Disguise email, Less junk/spam mail
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If one display a real email address on a web
page, that allow spam robot to collect email
address from source code. spammer sell the
email address. Victim will receive hundred
junk mail daily. This program
help you to disguise your email address.
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First in source code never show up '@'.
This method will repel most spam robot.
Second, use disguise string. You, web page
owner, decide what disguise string to use.
The following example use 'any' and 'lon'
as five parameter disguise string. Use 'a2z'
as four parameter disguise string. Program
also allow no-disguise three parameter input.

Hope this program will help you reduce spam 
mail. Good luck.  

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How to use? 

Open source code of

<script language="javascript"

up to

} //9805101931 //9805102000

total 87 lines.
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Put it in <head>
Put it in <body> before first use

then where need to show email address,
just follow the following example.

LiuHH. 2009-05-10-20-35.

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Assume real email address is
cut it into three sections
Use above three sections as following example shown.

<a name=doc06>
<script language="javascript">emailfen('any','abcdefg','lon','gmail','com')</script>
Above five-parameter command get next three lines

<a name=doc07>
<script language="javascript">emailfen('a2z','abcdefg','gmail','com')</script>
Above four-parameter command get next three lines

<a name=doc08>
<script language="javascript">emailfen('abcdefg','gmail','com')</script>
Above three-parameter command get next one line.

<a name=doc09>
<script language="javascript">emailfen('abcdefg','gmail')</script>
Above two-parameter command get next error message line.

<script language="javascript">emailfen('abcdefg','gmail','abcdefg','gmail','abcdefg','gmail')</script>
Above six-parameter command get next error message line.


<a name=doc10>
2009-05-11-17-21 start
If spammer write program to decode emailfen()
and get real email address, then your junk mail
increase. Your reaction is to change your program
change all string "emailfen(" to "del_knuj("
where "junk" reverse to "knuj". If on Internet
only you use function del_knuj(), then spammer
is unable to include "del_knuj(" into his
program, then you get protection.

In fact, if you decide to use this program
"emailfen()", LiuHH suggest you 
change all "emailfen()" to "del_knuj()" or
other strange function name. If very few page
use "emailfen()", then spammer can not do any
thing effectively.
2009-05-11-17-33 stop

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2009-05-12-15-12 start
Above function emailfen() has two disadvantages.
First, function name contain 'email' which
       capture spammer's attention.
Second, function emailfen() take care
       two parameter upto six parameter
       conditions. If user decided preference
       only one condition is used, then code
       for other condition never used.

Following is
three parameter function par3e(p1,p2,p3)
four  parameter function par4e(p1,p2,p3,p4)
five  parameter function par5e(p1,p2,p3,p4,p5)
avoid above two disadvantages.

Define function just once, call it many times.
Must define function before first time use it.

Please open this file emailfen.htm source code, 
use par3f() or
use par4f() or
use par5f() .
2009-05-12-15-20 stop

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<a name=doc13>


<a name=doc14>


Above define par3e(), par4e(), par5e() in web page.
<a name=doc15>
Below define them by include another file par345en.js
[Here you need open source code to see two definitions.]
2009-05-14-10-00 start
A function can be defined several times, last definition
is effective. Above code read par345en.js twice.
First time read from Freeman's web site
Second time read from local file par345en.js
Local file is in reader's own computer, or
local file is in reader's own web site.
If Freeman's site and local file both exist,
Then last definition is effective. In other words
reader modified par345en.js is used.
If only one definition exist, your web page still
work normally. If both definition not exist, web page
will not show email address.
2009-05-14-10-12 stop



<a name=doc16>
2009-05-13-11-57 start
Above mentioned method will protect emails in your web page.
But you may still get junk mails, if this happen, please find out
if other site display your email address and not disguise it.
2009-05-13-12-00 stop

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Javascript index
Space Curve Projector
foot of perpendicular
Gram-Schmidt Process
complex polynomial root
complex variable functions

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Freeman 2009-05-10-21-09