I cannot live without you !!

A letter from Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 to Chen,Liling 陳麗玲
Liu,Hsinhan brief history in time sequence and in Chinese. update 2016-01-12
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Wang,JinWei comparison  
LiuHH future environment . Dear reader, good bye .
Liu,Hsinhan left eye cannot read book due to cataract.
President Chiang, Kai-shek Our world he Peace Guard!
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I cannot live without you !!
A letter from Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 to Chen,Liling 陳麗玲

2013-12-31-10-10 start 
Dear Liling, I am Hsinhan 劉鑫漢  
Hsinhan meet Liling in ROC 71 year  at 
Iowa City. Time pass fast, it is thirty one 
years ago. Liling receive Doctor degree in 
ROC 73 year June (1984-06) from University 
of Iowa. You move to West Lafayette, Indiana 
continue higher study. That time Hsinhan 
stay in Iowa City. Until ROC 81 year Oct 
(1992-10) Hsinhan major in Mechanical Eng. 
<a name="docA002">
When Hsinhan study, Hsinhan not only think 
engineering problem, but also spend lot time 
think Chinese modern history problems. As a 
result, Hsinhan did not finish U.Iowa study 
and left school empty handed. Without degree 
Hsinhan was unable to find a job. ROC 81 year 
Oct Hsinhan move to Simi Valley California. 
Because that time brother was in Simi open 
a store Gift Bazaar. Brother need helper. 
<a name="docA003">
From ROC 81 year Nov to ROC 85 year Dec 
Hsinhan work in Gift Bazaar till store lease 
expire. ROC 83 year Jan Northridge earthquake 
strike Gift Bazaar cause severe damage. 
Northridge is ten mile away from Simi Valley. 
Risk after shock danger, did not ask employee 
come clear store, Hsinhan and brother two 
work in a ruin store. Gift Bazaar received 
landlord help, received gift manufacturer 
help, received U.S. government help and 
received Republic of China government help.
<a name="docA004">
Gift Bazaar survived. ROC 85 year Dec store 
lease expire. Brother decide close store. 
After close store, Hsinhan stay in room study 
nearly not go any where. ROC 86,87,88 year 
Hsinhan input many Chinese modern history 
books, for example 
<a name="docA005">
The Three Principles of the People 《三民主義》

President Chiang,Kai-shek's record 《蔣總統秘錄》

<a name="docA006">
Chinese communist history 《中共史論》郭華倫編著
<a name="docA007">
When typing input history books, Hsinhan 
think more modern history questions. 
Hsinhan go to mainland web site to sign 
forum/guestbook pages. This is a chance to 
communicate with mainland web user.
Hsinhan upload modern history question view 
point to freeman2.com web site. (Hsinhan 
own freeman2.com) Political pages are 

<a name="docA008">
ROC 95 year Dec Hsinhan upload 
Second Korean War 
Predict if Second Korean War occur, the 
death will be higher than first Korean War.
ROC 96 year Jan (2007-Jan) Hsinhan computer 
can not enter Internet. 

<a name="docA009">
ROC 96 year Jan is roughly a border line. 
Before ROC 96 year Jan Hsinhan has more 
political work than math work. 
After ROC 96 year Jan Hsinhan has more 
math work than political work. 
http://freeman2.com/cpage034.htm and 
http://freeman2.com/cpage035.htm are 
political work after ROC 96 year Jan
<a name="docA010">
Math work, study notes, programming are 
listed in 
http://freeman2.com/jsindex1.htm Chinese 
http://freeman2.com/jsindex2.htm English
2013-12-31-11-12 here
<a name="docA011">
2013-12-31-16-07 start
This year ROC 102 year (2013) I write two 
Complex number calculator 
Great Circle drawing program 
I think they are both useful, but all of 
my program no one proofread. complex4.htm 
may still contain unknown bug. 

<a name="docA012">
Hsinhan human relation is nearly none. 
Hsinhan meet only brother and sister more 
frequently. However, brother and sister 
they both like gardening, tree, fruit, 
vegetable etc. Both of them do not like 
programming and not like my study notes. 

<a name="docA013">
Liling, you get Doctor of Medicine degree. 
Chemistry is your major study. Chemistry 
use many mathematics. Therefore Hsinhan 
expect Liling know math better than my 
brother and sister. 
Dear Liling, would you please download 
please test run and debug for Hsinhan. 

<a name="docA014">
Liling, since ROC 71 year (1982), Hsinhan
remember 思念 Liling everyday and every 
night. Now thirty two years passed. 
Hsinhan do not want to beat 牛郎織女
Hsinhan only want to reunion with Liling. 

<a name="docA015">
Liling please call Hsinhan at 3one0+6one7-17zero7
please visit Hsinhan at 3727 West Ave. K11 
Lancaster, CA. 93536

Liling! I cannot live without you !!
Hsinhan ROC 102 year, 12 Month, 31 day 
2013-12-31-16-33 stop 

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2016-01-12-13-41 add three maps 
Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 resident maps 
2001-08 to 2013-09-01 live in Simi Valley CA
2013-09-01 to 2015-05-01 live in Lancaster CA
2015-05-01 now 2016-01-12 live in California City CA

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2014-01-02-11-57 start 
update 2014-01-02 change 
from President Chiang,Kai-skek's record
  to President Chiang,Kai-shek's record
2014-01-02-11-58 stop 

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