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Why attack World Trade Center?   Why choose 2001-09-11?
Who attacked? BBC clue. (in Chinese)   In English
Solve this clue.   How world #2 defeat world #1?
Attack WTC key doc.

Do you want to know how much Chinese communist
conquered by Russia? Please analysis Freeman's
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2004-June U.S. guestbook sign record updated 2004-07-14.

List page. Please download before site close
First document after 2001-09-11 WTC attack.
Why it is "necessary" to attack 
World Trade Center? (in Chinese)

Start from 2004-01-02 Freeman sign Chinese
mainland bbs/guestbook to promote discard
2004-Jan Freeman received hospital bill
look like charge as much as possible. See

2004-02-01 Freeman site closed.
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2004-03-24 Freeman site closed.

Freeman's brother already bankrupt.
Now Freeman depend upon sister's help.

2004-03-25-17-17 brother call, remind me
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Put everything together, look like that 
international communist (guess) closed
Freeman's site, send over charge bill.
Sister's (comming) bankrupt is to root
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How to let Freeman be silent? 2003-01-03-23-41.
Freeman to those who loss love ones in 2001-09-11 all attacks.
WTC attack trigger event document uploaded.
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World Trade Center Analysis
Why choose 2001-09-11 attack WTC?
Broad Love vs "world revolution" (in Chinese)
WAR Paper, ORIginal page
After Chinese communist unify the world, Where to set up the world capital?


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<A NAME="dfreedom">


  1. The explanation of FREEDOM in brief is that
    Every small unit can move around at his will within a large body.   That is FREEDOM.
  2. Dr. Sun, Yat-Sen defined on 1924-03-16 in his Three Principles of the People in Kwangchow City, Republic of China.
  3. FREEDOM is with the restrictions
    • Not to encroach upon other's rights
    • Not to violate the laws.
    One can express his opinion and accomplish his will, without subject to any visible or invisible threat.
  4. Freeman defined on Dec. 31 1983 in San Francisco, CA. USA.
    The following file gives the background information about the freedom definition;
    Size 12 K.   It contains English and Chinese text version.
    FM851112.DOC is English version, FM851112.TXT is Chinese version.
If you want to see above definitions in Chinese, the system needs to download a *.GIF file. It takes for a while.
Please send your support or disagreement to
Thank you.     Freeman   1996-10-20-09-21.
Archived Freeman's statement/message pages. Good for read off-line. 1998-08-04.
Received email, 001   002   003   Most are Chinese.

Freeman statement English pages. Page 1.   Page 2.   Page 8.   Page 9.   Page 10.  

<A NAME="3pp"> Three Principles of the People. (done 1st proofreading)
Written by Dr. Sun, Yat-Sen in 1924. All are in Chinese.
Dr. Sun, Yat-Sen and Mr. Joffe's joint statement.
The Principle of the People's Rights.
The Principle of the People's Living hood.
<A NAME="r_ch"> The book "Russia in China",   (done 1st proofreading)
file 1,   file 2,   file 3,   Web page. Chinese only. Total three files.

Above is web page, the following is same thing in archived *.zip file.
"Russia in China", archived file. whole book, Chinese.

<A NAME="whatsnew">
Next is what's new section.

First document after 2001-09-11 WTC attack.

2004-June U.S. guestbook sign record updated 2004-07-14.
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Freeman start sign U.S. guestbook 2004-06-05-21-21

United States !!  Please do not make mistake TODAY !! 2004-06-05-07-58
United States !!  Please do not make mistake TODAY !! 2002-10-17-11-35 &#number;  character  list table. 200405082117

<a name="930422A">
Freeman re-construct Republic of China government.
 in Chinese 2004-04-20-12-05

<a name="930419A">
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<a name="930413">
List page. Please download before site close. 2004-04-13-21-54
Why Republic of China anti-Russia policy disappear? (in Chinese)
<a name="930330">
Why it is "necessary" to attack 
World Trade Center? (in Chinese)

<a name="930327A">
Why say "conquer"? RU (Russia) annexed one third 
Chinese soil. CC (Chinese communist) did not ask
land back, but sign paper (in RU's favor) give
up all Chinese soil. 1945 RU take away Mongolia,
1950 CC wrap Chinese northern provinces as "inner
mongu" ready for RU next time annex. CC destroy 
Chinese history, turn good/bad history figure up
side down and down side up.  
93,03,27,17,28 computer shut down
<a name="930327B">
Japanese ask RU to return four northern islands.
Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia ask RU to get out.
BUT mainland China no single voice ask RU to move
out from Chinese soil. Freeman send big character
slogan "Expel Russia!, Recover Northern Soil!"
Most BBS delete Freeman paper as soon as possible.
Chinese position want to recover our loss soil.
Mainland environment is to admit northern soil
as RU soil.  BUT  
<a name="930327C">
Based on many traitor action, Freeman use the
word "Chinese communist CONQUERED by Russia"
Most shame point is that Chinese communist does 
not care about these traitor actions.
For 80 years, CC receive many RU order and carry
              out many RU order to damage Chinese
              society (class struggle), to fight
              the whole world (world revolution).
For 80 years, CC NEVER issue single order to RU.
What can you conclude?

Freeman's mainland sign slow down. On 2004-02-28 brother
ask Freeman to modify computer program. 2004-03-01-08-19

<a name="921228B">
Freeman input book uploaded in zip file

*****   2,032,197

The Three Principles of the People

The Three Principles of the People
with other principles.

The facts of Communist wrote Republic of China history

Russia in China

History of Russia aggression toward China

Dr. Sun, Yet-sen and communism

*****   1,758,051

History of Chinese communist

The creation of Chinese communist

*****   1,716,860

President Chiang's historical record.
Total 15 volumes.  Here v. 1 to v.8

*****   1,923,609

President Chiang's historical record.
Total 15 volumes.  Here v. 9 to v.15

All books are in Chinese.  2003-12-28-22-23

<a name="921228A">
Freeman's English biography uploaded

<a name="921224A">
2003-12-24-11-49 start

Freeman wrote "World Trade Center Analysis"
In which, Freeman indicate that

WTC attack remote causes are

1. 1945-02-04 Yalta Conference, which provide Chinese
   communist abundant and best Japanese weapons.
2. 1946 whole year Marshall mediation (between Chinese
   government and communist) which provide communist
   one year necessary training period to learn how to
   use Japanese weapon.

<a name="921224B">
WTC attack Immediate causes are 

1. On 1999-05-08 NATO (U.S.) air force bombed Yugoslavia.
   One bomb flew to Chinese communist representative office
   in Yugoslavia capital, destroy one building and killed
   three communists.
2. On 2001-04-01 U.S. air force airplane fly near China
   south soil, communist air plane take off, two sides
   collide in mid air.  Communist loss one air plane and
   (communist said) pilot was killed.

Both events cause mainland Chinese great noise.
Which pave the way for "Sino-U.S. big war" to destroy
China and to weaken U.S.

<a name="921224C">
WTC attack trigger event is

Freeman's 2001-Aug. mainland sign. (2001-08-15 begin)

2001-08-15 Freeman start mainland sign.
2001-08-20 war paper third version dated and spread
           to mainland military related web forums.
2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack occurred.

Mainland-sign paper which trigger WTC attack is recorded in
Above is vertical display and show up, 
next is horizontal display, message in comments (not show up).

<a name="921224D">
Reader can study why, for X nation, it is necessary to
start "Sino-U.S. big war" BEFORE Freeman's paper spread
out in mainland.

Reader can also study how much Freeman's paper influence
(or how much mainlander refuse Freeman's paper)


<a name="921224E">
9008sign.htm is an index for Freeman's mainland sign.
Freeman goto Chinese mainland online guestbook, forum,
BBS to sign Chinese view point messages.  First time
large scale sign start from 2001-08-15 to 2001-10-31.
(named as Freeman's 9008 sign.  90 = 2001; 08 = Aug.)
All of the sign activity are recorded in

It contains Freeman's paper and signed guestbook/forum
location (URL) (2001 daily work record)
are later sign (2002 and 2003).
It contains Freeman's paper only.

<a name="921224F">
2002/2003 Daily work of signed guestbook/forum location
 (URL) are in zip files.

04/15/2002  10:08 AM   805,419  2002-Jan.
04/15/2002  10:09 AM   801,637  2002-March
12/07/2002  09:07 PM   779,217  2002-Nov.
03/19/2003  10:18 AM   611,206  2003-Feb.
11/12/2003  05:15 PM 2,467,664  2003-Sep.

Open files from 9008sign.htm, 9008sig1.htm ..... 9008si19.htm
are stored on

Zipped files from 9008sign.htm, 9008sig1.htm ... 9008si19.htm
are stored in
All 20 files zip in one zip file.

2003-Sep. sign topic is "Public announcement: Broad Love"
This paper criticise Chinese communist carry out NON-Broad Love
policies, that is
"class struggle"  (killed several tens million Chinese)
"world revolution" (attacked World Trade Center)

<a name="921224G">
Because of Freeman's strong words critise communist,
My request to print "Public announcement: Broad Love" 
in Chinese newspaper failed to pass manager's exam.
This Chinese newspaper office is in Los Angeles, head-
quarter is in Taiwan province, Republic of China.

Chinese communist carry out World Trade Center attack to
start "Sino-U.S. big war" and use U.S. gun fire to
kill most Chinese citizen (all China become a huge 
     graveyard) and 
kill most U.S. citizen (All United States become a 
     big public tomb field,)


"Public announcement: Broad Love" is recorded in

All record are in Chinese.  You need find someone to 
translate for you.

Freeman  2003-12-24-14-18.

<a name="921023A">

Do you know what is real Chinese voice?

"class struggle" Chinese kill Chinese?
       NO !!

"world revolution; anti-capitalism, anti-U.S."
       let Chinese fight the whole world?
       NO !!

"break four old custom; anti feudalism" to destroy
       Chinese own culture?  NO !!

"one acre ten thousand pound rice harvest" open
       cheating to the whole world?  NO !!

"great leap forward" burn most Chinese citizen daily
        metal belonging, and burn China back to stone
        age?  NO !!

"down with stink number nine (intellectual)" force
        China become knowledgeless land?  NO !!

Those are NOT Chinese voice !!
Those are communist and its master's voice !!  Aimed
to destroy China !!

Chinese voice promote harmony, friendship, cooperation
politeness and development.

What degree today's mainland Chinese society are?

Do they accept real Chinese voice?

Do they still sing communist imprecations?

Or somewhere in between?

<a name="921023B">
Please download Freeman 9209 mainland sign record.

All work are in Chinese.
Because storage size limit.  Freeman guarantee this
working record URL stay valid before 2003-11-30.

Freeman  2003-10-23-10-57

<a name="921023C">
Freeman 9209 mainland sign start on 2003-08-11
From 2003-08-11 to 2003-08-28 sign U.S. Europe
From 2003-08-28 to 2003-10-19 sign mainland
     China forum/bbs/guestbooks.
On 2003-10-20 sign Taiwan forum/bbs/guestbooks.
Initially decide to end on 2003-10-10.  But
2003-10-05 saw a Japanese paper "Japan will
destroy China in 2015"  Freeman wrote a reply
paper "Hundred years war preparation" and extend
sign date to 2003-10-20 to present "Hundred years
war preparation" to mainland Chinese reader.
Please review sign record

Freeman  2003-10-23-11-25

<a name="920901A">
About Freeman's online files 2003-09-01-16-32

Freeman has three accounts




<a name="920901B">  merged to
first two accounts are both management
third account is under management  dial up account  $22.0 per month  dial up account $240.0 per year  offer member  10 MB storage space  offer member 750 MB storage space

<a name="920901C">
Because storage space difference,
become my main URL, where stored about 120 to 150 MB 

On 2003-08-05 I request to change my
account from dial up to DSL account

2003-08-25 I received DSL set up package.

2003-08-28 first time goto Internet from DSL connection.

<a name="920901D">
2003-08-28, 2003-08-29, 2003-08-30 three days, my
account is closed.  All files can not access.

I checked
account, the URL
still has page.


<a name="920901E">
Start from about 2003-05-10
all files in
are not accessable 

World Trade Center Analysis URL
become invalid

2003-07-11 I upload World Trade Center Analysis to
because storage limit, many pictures in 20010911.htm
not upload to account.

<a name="920901F">
2003-08-28 World Trade Center Analysis disappear
from Internet again.

(2003-08-31 several, may be all, of my file in
 account, re-accessable again.

<a name="920901G">
account are monthly paymant.

On the other hand
is yearly payment.

On 2003-04-20 I just paid $240 for next one year.
After 2003-05-10, my page in
not appear.  But I can enter Internet from
dial up procedure.

<a name="920901H">

*** When communist request, Freeman's web page
*** disappear.
*** Only if reader request, it is possible to
*** keep Freeman pages online.

Thank you for your support.

Freeman  2003-09-01-17-06

<a name="920809">
Freeman will start sign mainland China's guestbook
and forum.  Contents is the Chinese version of
"911 Review - two years after"  (English, below)
"Broad Love (Bo Ai)"            (English, below)
Sign date start from 2003-08-11
          until      2003-10-10 (U.S. Pacific time)
for two month.
Because this is an important issue, and communist
try to cover up.  So Freeman takes more time to
ask Chinese public to pay attention to this matter.

<a name="911_2yr1">

Title:  911 Review - two years after

On 2001-09-11 murderer attacked World trade Center.
On 2001-09-25 Chinese communist send a intelligence team
to Washington D.C. to "assist to capture WTC-attack
Public understanding is that Afghan's Taliban carry out
attack to WTC.  Chinese communist goto U.S. to capture
Taliban?!  That is dog catch mouse!  Not Chinese communist
business!  It is not possible that U.S. at their busiest
period allow Chinese communist goto U.S. to do unrelated
action.  The facts is that fourteen days after WTC attack
U.S. allow Chinese communist to go to U.S. to "capture

<a name="911_2yr2">
This fact means that
Chinese communist spy net in the U.S. IS murderer!
With the communism smoke of "world revolution", Chinese
communist transfer its spy-net-in-U.S. to its master's
direct command.  In WTC attack, in anthrax virus spread,
Chinese communist's master let Chinese face show up
everywhere.  Mislead U.S. to believe it is Chinese
communist start attack U.S. and drive U.S. to go war with
Chinese communist.  That is to start "Sino-U.S. big war"
Use U.S. gun fire to kill most Chinese citizen.  To achieve
its master required
One after one high skyscraper; one after one tomb plate.
One after one green mountain;  one after one grave pile.
All United States become a big public tomb field,
and all China become a huge graveyard.

<a name="911_2yr3">
** Chinese communist must explain to the world community
** why Chinese communist goto U.S. to capture murderer?
** "capture murderer" get what result?

Freeman  2003-08-09-12-42

On 2001-09-25 Chinese communist send a intelligence team
to Washington D.C. to "assist to capture WTC-attack
murderer" please visit BBC news page

"All United States become a big public tomb field"
please visit

Both are in Chinese, you need find someone to translate for



<a name="Bo_Ai01">
2003-08,09,12,48 start

Announcement: Broad Love (Bo Ai)

Announcement in Chinese. Picture file, 
no need reading software.

To Twelve hundred million fellow Chinese

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

On 2003-04-17-12-30 in UCLA East Asia Library,
Freeman found Dr. Sun, Yat-sen's treasured
calligraphic work "Bo Ai".  This book was
published on 1996-Jan by Beiping publisher.
This "Bo Ai" was written by Dr. Sun, Yat-sen
in the year 1922.

(Dr. Sun, Yat-sen is the founder of
 Chinese Nationalist Party)

Chinese Nationalist Party's slogan and policy
are "Bo Ai", "World Great Similarity", "Farmer
has his own land", "Average land ownership" etc.
peaceful and reasonable methods.

<a name="Bo_Ai02">
Chinese Nationalist Party's Bo Ai policies
-- All Citizens Are Equal
-- World Great Similarity

compare with

Chinese communist's bandit policies
-- class struggle
-- world revolution

Two party's policies form strong contrast !

Chinese communist (especially Mao's communist)
slogan and policies are "class struggle".  Force
citizens to different classes, red five classes
and black five classes, then let Chinese fight
Chinese and never stop -- "revolution non-stop
theory".  Ask Chinese kill each other until
total destroy.  (reference 1)

Chinese communist (especially Mao's communist)
slogan and policies are self-destruct our own
civilization!   (reference 2)

<a name="Bo_Ai03">
Chinese communist (especially Mao's communist)
slogan and policies are "world revolution".
Let Chinese to enemy the whole world.  Ask Chinese
to play canon-ash role to fight world number one
for number two's interest.   (reference 3)

Drive Chinese to kill until
"One after one green mountain;  one after one grave
 pile.  and all China become a huge graveyard."
(reference 4, "re-construct China")

Chinese communist slogan and policies are
"recognize" our northern loss soil is Russia's soil.
and pack our northern provinces as "inner mongu"
Provide convenience for its master's next annex
Chinese soil !!   (reference 5)

<a name="Bo_Ai04">
This is Russia imperialism's strategy how to use
"communism" to destroy China!!
Chinese communist carry out its master's
destroy-China plot!!

As long as China has one solder left,
China must expel Russia from our soil!!

As long as China has one solder left,
China must exterminate traitor communist !!
Chinese communist is a puppet of our enemy 
nation and work for them!

Although people of Han has only three family left.
The one who destroy communist must be people of Han !!

Freeman  2003-04-21

Please duplicate  this paper,
Please distribute this paper,
Please publish    this paper,

reference 1

reference 2

reference 3

reference 4

reference 5

Freeman's home page



Around 210 BC, China had Chin and Chu two strong
group compete each other.  Now there is a common
"Although Chu has only three family left,
 The one who destroy Chin must be Chu !!"

Freeman use this old saying and change subject to
people of Han and communist.  Ninety percent of
Chinese belong to people of Han.  But most are
evilized by communist.  They forget our loss soil.
They do not want to expel intruder.  They want to
fight the whole world!  Therefore real People of Han
is rare.  

2003-03-10-22:18:14 on Internet, Freeman saw one
mainlander message said "Russia is our enemy, U.S.
is our competitor."  Second sign support first.
Two of them plus Freeman form "three families"
of Han.

In the same discussion topic, another signed anti-U.S.
view point.  His personal signature (unrelate to topic)
"Sigh! Chu has only three families, but Chu can destroy
Chin.  How can we great China not even one left?"

With these two people of Han and one mentioning Chinese
common saying, let Freeman wrote

Although people of Han has only three family left.
The one who destroy communist must be people of Han !!

This word is really created by chance !! 
(but solid ground is BBC news; dog catch mouse?)

Record in Chinese are below.



<a name="20030706">
2003-07-06-10-25 brother call Freeman
Around 2003-March brother buy land.
Brother's offer capability was poor, most agent do not
have interest.  Finally
in new town brother found a buy-house agent.
This agent is a Ukrainian immigrant.
Sister-in-law insist stay in one school district.  Brother
has limited fund to buy house.  With these conditions,
they selected a land in far remote area.
Land has no water, no electricity.
Land has an old broken mobile home.  Its window are ALL 
broken.  Its roof (left, right two half) are wide open.
Land-seller said the mobile home is "free".
Brother insist to get mobile home's title.
2003-04-11 brother move to new town.  
           (rent a temp. place and rent mini storage)
2003-06-10 brother buy-land close escrow.

2003-07-06 brother told Freeman that he get land ownership
but the old broken mobile home ownership can not transfer
to brother. Because "can not prove this old mobile home's
year"  Before close escrow, brother insist to get old broken
mobile home's ownership.  After two months escrow paper work
(normally need just one month), finally brother got ownership
paper.  brother said the ownership paper indicated mobile
home's size wrong, location wrong.  Now brother own another
unknown broken mobile home. This old mobile home on brother's
land does not belong to brother.  I suggest brother to trash
this on-land old mobile home.  I said brother should print on
newspaper a public notice for one month period. Send newspaper
adv to county office and send to police department.  After one
month if no one come claim this old mobile home, then brother
can trash the old mobile home.  Brother said he dump this old
mobile home to junk yard, he did not want to print public notice
on newspaper.  I loud tell brother
"This arrangement is to give you trouble on purpose!!"
After heard my warning, brother was unhappy, and say goodbye,
hang up.
2003-07-06-10-47 hang up

About twenty years ago around 1980, I warned my family that
since 1969 our family is under political group's tight watch.
My family did not believe.  Since then I never mention this
political watch again.  My family always use common sense to
judge event.  They never believe and never use UNcommon sense
to evaluate our surrounding.  2003-07-06-12-27

<a name="20030707">

Following is a email Freeman send to brother and sister
warning about possible hidden trick.



Reader can find out the huge difference between Freeman's
uncommon sense world and family's common sense world.

My family absolute not believe what I said, and did not like
to hear.  My brother also said try see future who is right?
(mean my borhter's no hidden man is right or 
         Freeman's has hidden man plot is right

email start
92,07,07,08,38 start
Please pay attention to few facts

1.  BBB's buy-house agent is a Ukrainian immigrant.

    *****  BBB meet her.  *****

2.  On 92,02,05 in Western Dental the one who break
    my teeth is Dr. Kolchansky.

    *****  SSS talk to him  *****
    *****  SSS can not understand  *****
    *****  his east-europe accent  *****

    Dr. Kolchansky told me that
    he does not know how to pull my teeth, need another
    dental surgeon come to pull my teeth.
    The operation date is 92,03,03.

3.  On 92,02,07,15,00 Western Dental second dentist
    told me that the "dental surgeon" who will come
    on 92,03,03
          *****  DOES NOT HAVE DENTIST LICENSE  *****
    this person
          *****          COME FROM RUSSIA       *****

4.  BBB ask Ukrainian immigrant agent to get title of
    the mobile home on BBB bought land.
    But BBB got a title of another unknown broken mobile
    home.  This on-land mobile home still NOT belong to

WARNING:  Not to give BBB the title BBB wanted, that is
WARNING:  not a mistake !!
WARNING:  Not to give BBB the title BBB wanted, that is
WARNING:  Once BBB touched this broken mobile home, the
WARNING:  "owner" will show up.  exhaust BBB's time and
WARNING:  target at total wipe out BBB's money !!

SUGGEST:  before trash the on-land mobile home, MUST take
SUGGEST:  legal guard action.  That is to go to newspaper
SUGGEST:  office to print public notice for 30 days.  Ask
SUGGEST:  the unknown mobile owner move his mobile home
SUGGEST:  from BBB's land.  If after 30 days no respond,
SUGGEST:  BBB will trash this old mobile home.
SUGGEST:  Second alternative BBB can choose is
SUGGEST:  do not live on this trouble land !!!
SUGGEST:  Assume put four wan on this land, the remaining
SUGGEST:  money is still in BBB's hand
SUGGEST:  Discard the strange mobile home title !!

REMEMBER:  All email, all phone call are detectable
REMEMBER:  by any agent in this world.  No secret !!

email end

    ( note: Freeman agree that my teeth already break
      in 2002-Dec.  Before 2003-02-05 it is micro crack.
      After 2003-02-05 drill, my teeth #14 complete
      break.  I did not put blame to Dr. Kolchansky)

Above email warning send to Freeman's brother (BBB)
and sister (SSS)

92,07,07,09,40 call SSS
tell SSS I mail a letter to BBB and SSS

I ask if SSS know who is BBB's buy house agent?
SSS say do not know
I remind SSS BBB's agent is Ukrainian immigrant.

I ask if SSS know who break my teeth?
SSS said a Japanese !!??
SSS talked to Dr. Kolchansky,
SSS told me SSS can not understand Kolchansky's accent
I told SSS dentist name is Kolchansky.
I remind SSS the one who break my teeth is east europe
But why today SSS say a "Japanese" ??!!
SSS said "I already forget"

92,07,07,09,48 hang up

92,07,07,11,24 BBB call
I tell BBB the mail I send today.
BBB say BBB do not have time to worry these thing
BBB may not print public notice and see what the
hidden man do.
92,07,07,11,32 hang up

92,07,07,12:10:17 upload  freeman2.htm

92,07,07,12,27 computer self restart
and restart three times
wall power no trouble
92,07,07,12,31 record

92,07,07,16,44 phone ring 4 ring, then stopped
92,07,07,17,45 phone ring 4 ring, then stopped

On 2003-03-03 the dentist who will pull Freeman's teeth #14

          *****  DOES NOT HAVE DENTIST LICENSE  *****

Freeman note as following
About 2003-02-07-15-00
Western Dental Services, Inc.
Dr. Clara original words is next
     "He is not a dental surgeon, but
      he knows how.  He is from Russia."

The reason he come to pull my teeth is that "he knows how"
and "He is not a dental surgeon".  Based on these words,
Freeman tell family frankly that  he

          *****  DOES NOT HAVE DENTIST LICENSE  *****


92,07,08,13,34 phone ring 4 ring, then stopped
92,07,08,16,09 phone ring 4 ring, then stopped
92,07,08,17,23 phone ring 5 ring, then stopped

92,07,08,18,05 call BBB

tell BBB if BBB dump the broken mobile home
from my judgement, the hidden "owner" must
jump out exhaust BBB's time and wipe out BBB's

Now what BBB want to do, let me do

if BBB want junk it, I go ask junk yard come to
trash this mobile home

if BBB want to cut mobile home into pieces,
I will spend two month to do the job.

if BBB want to burn this mobile home
I will set fire to burn it.

I suggest BBB completely hide.

Let me do let me get the trouble.

I say hidden man's real taregt is me, not BBB
now what BBB want to do, let me do.
BBB say he does not care.

BBB said he is land owner, he can not stay away
from trouble.

I say transfer the land ownership to me for one year
after junk this mobile home if one year no trouble,
then return ownership to BBB.  But BBB did not say
any agree words.

BBB said this buy land is totally his own decision
no one tell BBB what to do.
I say hidden man never show up tell you what to do.
But he can guide you to do.  Re-draw new school district
effective on 2003-July to cover this land.  That is
to influence BBB's decision!

BBB said if the hidden man really want find trouble,
hidden man can gun down BBB, or arrange a car accident
and kill BBB.

BBB still not release the word let me to handle
the strange mobile home.

BBB did not want to talk this topic.  He like to
talk any other topic.  I say that is all my intention
today.  Then goodbye hang up.

92,07,08,18,14 hang up

92,07,12,09,25 BBB call Freeman
tell BBB it is better to remove the
broken mobile home early
before street people move in
BBB say that is unlikely, broken mobile
home no water, no electricity, no near-by
shopping center.  It is hard to live there
BBB said today 11:00 BBB will meet a well
drilling company.
92,07,12,09,31 hang up

but after BBB drill well and connected
electricity, street people will come.

92,07,12,09,46 call BBB
Tell BBB today to see well drilling company
do not make definite decision.
I will goto new town to chop off the broken
mobile home.  After I chop off the mobile home
then start drill well.

I said it is important to remove broken mobile
home before drilling well.
BBB said why chop off?  Tow away is easier.
I say OK if you want to tow away, that is better.
Tow mobile home before drilling.
BBB said he does not have time to tow away the
broken mobile home now.

BBB said the drilling equipment is already put
on BBB's land.  Tomorrow (2003-07-14) start
drilling.  today 11:00 BBB must pay for drilling

I said after BBB drill well get water and connected
electricity.  then street people will come
occupy the broken mobile home.  From BBB's well
get water and use BBB's electricity.
BBB disagree, BBB said, if they (hidden man)
insist to do so, then BBB buy a new house, buy
a new car, they can still come and occupy.
BBB say wait and see what happen, if my
predict come true, then BBB will believe
Freeman's UNcommon sense world.

BBB said to buy this land it is all BBB's own
decision, no need to worry others.

Freeman said, this time buy land (with mobile home
on the land).  There are several strange points
1. Seller reduce price, let BBB glad to "pick the
   cheap" (BBB's words)
2. Redraw school district, start from 2003-July to
   cover BBB-intend-to-buy land.  Sister-in-law
   insist to let their daughter to go to the best
   high school in town.  School district cover
   rich residential area.  They can not afford to
   buy rich house.  BBB can only afford this remote
3. BBB insist to get mobile home title, but finally
   get another unknown broken mobile home title.
   This on-land broken home still not belong to BBB.

Freeman said there are so many strange points, enough
for BBB to worry.
But BBB said it is still not unusual at all.  To buy
this land that is BBB's own decision.  Before buy
land, BBB already know it is hard to get the title
of this mobile home.

BBB is unable to interpret the other two strange

BBB said now BBB is already nothing to lose
nearly total broken.  Just one life, what
can they do?

92,07,12,09,56 hang up

2003-07-13-10-17 start
After 2001-Aug shock,  Freeman try to stay away 
from trouble as much as possible.  If I do not 
have social activity, no talk to any one, then
my trouble could reduce to minimum.

Start from 2003-07-04 to now 2003-07-13
Landlord has a friend come live in second floor
living room.  Already ten days. First seven days
I did not goto kitchen, did not cook.  Then I
cook at mid night 12:20 AM or early morning
06:00 or when no body is around.

Landlord's friend is an African American lady.
She doing laundry every day several times. She
sleep at east side of my room, and she do laundry
work at west side of my room.  There is big
chance for me to meet her.  Several times I
goto wash hand, she cross by and say Hi.

2003-07-12-6:00 AM I goto garage to get food
2003-07-13-6:00 AM I goto kitchen to cook,
both time let me see this visitor sleep on
sofa with very simple belongings.

2003-07-13-10-30 stop

2003-07-14-06-35 start

About 2003-07-14-05-40 I peek second floor living room,
First time in ten days, the visitor is not there.   I
am not sure when she will come back.  I still goto
kitchen at early morning 2003-07-14-05-45 to cook for

My brother's financial condition is nearly total broken.
On 2003-05-26 brother (BBB) bought a new computer for me.
On 2003-06-09 I received ABS computer Pentium IV computer.
The following explain why under nearly total collapse
condition, BBB still spend $1500 buy new computer for me?

Before 1996-12-31 BBB had a small store.  Store rent is
about $200 per day, several employee's salary is about
$100 per day.  Everyday must pay $300.  If one day sale
$600, then deduct cost $300, the other $300 is just enough
to pay rent and employee.  Can we sale $600 per day?  NO !
In the year 1996, there is often $200 sale in whole day.
The worst days are less than $100.  This is sufficient
condition to close this store.  Rent expire on 1996-12-31.
Brother did not renew.

Around 2003-Feb or Mar. Sister-in-law said "for three years
(from 1997 to 1999) BBB did not have a penny income."  That
time BBB try stock market business, but never get profit.  
During these three years, BBB spend saving and borrow money
from several banks (from credit card).  Bank interest pile 

Start from about 2000-Oct, brother sale small gift item on
Internet.  Brother said, if not pay bank interest, then this
online small business is just about cover BBB's living expense.
With bank interest, this online sale still can not support.
Finally around 2003-Jan. BBB is unable to pay bank interest.
In 2002-Oct, brother signed a contract with a Chinese lawyer
in Los Angeles.  This lawyer told brother: sale house.  Then
brother sale this 21 years old house.

On 2003-01-31 brother's house sold for 310,000.  Pay $120,000
to clear house loan (bought at 90,000 !!  magic !!)  Pay 6%
to house buy-sale agent.  Plus other spending.  Brother get
$160,000.  Initially, brother want to rent house in old town.
But every attempt, the rent-house owner ask for credit-proof.
Brother can not get good credit proof.  Can not rent, then have
to buy a house to live.  Brother's capability is $70,000.
After two month search, brother finally decide to buy a land
with a broken mobile home on it.  In 2003-March brother and
sister-in-law learned that the best high school in new town
will cover brother's target land as school district.  Effective
start on 2003-July.  This is key point made brother to buy this
land.  Otherwise, they must buy a house near a shopping center.

This land brother bought, was low price and with a "free" broken
mobile home.  Brother insist to get the title of this mobile
home as well.  So that brother can repair and live in this broken
mobile home.

Lawyer told brother where brother can spend money legally.  One
point lawyer said is to buy living-depend business equipment.
The amount is five thousand.  Freeman told brother do not buy
new computer for me.  But brother insist to buy a new computer

"if not spend this five thousand, credit card issuing
bank must take away this money."  (brother's words)

Brother not only buy a new computer for me, he bought a new
computer for our sister and bought a new computer for brother

This is why brother's financial is nearly total broken, he still
spend money to buy new computer for me.

Brother said lawyer told him "business can not be too good, if
business worth money, credit card issuing bank will take away"
Brother borrowed money from about seven or eight credit card bank.
Biggest amount is about $30,000.  Total owe $200,000+  Brother
told Freeman "I (brother) do not want to do business too good".

New-bought land has no water, no electricity.  Brother want to
live on this land and legally live in high school district.
To get water has two ways.  One is to buy water from near-by
private water company.  Pay $5000, they will pave a pipe to
brother's house.  Second method is to drill well.  This may
cost $20,000 to $25,000.  Freeman suggest brother to spend
$5000 and buy water.  Rest money ready for online business.
But brother said lawyer told him to spend every penny before
credit card issuing banks come for liquidate brother's money.
Brother said lawyer told him "bankruptcy law give victim $70,000
protection."  Brother want "to spend money in invisible place"
That is the main reason brother refuse to buy water ($5000)
but to drill well ($25000) for water. 
Drilling start from 2003-07-14.

The other reason brother did not want to buy water is that some
one told brother that "this private water company may close at any
time."  Brother said "This is a private water company, no government
support.  Not reliable.  So drill well for water not buy water."

BUT during bad-luck time, brother spend $25000 may not get one drop
water !!!!!!!!!

Other also told brother "the neighbor land has a house, but since
that house had murder case, it is empty until now."
Freeman think this is not a nice word !!
This neighbor land house is just about 30 to 50 pace away.

2003-07-14-07-59 stop

2003-07-14-10-06 start

Reader should pay attention to one KEY point

From common sense:
My brother's every step is his volunteer step.
My brother's every step is his own wish.

He can not blame any one else.

2003-07-14-10-08 stop

<a name="zstep01">
2003-07-15-19-50 start

2001-10-4 online threaten to Freeman
Relex!Make deep breath.Doctor - IsOnTheWay

above is threatn  "Doctor - IsOnTheWay"
next  is truly    "Doctor - IsOnTheWay"

Western Dental Services, Inc. scheduled 2003-03-03
pull teeth for Freeman.  Second dentist said the
pull-teeth person "is from Russia."

On 2003-02-07-15-00
Western Dental Services, Inc.
Dr. Clara original words is next
     "He is not a dental surgeon, but
      he knows how.  He is from Russia."

<a name="zstep02">
please compare with next online threaten

2001-10-05-05-53-57	revisit page 2, see how many read

## Expel Russia, Recover Northern Soil  Freeman (4179 bytes ) (915 reads)2001-10-4
驅逐俄帝!!光復北疆!! - 自由人(4179 bytes ) (915 reads)2001-10-4

ZZ This guy realy need a doctor. - RealySick(0 bytes ) (13 reads)2001-10-4
ZZ If you are not afaid of... - Non-sense(174 bytes ) (30 reads)2001-10-4

  先練發愣功,待有李轟趾本事 - 再說吧!(0 bytes ) (16 reads)2001-10-4

  辛虧割讓了,不然那裡肯定已經成沙漠。 - 為全人類做貢獻。(0 bytes ) (5 reads)2001-10-4
## It is a good thing that ceded (Chinese northern soil to Russia)
## Otherwise that land must become desert. - contribute to whole
## human being (0 bytes ) (5 reads)2001-10-4

  請伸出我們熱忱的援手!! - 自由人(2984 bytes ) (186 reads)2001-10-4

ZZ Relex!Make deep breath.Doctor - IsOnTheWay(0 bytes ) (1 reads)2001-10-4


where "## " are Freeman translation into English
      "ZZ " are original threaten in English.

If reader is not a Chinese and not a Russian,
please do not think that you are not involved in
this cede/annex argument.  Because

<a name="zstep03">
Number two's strategy will drive mainland Chinese to
fight the whole world.  2001-09-11 World Trade Center
attack is a carry out of number two's strategy !!
United States become victim.  WTC attack's target is
"to wipe out American population as much as possible"
(war paper instruction.  please read (in Chinese)
(warp_ori means WARPaper ORIginal page)

<a name="zstep04">
1. KEY EVENT 2001-Aug Freeman's shock (some one intend to
   decorate Freeman as "thief")  totally destroy Freeman's

2. Freeman's brother's bankruptcy, and strange arrangement
   let him spend all money and "not to do business too good"
3. Freeman's landlord friend come live for ten days.  Sleep
   on sofa just east side of freeman's room.

Freeman's uncommon sense world is that "international
communist" arranged a big net around Freeman to control
Freeman and family's fate.

<a name="zstep05">
on 2003-04-10-16-00 an African American gentleman come
to our front yard, ask my brother "if SSL live here?"
(SSL is Freeman's SiSter in Law's name)  Lawyer warned
brother that bank may ask debt-clear agent to get money.
So brother said "I do not know who he is"  Debt-clear
agent asked "Let me see your driver's license."  Brother
refused.  Then debt-clear agent left.  That moment we are
all busy pack everything into boxes.  Twenty minutes later
brother told me this is a debt-clear agent.  Next day
2003-04-11 moving company come, move everything out of
old house.  Brother said he will never come back to old
house, avoid to meet debt-clear agent.

<a name="zstep06">
1. Take debt-clear agent into consideration,
with the facts
2. mobile home title must not transfer to brother.
   (so street people may move in any time.)
3. re-draw school district let brother choose this land.
   Far away from population, totally isolated.
4. seller lower price, let brother "pick cheap".
5. 50 pace away is an empty house "since murder case".

"international communist" is Freeman's first consideration !!
That is these events are in "international communist"'s
interest !!

<a name="zstep07">
Why Freeman's landlord has a friend come live for ten days?
Freeman guess that is to force Freeman to move out.
Once Freeman change landlord, "international communist"
will try hard to be Freeman's new landlord.  If that is
true.   "international communist" will not let Freeman
print any anti-communism advertisement on newspaper.
"international communist" will not allow Freeman reveal
the possible true fact of World Trade Center attack on
Internet. (communist already closed Freeman's

<a name="zstep08">
Freeman will not consciously step into "international
communist" trap.  Although my room is too small,
although my landlord expect me to move out (I told her
my brother moved, and I may move too.)

Freeman will continue to work online.
Freeman will continue to print anti-"world-revolution"
                  and to print anti-"class-struggle"
papers on Chinese newspaper.

I can not predict my future,
I can not predict my family's future,

Freeman walk until last step !!

Freeman 2003-07-15-21-00


lyre1.c  LYRics window control program English ver. 1  Freeman 2003-05-15-17-55
Address of this program:
LYRE     ZIP        39,267  05-15-03  9:50p

<a name="WTC410">
2003-05-07-10-18 start
Close?  Delete?  OK, But please compare!

Start from 2003-05-01, Freeman can not update files in
Between 2003-05-01 to 2003-05-06 Freeman's
site was closed for one day (2003-05-05)
                   (include Freeman site)
was closed for few hours (2003-05-02-08:48:30)
Short section text in one page
was deleted on 2003-05-06.
Next whole page was deleted on 2003-05-06.

The page cannot be found

get page
but page was modified
cut off communist crime part

2004-07-11-12-44 start insert note
become invalid around 2003-05-10
Freeman move most file to
this page (freeman2.htm) has invalid link to
Freeman change all
to make link valid, but at same time
description words about
also change to
around 2004-07-11-12-20 paid attention
to this error and correct.
2004-07-11-12-49 done insert note

bo_ai.gif  has forbidden Chinese words in picture.
maot19.htm has SAME forbidden Chinese words in text.

<a name="WTC411">
This deleted page bo_ai.gif means
broad (bo)
love  (ai)
that is
indiscriminate love; fraternity.

Of course "indiscriminate love; fraternity."
itself will not be deleted.  The possible
cause to delete these files is that Freeman
criticize Chinese communist's anti-Bo_ai

<a name="WTC412">
Detail as following.

2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack shock
the whole world !!  Many change their attitude
toward some aspect.

2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack
2001-09-25 Chinese communist goto U.S. to
"capture the creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event"

shock Freeman !!  Freeman change his attitude
toward Chinese communist !!

Those criminal can do any harm they like and pat
their butts then walk away without worry any
punishment.  Because they did not leave a single
trace of evidence!!

2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack is a huge
anti-Bo_ai action!

<a name="WTC413">
The Chinese writing in
was written by Dr. Sun, Yet-sen
Dr. Sun is the founder and President of Chinese
Nationalist Party.  Dr. Sun's Bo_Ai spirit
represent all Nationalist Party's spirit.

Freeman guess there are two key points in

that Chinese communist can not tolerate

<a name="WTC414">
1. Freeman's criticize put Chinese Nationalist
   party's bo_ai policies together with
   communist's anti-Bo_ai criminal "policies".
   That form a sharp contrast comparison.

<a name="WTC415">
2. Freeman used an old Chinese saying
   "Although there are only three Chu's families
   left, The one who destroy Chin must be Chu."
   Freeman modified the noun to fit today's case.
   You modify, I avoid state the modified words.
   Chin and Chu are both 2000 years ago China's
   regional strong-group name.
   Ninety percent Chinese belong to people of Han.
   Most Chinese are brainwashed and forget our
   nation's duty.  Only few families still
   remember that we carry our inherent duty.

Under Chinese communist's pressure, it is OK to
delete those words.

<a name="WTC416">
***** please think one:

Chinese military forum
showed next title
The way to deal with American is to kill them more, [Fire] 22:40:54 1/16/02 (no contents)
next is original record in Chinese
對付美國佬的辦法是要多殺他們的人,【開火】22:40:54 1/16/02 (無內容)
勤葆藝弊檗腔域楊岆猁嗣伀坻蠅腔芄活噶盂臐22:40:54 1/16/02 (拸囀)
Chinese communist allow this title exist online,
which is very rude and forgetful of all helps U.S.
gave to China during World War II.  Alternatively,
please imagine if Chinese communist allow next
words stay online ?

The way to deal with some-other-nation is to kill
them more, Fire.

NO !!
Only anti-U.S. words allowed in mainland China !!

<a name="WTC417">
***** please think two:

Chinese communist allow the paper

"After Chinese communist 'unify' the world,
 Where to set up the world capital?"

exist online from 2001-April to at least 2001-Oct.
Above Freeman's copy, below original paper

Chinese communist allow this kind crazy paper stay
on line, but Chinese communist want to ban Freeman's
criticize.  Why ??!!

<a name="WTC418">
***** please think three:

Chinese communist allow the paper
Above has Freeman and war paper author's discussion
below is WARPaper author's ORIginal paper.

exist online, 22 days before WTC attack, warpaper "predict"
World Trade Center attack precisely.  We have to suspect
that warpaper and WTC attack are in one plot !!  After
WTC attack, murderer use warpaper to incite Chinese goto
war with U.S.

Chinese communist allow this kind criminal paper stay
on line, but Chinese communist want to ban Freeman's

Why ??!!

<a name="WTC419">
***** please think four:

2001-09-25 Chinese communist goto U.S. to
"capture the creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event"

Chinese communist goto U.S. to capture Afghan's
Taliban ??!!
Then, Chinese communist shall capture all murderers
in any corner of this world !!
But actually, Chinese communist ONLY goto U.S. to
capture "creator".

That means that the
"creator of Sep. 11 attack U.S. event" is Chinese
communist spy net in the U.S.

Chinese communist did such huge criminal activity
(attack World Trade Center) but it wants to ban
Freeman's criticize?!

Why ??!!

<a name="WTC420">
***** please think five:

Chinese communist brain wash all mainland Chinese to
turn their thought to hate U.S. and to forget Russia.
please see communist anti-U.S. picture.

please read next page for many more communist anti-U.S.

<a name="WTC421">
United States !!  delete Freeman's words !!

United States !!  use this chance ask Chinese
1. to stop their anti-U.S. brainwash work.
2. to criticize previous anti-U.S. brainwash work,
3. to "recover" reputation for U.S. and for the
   whole world.

Chinese communist treat other's reputation as a toy.
Chinese communist can ruin one's reputation when need.
Chinese communist can "recover" one's reputation when
                  in-power change hand.

Today Chinese communist beg United States to delete
Freeman's words,

United States !!  It is a chance today !!

Freeman 2003-05-07-12-04

2003-05-07-16:30:43 can not upload to
WINSOCK.DLL: Microsoft wsock32.dll, ver2.2, 32bit of Apr 28 1998, at 19:33:24.
WS_FTP32 951229, Copyright  1994-1995 John A. Junod. All rights reserved.
- -
connecting to ...
Connected to port 21
220 www Microsoft FTP Service (Version 5.0).
USER freeman
331 Password required for freeman.
PASS xxxxxx
530 User freeman cannot log in.
logon failure, so quitting

<A NAME="9204move">

**** Freeman's Internet work interrupted 2003-04-07-04-32. *****
Freeman's brother is ready to move. Freeman too.
Start from 2003-04-01 my brother pack all belonging
for moving. Freeman move too. Before I move, I
need find a new place to live. But from my condition
(no money, no job) it is hard to find a new landlord.
I may find new room immediately, may be after three
months, may be after one year. This change let me
interrupt my Internet work for an uncertain period.

<A NAME="920331">
2003-03-30-20-58 start
This page has all anti-U.S.A. paper which Freeman collected from mainland China sites. After reading, Freeman wrote
"Number two's strategy; Discuss Anti-U.S.A."
In the world, U.S.A. is number one in terms of national strength. If number two in the world want to compete number one seat with U.S. Then number two need to start cold war or hot war with number one. The final result is both number one and number two weaken and drop to number eight and number nine. Old number three become new number one.

Alternatively, number two play plot which weaken number one and not change number two's national strength. This strategy which bring number two to number one is called "Number two's strategy". For "Number two's strategy" be success, China must pay dear price, possibly become extinct from the planet earth! Freeman wrote "Number two's strategy; Discuss Anti-U.S.A." target at Chinese reader. If you want read this paper,
you need to find someone to translate for you.
Freeman 2003-03-30-21-19.

"Redefine Korean War" mainland sign record. 2003-03-19-03-19

War Paper third version author's ORIGINAL document肮祩蠅疑ㄐ
same page in Freeman's web site (with brief notes)

<A NAME="920210">
From 2003-02-10 to 2003-03-11 sign "re-define Korean War" to Chinese web sites.
Chinese version
This page is updated on 2003-02-10 Start from 2003-02-10 to 2003-03-11 Freeman sign "Re-define Korean War" to mainland China guestbook/forum. 2003-02-10-01-29

<A NAME="920206">
2003-02-06-18-43 start
On 2003-02-05-11-50 Freeman goto Dental clinic to
re-do teeth filling. Dental doctor drill and broke
my tooth. 2003-02-08 schedule to re-do filling for
two other teeth. Freeman's health decide how Freeman
work on line.
I write this message that is because I feel my two
other teeth are at risk !!
2003-02-06-18-52 stop

2003-02-06-22-00 include the next letter here.

To:   *****@*****
From: *****@*****
Subj. drill cause tooth break,
      please make best decision.
Date: 2003-02-06-06-48

Dear ***** Dental Manager:

     My name is Liu, Hsin-Han.
On 2003-02-05-11-50 I went to *****
***** Dental Services, Inc. to repair
my teeth.  Doctor take teeth picture first.
Then decided three teeth need re-do filling.
One at left upper.  Two at right side.
After I paid $900 cash.  Start filling for
left teeth process.  Following is what
happened before crack and after crack.
I present this detail to you, hope you make
best decision for my teeth today's condition.

Before drilling process, my teeth surface was
perfect smooth, no crack.


Here call the one repair my teeth as Doctor A
He did not tell me his name, I can not mention
his name.  Doctor A is a male, age around 50.

Doctor A inject for me to make my teeth num.
Inject area limit to left side only.  Then he
cleaned most of my left side teeth.  During
clean process, I still feel pain, then he
added injection for me.  After this cleaning
process, Doctor A said: "Now I will remove old
filling."  and started drilling process.

#####  Liu, Hsin-Han mail 2003-02-06 page 1/4
Possibly about one minute drilling, Doctor A
suddenly stopped, he asked assistant lead me
to X ray room to take picture of my left teeth
again.  After take two pictures.  Doctor A
told me:

"Your teeth is broken vertically from top to
bottom. X ray can only detect horizontal crack,
X ray can not detect vertical crack."

This is highly questionable explanation.

I do not think X ray can not detect such
big crack on my teeth!!

I do not think visual check before drill
process can not detect such big crack on
my teeth!!

In other words,

Doctor A drilling process caused crack !!

Then Doctor A said: "I will ask the chief
doctor come take a look."

Doctor B come to me, Doctor B is a lady,
age in 30's.  Doctor B checked my teeth
said: "This tooth cracked, you must lose

Then Doctor A continue explanation,

Doctor A : "Must pull this broken teeth."

Liu: "Do you pull tooth for me?"

Doctor A : "No, bottom of this tooth is
            Sinus, I can not pull tooth
            for you"
#####  Liu, Hsin-Han mail 2003-02-06 page 2/4

Liu: "What is Sinus?"

Doctor A : "It is an empty space between
            teeth and nose under skin.
            When pull teeth, if Sinus
            break, I do not know how to
            close Sinus.  Only dental
            surgery doctor know how."

Liu: "Where to find dental surgery doctor?"

Doctor A : "You have two choices, one is
            go to another private dental
            surgery doctor.  Second there
            is a dental surgery doctor
            work for ***** Dental, you
            can wait for him to pull for
            you.  He will come here next

Liu: "I will wait for ***** Dental

Doctor A : "After pull your tooth, we will
            build a bridge for you."

Liu: "If it is possible to keep this broke
            tooth?  Can you make a crown
            to envelop the broken tooth?"

Doctor A : "No, the nerve is dead."

When local manager come, he said: "How much
for bridge, we will tell you later."


#####  Liu, Hsin-Han mail 2003-02-06 page 3/4

Writing this letter, I have no intention to
blame any one,  I hope

For present condition, I ask ***** Dental
Manager the following

Keep natural tooth.  If it is possible
to add a stress ring and/or crown to
continue use natural tooth?

Do not break second, third teeth.
On 2003-02-08-08-00 second schedule day will
repair my right two teeth and replace

My right teeth have no pain.  If it is
possible to keep my right teeth untouched?
not to re-do filling work?

You are teeth expert.  Teeth film is in
your office.  Please compare the film
before tooth break and after tooth break.

Please make best decision for my present

Thank you for your help.

Liu, Hsin-Han  2003-02-06-07-44.

#####  Liu, Hsin-Han mail 2003-02-06 page 4/4

2003-02-06-21-22 start
All of my money come from my sister.
My sister heard that I paid all fee in
cash at very beginning.  My sister was
very upset.

She said: "Many store receive full payment,
then idle and not respond. Because he already
get all what he want.  If you pay, you should
pay check, not cash!"

Freeman explain as following:

My sister's opinion is correct.  If find
a bad reputation store, what she said do 

When I was in Taiwan, everyone bargain for
better price.  Then many store rise price
ready for "discount".  After I come to the
United States, I learned U.S. way, I do not
bargain.  The price marked I either accept
or go away.

To pay cash is provide convenience for dental
clinic. If pay check, they receive money after
few working day.  If pay checking account card
they pay service charge.  Before I withdraw
cash, I do think to this point.  I decide
trust this clinic.  I do not put them to my
opposite side and protect my self.  If I
learned lesson this time, in the future, I
surely change my attitude.

I pay full amount at one time, that is because
they told me total fee is $977.  If I pay all
at beginning, discount $77.  Pay only $900.

After sister complain price is too high.  I
wrote a letter send fax and send email,
ask clinic :
to check teeth    $65
to fill one teeth $95 to $120
Now three filling and one thorough clean
charge should be 65 + 3*120 + clean
That is fee should be  $425 + clean
Why it sum up to $977?

I do not get answer yet.


Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center?
Freeman to those who loss love ones in 2001-09-11 all attacks.
Above two lines are updated on 2003-02-05
My brother ask me to write computer program to
automatize his work. My online pace slow down.

<A NAME="920103">
2003-01-03-23-06 start

How to let Freeman be silent?

Freeman's income completely depend upon
brother and sister's support.  So that
Freeman has hundred percent free time to
do Internet activities.

** Input Chinese modern history
** write computer programs
** sign mainland guestgook, let mainland
   Chinese dilute their hate-U.S. attitude
   and turn Chinese heads to our northern
   loss soil.
** sign world guestbook let whole world
   pay attention to several important facts
   which explain real motivation of
   2001-09-11 World Trade Center attack.

On 2002-02-22 Freeman's brother drive to
Irvine (Orange county, California).  His
car break down on highway, because of over
heat.  To repair engine, brother spent
$3000+.  After repair engine, several
was-good-parts become bad-parts.  Then
brother need to spend more money to repair
additional trouble.

From 2002-07-20 to 2002-09-10 Freeman signed
2000 world guestbooks.  Paper titled
"World Trade Center Analysis"

Next month, 2002-Oct. lawyer told brother
"Apply for bankruptcy, sell house, sell car."

2003-01-03-21-20 brother told Freeman that
he is going to apply for bankruptcy.

Brother's current work is to sell small
jewelry on Internet.  Each sale price is
as small as three dollars.  Average eight to
nine dollars.  Recent time brother's business
slow, very busy, but income can not cover
living expense.  When needs money, have to
go to bank ask for loan.  Unable to pay back,
bank has right to sell brother's properties.

Start from 2002-12-06 to (guess) 2003-01-30
Freeman spend time to help brother to input
data-on-paper to electronic data.  Record
each sale's payment receive date, payment
amount, mail date, postage, customer's living
location (California resident must pay tax)
With electronic data, it is possible to
calculate tax.

From 2002-11-01 to 2002-11-30 Freeman signed
1000 mainland guestbook to introduce
"China: a Decorum and Harmony State."

Ask mainland Chinese to return to our original
true face:
a Decorum State and Harmony State !
Do not "class-struggle",
Do not kill each other!
Do not execute "world revolution",
Do not play evil master's canon ash role !!

On 2002-11-06, brother told Freeman that his
computer gets "Virus".  Brother wasted several
day and night.  Finally "Virus" disappear by

Above are facts !

According to the trend

Not too long in future,

Freeman's brother and sister bankrupt one after
one.  Then

no need "international communist" do any thing,

Freeman must become silent !

                  Freeman  2003-01-03-23-41.

<A NAME="920103A">
About "international communist"  please see

If Freeman will become a murderer? (in Chinese)

<A NAME="920104">

2003-01-04-17-24 start


Freeman talk to Freeman's brother.
Freeman asked more about brother's lawyer

Freeman: if this lawyer is brother side
         lawyer? or bank side lawyer?
Brother: brother side lawyer.

Freeman: when start meet this lawyer?
Brother: first time in 2002-July for free
         consultation.  In 2002-Oct go to
         see lawyer and signed contract.
         paid $1500 for contract fee.

<A NAME="920104A">
Freeman: Lawyer is Chinese or American?
Brother: Chinese

Freeman: Any follow up meeting with lawyer
         after 2002-Oct. meeting?
Brother: No.  All lawyer suggested action
         apply for bankruptcy, sell house,
         sell car are not start yet.  So
         brother did not want to meet
         lawyer again at this time.

Freeman: I guess heaviest load each month is
         bank interest, it could be higher
         than living expense. Is that right?
Brother: Yes, each month loan interest range
         in between $3000 to $4000. Business
         slow can not pay back, then ask for
         2nd loan to pay 1st loan interest.
         Until can not get loan, then bankrupt.

Brother: I did not want you to worry for me
         so did not tell you about my financial
         condition.  But now sooner or later,
         bank will take over this house.  So
         I must tell you the facts.

<A NAME="920104B">
Freeman's brother spend extra money to repair

Freeman's brother spend extra time to deal with
his "virus" trouble.

Freeman's brother loss money, loss time

92,01,04,17,47  phone ring 6 ring, then stopped

Brother did not tell me more detail.
So Freeman is not sure
if car repair   is the only loss money event?
if virus attack is the only loss time  event?
At least one more loss time event brother told
Freeman before, that is

<A NAME="920104C">
2002-12-10-19-53 call brother,
brother told Freeman that his free email box
stopped work this morning (2002-12-10)
This email box is used to receive on-line buyer
Brother have to change all 400+ web pages email
address to new address.
this is an extra work (loss time) during the busy
season.  All kind of bad luck come at this year.
2002-12-10-20-09 hang up

<A NAME="920104D">
How long Freeman can stay online?

Two factors determine the answer to this question.

First  is financial factor,
Second is health    factor.

Financial factor already brief as above.
Next is brief about Freeman's health.

<A NAME="920104E">
Freeman was born on 1948-02-17.  Freeman is
55 years old now.  I would say in general,
my health is in good shape.

Freeman did not get cold/flu for about six or
seven years.  In Freeman's 30's, Freeman had
head ache often.  Now in fifty's.  Headache did
not occur for about ten years.

<A NAME="920104F">
But start from 2002-12-18 to now 2003-01-04
Freeman had minor illness.
Skin under my left eye has fatigue-feeling.
Left upper teeth root muscle pain, can not
chew even softest noodle (for three days)
then left nose running nose.  It is not regular
smell-less nose.  It is slight smell thin
fluid.  No headache, no pain, no bleeding.
Both of my brother and sister suggest it
could be sinusitis (in Chinese 鼻竇炎).
But I never had sinusitis before, I never
running smell nose before.  I do not know
what is the illness.

<A NAME="920104G">
Possible wait until my bother and sister
improve their financial condition, then I
can go to see doctor.
(in other words, I am unable to see doctor
 for any illness.)

In spite of financial condition and health

<A NAME="920104H">
Freeman hope to stay online for at least
next fifty years !!

Freeman hope to see root-communism-out-of-
China before Freeman's mouth/eye are closed !!

2002-01-04-18-30 stop

2002-01-04-what-is-new has only English
version.  Freeman did not provide Chinese
version, I need time to input data for my

Working record for "Proclamation: China, A Decorum and Harmony State."
Freeman's Internet activity stop for one month. 2002-12-07-21-23

Brief introduction to mainland sign (in Chinese)
"Proclamation: China, A Decorum and Harmony State."
This page is updated on 2002-12-01-18-11

Proclamation: China, A Decorum and Harmony State. 2002-10-31-20-13

If second version "Sino U.S. big war" will occur after sixty years? (in Chinese) 2002-10-21-21-19.

United States !! Please do not make mistake TODAY !! 2002-10-17-11-35

indifferent to "loser"

Hitler thank Mao


"Chinese communist 'unify' the world" newspaper print
2002-09-10 Hawaii Chinese Daily News front page.
print diary
draft design
printed doc.
draft design 58,679 bytes; printed doc. 1,596,432 bytes

Chinese communist destroy Chinese ancestor tombs.

midi; song with simplified music scores

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