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What make Chinese communist UNIQUE? Update 2012-03-12
President Chiang, Kai-shek Our world he Peace Guard!
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Chinese National Father web site http://www.yatsen.gov.tw/
President Chiang Chung-cheng web site

Why attack World Trade Center?   Why choose 2001-09-11?
Who attacked? BBC clue. (in Chinese)   In English
Solve this clue.   How world #2 defeat world #1?
Attack WTC key doc. http://freeman2.com/wtc_keys.zip
World Trade Center Analysis
Why choose 2001-09-11 attack WTC?
Broad Love vs "world revolution" (in Chinese)
WAR Paper, ORIginal page
After Chinese communist unify the world, Where to set up the world capital?

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<a name="ushelpcn">
2009-05-16-03-18 start include next three pictures.
Republic of China is friendly to U.S.

2009-05-16-03-56 translation start
<a name="20031006">
Japan is a 'victim nation' of strong U.S.A.
Japan can not conquer China.
Japan do not anti-U.S.
Russia is a 'victim nation' of strong U.S.A.
Russia can not annex China.
Russia do not anti-U.S.
China is a favor-receiving nation of strong U.S.A.
Russia annex and Japan attack stopped 50 years.
But, mainland China is anti-U.S. world 'capital'
Mainland Chinese ! please think, why we want
self destroy our Great Wall? (imply friendly U.S.)
Above a note written on 2003-10-06-16-47.

<a name="20050228">
Below a note written on 2005-02-28-19-31.
Do not think 'old big brother' is reliable. The
first nation who want to destroy China, that is
'old big brother'.
Based on Russia national interest, Russia annex
Based on Japan  national interest, Japan  attack
Based on U.S.A. national interest, U.S.A. help
Do not think U.S.A. is first hypothetical enemy!
We should keep friendly relation with all nations.
We should know who is help-us friendly nation.
We should know who is destroy-China enemy.

Above notes (file ushelpcn.gif) really bring down
the hate-U.S. curve.
2009-05-16-04-13 translation stop

<a name="9803071146">
                  U.S. Fate
2009-09-22-22-08 The following short note was
recorded on freeman1.htm#9803071146
Now (2009-09-22) translate to English.

2009-03-07-11-46 start
Resist-Russia and resist-Japan Chiang, Kai-shek
Republic of China government was defeated by

Russia and Japan (During 1920 to 1950) Replaced

by surrender-to-Russia, thank-Japan-invade-China
(both Mao, Tse-dong and Chou, En-lai thank Japan)
and hate-U.S. Chinese communist. What follow is 
Korean War, Vietnam War, attack World Trade Center
(strong evidence communist attack WTC is BBC news)
To United States, these disasters are U.S. fate.
(one self can not control, that is called fate)
U.S. is unable to recover Resist-Russia and
resist-Japan Chiang, Kai-shek Republic of China 
government. (U.S. must meet "world revolutionary"
2009-03-07-12-05 stop
2009-09-22-22-20 done translate.

<a name="Japan001">
2009-09-24-17-35 start
Freeman2.com site has many political pages.
95% of these pages review history facts.
There are about five per cent document belong
to "prediction" pages. The most important
prediction page is Second Korean War
This paper is long and it is in Chinese.
Target at Chinese reader. If you like to know
Second Korean War prediction, you need find
some one to translate this page for you.

<a name="Japan002">
Next is Second China-Japan War prediction.
This is very short notes. Worth your attention.
Translate as following.
Chinese picture text file URL:
Paper date: 2008-10-11-05-40 (first version)
Paper date: 2008-10-12-12-17 (second version)

<a name="Japan003">
Paper start here
(first) China-Japan war, victory nation is
Russia. Because after war, Chinese society
Russia-lize quickly. (smoke is communism)
(first) Korean war, victory nation is Russia.
Because after war, mainland China people
actively hate U.S.
China and communist war, victory nation is
Russia. (China=R.O.China, now in Taiwan) 
(communist=some one so called "China")
Russia is victory nation whenever China fall 
into war! ■

<a name="Japan004">
In Japan-Russia war (1904 on Chinese soil)
Japan defeated Russia.
In China-Japan war (1931 to 1945) No need to
enter the war, Russia defeated Japan!! ■

After China-Japan war, On Chinese soil, Russia 
received other nation hard-to-believe "ancestor
, grand-pa, big-brother" and master position.
This is a clear evidence of Japan serve for 
Russia interest. ■
Paper end here.
 big-brother=all Russia people.)

<a name="Japan005">
2009-09-24-18-17 here
Next is second short note.

Chinese picture text file URL:
Paper date: 2008-10-11-04-24 (first version)
Paper date: 2008-10-12-09-19 (second version)

<a name="Japan006">
Paper start here
China-Japan war is a Japan-serve-for-Russia-
interest war. China-Japan war polished (brighten)
China hate-Japan thought. China-Japan war 
diminished China resist-Russia will.
"war-born" a surrender-to-Russia party!
(that is "Chinese" communist party)
Second China-Japan war is still a Japan-serve-
for-Russia-interest war.
<a name="Japan007">
Victory nation of Second China-Japan war,
Freeman think Russia is victory nation.
Russia also think Russia is victory nation.
Because on 2002-01-01 Russia ordered Chinese
communist carry out attack to Japanese Navy
on East China sea. Attempt trigger start
second China-Japan war and expect to receive
Russia interest.
Paper end here

2009-09-24-18-30 here

<a name="Japan008">
Second note file name is cnjpwar2.gif
First one of this sequence
is map of first China-Japan war major battles.
"major battle" defined to be BOTH side send
troop over hundred thousand. There are total
twenty-two major battles. Number sequence from
01 to 22 place at approximate location on map.
Number sequence count on war start date.
This map roughly indicate Japan's intention
from Korea to northern China to central China
to southern China to Vietnam route.
Red square (small) is war time Chinese capital.
Red plus (small) is Japanese troop most-close
to Chinese capital location.

<a name="Japan009">
If second Korean war occur,
if second China-Japan war occur,
if China expel communist war occur,
possible result is
, world002.gif, world003.gif
If world003.gif come true,
Japan disaster is immediately.
U.S.  disaster is in sight.

Hope world leaders
(include U.S. and Japan) 
use your wisdom, gear 
away from disaster.
Freeman (Liu, Hsinhan) 2009-09-24-18-55

<a name="corrupt01">
2009-09-25-14-50 start
About "Chinese government is corrupted"
On 1949, Chinese government move out of mainland.
Govern Taiwan province only. There are many reasons
for this big change. International society popular
explanation is that "Chinese government is corrupted"

Yes !! "Chinese government is corrupted",
BUT !! Look over the whole world, which government
has no corruption?

<a name="corrupt02">
Corruption like a shadow of a government. Who can
guarantee thousands government officer (several 
hundred thousands for big nation) no one corrupt?

"Chinese government is corrupted" compare with
Mao, Tse-dong and Chou, En-lai communist on
purpose total destruction:
<a name="corrupt03">
"great-leap-forward", "back yard steel mill"
grain acre production 100 thousand kilo-gram
even a child can sit on grain. picture
"Cultural revolution" destroy Chinese culcure.
Promote hand-in-blank-exam-paper as "hero"
Promote against-teachers-dignity as "hero"
U.S. Congress record, Mao's communist murdered
30,000,000 to 60,000,000 Chinese citizen.
Compare with communist record, read the Japan
and Russia history truth, "Chinese government 
is corrupted" is a minor reason !

<a name="corrupt04">
Corruption accuse is just like pay attention 
to a crocodile's tail tip.
We shall not forget crocodile's big mouth!
Japan attack and weaken Chinese government; 
Russia collected a group of Chinese puppet;
Russia international arrangement etc.
These main reasons almost always ignored by
international society, just a word "Chinese 
government is corrupted" that is not wise
for your own consideration !

<a name="corrupt05">
If ignore history real cause,
allow trick player do it again.
Our own citizen, young man,
service personal will trap to 
old style danger again!!
Please hands off crocodile's tail
Please review the history truth!
Please bring our young man to a
glorious future !!
Freeman (Liu, Hsinhan) 2009-09-25-15-18

<a name="hateindx">
Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center?


<a name="anti_us0">
Chinese communist, they hate the whole world


2009-05-16-04-17 done include above three pictures.

<a name="madkid00">
2009-05-16-22-45 start include next two pictures.

Communist change Chinese into world bandit
tricky named 'world revolution'


<a name="madkid01">
Start from kindergarten!!
If not root out communism from China,
Mao style madness may come back again.
China is first victim nation,
United St?tes is SECOND !!


2009-05-16-22-54 done include above two pictures.

<a name="pche07a1">
2011-06-05-10-46 start
The following explain why
President Chiang, Kai-shek
Our world he Peace Guard!
it is top banner of the picture

<a name="pche07a2">
President Chiang educate all Chinese
that we should help each other, we
should love each other (all human 
being). (博愛;四維八德﹕禮義廉恥,
忠孝仁愛信義和平 a006060620)
The typical event for this policy 
is that Republic of China present 
a gift to United Nation, it is a 
stone plate, carved Confucius words,
topic is World Peace (大同 Great 
Similarity) Words in Chinese is at
<a name="pche07a3">
After red bandit usurp Chinese seat
in United Nation, red bandit (Mao, 
Chou etc.) remove World Peace words
from United Nation display. Then 
what is red bandit policy?
Please visit next web page (Chinese)
2011-05-31-16-32 LiuHH access (4th ed.)
This is updated warpaper.htm (3rd ed.)
which Liu,Hsinhan keep as WTC attack
related document. It is a long paper,
<a name="pche07a4">
Record one word as following
It says 
Mao, Tse-dong lead us to usurp mainland
China with "three big tools", which is
the weapons for us (red bandit follower)
to lead Chinese conquer the whole world.
]] //compare with "world revolution"
If reader believe "Chinese conquer the 
whole world" that is not wise! "class 
struggle" drive Chinese kill Chinese,
"back yard steel mill" and loud yell
"conquer the whole world" are all 
PUPPET behavior. Think wise !!
<a name="pche07a5">
Actually, reader should not be afraid 
of above words, because 
Red bandit buy airplane from foreign 
Red bandit buy warship from foreign 
Red bandit buy computer from foreign 
nation. What can they do ?!
It is just a lip "service".

<a name="pche07a6">
Reader should not be afraid of above 
words, because 
red bandit has two guide lines:
"class struggle" and "world revolution"
Before carry out "world revolution",
red bandit carry out "class struggle" 
first, which is, in fact, Chinese kill 
Chinese. Please see stoptank.gif
and bandit kill bandit bandit01.jpg
Photo of shoot kill in action.
Red bandit busy kill Chinese, how can
they "conquer the whole world" ? Relax!

<a name="pche07a7">
With above two policies stand side 
by side. 
President Chiang, Kai-shek
Our world he Peace Guard!
is justified. 
Under President Chiang, Kai-shek's
governing, Chinese will NEVER become
world bandit !! ("world revolution") 
//"world bandit" relate to BBC news
Freeman Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢
2011-06-05-11-32 stop

<a name="pche07a8">
2011-06-05-15-35 start
BBC news say that on 2001-09-25 Chinese 
communist send intelligence expert to 
Washington D.C. to help U.S. to capture
911 WTC attack murderer. Please think
why Taiwan did not send expert to U.S.?
why Italy did not send expert to U.S.?
why Brazil did not send expert to U.S.?
Because Taiwan/Italy/Brazil did not 
attack U.S. 
Everyone know it is Taliban attack, 
Chinese communist relate to Taliban?
if not, what other explanation could be?
Please think. 2011-06-05-15-42 stop

<a name="pche07a9">
2011-06-06-06-36 start
BBC news say 
Chinese communist and United States 
good relationship which not occur 
in recent years.
Chinese communist involve WTC attack
yet "good relation not occur before"
WTC attack is a very tricky event !!

<a name="pche07aa">
BBC news say 
In fact Chinese communist do not have
information about Taliban or Bin Laden
for U.S. reference. But Chinese communist 
must get return favor (from U.S.)
Chinese communist involve WTC attack
yet expect "must get return favor"
WTC attack is a very mysterious event !!
2011-06-06-06-52 stop

<a name="pche07ab">
2011-05-24 saw ISBN 0-7867-1484-0
Chiang Kai-shek, 
China's Generalissimo and
the Nation He Lost.
The word "Lost" triggered 
[a name="pche07a*"] notes
2011-06-06-07-02 stop

<a name="pche07ac">
2011-07-15-10-06 start
2011-05-24-14-12 Liu,Hsinhan wrote
Chinese Top Leader President Chiang, Kai-shek.
Our Nation he DEFEND! Our World he Peace Guard!
To unify Chinese version,
2011-07-15-10-08 add the following
中國最高領袖 蔣中正總統。
2011-07-15-10-10 stop

<a name="a00721">
2011-07-21-20-50 start
WTC attack tenth year notes
If Liu,Hsinhan were never born.
2001-09-11 World Trade Center 
attack event still can NOT 
trigger start "China U.S big war"
Because, U.S. know clearly that
all belligerent nation of
modern war are defeated nation.
(vanquished nation)
2011-07-21-21-22 stop

<a name="20120114a0"> 2012-01-14-15-16 start After ten years would it be the same? Republic of China had president election on 2012-01-14. President Ma,Yinjiu won his second term. Nationalist Party is still in power. <a name="20120114a1"> This paper After ten years would it be the same? is written by Liu,Hsinhan, take the position of President Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese Central Government. This paper target at the world leader. <a name="20120114a2"> First review history briefly. In 1912 Dr. Sun,Yatsun lead his party (later become Nationalist Party) build a republic nation -- Republic of China. In 1919, USSR send team to China to seed communism on Chinese soil, founded communist third international China branch, also called "Chinese" communist. "Chinese" communist receive and carry out USSR order. <a name="20120114a3"> In 1925 Dr. Sun,Yatsen pass away, then Chiang,Kai-shek step to the leadership. "Chinese" communist start to grow. In 1931, Japan invade China, Chiang,Kai-shek lead all Chinese to resist Japan. This war weakened Chinese government and let "Chinese" communist grow even faster. <a name="20120114a4"> 1946, U.S. defeated Japan and war ended. 1947, U.S. introduce two party system to China, U.S. consider "Chinese" communist as second party and Marshall mediation (between Chinese government and communist) U.S. protected communist. <a name="20120114a5"> Chiang,Kai-shek Central wounded by Japan, Chiang,Kai-shek Central tripped by U.S. Chiang,Kai-shek admit he had mistake too. All together, in 1949 Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese Central Government moved to Taiwan province. <a name="20120114a6"> Chiang,Kai-shek Central national policy is Resist Russia, Resist Japan, Exterminate communist. Re-build our nation. <a name="20120114a7"> Chiang,Kai-shek announced that *** To exterminate communist which is *** Chinese Central's sole responsibility. Start from "Chinese" communist creation until President Chiang,Kai-shek natural decease, it is about seventy years. <a name="20120114a8"> This seventy years history facts indicate that *** To exterminate communist which is *** Chinese Central's sole responsibility. that is failure policy. "Chinese" communist always get communist world support, "Chinese" communist never be alone. <a name="20120114a9"> Korean War, Vietnam War, 911 World Trade Center attack, they are all consequence of Japan invasion and Marshall mediation. 911 World Trade Center attack see BBC news http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/chinese/news/newsid_1563000/15633221.stm <a name="20120114b0"> To avoid future disaster ●● 整個美國都成為一大片公墓 All United States become a big public tomb field http://freeman2.com/warp_ori.htm To transform communist which is the whole world's responsibility. <a name="20120114b1"> Next back to Republic of China had president election Because Chiang,Kai-shek Central national policy *** To exterminate communist ***, which is impossible, the current Nationalist Party step away from Chiang,Kai-shek policy. In president election, only local (Taiwan) topic are discussed. <a name="20120114b2"> Nationalist Party is a all-China party, Today Nationalist Party talk only Taiwan local issues. Brand (all-China party) and value (Taiwan local issues) are not consistent. <a name="20120114b3"> Today Nationalist Party win president election, because many OLD generation support Nationalist Party. <a name="20120114b4"> OLD voter natural decease, younger generation no longer have all-China thought. President election after ten years, the whole picture will be very different !! Republic of China President election today's pattern may not repeat !! <a name="20120114b5"> World Leader !! Please think smart !! Please think sixty years into future !! If Taiwan separate from mainland, that may bring future instability !! Liu,Hsinhan simulate Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese Central view point. 2012-01-14-17-21 stop
<a name="20090817"> If you find this page freeman2.htm not update for long time. The possible reason is that Freeman's computer break down. Freeman has no money to buy another computer. Please also check Chinese main page. 2009-08-17-11-28
<a name="whatsnew"> U.S. Fate Japan Corrupt
Hsinhan and wife Liling reunion in heaven. Chinese. local
Liu,Hsinhan sale condo
Hell Heaven Hand Hold Hand
Reveal-fact, why Liu,Hsinhan has ill fate?
bioge003.htm, bioge004.htm, bioge005.htm

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Hsinhan wait for wife Liling 
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Liu,Hsinhan can never go back to Taiwan,
Liu,Hsinhan can never go back to mainland 
China. a007120828
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Rotation Matrix to Euler's Angle Sequence 
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freeman2.com will be silent due to 
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Rotation matrix from rotation axis and angle way2 
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<a name=a00729Banner>
freeman2.com may be shut down any time.
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2011-07-29-12-55 start
Please compare
The entrance page freeman2.htm
has site banner, has rocsitee.js 
message. Same code in other English
page, the message in rocsitee.js 
do not show up. Please see record at

<a name=a00729b>
Liu,Hsinhan guess it is a result
of communist pressure to U.S. 
government. If the whole world 
only communist say no to freeman2.com
then shut down freeman2.com is likely
LiuHH need reader support!

<a name=a00729c>
Dear reader, please do two things
1. download all the file you need.
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To download files from freeman2.com
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<a name=a00729d>
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Please see the list file
All files are recommended. Please
also download
save jsgraph2.js, jsgraph4.js and
sphtrian.htm tute0055.htm etc in
one folder. So that drawing code 
has definition.

<a name=a00729e>
Second, political files. English page
political files Chinese page

Above is download all the file
<a name=a00729f>
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Liu,Hsinhan Live in U.S.A. California
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Please write to U.S. government 
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<a name=a00729g>
You can also write to world other 
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Since freeman2.com park at U.S. ISP 
Why write to other government? 

<a name=a00729h>
Communist is an international group.
Communist shout:
"Unite the whole world proletarian
 class." //聯合全世界無產階級
Communist shout:
"Down with the whole world bourgeois
 class." //打倒全世界資產階級

<a name=a00729i>
Communist down the bogus chairman 
Liu,Shaochi (a communist) then
"Chinese" communist can down Cuba
head, down north Korea head. They 
are all communist. For those non-
communist, for example Philippine
president, Thailand king, Greek 
president, French president etc 
are all "world bourgeois class"
"Chinese" communist can down them
<a name=a00729j>
For the reason Communist be an 
international group. To write to
world other government say support 
freeman2.com is justified. 
Because freeman2.com is the REAL 
Chinese Central Government !!

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<a name=a00729m>
LiuHH computer monitor is at it
final stage. Before I get new 
computer/new monitor. Above words
is possibly my last words.
Thank you for visiting freeman2.com
Liu,Hsinhan 2011-07-29-14-00

<a name=u1000721> WTC attack tenth year notes 07/21/2011 10:13 PM 11,933 rocsitee.js <a name=u1000719> 2011-07-19 update tute0055.htm 07/19/2011 02:55 PM 343,022 tute0055.htm <a name=a00718> 2011-07-18-21-03 start Today 2011-07-18 decide to reduce my computer working time. Now the monitor distortion become worse. It is a not usable condition. Except to expect Liu,Hsinhan can never go back to Taiwan, Liu,Hsinhan can never go back to mainland China, please add one more expect. Please expect Liu,Hsinhan computer monitor break down any moment. If it happen, then freeman2.com become silent. 2011-07-18-21-08 stop <a name=20110715> 2011-07-15-10-06 start 2011-05-24-14-12 Liu,Hsinhan wrote Chinese Top Leader President Chiang, Kai-shek. Our Nation he DEFEND! Our World he Peace Guard! http://freeman2.com/pche0007.jpg To unify Chinese version, 2011-07-15-10-08 add the following 中國最高領袖 蔣中正總統。 我們的國家,他防衛!我們的世界,他和平守護! 2011-07-15-10-10 stop <a name=20110712> Suggest reader expect the following: Liu,Hsinhan can never go back to Taiwan, Liu,Hsinhan can never go back to mainland China. a007120828 <a name=u1000710> Hsinhan wait for wife Liling until last breath !!!!!a007091430 2011-07-10 upload Spherical triangle graph page 07/10/2011 11:22 AM 349,418 sphtrian.htm 07/10/2011 11:40 AM 340,286 tute0055.htm 07/10/2011 11:54 AM 12,902 jslist1e.js 07/10/2011 12:02 PM 20,683 jsindex2.htm <a name=a00710a1> 2011-07-1019-10 start On 2011-06-01 Liu,Hsinhan recover HP computer operating system. Start from 2011-06-02, computer monitor begin distortion. Desk top has ten row icons. Upper four row take upper half screen area and desk top is darker. Lower six rows take lower half screen area and desk top is brighter. Program " Spherical triangle graph page" and "Use Rodrigues Construction to prove Euler's Rotation Theorem" are written under distorted screen. All great circle are not circle. <a name=a00710a2> After recover HP system, all program must re-install. Sister has document need me to scan. Today (2011-07-10) install scanner CD. After install, scanner can be found. But HP computer sleep button stop work. I use sleep button about ten+ times every day and use scanner once or twice per year. What happen tomorrow? I do not know. What happen next month? I do not know. Liu,Hsinhan has no hope to his own future ! 2011-07-1019-26 stop <a name=u1000703> 2011-07-03 upload tute0055.htm Use Rodrigues Construction to prove Euler's Rotation Theorem 2011-07-03 07/03/2011 04:40 PM 12,514 jslist1e.js 07/03/2011 04:50 PM 20,408 jsindex2.htm 07/03/2011 05:47 PM 338,320 tute0055.htm <a name=u1000609> 2011-06-09 update axs2mat2.htm 06/09/2011 01:11 PM 494,340 axs2mat2.htm 2011-06-09-13-53 copy axs2mat2.htm a:\ get [[ The drive is not ready for use; its door may be open. Please check drive A: and make sure that a disk is inserted and that the drive door is closed. [cancel] [try again] [continue] ]] <a name=20110607a> 2011-06-07-20-23 start Liu,Hsinhan has two computers, HP WinXP and ABS Win98, both use one monitor, Sylvania F96. 2009-03-16 LiuHH ask Landlord for help and she gave me her old monitor. Recently this monitor become nonlinear in vertical direction. Upper half is longer and lower half is shorter. <a name=20110607b> Open notepad, upper lines are taller and bottom lines are shorter. Browser is the same. Whole screen upper half cover with light black cloud and middle of screen has a darker horizontal stripe. Whole screen vibrate slightly. LiuHH guess this monitor may be too old. If this monitor break down, you will know it when you do not see page update from LiuHH. 2011-06-07-20-32 stop <a name=20110607c> 2011-06-07-20-51 start There are more trouble which may let LiuHH unable upload file to freeman2.com. Liu,Hsinhan main working computer is HP winXP and upload file from ABS win98. Transfer file by 1.44MB floppy disk. Right now, ABS win98 do not read any floppy disk !! Even if I write program in HP, but I can not transfer to ABS. then I can not upload file. LiuHH do not know how to solve this problem. Basically LiuHH do not have one penny, can not buy computer. 2011-06-07-20-56 stop <a name=u1000606> Update freeman2.htm <a name=u1000605> 2011-06-05 why Our world he Peace Guard! 06/05/2011 11:55 AM 11,744 rocsitee.js 06/05/2011 12:57 PM 67,012 rocsiteb.js 06/05/2011 12:57 PM 67,012 rocsiteu.js rocsiteb.js, rocsiteu.js add song link <a name=u1000531> 2011-05-31 update From matrix to axis/angle 05/31/2011 12:48 PM 497,038 axs2mat2.htm 05/31/2011 01:07 PM 60,053 bioge004.htm <a name=u1000529> 2011-05-29 upload axs2mat2.htm Rotation matrix from rotation axis and angle. Equation derivation, 3D graph, geometric construction. 05/28/2011 08:45 PM 12,040 jslist1e.js 05/28/2011 08:46 PM 20,054 jsindex2.htm 05/29/2011 05:45 PM 478,432 axs2mat2.htm 05/29/2011 07:22 PM 59,581 bioge004.htm HP WinXP stand by function return to normal. Browser status bar normal. LiuHH will re-do recover HP computer system, hope get sound function and all functions. 2011-06-05-11-40 start, on 2011-06-01 LiuHH recover HP computer system, not get sound function and not better. 2011-06-05-11-41 stop <a name=u1000525> 2011-05-25 HP computer start change 05/24/2011 11:23 PM 53,052 bioge004.htm <a name=u1000524> 2011-05-24 upload pche0007.jpg 05/24/2011 02:57 PM 11,501 rocsitee.js 05/24/2011 03:00 PM 70,557 pche0007.jpg <a name=u1000514> 2011-05-14 update rotate3d.htm Twelve 3 axis sequence rotation matrix at one click. (15 too) 05/14/2011 11:47 AM 19,784 jsindex2.htm 05/14/2011 08:10 PM 510,664 rotate3d.htm <a name=u1000510> 2011-05-10 update rotate3d.htm Add code to stop error. 05/10/2011 08:39 PM 496,072 rotate3d.htm <a name=u1000508> 2011-05-08 update rotate3d.htm output 27 rotation sequence matrix 05/08/2011 11:35 AM 486,658 rotate3d.htm <a name=u1000415> 2011-05-01 JURY SERVICE UPDATE 05/01/2011 06:15 PM 121,570 mail5001.htm <a name=u1000423> 2011-04-23 upload Build 3D rotation matrix rotate and parallel move 3D points 04/23/2011 02:53 PM 11,512 jslist1e.js 04/23/2011 06:13 PM 431,190 rotate3d.htm 04/23/2011 06:15 PM 79,214 data3d2d.htm 04/23/2011 06:20 PM 19,303 jsindex2.htm <a name=u1000415> 2011-04-15 mail5001.htm Superior Court of California Ventura County summoned Liu,Hsinhan Badge number #002583611, report on 02/13/2007 Badge number #002631836, report on 12/08/2008 Badge number #003530763, report on 05/23/2011 Liu,Hsinhan letter to Ventura County Justice Dept 04/15/2011 04:36 PM 120,683 mail5001.htm 04/15/2011 06:38 PM 49,714 bioge004.htm <a name=u1000408> 2011-04-08 bioge004.htm 04/08/2011 01:22 PM 4,584 bioglink.js 04/08/2011 01:34 PM 44,839 bioge004.htm 04/08/2011 01:42 PM 11,088 biogc007.htm About trnasfer files from ABS Win98 computer to HP WinXP computer. <a name=u1000314?gt; 2011-03-14 Pseudovector calculator 03/14/2011 09:38 AM 10,288 index01e.js 03/14/2011 11:39 AM 18,850 jsindex2.htm 03/14/2011 03:41 PM 380,860 tute0054.htm <a name=20110308a> 2011-03-08-15-52 start LiuHH has a HP computer Win XP not connect to internet, Chinese input function disappeared. HP computer not allow install Chinese input software and not allow install any program. (try instal Paint Shop Pro 7 and fail) LiuHH has a ABS computer Win 98 can connect to internet, Chinese input function normal. <a name=20110308b> 2011-03-03 upload tute0054.htm Pseudovector calculator. 2011-03-04 write Chinese version tutc0054.htm. Use ABS computer. During working, spy software try to connect to internet several times. This situation occurred several year. Finally, 2011-03-07 LiuHH decide to find and delete those virus. <a name=20110308c> Start from 2011-03-07-00-10 to now 2011-03-08-15-52 LiuHH try to remove computer virus. In HP computer (Win XP) wood horse slow down computer speed. and Bloodhound.W32.EP sign where ever it want to sign. <a name=20110308d> In ABS computer (Win 98) HTML.Redlof.A virus is every where. Another unknown virus drop two hidden file at every folder. It wipe out guess 300 MBytes space. <a name=20110308e> 2011-03-07 Liu,Hsinhan recover HP system hope to remove virus. Result is I can not remove. Norton anti virus warning "your computer still has virus" virus definition is 12/2/2002 LiuHH political guestbook sign end at 2005-12. So virus in 2003,2004,2005 are all not detected. <a name=20110308f> HP computer is my main work computer. After recover HP system, virus is still around. Plus MSIE stop work. MSIE insist this computer goto online. My HP computer is off line. 2011-03-08-13-21 I open MSIE but MSIE cover whole screen with "this page can not be displayed", there is NO WAY TO CLOSE THIS 100% COVER the only way is turn off computer. <a name=20110308g> LiuHH rely on MSIE heavily, but my HP computer is effectively not usable. (MSIE stop work) Pseudovector calculator next ? I do not know !! 2011-03-08-16-10 stop <a name=20110308h> 2011-03-08-17-08 start During recover HP system file, there are about ten times error message say some file can not be opened for reading. The final result is all sound function are disabled. Which virus has this capability? 2011-03-08-17-11 stop change date <a name=20110309a> 2011-03-09-13-38 record start 2004-07-25 Liu,Hsinhan bought HP pavilion a255c computer (refurbished) at Frys WoodlandHill CA. When I just set up computer, never goto internet, I put Pawclock in start up folder. Few minutes later Pawclock is deleted from start up folder. I re-do, then re-delete about five times. What virus has this capability ? From this delete Pawclock event and disable sound function during recover system process I have to suspect that the virus is burned into CPU !! <a name=20110309b> 2011-03-07 recover HP computer system files 2011-03-08 scan for virus and hand deleted about 40 out of 58 infected virus files. Norton anti virus report back up hard drive has 174 infected files repaired 13 files. 2011-03-08 shut down HP computer several times, there is no delay. 2011-03-09 begin show up virus in action. 2011-03-09 shut down HP computer, computer alert window say "closing ccApp program" and wait for two minutes. This is the virus phenomenon before recover HP computer system files. This condition tell LiuHH that this HP computer can never be cleaned. It support the view: virus is burned into CPU. <a name=20110309c> After I bought HP pavilion a255c computer, around 2004?07, 2004-08 I did not use Norton anti virus program . One day in 2004-08 brother called and excited told LiuHH that etrust offer one year free service. Brother strongly suggest me use this free service. LiuHH accepted. When install etrust program etrust request to uninstall Norton. Liu did. LiuHH use etrust one year free service. Second year need to pay. LiuHH paid one year service fee to etrust (ca.com ?) This one year free service and one year paid service is LiuHH intensive mainland China political guestbook sign period. <a name=20110309d> All file I saved from internet has a special code line. If I open those page I saved to my computer, special code line will call one URL with an ID. All file I saved have different ID. When I found this feature, I was unhappy. Why I read saved page should let remote watcher to know ? The beginning of third year etrust service is pay time. LiuHH paid, few days later my computer lock and not work. I have to uninstall etrust program and never use etrust again. (not use any other service either). <a name=20110309e> Main point is that 2011-03-08 recovered HP system with hope that Norton anti virus can solve my problem. But Norton report: quarantine failed and delete failed . After all of these effort try to remove virus, but virus is still around. Recovered HP system let me install Chinese input program Twinbridge 6.0 LiuHH can input Chinese in HP computer at recent few days. (Chinese input function was disabled on 2009-08-14) 2011-03-09-14-30 record stop <a name=20110309f> 2011-03-09-18-10 record start 2011-03-08-13-21 I open MSIE, MSIE cover whole screen, such that I can not work. 2011-03-08-20-40 use MSIE open tute0054.htm ok now it is same as before, I can open javascrip files. MSIE return to normal. <a name=20110309g> 2008-10-13 LiuHH bought Duracell 4GB USB Memory Drive at Simi Valley Stern street Albertson. Paid $39.95 + tax. LiuHH hope to transfer big file (bigger than 1.44 MBytes) between ABS computer and HP computer. But both computer not read 4 GB thumb drive. <a name=20110309h> 2011-03-07-21-39 I insert 4 GB thumb drive to HP computer USB2 opening, get dir k:\ Volume in drive K is UDISK Volume Serial Number is A017-2771 Directory of k:\ 03/07/2011 02:37 PM [DIR] $fm 1 Dir(s) 4,001,878,016 bytes free k:\$fm\upload\fm is empty, put something to get free size. <a name=20110309i> 2011-03-09-17-16 I insert thumb drive to HP computer, there is no response. I click USB icon open USB window click trouble shooting, then, after this click directory window for thumb drive is opened. <a name=20110309j> Before recover HP system files, HP not read 4 GB thumb drive . After recover HP system files, 2011-03-07-21-39 HP read 4 GB thumb drive . 2011-03-09 virus start work, 2011-03-09-17-16 I insert thumb drive to HP computer, there is no response. 2011-03-09-18-05 I insert thumb drive to HP computer, there is no response. <a name=20110309k> Start from today 2011-03-09 LiuHH HP computer function will be gradually cut off little by little! WHAT VIRUS IS IT? ABS computer too!! ANY BODY CARE ??!! 2011-03-09-18-32 record stop change date <a name=20110310a> 2011-03-10-11-15 start On 2004-07-25 Liu,Hsinhan bought HP pavilion a255c computer. One or two years later, all window change to dull top bar gray color. Until 2011-03-07 recover HP system, window return to top bar blue color. <a name=20110310b> Before recover HP system, notepad open file with curier new and font size=16 as default. After recover HP system, notepad open file with Lucida Console and font size=10 as default. LiuHH is 63 years old need larger font. Bu? after recover HP system, notepad has no way to use larger font as default. I have to set larger font each time open a file, no way to set default font size for notepad. Why before recover system, notepad open file with font size=16 as default and now no such function? //2011-03-12-22-49 now notepad default //larger font as before recover system. <a name=20110310c> 2011-03-09-19-03 start dialup to earthlink ready upload freeman2.htm 2011-03-09-19-04-58 phone line was cut off 2011-03-09-19-06 retry dialup to earthlink 2011-03-09-19-07 done upload freeman2.htm After upload freeman2.htm, Yesterday 2011-03-09-20-?? turn on HP computer At done time exit from HP computer, there is no ccApp.exe delay. Just once. <a name=20110310d> Today 2011-03-10 turn on HP computer, when log off from HP computer, ccApp.exe delay re-appear at least once. At this very moment 2011-03-10-11-29, LiuHH log off from computer. ccApp.exe delay NOT present. Computer auto open too much application and jam, slow down my computer work, LiuHH do not like this treatment. Yesterday LiuHH deleted Quicken weatherbug wildTangent etc auto open useless programs. Why computer open many useless program to jam my work? <a name=20110310e> That is out of my control. I have to remove software one by one. At this moment, start from just one "E" (English) icon at lower right corner increase to total four program, virus open one by one slow down my computer. New open programs are next three Local area connection Norton anti virus window messenger Is this normal? Before I delete, virus also open Quicken weatherbug wildTangent. <a name=20110310f> I deleted about ten programs, all games are deleted. Quicken and weatherbug are not game, but virus open them to jam my computer. 2011-03-10-11-42 stop change date <a name=20110311a> 2011-03-11-16-51 start On 2011-03-11-16-46 turn on HP computer. the system memory is already saturated. MSIE open tutc0054.htm result is infinite wait. 2011-03-11-16-53 tutc0054.htm opened. It takes five minutes to do so at start up time. Everybody get the same thing ? or only LiuHH has this trouble ? <a name=20110311b> Task manager show five opened application files : freeman2.htm notepad tutc0054.htm MSIE dailyRecord.txt notepad Pawclock 2.93 Command Prompt <a name=20110311c> Task manager show thirty three opened processes : Image name User name CPU Mem usage cmd.exe LiuHH 00 60k rundll32.exe LiuHH 00 4832k hpgs2wnf.exe LiuHH 00 3592k notepad.exe LiuHH 00 6492k ctfmon.exe LiuHH 00 2272k msmsgs.exe LiuHH 00 3808k ccApp.exe LiuHH 00 14164k kdb.exe LiuHH 00 5880k <a name=20110311d> hpgs2wnd.exe LiuHH 00 3788k HpqCmon.exe LiuHH 00 4480k hpsysdrv.exe LiuHH 00 3312k explorer.exe LiuHH 00 21308k ccEvtMgr.exe SYSTEM 00 2356k notpad.exe LiuHH 00 7860k taskmgr.exe LiuHH 00 6992k OPXPApp.exe SYSTEM 00 2980k omniServ.exe SYSTEM 00 1488k nvsvc32.exe SYSTEM 00 2648k Navapsvc.exe SYSTEM 00 928k spoolsv.exe SYSTEM 00 3388k <a name=20110311e> svchost.exe LOCAL SERVICE 00 5024k svchost.exe NETWORK SERVICE 00 1676k svchost.exe SYSTEM 00 18260k svchost.exe SYSTEM 00 2944k lsass.exe SYSTEM 00 864k services.exe SYSTEM 00 2940k winlogon.exe SYSTEM 00 9908k csrss.exe SYSTEM ?00 3864k smss.exe SYSTEM 00 344k <a name=20110311f> IEXPLORE.EXE LiuHH 00 23916k Pawclock.exe LiuHH 00 5916k system SYSTEM 00 220k System Idle Process SYSTEM 99 20k process 33 CPU usage:0% to 4% (vary) Commit Charge 181M/1250M 2011-03-11-17-32 here <a name=20110311g> LiuHH wonder why open so many application? why start up time MSIE open page wait for five minutes? why I am forced to turn off computer because all pull down manu black. <a name=20110311h> I do not know why they are opened? I do not know which are necessary? I do not know which are junk? LiuHH do not know computer system. No way to solve it. <a name=20110311i> Computer system saturated with many junk programs slow down computer speed. 2011-03-11-14-58 LiuHH was forced to quit work, because computer nearly not respond. For example, click pull down manu, it is all black. where mouse pointer pass by, where show text. Is this normal ? Is this happen to every one ? 2011-03-11-17-39 stop change date <a name=20110312a> 2011-03-12-03-19 start Two days ago it was log off time ccApp.exe closing two minutes and finally result is "can not close" then I unplug power cable. Yesterday and today (2011-03-12) the situation reversed. Computer log off time no delay, but start up time wait for long time. I set start up folder with a MSIE open tutc0054.htm , it <a name=20110312b> taked five minutes to open. During this five minutes, if move a window for example notepad window, desktop has notepad residual shadow cover up desktop. Open task manager see which program occupy huge memory space. But task manager show every thing 'normal', idle process 99, all other are 00. <a name=20110312c> Now 2011-03-12-03-29 task manager list 33 processes same as yesterday but one big change is that user name not listed today. Only System Idle Process SYSTEM has user 'SYSTEM', other 32 process no user name. Why different? Which one is normal? (list user normal or not list normal) Why start up time computer freeze five minutes? LiuHH is not able to find out this answer. Just record here. 2011-03-12-03-35 stop (mid night) <a name=20110312d> 2011-03-12-04-02 start re-try turn on computer. MSIE open tutc0054.htm takes 5 min. 11 sec. This time task manager list user name. When list, when not, that is task manager's decision. 2011-03-12-04-05 stop <a name=20110312e> 2011-03-12-09-47 start 2011-03-12-09-32 turn on computer 2011-03-12-09-34-09 MSIE show up and freeze 2011-03-12-09-40-46 MSIE open tutc0054.htm it takes 6 min. 37 sec. Open task manager. 2011-03-12-09-41 replace 'e' with 'dkgfkh' cause cpu usage increase to 100% and PF usage 178MB LiuHH do not know this 100% usage is normal or not, just record here. 2011-03-12-09-51 stop change date <a name=20110313a> 2011-03-13-20-08 start Two minutes ago plug thumb drive to HP computer, get dir k:\ Volume in drive K is UDISK Volume Serial Number is A017-2771 Directory of k:\ File Not Found and <a name=20110313b> md k:\$fm //nothing under k:\$fm dir k:\ Volume in drive K is UDISK Volume Serial Number is A017-2771 Directory of k:\ 03/13/2011 08:09 PM [DIR] $fm 1 Dir(s) 4,001,886,208 bytes free Thumb drive is normal. 2011-03-13-20-10 stop change date <a name=20110314a> 2011-03-14-07-45 start record 2011-03-14-07-35 turn on HP computer 2011-03-14-07-36-02 MSIE window show up 2011-03-14-07-43-03 MSIE open tutc0054.htm MSIE takes seven minutes to open a file at start up time. Today during this seven minutes wait time, I move not?pad window, there is no ghost shadow. 2011-03-14-07-48 stop record
<a name=u1000303> 2011-03-03 upload tute0054.htm Pseudovector calculator and drawing board 03/02/2011 07:53 PM 3,646 neatdrw2.js 03/02/2011 07:54 PM 10,466 jslist1e.js 03/02/2011 10:32 PM 9,762 index01e.js 03/03/2011 12:51 PM 370,010 tute0054.htm <a name=u1000218> 2011-02-18 upload tute0053.htm Spherical Coordinate Equations 02/18/2011 05:16 PM 245,760 tute0053.htm 02/18/2011 05:20 PM 370,954 sphere3d.htm 02/18/2011 06:05 PM 16,888 tute0054.htm <a name=20110125a> 2011-01-25-13-56 start Just found out that "2010-12-05 received U.Iowa postal mail" the date 2010-12-05 is a Sunday. But post office do not deliver mail on Sunday ! Liu,Hsin-han rent a room in Simi Valley, California. House mail box is at street end with lock. Landlord open mailbox once every few days. LiuHH receive mail on Sunday is most frequent record. <a name=20110125b> Last night found that askhelp2.htm#20110124c record uia_exam.zip has file structure which was uploaded on 2004-12-18. Today online uia_exam.zip was uploaded on 2004-12-31. There are small difference, the difference is not important. 2011-01-25-14-05 stop <a name=u1000124> 2011-01-24 upload liu_exam.zip 49,698 01-24-11 4:58p askhelp2.htm 11,385 01-24-11 5:21p rocsitee.js 2,575,471 01-24-11 6:51p liu_exam.zip <a name=20110124a> 2011-01-23-04-34 sign in to liu.hsinhan_aO_gmail.com found the nearest U.Iowa email is [[ University of Iowa Alumn. Happy Holidays from the UI Alumni Association - Click here to view this HTML e-mail as a Web page. Add alumni-records_aO_uiowa.edu to your e-mail 12/8/10 <a name=20110124b> U.Iowa email few days earlier are 12/5/10 The University of Iowa A. Insight Bowl Bound! 12/2/10 Your Friends at The Univ. Your Support Matters During This Holiday Season 11/19/10 Spectator_aO_IOWA - November 2010 11/18/10 The University of Iowa Alumni Today 11/10/10 Publication update for The University of Iowa Alumni Today 11/8/10 The University of Iowa in 2010 ]] <a name=20110124c> The nearest U.Iowa postal mail is 2010-12-05 received U.Iowa Graduate College 205 Gilmore Hall Iowa City Iowa 52242 and 2010-12-05 received U.Iowa Foundation P.O.Box 4550, Iowa City Iowa 52244-4550 2011-01-24-17-40 record. <a name=u1000123> 2011-01-23 This is a world you are never born 01/23/2011 04:01 AM 41,287 askhelp2.htm <a name=u1000121> 2011-01-21 twilight zone is REAL 01/21/2011 10:54 PM 40,593 askhelp2.htm <a name=u1000119> 2011-01-19 update xygraph4.htm 01/18/2011 10:38 PM 237,458 xygraph4.htm This is a part of 2011-01-17 update. Chinese version xygraph3.htm update on 2011-01-17. English version add from docA073 to docA075 now. <a name=u1000117> 2011-01-17 update xygraph2.htm draw torque vector 01/17/2011 03:24 PM 3,266 neatdrw2.js 01/17/2011 07:01 PM 312,000 xygraph2.htm 01/17/2011 07:06 PM 235,190 xygraph4.htm 01/17/2011 07:11 PM 369,662 sphere3d.htm <a name=u1000112> 2011-01-12 update xygraph2.htm 01/12/2011 06:38 PM 148,414 xygraphe.htm 01/12/2011 08:12 PM 245,674 xygraph2.htm 01/12/2011 08:14 PM 216,056 xygraph1.htm 01/12/2011 08:20 PM 137,984 xygraphc.htm <a name=u1000111> 2011-01-11 parallel move update xygraph4.htm 01/11/2011 06:33 PM 234,310 xygraph4.htm 01/11/2011 07:50 PM 199,658 xygraph3.htm <a name=u1000110> 2011-01-10 update sphere3d.htm 01/10/2011 12:18 PM 162,836 jsgraph2.js 01/10/2011 12:26 PM 146,940 jsgraph1.js 01/10/2011 12:58 PM 368,740 sphere3d.htm 01/10/2011 01:03 PM 343,500 sphere3c.htm <a name=u1000107> 2011-01-07 update xygraph4.htm 01/07/2011 12:09 PM 1,688 neatdrw1.js 01/07/2011 12:16 PM 2,052 neatdrw2.js 01/07/2011 12:55 PM 197,756 xygraph3.htm 01/07/2011 12:56 PM 231,644 xygraph4.htm Older version has rotation code only. A parallel move (or translation) make a drawing complete. <a name="20110103"> 2011-01-03-17-09 start Now it is time to change year and change month, there are some extra work to do. Hope the file fmb_link.js read user requested URL hash string (#oldHash) will give correct old main page URL. Tested on MAIE 6.0, look OK. But yesterday (2011-01-02) uploaded Chinese version, Netscape 9.0 do not act as fmb_link.js instructed. Please use MSIE to read this page. 2011-01-03-17-17 stop <a name=u1000102> 2011-01-03 upload 2010-12 retired main page fmb2010L.htm and update all old main page change read from fma_link.js to read from fmb_link.js 12/29/2010 03:36 PM 116,479 fmb2010L.htm 01/03/2011 02:04 PM 52,105 fmb2009b.htm 01/03/2011 02:05 PM 117,441 fm2_d7s.htm 01/03/2011 02:06 PM 74,292 fm2_b9s.htm 01/03/2011 02:07 PM 49,710 fm2_98f.htm 01/03/2011 02:08 PM 42,652 fm2_78j.htm 01/03/2011 02:09 PM 44,243 fm2_6ba.htm 01/03/2011 02:10 PM 3,414 fm2_598.htm 01/03/2011 05:02 PM 11,507 fmb_link.js 01/03/2011 05:35 PM 30,340 fma_link.js Earlier home page link to http://freeman2.com/fmb2010L.htm

<a name=200902211840>
2009-02-21-18-40 start
Dear Reader, please not be puzzled by the surface line. Do not stop at "Where to set up the world capital?" Must take a deep thinking!!
Chinese communist are not smart!
Chinese communist are not normal!
Chinese communist "refine steel" at each family's "back yard steel mill"
<a name=backyard>

<a name=200902211846>
Based on "theory" of "class struggle", Chinese communist classify citizen as red-five-category and black-five-category ready for next big chaos. Any normal government will not stir up citizen kill citizen! Mao,Tse-dong and Chou,en-lai promote "class struggle", drive Chinese kill Chinese. (please see picture http://freeman2.com/bandit01.jpg ) Today's Chinese communist still allow people to worship Mao and Chou. Pave the way for second Mao and Chou go to power !!
"Chinese communist unify the world" is a lie, never come true. Why "Chinese communist unify the world" broadcasted in mainland China? There must be someone hide behind the curtain and push Chinese communist to fight the whole world! (fabricated as "theory" of "world revolution")
Dear Reader ! please do not stop at the surface word: "Chinese communist unify the world". Please see what is going on BEHIND THE CURTAIN !!
If make wrong evaluation, free world will pay huge price!!
Freeman 2009-02-21-18-57

2009-05-17-08-48 <a name=dow37> Above is how communist treat American Belo? is how communist treat capitalist. communist check capitalist http://freeman2.com/dow37.gif 2009-05-17-08-51 add picture dow37.gif <a name=dow40> Not just hanging plate stand on chair (above)! How communist treat 'counter-revolutionary'? Capitalist is worst 'counter-revolutionary' capitalist may get same treatment as the victim in picture. communist treat 'counter-revolutionary' http://freeman2.com/dow40.gif 2009-05-17-09-12 add picture dow40.gif <a name=dow12> Not just torture common citizen (above)! Mao's communist also torture high rank communist! Propaganda Minister Lu, Ting-i torture high rank communist http://freeman2.com/dow12.gif 2009-05-17-10-55 add picture dow12.gif <a name=ccUnique> Communist fabricate murder as a 'theory' called 'class struggle'. Communist fabricate bandit action as a 'theory' called 'world revolution'. In the whole world, all rebellion force, stop killing after grab power. Chinese communist is exception !! Chinese communist begin massive killing AFTER seize power. <a name=cckiller> Not just torture few high rank communist! Mao told Indonesia communist leader "ai-Dee" during 1942 to 1946 Mao killed twenty thousand communist officer. Mao ask "ai-Dee" do the same thing. Not just kill few thousand common citizen, U.S. Senator report Mao's communist killed common citizen in between 34,300,000 and 63,784,000. Next link has record in Chinese http://freeman2.com/r1aggr01.htm#maokiller7 2009-05-17-11-15 here <a name=stoptank> One young man stopped four tank. The same day Chinese communist use tank and machine gun killed thousands students in Beiping City. Stop tank http://freeman2.com/stoptank.gif 2009-05-17-11-35 add picture stoptank.gif <a name=morePic> There are more pictures, they are in Chinese page. If you like, click next link, go to picture list (in Chinese), each link open one picture. http://freeman2.com/mlmao005.htm#picList Next link has English document. http://freeman2.com/mlmao005.htm#Eng001 Above link list has most picture-picture. Next link list has most text-picture. That is Chinese notes in picture format. There are still few picture-picture. http://freeman2.com/mlmao004.htm#9607022050 2009-05-17-11-47 stop <a name=whatlife>

Please imagine: If communism come to U.S.A. what life you are going to get? Now the communism evil center is Chinese communist ! Please stop communism from the whole world NOW !!

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