2013-01-02-20-42 access home page get Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage Trouble trend is going on. <a name=20130102a09> Dear reader, do you like Liu,Hsinhan's computer program? If you like them, please stand up speak for Liu,Hsinhan, otherwise, you may not get future LiuHH computer program. <a name=20130102a10> What is future LiuHH computer program? Please see earlier old program list at <a name=20130102a11> Ask who? LiuHH live in Simi Valley, California. LiuHH's ISP is and is a U.S. company. Suggest reader ask U.S. government "Can Liu,Hsinhan continue write computer program?" "Can Liu,Hsinhan continue upload program to Internet?" Thank you for your help. 2013-01-02-23-16 <a name=20130212a01> 2013-02-12-21-16 start Early record say [[ After open second letter, same day LiuHH got sick. ]] This is not exact. It is not same day. It is two days later. <a name=20130212a02> 2013-02-12 afternoon LiuHH find the following record, which give more accurate dates. [[ 2009-12-13-09-33 open yima second letter 2009-12-15-13-?? I begin have back sour and left eye ball internal bleeding whether open letter, hand touch yima picture, my finger absorbed strange powder then begin ill? look like impossible, but time sequence match correctly. ]] <a name=20130212a03> 2013-02-12-21-21 start Sister-in-law cried (or almost cried) 2006-05-19 morning, brother had heart operation in Bakersfield, San Juaquin Community Hospital. After operation brother take medicine everyday to control heart condition. 90% operation fee paid by insurance, 10% fee paid by brother. 2011 both brother and sister-in-law exceed 60 years old. insurance fee increased 30%. Brother can not afford, 2011-01 stopped health insurance. <a name=20130212a04> On 2013-01-31 brother take medicine for heart blood vessel expansion. After take medicine, brother feel faint or weak. Lay on chair can not move. sister- in-law thought big trouble is here and do not know how to help. sister-in-law cried or almost cried. Sister-in-law ask brother to move finger, brother did. sister-in-law ask brother say few words, brother did and speak clearly. (stroke person can not move finger, can not speak clearly) sister-in-law ask brother should she call 911 for help? Brother say no. <a name=20130212a05> 2013-02-07 Liu,Hsinhan and sister arrived brother house. Brother work/act normally. LiuHH and sister and sister-in-law all feel brother 2013-01-31 trouble may be a signal of next big trouble. Sister-in-law can not ask brother go to see heart doctor. Sister and LiuHH both know we do not have one penny, brother can not go see heart doctor. What is future? we do not know. 2013-02-12 Liu,Hsinhan record this fact. 2013-02-12-21-47 stop <a name=20130212a06> 2013-02-12-21-58 start Two weeks ago, LiuHH paid attention that LiuHH left eye see object, covered light white fog. Night time, if walk from bright bed room to dark rest room. left eye see object brighter, right eye see object darker. If it is sign of eye big trouble, reader should expect activity slow down or stop someday in the future. <a name=20130212a07> Earlier record about Liu,Hsinhan skin ill. The updated condition is skin return to normal. Still do not know what is the cause. 2013-02-12-22-15 stop <a name=20130220a01> 2013-02-20-14-52 start from 2013-02-20-10-42 to 2013-02-20-14-35 LiuHH walk from room at 2505 Cloverleaf Ln Simi Valley to department store buy SDHC card. LiuHH observe the following three events 1. 2013-02-18 upload tutc0056.htm to 02/18/2013 06:19 PM 118,444 tutc0056.htm <a name=20130220a02> 2. exact 2013-02-20-14-00 LiuHH walk from Jones supermarket at Tapo Canyon & Cochran toward east along Cochran north side. About 14:03 saw a fire engine park at Cochran St. north street side with red light flash. LiuHH walk cross Cochran continue walk toward east along Cochran south side. At nearest point. One of Cochran residential building front yard has an ambulance back out to street. LiuHH look at south side house number is 4130 Cochran street. <a name=20130220a03> 3. 2013-02-20-14-32 walk to Parade Ave. and Border Street T intersection. Parade Ave. north end both east side and west side front yard two gardeners mow lawn. One already start few minutes ago, other one start mow lawn when LiuHH walk to nearest point. Liu,Hsinhan just record above three facts and do not have any comments. 2013-02-20-15-10 stop <a name=20130310a01> 2013-03-10-16-12 start Recent few days, Liu,Hsinhan try solve computer Chinese input problem. Before solve, LiuHH input Chinese in old computer. They are 1. ABS WinXP computer, bought 2003-05-26 from ABS computer. 2003-06-09 receive. 2003-06-14 set up and use. //1998-08-25 bought ABS Win98 computer. 2. HP WinXP computer, bought 2004-07-25 from Frys. ABS WinXP auto shut down power. HP WinXP freeze mouse pointer, auto jump 100 lines in notepad and in MSIE. <a name=20130310a02> To solve ABS WinXP auto shut down power problem, LiuHH guess change to another operating WinXP and change to another hard disk will get rid off shut down power virus. From 2004-06-01-15-20 to 2004-06-01-16-49 LiuHH goto Staple Office Supply 2880 Cochran Street Simi Valley CA 93065 to buy Maxtor internal hard drive 160GB $139.98 Window XP home edition full function $199.99 plus tax total $364.62 <a name=20130310a03> Above Staple purchase recorded in in wk930601.txt for purchase record. in wk930603.txt for install record in wk930603.txt record 93,06,03,12,34 computer shut down that is 2004-06-03-12-34 ABS WinXP computer shut down. <a name=20130310a04> Because ABS WinXP computer still shut down. 2004-07-25 LiuHH bought HP WinXP computer, from Frys. Because HP WinXP computer freeze mouse pointer, at the cut paste very moment auto jump 100 lines. Let LiuHH risk loss 100 line useful data if not pay attention to sudden jump. <a name=20130310a05> 2013-03-07-12-40 start find WinXP CD which LiuHH bought from Staples Office supply. This time install WinXP CD to HP computer. 2013-03-09-03-30 get next message [[ Primary Master Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. Status Bad. WARNING: Immediate back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive. A failure may be imminent. ]] This "Status Bad." is forever on new installed HP computer. <a name=20130310a06> From 2013-03-09-03-30 to now 2013-03-10-16-51 each time turn on new installed HP computer the is about 2.5 to 3 minutes monitor blank dark period. Hard drive running non-stop. When new installed HP computer wake up, if move folder window, or move notepad window, window ghost shadow show up. That suggest new installed HP computer memory is nearly saturated. But by who? LiuHH do not know. <a name=20130310a07> New installed HP computer has mouse pointer freeze event. Notepad page jump once. This is brand new WinXP, only install one program Twinbridge 6.5 which is Chinese input program. LiuHH can not use Acer Win7 computer to run Twinbridge 6.5, because 64 bit Win7.0 computer reject 32 bit Twinbridge 6.5 The following is partial working record. 2013-03-10-17-05 stop <a name="win1XP01"> 2013-03-09-12-20 record from HP computer install WinXP to 60GBytes hard drive, now put 60GBytes hard drive to newer HP WinXP computer idle two minutes before show WinXP screen. 2013-03-09-12-21 record <a name="win1XP02"> 2013-03-09-12-25 record HP WinXP new installed computer pop up [[ Let's activate Windows To help reduce software piracy, please activate your copy of windows now. Activation over the internet is quick and easy. You don't need to give your name or other personal information when you activate windows Do you want to activate windows now? * yes, let's activate windows over the internet now. <a name="win1XP03"> * yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate windows. * No, remind me to activate windows every few days If you wait to activate, you can use windows, but you will receive periodic reminders. After 30 days you must activate windows before you can continue to use it. Microsoft is committed to your privacy. For more information, read the windows product activation privacy statement. To continue, click next. ]] <a name="win1XP04"> 2013-03-09-12-35 click * yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate windows. [[ generate new installation activate windows by phone Just four steps and you're done ... Step 1 Select your location Step 2: call a number below to speak with a customer service representative: Toll-free number Toll number Step 3: provide the customer service representative with the following installation ID 055621-983930-516626-649152-749211-246276-909661-536062-****** <a name="win1XP05"> //LiuHH repeat with shorter line 055621-983930-516626-649152-749211- 246276-909661-536062-****** (Click change product key only if requested to do so by the customer service representative ) Step 4: type the confirmation ID that the customer service representative gave you A B C D E F G to continue, click next ]] <a name="win1XP06"> 2013-03-09-12-45 choose location United States get Toll-free number 888-571-2048 Toll number 716-871-2929 <a name="win1XP07"> 2013-03-09-12-55 call 1-888-571-2048 LiuHH give him 055621-983930-516626-649152-749211- 246276-909661-536062-****** LiuHH get 101794 a 142176 b 242534 c 476116 d 784535 e 457124 f ****** g 2013-03-09-13-05 hang up <a name="win1XP08"> 2013-03-09-13-07 in HP WinXP computer click "next" get Thank you. 2013-03-09-13-07 in HP WinXP computer click finish <a name="win1XP09"> 2013-03-10-17-29 LiuHH note: although LiuHH paid $199.99 bought WinXP from Staples Office Supply on 2004-06-01 Microsoft still ask customer to call and activate Windows XP, otherwise, it work only 30 days. This method stop user from buy one copy WinXP and install to two or more off-line computers. 2013-03-10-17-33 <a name="win1XP10"> 2013-03-09-14-02 re-do install Twinbridge C:\_receive\paid\twinbridge\v6.5CD\Install.exe 2013-03-09-14-05 new installed HP WinXp still freeze mouse few seconds 2013-03-09-14-08 restart computer 2013-03-09-14-20 new installed HP WinXp still jump notepad pages 2013-03-09-14-35 new installed HP WinXp do not read sleep button <a name="win1XP11"> Why turn on computer, Twinbridge 6.5 open many program? 2013-03-10-12-45 md "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\link0" 2013-03-10-12-46 Move many Twinbridge 6.5 program from startup folder to "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\link0" <a name="win1XP12"> What programs move out from startup folder ? see next 2013-03-10-12-49 dir "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\link0" Volume in drive C has no label. Volume Serial Number is CC04-522C <a name="win1XP13"> Directory of C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\link0 03/10/2013 11:45 AM [DIR] . 03/10/2013 11:45 AM [DIR] .. 03/09/2013 02:05 PM 1,343 Custom IME Generator.lnk 03/09/2013 02:05 PM 1,352 IME Dictionary Manager.lnk 03/09/2013 02:05 PM 1,343 Meta Converter.lnk 03/09/2013 02:05 PM 1,343 Single Byte Converter.lnk 03/09/2013 02:05 PM 1,343 Super Code Converter.lnk 03/09/2013 02:05 PM 1,336 System Configuration.lnk 6 File(s) 8,060 bytes 2 Dir(s) 58,718,130,176 bytes free <a name="win1XP14"> 2013-03-10-13-09 install c:\_receive\pawclk29.exe to HP new WinXP 2013-03-10-17-40 done record <a name="20130320a01"> 2013-03-20-11-10 start Background information for non-Chinese reader. Republic of China government (now in Taiwan province) lead all Chinese and Chinese troop to fight Japan. But Russia build puppet 'Chinese' communist (cc) never fight Japan. cc carry out Russia order (International order 國際命令)to topple Chinese government. cc corporate with Japan and cc attack Chinese troop. <a name="20130320a02"> Under Japanese attack and under Russia international trick. Resist-Russia and resist-Japan Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese Central move out of mainland China and settle at island Taiwan province. Mao.Tsedong thank Japan for jp invasion. Chou,Enlai thank Japan for jp invasion. Three million Chinese brave soldiers are disgraced by communist and no one praise three million soldier. It is un-thinkable from any other country citizen view point. <a name="20130320a03"> Liu,Hsinhan hope to see a resist-Russia, resist-Japan Chinese Central government. But after President Chiang,Kai-shek. NO resist-Russia and resist-Japan Chinese Central government. LiuHH hope to see one, but in fact not exist now. What to do? LiuHH draw a bubble Chinese Central. Raise Chinese Central banner and post Chinese national policy : Resist-Russia , Resist-Japan , Broad love , World peace. 2004-08-15 first time upload Chinese Central banner. <a name="20130320a04"> Recent Liu,Hsinhan activities. 2013-02-18-20-47 LiuHH watch movie Brave Hero Thousand Years 英烈千秋 2013-02-20-20-22 LiuHH watch movie Eight Hundred Brave Soldiers 八百壯士 Both are Chinese soldier defend Japanese invasion troop. <a name="20130320a05"> 2013-02-21 LiuHH designed a //褒揚狀 Chinese Central Government Citation for seventy years ago three million Chinese brave soldiers LiuHH also designed a //責成令 Chinese Central Government Executive Order to all Chinese province governments and county/city governments. <a name="20130320a06"> 2013-02-22 published citation and order. 2013-02-25 uploaded Wang,JinWei comparison Mr. Wang,JinWei is high rank officer in Chinese Nationalist Party (known as KMT) Wang status is lower than Dr. Sun,Yatsen Wang status is higher than Chiang,Kai-shek. Dr. Sun,Yatsen pass away on 1925-03-12 <a name="20130320a07"> During fight Japan war 1931-1945 period, initially Wang, Chiang work together. Japan start build puppet government in Japan occupied Chinese soil. 1937-12-13 Japan invade capital Nanking. 1938-12-20 Wang,JinWei arrived Honei 河內 1939-05-31 Wang,JinWei arrived Japan. 1939-06-26 Wang,JinWei arrived ShangHai. 1940-01-23 Wang,JinWei build Nanking central under Japanese rule. 1944-03-?? Wang,JinWei goto Japan hospital and 1944-11-10 Wang,JinWei die in Japanese hospital. 1945-08-10 Japan surrender. <a name="20130320a08"> 2013-02-25 uploaded Wang,JinWei comparison Wang,JinWei compare with Mao,Tsedong 1. Russia has red-army, Mao,Tsedong build 'Chinese' red-army. //ccha03.htm Compare, Japan has royal-army, Wang,JinWei did NOT build 'Chinese' royal-army. <a name="20130320a09"> 2. Russia has soviet political structure. Mao,Tsedong build 'Chinese' soviet puppet 'government'. //milu0017.htm local Compare, Japan has sky-empire political structure. Wang,JinWei did NOT build 'Chinese' sky-empire political structure. <a name="20130320a10"> 3. IMPORTANT COMPARISON Russia use international order and few advisor's words accomplished push Mao build 'Chinese' red-army and build 'Chinese' soviet puppet 'government'. Compare Japan use forty to fifty thousand troop to pressure Wang,JinWei and send Wang to Japan hospital for political instruction. But tons troops and hospital environment did not change to Wang's yield. Finally Wang,JinWei die in Japan hospital. <a name="20130320a11"> Above Wang,JinWei compare with Mao,Tsedong. Below Wang,JinWei compare with Lee,Denghwei. Republic of China president sequence is President Chiang,Kaishek, next Yan,Jiagan, next Chiang,JinGuo next Lee,Denghwei. Lee,D.H say he is a Japanese before 20. (Japan occupied Taiwan for 50 years) <a name="20130320a12"> 4. //fourth comparison start Japan use best medical equipment to keep Lee,Denghwei life. (Lee has heart ill) Compare with 1944-11-10 Wang,JinWei die in Japan hospital. //milu0026.htm Why Wang,JinWei cannot have Lee,Denghwei same level Japan care? What principle Wang insist that angered Japan? <a name="20130320a13"> 5. Movie "Brave Hero Thousand Years" 英烈千秋 central role General Chang 張自忠將軍 receive Chinese Central order to take the city mayor job in Beiping City, after Japan occupied this city. Goal is to stop Japan slave to take the same seats. Compare with Wang,JinWei take the job of Japan occupied Nanking government chief. <a name="20130320a14"> If it were fake-Japanese take Nanking government chief position, will fake-Japanese die in Japan hospital? If it were fake-Japanese take Nanking government chief position, what is the Japan influence to occupied Chinese soil? Compare with Russia occupied Chinese soil, what is Russia influence to Chinese there? //hint: Lenin is all Chinese 'ancestor' //Stalin is all Chinese 'grand-pa', //ALL Russian are Chinese 'big brother' //Russia is all Chinese 'socialist mother //nation'. Can you achieve one millionth //what Russia did? <a name="20130323b01"> 2013-03-23-17-27 start During Japan invasion, all Chinese stand up fight Japan troop. This period 'Chinese' communist behavior very strang, 'Chinese' communist shout loudly "Guard Soviet Union". Dear reader, can you imagine that during Hitler attack Moscow, Russian shout loudly "Guard China" ? That is unbelievable. But the opposite is VERY TRUE !! If same traitor group raise in your country, how do you feel? 2013-03-23-17-32 here <a name="20130323b02"> Following is date and source in Chinese 1931-09-18 Japan troop invade China 1931-09-22 'Chinese' communist announce "guard Soviet Union" 1931-12-29 communist international order "guard Soviet Union" "ccha"=Chinese Communist History first_book (A) 2013-03-23-18-03 stop <a name="20130321a01"> 2013-03-21-05-51 start Because of WangJW, all Chinese 'ancestor' is not Japan king. Because of WangJW, all Chinese 'grand-pa' is not Japan war lord. Because of WangJW, Chinese 'big brother' is not all Japanese. Because of WangJW, Chinese 'expansion-list mother nation' is not Japan. YET All Chinese say Wang,JinWei is a traitor. No one Chinese say Mao,Tsedong is a traitor. 2013-03-21-05-57 stop <a name="20130320a15"> Above is all of Liu,Hsinhan comments about Wang,JinWei comparison. After 1938-12-20 Wang,JinWei exit from China, many Chinese consider Wang,JinWei is a traitor. After Japan loss the war, ALL Chinese consider Wang,JinWei is a traitor. What this mean? This mean that Liu,Hsinhan's Wang,JinWei comparison opposite to ALL Chinese view point. Liu,Hsinhan think Wang,JinWei comparison is important and deeper view is important. LiuHH upload Wang,JinWei comparison but did not draw conclusion. <a name="20130320a16"> What is the Chinese public reaction? LiuHH never know any thing. Because LiuHH is totally isolated. But LiuHH guess that Chinese public reaction against LiuHH. Because LiuHH observe the following <a name="20130320a17"> 2013-03-20-00-?? start, LiuHH look for early paper "The Lonely Soldier" 孤兵 2013-03-20-02-01 LiuHH include "The Lonely Soldier" to During work //not connect to Internet before 2013-03-20-02-39 freeman1.htm show banner17.jpg (work off line) after 2013-03-20-02-39 freeman1.htm NOT show banner17.jpg (work off line) <a name="20130320a18"> The code is next. <img src= onerror='src="banner17.jpg"' > 2013-03-20-03-03 upload freeman1.htm to . Page OK, online freeman1.htm show up banner17.jpg <a name="20130320a19"> 2013-03-20-09-55 LiuHH walk to Albertson to buy food. 2013-03-20-09-58 LiuHH pass Simi Valley Canterbarry Lane road side small park. A mother and a retard daughter sit in park. About ten feet away from LiuHH. <a name="20130320a20"> 2013-03-20-10-01 LiuHH pass Simi Valley 5143 Cochran Street the Arc of Ventura County. A group of six retarded person pass LiuHH side go west. (LiuHH go east) About five inch away from LiuHH. 2013-03-20-10-33 LiuHH pay at Albertson cash register. <a name="20130320a21"> 2013-03-20-10-48 LiuHH walk along Cochran Street north side go west, just passed Arc of Ventura, earlier mother and retard daughter go east along north side of Cochran Street. About two feet away. <a name="20130320a22"> This banner17.jpg show then not show and three retarded person pass by triggered this [a name=20130320a01] writing. LiuHH ask reader pay attention to Chinese community about their reaction to LiuHH's Citation and Executive Order and Wang,JinWei comparison <a name="20130320a23"> Most Chinese agree that Citation and Executive Order should occur but never see. Bubble central, bubble order, which is not important. Reader's key observation is next whether most Chinese do not like to see Wang,JinWei comparison ? If most Chinese support LiuHH comparison opinion then why LiuHH meet retard three times? 2013-03-20-13-30 stop <a name="20130320a24"> 2013-03-20-15-20 2013-03-20-15-40 walk dog 2013-03-20-15-26 Simi Valley, Cal. Parade Ave and Border Street T intersection 2559 Parade two gardener start mow lawn. Start exact when LiuHH pass this T intersection 2013-03-20-15-46 record <a name="20130323a01"> 2013-03-23-16-03 start update 2013-03-23 correct spelling error to "capital Nanking" and "gardener". update 2013-03-23 added "Guard Soviet Union". update 2013-03-23 add recent topic related person name in Chinese, so that if reader want to study more, it is possible to find correct person. <a name="20130323a02"> Sun,Yatsen 孫逸仙 孫中山 孫文 Wang,JinWei 汪精衛 汪兆銘 Chiang,Kai-shek 蔣介石 蔣中正 Yan,Jiagan 嚴家淦 Chiang,JinGuo 蔣經國 Lee,Denghwei 李登輝 Mao,Tsedong 毛澤東 Above red name compare with blue name. <a name="20130323a03"> Wang,JinWei comparison Chinese page //local Wang,JinWei comparison English page //local <a name="20130323a04"> KMT=Kuo,Min,Tung Kuo = nation, country ; better Guo Min = people, citizen . Tung = political party ; better Dung KMT=Chinese Nationalist Party 國民黨 2013-03-23-16-27 stop 2013-04-05-17-30 include start <a name="docA013"> from logictt2.htm Today 2012-12-08 upload logictt2.htm it is copied from draft logictt2_v07_a1120507_hope_OK.htm [logictt2_v08 begin sym2fun1() ] Draft continue to logictt2_v22_javascript_stop_work().htm But logictt2_v22 javascript stop work. <a name="docA014"><a name="a112082020why"> Even next simple code stop respond. function sym2fun1(arg1) { alert('a112082020'); return 'a112082020'; } <a name="docA015"> sym2fun1() final version will change (P→Q)↔((P)∨(~Q)) to PiffQ(PiftQ(P,Q),PiorQ(P,notP(Q))) Now 2012-12-08 middle way, sym2fun1() change (P→Q)↔((P)∨(~Q)) to PiftQ(P,Q) and PiorQ(P,notP(Q)) success. Need final assembly. <a name="docA016"> When work at next example equation (P∨(Q∨R))↔((P∨Q)∨R)↔(((R∨Q)∨P)) javascript stop work. If later, LiuHH re-gain javascript function. LiuHH will continue write sym2fun1() symbol equation to function equation. <a name="docA017"> Please visit Math Logic study notes 2012-11-30 2012-12-08-21-40 stop <a name="docA018"> 2012-12-09-09-50 [[ function sym2fun1(arg1) { alert('a112082020'); return 'a112082020'; } ]] begin work <a name=w1020404> from freeman2.htm 2013-04-04-16-21 from 2012-12-27 to 2012-12-31 create Before 2012-12-27, LiuHH write program click copy button on top of a textarea box, no trouble. After create logicmr2 LiuHH paid attention that click copy button on top of a textarea box box01, T ⊥ ~ v & > = | box02, T F ~∨∧→ ↔ | logicmr2.htm MSIE pop up a window ask for permission. Slow down my work. LiuHH thought that author added code to activate permission dialog box. LiuHH own page no such trouble. Now 2013-04-?? LiuHH own page begin ask for permission for copy. Slow down my work. Some time ask for permission, some time not ask but click get nothing. LiuHH computer is not under LiuHH control. 2013-04-04-16-32 2013-04-05-17-45 include stop

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