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Wang,JinWei comparison   update 2014-12-01
LiuHH future environment . Dear reader, good bye .
Liu,Hsinhan left eye cannot read book due to cataract.
President Chiang, Kai-shek Our world he Peace Guard!
Write to White House ; Call White House ; Exam eye
Hell Heaven Hand Hold Hand ; "SHE IS GONE"
Western Ladies whom LiuHH met before
Why LiuHH do not have income? ; Red Rose
New York Roosevelt Hotel ; LiuHH was never born
U.Iowa Alumni search not available ; USsearch
Dr. Li-Ling Chen's Profile Details This is U.Iowa Alumni report.
WAIT FOREVER ; reveal-fact ; Superior drop out
August flower ;
Dark trick ; LiuHH mis-judge
Gardener Farmer ; Noise, noise ; Change route
Genital bending ; Hsinhan father ; Key Ladies
Mainland schoolmate ; California Yao
LiuHH study ; LiuHH health ; Why one goal?
spelling check dict000a.htm
GOTO_HEAVEN Neighbor event
U.S. 33 years ; dust curtain 1,2,3,4,

<a name=20130409a01>
2013-04-09-07-23 start 

2013-04-09-07-12 Liu,Hsinhan called 
White House, hope talk to President 
Obama. But did not have a chance. 
Record as following 

<a name=20130409a02>
2013-04-07-12-21-57 send mail and get
You can also call or write to the President:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Please include your e-mail address

Phone Numbers
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461

<a name=20130409a03>
2013-04-09-07-12 //California time
dial 1-202-456-1414
White House operator: White House 
LiuHH: Hello, good morning, is this 
       White House ?
Operator: yes
LiuHH: My name is Liu. I live in 
       California, Simi Valley. I hope 
       talk to President Obama. May I 
       talk to him? or may I talk to 
       his secretary?
Operator: I transfer you to comment line.

<a name=20130409a04>
Volunteer: Good morning.
LiuHH: Good morning. My name is Liu. I 
       live in Simi Valley, California 
       I hope talk to President Obama.
Volunteer: This is comment line, I can 
       not transfer your call. I can 
       take your comment. 
LiuHH: May I have your name please?
Volunteer: I am sorry We are not allowed 
       to do that.
<a name=20130409a05>
LiuHH: From four years ago until yesterday 
       I send several email to President.
       But I did not get reply. 
       Four years ago I called him. (LiuHH 
       said this word by mistake)
Volunteer: Did you call? 
LiuHH: Oh, no, four years ago I goto white 
       house web page I fill letter and 
       send letter.
<a name=20130409a06>
LiuHH: My question is that I need to find 
       my wife. But I can not find my wife 
       any other method. 
Volunteer: Ok I can only suggest you send 
       another email and say this is second 
       or third email.
LiuHH: May I ask you tell President that 
       Mr. Liu,Hsinhan called?
Volunteer: No, I am sorry, this is just 
       comment line.
LiuHH: Thank you for your help. Goodby
Volunteer: Goodby
2013-04-09-07-17 hang up //California time

<a name=20130409a07>
2013-04-09-09-17 start 
Liu,Hsinhan wait for wife Chen,Liling 
start from 1982. Now it is 2013. Thirty 
one years passed. Start from 2008 LiuHH 
begin find wife Liling. Please see 
2008 to 2013 five years, LiuHH did not 
get any information about wife Liling. 
2013-02-17 Liu,Hsinhan become 65 years 
old. LiuHH think the remain time is 
short and work hard to find wife. 
2013-04-09-09-27 stop 

<a name=u1020407> 
04/05/2013  05:46 PM  202,543 bioge006.htm
04/07/2013  12:58 PM  147,012 mail5001.htm
04/07/2013  01:09 PM   11,322 rocsitee.js

<a name=20130407a03>
Dear United States President
My name is Liu,Hsinhan. I was born on 
1948-02-17 at Hankou City mainland China.
Now LiuHH is 65 years old. From any 
standard, 65 years is an old man. The 
following is an old man question. 

<a name=20130407a04>
From 1980 to 1990 LiuHH study at the 
University of Iowa. In the year 1982 
LiuHH meet Chen,Liling at Iowa City. 
Hsinhan and Liling agreed husband and 
wife relation. This is a secret talk. 
Because the environment was not allow 
LiuHH meet any lady, the only open 
chance is Miss Yao,Danhon. See
But LiuHH did not like Yao. Those are 
1980's events. Start from 2008, 
<a name=20130407a05>
Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 look for wife 
Chen,Liling 陳麗玲. 
LiuHH asked U.S. President Obama
LiuHH asked ROC  President Ma,Yinjiu
LiuHH asked Iowa City class mates 
LiuHH asked NCKU class mates 
LiuHH asked Chen,Liling family member 
All effort get no result. 
Please see record at

<a name=20130407a06>
Dear United States President, please 
tell the general public and tell LiuHH 
what is the problem? 
Is it because Chen,Liling deceased?
Is it because Chen,Liling married ?
Is it because Russia government say no?
Is it because 'Chinese' communist say no?
Is it because U.S. intelligence say no?
or is it other cause?
How long should Liu,Hsinhan wait ? 
that is a dark page in U.S. history !!

<a name=20130407a07>
Liu,Hsinhan is 65 years old. 
Liu,Hsinhan demand an answer now!!
Please mail to LiuHH at 
2505 Cloverleaf Ln
Simi Valley CA 93063-0450

LiuHH will post this letter on

Thank you very much.

<a name=20130407a08>
2013-04-07-12-21-57 send mail
Home  Thank You!  .    ..
Thank You!
Thank you for contacting the White House.

<a name=20130410a01>
2013-04-14-13-56 start 
2013-04-10 Liu,Hsinhan went to UCLA 
to exam eye. Doctor Bartlett told LiuHH 
that LiuHH both eye have cataract and 
otherwise, both eye are health.
Doctor Bartlett suggest that do not do 
cataract operation now 2013-04-10. 
Detail is next.

<a name=20130410a02>
2013-02-12-10-30 LiuHH called UCLA eye 
clinic at 310-825-3090 for appointment.
LiuHH told service lady that ten years 
ago LiuHH visited Doctor John D. 
Bartlett, M.D. (2003-11-07 LiuHH went 
to UCLA for eye exam) LiuHH ask for new 
eye exam appointment. Set up at 
2013-04-10-13-15 with Doctor Bartlett.

<a name=20130410a03>
2013-04-10-13-00 LiuHH and sister arrive 
UCLA eye clinic. 
2013-04-10-13-15 technician start exam 
First is LiuHH look at laser equipment.
Inside has circular pattern. Blurred to 
clear, equipment adjust automatically. 
Then screen show up five or six letters,
technician ask LiuHH to read letters. If 
unable to read, change to larger size.
Technician then exam eye view range. He 
wave his two hands wide apart, ask if 
LiuHH can see his hands? Both horizontal 
wide range and vertical. LiuHH can see 
four sides. 
<a name=20130410a04>
Next is similar exam, read letters, but 
it is not laser box, it is lenses. This 
second exam is for eye glass prescription. 
Third exam for eye pressure. Technician 
drop liquid to num eye nerves. Pressure 
equipment is a small cylinder probe just 
touch eye surface. 
Right eye pressure is 16 mm Hg column.
 Left eye pressure is 17 mm Hg column.
Normal range is 10 to 20.
<a name=20130410a05>
Finally, technician drop liquid to eye 
to enlarge pupil, so that Dr. Bartlett 
can see eye inside better. Technician 
give LiuHH a simple plastic roll sun 
glasses. to shade from sun light after 
exit from building.

<a name=20130410a06>
2013-04-10-13-36, Dr. Bartlett entered 
exam room. 
LiuHH: Good morning, My name is Liu. 
Bartlett: Good morning, Glad to meet you. 

LiuHH: I came ten years ago, you helped me.
Bartlett: Oh, I do not remember. How is 
your eye recently? 

<a name=20130410a07>
LiuHH: Around 2013-01, I paid attention to 
my eye, see anything, left eye covered with 
fog. Right eye is OK. 
(all be approximately, below is the same)
Bartlett: Yes, I read technician record. 
Your right eye is 20/20 and left eye is 
not so good. 

<a name=20130410a08>
LiuHH: Night time when I go from my room 
to rest room, before I turn on the light, 
from bright to dark this very moment, 
my  left eye  (worse) see things brighter.
my right eye (better) see things dimmer, 
Bartlett: Enn! OK! Let me look at your eye 
(exam eye)

<a name=20130410a09>
Bartlett: You have cataract in both right 
and left eye. Left eye is worse.
LiuHH: Right eye has cataract?! I do not 
feel any !!
Bartlett: That may explain the dark room 
phenomenon. Your eye lense become yellow.
Left eye lense spray with frosting like 
someone smash a tomato to the wall, you 
can see particle every where. Right eye 
has a little too. 
<a name=20130410a10>
Your eye nerves look OK. ??? look OK. 
 ??? look OK. The other eye. (exam eye) 
 ??? look OK too. 
(ask patient) Look up, right, down, left.
Your eye in general, is healthy, only 
cataract problem. 

<a name=20130410a11>
LiuHH: Is it possible to dissolve cataract 
by taking medicine? 
Bartlett: No, only eye surgery can remove 
cataract. Nearly everyone get cataract.
Many people will come to a point that 
cataract cause vision problem and can not 
tolerate. This moment eye surgery will cure 
cataract problem.

<a name=20130410a12>
LiuHH: In my case, when take eye surgery 
is better? 
Bartlett: No doctor can do surgery 100% 
success. Our record is 98% success. That 
is good side. But on the other hand, it 
mean one or two percent patient not get 
better vision after surgery, it may be 
even worse after surgery.
If you choose take eye surgery now, you 
have 98% chance improve vision. But from 
what I heard about your description, you 
are just bothered by small fog at left 
eye, and no trouble reading at all. 
<a name=20130410a13>
Now , you have 100% good vision, why 
choose 98% chance? why take 2% risk? 
For your current condition, I recommand 
you not to take eye surgery now. Wait 
see what is going on? You always have 
chance to take eye surgery at any time.
but, (after 2% risk) you do not have 
chance to go back to before surgery. 
Take eye surgery only if you can not 
tolerate your poor eye condition.
<a name=20130410a14>
Surgery technology become better and 
better. If you ask eye surgery in this 
month. Then you can not enjoy next year 
new technology. On the other hand, if 
you come to a point must take action 
two years from now, that time you will 
receive benefit from next year new 
technology. Is this right?
Bartlett: Someone had stable cataract 
not build up in long time. But some 
other had cataract build up quickly. 
All we can do is wait and observe. 

<a name=20130410a15>
Sister: Our father had cataract surgery,
after surgery, father have double vision.
Is that problem common? 
Bartlett: That is not a common result. 
But it could happen.

<a name=20130410a16>
LiuHH: To do cataract surgery, do you use 
knife to cut the eye?
Bartlett: Yes, we use knife cut eye, open 
a hole use ultra sonic wave to break 
cataract then suck it out. Finally insert 
an artificial plastic lense. cataract 
surgery cure your problem forever. 
(because new lense in eye is a plastic)

<a name=20130410a17>
LiuHH: Cutting eye, does eye bleeding? 
Bartlett: Rarely, eye lense has no blood 
vessel or very few. No bleeding. 

LiuHH: No blood vessel? How cell get 
nutrition? How eye cell survive? 
Bartlett: Eye cell get nutrition from 
circulation of food inside the eye.
Cell get oxygen from air at eye surface.

<a name=20130410a18>
Sister: Is there anything we can do? eat? 
or exercise to slow down the cataract 
building processing?
Bartlett: No, no food, no medicine can do 

Sister: If take cataract surgery, is it 
out patient type surgery?
Bartlett: Yes, come and go home same day.

<a name=20130410a19>
LiuHH: Sister, do you know how to say 青光眼 
in English? 
Sister thinking. 
Bartlett: glaucoma
LiuHH: How do you know?
Sister: You speak Chinese?
Bartlett: ahh... 我聽的懂,哈!哈!哈!
(I can understand [your Chinese conversation])
Bartlett: No glaucoma. I do not see any 
LiuHH: Any other problem?
Bartlett: No. only cataract is the problem.

<a name=20130410a20>
Bartlett: You do not need to do any thing. 
You can check out, You are all done. 
Sister: How about reading glass prescription?
Bartlett: Oh, this is it. 
LiuHH: Thank you, 
Bartlett: You are welcome. You are very nice 
Sister: Thank you very much. 
2013-04-10-13-57 Dr. Bartlett exit exam room.

LiuHH and sister goto cashier's office and 
paid $374.50 cash.
2013-04-14-16-59 record stop

<a name=20031107a01>
2013-04-22-22-20 include 2003-11-07 record 
to bioge007.htm
from 2003-11-07-09-27
to   2003-11-07-18-20
goto UCLA eye clinic
to exam eye

<a name=20031107a02>
appointment at 13:45
actual exam period is
from 2003-11-07-13-20
to   2003-11-07-14-00
paid $300
doctor said my eye everything normal
My eye pressure is 18 mm Hg (18 mm Mercury)
normal range is 8 to 21 mm Hg
<a name=20031107a03>
Doctor John D. Bartlett, M.D.
UCLA, University Ophthalmology Associates
Jules Stein Eye Institute
310-825-3090 appointment
310-825-6301 emergency
UCLA 100 Stein Plaza
Box 957000
Los Angeles, Cal 90095-700

<a name=20130423a01>
2013-04-23-12-00 start 
On 2003-11-07-13-20 LiuHH went to UCLA 
to exam eye. Paid $300 cash that is all.
On 2013-04-10-13-15 LiuHH went to UCLA 
to exam eye. Paid $374.50 cash, but 
On 2013-04-22 LiuHH receive UCLA bill 
which indicate LiuHH need to pay another 
$630 Please see hospital bill files and has current event document.

<a name=20130423a02>
On 2013-02-12 LiuHH and sister called 
UCLA eye clinic at 310-825-3090 
Monica answered phone call. LiuHH ask 
for appointment. Monica said 2013-04-10 
all day open. LiuHH ask 2013-04-10-13-00.
Monica said arrange  at 2013-04-10-13-15.
Sister called, ask for how much cost? 
Sister pay every penny LiuHH spend. 
Monica told sister, eye exam is $280 
for cash payment. If need eye glass 
prescription, add $50. total $330. 

<a name=20130423a03>
On 2013-04-10-12-50 LiuHH and sister 
arrived UCLA eye clinic. When LiuHH stop 
at service desk lady, LiuHH told her 
appointment is 2013-04-10-13-15. 
Another oriental man stand right side 
to LiuHH, he inserted his word: "I have 
appointment with Dr. Bartlett at 1:00"
LiuHH did not reply to him. After eye 
exam, LiuHH went to cashier's office 
sister paid cash $374.50 and get one 
receipt see 2013eye3.gif in ucla2013

<a name=20130423a04>
2003-11-07-13-20 paid $300 and 
no follow up bill. 
2003-11-07 is eye exam and 
2013-04-10 is eye exam too.
2003-11-07 no extra charge, then 
2013-04-10 LiuHH did not worry extra change.

Extra change did occur on 2003-12-30
visit UCLA for shoulder pain.

<a name=20130423a05>
2003-12-30-13-45 has appointment with 
Dr. Merjanian for shoulder exam.
Below are in
2003-12-30 LiuHH paid 
$240.00 ucla-ccu.gif receipt $130+$110
$247.00 ucla_ccu.gif bill and receipt 
$374.40 ucla_d1d.gif receipt 

$105.00 ucla_d1d.gif bill and LiuHH check 
        ucla_d1t.gif $105 bill 

<a name=20130423a06>
$ 37.20 ucla_d1h.gif bill 
$ 37.20 ucla-d1h.gif bill and LiuHH check 

$110.00 ucla_d1q.gif bill and LiuHH check 

$ 32.00 ucla_d3s.gif, not a bill
$420.00 ucla_d1g.gif not a bill 
        future possible charge
results ucla_d1u.gif

$152.40 ucla_d3l.gif refund check for shoulder
        Above for shoulder, below for dental
$288.00 ucla_d45.gif refund check for dental 
Above are 2003/2004 events in

<a name=20130423a07>
Below is 2013 events eye exam
   503,237 2013eye1.gif exe exam result 
   500,276 2013eye2.gif exe exam result 
   397,138 2013eye3.gif exe exam pay cash $374.50
 1,111,936 2013eye4.jpg exe exam 2nd bill $630.00
   688,685 2013eye5.jpg exe exam 2nd bill back side
   761,043 2013eye6.jpg example of $730.00 bill
   490,392 2013eye7.jpg example bill back side
  4,452,707 bytes

2013-04-23-13-36 record here 

<a name=20130423a08>
2013-04-23-11-40 LiuHH call 310-825-3090
ask for Monica 
operator say she is Monica.
My patient number is 339-6286
2013-04-10-13-15 visited 
Doctor John D. Bartlett, M.D.

<a name=20130423a09>
LiuHH told Monica that on 2013-02-12 
Monica said exam fee is cash $280 , if 
ask for eye glass prescription add $50 
total $330. 
LiuHH told Monica LiuHH paid $375
and on 2013-04-22 received a bill 
ask for another $630. LiuHH ask 
Monica why?
Monica say, she transfer to Joe. 

Joe (Jill?) answer machine ask for 
message. LiuHH leave message to Joe 
explained why call.
2013-04-23-11-45 Hang up 

<a name=20130423a10>
2013-04-23-11-50 call sister 
LiuHH told sister today LiuHH call UCLA 
Tomorrow, sister will call UCLA. 
(Sister pay every penny LiuHH spend)
2013-04-23-11-53 hang up 

<a name=20130423a11>
2013-04-23-12-37 sister call
sister said Jill call sister phone 
ask for LiuHH. Sister told LiuHH that 
Jill said UCLA change system and made 
mistake. Jill ask sister to fax 
$374.50 cash receipt to Jill.
2013-04-23-12-40 Hang up 
2013-04-23-13-46 record stop

<a name=20130423a12>
2013-04-23-21-12 start 
2013-04-23-21-05 LiuHH suddenly realize that 
"I have appointment with Dr. Bartlett at 1:00" 
has special meaning. To explain need better 
record of his word which is next. 
"You are behind me. I have one o'clock 
 appointment, You, one fifteen."
Very roughly, approximately, but closer. 
<a name=20130423a13>
On 2013-04-10 LiuHH total ignore this word.
On 2013-04-23-13-?? LiuHH record "I have 
appointment with Dr. Bartlett at 1:00" to 
bioge007.htm and think his word several 
On 2013-04-23-21-05 LiuHH understand why.
The interpretation of the words 
You are behind me. I have one o'clock 
appointment, You, one fifteen. is 
<a name=20130423a14>
'Chinese' communist group is far ahead of 
Liu,Hsinhan's bubble Chinese central.
this is also 'Chinese' communist respond to 
Chinese Central Government Citation for 
seventy years ago three million Chinese 
brave soldiers
LiuHH also designed a 
Chinese Central Government Executive 
Order to all Chinese province governments 
and county/city governments. Please see 
cpage035.htm citation and order explanation.
ROC10202.gif citation and order picture file.
<a name=20130423a15>
If this explanation is true, then 
is a political motivated event.
Reader may agree, certainly may disagree.
Liu,Hsinhan already declared that 
Bubble central, bubble order, which is 
not important. But 'Chinese' communist 
respond this way (You are behind me) 
that is a surprise to LiuHH.
2013-04-23-21-52 record 

<a name=20130424a01>
update 2013-04-24 add "(You are behind me)"
few lines above.

<a name=20130426a01>
2013-04-26-20-15 start 
There are two events occur in 2013-April.
First 2013-04-10-12-3? an oriental man say
You are behind me. I have one o'clock 
appointment, You, one fifteen to LiuHH. 
Second 2013-04-22 LiuHH receive UCLA letter 
it is a bill, ask for another $630 payment.
//LiuHH paid $374.50 which is full amount.
This $630 payment is recorded in 
Another similar bill record is next 
<a name=20130426a02>
Two ucla????.zip both ask for additional 
payment. The difference is that 
Liu,Hsinhan is unable to solve 
puzzle. On the other hand, 
Liu,Hsinhan solved puzzle. 
Key point is that 2013 has two events occur.
and 2003/2004 had just one event occur. 

<a name=20130426a03>
In 2013 if only "You are behind me" occur 
and no, in bioge007.htm 
[a name=20130410a01] to [a name=20130410a20] 
no words about "You are behind me". LiuHH 
total ignored this words. 

In 2013 if only occur and no 
"You are behind me", then will 
be same as, LiuHH wondering, 
not know why.

<a name=20130426a04>
ucla9301, ucla2013 target at Liu,Hsinhan. 
Reader should NOT worry UCLA billing to you. 
Unless if reader build another some-central 
government site, then you may expect weird 
things happen.
2013-04-26-20-37 stop 

<a name=20130527a01>
2013-05-27-10-45 start
On 2003-05-16 Liu,Hsinhan installed a dental 
bridge. Till now 2013-05-27 it is ten years.
Following is review LiuHH dental bridge.
2003 dental bridge record in English
2003 dental bridge record in Chinese
2003 extract teeth record in Chinese

<a name=20130527a02>
Liu,Hsinhan's Wisdom teeth #16,#17 extracted 
in 1980's at University of Iowa dental school.
2002-12-11-08-?? morning LiuHH feel left inner 
teeth pain and 08:46 take two aspirin.
2002-12 to 2003-01-?? Teeth #14 broke and 
2003-04-01-09-30 extract teeth #14 at UCLA by 
Dr. Diana Medina.
2003-04-?? UCLA dental school instructor 
decide to build bridge on teeth #13 and #15.
But that time dentist already find that both
teeth #13 and #15 are slight movable.
LiuHH feel not confort to build bridge on 
two slight movable support teeth. But no 
other choice. 

<a name=20130527a03>
2003-05-16 afternoon install dental bridge 
at UCLA dental school by doctor Elaine Sunga.
2013-05-27 LiuHH dental bridge condition is 
perfect. Current time 2013-05 LiuHH dental 
doctor is Dr. Frank Chia Fu, D.D.S at Gardena 
California. On 2013-02-07-11-?? Dr. Fu's 
comment about LiuHH dental bridge is next 
"Bridge is wonderful, but after ten years 
period, LiuHH gum recede and bridge do not 
match gum line any more."
Above is Liu,Hsinhan's dental bridge update.
2013-05-27-11-26 here
<a name=20130527a04>
2013-05-27-11-31 start 
Next is Liu,Hsinhan skin update. Earlier 
record is at
2012-10-19 Liu,Hsinhan paid attention to his 
back skin, one inch below waist has irregular 
phenomenon. Around 2012-10 skin no itch. 
About one month later, back skin larger area 
has itch. LiuHH scratch skin and cause darker 
red on back skin.

<a name=20130527a05>
LiuHH has appointment with Tsu-Chi free clinic
at 2013-02-07-14-00
2013-02-07-14-20 LiuHH meet Dr. Deng,Bo-Zen.
LiuHH showed Dr. Deng LiuHH back skin ill. 
Dr. Deng say LiuHH skin has serious skin 
irritation. Dr. Deng prescribed medicine 
for LiuHH. In 2013-03 LiuHH back skin ill 
disappear completely.
Above is Liu,Hsinhan's skin ill update.
2013-05-27-11-46 stop

<a name=20130527a06>
2013-05-27-12-00 start
On 2013-05-25-16-58 LiuHH uploaded 
2013-05-26 all day LiuHH watch utube video 
files Relativity, Taiwan University lecture.
and Quantum Mechanics, Jiou Tong University 
lecture. LiuHH is not sure when to re-start 
complex4.htm programming work.
2013-05-27-12-05 stop

<a name=w1020808> 
Moving notice to Liu,Hsinhan
LiuHH 2013 move update
2013-08-08-21-01 record start 
2013-08-08-20-33 landlord knock LiuHH door.
landlord say landlord will move out to her 
father place in recent days. LiuHH ask 
landlord she move to father place for how 
long? Landlord say forever. Landlord say 
her father is 91 years old and need she 
take care of everyday. Landlord give LiuHH 
two month in advance notice. 
LiuHH say best wish to landlord father and 
to landlord. LiuHH say it is a pleasure to 
live with landlord 20 years, one third of 
LiuHH life time.
2013-08-08-20-37 done conversation

2013-08-08-20-47 LiuHH call sister 
Tell sister that landlord give LiuHH two 
month notice in advance. Landlord ask 
LiuHH move out. LiuHH has no way find 
new room. LiuHH ask sister help find.
2013-08-08-20-57 hang up
2013-08-08-21-10 record stop 

<a name=20130810a01> 
LiuHH 2013 move update
2013-08-10-19-38 start 
2013-08-10-10-31 landlord moving truck 
left 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, 
CA 93063. Move to 20 miles //a208110518 
20 minutes driving distance away another
city, landlord father's house. Carry away 
first floor sofa and guest room furniture.
Carry away second floor sofa. Landlord 
leave message: "Liu, gone till Monday with 
Suki (dog name)" and landlord name and 
landlord phone number. Landlord will come 
back on 2013-08-12.

<a name=20130810a02> 
2013-08-10-11-36 Sister call LiuHH, 
Sister find a future landlordA at Gardena. 
Sister say this is a mobile park house, 
one room same size as today LiuHH room and 
rent is $535 + utility $35 = $570
(today LiuHH room rent + utility = $390)
Sister ask LiuHH talk to future landlordA
let him know that LiuHH can speak English.
future landlordA told LiuHH that he will 
give LiuHH ride to market to buy food. 
<a name=20130810a03> 
future landlordA told LiuHH that he has 
swimming pool let LiuHH use. LiuHH answer 
that LiuHH never swim.
2013-08-10-11-46 hang up 
landlord_A ask sister for cash deposit, 
but sister did not bring cash.
Sister say swimming pool is mobile park 
public swimming pool, LiuHH say may get 
disease from public utility.

<a name=20130810a04> 
2013-08-10-16-18 sister call
Sister find a place in Mission Hill, one 
master bed room and three regular bed 
room. Two regular bed rooms total $1150. 
Go see on Monday. Another roommate is 
CSUN student and master bed room empty 
not sure when for rent. 
<a name=20130810a05> 
Two regular bed rooms is for LiuHH and 
sister move to same house at same time.
Sister called brother, brother agree 
Mission Hill location and agree rent 
room. (compare with buy house, brother 
sister no money to buy house any way)
2013-08-10-16-35 hang up 
2013-08-10-20-10 stop

<a name=u1020811> 
08/11/2013  07:38 PM  809,190 complex4.htm
update 2013-08-11 made two corrections.
2013-08-11-16-18 sister call, Mission Hill 
landlord phone is always recorder. Tomorrow 
2013-08-12 sister do not goto Mission Hill.

<a name=20130812a01> 
LiuHH 2013 move update
2013-08-12-17-05 start 
2013-08-12-16-12 Liu,Hsinhan call brother 
LiuHH told brother, on 2013-08-08-20-33 
LiuHH landlord give two month end of rent 
notice, LiuHH must move out from 
2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063
before 2013-09-30.
Now only sister find new room for LiuHH. 
LiuHH told brother, if brother help find 
new room for LiuHH, the chance will be 
double. Brother say OK. 
Brother live in Bakersfield, California.
Sister live in Gardena, California.
<a name=20130812a02> 
Find new room chance do not triple.
LiuHH did not surf Internet since one year 
ago till now. LiuHH enter Internet only 
update files. LiuHH suspect 
Acer computer may have watching eyes. 
Because one year ago paid attention to 
that when open very small web page, 
instead of open in few seconds, browser 
hold not open page several minutes, so 
that LiuHH do not disconnect phone line.
LiuHH did not open email box since 2013-02.
2013-02-08 use brother computer open email.
<a name=20130812a03> 
Brother say, LiuHH may move around from 
landlord1 to landlord2 to landlord3 in 
the future. 
Brother suggest LiuHH store most LiuHH 
book/stuff to brother's chicken house. 
This is what brother can help LiuHH. 
Please see chicken house picture
bamaroom.jpg=HPIM2956.jpg //a208142157 mark
LiuHH answer: LiuHH will NOT store LiuHH 
book/stuff to brother's chicken house.
2013-08-12-16-57 hang up.
2013-08-12-17-52 stop 

<a name=20130812a04> 
2013-08-13-14-45 record start
2013-08-12-19-02 sister call
tomorrow go see room at Valencia 


sister say tomorrow Valencia new landlord 
will give sister address. If tomorrow not 
get Valencia address, then tomorrow 
not go.
2013-08-12-19-20 hang up

<a name=20130813a01> 
LiuHH 2013 move update
2013-08-13-09-50 sister call 
sister say 2013-08-13-12-00 sister arrive 
LiuHH place. sister and LiuHH goto 
Mission Hill to see two rooms. 
Sister canceled Valencia visiting.
2013-08-13-09-52 hang up 

<a name=20130813a02> 
2013-08-13-12-15 sister call 
sister is on hiway 405 and move slow.
sister had appointment with Mission Hill 
landlord at 13:30. sister say sister do not 
have time to take LiuHH (Simi Valley) to 
see new room. sister will go see by herself 
and after see room, sister come to LiuHH 
place. LiuHH say OK
2013-08-13-12-15 hang up

<a name=20130813a03> 
2013-08-13-14-10 sister arrive LiuHH place
sister say Mission Hill landlordB house 
is at least 100 years old. Smaller room 
is about 2/3 LiuHH current room. Bigger 
room is a little bigger than LiuHH current 
room. sister has no interest to take these 
two rooms. 
Sister bring utube video files to LiuHH.
2T hard drive copy need 4 hours. 
Sister do not want to wait 4 hours.
2013-08-13-14-36 sister left LiuHH room 
sister go back to Gardena.

<a name=20130813a04> 
Date 2012-07-11-13-59 Location Simi Valley, CA
Liu,Hsinhan rented room other side living room  201308131317
mov2013a.jpg=HPIM7716.jpg //a208142144 mark

Date 2013-08-10-10-45 Location Simi Valley, CA
Landlord moved out,LiuHH must go by 2013-09-30  201308131328
mov2013b.jpg=HPIM8565.jpg //a208142146 mark

<a name=20130813a05> 
Liu,HsinHan three classmates saw above wall 
and sofa. They are 陳達康,朱力行,沈國柵
Mr. Chen,dakon 2012-08-12-13-45 more,Chinese
Mr. Chu,lihsin 2012-09-02-09-56 more,Chinese
Mr. Sen,Guosan 2013-06-01-17-09 more,Chinese
2013-08-13-15-12 record stop

<a name=20130813a06> 
2013-08-13-21-21 record start
2013-08-13-18-31 sister call
sister paid $200 cash to future landlordA 
to make sure LiuHH can move to landlordA 
room before 2013-08-30. 
LiuHH told sister, on 2013-08-13-17-50 
current landlord told LiuHH that current 
landlord will be out of town for two weeks 
from 2013-08-17 to 2013-08-30 .
2013-08-13-19-12 hang up
2013-08-13-21-24 record stop

<a name=20130815a01> 
LiuHH 2013 move update
2013-08-15-16-02 start record
2013-08-15-12-56 LiuHH call sister 
Ask sister what is new about rent room?
Sister say still busy find new room. 
Sister paid $200 to landlordA. Reserve 
move in right up to 2013-08-31. LiuHH 
ask sister landlordA live in which city? 
Sister answer "Rancho Domingo". It is 
a mobile home reside in a mobile park. 
Sister said landlordA is an European 
descendent couple about 60+ years old. 
Husband has blond hair and same height 
as LiuHH. Sister said landlordA couple 
are very friendly. 
<a name=20130815a02> 
In the future LiuHH may move around from 
landlord1 to landlord2 to landlord3 .
Brother suggest LiuHH store most LiuHH 
book/stuff to brother's chicken room. 
Sister suggest LiuHH store book/stuff
to mini storage. However on 2009-04 
sister rented mini storage was on fire 
in Gardena due to power cable spark. 
Sister master degree thesis and other 
stuff were gone. 
2013-08-15-13-55 hang up

<a name=20130815a03> 
mini storage=storage renting company.
renting fee is about 5ft*5ft~$45/month, 
5ft*10ft~$65/month, 10ft*10ft~$90/month 
Fee are ruoghly, sister say storage rent 
increase quickly. Government has rule 
to guide resident room renting increase 
rate, but no government rule to guide 
storage room renting increase rate. 
Market supply and demanding rules.

Above are mixed information in recent 
few days. For example 
"up to 2013-08-31" is 2013-08-13-18-31 
2013-08-15-16-48 done record

<a name=20130817a01> 
LiuHH 2013 move update
2013-08-17-20-55 start record
2013-08-17 morning LiuHH landlord left 
for a two weeks trip. Back time is 
about 2013-08-30 or early.

2013-08-08-20-33 landlord gave LiuHH a 
two month end of rent notice. 
LiuHH should move out by 2013-09-30.

<a name=20130817a02> 
From 2013-08-09 to 2013-08-13 sister 
was very busy find new room for LiuHH.
2013-08-13-18-31 sister paid $200 cash 
to future landlordA to make sure LiuHH 
can move to landlordA before 2013-08-30.

<a name=20130817a03> 
From 2013-08-13 to today 2013-08-17 
sister did not call LiuHH about finding 
new room. Therefore, LiuHH assume that 
sister determined LiuHH move to future 
landlordA at Rancho Domingo, seven miles 
from sister current room at Gardena.
Since sister determined where LiuHH go, 
following is a little bit more about 
landlordA. Sister said, landlordA live 
at "Rancho Domingo". It is a mobile home 
reside in a mobile park. 

<a name=20130817a04> 
Today, 2013-08-17 LiuHH live in a fixed 
building with foundation in deep earth.
Today LiuHH live in a room with good 
voice insulation and good temperature 
Today LiuHH live in a room with second 
bed room always empty. LiuHH is totally 
Today LiuHH pay room rent $390/month.

<a name=20130817a05> 
landlordA room has the following. 
Next month, 2013-09 LiuHH live in a 
building without foundation. Mobile 
home sit on ground. 
Next month, LiuHH live in a room with 
poor voice insulation, poor temperature 
Next month, LiuHH live in a room with 
second bed room rented to second tenant. 
LiuHH may meet any kind neighbor.
Next month, LiuHH pay room rent $570
per month.
2013-08-17-21-37 stop record

<a name=20130820a01> 
LiuHH 2013 move update
2013-08-20-17-13 start record
2013-08-20-16-52 landlord friend_D 
enter house. 
2013-08-20-17-00 friend_D knock LiuHH 
room door, tell LiuHH that friend_D 
take dog away to landlord father house.
LiuHH ask friend_D when dog will be 
back? Friend_D answer "2013-08-28 Wed.
landlord back and she will take dog 
<a name=20130820a02> 
on 2013-08-13-17-50 landlord told LiuHH 
that she will be out of town for two 
weeks, she ask LiuHH to take care dog 
until 2013-08-20. LiuHH say OK. From 
2013-08-17 two weeks is 2013-08-30. 
2013-08-20-17-00 friend_D told LiuHH 
precise back date 2013-08-28 Wed.

<a name=20130820a03> 
From 2013-08-28 Wed. to 2013-09-01 
LiuHH will move out of 2505 Cloverleaf 
Lane Simi Valley and move in to 
Rancho Domingo, seven miles from sister 
current room at Gardena. 
2013-08-18-14-5? sister told LiuHH that
mobile home park exact location 
is at Alameda Ave and 
highway 91 intersection. 
(few miles north to Long Beach Cal.)
<a name=20130820a04> 
From sister room in Gardena go five miles 
to Calif. State University Domingo and 
continue go east two more miles to new 
landlord mobile home park Rancho Domingo
Mobile home park three sides are office 
buildings. Rancho Domingo south side is 
residential area. 
<a name=20130820a05> 
Earlier made four comparison between 
old room and new room.
If reader concern LiuHH future, the most 
important comparison is 
Today LiuHH live in a room with second 
bed room always empty. LiuHH is totally 
compare with 
Next month, LiuHH live in a room with 
second bed room rented to second tenant. 
LiuHH may meet any kind neighbor.

<a name=20130820a06> 
2013-08-20-18-05 LiuHH search key words 
find "in danger" bioge*.htm
find "in trouble" bioge*.htm
but did not find what I want. 

find "mattress" *.htm > find_mattress_a20820.txt
in FMB2010L.HTM find fmb2010L.htm

<a name=20130820a07> 
2013-08-20-18-21 add next line 
expect range from in trouble to in danger.
expect range from in-trouble to in-danger.
relax future search.

2013-08-20-18-23 include Liu,Hsinhan 
biography record 

[[ <a name=20100711> Liu,Hsinhan living environment update Mattress in first floor and metal stand in second floor room are both removed on 2010-07-11-13-30. Related record: 01 02 2010-07-11-16-15 record ]] <a name=981102a> 2009-11-02-04-11 LiuHH environment update On 2009-03-25 in Chinese home page recorded: [[[[[ 2006-02-25 Landlord daughter move out, her room is empty until now. 2008-10-21-12-52 saw landlord leave a note on her computer desk, and write: <a name=981102b> [[ Rent room, locate at east end of Simi Valley a nice community. kitchen, washroom, smoke ok, no pet. Please call 805-xxx-xxxx ]] 2009-03-24 saw landlord put a medium size mattress in first floor entrance guest room. ]]]]] <a name=981102c> Today, 2009-11-02 update, the medium size mattress is still in first floor entrance guest room. No change for seven and half month. Landlord daughter's room is still empty now. <a name=981102d> If some one move in to this house, LiuHH expect range from in-trouble to in-danger. Today (2009-11-02) Liu, Hsinhan is still in a safe environment. Thank you! Guardian Angel! 2009-11-02-04-25

<a name=20130820a08> 2013-08-20-18-38 record here Suggest reader view this video file 19701642 Jun 15 2012 hpim5502.mpg Next is from

<a name="20120614a03"> 2012-06-10 Sunday 08:10 to 08:40 Apt.24 move in new material. hpin6548.jpg record a plastic body model stand. LiuHH saw body model several times, only 2012-06-10 record as image file. Not only plastic body model. Real model come to Apt.24 several times. Earliest in LiuHH's memory is on 2012-03-01. hpim5502.mpg record two ladies by surprise. 2012-05-29-10-04 has a row of four ladies walk down. HP camera 60 sec. limit record only first two.

<a name=20130820a09> Next is from

<a name="US33yr142"> index ■ introduce western lady to LiuHH. 讓劉鑫漢與西方女性會面 This is a dilute group "clean up" work. Dilute group hope Liu,Hsinhan disappear, but under whole world watch, dilute group have to ask eastern European nation to help. Let LiuHH meet eastern European lady and LiuHH will be gone.

<a name=20130820a10> Next is from

<a name=20091019> 2009-10-19-20-54 Use low level goal topple high level goal If you concern Freeman related event. You need to know more information. Following is Freeman's guess, may be wrong. Freeman feel some one use low level goal topple high level goal. low level goal is let Liu,Hsinhan meet a European lady, eastern European lady or western European lady does not matter. high level goal is to root out communism from Chinese soil. low level goal will be fail, then high level goal never start. If low level goal success, then high level goal never start. //a312012002 Above is Freeman's guess, may be wrong. 2009-10-19-21-10

2013-08-20-19-20 record stop <a name=20130821a01> Liu,Hsinhan future environment. 2013-08-21-01-14 start Above suggest reader view video Following has more. hpim5502.mpg: 19701642,2012-05-29-10-04 Four model walk down. Record only two. Liu,Hsinhan future fate either hpim5502 or hpim6102,hpim6214,hpim6391 hpim6102.mpg: 20438741,2012-06-04-13-45 two year old boy run everyday many times. hpim6214.mpg: 14432027,2012-06-06-07-40 mother see drop, left. hard to believe. hpim6391.mpg: 20877622,2012-06-07-16-39 Apt.24 roll and drop heavy object 70% 85% Above single out four video files, which indicate Liu,Hsinhan future environment. Below is complete list. <a name=hpimlist> 2013-08-21-01-32 add hpimage2.js <a name=20130821a02> Apt.24 drop object six times wake up LiuHH. LiuHH record, Apt.24 say he call police. 2012-06-21-08-46 Police meet LiuHH 2013-08-21-02-15 stop <a name=20130824a01> 2013-08-24-14-19 start Liu,Hsinhan left eye focus point 50% blind, left eye over all 30% blind. 2013-08-24-14-21 stop <a name=20130824a02> Date 2013-08-24-18-56 Location Simi Valley, CA Liu,Hsinhan right eye see chicken shelter OK. Left eye cannot tell chicken shelter from tree 201308241915 <a name=20130824a03> LiuHH 2013 move update 2013-08-24-20-41 start record 2013-08-21-19-02 sister call sister say landlordC called sister landlordC ask sister go meet at 2013-08-21-20-00 landlordC has a daughter study at university and go home sometimes. Third bed room is daughter's room. <a name=20130824a04> sister say landlordC is a male. landlordC is 56 years old. landlordC teach biology. room 200 sq.ft, rent 600/month house has foundation. sister will call LiuHH at landlordC house. 2013-08-21-19-04 hang up <a name=20130824a05> 2013-08-21-20-13 sister call sister say landlordC room is not very big. about same size as LiuHH today's room. sister say landlordC did not ask talk to LiuHH so sister did not let landlordC talk to LiuHH. Sister is driving, sister will call LiuHH at later time 2013-08-21-20-15 hang up <a name=20130824a06> 2013-08-21-20-29 sister call sister say landlordC room is at 16*** Glenburn Torrance California. Cransho & Redundo beach W-S corner landlordC 56 years old. 3 bed room rent $600/month Sister ask whether LiuHH will go see landlordC tomorrow? LiuHH say OK 2013-08-21-20-51 hang up <a name=20130824a07> 2013-08-21-20-53 sister call sister and landlordC agreed that Friday 2013-08-23-16-00 Han visit landlordC 2013-08-21-20-55 hang up 2013-08-23-07-45 LiuHH walk to Simi Valley train station. 2013-08-23-10-30 LiuHH arrive Gardena. <a name=20130824a08> 2013-08-23-16-00 LiuHH and sister visit landlordC at 16*** Glenburn Torrance California. Room is about same size as today LiuHH room with a bigger walk in closet. Toilet/shower room are about twenty pace away. landlordC say there are ten persons come see this room. One of them want pay one month rent $600 and live just one week in September. landlordC say that he will make a decision and call sister the next day. 2013-08-23-16-10 left landlordC house Sister give LiuHH a ride send LiuHH back to Simi Valley, 2013-08-23-19-20 arrived LiuHH rented room. <a name=20130824a09> 2013-08-24-20-00 LiuHH called sister ask whether sister receive landlordC call? Sister say no. Sister say next Friday 2013-08-30, she will pay one month rent $575 to landlordA at Rancho Domingo, so that we have one month time to find other rent chance. 2013-08-24-20-25 hang up 2013-08-24-21-15 record stop <a name=20130827a01> LiuHH 2013 move update Dear reader, good bye. 2013-08-27-19-18 start 2013-08-26-17-26 find missed call 2013-08-26-17-28 call sister tomorrow 2013-08-27 sister will come pick up LiuHH, sister and LiuHH both goto Lancaster to see two houses. One appointment at 2013-08-27-15-00 One appointment at 2013-08-27-16-30 both rent range $1000 to $1100 per month. LiuHH say OK. 2013-08-26-17-37 hang up 2013-08-27-12-23 LiuHH and sister left Simi Valley CA. LiuHH and sister goto Lancaster CA <a name=20130827a02> 2013-08-27-15-05 meet agnetD. House at 43*** 12th Ave. Lancaster CA Rent is $1075/mo. This is an old house. AgnetD insist to get sister social security number for financial history examination. But sister do not want to give SSN. <a name=20130827a03> 2013-08-27-16-25 meet landlordE. House at *** Ave. K11 Lancaster CA. Rent is $1000/mo. This is a three bed room and one toilet/shower house with two car parking garage. landlordE do not ask for social security number, landlordE ask for one month deposit, first month rent and landlordE call LiuHH or sister current landlord ask for tenant history reference. Sister say OK. Sister told landlordE that she need discuss with second brother, can not make decision right now. LandlordE ask sister give yes/no answer tomorrow 2013-08-28. Sister say OK. 2013-08-27-18-23 LiuHH and sister back to LiuHH room at Simi Valley <a name=20130827a04> 2013-08 LiuHH live at Simi Valley, CA 2013-08 sister live at Gardena, CA 2013-08 brother live at Bakersfield, CA If only LiuHH move, target at Gardena. If LiuHH and sister both move, target at middle town between Bakersfield and Los Angeles. Santa Clarita is first choice. But sister can not afford rent about $2000+. Lancaster 40 miles away from Bakersfield and Los Angeles line. Lancaster rent is lower. Sister can afford. <a name=20130827a05> Today, sister financial load is next LiuHH rent 390/month, (sister pay) sister rent 550/month, mini storage 80/month, total 1020/month Now landlordE house total $1000/month plus utility 50/month. Sister is very happy for this landlordE house. Sister told LiuHH: "2013-09-01 move to landlordE house." <a name=20130827a06> In the future, LiuHH live with sister. LiuHH write study notes, write program etc. all be no income job. Sister's commodity business has income. If sister ask LiuHH do commodity data analysis. LiuHH must do has-income job. LiuHH cannot do no-income job. <a name=20130827a07> Reader may expect LiuHH online activity slow down. Reader should not regret, because even if LiuHH not live with sister, LiuHH online activity WILL slow down because LiuHH both eye get cataract. Dear reader, good bye. 2013-08-27-20-05 stop <a name=20130827a08> 2013-08-27-21-06 start 2013-January LiuHH first time paid attention that LiuHH left eye see object covered with fog. LiuHH called sister ask sister support LiuHH go to UCLA eye clinic for eye exam. Sister went online find out that UCLA eye cataract operation both eye cost $15000. Sister told LiuHH UCLA eye exam $300+ OK but UCLA cataract operation cost $15000. sister definitely unable to pay. <a name=20130827a09> LiuHH replied: "spend $300+ to check eye. If eye doctor confirmed it is cataract, LiuHH wait for blind eye and not ask sister to spend $15000." 2013-04-10-13-15 visited UCLA Doctor Bartlett, confirmed LiuHH both eye get cataract. Please see Dear reader, good bye. 2013-08-27-21-17 stop 2013-08-27-21-42 upload bioge007.htm to <a name=20130827a10> 2013-08-27-23-42 start Above said sister definitely unable to pay $15000. Sister still care LiuHH cataract problem. Sister ask LiuHH go to father's eye doctor to cure cataract problem. Father paid $4000 for two eyes. Sister said father's eye doctor did "success job". But actually, after cataract operation, father got light double vision. Father go back to same office to correct light double vision problem. Second operation let father got heavy double vision. Father last two years life was in painful eye problem situation. <a name=20130827a11> Father must cover one eye and use just one eye to avoid double vision. Eventually, father admire heavenly life. (other cause too bioge004.htm#a10216b06) If LiuHH go for $4000 cataract operation there is good chance that LiuHH follow father's pace. UCLA Doctor Bartlett has 98% success record. Money talks, sister can not afford UCLA $15000. fee. LiuHH do not like $4000 cataract operation, then, LiuHH wait for blurred future. Dear reader, good bye. 2013-08-27-23-56 stop <a name=20130828a01> 2013-08-31 LiuHH move to Lancaster Last update in Simi Valley resident. 2013-08-28-12-36 sister call sister say sister will meet landlordE this afternoon 17:00 and sign house lease contract. sister ask LiuHH start pack boxes. 2013-08-28-12-37 hang up <a name=20130828a02> 2013-08-28-17-14 sister call sister signed rent lease with landlordE sister got Lancaster house key. LiuHH move out before 2013-08-31 sister move out before 2013-09-30 because sister must give sister landlord one month notice. 2013-08-28-17-15 hang up <a name=20130828a03> 2013-08-28-22-25 LandlordLJ back from 12 days trip LiuHH told LandlordLJ that LiuHH will move out on 2013-08-31. LandlordLJ ask LiuHH stay until 2013-09-01 because on 2013-08-31 LandlordLJ will go out and need LiuHH take care of her dog. LiuHH say OK. <a name="20130831a01"> 2013-08-31-17-08 start deleted, see <a name="20130831a02"> deleted <a name="20130831a03"> From 2013-08-19 to 2013-08-31, LiuHH main attention is move resident from Simi Valley CA to Gardena CA or to other city. 2013-08-28-17-14 sister call LiuHH. sister signed rent house agreement with landlordE. Sister got Lancaster house key. <a name="20130831a04"> 2013-08-28-22-25 LandlordLJ ask LiuHH stay until 2013-09-01 to take care of her dog. Because landlordLJ will be out of town from 2013-08-30 to 2013-09-01. LiuHH say OK. 2013-08-29 LiuHH intensive pack all book/belonging to box and move to first floor near entrance. <a name="20130831a05"> 2013-08-30 LiuHH and brother and sister-in-law and sister move 80% of LiuHH book/belonging to Lancaster house. 2013-08-31 LiuHH and sister move 18% of LiuHH belonging to Lancaster house. <a name="20130831a06"> 2013-09-01 LiuHH move out from Simi Valley resident Right now 2013-08-31-17-36 Liu,Hsinhan is at Simi Valley resident. It is last whole day in Simi Valley. 2013-08-31-17-45 stop <a name=20130903a01> 2013-09-03-18-11 start 2013-09-03 all day Liu,Hsinhan re-arrange belonging at Lancaster resident. During work, 2013-09-03-18-03 find one transparent plastic bag, marked [[ 707220070 16" Omega 8mm ]] <a name=20130903a02> LiuHH marked [[ 93,08,21 及 93,08,22 房東女兒油漆二樓。 ]] which is [[ 2004-08-21 and 2004-08-22 landlordLJ daughter paint second floor. ]] In side bag it has 1.5 inch width blue tape and tape side painted different color. <a name=20130903a03> When check history event, LiuHH always search bioge*.htm and biogc*.htm . Now record above history to bioge007.htm , future easier to find. 2013-09-03-18-25 stop <a name=20130905a01> 2013-09-05-17-55 start On 2001-08-02 Liu,Hsinhan move in to 2505 Cloverleaf Lane Simi Valley, CA 93063. 2013-08-08 LandlordLJ told LiuHH that she will move out and she give LiuHH two month notice. 2013-08-28 sister rent a house at 3727 W. Ave. K11 Lancaster CA 93536 2013-08-30 LiuHH move 80% belonging to Lancaster house. 2013-08-31 LiuHH move 18% belonging to Lancaster house. <a name=20130905a02> About 2013-09-01-15-30 LiuHH and sister left 2505 Cloverleaf Lane Simi Valley, CA 93063. 2013-09-01 brother and sister-in-law bring washer to Lancaster house. 2013-09-02 brother and sister-in-law bring refrigerator to Lancaster house. 2013-09-02 LiuHH and sister busy unpack and wash. 2013-09-03 sister went back to Gardena. 2013-09-04 LiuHH unpack boxes. <a name=20130905a03> 2013-09-05-10-10 Time Warner technician Charles enter 3727 W. Ave. K11 Lancaster Time Warner Job ID is 302374. Charles installed Time Warner Cable for Internet which sister ordered. Charles installed Time Warner telephone (land phone?) which LiuHH ordered. To pay modem, wifi wiring etc. Charles charged $67.44. LiuHH called sister, sister ask LiuHH pay with credit card. <a name=20130905a04> 2013-09-05-13-48 Time Warner technician done job. One minute after Charles left LiuHH saw a pair new black socks lay on desk, it was not there before Charles enter house. LiuHH run to Time Warner car ask Charles whether he left black socks on the desk? Charles say "no". <a name=20130905a05> 2013-09-05-14-40 LiuHH call Time Warner ask help. Because living room and sister bed room and sister office all have dial tone. But LiuHH bed room no dial tone. LiuHH can not enter Internet. <a name=20130905a06> 2013-09-05-16-?? Time Warner second technician come, find out why. Has dial tone room and LiuHH bed room all connect blue/white wire. But outside phone box LiuHH line connect orange/green. Second technician change outside from orange and green to blue/white, LiuHH bed room phone get dial tone. 2013-09-05-17-?? Time Warner second technician left. 2013-09-05-18-22 stop <a name=20130905a07> 2013-09-06-03-29 start Record another event. About 2013-09-05-13-40 Charles give LiuHH a business card, in which print his name Charles and office phone number 1-855-892-777. On 2013-09-05-14-40 LiuHH called 1-855-892-777, got Time Warner initial message one sentence, immediately repeat, then change to busy tone. Try second time same thing. LiuHH called sister ask for second Time Warner phone number 1-888-892-2253. On 2013-09-05-14-50 LiuHH called 1-888-892-2253, waited 15 minutes talk to a Time Warner staff. He said he will send someone before 19:00. 2013-09-06-03-45 stop <a name=20130906a01> 2013-09-06-04-02 start from 2013-09-03-22-10 to 2013-09-03-22-40 big motor cycle noise on 38 th street from 2013-09-04-00-00 to 2013-09-04-00-10 big motor cycle noise on Ave. K11 this is right in front of 3727 Ave. K11 2013-09-06-04-03 stop <a name=20130906a02> 2013-09-06-22-15 start 3727 W. Ave. K11 Lancaster CA 93536 has three bed rooms. Sister said let LiuHH use big bed room, sister use two smaller bed room. Sister use one small bed room as office. LiuHH big bed room dimension is 132 inch * 130 inch and closet dimension is 26 inch * 130 inch 2013-09-06 move most LiuHH belonging from garage to LiuHH room. Next few days, LiuHH will put them in order. In 2013-09 LiuHH will help sister move from Gardena CA to Lancaster CA 2013-09-06-22-22 stop <a name="20130914a01"> 2013-09-14-23-05 start record 2013-09-05 installed Time Warner Cable and land phone. Liu,Hsinhan use sister's Time Warner Cable Internet connection download files. Following is working record. If reader use cable enter Internet, please compare speed with LiuHH record. LiuHH cable download speed = 635k/sec <a name="20130914a02"> If reader use HTTrack download files, please compare speed with LiuHH record. LiuHH HTTrack download speed = 24k/sec Because HTTrack speed is extreme slow, this slowness let LiuHH present working record to Internet. <a name="20130914a03"> is National Taiwan University server. All video files speak Chinese, lecture notes are most English. Class lecture is engineering mathematics, differential equation. 2013-09-14-23-16 here <a name="20130914a04"> 2013-09-14-01-42 connect wifi 2013-09-14-01-44 2013-09-14-01-45 in search for HTTrack download <a name="20130914a05"> 2013-09-14-01-46 [[ We recommend: Windows Vista/Seven/8 64-bit installer version WinHTTrack (also included: command line version) httrack_x64-3.47.26.exe [alternate site] 3.47-26 4.16 MiB (4357101 B) (01/Sep/2013) ]] <a name="20130914a06"> 2013-09-14-01-51 save as httrack_x64-3.47.26.exe 09/14/2013 01:50 AM 4,364,837 httrack_x64-3.47.26.exe 2013-09-14-01-53 httrack_x64-3.47.26.exe [[ HTTrack Website Copier License Agreement: HTTrack Website Copier, Offline Browser for Windows and Unix Copyright (C) Xavier Roche and other contributors ..... The GNU General Public License does not permit incorporating your program into proprietary programs. If your program is a subroutine library, you may consider it more useful to permit linking proprietary applications with the library. If this is what you want to do, use the GNU Lesser General Public License instead of this License. But first, please read . ---END GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE--- ]] <a name="20130914a07"> 2013-09-14-01-55 start HTTrack project name ntuAdvCal base path C:\ web address <a name="20130914a08"> 2013-09-14-02-02 start download 24KiB/sec 2013-09-14-05-58 done 2013-09-14-06-05 101S127_CS06V01.mp4 video length 48 min, video file has end, it indicate file is complete. <a name="20130914a09"> 2013-09-14-06-11 start HTTrack project name ntuAdvCal base path C:\ web address 2013-09-14-06-11 begin download 24KiB/sec active connect two 2013-09-14-06-25 LiuHH stop download LiuHH close HTTrack <a name="20130914a10"> 2013-09-14-06-32 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS07V01.mp4 2013-09-14-06-49 done download <a name="20130914a11"> 2013-09-14-06-33 not use HTTrack very fast !!! use HTTrack extreme slow !!! [[ 2013-09-14-02-02 start download 24KiB/sec 2013-09-14-05-58 done 3hr 56 min =236 min ]] <a name="20130914a12"> 2013-09-14-06-49 09/14/2013 06:49 AM 648,000,931 101S127_CS07V01.mp4 2013-09-14-06-54 101S127_CS06V01.mp4 download speed 24k/sec 349,948,517/236/60 349948517/236/60 101S127_CS07V01.mp4 download speed 635k/sec 648,000,931/17/60 648000931/17/60 <a name="20130914a13"> 349948517/236/60 24713.878319209037=24k/sec 648000931/17/60 635295.0303921569 =635k/sec 635295/24713=25.7 HTTrack download 1k MSIE download 25.7k Why HTTrack so slow? 2013-09-14-07-03 <a name="20130914a14"> 2013-09-14-07-03 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS08V01.mp4 2013-09-14-07-04 wifi speed 54 Mbps 2013-09-14-07-14 done download 2013-09-14-07-15 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS09V01.mp4 2013-09-14-07-16 wifi speed 54 Mbps 2013-09-14-07-23 done download <a name="20130914a15"> 2013-09-14-07-25 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS10V01.mp4 2013-09-14-07-26 wifi speed 54 Mbps 2013-09-14-07-44 done download 2013-09-14-07-45 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS11V01.mp4 2013-09-14-07-56 done download <a name="20130914a16"> 2013-09-14-07-57 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS12V01.mp4 2013-09-14-08-16 done download 2013-09-14-08-16 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS13V01.mp4 2013-09-14-08-18 wifi speed 1 Mbps 2013-09-14-08-19 in/out stopped 2013-09-14-08-25 power off/on wifi box 2013-09-14-08-28 resume download 2013-09-14-08-38 done download <a name="20130914a17"> 2013-09-14-08-42 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS14V01.mp4 2013-09-14-09-14 wifi speed 1 Mbps 2013-09-14-09-14 in/out stopped 2013-09-14-09-15 power off/on wifi box 2013-09-14-09-17 resume download 2013-09-14-09-19 wifi speed 54 Mbps 2013-09-14-09-38 done download <a name="20130914a18"> 2013-09-14-09-41 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS15V01.mp4 2013-09-14-09-42 wifi speed 54 Mbps 2013-09-14-09-50 wifi speed 1 Mbps 2013-09-14-09-50 in/out stopped 2013-09-14-09-53 power off/on wifi box 2013-09-14-09-55 resume download 2013-09-14-09-55 wifi speed 54 Mbps 2013-09-14-10-05 done download <a name="20130914a19"> 2013-09-14-10-14 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS16V01.mp4 2013-09-14-10-25 done download 2013-09-14-10-26 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS17V01.mp4 2013-09-14-10-55 done download <a name="20130914a20"> 2013-09-14-11-19 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS18V01.mp4 2013-09-14-11-20 wifi speed 54 Mbps 2013-09-14-11-?? wifi speed 1 Mbps 2013-09-14-11-?? in/out stopped first download 10 seconds remaining 2013-09-14-11-46 power off/on wifi box 2013-09-14-11-48 resume download 2013-09-14-11-48 wifi speed 54 Mbps second download 25 minutes remaining 2013-09-14-12-12 done download <a name="20130914a21"> 2013-09-14-12-13 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS19V01.mp4 2013-09-14-12-13 wifi speed 54 Mbps 2013-09-14-12-40 done download 2013-09-14-12-41 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS20V01.mp4 2013-09-14-12-49 done download <a name="20130914a22"> 2013-09-14-13-12 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS21V01.mp4 2013-09-14-13-46 done download 2013-09-14-13-47 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS22V01.mp4 2013-09-14-14-00 done download <a name="20130914a23"> 2013-09-14-14-02 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS23V01.mp4 2013-09-14-14-18 done download 2013-09-14-14-19 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS24V01.mp4 2013-09-14-14-30 done download <a name="20130914a24"> 2013-09-14-14-32 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS25V01.mp4 2013-09-14-14-56 done download 2013-09-14-14-58 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS26V01.mp4 2013-09-14-15-09 done download <a name="20130914a25"> 2013-09-14-15-10 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS27V01.mp4 2013-09-14-15-33 done download 2013-09-14-15-34 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS28V01.mp4 2013-09-14-15-45 done download <a name="20130914a26"> 2013-09-14-15-46 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS29V01.mp4 2013-09-14-16-12 done download 2013-09-14-16-12 from MSIE direct download (not use HTTrack) save as 101S127_CS30V01.mp4 2013-09-14-16-23 done download <a name="20130914a27"> HTTrack download speed : MSIE download speed = 1 : 25.7 is this right? 2013-09-14-23-27 stop record <a name=20130926a> 2013-09-15-19-49 LiuHH receive 09/15/2013 07:49 PM 4,043,536 fdminst-lite.exe Liu,Hsinhan use Time Warner Cable connection, Free Download Manager download speed is about 1150 KBytes/sec in average. Big file, set download one file at one time. <a name=20130926b> In text editor, copy URL In Free Download Manager 'File' pull down manual click "Import URL from clip board". This method save a lot of work. Free Download Manager auto add above URLs to download list for action. 2013-09-26-16-42 record <a name=20130930a01> 2013-09-30-19-33 start 2013-09-27-17-?? brother and sister in law come to 3727 W. Ave. K11 Lancaster CA to pick up LiuHH. 2013-09-27-19-50 brother and sister in law and LiuHH arrive Gardena sister room. 2013-09-28-08-12 sister rent UHaul truck. 2013-09-28 all day LiuHH, sister, brother and sister in law move sister all belonging to truck. <a name=20130930a02> 2013-09-28-17-10 sister move out Gardena CA where sister lived 23 years. 2013-09-28-19-?? LiuHH, sister, brother and sister in law arrived 3727 W. Ave. K11 Lancaster CA. Download all sister belonging 3727 W. Ave. K11 landlordEG come from Iran, and landlordEG live in Los Angeles. 2013-09-29-08-13 sister return UHaul truck. 2013-09-29 all day set up bed, refrigerator, washing machine etc. 2013-09-29-19-?? brother and sister in law left 3727 W. Ave. K11 Lancaster CA. 2013-09-30 all day LiuHH and sister clean up all belonging. This work may last few month. Because sister has too many things, include father and mother belongings. Both father and mother pass away. <a name=20130930a03> from 2013-09-29-18-00 to 2013-09-29-19-00 LiuHH and sister use mowing machine cut grass in back yard. Both brother and sister like gardening work (LiuHH like programming) Both brother and sister decide to mow grass ourself. To mow lawn, this will wipe out LiuHH time a little bit. You can use Google Map see 3727 W. Ave. K11 Lancaster CA. 93536 front yard and back yard size. Not too big, not too small. Twenty years, live in landlordLJ house, LiuHH never mow any grass. (2013-08 LiuHH volunteer saw grass on the wall one month) 2013-09-30-20-10 stop
<a name=image003>
Triangle four center distance formula 
below is included from

<a name="docA001">
2013-10-09-18-55 start 
2006-12-07 First upload 
2013-10-09 added triangle four center 
distance formula 

<a name="docA002">
If given triangle ABC. Let 
a= triangle ABC side BC length
b= triangle ABC side CA length
c= triangle ABC side AB length
R= triangle ABC circumcircle radius
r= triangle ABC incircle radius
<a name="docA003">
and define
N: Incenter coordinate     (Nx, Ny)
O: Circumcenter coordinate (Ox, Oy)
V: orthocenter coordinate  (Vx, Vy)
G: centroid coordinate     (Gx, Gy)
then (omit multiplication '*')
<a name="docA004">
Incenter to orthocenter distance 

Incenter to circumcenter distance 

<a name="docA005">
Incenter to centroid distance 

Orthocenter to circumcenter distance 

<a name="docA006">
2013-10-09 afternoon Liu,Hsinhan 
let program output above four distances.

Please go to vertex A/B/C x,y coord input 
boxes fill in triangle ABC vertex x,y value, 
then click  follow the yellow stripe 
go to end of yellow stripe. View Box 2 
result. Its end has four distances.
<a name="docA007">
Each distance first calculation is 
distance from center A to center B.
Second calculation follow the formula.

Liu,Hsinhan tested several inputs, 
distance value from center A to center B 
is same as formula answer.

<a name="docA008">
2013-10-09 LiuHH open a book 
Calculus with analytic geometry 3rd ed. 
by R.E. Johnson. LiuHH bought this book 
around 1966. On 1967-11-21 LiuHH write 
notes on this book page printed 
Calculus with analytic geometry 
third edition 
R.E. Johnson

<a name="docA009">
notes is next 
HT=sqrt(ab+bc+ca-aa-bb-cc-8Rr+4RR)    54,01,29
TO=sqrt(RR-2Rr)                       54,01,29
TM=sqrt(3ab+3bc+3ca-aa-bb-cc-36Rr)/3  53,07,21
HO=sqrt(9RR-aa-bb-cc)                 53,07,21
H: 垂心 //orthocenter
O: 外心 //circumcenter
T: 內心 //incenter
M: 重心 //centroid 
sqrt(RR-2Rr) learned from textbook, 
other three are LiuHH home work. a210140815 add
54,01,29 = 1965-01-29
53,07,21 = 1964-07-21
orthocenter H, centroid M, circumcenter O all 
lie on a line, Euler line HM=2*MO a210141734 add
therefore HM=HO*2/3, MO=HO/3. HO is above fourth.

<a name="docA010">
All formula derivation lost. 
Liu,Hsinhan's Taipei home was demolished 
around 1992. Every belonging is gone. 
1992 demolish time LiuHH all family 
member are in U.S. Demolish reason is 
re-build Taipei city and construct a new 
public park.
2013-10-09-19-35 stop

<a name="docA011">
2013-10-14-17-39 start
2013-10-14-09-28 LiuHH visit
find result 
Incenter to centroid distance = 
]  //omit multiplication '*' say formula derivation 
is reader's home work. 
2013-10-14-17-41 here

<a name="docA012">
2013-10-14-17-45 open triangle.htm
click , auto input
vertexA x,y  3, 3
vertexB x,y  1,-2
vertexC x,y -1, 1
next click  yellow stripe end Box 2 output
Side BC= aa =3.605551275463989
Side CA= bb =4.47213595499958
Side AB= cc =5.385164807134504

<a name="docA013">
N: Incenter coordinate     Nx  Ny=
0.7356260728855165 , 0.5390794389820948
G: centroid coordinate     Gx  Gy=
1 , 0.6666666666666665

Circumcenter coordinate Ox=1.6875, Oy=0.625
Circumcircle  radius  R1=2.7135366682615513
Incircle radius       R2=1.1884554591639544

Above side BC=aa, side CA=bb, side AB=cc 
Below side BC= a, side CA= b, side AB= c 
Below circumcircle radius R, incircle radius r.
Below omit multiplication '*'.

<a name="docA014"> Compare next three numbers
Incenter to centroid distance=
sqrt((-aaa-bbb-ccc+2aab+2aac+2bba+2bbc+2cca+2ccb-9abc)/(9a+9b+9c)) = 
Red equation and answer are not in triangle.htm
Red answer output from
<a name="docA015">
In complex4.htm Box3 input next five lines
click  or click , 
complex4.htm Box4 output 
2013-10-14-18-36 here 
<a name="docA016">
All four formula can be found online. 
Short search online Liu,Hsinhan did not 
find one page provide formula derivation.
2013-10-14-18-47 stop 
2013-10-19-11-18 start has many distance formula
2013-10-19-11-25 stop

//<a name="docA017"> //Update 2013-10-16 background:ivory section is code section //Update 2013-10-16 add a,b,c to circumcircle radius R formula. //Given triangle ABC three sides a,b,c //a210160930 add bgn a=3 //change red number to your value b=4 c=5 //Define s = half circumference s=(a+b+c)/2 //triangle area Ar Ar=(Math.sqrt(s*(s-a)*(s-b)*(s-c))) //Circumcircle radius R R=a*b*c/(Math.sqrt(16*s*(s-a)*(s-b)*(s-c))) //Incircle radius r r=(Math.sqrt((s-a)*(s-b)*(s-c)/s)) //a210160942 add end //<a name="docA018"> //2013-10-14-20-11 start //For search engine easy find purpose, add next (better English) //Distance between the Incenter N and the Orthocenter V of a Triangle NV=(Math.sqrt(a*b+b*c+c*a-a*a-b*b-c*c-8*R*r+4*R*R)) //Distance between the Incenter N and the Circumcenter O of a Triangle NO=(Math.sqrt(R*R-2*R*r)) //Distance between the Incenter N and the Centroid G of a Triangle NG=(Math.sqrt(3*a*b+3*b*c+3*c*a-a*a-b*b-c*c-36*R*r))/3 //<a name="docA019"> //Distance between the Orthocenter V and the Circumcenter O of a Triangle VO=(Math.sqrt(9*R*R-a*a-b*b-c*c)) //Distance between the Orthocenter V and the Centroid G of a Triangle //VG=VO*2/3 VG=(Math.sqrt(9*R*R-a*a-b*b-c*c))*2/3 //Distance between the Circumcenter O and the Centroid G of a Triangle //OG=VO/3 OG=(Math.sqrt(9*R*R-a*a-b*b-c*c))/3 //2013-10-14-20-21 stop //variable name below ask output a //triangle ABC side BC length, given b //triangle ABC side CA length, given c //triangle ABC side AB length, given s //half circumference , below output Ar //triangle area R //Circumcircle radius, r //Incircle radius NV //distance Incenter N to Orthocenter V NO //distance Incenter N to Circumcenter O NG //distance Incenter N to Centroid G VO //distance Orthocenter V to Circumcenter O VG //distance Orthocenter V to Centroid G OG //distance Circumcenter O to Centroid G //<a name="docA020"> //copy background:ivory section text, paste text //to Box3 //click [test Box3] FAST run, output to Box4. //click [eval Box3] SLOW run, output to Box4. //Fast run use real number calculation, 0.5 sec. //Slow run use complex number calculation, 27 sec. //Triangle calculation is real number problem. //ivory section top has a=3 ; b=4 ; c=5 //change red 3,4,5 to your value. 2013-10-16-10-19 //Ivory section code complex number calculation //run 27 sec. in Acer Aspire 5750Z-4830 computer. //LiuHH consider it is due to low efficiency code. //You are welcome to improve complex4.htm //Liu,Hsinhan 2013-10-16-11-27

<a name="20131011a01"> 2013-10-11-20-18 start Above said "All triangle center distance formula derivation lost." Reader may ask Formula derivation lost in Taipei home, R.E. Johnson Calculus book in hand in U.S. Why some in Taipei and some in U.S.? Brief answer is that LiuHH father from Taipei mail R.E. Johnson Calculus book to LiuHH in U.S. Detail follows. <a name="20131011a02"> 1978-08-01 LiuHH and sister go to U.S. by same airplane. Sister hold U.S. university entrance permission visa, LiuHH hold sight seeing visa (觀光簽證). 1978-08-01 LiuHH did not expect stay in U.S. too long (just sight seeing ). Prepare go back to Taiwan LiuHH bring only few cloth, did not bring formula derivation, did not bring textbook. <a name="20131011a03"> After send sister to university in Texas, LiuHH go to Virginia Woodbridge/Vienna/ Tyson's Corner mother,brother,sister-in-law home. 1979 follow family move to New Jersey Bellville (?) When in New Jersey resident, LiuHH took TOEFL and GRE exam. LiuHH send application to several universities for mechanical engineering graduate school study. LiuHH receive University of Iowa admission. 1980-01-10 LiuHH arrived U.IA <a name="20131011a04"> In Taiwan, knew LiuHH goto U.Iowa, father mail many LiuHH undergraduate bought text book to LiuHH. R.E. Johnson Calculus is one of those mailed book. Triangle center distance formula derivation was in few pages, which is not textbook, certainly, father not mail formula derivation to Liu. 1992-10-25 LiuHH move out of 620 Johnson St. Apt.5 Iowa City IA 52240 <a name="20131011a05"> 1992-10-28 LiuHH move to Simi Valley CA. 1992-11 LiuHH Taipei home was demolished. Few days after demolish, father went back to Taipei, our home is in ruin. All gone. Above explain Formula derivation lost in Taipei home, R.E. Johnson Calculus book in hand in U.S. Why some in Taipei and some in U.S.? 2013-10-11-20-48 stop <a name="20131011b01"> 2013-10-11-20-53 start Liu,Hsinhan left eye disabled. 2013-09-01 LiuHH move from Simi Valley CA to Lancaster CA. 2013-09-27 LiuHH sister called dental clinic make appointment with Dr. Frank Chia Fu, for both LiuHH and sister to clean and exam teeth. 2013-09-28 LiuHH sister move from Gardena CA to Lancaster CA. <a name="20131011b02"> 2013-10-11-10-40 LiuHH and sister drive to Gardena to clean and exam teeth. 2013-10-11-16-?? LiuHH and sister drive from Gardena back to Lancaster via highway 110, highway 10, highway 5, highway 14. highway 110, 10, 5 total distance 50 miles. highway 14 has 40 miles distance. Drive to about 45 miles, on highway 5, sister said: "Later you drive highway 14, OK?" LiuHH <a name="20131011b03"> answered "Sure, I will drive, but you must know a fact, it is my left eye is blurred. (我的左眼已經失明了) The car right in front of our car, my left eye can not see it. I will drive with my right eye. Some office door use frosted glass. You can see there is a person behind the glass, but you can not see him clearly. Now my left eye is covered with frosted glass, and left eye is gradually worse and bigger area." Immediately, sister replied "I drive." Sister suggest LiuHH exam eye again. 2013-10-11-21-20 stop <a name="20131013a01"> 2013-10-13-10-48 start Record few recent facts. About 2013-10-10-15-?? a noise pick up enter W. Ave. K11, K11 is a dead end short distance lane. One side total about seven houses. noise pick up make huge noise both enter and exit K11. LiuHH house is at middle of W. Ave. K11 here is where noise pick up accelerate most noise point. Noise pick up is NOT four wheeler. <a name="20131013a02"> 2013-10-11-22-15 brother/sister-in-law arrive LiuHH/sister house in Lancaster. 2013-10-13-10-41 brother/sister-in-law left LiuHH/sister house at W. Ave. K11. Another pick up tow a flat bed trailer, on which sit a four wheeler (or "ATV") car. Someone drive this four wheeler car in/out of W. Ave. K11 frequently. 2013-10-13-10-41 pick up tow four wheeler the timing is very accurate. LiuHH stand at 3727 W. Ave. K11 saw brother car exit W. Ave. K11, at this very moment, pick up tow four wheeler enter W. Ave. K11 and <a name="20131013a03"> drive in between LiuHH and brother car sight line. pick up tow four wheeler enter W. Ave. K11 drive to lane end big circle, then drive exit W. Ave. K11. Both in/exit show up in LiuHH view. LiuHH consider these events are all body language, telling LiuHH that LiuHH ill fate continue. (guess) No photo taken. Here just record facts. 2013-10-13-11-02 stop <a name="LiuMove1"> 2013-10-13-15-28 write next LiuMove record to bioge007.htm (was in complex6.htm explain why stop complex4 doc-write long time.) 2013-10-05-12-28 start 1978-08-01 LiuHH arrive U.S.A. 1980-01-10 LiuHH arrive Iowa City, IA. 1992-10-25 LiuHH move out from Apt.5 620 Johnson Street Iowa City IA 52240 1992-10-28 LiuHH move to brother house 5492 San Joaquin St. Simi Valley CA 93063 1993-03-26 LiuHH move to brother house 2369 Collier Ct. Simi Valley CA 93065 (brother own 2369 twenty years, and own 5492 four years both year approximate) <a name="LiuMove2"> 1994-01-22 move to landlordLJ house at 3591 Finchley Ct. Simi Valley CA 93063 2001-08-02 follow landlordLJ move to 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063 2003-04-11 brother move from Simi Valley, CA to Bakersfield CA. LiuHH stay at Simi. 2013-08-08-20-33 landlordLJ ask LiuHH move out within two month. <a name="LiuMove3"> 2013-09-01-15-37 LiuHH move out from Simi Valley CA. 2013-09-01-17-10 LiuHH move into 3727 W. Ave. K11, Lancaster, CA 2013-09-28-19-50 sister move into 3727 W. Ave. K11, Lancaster, CA 2013-Sep. LiuHH busy unpack belonging. 2013-10-05-13-08 stop <a name="20131016a01"> 2013-10-16-18-43 start Liu,Hsinhan both eye got cataract. Left eye is worse. 2013-10-11-08-00 left eye see mirror no eye, no eyebrow, no nose, all smeared. 2013-10-13-22-18 left eye see mirror eye, eyebrow, nose are distinguishable. 2013-10-16-09-10 left eye see mirror no eye, no eyebrow, no nose, all smeared. Left eye cataract fluctuate. 2013-10-16-18-51 stop <a name="20131021a01"> 2013-10-21-15-40 start 2013-10-20-08-59 in find 3727 West Ave. K11 Lancaster 93536 and save satellite image as This is first time LiuHH access google map satellite image. In mov2013e.jpg upper left it has a yellow man. If you drag yellow man to a house. The picture will change to side view of that house. (satellite is top view) Not all resident house get side view photo. <a name="20131021a02"> For example private street resident house no side view photo. Two month ago LiuHH live at 2505 Cloverleaf Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063. Cloverleaf Lane is private street. All street in that community (Milestone) are private. Condo with gate no side view photo. <a name="20131021a03"> mov2013e.jpg left (west) side neighbor back yard pave with small stone, no grass, no yard work. Right (east) side neighbor back yard is dry land (Lancaster is in desert) no grass, no yard work either. But house at 3727 has half green half desert land. LiuHH mow both back yard and front yard. <a name="20131021a04"> mov2013e.jpg is taken on 2013-05-25, before LiuHH move in (2013-09-01) mov2013e.jpg has one car park in front of garage, it belong to previous resident. Each house roof has a small square. That is spray-water-cool-air utility. 2013-10-21-16-20 stop <a name="20140108a01"> 2014-01-08-19-47 start On 2013-12-31 upload 12/31/2013 04:00 PM 600,042 gcircle2.htm to On 2014-01-01 write Chinese version gcircle1.htm <a name="20140108a02"> On 2014-01-02-09-00 sister give LiuHH a job download [[ 先秦諸子百家爭鳴01_實話孔子01:夫子何人.rm 37:51 東周列國 春秋篇 EP01 (Spring and Autumn Period 孔子 春秋五霸 驪山烽火).flv 47:32 (30 episodes?) 孔子傳 1 10:53 (at least 49 episodes) 5/8/2009 ]] All of these are Confucius related youtube video files. LiuHH attention change from gcircle1.htm to Confucius video. On 2014-01-02-09-51 LiuHH add Confucius teach to <a name="20140108a03"> 2014-01-02-14-16 update 2014-01-02-16-55 decide delay gcircle1.htm and start sign world guestbook introduce Great Circle graph generator to the world community. <a name="20140108a04"> 2014-01-03-03-07 update announce sign world guestbook. From 2014-01-03 to 2014-01-07 total signed 100 guestbook. This work will continue. <a name="20140108a05"> 2014-01-08 sister decide goto Gardena to pay rent for Gardena P.O.Box But 2013-09-28 sister move from Gardena to Lancaster. Why keep Gardena P.O.Box ? It is eighty miles away! Sister answered: "Sister has several bank/credit card troubles. City Bank trouble settled a payment method. but other bank no settlement. Sister do not want let trouble bank/credit card follow to Lancaster. Therefore keep Gardena P.O.Box. Continue communicate with trouble bank at Gardena address." City Bank event please see <a name="20140108a06"> From 2014-01-08-08-30 to 2014-01-08-16-30 LiuHH and sister go to Gardena. Since 2013-09-28 till now 2014-01-08. In average, every three weeks, LiuHH and sister go from Lancaster to Gardena once. In next six month, three weeks once trip will be same. Sister pay Gardena P.O.Box rent $48 for six month. <a name="20140108a07"> 2014-01-08 LiuHH did not sign guestbook. Tomorrow 2014-01-09 continue sign guestbook. 2014 sign world guestbook record 2014-01-08-20-25 stop <a name="20141201a01"> 2014-12-01-20-05 start change low level goal will be fail, then high level goal never start. 2014-12-01-20-02 to next If low level goal success, then high level goal never start. "low level goal will be fail ..." is a not logic words. <a name="20141201a02"> Why Liu,Hsinhan suddenly review 2009-10-19-21-10 words? 2014-11-03 LiuHH bought high blood pressure control medicine lisinopril. But average blood pressure before 2014-11-03 is about 130-85 (systolic-diastolic) blood pressure after 2014-11-03 is about 145-95 Lowest reading is 2014-10-14-19-44 [bp]103-65-75 highest reading is 2014-12-01-07-35 [bp]155-99-65 These reading increase let LiuHH worry. For now, guess eye drop prednisolone cause high blood pressure. 2014-11-08 start apply prednisolone, ketorolac, Vigamox. Vigamox stop on 2014-11-18 ketorolac stop on 2014-11-25 prednisolone stop on 2014-12-08 2014-12-01-20-27

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