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Hello World ! Please exterminate world bandit !
exterminate "Chinese" communist !

<a name=index> epage011.htm Hello World ! Please exterminate world bandit !
exterminate "Chinese" communist ! index

■ preface
 1920 the creation of "Chinese" communist
■ 1923 Mikhail Markovich Borodin
 1920's "Chinese" communist is Russia puppet
■ 1949 Russia toppled Chinese Central
 1900-1945 Russia split Mongolia from China
■ 1924 Sun,Yat-sen and Mongolia capital KuLun
 1940's Russia annex Tannu Tuva, map
■ 1940's why Russia not annex Mongolia
 1940's Mongolia follow Tannu Tuva path
■ 1950's communist kill resist-Russia Chinese
 1950's nobody dare to accuse Russia
■ 1952 China alone exterminate communist
 1952 Attack U.S. re-appear again?
■ 1952 international full responsibility

 1950's peace land reform to killing land reform
■ 1950's Mao tyranny is RUSSIA tyranny
 1966 Mao,Tsedong meet madness young man
■ 1966 Million joy, Mao painful photo
 1966 photo subtitle in English
■ 1950's Lenin is called "ancestor"
 1966 With/Without Soviet Union factor

■■ 1975-04-05 President Chiang,Kai-shek pass away
■■ After 1975-04-05 Liu,Hsinhan interpret world event
■■ with identical position as President Chiang,Kai-shek

■■ 1976-01-08 Zhou,En-Lai die
■■ 1976-09-09 Mao,Tse-dong die
■ 1989 kill 200 thousand for 20 years stability
 1949-2010 AFTER seize power, communist kill☭ 80 million
■ 1999 Falungong puzzle, why cc torture Falungong?
 1999 Explain Falungong puzzle
■ 2001 all China become a huge grave yard
 2001 Who love a chopped head China? lovehinaplus
■ 2001 U.S. is under attack, World Trade Center
 2001 BBC news is direct evidence who attack WTC?
■ 2001 world bandit is "Chinese" communist
 2001 How can you fight two tigers?
■ 2001 U.S. keep damage to minimum
 2001 U.S. give green light to WTC attacker
■ 2005 east to XiAn city total ruin
 2005 communist and Russia joint military exercise
■ Moscow to Pacific short cut map
 Japan ready for destroy, U.S. ready for crying

■ 2018 Chinese cities may hide nuclear bomb
 2018 north Korea nuclear weapon attack who?
■ Why ask whole world exterminate bandit?
 What Reader can do is very easy
■ Wang,Jingwei Hero
 Wang,Jingwei photo

President Chiang,Kai-shek farsighted view
in 1920's Chiang,Kai-shek wrote: "China's
foreign aggression it has easy-to-see and
hard-to-see difference. Japanese aggression
is open and clear. Russia's aggression is
hidden and hard to detect." //a712290938
epage011.htm is a support document.
Above and below yellow background are update 2019-01-01

<a name=docA001>

Hello World ! Please
exterminate world bandit !
exterminate "Chinese" communist !
Dear reader, my name is Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢. 
Short as LiuHH. LiuHH was born on 1948-02-17 
at Hankow City in mainland China. Next year 
1949 follow government and parents move to 
Taiwan province. LiuHH grow up in Taiwan and 
receive Chinese government education. 
1978-08-01 LiuHH and sister move to U.S.A. 
stay in U.S. until now 2018-12-15. 

<a name=docA002>
This page title Hello World ! Please 
exterminate world bandit !
exterminate "Chinese" communist ! 
LiuHH explain why "Chinese" communist is 
world bandit? why need world force to 
exterminate "Chinese" communist? 
"Chinese" communist short as "cc". 

<a name=docA003>
■■ the creation of "Chinese" communist
吳廷康=魏金斯基=Grigori Voitinsky 
1920-April Grigori Voitinsky come to China create 
"Chinese" communist. Soviet Union put communist 
under third communist international Everybody 
know third communist international is under Soviet 
Union control. That is Soviet Union control 
"Chinese" communist directly. "Chinese" communist 
must receive Moscow order and obey this order. 

<a name=docA004>
From 1923 to 1927, Mikhail Markovich Borodin 鮑羅廷 
come to China. Borodin nurse new born "Chinese" 
communist, Borodin ask communist enter nationalist 
party infiltrate and control nationalist party. 

<a name=docA005>
羅明納茲 Besso Lominadze and 紐曼 Heinz Neumann
From July to December 1927, Neumann represented the 
Comintern in China. Working with Georgian communist 
Vissarion Lominadze. Stalin order Lominadze and 
Neumann carry out a big riot in China on 1927-08-01 .
How big this riot? 08-01 become "Chinese" communist 
"army creation day".
If Russia send riot-specialist to your nation and 
create a big riot, what is your feeling?  
In this world, which nation is capable do the same 
thing to Russia? 

<a name=docA006>
All of above say one thing: 
"Chinese" communist was created by Russia, communist 
carry out Moscow order. 

<a name=docA007>

■■ "Chinese" communist is Russia puppet !! 
■■ 共產黨是一群俄羅斯奴才!

■■ Russia expelled Nanjing Resist-Russia 
  Chinese Central. 
■■ NOT communist expel Chinese Central
1949 Russia expelled Nanjing Resist-Russia 
Chinese Central government to Taiwan. Many 
thought it is 
"Chinese" communist expelled Chinese Central 
government to Taiwan. WRONG !! 
<a name=docA008>
Every reader must know one thing 
Russia ALWAYS control agent to do dirty job. 
Russia create "Chinese" communist 
Russia control "Chinese" communist 
Russia protect "Chinese" communist 
Russia drive "Chinese" communist 
In past three hundred years, Russia annexed one 
third Chinese soil. Chinese Central government 
has resist-Russia policy. Russia action is 
<a name=docA009>
Russia toppled Beijing Chinese Central 1926
on surface Chiang,Kai-shek army toppled Beijing 
Chinese Central 
Russia expelled Nanjing Chinese Central 1949
on surface "Chinese" communist expelled Nanjing 
Chinese Central 
<a name=docA010>
Both Beijing Chinese Central and Nanjing Chinese 
Central want to recover northern Chinese soil. 
1949 Russia set up "Chinese" communist regime, 
This puppet not recover northern Chinese soil, 
this puppet receive Moscow order. Then puppet 
regime stay long time. 

<a name=docA011>

■■ split Mongolia from China 
■■ 割裂蒙古
At the beginning of AC1200's, Mongolia 
and China merged to one political system. 
Government is called Yuan dynasty. 
Hundred years later, change dynasty to 
Ming, then to Ching dynasty. Mongolia 
is part of China. But 1800's Russia begin 
involve Mongolia business. 1900's Russia 
begin split Mongolia from China. 

<a name=docA012>
1924 Dr. Sun,Yat-sen send Chiang,Kai-shek 
to visit Soviet Union. Dr. Sun presented a 
proposal to Moscow. 
1924 Nationalist party base is in Guangchou 
where is next to Hongkong. If Nationalist 
northward expedition. British controlled 
Hongkong may attack Guangchou. 
<a name=docA013>
Dr. Sun hope move Nationalist party base 
from Guangchou to Mongolia capital KuLun 
City (Ulanbatow) 
Because KuLun City to Beijing is close and 
KuLun City base no British worry. 
Moscow rejected Dr. Sun's proposal. 
Mongolia was part of China. Why Sun,Yat-sen 
ask Moscow for permission? Because Russia 
controlled Mongolia. 

<a name=docA014>
1940's Russia force Chinese government give 
up Mongolia. Under pressure Chinese government 
agree 1945-Oct. Mongolia citizen popular vote. 
Under Russia army occupation, the vote is 100% 
for 'independent'.

<a name=docA015>

Mongolia north-western soil is Tannu Tuva. 
1948-03-17 Moscow Radio announce that Russia 
annex Tannu Tuva. Reference is

Red lines on white is Tannu Tuva. Solid red 
area is "Chinese" communist give to Mongolia. 

<a name=docA016>
After Russia set up "Chinese" communist ruling 
in mainland China. First thing Russia do is 
sign cc-Russia-Mongolia boundary treaty. Force 
"Chinese" communist give soil area greater than 
Tannu Tuva area and give this territory to 
Mongolia to compensate Mongolia loss Tannu Tuva. 
Russia told "Chinese" communist 'Remember, 
Russia help you to get all mainland soil, you 
cut small part to compensate Mongolia. '
"Chinese" communist signed treaty. 

<a name=docA017>
Why Russia split Mongolia from China ? and 
why Russia annex Tannu Tuva ? Many think that 
is because Russia want more land. But, 
if Russia want more land, 
why Russia only annex Tannu Tuva?
why Russia not annex Mongolia 
at the same time?  
<a name=docA018>
This question puzzled many and no answer 
until 2013-05-30 Liu,Hsinhan give explanation
This is Chinese page. Brief next. 
When Chinese society fall into chaos, 
(for example, China-U.S. big war)
Russia send Mongolia troop to attack 
China. Let Mongolia massive kill 
Chinese (Russia avoid international 
<a name=docA019>
After Mongolia occupied China, 
Russia ask Mongolia follow 
Tannu Tuva example, Mongolia plus 
mainland China send application to 
Moscow, request merge to Russia. 
After this process, Russia annexed 
whole China and dirty job blame to 
Mongolia and Chinese population 
reduced to near zero. 

<a name=docA020>

■■ "Chinese" communist kill resist-Russia Chinese 
■■ 以地富反壞右屠殺抗俄者!
1949 Russia expelled Nanjing Resist-Russia Chinese 
Central government to Taiwan. Let cc manage mainland 
China. From 1950 to 196? "Chinese" communist start 
movement--kill landlord, kill rich man, kill counter-
revolutionary, kill bad person, kill rightist. The 
hidden work is to find all resist-Russia Chinese and 
say they are landlord or counter-revolutionary or 
rich man or bad person or rightist. Use these excuse 
killed most resist-Russia Chinese. Remaining Chinese 
dare not accuse Russia. 

<a name=docA021>

■■ Reader please see on Chinese soil, whether 
  there is resist-Russia paper published?
In mainland China, no one dare to accuse Russia. 
Especially no one dare accuse Russia annex Chinese 
soil. Because all person who do so, wiped out by 
In mainland China, people can shout anti-U.S. slogan. 
people can shout "down with the industry nations" 
The down list is usually, down U.S., down British, 
down Russia. List Russia on third show up frequently. 

<a name=docA022>

■■ China alone take the responsibility 
■■ to exterminate "Chinese" communist
■■ 中國單獨擔當消滅俄帝工具傀儡中共的責任
1952-10-16 President Chiang,Kai-shek published 
"Anti Communism Resist Russia Basic Theory"
Please see Chiang,Kai-shek book (Chinese)
║         《反共抗俄基本論》          ║
║          蔣中正總統專著           ║
║   中華民國四十一年十月十六日在台北陽明山發表    ║
║     俄帝掠奪中國領土統計﹕趙宋岑;周孝友     ║

<a name="a207">
<a name="a208">
In book, President Chiang,Kai-shek said 
<a name=docA023>
Only if we (Chinese government) exterminate 
Chu-Mao, the world peace is possible. In this 
international security system, We China alone 
has the responsibility to exterminate 
imperialism Russia's puppet Chinese communist 
Chu,Mao. This is we China liable duty to 
international anti-communism pack. We China 
also ask international anti-communism groups 
support our work. This is what international 
anti-communism groups responsible. .....
<a name=docA024>
After reading this section, Liu,Hsinhan write 
a note and showed an opposite opinion. Liu said
2008-08-11-09-36 (9708110936)
Attack U.S. and attack Japan, re-appear again?
Republic of China alone exterminate bandit? 
Eighty years history facts showed 
China alone exterminate bandit was a failure!!
The creation of red bandit was created by 
international environment. 

<a name=docA025>
Japan attack Chinese government, 
Marshall mediation force Chinese government 
issue three times stop-war-order, stop 
exterminate bandit 
Red bandit surrender to Russia, 
Red bandit never alone ! 
Chiang,Kai-shek said Chinese government alone 
Russia use full power to support Red bandit. 
Review history facts, if continue China alone 
exterminate bandit. continue fail
<a name=docA026>
Attack U.S., attack Japan will continue occur!!
The creation of red bandit is NOT domestic cause,
The creation of red bandit build on international 
factors. Russia, Japan, U.S.
The extermination of red bandit is international 
2008-08-11-09-42 (9708110942)
Chiang,Kai-shek entered history, Taiwan has
no strong force to exterminate world bandit,
now 2018 international society take the full
responsibility to root out communism from
China !!   Liu,Hsinhan 2018-12-17-12-45
<a name=docA027>

■■ peace land reform to killing land reform 
The book "Sue bloody Mao,Tsedong" 《血控毛澤東》
record one event.
1950's "Chinese" communist make a law which 
guide land reform in peaceful manner. Mao,
Tsedong signed and done all procedure. But 
after few weeks (但才幾十天) one day Mao 
order "dis-allow peaceful land reform." 
<a name=docA028>
Mao,Tsedong one man opinion denied congress 
popular decision and denied communist party 
top ranking popular decision.
<a name=docA029>
"Sue bloody Mao,Tsedong" author ask why Mao,
Tsedong change mind sharply and ask why not 
discuss with top ranking group? 
Liu,Hsinhan point out this abrupt change is 
due to Russia order "Chinese" communist change 
peace land reform to killing land reform. 
Liu,Hsinhan short words is 
Liu,Hsinhan paper is next link (Chinese)
<a name=docA030>
Above event is a strong evidence that "Chinese" 
communist carry out Moscow order. Because this 
is ONLY reason to explain why communist change 
policy 180 degree. Necessary condition is that 
communist is under a strong man leading and 
strong man carry out Moscow order. Top rank 
team members are all nuts compare with Moscow. 
"Chinese" communist land reform is a massive 
killing history. 

<a name=docA031>
Victim's only "crime" is that they own land 
exceed one third acer. See murder photo
communist kill these farmer? on surface yes, 
Russia kill these farmer behind the curtain!!
<a name=RUtyranny>
Mao,Tse-dong tyrannical ruling
is RUSSIA tyrannical ruling!
RUSSIA tyrannical ruling is
communist tyrannical ruling!

<a name=maoISsoviet>
Mao, Tsedong tyranny. 2018-07-17-16-57

<a name=maoISsoviet2>
Mao, Tsedong policy. 107,07,17,17,26
second set change "SU0" to "SU1"
<a name=docA032>

■■ Mao,Tsedong meet madness young man 
Mao,Tse-dong meet madness young man eight times 
1966-11-25 to 1966-11-26
photo mao_sad1.jpg is one of these eight meetings.
Eight dates reference

<a name=docA033>

■■ Million supporter shout for joy, 
■■ Mao face appear extreme painful, why?  
■■ 樓下百萬人狂呼,樓上毛澤東面色極其痛苦,
■■ 讀者能夠解密嗎?

<a name=docA034>

<a name=docA035>
107,12,11,10,20 輸入始
]] ; mao_sad1.jpg 
107,12,11,10,33 輸入止
<a name=docA036>

row1,col1 subtitle:'Mao is the son of heaven.'
row1,col2 subtitle:'Mao call for action, they respond immediately.'
row1,col3 subtitle:'The result is ten times what Mao expected.'
row1,col4 photo of million supporters. 
row2,col1 photo of supporters hands hold Mao book. 
row2,col2 subtitle:'I saw Mao lonely sit there.'
row2,col3 subtitle:'Mao back to seat next to drink.'
row2,col4 subtitle:'Mao sit down, Mao face appear extreme painful.'
row3,col1 subtitle:'Look like Mao was full of sadness and hate.'
row3,col2 subtitle:'Look like ... this is purely my guess. '
row3,col3 subtitle:'Look like everything collapse but Mao cannot help.'
row3,col4 subtitle:'Written and produced by Jeremy Bennett '

<a name=docA037>
Million supporter shout for joy, but 
Mao face appear extreme painful, why? 
These two are contradict to each other!!
Liu,Hsinhan did another interpretation and let 
two phenomenon consistent. 
See million supporter shout for joy, one is happy. 
See million supporter shout for joy, one is smiling. 
<a name=docA038>
See million supporter shout for joy, Mao cannot 
smile. Why? Because 'ten times what Mao expected'
If the shout for joy is 1.5 times what Mao expected.
This is acceptable. 
If the shout for joy is two times what Mao expected.
This is easy to explain. Earlier expectation was 
too low. But now, million supporter shout for joy
ten times what Mao expected. Mao become puzzle. 
Those exceeding 900% joy come from where? Mao can 
not explain, Mao,Tsedong fall into deep puzzle.
Mao had puzzle face, not extreme painful face.

<a name=docA039>
Below explain why 'ten times what Mao expected'
Liu,Hsinhan think the exceeding 900% joy come from 
artificial excitation. Certainly Mao himself did 
not excite crowds, if Mao did, then there is no 
puzzle. Not Mao excite crowds? who else?
Any matter relate to communist and 
no solution, one must turn to Russia 
for explanation.
Liu,Hsinhan think Soviet Union did for two reasons. 
First, Soviet Union return thanks to Mao.
Second, Soviet Union build a god-like Mao.

<a name=docA040>

Explain Soviet Union return thanks to Mao.
1949 Soviet Union helped Mao seize power. 
Immediately, in mainland, Mao promote the 
Soviet Union image. 
Lenin is called "ancestor"
Stalin is called "grandpa"
Soviet Union citizen is called "big brother"
Soviet Union is called "socialist mother nation"
<a name=docA041>
Mao advertise these image day after day, month 
after month, year after year. Many mainland 
China people change attitude to Russia and 
become love-Russia. The net effect is allow 
Russia collect many love-Russia Chinese to 
form a Russia spy net in mainland China. Not 
only communist carry out Moscow order. Many 
<a name=docA042>
common citizen receive Moscow order directly. 
This love-Russia advertisement is a great 
favor to Russia. Soviet Union return thanks 
to Mao. Use Russia spy net in mainland promote 
Mao's image and create ten times joy. 

<a name=docA043>
Explain Soviet Union build a god-like Mao.
Soviet Union send order to Mao (to Jiang 
after Mao die) Mao carry out Moscow order 
should no one resist Mao order. In this case 
Soviet Union need to build a god-like Mao.
Early example 'change peaceful land reform 
to killing land reform' is one example. 

<a name=docA044>
Another 'advantage' to build a god-like Mao
is that in the future Mao carry all killing 
accusation. Russia look like outsider. 

<a name=docA045>
Without Soviet Union consideration 
BBC news reporter conclude 
'Mao,Tsedong had extreme painful face'

Include Soviet Union consideration 
Liu,Hsinhan conclude 
'Mao,Tsedong face was extreme puzzle.'

What is reader's opinion?

Above was recorded in

<a name=docA046>

■■ kill 200 thousand people to exchange 
■■ 20 years stability. 殺二十萬
1989 several million mainland people go to 
street demand people elect a government.
in char0048.htm#classStruggle3 click h in _h+ 
in c/char0048.htm#classStruggle3 click 38 
both click see crowded people 

<a name=docA047>
Communist head Deng,Xiauping said one word 
'we communist kill 200 thousand people to 
exchange 20 years stability. ' This word 
mean "Chinese" communist kill ten thousand 
Chinese people for each year stability. Then 
extend this reasoning, for forever in power, 
"Chinese" communist kill ALL Chinese citizen! 
Which government would say word like this? 
Kill innocent (election right fighter) to 
keep in power. 
<a name=docA048>

In this human world, all rebellion stop killing
after seize power. But! "Chinese" communist is
different. Before seize power, communist side
death is 20 million, government side death is
about same level. Total 40 million. AFTER seize
power, communist killed 80 million innocent
Chinese. Communist kill, because victims are
resist-Russia or government employee or victims
are rich. Communist kill☭ , because
communist is a killing machine.
Communist kill☭ , because
communism has killing 'theory'.
"Chinese" Communist is world
top killer! Killed 80 million. Each
year kill☭ 10 thousand in 'theory'.

<a name=docA049>

■■ Falungong puzzle 
■■ 法輪功迷
1950's "Chinese" communist Jiang,Tse-min 
江澤民 went to Russia. Jiang joined Russia 
KGB, receive Moscow order directly. 
1989 mainland China occurred democratic 
movement several million mainland people go 
to street demand people elect a government.
<a name=docA050>
1989-06-04 "Chinese" communist Deng and 
Jiang together use tank killed several 
hundred citizen. 1989-11 Deng,Xiaoping 
quit cc head position, Jiang,Tse-min take 
over the cc head chair. Remember! 
Jiang joined Russia KGB, 
receive Moscow order directly! 
A Russia KGB take cc head chair?
<a name=docA051>
If a Russia KGB take U.S. presidency, that 
is an explosive situation !! But 
A Russia KGB take "Chinese" communist chair 
that is matter of course !! No one reject. 
Because those Chinese who repel Russia 
already killed 30 years ago !! 
<a name=docA052>
Russia KGB Jiang,Tse-min in head position 
13 years. During Russia KGB Jiang,Tse-min 
in power period, there are several important 
event take place. 
1999-06-07 KGB Jiang,Tse-min announce that 
put down Falungong 法輪功 
reason is that Falungong compete with 
"Chinese" communist. After announcement 
what follow is torture and kill Falungong 
<a name=docA053>
1999-12-?? KGB Jiang,Tse-min and Russia 
signed agreement say China give up all right 
to claim northern territory (annexed by Russia)
2001-09-25 KGB Jiang,Tse-min send an 
intelligence team to U.S. to "help U.S. to 
capture 911 WTC attacker" 
2002-01-01 KGB Jiang,Tse-min send cc navy 
to attack Japanese ship on East Sea. 

<a name=docA054>
Reader should think carefully, these events 
are they "Chinese" communist independent 
decision? or are they Russia policy and 
KGB Jiang,Tse-min carry out Moscow order? 
Only KGB Jiang,Tse-min can reveal the fact. 
Anyone else can guess and no evidence. 

<a name=docA055>

What is Falungong puzzle ?
If World Trade Center attack can trigger start 
'China-U.S. big war' U.S. missile attack mainland 
China communist military target. Russia hope 
Chinese society fall into no-government situation 
faster, Russia need a group to attack "Chinese" 
communist at war time. This group must be popular 
supported and hate "Chinese" communist . Because 
<a name=docA056>
Jiang,Tse-min joined Russia KGB, Jiang receive 
Moscow order directly. Then Russia order Jiang 
to torture Falungong. Real reason is let Falungong 
hate communist, but Russia say reason is that 
Falungong compete with communist. Jiang announced 
put down Falungong. Russia agent in mainland China 
carry out Jiang order and it is Moscow order at 
same time -- torture Falungong. 
<a name=docA057>
Above is the whole picture. See Liu,Hsinhan 
paper at next URL.
<a name=docA058>
Above reasoning need document support. Reader 
should find document from "Chinese" communist 
office or from other source. 

<a name=docA059>

■■ all China become a huge grave yard 
■■ 中國成為大片墳場
2001-08-20 warpaper come to public (Chinese page) 
It say "China-U.S. big war, .....
one after one skyscraper,
one after one tomb plate. 
all U.S. become a big grave yard. "

<a name=docA060>
2001-09-01 (ten days before WTC attack)
come to public (Chinese page)
First established in June 1997.
Moved to this domain name and started to count since 1st September, 2001.
All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

<a name=docA061>

■■ Who love a chopped head China ??
■■ 誰最愛去頭的中國? is from 
love China plus .com 
and cut China head 'C' then get
Who love a chopped head China ??

<a name=docA062>
is abandoned, next are valid page and same page
lovehina.htm has explanation in Chinese
lovehinaplus.htm keep original form is new domain.

<a name=docA063>

■■ U.S. is under attack 
■■ 美國民航禁止起飛
2001-09-11 Hijacker attacked World Trade Center. 
all together, caused about 4000 lives. 
2001-09-25 "Chinese" communist send intelligence 
heads to U.S. to "help U.S. to capture murderer" 
BBC news reported this news (Chinese page)

<a name=docA064>
All news media say it is Taliban attack, say it 
is Bin Laden arranged attack. If it is true, how 
to explain 2001-09-25 "Chinese" communist go to 
U.S. "help U.S. to capture murderer" 
"Chinese" communist capture Taliban in U.S. ??
Ridiculous! Did you see "Chinese" communist go 
to Tokyo to capture subway explosion murderer? 
cc not go to Tokyo, why cc go to New York?!

<a name=docA065>
BBC news is direct evidence that 
World Trade Center attack was carried out by 
"Chinese" communist intelligence in U.S. 
2001-09-11 to 2001-09-25 "Chinese" communist 
intelligence in U.S. continue try to spread 
anthrax virus=炭疽病毒

<a name=docA066>

■■ world bandit 
■■ 世界土匪
"Chinese" communist attack World Trade Center 
BBC news showed "Chinese" communist's 
world bandit red hands !!

<a name=docA067>
Reader may ask '"Chinese" communist attack? '
'Why U.S. government never mention "Chinese" 
communist? Why U.S. government focus on Taliban?'

2001-09-25 "Chinese" communist intelligence go 
to U.S. Indicate U.S. know "Chinese" communist 
attack. But know before attack? or after?

<a name=docA068>
2001-09-11 WTC neighbor collapse 
without attack. Many puzzle why? This is easy 
to explain. 
"Chinese" communist had an observation site 
in . Record the attack event. 
U.S. government counter-attack before observer 
leave . 
U.S. counter-attack observer indicate that 
U.S. government know attack in advance, 
U.S. government give attack a green light. 

<a name=docA069>
If reader is U.S. president in 2001, do you 
announce '"Chinese" communist attack WTC '?
or you do not say a word about cc attack? 
From U.S. view point, ABSOLUTE NOT SAY !! 
Reason is simple, 
"Chinese" communist and Soviet Union are 
two tigers. How can you fight two tigers
at one time? 

<a name=docA070>

More important reason is that 
If U.S. announce 
'"Chinese" communist attack WTC ' 
then the popular anger is impossible to 
control. Give Soviet Union a chance to hijack 
a U.S. submarine shoot a missile to mainland 
China, after this event, it is hard to stop 
"China-U.S. big war" China total destroy 
and U.S. loss half population is on the way. 

<a name=docA071>
From above consideration, Liu,Hsinhan think 
2001 U.S. government handle WTC attack used  
best method and keep damage to minimum.

<a name=docA072>
Reader may ask 'Why U.S. give green light to 
WTC attacker?' Liu,Hsinhan guess this green 
light policy is similar to prevent injection 
during a flu period. Without WTC attack, any 
one warn that '"Chinese" communist is harmful 
to world peace.' No one believe. Now WTC 
attack occurred, BBC recorded. Whole world 
must believe "Chinese" communist is world 
bandit that is a truth. 

<a name=docA073>

2018-12-16-14-52 start 
■■ east to XiAn city 
■■ 西安以東
2017-03-25-14-09 access web page
2005-07-14 "Chinese" communist military head 
zhu,cheng-hu use English announce: 'If U.S. 
use missile attack Chinese soil, I(zhu) think 
<a name=docA074>
China must use nuclear bomb fight back. If 
U.S. decide interfere, then "Chinese" communist 
decide counter-attack. Because use regular 
weapon (none-nuclear weapon) China do not 
have chance to win the war. China promised 
not first use nuclear weapon, this promise 
do not apply self-defence situation. We 
already prepared the total destroy of cities 
east to XiAn city. Certainly, U.S. should 
prepare to face several hundred city destroyed.
<a name=UScalmdown>
What Russia want in zhu,cheng-hu announce is
<a name=docA075>


<a name=docA076>

■■ communist and Russia joint 
■■ military exercise  共俄軍演
Dear reader, please think 
Is this a Chinese citizen words?
In this world, 
which nation love to see 
China total destroy and 
U.S. half destroy?

<a name=docA077>
zhu,cheng-hu only announce 'prepare China 
total destroy' but zhu,cheng-hu did not say 
what happen after total destroy. Anyone 
find the answer? 'what happen after'
2005-07-14 zhu,cheng-hu announce 'prepare 
China total destroy' One month later 
<a name=docA078>
2005-08-18 to 2005-08-25 "Chinese" communist
and Russia joint military exercise 
location is Qing-Dao City, red cross in map 
below. Qing-Dao is a city east to XiAn city. 
Joint military exercise event 
can help you find out what happen 
after total destroy.

<a name=docA079>

Why Russia annex Tannu Tuva? 
Why Russia is eager to split Mongolia? 
Why Russia is eager to instal a puppet? 
Why Russia want joint military exercise? 
please see next map 

red cross is Qing-Dao City, 
red square is military port.
<a name=docA080>
pay attention to Moscow 
pay attention to circled bay. 
From Moscow to circled bay this is most 
short path to Pacific ocean. 
If Russia annex China, 
Russia go to Pacific ocean, 
Japan ready for destroy, 
U.S. ready for crying. 

<a name=docA081>

■■ Chinese cities may hide nuclear bomb.
■■ 臥身核彈 
First list massive death related events
■  1937-Dec. After Japanese entered 
capital city Nanjing. Stalin send message to 
Chiang,Kai-shek Stalin said 
'Suggest Generalissimo Chiang kill at least 
 4.5 million to stop betray.'
<a name=docA082>
■  1949-Dec. "Chinese" communist and 
Russia Harbin agreement item 13 said 
'China should reduce population 100 million.'
■  1957 Mao,Tse-dong speech in Moscow, 
Mao said 'We do not afraid of nuclear war. 
At most die half Chinese population. '
<a name=docA083>
■  1964-10-22 Mao,Tse-dong mark an 
document. Mao wrote 'Must take war into 
consideration, prepare early fight, big fight, 
prepare nuclear war.'
■  2001-08-20 in mainland bbs sites, a paper 
was wide spread. Paper title 'Rebuild China'
Paper shout Chinese all die, U.S. citizen all 
<a name=docA084>
■  2001-09-01 a strange domain name show up 
this domain name is it is 
short of love (C)hina Chop off China 
head. About five years later
move to
Copy of is in //no adding //added notes 

<a name=docA085>
■  2001-09-11 World Trade Center was under 
■  2005-07-14 "Chinese" communist military head 
zhu,cheng-hu said 'We already prepared the total 
destroy of cities east to XiAn city.'
<a name=docA086>
■  2005-08-18 to 2005-08-25 "Chinese" communist
and Russia joint military exercise. 
location is Qing-Dao City
■  2018-06-11 north Korea and U.S. had meeting 
in Singapore. Topic is north Korea change from 
nuclear bomb production to peaceful usage. 

<a name=docA087>

■■ north Korea nuclear weapon
■■ 北韓核武
Accumulate all of above events (facts) 
2018-07-03 Liu,Hsinhan wrote a paper title is 
north Korea nuclear weapon attack who?
<a name=docA088>
Liu,Hsinhan conclusion is 
north Korea nuclear weapon attack mainland 
China cities east to XiAn City. 
2001-09-11 Russia hope start China-U.S. 
big war (nuclear war), but U.S. go away. 
2002-01-01 Russia hope start China-Japan 
big war (nuclear war), but Japan go away. 
<a name=docA089>
Now guess north Korea is third choice. 
north Korea is under Russia control, 
north Korea cannot go away! 
Why it is necessary either U.S. or Japan 
or north Korea involve nuclear war with 
"Chinese" communist ? because U.S. or 
Japan or north Korea be able to carry 
all accusation. Russia remain outsider. 

<a name=docA090>

■■ Why Liu,Hsinhan ask whole world 
■■ exterminate world bandit ! 
■■ exterminate "Chinese" communist ! 
■■ 為什麼劉鑫漢要求全世界合力剿滅赤匪?
Exterminate "Chinese" communist should be 
Chinese responsibility. But the build of 
"Chinese" communist involve Russia plot, 
Japan attack China, U.S. help communist.
<a name=docA091>
Chinese central government was unable to 
resist three forces. Eventually Chinese 
central retreat to Taiwan province. 
President Chiang,Kai-shek continue 
exterminate "Chinese" communist policy 
but, eighty years fact is that 
<a name=docA092>
China alone is unable to exterminate 
"Chinese" communist. Because communist 
was not alone! Russia support strongly.
"Chinese" communist killed 80 million 
"Chinese" communist attacked World Trade  
"Chinese" communist attacked Japanese 
war ship on public sea.
"Chinese" communist fight the whole world!

<a name=docA093>
It is whole world responsibility 
exterminate world bandit ! 
exterminate "Chinese" communist ! 
<a name=whatcanIdo>

After reader review this paper,
What reader can do?
Reader do NOT need drive a tank to fight
world bandit.
Reader do NOT need wave your fist shout
at "Chinese" communist.
What Reader can do is very easy. Please
hand over this page to your friend, to
people around you. One day, the whole
world everybody know that
"Chinese" communist is Russia puppet,
"Chinese" communist is world bandit,
that time,
let "Chinese" communist shame to death !!!
Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 2018-12-17-17-48
<a name=docA094>
2018-12-17-18-07 start 
re-order whole page in event year order.
2018-12-17-19-27 stop 

This page 
parallel to 
with many reference to earlier /cpage0??.htm 
2018-12-18-10-29 notes

<a name=docA095>
Liu,Hsinhan recent work is next
Target at oversea Chinese parents teaching 
their children Chinese writing. 

<a name=docA096>
Pay6 small prime gap data study notes
   211,864 tute0070.htm

utility programs 
Pay6 Prime number calculator 
   562,954 pay6get2.htm

Pay6 small prime gap data grouping for study 
 8,919,378 pay6nxt2.htm
pay6nxt2.htm has prime definition from 
2,3,5,7 ..... to 60000011 total 3562116 
count of primes 

six n prime table
 4,027,144 prim6n01.htm
 4,130,978 prim6n02.htm
 4,184,284 prim6n03.htm
 4,224,671 prim6n04.htm
 4,252,480 prim6n05.htm
 4,269,136 prim6n06.htm
 4,275,720 prim6n07.htm
 4,285,637 prim6n08.htm
 4,171,143 prim6n09.htm
 4,297,642 prim6n10.htm

Pay6 prime table
 247,038 pay6lst0.htm
 248,565 pay6lst1.htm
 249,338 pay6lst2.htm
 249,843 pay6lst3.htm
 250,081 pay6lst4.htm
 250,448 pay6lst5.htm
 250,757 pay6lst6.htm
 250,705 pay6lst7.htm
 250,919 pay6lst8.htm
 251,048 pay6lst9.htm
 251,212 pay6lsta.htm
 251,258 pay6lstb.htm
 251,512 pay6lstc.htm
 251,533 pay6lstd.htm
 251,687 pay6lste.htm
 251,493 pay6lstf.htm
 251,714 pay6lstg.htm
 251,659 pay6lsth.htm
 252,005 pay6lsti.htm
 252,146 pay6lstj.htm
 251,906 pay6lstk.htm
 252,078 pay6lstl.htm
 252,029 pay6lstm.htm
 252,169 pay6lstn.htm
 252,362 pay6lsto.htm
 252,499 pay6lstp.htm
 252,352 pay6lstq.htm
 252,277 pay6lstr.htm
 252,260 pay6lsts.htm
 252,387 pay6lstt.htm
 252,457 pay6lstu.htm
 252,475 pay6lstv.htm
 252,602 pay6lstw.htm
 252,494 pay6lstx.htm
 252,712 pay6lsty.htm
 160,457 pay6lstz.htm

Both prime table clearly display 
Six n harmony rule = avoid_Prime3_cut rule. 
Welcome you visit pages. 

<a name=WangJingweiHero> update 2019-01-01
2018-12-31-15-47 begin add background
Mr. Wang,Jingwei was Nationalist Party second
leader, lower than Dr. Sun,Yatsen and higher than
Chiang,Kaishek. 1925-03-12 Dr, Sun pass away.
Wang,Jingwei become the top leader, Chiang,Kaishek
was at most fifth in rank. Few years later, Chiang
become top and Wang become second. 1937-12-13 Japan
troop occupy Capital Nanking. 1938 Wang,Jingwei
left war-time capital ChungChing goto Nanking.
1940-03-30 Wang,Jingwei form another central
government under Japan control. Wang was in a very
difficult position.

2018-12-31-16-09 done add background
Why Wang,Jingwei become "traitor"? Because Russia
puppet ("Chinese" communist) urgently need Wang
become "traitor". Such that all Chinese citizen
"traitor" eye focus on Wang,Jingwei. Allow "Chinese"
communist do harmful exchange with Russia. Why
Nationalist Party retreat to Taiwan? Because
Nationalist Party missing one person.
Nationalist Party send Wang,Jingwei to stop Japanese
hire Lee,Tsedong as Japanese puppet. Wang,Jingwei use
curve path to stop Japan kill 80 million Chinese. (true)

Nationalist Party send Mao,Jingwei to stop Russia from
hire Mao,Tsedong. Mao,Jingwei use curve path resist Russia
to stop Russia kill 80 million Chinese. (Mao,Jingwei fake)
Mao,Tsedong betray China with maximum interest to Russia,
because Mao,Tsedong thought himself is Russia man.

Lee,Tsedong betray China with maximum interest to Japan,
because Lee,Tsedong thought himself is Japan man.

Russia puppet send Wang,Jingwei to a "traitor" role.
Russia puppet killed 80 million Chinese.
Russia puppet tortured Falungong members.
Russia puppet attacked World Trade Center.
Russia puppet attacked Japanese warship on public sea.
Russia puppet shout use nuclear war kill half Chinese.
Russia puppet shout ready for XiAn east all be killed.
Russia puppet shout kill all Chinese, kill all American.
Russia puppet let Russia land on qingdou sea port.
Nationalist Party short one Mao,Jingwei .
If Mao,Jingwei exist, China peaceful.
If Mao,Jingwei exist, world no worry.
Nationalist Party short one Mao,Jingwei therefore
Nationalist Party cannot stop RUSSIA tyranny !
The whole world thank Wang,Jingwei for Wang stopped
Japanese tyranny !

2018-12-30 Liu,Hsinhan emotional excitement.

Wang,Jingwei and Mao,Tsedong are real person.
Mao,Jingwei and Lee,Tsedong are fabricated person.
2018-12-31-16-56 real/fabricate
<a name=WangJingweiFoto>

Nanking curve-path-save-nation 
central government chairman 

<a name=WangJingweiWinCC>

2. reveal truth, teeth for teeth, comparison method. 
use opponent force exert force, 
compare red bandit to hell

exterminate red bandit fail one after 
one? Compare red bandit to hell !!


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