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呼喚國魂(圖畫版)     CALL CHINA SPIRIT . (English)     *.gif picture file. 86,10,16,10,11

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1997-11-10-15-07 start.
During the begining of the Republic [around 1920 to 1940],  there are
warlords conflict. European communism group spread its class struggle
and hate/violence heresy into China.  At the same time, Japan invaded
China. Under three troubles,China was unable to handle the situation.
Freeman was born in Hankou City [in mainland China]. In thirty-eighth
year [1949],  infant Freeman followed traditional China left mainland
with sorrow.  Moved to the beautiful island, Taiwan province.
Forties,fifties and sixties [from 1950 to 1976 Mao died] are the dark
period in Chinese history. Political movement one after one, struggle
storm spread  into whole  mainland.   From  boulevard/alley to palace 
inner  room  [communist center],  everywhere  struggle,  every minute 
arrest  capitalist-walker.   Everybody  knows  the fact the so called
"class-struggle" is just an excuse to proceed power struggle, blowing
revenge.   Million  heads fell.   "Thirty  percent  natural disaster,
seventy percent humman error" [this is communist Liu,Shao-Chi's word.
Liu,S.C. used this word to imply indirectly that the famine from 1957
to 1959 was  man-made by Mao.   In this three year period,  there are
about twenty million people hunger to death in mainland China.]  Dead
body is everywhere.
If there is no Marx-Lenin heresy, there is no struggle storm !
If there is no Marx-Lenin heresy, there is no cultural big suicide !
[Mao called "cultural big revolution"]
At the time Chinese wake up, that is the time to expel Marx-Lenin !
At the time traditional China  return to  mainland,  that is the time
Freeman go back home! [in mainland China]
Freeman hope next year today, go to NanJing city, Chung-San garden to
present flag to our     National Father.                      Freeman
                                                      China 86,11,12.

[Nov. 12 is     Dr. Sun, Yat-Sen's birthday.    He changed China from
 five thousand years empire system to a republic nation.   Because of
 this contribution,     Dr. Sun is well respected as Chinese
 National Father.   NanJing city is in mainland China.   Currently is
 under communist control.]
1997-11-10-16-10 done.

***** Above PRESENT FALG ***** Next CALL CHINA SPIRIT *****

Dear Brother and Sister: China is a superior nation. During the early ancient time, there is Yiou and Suen's humanitarian rule. [around 2300 B.C.] Then followed with Chou Dynasty's Chou Gong, [around 1100 B.C.] he created guide lines for citizen. Everybody know what he should do and what he should not do. That formed a harmony society. When it reached Confucius time. [around 530 B.C.] He collected all ancient wiseman's concepts and concluded that benevolence and considering-other's-mind are the basic thought for a good manner. Between government and citizen, between husband and wife, between father and son, between older-brother and younger-brother, amoung friends there are etiquette guides. Confucius's work become our nation two thousand years good tradition. After Marx-Lenin's follower invaded China, its violence and hate heresy poisoned kind-hearted Chinese people. Five thousand years etiquette-music [means harmony] nation [indicate China] suddenly become dust rolling struggle world. Comrade struggle comrade, children struggle parents, left neighbor struggle right neighbor. Tyrant become "good" king. Bandit become hero. Truth-fault mixed up. Morality disappeared. Dear Brother and Sister: Please let us send away the Marx-Lenin god of pestilence ! ! Please let us wake up China Spirit ! ! Freeman want to carry the blue-sky-white-sun-shine-over-red-land flag go back to mainland. Please help accomplish Freeman's God-land vacation. Thanks. Freeman China 86,06,20. [1997-06-20] 1997-10-12-17-22 done translation. 1997-11-10-16-20 move to here.

1997-11-10-17-04 move to here. Welcome Chinese communist return to traditional China.   Count down date start from today, 1997-04-08 [change everyday] to 1997-07-01 there are

Eighty-Four days [change everyday] left.

Chinese communist please announce

  1. Five thousand years history is our precious ancestral estate.
  2. Marx and Lenin return from god-like position to common people's position.
  3. National title use CHINA temporary.
    National Flag and national anthem choose a temporary ones without Marx-Lenin's shadow.
  4. Start from right now, mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau work together to create a temporary central government.
  5. Let the temporary period be three years.   After three years let the Chinese citizen popular vote for a formal central government.
Freeman     China 86,04,08,16,17.

If some one think that Freeman speak oposite to Chinese communist on purpose, that is a misunderstanding.   Freeman has no personal trouble with Chinese communist.   Freeman is one of traditional China.   Since Marx-Lenin follower invaded China, five thousand years etiquette-music [means harmony] nation suddenly change to a dusty-cloud struggle world.   Marx-Lenin follower did its maximum power to damage traditional China.   The extreme period is the cultural revolution period.   Marx-Lenin follower destroied most Chinese ancestral estate.   Black-white reverse Chinese five thousand years history.   The leader [Mao] of Marx-Lenin follower announced openly that the best he like in the history are "Ying-Chou, Suieh-Yang, Chin-Shih". [all three are worst tyrants in Chinese history.]   During "left leaning 20 years" [1956-1976] Marx-Lenin follower used Marx-Lenin heresy trampled we Chinese.   Created many many political movements.   Persecuted several ten's millions Chinese.   Today Marx-Lenin follower put shining paint on their dark history, to make it "looks fine" or "do not know, do not talk".   Its leader [Mao] is still glorious.   This allow next tyrant pick up the class-struggle-be-the-guide heresy and again persecuted Chinese in the mainland plus those in Taiwan, Honk Kong and Macau !
This is Freeman's statement !
This is traditional China's self-defence !
This is traditional China's last roar ! !
Freeman     China 86,03,15.

Marx's shadow is still around mainland China.   Marx brought struggle, hate and self-destructive style cultural revolution to Chinese.   Today Marx's shadow is moving to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.   Those Chinese who live in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao shouldn't we be alert?   Start from 1997-01-06 Freeman send E-mail to those Chinese Internet user who live in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and mainland to invite you come visit Freeman's homepage.
Freeman   1997-01-10-00-58.  (English 1997-01-14-14-35)

1997-11-10-17-16 start translation. Hong Kong is going to fall into Marx follower's hand. Macau is next. Communist China gave promise that "Racing horse as before, dancing as before, fifty years no change." From the widest range interperation, it means hundred percent no change. Therefore rising the blue-sky- white-sun-shining-over-the-red-land flag as before. From the narrowest point of view to interperate, there are only two things no change for fifty years, that is racing horse and dancing. Anything else can be changed. There are at least capitalist-walker and doctrine two groups in the communist. If capitalist walker take the power, they will tolerate the capitalism society. But if doctrine group take power, will they tolerate Hong Kong's capitalism style society? Can Hong Kong resident choose capitalist walker to be in power? This is one thing even twelve thousand million mainland Chinese can NOT achieve! How to handle the capitalism H.K. society must cause a discussion in the communist party. In case doctrine get the upper hand, then its promise become only racing horse and dancing two things not change for fifty years. Marx is still a god. Mao is still red. Please those Chinese in TW/HK/Macau look back. At the begining Mao occupy the mainland. [start from 1949] First thing communist do is to assign class catagory to everyone. [around 1950] Immediately follows class struggle [around 1952] Wipe out "landlord"'s all properties. [farmer own land over one-third acre are considered as "landlord". Reference "Sun, Yat-Sen and communism" Biography-Literature Publishing Co. Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, 1984-08-01, page 163.8. More land they own, severer "punishment" they got.] Families separeted or dead. During "cultural revolution" period, Mao's communist used class struggle as an excuse to re-take his power. Mao did not care to create a big chaos in mainland. Mao ruined twelve thousand million Chinese ten years time, [from 1966 to 1976, cultural revolution period] just for satisfying Mao's ill-will. [Mao lose his "national" chairman position to Liu, Shao-Chi around 1958. Mao caused big famine in 1957, Liu squeeze Mao to secondary line] Are these facts just unimportant illusion? Everybody, please wake up!! Marx is comming!! Mao is comming!! If everyone keep silent, then communist can do whatever they like to do. If everyone speak out, communist must worry before they do anything. Now you come to Freeman's web page. Please say something to form a public opinion force. Freeman suggest the following points: 1. Please send E-mail to express your concern about the future of Hong Kong and mainland. 2. Please send E-mail to Taipei and Beiping at the same time. To let both place get same statistic result. E-mail address please refer next page. 3. Please ask communist to express clearly that Marx-Lenin-Mao are holy position or ordinary human position. If they are ordinary humanbeing, then if one can express his like/dislike about M-L-M freely without worry. 4. Before July 1st 1997, please send one mail every week, until communist respond. 5. Please mark "Freeman" at the subject line to let receiving side be able to distinguish its regular mail from "Freeman" mail. 6. Please use mild and polite words. Our nation's unification is a happy thing, no need to use impolite words. Thank you. Freeman China 86,04,26. [1997-04-26] Note: Originally I intend to ask reader to send E-mail to civilian organization. Avoid to bother the official. On 1997-04-24 I send E-mail to two civilian organization ask if it is OK to ask readers to send their opinion to its office? But until April 25th 18:00 I did not receive any respond. Civilian organization has no obligation to hear from people's opinion. On April 24th I already send copy to Goverment Information Office, Taipei and Bieping's GuangDong province data communication office. Their E-mail address are shown in next page. I do not have many official E-mail address. These two E-mail address are the first one I got when I search on Internet.

01 Goverment Information Office, Taipei. http://gio.gov.tw/info/index_c.html 02 service@gio.gov.tw 03 04 GuangDong province data communication office. http://www.gz.gdpta.net.cn 05 Webmaster@info.gz.gdpta.net.cn 06            Two mails send to GuangDong have been returned 07            Following has other E-mail address can be used. 08 People's Daily Newspaper. http://www.snweb.com/ 09 icpd@public.bta.net.cn 10 11 China News Service. http://www.chinanews.com/cns_dir/chinese.html 12 cns@chinanews.com 13 14 Nihao search engine. http://www.nihao.com/ 15 1997-11-10-20-00 done translation.

Dear brother and sister. How communist member define the role for themself? In other words, who is communist's ancestor? For a Chinese, he will answer immediately "Hwang-Dee, Yiao-Shuen, Wen-WU, Chou-Gon, Confucius, Mencius" etc. For a communist I am not sure what is in his mind. On 1997-05-17 I read the book "On ideological combat line" (Chinese communist central party school publish office, August 1992, first edition) In this book page 93, line 1. Its whole sentence is "If we can only lie down on Marx's books and on Mao's books, rely upon old ancestor's legacy for living, then it is hard to move forward." The words "rely upon old ancestor's legacy for living" was published by Chinese communist central party school. This is a clearly indication that Chinese communist consider Marx and Lenin as their [communist] ancestors !! Dear brother and sister! China ! already come to a live or death point ! China ! already showed last roar ! All China Spirit !! Please stand up !! All China Spirit !! Please roar !! Lofty China ! Great and Vast ! Hwang-Dee, Yiao-Shuen ! Confucius, Mencius, Han dynasty, Tang dynasty ! Those who benevolent to common people are prosperous ! Those who are violent to common people are ceased ! Lofty China ! Great and Vast ! Loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, fraternity ! An etiquette and music [harmony] nation ! Follow our ancestors !! Glorious China !! China Spirit China 86,05,18 Note: Please use peaceful and rational words to express opinion. Thanks.

If you are non-Chinese and received Freeman's mail in Chinese, plese see here. 1997-06-29-21-11
Next two files are simple and important, no long statement
1. http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/freeman2/fm2_flag.exe    125 KByte
2. http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/freeman2/fm85bb_i.exe    40 KByte
Please create a subdirectory "C:\_FM", download above files into "C:\_FM"   Type the file name fm2_flag.exe and fm85bb_i.exe, answer Yes.   It will auto expand into three *.pcx files.   Use Paint Brush to view these files.   They are in Chinese.
Freeman     1997-01-19-22-32.

This is Freeman's Home Page.
Thank you for visiting Freeman's page.


  1. The explanation of FREEDOM in brief is that
    Every small unit can move around at his will within a large body.   That is FREEDOM.
  2. Dr. Sun, Yat-Sen defined on 1924-03-16 in his Three Principles of the People in Kwangchow City, Republic of China.

  3. FREEDOM is with the restrictions
    • Not to encroach upon other's rights
    • Not to violate the laws.
    One can express his opinion and accomplish his will, without subject to any visible or invisible threat.
  4. Freeman defined on Dec. 31 1983 in San Francisco, CA. USA.
    The following file gives the background information about the freedom definition;
    Size 12 K.   It contains English and Chinese text version.
    FM851112.DOC is English version, FM851112.TXT is Chinese version.
If you want to see above definitions in Chinese, the system needs to download a *.GIF file. It takes for a while.
Please send your support or disagreement to freeman2@sprynet.com
Thank you.     Freeman   1996-10-20-09-21.

If you want to send an E-mail to Freeman please read received.htm first.

Next is what's new section.

On 1997-11-10-20-00 changed this page from 50% English to 98% English.

A real example about how to use BYTE1.C. (Temporary file, keep until end of Nov.1997) 27K 1997-11-05-19-07.

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Only CHH1E.C 27K (without CHV2AJK.C) (English version.) (temporary until end of Nov. 1997) 1997-11-02-18-23.

All files in Freeman's account are listed here. (Brief, no comments.) 1997-10-28.

Freeman's main page and five statement/message pages. Good for read offline. 1997-10-29-16-18.

CHH1.C, CHinese Horizontal display. Change from read to right to read to left. Include CHinese Vertical display program (CHV2.C is English) 67K
Only CHH1.C 23K (without CHV2.C) (Chinese version, English version comming soon) (temporary until end of Nov. 1997) 1997-10-27-20-06.

Until now (1997-10-22-20-00) I do not receive response from Hong Kong Sing Tao newspaper. Please continue send your support to HK Sing Tao and please continue promote for Freeman's web page. Thank you for your help.

Updated NewDaTe version 1A (with other applications) 88K 1997-10-22-20-08
Updated NewDaTe version 1A (No other application, temporary until end of Nov. 1997) 27K

Most Chinese have no access to Internet. Please also tell those who do not have
an Internet account. If you do not have Internet account, please send your support
to HK Sing Tao. The fax numbers are 011-852-2795-0338 and 011-852-2845-0295
011 means International call. 852 means Hong Kong. Thank you. 1997-10-16-04-16.

On 1997-10-13-16-45 received Los Angeles Sing Tao's fax, indicate that LA Sing Tao
does not work for mainland Sing Tao Newspaper.   They suggest me to contact
Hong Kong Sing Tao Newspaper.   If you did send email to support Freeman to
print Freeman statement in mainland, I want to express sincerely thank to you.
Freeman need two things:
1. Need everybody to show support, so that it is possible to print in mainland.
2. Need everybody to tell others about Freeman's web page, so that I can do some-
  thing other than promoting Freeman's page.
Now (1997-10-15 1PM) I still do not receive HK Sing Tao's (adv@singtao.com)
reply about yes or no.   So I need your show support especially at this moment.
Please tell others about Freeman's page.   Thank you for your help. 1997-10-15-13-55.
Mails to Sing Tao Newspaper. Chinese, English and mainland code.

Freeman hope to print CALL CHINA SPIRIT in mainland China newspaper.
If there is no body show support, it is very hard to success.   Please help !
Please tell news media or mainland representatives that you support Freeman's
print CALL CHINA SPIRIT in mainland China.   Thank you.   1997-10-12-16-05.
I will call Los Angeles Sing Tao Daily News on US Pacific time 1997-10-15 morning.
Please send your support mail on 1997-10-13 and 1997-10-14. Thank you.
Two Chinese news media are listed as following.   1997-10-13-01-55
People's Daily News:   http://www.snweb.com/   icpd@public.bta.net.cn
China News Service:   http://www.chinanews.com/   cns@chinanews.com

On 1997-10-11-18-56 deleted six files from freeman2@sprynet.com account.
fm_bg_01.gif,   freeman1.exe,   freeman2.exe,
minuet.mid,   submit_2.exe,   submit_3.exe

One reader's letter. (English) 1997-10-11-20-11.

Received reader's mail. (English)   1997-10-11-14-18.

Freeman send fax to Los Angeles Sing Tao Newspaper to request to print Freeman's statement in its two mainland branches. The date is 1997-11-12. (Dr. Sun, Yat-sen's birthday)   Letter only. (in Chinese) Temporary until 1997-11-12. 4K   Letter in Chinese (together with Chinese application programs) 82K   1997-10-10-16-36.

Thank Hong Kong friends' concern about me.   NDT1E.C program to find New DaTe. 86KByte.   1997-10-09-10-09.

Received reader's letter English.   His letter English.   1997-10-06-19-56.

Applicaation software to transform integer to equivalent Japanese/Korean/Chinese characters. Size 58K. 1997-09-27-15-50

Done proof-reading. (Chinese) 1997-08-14-17-43.
"Call China Spirit" is scheduled to print on 1997-10-09 in New York Chinese Daily News front page.

Update English version CHinese Vertical display version 2.
Intend for Japanese and Korean.   It is possible to print blank column at page right end. Size 45587 bytes. 1997-08-09-02-27.

Review and brief about Freeman 97 Talk_To activity.
(Chinese) 1997-08-07-17-26.

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Now each page right hand side is possible to print blank column.

cpage00?.htm are connected. CHV2.EXE minor problem. (Chinese) 1997-07-27-18-56.

How Freeman found E-mail address on the net? (Chinese) 1997-07-23-20-16.

On 1997-07-22-10-00 Freeman went to Los Angeles Chinese Daily News and signed a Placement Order. Scheduled on 1997-10-09 to print Freeman's statement (Call China Spirit) on New York Chinse Daily News front page. (Description is in Chinese).

Freeman reply to a letter received on 1997-07-19 from China and World.
The zipped letter has 13K size (Chinese)  1997-07-19-20-01.

Freeman's recent activity. 1997-07-17-16-07.  

On 1997-07-15 Freeman send fax to Los Angeles Chinese Daily News
ask to print Freeman's statement in front page on 1997-10-10 at
US eastern edition (New York area). The contents is "Call China
Spirit" page.   Freeman 1997-07-16-12-26.
At present time, my family support my living. There are many
contents in Freeman's web pages. I can choose only the most
important 300 to 400 words to print on newspaper.

Thank those webmaster who allow Freeman's statement to stay.
(Chinese) 1997-07-09-22-46.

Freeman reply to readers. (Chinese) 1997-06-29-19-19
If you are non-Chinese and received Freeman's mail in Chinese, plese see here. 1997-06-29-21-11

Reader's mail. (Chinese) 1997-06-27-19-16.    How to advertise oneself's home page.?

Welcome Hong Kong's re-union and a letter to Chinese communist party. (Chinese)

Freeman reply to readers. (Chinese) 1997-06-23-19-18.   

Freeman reply to readers. (Chinese) 1997-06-22-23-01.   

Freeman reply to readers. (Chinese) 1997-06-21-21-20.    Reader's letter.

Reply to reader's letter. 1997-06-20-20-00.

Can I carry the blue-sky-white-sun-shine-over-the-red-land flag
and go back to mainland? 1997-06-19-14-20.
是否可以背青天白日滿地紅旗幟回大陸? 86,06,19,14,20.
ceilaw@mx.cei.go.cn (http://www.ceilaw.co.cn/ceilaw-doc/spec.htm)
Already mailed on 1997-06-19-15-05.

Brief on communist's "land reform". (Chinese) 1997-06-18-22-57.   

Freeman reply to readers. (Chinese) 1997-06-17-19-32.    Reader's letter.

On 1997-06-06 received total 206 emails, which has no repeat. 140 mails ask to re-send or ask what is the contents. 49 mails ask to stop to send to him. 17 mails discuss topics. I have no intention to send again. Freeman 1997-06-16-19-40.

Freeman reply to readers. (Chinese) 1997-06-15-20-15.

Freeman reply to three letters (Chinese) 1997-06-14-21-10.

Freeman reply to two letters (Chinese) 1997-06-13-21-59.

Repeated mails. 1997-06-12-21-07.
Freeman reply to five letters (Chinese) 1997-06-12-19-10.

Ten reader's mails Original mail  Chinese ver. 1997-06-11-19-25.

Recent time I will re-visit the signed guestbooks. 1997-06-09-19-19.

New messages. 1997-06-08-20-00.

Freeman 860607 statement (Chinese)

Freeman 860605 statement (Chinese)

Brief about Chinese history officer. (Chinese)

New invitation letter. (Chinese)

Freeman 860530 statement (Chinese)

Freeman 860528 statement (Chinese)

Freeman 860526 statement (Chinese)

Freeman 860524 statement (Chinese)

Freeman 860522 statement (Chinese)

Freeman 860521 statement (Chinese)

Freeman 860520 statement (Chinese)
I need time to read, think and write. Please pardon me that I may not provide English version in next two months.
Freeman 1997-05-20-19-35.

Chinese communist take Marx-Lenin as its ancestor is a big surprise to me. One more such statement can be found in "On Ideological Combat Line" page 169 bottom. It says
"But in the class of Marxism principle we can not always repeat hundred years ago, several decade ago what old ancestor said." 1997-05-19-14-55.
前老祖宗講過的東西。」 86,05,19,14,55.

About receiving emails. 1997-05-19-10-49.   A comment about mail received. 1997-05-19-10-58.
A letter about the mail box. 1997-05-19-13-23.

Two mail boxes are open again. 1997-05-18-20-15.
Freeman 860518 statement. 1997-05-18-10-29.
Freeman 860518 statement. 1997-05-18-10-29.

Freeman's activity on Internet in 1997 is named as "Freeman's 97 talk to activity".
Freeman 1997-05-17-19-11.

Two letters about my recent activities. 1997-05-16-20-03.
Stop to list mail received. 1997-05-16-19-48.

New comments, (In Chinese) 1997-05-12-14-33.

New comments, (In Chinese) 1997-05-08-23-50.

New comments, (In Chinese) 1997-05-05-15-07.

Freeman 860430 statement. (in Chinese) 1997-04-30-17-58.

On 1997-04-27 Freeman got a software to transform between traditional Chinese code and Chinese mainland code.   On the same day Freeman created a traditional Chinese page freeman1.htm and a Chinese mainland code page freeman3.htm.  English main page would be freeman2.htm and the entrence main page will be freeman0.htm.   Before Hong Kong hand over to communist on 1997-07-01, this English main page will still have key Chinese message, because the file freeman2.htm is the entrence main page from begining until now, so many people (I guess) may bookmarked this page.     Freeman 1997-04-27-17-07.

Freeman 860426 statement.

Observation 1   1997-04-15-14-20.

Recent news. 1997-04-11-12-55.

Freeman is a member of traditional China.   Freeman want to company Hong Kong step into July 1997 (Communist take over H.K. on 1997-07-01)   Continue to send Email and sign guest book.   Freeman hope go back to Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland and Macau.   Communist promised that after take over, same racing horse, same dancing and same everything as before.   How big is its coverage?   All of those who concern about communist's promise, please watch closely.   1997-04-10-11-11.
1997-11-08-20-00 translate.

Recent news. 1997-04-08-17-40.

Chinese/Japanese/Korean vertical display with basic HTML codes added is available on 1997-04-03.   File name CHV2EN.ZIP 42 K bytes.

From 1997-01-06 to 1997-03-27 send out total 3516 email/guestbooks.   Start from 1997-03-28 I will put more attention to write a program to solve a Chinese vertical display problems. (A special case)   CHV2EN.C is coming soon.   Basic HTML language is added.   1997-03-29.

Updated version CHV1AJK.C 28K     1997-03-17.

From 1997-01-06 to 1997-03-12 total send 3069 E-mail/guest books.    Target at Chinese as much as I can.   I am busy sending E-mails, so writing CHV2.C, update my page etc. are all delayed.     1997-03-15

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