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What make Chinese communist UNIQUE?
President Chiang, Kai-shek Our world he Peace Guard!
Pictures: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 more life

Chinese National Father web site http://www.yatsen.gov.tw/
President Chiang Chung-cheng web site

Why attack World Trade Center?   Why choose 2001-09-11?
Who attacked? BBC clue. (in Chinese)   In English
Solve this clue.   How world #2 defeat world #1?
Attack WTC key doc. http://freeman2.com/wtc_keys.zip
World Trade Center Analysis
Why choose 2001-09-11 attack WTC?
Broad Love vs "world revolution" (in Chinese)
WAR Paper, ORIginal page
After Chinese communist unify the world, Where to set up the world capital?

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<a name=931209>

<a name="ushelpcn">
2009-05-16-03-18 start include next three pictures.
Republic of China is friendly to U.S.

2009-05-16-03-56 translation start
<a name="20031006">
Japan is a 'victim nation' of strong U.S.A.
Japan can not conquer China.
Japan do not anti-U.S.
Russia is a 'victim nation' of strong U.S.A.
Russia can not annex China.
Russia do not anti-U.S.
China is a favor-receiving nation of strong U.S.A.
Russia annex and Japan attack stopped 50 years.
But, mainland China is anti-U.S. world 'capital'
Mainland Chinese ! please think, why we want
self destroy our Great Wall? (imply friendly U.S.)
Above a note written on 2003-10-06-16-47.

<a name="20050228">
Below a note written on 2005-02-28-19-31.
Do not think 'old big brother' is reliable. The
first nation who want to destroy China, that is
'old big brother'.
Based on Russia national interest, Russia annex
Based on Japan  national interest, Japan  attack
Based on U.S.A. national interest, U.S.A. help
Do not think U.S.A. is first hypothetical enemy!
We should keep friendly relation with all nations.
We should know who is help-us friendly nation.
We should know who is destroy-China enemy.

Above notes (file ushelpcn.gif) really bring down
the hate-U.S. curve.
2009-05-16-04-13 translation stop

<a name="9803071146">
                  U.S. Fate
2009-09-22-22-08 The following short note was
recorded on freeman1.htm#9803071146
Now (2009-09-22) translate to English.

2009-03-07-11-46 start
Resist-Russia and resist-Japan Chiang, Kai-shek
Republic of China government was defeated by

Russia and Japan (During 1920 to 1950) Replaced

by surrender-to-Russia, thank-Japan-invade-China
(both Mao, Tse-dong and Chou, En-lai thank Japan)
and hate-U.S. Chinese communist. What follow is 
Korean War, Vietnam War, attack World Trade Center
(strong evidence communist attack WTC is BBC news)
To United States, these disasters are U.S. fate.
(one self can not control, that is called fate)
U.S. is unable to recover Resist-Russia and
resist-Japan Chiang, Kai-shek Republic of China 
government. (U.S. must meet "world revolutionary"
2009-03-07-12-05 stop
2009-09-22-22-20 done translate.

<a name="Japan001">
2009-09-24-17-35 start
Freeman2.com site has many political pages.
95% of these pages review history facts.
There are about five per cent document belong
to "prediction" pages. The most important
prediction page is Second Korean War
This paper is long and it is in Chinese.
Target at Chinese reader. If you like to know
Second Korean War prediction, you need find
some one to translate this page for you.

<a name="Japan002">
Next is Second China-Japan War prediction.
This is very short notes. Worth your attention.
Translate as following.
Chinese picture text file URL:
Paper date: 2008-10-11-05-40 (first version)
Paper date: 2008-10-12-12-17 (second version)

<a name="Japan003">
Paper start here
(first) China-Japan war, victory nation is
Russia. Because after war, Chinese society
Russia-lize quickly. (smoke is communism)
(first) Korean war, victory nation is Russia.
Because after war, mainland China people
actively hate U.S.
China and communist war, victory nation is
Russia. (China=R.O.China, now in Taiwan) 
(communist=some one so called "China")
Russia is victory nation whenever China fall 
into war! ■

<a name="Japan004">
In Japan-Russia war (1904 on Chinese soil)
Japan defeated Russia.
In China-Japan war (1931 to 1945) No need to
enter the war, Russia defeated Japan!! ■

After China-Japan war, On Chinese soil, Russia 
received other nation hard-to-believe "ancestor
, grand-pa, big-brother" and master position.
This is a clear evidence of Japan serve for 
Russia interest. ■
Paper end here.
 big-brother=all Russia people.)

<a name="Japan005">
2009-09-24-18-17 here
Next is second short note.

Chinese picture text file URL:
Paper date: 2008-10-11-04-24 (first version)
Paper date: 2008-10-12-09-19 (second version)

<a name="Japan006">
Paper start here
China-Japan war is a Japan-serve-for-Russia-
interest war. China-Japan war polished (brighten)
China hate-Japan thought. China-Japan war 
diminished China resist-Russia will.
"war-born" a surrender-to-Russia party!
(that is "Chinese" communist party)
Second China-Japan war is still a Japan-serve-
for-Russia-interest war.
<a name="Japan007">
Victory nation of Second China-Japan war,
Freeman think Russia is victory nation.
Russia also think Russia is victory nation.
Because on 2002-01-01 Russia ordered Chinese
communist carry out attack to Japanese Navy
on East China sea. Attempt trigger start
second China-Japan war and expect to receive
Russia interest.
Paper end here

2009-09-24-18-30 here

<a name="Japan008">
Second note file name is cnjpwar2.gif
First one of this sequence
is map of first China-Japan war major battles.
"major battle" defined to be BOTH side send
troop over hundred thousand. There are total
twenty-two major battles. Number sequence from
01 to 22 place at approximate location on map.
Number sequence count on war start date.
This map roughly indicate Japan's intention
from Korea to northern China to central China
to southern China to Vietnam route.
Red square (small) is war time Chinese capital.
Red plus (small) is Japanese troop most-close
to Chinese capital location.

<a name="Japan009">
If second Korean war occur,
if second China-Japan war occur,
if China expel communist war occur,
possible result is
, world002.gif, world003.gif
If world003.gif come true,
Japan disaster is immediately.
U.S.  disaster is in sight.

Hope world leaders
(include U.S. and Japan) 
use your wisdom, gear 
away from disaster.
Freeman (Liu, Hsinhan) 2009-09-24-18-55

<a name="corrupt01">
2009-09-25-14-50 start
About "Chinese government is corrupted"
On 1949, Chinese government move out of mainland.
Govern Taiwan province only. There are many reasons
for this big change. International society popular
explanation is that "Chinese government is corrupted"

Yes !! "Chinese government is corrupted",
BUT !! Look over the whole world, which government
has no corruption?

<a name="corrupt02">
Corruption like a shadow of a government. Who can
guarantee thousands government officer (several 
hundred thousands for big nation) no one corrupt?

"Chinese government is corrupted" compare with
Mao, Tse-dong and Chou, En-lai communist on
purpose total destruction:
<a name="corrupt03">
"great-leap-forward", "back yard steel mill"
grain acre production 100 thousand kilo-gram
even a child can sit on grain. picture
"Cultural revolution" destroy Chinese culcure.
Promote hand-in-blank-exam-paper as "hero"
Promote against-teachers-dignity as "hero"
U.S. Congress record, Mao's communist murdered
30,000,000 to 60,000,000 Chinese citizen.
Compare with communist record, read the Japan
and Russia history truth, "Chinese government 
is corrupted" is a minor reason !

<a name="corrupt04">
Corruption accuse is just like pay attention 
to a crocodile's tail tip.
We shall not forget crocodile's big mouth!
Japan attack and weaken Chinese government; 
Russia collected a group of Chinese puppet;
Russia international arrangement etc.
These main reasons almost always ignored by
international society, just a word "Chinese 
government is corrupted" that is not wise
for your own consideration !

<a name="corrupt05">
If ignore history real cause,
allow trick player do it again.
Our own citizen, young man,
service personal will trap to 
old style danger again!!
Please hands off crocodile's tail
Please review the history truth!
Please bring our young man to a
glorious future !!
Freeman (Liu, Hsinhan) 2009-09-25-15-18

<a name="hateindx">
Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center?


<a name="anti_us0">
Chinese communist, they hate the whole world


2009-05-16-04-17 done include above three pictures.

<a name="madkid00">
2009-05-16-22-45 start include next two pictures.

Communist change Chinese into world bandit
tricky named 'world revolution'


<a name="madkid01">
Start from kindergarten!!
If not root out communism from China,
Mao style madness may come back again.
China is first victim nation,
United St?tes is SECOND !!


2009-05-16-22-54 done include above two pictures.

<a name="20120114a0"> 2012-01-14-15-16 start After ten years would it be the same? Republic of China had president election on 2012-01-14. President Ma,Yinjiu won his second term. Nationalist Party is still in power. <a name="20120114a1"> This paper After ten years would it be the same? is written by Liu,Hsinhan, take the position of President Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese Central Government. This paper target at the world leader. <a name="20120114a2"> First review history briefly. In 1912 Dr. Sun,Yatsun lead his party (later become Nationalist Party) build a republic nation -- Republic of China. In 1919, USSR send team to China to seed communism on Chinese soil, founded communist third international China branch, also called "Chinese" communist. "Chinese" communist receive and carry out USSR order. <a name="20120114a3"> In 1925 Dr. Sun,Yatsen pass away, then Chiang,Kai-shek step to the leadership. "Chinese" communist start to grow. In 1931, Japan invade China, Chiang,Kai-shek lead all Chinese to resist Japan. This war weakened Chinese government and let "Chinese" communist grow even faster. <a name="20120114a4"> 1946, U.S. defeated Japan and war ended. 1947, U.S. introduce two party system to China, U.S. consider "Chinese" communist as second party and Marshall mediation (between Chinese government and communist) U.S. protected communist. <a name="20120114a5"> Chiang,Kai-shek Central wounded by Japan, Chiang,Kai-shek Central tripped by U.S. Chiang,Kai-shek admit he had mistake too. All together, in 1949 Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese Central Government moved to Taiwan province. <a name="20120114a6"> Chiang,Kai-shek Central national policy is Resist Russia, Resist Japan, Exterminate communist. Re-build our nation. <a name="20120114a7"> Chiang,Kai-shek announced that *** To exterminate communist which is *** Chinese Central's sole responsibility. Start from "Chinese" communist creation until President Chiang,Kai-shek natural decease, it is about seventy years. <a name="20120114a8"> This seventy years history facts indicate that *** To exterminate communist which is *** Chinese Central's sole responsibility. that is failure policy. "Chinese" communist always get communist world support, "Chinese" communist never be alone. <a name="20120114a9"> Korean War, Vietnam War, 911 World Trade Center attack, they are all consequence of Japan invasion and Marshall mediation. 911 World Trade Center attack see BBC news http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/chinese/news/newsid_1563000/15633221.stm <a name="20120114b0"> To avoid future disaster ●● 整個美國都成為一大片公墓 All United States become a big public tomb field http://freeman2.com/warp_ori.htm To transform communist which is the whole world's responsibility. <a name="20120114b1"> Next back to Republic of China had president election Because Chiang,Kai-shek Central national policy *** To exterminate communist ***, which is impossible, the current Nationalist Party step away from Chiang,Kai-shek policy. In president election, only local (Taiwan) topic are discussed. <a name="20120114b2"> Nationalist Party is a all-China party, Today Nationalist Party talk only Taiwan local issues. Brand (all-China party) and value (Taiwan local issues) are not consistent. <a name="20120114b3"> Today Nationalist Party win president election, because many OLD generation support Nationalist Party. <a name="20120114b4"> OLD voter natural decease, younger generation no longer have all-China thought. President election after ten years, the whole picture will be very different !! Republic of China President election today's pattern may not repeat !! <a name="20120114b5"> World Leader !! Please think smart !! Please think sixty years into future !! If Taiwan separate from mainland, that may bring future instability !! Liu,Hsinhan simulate Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese Central view point. 2012-01-14-17-21 stop <a name="WangJWcompare"> Wang,JinWei comparison http://freeman2.com/bioge006.htm#20130320a06 Wang,JinWei comparison need reader pay special attention. All Chinese say Wang,JinWei is a traitor. WangJW comparison suggest a different view point. Please pay attention to Chinese general public, see how Chinese react to Wang,JinWei comparison. 2013-03-23-18-52 move to permanent.
<a name="20090817"> If you find this page freeman2.htm not update for long time. The possible reason is that Freeman's computer break down. Freeman has no money to buy another computer. Please also check Chinese main page. 2009-08-17-11-28
<a name="whatsnew"> U.S. Fate Japan Corrupt attention
I cannot live without you !!
2014 world guestbook sign record a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, s1, s2, s3
From a to j NOT merge to sign2014.zip , to save time.
sign guestbook one sample message ( long)
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<a name=u1051023>
10/23/2016  12:00 PM  11,425 rocsitee.js C☭hina
10/23/2016  08:20 AM  79,286 rocsiteu.js C☭hina
10/22/2016  03:42 PM  10,490 lovehina.htm
http://www.lovehinaplus.com/soviet/ say next 
Moved to this domain name and started to count 
since 1st September, 2001
lovehinaplus.com disappear three or four years 
later. Now 2016-10-23-14-22 build 
lovehina.htm is a copy of lovehinaplus.com/soviet/
saved on 2003-03-23-13-53
2001-08-21-16-08 warpaper come to public 
2001-09-01 domain lovehinaplus.com is effective. 
2001-09-11 World Trade Center is under attack.
2005-05-19-18-28 find map lovehinaplus.com\soviet\FED.GIF
2005-05-20-08-35 first time paid attention that in 
           domain name lovehinaplus.com cut off 'C'
2005-05-22-21-07 paid attention to lovehinaplus.com 
           domain effective date 2001-09-01 
Above 2005-05 activity recorded in Chinese page 
2016-10-12 Liu,Hsinhan build Chiang,Kai-shek biography
2016-10-22-15-26 decide build 
lovehina.htm is reappearance of "1st September, 2001"
2016-10-23-14-53 record

<a name=u1051008>
10/08/2016  01:49 PM  918,176 prime_e2.htm
update 2016-10-08 add more function than last 
update 2016-08-30. 

<a name=u1050830>
08/11/2016  02:47 PM   150,339 cc_flag1.jpg
08/30/2016  12:49 PM 4,027,144 prim6n01.htm
08/30/2016  12:50 PM 4,130,978 prim6n02.htm
08/30/2016  12:55 PM 4,184,284 prim6n03.htm
08/30/2016  01:03 PM 4,224,671 prim6n04.htm
08/30/2016  01:05 PM 4,252,480 prim6n05.htm
08/30/2016  01:09 PM 4,269,136 prim6n06.htm
08/30/2016  01:11 PM 4,275,720 prim6n07.htm
08/30/2016  01:14 PM 4,285,637 prim6n08.htm
08/30/2016  01:17 PM 4,171,143 prim6n09.htm
08/30/2016  01:20 PM 4,297,642 prim6n10.htm
08/30/2016  01:24 PM   526,570 prime_e2.htm
08/30/2016  12:30 PM    25,068 tute0068.htm

prim6n01.htm Six n Prime Table
prime_e2.htm Prime number calculator
tute0068.htm Prime number study notes

<a name=u1050816>

Prime gap rules
Prime has 6*n-1 and 6*n+1 two groups. Consecutive prime difference is prime gap.
Let p(k+1)-p(k)=g(k) Except prime 2 and 3, prime gap is always even number.
primeGap%6 has 0, 2, 4 three possible values.
primeGap%6=0 say p(k+1) and p(k) both be 6*n-1 or both be 6*n+1.
primeGap%6=2 say p(k) is 6*n-1 and p(k+1) is 6*n+1 . Example 17+2=19
17=6*3-1 , 19=6*3+1 . Gap 2,8,14,20 etc. must be from 6*n-1 to 6*n+1
primeGap%6=4 say p(k) is 6*n+1 and p(k+1) is 6*m-1 . Example 19+4=23
19=6*3+1 , 23=6*4-1 . Gap 4,10,16,22 etc. must be from 6*n+1 to 6*m-1
primeGap%6=2 gap follow primeGap%6=2 is forbidden.
primeGap%6=4 gap follow primeGap%6=4 is forbidden.
primeGap%6=2 gap follow primeGap%6=4 is allowed.
primeGap%6=4 gap follow primeGap%6=2 is allowed.
Gap 2,2 is not allowed, ONLY initial prime 3,5,7 has gap sequence 2,2 .
Gap 20,12,14 is not allowed, 12%6=0 is transparent, 20%6=2,14%6=2 forbidden.
Allowed gap sequence may be cut off by composite contain 5,7 etc.
Gap 6,6,6,6 void by multiple of 5. Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 2016-08-16-23-25
p(k) is k-th prime. k in p(k) and n in 6*n-1 are independent. a508170626

<a name="bx21"> 2016-08-17-06-31 include Box21 to freeman2.htm
Consecutive Prime Gaps 10,10 allowed? or not allowed? Please input and test.

Prime Consecutive Gaps output to Box21
Box21   Example ,,, ; ,,,,

<a name=u1050806>
08/06/2016  04:53 PM   43,117 pmul300a.jpg
08/06/2016  04:54 PM   46,371 pmul300b.jpg
08/05/2016  10:01 PM  880,754 prime_e1.htm
08/06/2016  04:39 PM  488,288 prime_e2.htm
pmul300a.jpg x axis=integer 2 to 300, y axis=prime count.
pmul300b.jpg y axis log(pr.count) 
prime_e1.htm drawMul() 120=2^3 * 3^1 * 5^1 
prime_e2.htm prime counting function calculation 

<a name=u1050729>
07/28/2016  09:34 PM  115,378 gevmpri0.jpg
07/28/2016  09:35 PM  117,945 gevmpri1.jpg
07/28/2016  09:50 PM  837,306 prime_e1.htm
a507282055 correction allow draw blue dot lines

<a name=u1050728>
07/28/2016  09:07 AM  107,526 gevmpri0.jpg
07/28/2016  09:11 AM  110,504 gevmpri1.jpg
07/28/2016  04:48 PM  836,234 prime_e1.htm
07/28/2016  03:27 PM  645,908 tute0067.htm
gevmpri0.jpg even meet prime even from 6 to 200 
gevmpri1.jpg even meet prime even from 200 to 400
prime_e1.htm drawing board seven create gevmpri0.jpg
tute0067.htm document for gevmpri0.jpg, gevmpri1.jpg
From 2016-07-22-08-30 to 2016-07-24-09-36 
Liu,Hsinhan and sister (California City, CA) 
visited brother and sister-in-law at Bakersfield CA

<a name=u1050722>
07/22/2016  04:56 AM  463,065 gev10000.jpg

<a name=u1050719>
07/19/2016  09:13 PM  789,538 prime_e1.htm
07/19/2016  11:51 AM  629,440 tute0067.htm
Goldbach conjecture data 6 to 1000

prime_e1.htm added
Box41 input and output to Box42 Box43 Box44
build data for tute0067.htm

gint2000.jpg horizontal stripe explained

<a name=u1050715>
07/15/2016  03:35 PM  439,850 gev10000.jpg
07/15/2016  04:25 PM  779,752 prime_e1.htm
2016-07-15-14-15 realize why "MSIE VML stop work 
after one minute" Because prime_e1.htm define 
prime up to 5000. When run 10000, LiuHH forget 
to define more prime numbers. 
2016-07-15-14-21 re-do "draw even number under 
10000" save graph as 
07/15/2016  03:35 PM  439,850 gev10000.jpg
07/09/2016  05:42 AM   94,382 gevn5000.jpg
07/09/2016  11:10 AM  115,204 gint2000.jpg
gevn5000.jpg and gint2000.jpg are compressed.
gev10000.jpg keep bigger file size for better 
resolution. Because gev10000.jpg draw to 10000.
2016-07-15-15-50 record 

<a name=u1050713>
07/13/2016  05:16 PM  712,318 prime_e1.htm
07/12/2016  11:48 PM   94,217 priminf0.jpg

prime_e1.htm allow user draw gevn5000.jpg 

priminf0.jpg User run this page has risk 
freeze your computer! 

<a name=u1050709>
07/09/2016  05:42 AM   94,382 gevn5000.jpg
07/09/2016  11:10 AM  115,204 gint2000.jpg

1. all prime show up probability are the same 
2. obstacles occurred, all prime keep in pace

Goldbach decomposition odd integer involve 
man-made factor.

Both graph are new created. 
If later find small error, graph may change. 
If later find  big  error, graph may be deleted. 

Above graph are created by prime_e1.htm
But graph prime_e1.htm is still writing in 
progress. Today 2016-07-09 online prime_e1.htm
no graph capability. Next few days upload 
graph prime_e1.htm  LiuHH  2016-07-09-11-30

<a name=u1050702>
07/02/2016  12:27 PM  297,428 prime_e1.htm
German mathematician C. Goldbach (1690~1764) in 
his letter addressed to Swiss mathematician 
L. Euler (1707~1783), Goldbach wrote: 
Proposition (A) Every even integer ( ≥ 6 ) is 
the sum of two odd primes; 
Proposition (B) Every odd integer ( ≥ 9 ) is 
the sum of three odd primes. 
They were called Goldbach conjecture. 
2016-06-19-09-47 Liu,Hsinhan access 

<a name=u1050623>
06/23/2016  09:27 AM   31,359 jsindex2.htm
06/23/2016  09:39 AM   10,020 jslist1e.js
06/22/2016  10:10 PM  123,682 prime_e1.htm
prime_e1.htm Pair Prime numbers

<a name=u1050614>
06/14/2016  09:24 AM 1,624,012 cplxdraw.htm
06/14/2016  09:43 AM 1,524,700 cplxgraf.htm
Complex number drawing board cplxdraw.htm below 
Box81 and above Box82, added buttons allow draw 
any size, any center and any orientation circle 
and square. 

<a name=u1050608>
06/02/2016  11:05 PM    34,525 mov2013a.jpg
06/07/2016  04:54 PM    42,264 biogc013.htm
06/08/2016  03:20 PM 1,619,950 cplxdraw.htm
cplxdraw.htm added Laplace equation drawing board. 
hope see those Cauchy-Riemann failed non-analytic 
functions, what they look like. In the example 
buttons  and  have up-down none zero uxx+uyy 
and vxx+vyy curves. 
mov2013a.jpg move picture top text to bottom, 
separate picture and text. 
biogc013.htm Chinese biograph has mov2013a.jpg 

<a name=u1050525>
05/25/2016  07:45 AM    77,580 cplxdr14.jpg
05/23/2016  06:30 PM 1,353,832 cplxdraw.htm
05/25/2016  07:31 AM   316,622 tute0066.htm
f(z)=exp(-1/z/z/z/z) approach to zero 
and approach to infinity at same time
cplxdraw.htm update 2016-05-23 added 
example button p3 p4

<a name=u1050521>
05/21/2016  03:47 PM 1,344,216 cplxdraw.htm
05/21/2016  05:05 PM 1,265,116 cplxgraf.htm
cplxdraw.htm added numerical calculation.
Allow draw equation like exp(-1/(z^(-4.1))). 
Need only two input line (from Box71)
not need u(x,y),v(x,y),∂u/∂x,∂u/∂y,
∂v/∂x,∂v/∂y definition equation.
Example , Run  or 

<a name=u1050517>
05/17/2016  03:34 PM   38,808 biogc013.htm
05/17/2016  03:22 PM  313,288 tute0066.htm
tute0066.htm derive ux,uy,vx,vy formula
where z=x+i*y ; x,y,u(x,y) and v(x,y) are real.
ux=∂u/∂x, vy=∂v/∂y , uy=∂u/∂y , vx=∂v/∂x

<a name=u1050516>
05/16/2016  05:33 PM    38,154 biogc013.htm
05/15/2016  04:32 PM   114,782 ccfd105a.jpg
05/16/2016  04:51 PM 1,255,916 cplxdraw.htm
05/16/2016  04:51 PM 1,178,208 cplxgraf.htm
cplxdraw.htm created    and  buttons.
f(z)=exp(-1/z/z/z/z) when z!=0
f(z)=0 when z=0
This f(z) satisfy Cauchy-Riemann Equations
at z=0 but not differentiable at z=0.

<a name=u1050513>
05/13/2016  07:49 PM   54,754 cplxdr13.jpg
This graph http://freeman2.com/cplxdr13.jpg 
main point is to confirm cplxdraw.htm graph 
output with wolframalpha.com graph output. 

<a name=u1050512>
05/12/2016  05:00 PM 1,238,458 cplxdraw.htm
05/12/2016  04:59 PM 1,161,380 cplxgraf.htm Chinese page 
cplxdraw.htm added function zetAlert(arg1)
cplxdraw.htm czeta(0) give error answer.
cplxdraw.htm czeta('i')=
Red part ERROR. Following is correct answer
2016-05-12-14-27 zeta(i)
Liu,Hsinhan hope make correction in the future.

<a name=u1050508>
05/08/2016  06:30 PM   260,175 hpin0221.jpg
Liu,Hsinhan get another camera. First picture, 
repair fence.

<a name=u1050506>
05/06/2016  09:58 AM     50,070 cplxdr12.jpg
05/06/2016  01:24 PM  1,233,040 cplxdraw.htm
05/06/2016  03:27 PM    226,972 tute0066.htm
cplxdraw.htm added  button find one output 
mesh point which is most near to (0,0) 
cplxdraw.htm build zetamesh  Shape like 田 
Red box allow number 0 to 99 for 100 zeta roots.
cplxdr12.jpg draw zeta(z) first ten roots output 
mesh. tute0066.htm record jpg document.

<a name=u1050429>
04/28/2016  05:01 PM    57,372 cplxdr11.jpg
04/29/2016  04:21 PM 1,204,178 cplxdraw.htm
update 2016-04-29 main change is added 
complex zeta function czeta(z). 
Add one button , one click draw 
czeta(z) move along critical line x=0.5, y=t
cplxdr11.jpg is a screen image of czeta(z)

<a name=u1050421>
04/21/2016  07:36 AM 1,168,408 cplxdraw.htm
update 2016-04-21 re-use 
function circlsquarf(arg1,arg2)

<a name=u1050419>
04/18/2016  09:02 PM   390,092 2016glst.htm
04/19/2016  02:59 PM 1,160,180 cplxdraw.htm
2016glst.htm added reader words about cplxdraw.htm
cplxdraw.htm allow Cauchy-Riemann Equations 
input data be rotated/moved. Added  button.

<a name=u1050417>
04/17/2016  04:34 PM 1,149,060 cplxdraw.htm
04/17/2016  06:08 PM 1,757,544 gbk2016d.zip
cplxdraw.htm Major change 
   re-number <textarea> box number, 
   textarea id number change too.
gbk2016d.zip cplxdraw_gbk2016d.htm has 18 
occurence of "<a href=cplxdraw.htm#"
cplxdraw_20160411.htm change above string 
to "<a href=#"
cplxdraw_gbk2016d.htm is deleted from gbk2016d.zip
cplxdraw_20160411.htm is added to gbk2016d.zip
cplxdraw_20160417.htm is added to gbk2016d.zip

<a name=u1050411>
04/11/2016  09:39 PM   354,808 2016glst.htm
04/10/2016  04:56 PM    53,998 cplxdr10.jpg
04/11/2016  06:35 PM 1,133,872 cplxdraw.htm
04/11/2016  09:52 PM 1,572,413 gbk2016d.zip

Start from tomorrow 2016-04-12 Liu,Hsinhan 
will study complex number pdf files. In other 
words, 2016 world guestbook sign stopped. 
Hope after study, LiuHH can write more study 
notes and graph program. 
Thank you for visiting freeman2.com
Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 

<a name=u1050407>
04/07/2016  07:52 AM  1,071,150 cplxdraw.htm
There are two methods to draw in/out mesh. 
1.  one pen draw. short one_PD 一筆畫
2. many pen draw. short manyPD 多筆畫
click sequence and each has advantage/dis-advantage.

<a name=u1050402>
04/02/2016  08:40 AM  353,558 2016glst.htm
Netherlands guestbook sign record
2016-03-29 DSL connection problem
2016-03-29 to 2016-04-01 LiuHH work at 
front yard and back yard remove grass.
LiuHH read complex number PDF files. 
2016-04-02-08-19 record

<a name=u1050328>
03/28/2016  04:46 PM  334,074 2016glst.htm
revisit Poland guestbook record.

<a name=u1050326>
03/26/2016  10:32 AM   280,086 2016glst.htm
03/26/2016  10:17 AM   105,489 cc_flag0.jpg
03/26/2016  10:52 AM 4,254,659 gbk2016c.zip
cc_flag0.jpg A message to Chinese communist.
gbk2016c.zip sign guestbook .it, .gr, .pl

<a name=u1050325>
03/25/2016  10:27 AM  277,632 2016glst.htm
revisit Greek guestbook record.

<a name=u1050323>
03/23/2016  01:22 PM  240,782 2016glst.htm
revisit Italian guestbook record.

<a name=u1050321>
03/21/2016  08:26 PM   196,068 2016glst.htm
03/21/2016  04:58 PM 1,005,566 cplxdraw.htm
03/21/2016  09:17 PM 4,528,426 gbk2016b.zip
gbk2016b.zip French, German sign record 
cplxdraw.htm added function xyaxis01(arg1)
and added function xyatL(arg1,arg2)

<a name=u1050316>
03/16/2016  02:54 PM  123,254 2016glst.htm
French guestbook revisit record 

<a name=u1050314>
03/14/2016  12:41 PM   84,724 2016glst.htm
03/09/2016  11:40 PM  178,292 biogc004.htm
03/13/2016  10:16 PM  348,816 biogc012.htm
03/10/2016  12:30 PM  186,502 bioge010.htm
03/10/2016  10:24 AM  183,293 cplxdra9.jpg
03/14/2016  06:18 PM  999,548 cplxdraw.htm
03/14/2016  07:11 PM 4,524,882 gbk2016a.zip
2016glst.htm 2016 guestbook list
gbk2016a.zip 2016 guestbook record
biogc004.htm biogc012.htm biograph update
cplxdraw.htm Complex number drawing board update

<a name=u1050310>
03/10/2016  12:21 PM  346,220 biogc012.htm
03/10/2016  11:30 AM  186,502 bioge010.htm

<a name=a503101047>
2016-03-09 sister closed ~fourriver 
Now 2016-03-10 LiuHH has only freeman2.com 
This domain freeman2.com is paid by sister. 
Liu,Hsinhan do not have one penny. 
If someday, freeman2.com suddenly disappear 
from internet. Reader can guess what is going 

<a name=u1050309>
2016-03-09-14-05 sister told LiuHH that 
earthlink fourriver dialup account is not used. 
Sister say cancel fourriver@earthlink.net to 
save $15 per month. LiuHH say hope keep 
fourriver@earthlink.net account, because 
LiuHH guess freeman2.com visit flow is 
large. Keep fourriver@earthlink.net to pay 
excess visit flow. Sister say freeman2.com 
monthly fee already paid visit flow cost. 
LiuHH say let sister decide. 

2016-03-09-14-08 sister call earthlink.net 
cancel fourriver@earthlink.net account
2016-03-09-14-11 record 

<a name=u1050309b>
2016-03-09-14-13 in LiuHH world guestbook 
sign message, change 
from fourriver@earthlink.net 
to   liuhsinhan@gmail.com

2016-03-09-14-35 sister hang up phone
sister say on 2016-03-10
fourriver@earthlink.net account close 
and next URL invalid 

<a name=u1050309c>
2016-03-10-00-06 start 
LiuHH hope see what mail received in 
fourriver@earthlink.net account and 
hope keep a copy of files saved in 
but ~fourriver account is already invalid. 

2016-03-09-16-12 enter chat now 
2016-03-09-16-29 close earthlink.net chat 
window. Steven R reactive ~fourriver account 

<a name=u1050309d>
2016-03-09-16-38 enter fourriver@earthlink.net 
mailbox. Most recent email is 2016-01-28
Next recent email is 2015-01-07 both are from 
earthlink.net to Liu,Hsinhan

2016-03-09-16-44 download 
files to local Acer2 computer 

<a name=u1050309e>
2016-03-09-17-19 sister call earthlink.net
(second time) close fourriver@earthlink.net 
dial up account.
2016-03-10-00-40 record stop

<a name=u1050308>
03/08/2016  08:53 AM  983,548 cplxdraw.htm
Add code, see source find a503080513 to a503080523 
Solved input [circle 0.25,0.15] draw ccosf(csinf(z)) 
strange arc problem. 
2016-03-06 Liu,Hsinhan sign Korea guestbook. 
2016-03-07 sign Japanese gusetbook. 
2016-03-07 noon, LiuHH sister need Acer2 
computer. LiuHH use this free time, modify 

<a name=a503071703>
Dear Reader, please proofread and 
improve cplxdraw.htm , after your 
work, upload better version to your 
web site. Mark 'yourname improved'.
Thank you.

<a name=u1050302>
03/02/2016  11:00 AM  987,934 cplxdraw.htm
03/01/2016  10:28 PM  980,234 cplxdraw_a50302.htm

cplxdraw_a50302.htm minor change allow (x,y) 
data without right end ';' be rotate/moved.

Before update 2016-03-02B, user can input 
only integer to check points=[ box ] 
cplxdraw.htm major change, in check points=[ ] 
user input (x,y) coord. 1.2+3.4i;5.6,7.8; or 
input integer both OK. 

<a name=u1050301>
02/29/2016  04:24 PM   83,339 cplxdra7.jpg
03/01/2016  08:25 AM   76,376 cplxdra8.jpg
03/01/2016  01:52 PM  979,118 cplxdraw.htm
03/01/2016  09:58 AM  179,424 tute0066.htm

cplxdraw.htm add square mesh 
tute0066.htm add cplxdra5.jpg , cplxdra6.jpg , 
  cplxdra7.jpg , cplxdra8.jpg graph text 
cplxdra7.jpg is circular mesh example output.
cplxdra8.jpg is square mesh example output.

<a name=u1050229>
02/29/2016  12:12 PM  956,260 cplxdraw.htm
02/27/2016  07:19 AM   31,149 jsindex2.htm
02/27/2016  07:40 AM    9,831 jslist1e.js

cplxdraw.htm added circular mesh capability.
jsindex2.htm and jslist1e.js update new files.
Start from 2016-03-01 Liu,Hsinhan will sign 
world guestbook. Introduce new program/page

<a name=u1050226>
02/26/2016  04:46 PM   42,718 cplxdra6.jpg
02/26/2016  04:56 PM  931,054 cplxdraw.htm
cplxdra6.jpg Input unit circle with sine
Output curve is f(z)=sin(z)^cos(z)
Input teeth are even spaced. Output curve 
also has teeth not even spaced.
cplxdraw.htm added next three items.
Cauchy-Riemann Equations drawing board 
Lower Right board choice 
Upper Left  board choice 
z*z write as cmulf(z,z) OK now.

<a name=u1050224>
02/24/2016  07:31 PM   40,976 cplxdra5.jpg
02/24/2016  07:37 PM  855,838 cplxdraw.htm
cplxdra5.jpg graph of cos(sin(z)) and 
sin(z)*sin(z)+cos(z)*cos(z)≡1 composite 
cplxdraw.htm added composite function capability
cplxdraw.htm is done.

<a name=u1050222>
02/22/2016  11:08 AM  806,296 cplxdraw.htm
added [b2], [b3], [b4] example buttons. 
Allow input be any curve, not just ╋ four 
straight lines.

<a name=u1050220>
02/08/2016  10:16 PM   50,684 cplxdra1.jpg
02/08/2016  10:34 PM   39,239 cplxdra2.jpg
02/20/2016  12:39 PM   77,868 cplxdra3.jpg
02/20/2016  02:23 PM   31,913 cplxdra4.jpg
02/20/2016  03:58 PM  770,276 cplxdraw.htm
02/20/2016  02:28 PM  172,312 tute0066.htm

cplxdraw.htm add 
Cauchy-Riemann Equations drawing board
tute0066.htm add 
sin(z*z)+cos(z*z) ∂u/∂x,∂v/∂y,∂u/∂y,∂v/∂x 

<a name=u1050214>
02/14/2016  03:58 PM  645,676 cplxdraw.htm
02/14/2016  03:51 PM  141,048 tute0066.htm
tute0066.htm derived Cauchy-Riemann Equations 
in Cartesian form and in polar form.

<a name=u1050208>
02/08/2016  05:57 PM  626,956 cplxdraw.htm
update 2016-02-08 made minor change

<a name=u1050206>
02/06/2016  04:50 PM  604,868 cplxdraw.htm
add Parametric equation graph code.
six curves from 
A Catalog of Special Plane Curves 
J. Dennis Lawrence ISBN 0-486-60288-5

<a name=u1050202>
02/02/2016  06:21 PM  519,340 cplxdraw.htm
01/31/2016  11:54 PM   25,725 cplxdraw.jpg
Complex number drawing board 
upload 2016-01-31 has circle input utility.
update 2016-02-02 added broken line input 
3D broken line locus 
3D line parametric equation. 

<a name=u1050112>
01/12/2016  02:09 PM   27,442 bioge008.htm Unicode
01/12/2016  10:22 AM   15,444 hpimage4.js
bioge008.htm added Liu,Hsinhan photo list 
hpimage2.js and hpimage4.js
hpimage4.js added recent uploaded photo.
Most new added photo has document in Chinese 
only. But list has brief English words.

<a name=u1041111> 
11/11/2015  08:49 PM  466,613 analects.htm utf-8 
11/11/2015  09:27 PM  824,550 analects.htm Unicode
"Analects of Confucius" added audio files URL.

<a name=u1040803> 
08/03/2015  09:34 AM  544,638 20010911.htm
08/02/2015  03:19 PM  137,442 warpaper.htm
08/02/2015  04:08 PM   62,322 warp_ori.htm
08/02/2015  06:30 PM  175,770 wcapital.htm
The only change is change from ANSI big5 code 
to Unicode. Because Unicode is future trend. 

<a name=u1040521> 
05/21/2015  05:58 PM   107,396 cpagindx.htm
04/24/2012  06:19 PM 3,250,493 infatuated_wait.wma
2015-05-21-17-52 today upload infatuated_wait.wma
This is a song in Chinese. Please refer to 
Liu,Hsinhan resident map liumap03.jpg
Liling! I can not lose you! Hsinhan
Chinese web page cpagindx.htm has zip file 
list which is LiuHH online guestbook sign 
record. cpagindx.htm also has a list of 
Chinese music uploaded to freeman2.com .

<a name=u1040505> California City CA resident; Verizon DSL
05/05/2015  10:36 PM  171,070 bioge010.htm
05/05/2015  09:19 PM  435,597 liumap03.jpg
I can not lose you! 

<a name=u1040427> LiuHH California City CA resident; TimeWarner cable
04/27/2015  11:55 PM  162,758 bioge010.htm

<a name=a40421a> LiuHH Lancaster CA resident; TimeWarner cable
2015-04-21-16-24 start
2015-04-22 LiuHH and sister move 
from 3727 West Ave. K11, Lancaster CA 93536 
  to 7325 Dogwood Ave. California City CA 93505
On 2015-04-20 new house 7325 Dogwood Ave water 
is connected. Sister rented moving truck. 
From 2015-04-22 to 2015-04-30 move.
2015-04-21-16-26 stop

<a name=u1040418>
04/18/2015  08:47 AM  156,604 bioge010.htm
04/17/2015  11:58 PM   70,221 calcity3.jpg
California City has potential become 
a middle size city.

<a name=u1040417>
04/17/2015  07:29 AM  151,722 bioge010.htm
04/17/2015  07:19 AM   73,721 calcity3.jpg
04/17/2015  06:13 AM    4,704 cpaglink.js
12/23/2003  04:57 PM   11,092 note9212.gif
New York City ! Here we come !!

<a name=u1040413>
04/13/2015  09:15 PM  150,170 bioge010.htm
2015-04-13-10-00 to 2015-04-13-10-2? buyer12 
come see house. Two European male.

<a name=u1040405>
04/05/2015  10:10 AM   73,850 biogc012.htm
04/05/2015  07:39 PM  148,796 bioge010.htm
04/05/2015  08:44 PM  338,740 tute0065.htm

2015-04-05-17-00  buyer10 stay 22 minutes investing
sin(α + (n-1)β/2) * sin(n*β/2) / sin(β/2)

<a name=u1040331>
03/31/2015  07:39 PM  147,384 bioge010.htm
03/31/2015  07:26 PM   10,586 hpimage4.js
2015-03-31-19-28 start 
2015-03-30 sister send mail and 2015-April rent 
check to landlord. In mail, sister told landlord 
this is last month rent. We will move out next 
Recent main work is to clean back yard. Extract 
most grass from yard.
2015-03-31-19-35 stop

<a name=u1040329>
03/29/2015  10:06 PM  145,354 bioge010.htm
03/29/2015  09:31 PM  485,349 calcity2.jpg
Liu,Hsinhan and sister will move from 
3727 West Ave. K11, Lancaster CA 93536 rent house 
to 7325 Dogwood Ave California City self own house.
2015-April study notes page will stop a month. 

03/29/2015  11:01 PM 16,122,071 hpim0036.mpg
Neighbor event. Date 2015-03-29-22-3?
Location West Ave. K11&38th street Lancaster CA 
About five police car come, unknown event.

<a name=u1040328>
03/28/2015  01:16 PM  318,468 tute0065.htm
2.1 Complex Functions ; 26:38

2015-03-28-13-12 start 
This afternoon, LiuHH and sister, brother, 
sister-in-law will goto California City house. 
Study notes may be on/off during next one month 
because LiuHH and sister will move there. See 
03/14/2015  08:15 PM 6,658,797 calcity0.pdf
03/27/2015  07:30 PM   611,555 calcity1.jpg
2015-03-28-13-15 stop 

<a name=u1040327>
03/14/2015  08:15 PM 6,658,797 calcity0.pdf
03/27/2015  07:30 PM   611,555 calcity1.jpg
1978-08-01 Liu,Hsinhan, sister left Taiwan arrive Los Angeles,
USA. For thirty years sister always want to buy a house, but 
no enough money, just rent house. On 2015-01-15 sister receive
an email from landlord, he will sell the house we are renting. 
LiuHH and sister must move. End of 2015-Feb. paid attention to
California City. 2015-03-12 hire a house inspector exam 7325 
Dogwood Ave.Cal.City 93505 2015-03-15 receive report. Same day 
sister,brother,sister-in-law and LiuHH go to Cal.City find why 
no wall power. Keep few photo as shown above. 
http://freeman2.com/calcity0.pdf is house inspection report.
http://freeman2.com/calcity1.jpg            2015-03-27-19-01
7325 Dogwood Ave. California City CA 93505

calcity1.jpg has HPIM9971.jpg, HPIM9887.jpg,
HPIM9940.jpg, HPIM9977.jpg and HPIM9980.jpg

<a name=u1040326>
03/26/2015  09:21 PM  288,778 tute0065.htm
1.5 Topology in the Plane ; 20:56

<a name=u1040323>
03/23/2015  07:56 PM  248,830 tute0065.htm
1.4 Roots of Complex Numbers ; 14:10

<a name=u1040322>
03/22/2015  04:40 PM  211,234 tute0065.htm
1.3 Polar Representation of Complex Numbers ; 32:32

2015-03-20-18-10 run SetupYTD.exe
2015-03-20 and 2015-03-21 download many 
Chinese history video files. 
2015-03-22 copy video files to storage.
Download file size guess 80 GBytes. 
If Norton delete YTD again, these 80 GBytes 
Chinese history will support for few months.
Hard disk free space reduce 80 GBytes. Actual 
video file size guess 70 to 75 GBytes. a403232002

<a name=u1040318>
03/18/2015  09:18 PM  476,064 tute0064.htm
03/18/2015  09:11 PM  162,176 tute0065.htm
1.2 Algebra and Geometry in the Complex Plane ; 30:40

<a name=u1040315>
03/15/2015  12:58 PM  100,462 tute0065.htm
Lecturer is Prof. Petra Bonfert-Taylor
1.1 History of Complex Numbers ; 19:26
total 29+4=33 video files

<a name=u1040312>
03/11/2015  11:58 PM  121,918 utility4.htm
Count characters and sequential display Unicode 
none-sequential (random) display Unicode 

<a name=u1040310>
03/09/2015  10:00 PM  137,450 bioge010.htm
03/10/2015  03:08 PM  475,196 tute0064.htm
Taylor Series - 7 - Exponential Function 
                    and Euler's Formula
here is the end of 
MrYouMath Taylor Series lectures. Please watch 
MrYouMath video files for better explanation.
Because Liu,Hsinhan English is poor and 
LiuHH is not qualified to work independently.
Thank MrYouMath for his wonderful lectures. 

2015-03-01-16-21 run Norton power eraser 
deleted Adware.

<a name=u1040308>
03/07/2015  08:26 PM   15,149 tut064a3.jpg
03/08/2015  08:44 PM  403,392 tute0064.htm
Taylor Series - 5 - Binomial Functions and 
             Einsteins E=mc².mp4
Taylor Series - 6 - Trigonometric functions 
             and Foucault's pendulum.mp4

<a name=u1040305>
03/05/2015  05:52 PM  283,816 tute0064.htm
Taylor Series - 3 - Logarithm and 
               alternating harmonic series
Taylor Series - 4 - Arctan and Pi

<a name=u1040303>
03/01/2015  11:35 PM   62,482 tut064a2.gif
03/03/2015  09:36 AM  214,658 tute0064.htm
Taylor Series - 1 - Radius of Convergence by 
                    Singularities (Exercise)
Taylor Series - 2 - Geometric Series and the 

tut064a2.gif infinite_1 - infinity_2 = constant
lim[n→∞]{∑[i=1,n](1/i)} = infinite_1
lim[n→∞]{log(n)}        = infinity_2
γ=lim[n→∞]{∑[i=1,n](1/i)-log(n)} = constant

<a name=u1040301>
03/01/2015  03:00 PM 1,007,194 complex4.htm
02/28/2015  08:14 PM    68,557 tut064a1.gif
03/01/2015  01:37 PM   159,672 tute0064.htm
complex4.htm verify i!=Γ(1+'i') value OK
tut064a1.gif EulerMascheroni corner sum 
tute0064.htm Math Constants rank list
Taylor Series - 1 - Radius of Convergence 

<a name=u1040227>
02/27/2015  11:16 AM   69,372 biogc012.htm
02/27/2015  05:20 PM  133,004 bioge010.htm
2015-02-26 LiuHH, sister, brother, sister-in-law 
went to California City find house.

2015-02-27-15-58 buyer05 and agent Bijan Hojjat 
come see house. buyer05 is one of two gentleman 
come on 2015-02-06-12-00 Today buyer05 and 
wife (guess) come. Agent say buyer05 is 
investor and will let us continue to live here.

<a name=u1040225>
02/25/2015  09:43 PM  130,406 bioge010.htm
Sister already send email to landlord and say 
we do not buy house at 3727 West Ave. K11, 
Lancaster CA 93536 
Recent few days, sister pay attention to 
California City mobile home. 

<a name=u1040221>
02/21/2015  12:04 PM  336,762 UCLAfee1.jpg
2014-11-10-11-00 LiuHH arrive UCLA 200 Medical Plaza room 122,
LiuHH paid hospital fee, anesthesia fee. Pam said paid in full
2014-11-25 bill sender send $875 bill ask for anesthesia fee.
2014-12-23 bill sender send $425 bill ask for anesthesia fee.
2014-12-23-13-50 LiuHH goto UCLA for cataract surgery third 
follow up exam. LiuHH did not go ask Pam for 2014-11-25 bill.
2015-02-04-11-00 meet Dr. Bartlett for fourth follow up exam.
2015-02-04 LiuHH did not go ask Pam for 2014-12-23 bill.
*** ATTENTION *** bill sender,     //2015-02-21-11-35 message
if you send third bill, your bill will show up below here !!
Liu,Hsinhan sister buy house what's-new , no information.
Because since 2015-02-16 evening, Liu,Hsinhan and sister 
no conversation. 2015-02-21-12-15 record

<a name=u1040218>
02/18/2015  08:22 AM  125,754 bioge010.htm
LiuHH cannot enter decision-making discussion.
劉鑫漢主要指責妹妹荒廢一生。 104,02,17,11,16 記錄
妹妹指責劉鑫漢不管她的「真神」 104,02,18,06,36 記錄
LiuHH blame sister waste her whole life.
Sister blame LiuHH do not care her "true god".

<a name=u1040217>
02/17/2015  08:21 AM  120,262 bioge010.htm
02/17/2015  04:12 PM  123,154 bioge010.htm
Loan companyA already after landlord. 
Why should we pour money in?
Sister "have to buy" because sister cannot find 
another landlord. 
Loan companyB after sister now!!

<a name="a40217e">
2015-02-17-15-49 start 
Liu,Hsinhan in 2016
Above events showed LiuHH and sister, brother 
relation are not very harmony. 
LiuHH do not have one penny income, all needs 
depend on sister, brother support. 
Do you see the end of this support? 
There is one tiny event may be a clue. 
About one month ago, one day sister suddenly 
pop up one word 
"Father's belonging we have one fifth each." 
<a name="a40217f">
LiuHH never think about to take father 
belonging's self share. Why sister say this 
word? Father has three children, that is 
LiuHH (1948), brother (1950), sister (1952) 
usually we say three children or one third. 
Why suddenly pop up "one fifth each" ? It 
is because include sister-in-law and niece, 
then equal division is "one fifth each" 
But, no one ask to split father's belonging. 
why say so? 
Liu,Hsinhan need to consider one day 
get "one fifth" and go to street !! 
2015-02-17-16-11 stop 

<a name=u1040216>
02/16/2015  11:39 PM  117,796 bioge010.htm
Liu,Hsinhan and sister big quarrel 
About 2015-02-16-21-40 sister told LiuHH that 
landlord send email to sister and say landlord 
hope do rent-to-own.

<a name=u1040215>
02/15/2015  09:15 AM  106,478 bioge010.htm
02/15/2015  06:27 AM  252,475 YTD_adv2.png
2015-02-14-23-17 open MSIE get page open at 75%. 
This automatic reduce font size to 75% event is 
a surprise. Strange phenomenon show up frequently 
recent days.
Sister's financial condition is tight. Sister 
said that she "have to" buy this house. 必須買 
不得不買 Because no one would like to rent house 
to sister. Liu,Hsinhan do not have one penny, 
LiuHH cannot help sister. Brother is poor, 
Brother cannot help sister. 
2015-02-15-09-11 stop

<a name=u1040214house>
2015-02-14-22-46 start 
2015-02-14-22-30 sister told LiuHH that 
her only choice is to buy this house at 
3727 West Ave. K11, Lancaster CA 93536
Sister said this evening landlord called 
sister. Landlord say he received offer 
someone is willing to buy this house. 
Landlord told sister that sister has two 
1. move out. Since buyer is not investing.
2. sister buy this house same as other 
   buyer's offer. Landlord is willing let 
   sister pay under landlord's finance. 
Sister told LiuHH her only choice is to buy 
this house. Why? Because no other landlord 
accept sister's financial condition. Then 
sister is unable to rent house at other 
place. LiuHH have no one penny. LiuHH can 
not say one word. 2015-02-14-22-57 stop.

<a name=u1040214>
02/14/2015  06:23 PM   92,982 bioge010.htm
02/14/2015  01:04 PM  225,520 tute0061.htm
02/14/2015  01:03 PM  535,866 tute0062.htm
02/14/2015  12:37 PM  368,642 tute0063.htm
02/14/2015  12:58 PM   69,532 tute0064.htm
02/14/2015  08:54 PM  230,559 YTD_adv1.png

tute0064.htm next
Taylor Series - 1 - Motivation and Derivation.mp4
tute0063.htm next
Γ(z) has a simple pole with residue (-1)n/n! 
at z=-n for n = 0, 1, 2, ...
bioge010.htm next
2015-02-14-16-03 buyer09 come see house. 
2015-02-14-16-11 buyer09 left.
You Tube Downloader is important to LiuHH 
but Norton delete YTD twice. What to do? 

<a name=u1040211>
02/11/2015  05:04 PM  342,072 tute0063.htm
Gauss multiplication formula half way, not done!

<a name=u1040209>
02/09/2015  09:24 AM   89,348 bioge010.htm
02/09/2015  09:48 AM  385,206 tute0057.htm
02/09/2015  08:51 AM  327,221 YTDreget.png 
02/09/2015  10:39 AM  277,938 YTD_ads0_20150209.png

In http://freeman2.com/tute0057.htm#docA005a 
introduced YTD (YouTubeDownloader) to reader. 
2015-02-08 LiuHH experienced trouble, 
Norton Utility deleted YTD Downloader 
If reader had same problem, please see how 
LiuHH solve this problem. Please open next 
file http://freeman2.com/bioge010.htm#a40209a 

<a name="a40209k">
2015-02-09-10-41 start 
2015-02-08 Norton deleted YTD. LiuHH recover 
YTD see bioge010.htm#a40209a 
2015-02-09-10-07 upload bioge010.htm, then 
open http://freeman2.com/freeman2.htm
First time see adv float window in MSIE: 
In addition, Norton blocked an attack by 
System infected: Adware. Installer activity 7.

<a name="a40209l">
2014-05-27 LiuHH paid $30/year to YTD program.
Why paid program still attack by Adware? 
Why paid program still pop up adv? 
Liu,Hsinhan is unable to solve this problem. 
Upload all problem to Internet, hope someone 
find out why.
2015-02-09-10-50 stop 

<a name=u1040208>
02/08/2015  07:41 PM   82,340 bioge010.htm
02/08/2015  08:50 PM  276,002 tute0063.htm
Gamma Function - Part 10 - Beta Function
Gamma Function - Part 11 - Legendre Duplication Formula
Gamma Function - Part 12 skipped.

3727 West Ave. K11, Lancaster CA 93536 is 
for sale now. The following is a buyer list
2015-01-18 sunday buyer01 did not show up.
2015-01-22-14-50  buyer02 stay 6 minutes
2015-01-24-10-21  buyer03 stay 30 minutes
2015-02-01-15-00  buyer04 stay 80 minutes
2015-02-06-12-00  buyer05 stay 20 minutes
2015-02-07-17-17  buyer06 stay 16 minutes
2015-02-08-10-40  buyer07 stay 35 minutes

<a name=u1040204>
02/04/2015  09:07 PM     77,926 bioge010.htm
02/01/2015  02:27 PM 16,269,963 hpim9862.mpg
02/02/2015  09:27 PM    398,822 tute0058.htm sine cardinal
02/02/2015  09:26 PM    454,940 tute0060.htm sine cardinal
02/02/2015  11:05 PM    532,968 tute0062.htm Pascal's triangle
2015-02-04-11-00 LiuHH meet Dr. Bartlett 
UCLA Dr. Bartlett checked LiuHH eye and said 
left  eye cornea thickness is 720 micron
right eye cornea thickness is 700 micron
Left eye improved (from 751 six weeks ago)
right eye cornea thicker (was 684 micron)
Standard cornea thickness is 540 micron.
2015-02-01 uploaded tute0063.htm
2015-02-02, 2015-02-03 read downloaded pdf 
files. 2015-02-04 all day goto UCLA exam 
eye. 2015-02-05 will write study notes.

<a name=u1040201>
02/01/2015  05:17 PM   74,936 bioge010.htm
02/01/2015  05:21 PM  159,600 tute0063.htm
Gamma Function - Part 7 - Euler Integral I
Gamma Function - Part 8 - Euler Integral II The Sinc-Function
Gamma Function - Part 9 - Euler Integral III Fresnel Integral

About 2015-02-01-15-00 buyer04 
and sister arrive 3727 West Ave. K11, Lancaster. 
Buyer04 name is Nargess. Nargess is current 
landlord's friend. Nargess come by herself, no 
Pinnacle agent company. Nargess say she will buy 
this house for investing. 
2015-02-01-16-22 buyer04 Nargess left 

<a name=u1040129>
01/24/2015  09:31 PM   21,310 tut062a1.gif
01/29/2015  07:12 PM  532,760 tute0062.htm
An intuitive derivation of Stirling’s formula 
Stirling's Approximation formula very improved 

<a name=u1040124>
01/24/2015  04:29 PM   72,186 bioge010.htm
01/24/2015  05:08 PM  328,740 tute0062.htm
Gamma Function - Part 6 - Stirling's Approximation

2015-01-24-10-21 buyer03 and agent come 
2015-01-24-10-57 buyer03 and agent left
Buyer03 showed deep interest about this 
house and he will move in.

<a name=u1040123>
01/23/2015  02:07 PM  69,258 bioge010.htm
01/23/2015  01:15 PM  62,507 hpin9843.jpg
update 2015-01-23 corrected two spelling errors.

<a name=u1040122>
01/22/2015  08:16 PM   68,068 bioge010.htm
01/22/2015  08:36 PM   60,535 hpin9843.jpg
01/22/2015  08:47 PM  454,480 tute0060.htm
01/22/2015  07:31 PM  281,316 tute0062.htm
Gamma Function - Part 3 - Weierstrass Representation
Gamma Function - Part 4 - Relationship to Sine
Gamma Function - Part 5 - Gamma of 0.5 ( one half)

<a name=a40122a>
2015-01-22-19-40 start 
2015-01-21 Liu,Hsinhan receive UCLA message
Eye surgery follow up exam on 2015-02-06-10-20
changed to  follow up exam on 2015-02-04-10-35

<a name=a40122e>
Agent put a pole in front yard hang a sign say 
house for sale. See picture 
All three of them are Mexican or South American
LiuHH and sister feel both buyer (a couple) 
may move in, instead of investing. In other 
words: Liu,Hsinhan and sister will move again.

<a name=u1040118>
01/18/2015  07:48 PM   61,808 bioge010.htm
01/18/2015  08:52 PM   98,968 utility4.htm
<a name=a40118d>
How to avoid trouble?
1. do NOT hang spare keys on neck as a 
2. do NOT use a shoe bottom wear to perfect 
   flat surface. 
3. raining day do NOT hold a box block your 
   view to ground. 
Next lessons not relate to 2015-01-15 fall
<a name=a40118e>
4. go out only if necessary.
5. from store to car or from car to office, 
   DO NOT RUN! Run has less stability. Walk 
   has more stability. 
   2015-01-15 fall, sister did not run.
6. when cross a road, look left no car, then 
   look right has car, wait for ten seconds, 
   right side car passed, 
   after checked both direction, then 
   walk cross main street ERROR HERE ! 
   left side car break stop suddenly. 
   wait for ten seconds, 
   left side car IS NEAR!!!
<a name=a40118f>
7. OBEY THE TRAFFIC LAW. If accident occurred,
   police come check which side break the law,
   who break the law take full responsibility. 

<a name=u1040111>
01/11/2015  10:25 PM  161,582 tute0062.htm

2015-01-11-22-17 start //How to prove eq.CG16? 
Today 2015-01-11 LiuHH receive brother email 
ask LiuHH write a javascript program for him.
Liu,Hsinhan math study notes tute0062.htm will 
stop few days.
2015-01-11-22-20 stop

<a name=u1040110>
01/10/2015  05:27 PM  126,312 tute0062.htm
Gamma Function - Part 1 - Functional Equation
Gamma Function - Part 2 - Gauss Representation
Why Gamma function this way? 
Γ(s) = ∫[t=0,t=∞]{ts-1*e-t*dt}

<a name=u1040108>
01/08/2015  03:54 PM  288,954 UCLAfee1.jpg

This is UCLA eye surgery anesthesia fee receipt and follow up bills. 
Liu,Hsinhan paid in full in advance, still get bill. 2015-01-08-15-29

2014-11-07-11-35 to 2014-11-07-11-55 UCLA hospital Pam called LiuHH. 
ask for pay hospital fee $1500 and anesthesia $450. total $1950 before 
surgery. UCLA Pam told LiuHH that patient must pay in full in advance 
before cataract surgery. Sister ask to pay on 2014-11-10 Pam say OK. 
2014-11-10-11-00 LiuHH and sister arrive UCLA 200 Medical Plaza room 
122, meet Aguilar, TE Paid cash $450 for anesthesia fee DOS 11/10/14 
Receipt number 2709999 Receipt printed on November 10, 2014 11:09 AM 
Also paid cash $1500 for facility fee DOS 11/10/14 Receipt number 
2709993 Receipt printed on November 10, 2014 11:08 AM After payment, 
LiuHH and sister meet Aguilar's supervisor Pam (guess Pamela) 
2014-11-10-11-15 LiuHH, sister exit from UCLA 200 Medical Plaza room 
122. LiuHH and sister went to eye surgery waiting room. After surgery, 
LiuHH receive two bill ask for $425 more on anesthesia fee. After get 
first bill, 2014-12-04-14-07 Sister called UCLA. No result. 
2014 year end receive second bill. http://freeman2.com/UCLAfee1.jpg

2015-01-08-16-06 LiuHH do not know when sister 
receive UCLA bill. Today 2015-01-08 sister told 
LiuHH, then LiuHH know second bill come. Therefore 
yesterday not upload UCLAfee1.jpg 2015-01-08-16-09

<a name=u1040107>
01/07/2015  08:50 PM  221,070 tute0061.htm
Integration by parts priority LIATE or ILATE.
L logarithms,  Highest priority as U(x)
I inverse trig, arcsin(x) 
A algebraic, x^3
T trig, sin(x)
E exponentials e^x Lowest priority as U(x)
Elementary Functions integrated value and 
differentiated value. Side by side comparison.

<a name=u1040105>
01/05/2015  07:30 PM  185,242 tute0061.htm
Integration by parts derivation and 
ten examples. 

<a name=u1040102>
01/02/2015  04:15 PM  198,066 fma10312.htm
01/02/2015  04:02 PM   35,976 fma_link.js
01/02/2015  04:21 PM  216,384 fmb2014L.htm
01/02/2015  04:09 PM   15,899 fmb_link.js
2013,2014 main page 
retired to
file fmb_link.js forward invalid hash in 
freeman2.htm to valid old home page.
2015-02-19 LiuHH and sister goto brother 
house. Not 2015-01-01 . 
Sister-in-law first decide 2015-01-01. 
Brother later decide 2015-02-19.

<a name=u1031229>
12/29/2014  05:42 PM   80,481 primcnt1.png
12/29/2014  05:51 PM  380,138 tute0057.htm
12/29/2014  06:26 PM  398,360 tute0058.htm
12/29/2014  05:53 PM  338,908 tute0059.htm
12/29/2014  06:12 PM  454,228 tute0060.htm
<a name="a31229a">
2014-12-29-17-57 start 
update 2014-12-29 
From 2014-12-25 to 2014-12-29 LiuHH and sister 
went to brother house at Bakersfield. This 
period, LiuHH math time is about 2% to 3%.
2014-12-29-13-25 LiuHH and sister arrive 
Lancaster house. LiuHH will start study 
MrYouMath gamma function lectures. 
2014-03-25-20-36 LiuHH access and download 
But, not immediately write study notes. 
Because LiuHH and sister will goto brother 
house again to help brother and sister-in-law 
busy job, yard work. Possibly 2015-01-01 go 
to brother house. Brother job and sister job 
are LiuHH first priority job. 
Upload gamma function study notes is some day 
in 2015-01.
2014-12-29-18-09 stop 

<a name=u1031224>
12/24/2014  06:15 PM  452,600 tute0060.htm
12/24/2014  09:02 PM   49,568 bioge010.htm
"Zeta Function - Part 13 - Trivial Zeros of the Zeta Function" 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-fqe3BkBnE 15/17
"Zeta Function - Part 14 - Riemann Xi Function" 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfDbF_qlp58 16/17
"Sine Function Product Formula (Hadamard Factorization Theorem)"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3Hcioh2F9I 17/17
Next video skipped, because too easy. 
"What is a function? Why 1+2+3+4+5+.... not equals -1/12 = Zeta(-1)" 

<a name=u1031224a>
2014-12-23 LiuHH and sister goto UCLA for 
LiuHH left eye cataract surgery (2014-11-10)
third follow up exam. Fourth follow up exam 
is on 2015-02-06-10-20. Because LiuHH left 
eye cornea still has swelling. Vision still 
blurry. See bioge010.htm
2014-12-25 LiuHH and sister will goto brother 
house at Bakersfield. 

<a name=u1031216>
12/16/2014  04:24 PM  228,382 tute0060.htm
12/16/2014  11:37 AM    4,862 tutelink.js
"Zeta Function - Part 12 - 
 Riemann Functional Equation II" 

<a name=u1031214>
12/14/2014  09:10 PM  162,626 tute0060.htm
"Zeta Function - Part 11 - 
 Riemann Functional Equation I" 

<a name=u1031210>
12/10/2014  09:01 PM  334,164 tute0059.htm
"Zeta Function - Part 10 - Jacobi Theta Function" 

<a name=u1031209>
12/09/2014  10:30 AM  272,196 tute0059.htm
"Zeta Function - Part 9 - Relation to 
 Gamma Function" 

<a name=u1031205>
12/05/2014  09:24 PM  217,472 tute0059.htm 
"Zeta Function - Part 8 - Zeta of 2n - Part 3" 

<a name=u1031204>
12/04/2014  08:10 PM  181,790 tute0059.htm
Zeta Function - Part 8 - Zeta of 2n - Part 2 
2014-12-03-14-00 Liu,Hsinhan and sister went 
to one house in Palmdale for possible renting. 
Palmdale house is older than current Lancaster 
house. Kitchen is too small. Sister look for 
more chance. 

<a name=u1031202>
12/02/2014  08:38 PM  118,238 tute0059.htm 
Zeta Function - Part 8 - Zeta of 2n - Part 1 
2014-12-01 sister receive landlord email.
Landlord ask sister whether sister has 
interest buy the house we are renting? 
Sister told LiuHH, we will move again. 

<a name=u1031201>
12/01/2014  08:41 PM  104,517 bioge007.htm
12/01/2014  08:41 PM  175,223 mail5001.htm
"low level goal will be fail, then high 
level goal never start." 
is a not logic words. Change to 
"If low level goal success, then high 
level goal never start."

<a name=u1031126>
11/26/2014  03:36 PM   39,560 bioge010.htm 
11/26/2014  06:09 PM  176,922 cpage035.htm 
2014-11-25 Liu,Hsinhan goto UCLA eye clinic 
for cataract surgery second follow up exam.
2014-11-27 LiuHH and sister goto brother 
house at Bakersfield. Expect back on 
Key point is 2014-11-27 to 2014-11-30 
no math work.

<a name=u1031123>
11/24/2014  07:48 PM  393,066 tute0058.htm
Zeta Function - Part 7 - 
Zeta of 2 aka The Basel Problem

<a name=u1031123>
11/23/2014  07:44 PM  360,152 tute0058.htm
Zeta Function - Part 6 - 
 The Prime Counting Function 
Prime Counting y=π(x) black curve 
Square Counting y=π2(x) red curve 

<a name=u1031122>
11/22/2014  07:30 AM  288,270 tute0058.htm
Prime number generator, 
Prime counting function list, draw. 

<a name=u1031120>
11/20/2014  06:28 PM   52,480 biogc012.htm Chinese page
11/20/2014  06:05 PM  237,410 tute0058.htm
"Zeta Function - Part 5 - Prime Zeta Function" 
biogc012.htm has Liu,Hsinhan left eye cataract 
surgery related info in Chinese. 

<a name=u1031117>
11/17/2014  06:35 PM  375,186 tute0057.htm
Zeta function study notes. Read MrYouMath 
Zeta Function - Part 4 - Infinitude of Prime Numbers 

<a name=u1031116>
11/16/2014  08:32 PM   30,616 bioge010.htm
Liu,Hsinhan left eye cataract surgery and 
follow up exam. 
http://freeman2.com/bioge010.htm English 
Liu,Hsinhan married? or single? Chinese page. 
Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 wife is Chen,Liling 陳麗玲. 
http://freeman2.com/Liuwife1.jpg English 
Liu,Hsinhan ask U.S. President help 
Han&Ling reunion
email http://freeman2.com/mail5001.htm#20120625a04
phone call http://freeman2.com/bioge007.htm#20130409a03

<a name=u1031110>
11/09/2014  09:28 PM  336,772 tute0057.htm
Zeta function study notes. Read MrYouMath 
Zeta Function - Part 3 - Euler Product (easy) 
Why 2014-Nov first ten days dense math work?

<a name=u1031108>
11/08/2014  08:46 PM  273,556 tute0057.htm
Zeta function study notes. Read MrYouMath 
Zeta Function - Part 2 - 
 Euler Product Representation

<a name=u1031107>
11/07/2014  03:29 PM  211,258 tute0057.htm
Series Integral Test 
Sum is convergent/divergent if the corresponding 
integral is convergent/divergent .

<a name=u1031104>
11/04/2014  06:41 PM   75,980 tute0057.htm
Zeta function study notes. Read MrYouMath 
Zeta Function - Part 1 - Convergence 

Earlier home page link to

<a name=200902211840>
2009-02-21-18-40 start
Dear Reader, please not be puzzled by the surface line. Do not stop at "Where to set up the world capital?" Must take a deep thinking!!
Chinese communist are not smart!
Chinese communist are not normal!
Chinese communist "refine steel" at each family's "back yard steel mill"
<a name=backyard>

<a name=200902211846>
Based on "theory" of "class struggle", Chinese communist classify citizen as red-five-category and black-five-category ready for next big chaos. Any normal government will not stir up citizen kill citizen! Mao,Tse-dong and Chou,en-lai promote "class struggle", drive Chinese kill Chinese. (please see picture http://freeman2.com/bandit01.jpg ) Today's Chinese communist still allow people to worship Mao and Chou. Pave the way for second Mao and Chou go to power !!
"Chinese communist unify the world" is a lie, never come true. Why "Chinese communist unify the world" broadcasted in mainland China? There must be someone hide behind the curtain and push Chinese communist to fight the whole world! (fabricated as "theory" of "world revolution")
Dear Reader ! please do not stop at the surface word: "Chinese communist unify the world". Please see what is going on BEHIND THE CURTAIN !!
If make wrong evaluation, free world will pay huge price!!
Freeman 2009-02-21-18-57

2009-05-17-08-48 <a name=dow37> Above is how communist treat American Belo? is how communist treat capitalist. communist check capitalist http://freeman2.com/dow37.gif 2009-05-17-08-51 add picture dow37.gif <a name=dow40> Not just hanging plate stand on chair (above)! How communist treat 'counter-revolutionary'? Capitalist is worst 'counter-revolutionary' capitalist may get same treatment as the victim in picture. communist treat 'counter-revolutionary' http://freeman2.com/dow40.gif 2009-05-17-09-12 add picture dow40.gif <a name=dow12> Not just torture common citizen (above)! Mao's communist also torture high rank communist! Propaganda Minister Lu, Ting-i torture high rank communist http://freeman2.com/dow12.gif 2009-05-17-10-55 add picture dow12.gif <a name=ccUnique> Communist fabricate murder as a 'theory' called 'class struggle'. Communist fabricate bandit action as a 'theory' called 'world revolution'. In the whole world, all rebellion force, stop killing after grab power. Chinese communist is exception !! Chinese communist begin massive killing AFTER seize power. <a name=cckiller> Not just torture few high rank communist! Mao told Indonesia communist leader "ai-Dee" during 1942 to 1946 Mao killed twenty thousand communist officer. Mao ask "ai-Dee" do the same thing. Not just kill few thousand common citizen, U.S. Senator report Mao's communist killed common citizen in between 34,300,000 and 63,784,000. Next link has record in Chinese http://freeman2.com/r1aggr01.htm#maokiller7 2009-05-17-11-15 here <a name=stoptank> One young man stopped four tank. The same day Chinese communist use tank and machine gun killed thousands students in Beiping City. Stop tank http://freeman2.com/stoptank.gif 2009-05-17-11-35 add picture stoptank.gif <a name=morePic> There are more pictures, they are in Chinese page. If you like, click next link, go to picture list (in Chinese), each link open one picture. http://freeman2.com/mlmao005.htm#picList Next link has English document. http://freeman2.com/mlmao005.htm#Eng001 Above link list has most picture-picture. Next link list has most text-picture. That is Chinese notes in picture format. There are still few picture-picture. http://freeman2.com/mlmao004.htm#9607022050 2009-05-17-11-47 stop <a name=whatlife>

Please imagine: If communism come to U.S.A. what life you are going to get? Now the communism evil center is Chinese communist ! Please stop communism from the whole world NOW !!

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