Frequently used Chinese characters
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There are 20000+ Chinese characters. Ordinary educated Chinese read
about 6000 characters. Here list 20 of 3000 frequently used Chinese
characters. The collection of frequently used Chinese characters is not
unique, it depend on author's selection and depend on text material
studied and depend on cities/provinces. This page Frequently used
Chinese characters come from dictionary 遠東字典常用三千字
it is published in Taiwan province, Republic of China. This 3000
characters reveal traditional Chinese society frequently usage and
ignored communist used political characters frequency .
Liu,Hsinhan 2018-01-06-08-06

Each single Chinese character is in a square. Reader should pay
attention to the start point and end point. All character start
from upper left corner and end at lower right corner. This file
stroke sequence is a SUGGESTION, because stroke sequence
has varieties. This page is edited by Liu,Hsinhan, the following
is Liu,Hsinhan's usage.
The picture below are text picture in base64 format. All pictures
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<a name=index> ; abundant , bell , Chaplin
mainland China chaos 1911-1949 , 1949-1976 , 1976-2011 ,
index for 3000 characters charindx.htm
This page contain the following frequency Chinese characters
frequency, Unicode, Chinese character .
0940=&#22992;=姐 0941=&#33509;=若 0942=&#24459;=律 0943=&#30151;=症 
0944=&#38512;=陰 0945=&#38918;=順 0946=&#38542;=階 0947=&#25799;=擇 
0948=&#25215;=承 0949=&#24184;=幸 0950=&#27512;=歸 0951=&#35920;=豐 
0952=&#37912;=鐘 0953=&#36935;=遇 0954=&#31471;=端 0955=&#25793;=擁 
0956=&#40664;=默 0957=&#27211;=橋 0958=&#30427;=盛 0959=&#32232;=編 
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<a name=f0940> 0940=&#22992;=姐 index

meaning one's elder sisters,polite term for young woman.
read jie 3=ㄐ-ㄝˇ
rank=0940 ; 2018-04-09-16-29

姐妹=sisters(姐=elder sister,妹=younger sister)
姐妹花=beautiful sisters
姐妹市=sister cities
姐夫=husband of one's elder sister
小姐=polite term for young woman

see char0041.htm#f0811 for brothers and sisters alternative words
姊 rank=1594=&#22986;
姐 rank=0940=&#22992;
both are identical, in elementary school Liu,H.H. learn 姊 first

<a name=f0941> 0941=&#33509;=若 index

meaning if,suppose,assume,provided that,similar to.
read ruo 4=ㄖㄨㄛˋ
rank=0941 ; 2018-04-09-17-26

若不然=if若 not不 so然
若干=some,a few,several
若何=what now=if.that.case若何
若要人不知,除非己莫為=if若 want要 other人 not不 know知,
unless除非 oneself己 not莫 do.that為
若無其事=as.if若 no無 such其 matter事

other if若
if若=如果=like.this如 result果
if若=假設=fabricate假 one.assumption設

<a name=f0942> 0942=&#24459;=律 index

meaning law,rule,regulation,statute,bind by law,control,restrain.
read lü 4=ㄌㄩˋ
rank=0942 ; 2018-04-09-18-00

律令=laws and regulations
律師公會=bar association
律師事務所=lawyer's office

similar words
法=律=laws , 法 read fa 3=ㄈㄚˇ
法 rank=0086, 法=&#27861;
although 律=法 only 律師=lawyer,
lawyer never use 法師, 法師=monk

<a name=f0943> 0943=&#30151;=症 index

meaning disease,ailment,symptom of a disease.
read zheng 4=ㄓㄥˋ
rank=0943 ; 2018-04-09-19-31

症狀=symptom or manifestation of a disease

<a name=f0944> 0944=&#38512;=陰 index

meaning negative(electricity),female,cloudy,shady,secret,dark,back side,
north side of mountain,south side of stream,reproductive organ of both sexes,
cunning狡猾 and crafty鬼聰明,injure another in a clandestine manner.
read yin 1=-ㄣˉ
rank=0944 ; 2018-04-09-19-56

陰謀=secret陰 scheme謀
陰德=unpublicized陰 good.deeds德
陰天=cloudy陰 sky天
陰雨=cloudy陰 and rainy雨
樹陰=tree樹 shadow陰

<a name=f0945> 0945=&#38918;=順 index

meaning follow,submit to,obedient,cause to surrender,
read shun 4=ㄕㄨㄣˋ
rank=0945 ; 2018-04-09-21-46

順便=while doing a major task, same.trip順 do.minor.task便
順風=move direction is same順 as wind風 direction
順理成章=as a matter of course
順理成章=follow順 good.reasoning理 achieve成 thesis章
順時鐘=rotation same.as順 clock時鐘 rotation
順應潮流=to conform to modern trends

<a name=classStruggle1> class struggle1 階級鬥爭 ; index
Stripe [a, A, b, B, c, C, d, D, e, E, f, F, g, G ; h, H ; i, ]
each alphabet link to one file. total 17 files. Each file
has 50 photo/image. Last link "i" has 25 . Total 825 photos.
China A Century of Revolution [1911-1949] Part 1.wmv

劉鑫漢工作 107,05,08,06,38 始,至 107,07,03,15,05 止
Work start from 2018-05-08-06-38 ; done on 2018-07-03-15-05 .

<a name=classStruggle2> class struggle2 階級鬥爭 ; index
yellow stripe link change 14 different files.
Each file has 50 photo/image. Total 693 photos.
China A Century of Revolution [1949-1976] Part 2.wmv

Liu,HsinHan work from 2018-04-09-22-11 to 2018-04-26-21-51

<a name=classStruggle3> class struggle3 階級鬥爭 ; index
China A Century of Revolution [1976-2011] Part 3.wmv

劉鑫漢工作, 107,07,09,07,12 始,至 107,08,03,12,02 止
2018-07-09-07-12 start [1976-2011] Part 3.wmv ; 2018-08-03-12-02 done

<a name=f0946> 0946=&#38542;=階 index

meaning a way leading to the main hall,a flight of steps or stairs, grade or rank.
read jie 1=ㄐ-ㄝˉ
rank=0946 ; 2018-04-27-07-47

階段=a stage or phase (in a process)
階梯=moveable stair way let one go up or go down
階級=class=rank of people
階層=rank of people without hate,fight meaning
台階=none-moveable stair way let one go up or go down

<a name=f0947> 0947=&#25799;=擇 index

meaning choose,select,pick out.
read tse 2=ze 2=ㄗㄜˊ
rank=0947 ; 2018-04-27-11-21

擇肥而食=select fat and eat=select good and own
擇期=select a date
擇善固執=choose what is good and stick to it
擇偶=select a spouse

<a name=f0948> 0948=&#25215;=承 index

meaning receive,inherit,succeed,make it one's responsibility,
undertake,by (order of),continue,hold,contain,confess,to please.
read cheng 2=ㄔㄥˊ
rank=0948 ; 2018-04-27-12-07

承辦=receive a task and be responsible for it
承蒙=be obliged,much indebted to
承諾=to promise,a promise
承歡膝下=please one's parents by living with them
承先啟後=be the heir to ancient sages and the teacher of posterity
承讓=received承 (your) concession讓
承讓=(indirect)thank you


<a name=f0949> 0949=&#24184;=幸 index

meaning well-being and happiness,fortunately,luckily,thanks to,
feel happy about,to favor,imperial tour or progress.
read hsing 4=xing 4=ㄒ-ㄥˋ
rank=0949 ; 2018-04-27-13-00

幸福=well-being and happiness
幸甚=very much hoped for
幸運=good fortune,good luck
僥倖(幸)=avoid trouble by luck (by chance)


<a name=f0950> 0950=&#27512;=歸 index

meaning come back,return,(woman)marry,follow,pledge,
allegiance to,merge with,belong,attribute.
read gui 4=ㄍㄨㄟˉ
rank=0950 ; 2018-04-27-16-57

歸併=merge with,unite with
歸檔=return document to folder
歸天=return to heaven,pass away
歸寧=(woman)return parents home to visit
回歸線=the tropic of cancer or capricorn

<a name=f0951> 0951=&#35920;=豐 index

meaning abundant,luxuriant,copious,fruitful,plentiful,thick,big.
read feng 1=ㄈㄥˉ
rank=0951 ; 2018-04-27-17-53

豐滿=(woman)full figured,buxom
豐年=a year of good harvest
豐衣足食=plenty clothes and abundant food

<a name=rank.0951> 豐年豐收 , a year of good harvest


<a name=f0952> 0952=&#37912;=鐘 index

meaning bell(which tolls 鳴鐘 as distinct from which that jingles), a clock.
read zhong 1=ㄓㄨㄥˉ
rank=0952 ; 2018-04-27-19-00

鐘樓=bell tower
鐘聲=toll of a bell
當一天和尚撞一天鐘=be a monk one day, hit bell one day
=do job one's position should do.

similar words 鐘 and 鍾 
鐘, 鍾 read zhong 1=ㄓㄨㄥˉ
鍾 mean to concentrate
鍾情=concentrate mind to one lover
鍾 rank=2424=&#37758;

<a name=rank.0952> hit bell 鐘 signal meeting

鐘=bell hanging on roof, hit bell signal meeting
鈴=bell hanging on dog neck, tell where he is
鐘=time indicator hanging on wall for ten meter view
錶=time indicator carry on wrist for ten inch view
a704272106 = 2018-04-27-21-06

<a name=f0953> 0953=&#36935;=遇 index

meaning meet,run into,come across,encounter,treat,
opportunity,luck,meeting of minds,rival,match with.
read yü 4=ㄩˋ
rank=0953 ; 2018-04-27-21-55

遇難=get killed in an accident
遇見=meet with,come across
遇險=meet with danger
遇人不淑=married a bad husband
遭遇=vicissitudes興衰浮沉 in one's life

<a name=f0954> 0954=&#31471;=端 index

meaning an extreme,an end,begging,cause,correct,proper,upright,righteous,
well-formed,symmetric,neat,carry gingerly謹慎的,carry object with two hands.
read duan 1=ㄉㄨㄢˉ
rank=0954 ; 2018-04-28-10-14

端賴=entirely端 rely賴 upon
端過來=carry (liquid with two hands) over here

<a name=f0955> 0955=&#25793;=擁 index

meaning support,follow,hug,embrace,hold,possess,crowd,throng,clog.
read yong 3=ㄩㄥˇ
rank=0955 ; 2018-04-28-11-07

擁兵自重=(warlord)maintain an army and defy orders from central government
擁立=set up a ruler and declare allegiance with him
擁塞=clog or block up

<a name=f0956> 0956=&#40664;=默 index

meaning silent,speakless,quiet,still.
read mo 4=ㄇㄛˋ
rank=0956 ; 2018-04-28-16-56

默契=tacit無言的 understanding
默寫=write from memory
默認=tacit consent

<a name=rank.0956> 默片=Silent Movies , A Night Out

默片=Silent Movies , A Night Out
Charlie Chaplin (1915) 深夜外出...

<a name=f0957> 0957=&#27211;=橋 index

meaning bridge,bridge like structure,beam of a structure,tall,high.
read qiao 2=ㄑ-ㄠˊ
rank=0957 ; 2018-04-28-18-18

橋牌=bridge(paper card game)
橋墩=buttresses of a bridge
橋頭=either end of a bridge
橋樑=span of a bridge
陸橋=天橋=bridge which cross a busy street

<a name=f0958> 0958=&#30427;=盛 index

meaning abundant,rich,exuberant,flourishing,prosperous,magnificent.
read sheng 4=ㄕㄥˋ
rank=0958 ; 2018-04-28-19-19

盛況空前=unprecedented in grandeur festivity etc.
盛氣凌人=treat others rudely through arrogance
盛情難卻=it is hard to turn down the offer made such warmheartedness
盛世=a prosperous age or period

<a name=f0959> 0959=&#32232;=編 index

meaning knit,put together,organize,to form,to prepare,
to compile,edit,arrange,fabricate,invent.
read bian 1=ㄅ-ㄢˉ
rank=0959 ; 2018-04-28-21-33

編排=arrange in order
編訂=compile and revise (book)
編隊=formation (aircraft),organize in groups
編年=chronological history
編輯=to edit,editor

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