Frequently used Chinese characters INDEX
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There are 20000+ Chinese characters. Ordinary educated Chinese read
about 6000 characters. Here list 20 of 3000 frequently used Chinese
characters. The collection of frequently used Chinese characters is not
unique, it depend on author's selection and depend on text material
studied and depend on cities/provinces. This page Frequently used
Chinese characters come from dictionary 遠東字典常用三千字
it is published in Taiwan province, Republic of China. This 3000
characters reveal traditional Chinese society frequently usage and
ignored communist used political characters frequency .
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This page charindx.htm has Chinese index.
But no English index. You can use command prompt
to get English key word search result. Assume
the frequently used 3000 Chinese characters web
page are in   c:\char3000\char0001.htm   ,
c:\char3000\char0002.htm , .....
Open command prompt window and type next command
find "happy" c:\char3000\char0*.htm
all char0*.htm page which contain "happy" will
show up on command prompt window. This method
will help you locate English key word.
Type   find /?   for help.
Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 2018-03-01-08-42

Each single Chinese character is in a square. Reader should pay
attention to the start point and end point. All character start
from upper left corner and end at lower right corner. This file
stroke sequence is a SUGGESTION, because stroke sequence
has varieties. This page is edited by Liu,Hsinhan, the following
is Liu,Hsinhan's usage.
The picture below are text picture in base64 format. All pictures
are in HTML source file. 2018-01-06-08-41

Frequently used Chinese characters list 

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