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What make Chinese communist UNIQUE?
President Chiang, Kai-shek Our world he Peace Guard!
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Chinese National Father web site http://www.yatsen.gov.tw/
President Chiang Chung-cheng web site

Why attack World Trade Center?   Why choose 2001-09-11?
Who attacked? BBC clue. (in Chinese)   In English
Solve this clue.   How world #2 defeat world #1?
Attack WTC key doc. http://freeman2.com/wtc_keys.zip
World Trade Center Analysis
Why choose 2001-09-11 attack WTC?
Broad Love vs "world revolution" (in Chinese)
WAR Paper, ORIginal page
After Chinese communist unify the world, Where to set up the world capital?

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<a name="ushelpcn">
2009-05-16-03-18 start include next three pictures.
Republic of China is friendly to U.S.

2009-05-16-03-56 translation start
<a name="20031006">
Japan is a 'victim nation' of strong U.S.A.
Japan can not conquer China.
Japan do not anti-U.S.
Russia is a 'victim nation' of strong U.S.A.
Russia can not annex China.
Russia do not anti-U.S.
China is a favor-receiving nation of strong U.S.A.
Russia annex and Japan attack stopped 50 years.
But, mainland China is anti-U.S. world 'capital'
Mainland Chinese ! please think, why we want
self destroy our Great Wall? (imply friendly U.S.)
Above a note written on 2003-10-06-16-47.

<a name="20050228">
Below a note written on 2005-02-28-19-31.
Do not think 'old big brother' is reliable. The
first nation who want to destroy China, that is
'old big brother'.
Based on Russia national interest, Russia annex
Based on Japan  national interest, Japan  attack
Based on U.S.A. national interest, U.S.A. help
Do not think U.S.A. is first hypothetical enemy!
We should keep friendly relation with all nations.
We should know who is help-us friendly nation.
We should know who is destroy-China enemy.

Above notes (file ushelpcn.gif) really bring down
the hate-U.S. curve.
2009-05-16-04-13 translation stop

<a name="9803071146">
                  U.S. Fate
2009-09-22-22-08 The following short note was
recorded on freeman1.htm#9803071146
Now (2009-09-22) translate to English.

2009-03-07-11-46 start
Resist-Russia and resist-Japan Chiang, Kai-shek
Republic of China government was defeated by

Russia and Japan (During 1920 to 1950) Replaced

by surrender-to-Russia, thank-Japan-invade-China
(both Mao, Tse-dong and Chou, En-lai thank Japan)
and hate-U.S. Chinese communist. What follow is 
Korean War, Vietnam War, attack World Trade Center
(strong evidence communist attack WTC is BBC news)
To United States, these disasters are U.S. fate.
(one self can not control, that is called fate)
U.S. is unable to recover Resist-Russia and
resist-Japan Chiang, Kai-shek Republic of China 
government. (U.S. must meet "world revolutionary"
2009-03-07-12-05 stop
2009-09-22-22-20 done translate.

<a name="Japan001">
2009-09-24-17-35 start
Freeman2.com site has many political pages.
95% of these pages review history facts.
There are about five per cent document belong
to "prediction" pages. The most important
prediction page is Second Korean War
This paper is long and it is in Chinese.
Target at Chinese reader. If you like to know
Second Korean War prediction, you need find
some one to translate this page for you.

<a name="Japan002">
Next is Second China-Japan War prediction.
This is very short notes. Worth your attention.
Translate as following.
Chinese picture text file URL:
Paper date: 2008-10-11-05-40 (first version)
Paper date: 2008-10-12-12-17 (second version)

<a name="Japan003">
Paper start here
(first) China-Japan war, victory nation is
Russia. Because after war, Chinese society
Russia-lize quickly. (smoke is communism)
(first) Korean war, victory nation is Russia.
Because after war, mainland China people
actively hate U.S.
China and communist war, victory nation is
Russia. (China=R.O.China, now in Taiwan) 
(communist=some one so called "China")
Russia is victory nation whenever China fall 
into war! ■

<a name="Japan004">
In Japan-Russia war (1904 on Chinese soil)
Japan defeated Russia.
In China-Japan war (1931 to 1945) No need to
enter the war, Russia defeated Japan!! ■

After China-Japan war, On Chinese soil, Russia 
received other nation hard-to-believe "ancestor
, grand-pa, big-brother" and master position.
This is a clear evidence of Japan serve for 
Russia interest. ■
Paper end here.
 big-brother=all Russia people.)

<a name="Japan005">
2009-09-24-18-17 here
Next is second short note.

Chinese picture text file URL:
Paper date: 2008-10-11-04-24 (first version)
Paper date: 2008-10-12-09-19 (second version)

<a name="Japan006">
Paper start here
China-Japan war is a Japan-serve-for-Russia-
interest war. China-Japan war polished (brighten)
China hate-Japan thought. China-Japan war 
diminished China resist-Russia will.
"war-born" a surrender-to-Russia party!
(that is "Chinese" communist party)
Second China-Japan war is still a Japan-serve-
for-Russia-interest war.
<a name="Japan007">
Victory nation of Second China-Japan war,
Freeman think Russia is victory nation.
Russia also think Russia is victory nation.
Because on 2002-01-01 Russia ordered Chinese
communist carry out attack to Japanese Navy
on East China sea. Attempt trigger start
second China-Japan war and expect to receive
Russia interest.
Paper end here

2009-09-24-18-30 here

<a name="Japan008">
Second note file name is cnjpwar2.gif
First one of this sequence
is map of first China-Japan war major battles.
"major battle" defined to be BOTH side send
troop over hundred thousand. There are total
twenty-two major battles. Number sequence from
01 to 22 place at approximate location on map.
Number sequence count on war start date.
This map roughly indicate Japan's intention
from Korea to northern China to central China
to southern China to Vietnam route.
Red square (small) is war time Chinese capital.
Red plus (small) is Japanese troop most-close
to Chinese capital location.

<a name="Japan009">
If second Korean war occur,
if second China-Japan war occur,
if China expel communist war occur,
possible result is
, world002.gif, world003.gif
If world003.gif come true,
Japan disaster is immediately.
U.S.  disaster is in sight.

Hope world leaders
(include U.S. and Japan) 
use your wisdom, gear 
away from disaster.
Freeman (Liu, Hsinhan) 2009-09-24-18-55

<a name="corrupt01">
2009-09-25-14-50 start
About "Chinese government is corrupted"
On 1949, Chinese government move out of mainland.
Govern Taiwan province only. There are many reasons
for this big change. International society popular
explanation is that "Chinese government is corrupted"

Yes !! "Chinese government is corrupted",
BUT !! Look over the whole world, which government
has no corruption?

<a name="corrupt02">
Corruption like a shadow of a government. Who can
guarantee thousands government officer (several 
hundred thousands for big nation) no one corrupt?

"Chinese government is corrupted" compare with
Mao, Tse-dong and Chou, En-lai communist on
purpose total destruction:
<a name="corrupt03">
"great-leap-forward", "back yard steel mill"
grain acre production 100 thousand kilo-gram
even a child can sit on grain. picture
"Cultural revolution" destroy Chinese culcure.
Promote hand-in-blank-exam-paper as "hero"
Promote against-teachers-dignity as "hero"
U.S. Congress record, Mao's communist murdered
30,000,000 to 60,000,000 Chinese citizen.
Compare with communist record, read the Japan
and Russia history truth, "Chinese government 
is corrupted" is a minor reason !

<a name="corrupt04">
Corruption accuse is just like pay attention 
to a crocodile's tail tip.
We shall not forget crocodile's big mouth!
Japan attack and weaken Chinese government; 
Russia collected a group of Chinese puppet;
Russia international arrangement etc.
These main reasons almost always ignored by
international society, just a word "Chinese 
government is corrupted" that is not wise
for your own consideration !

<a name="corrupt05">
If ignore history real cause,
allow trick player do it again.
Our own citizen, young man,
service personal will trap to 
old style danger again!!
Please hands off crocodile's tail
Please review the history truth!
Please bring our young man to a
glorious future !!
Freeman (Liu, Hsinhan) 2009-09-25-15-18

<a name="hateindx">
Why choose 2001-09-11 to attack World Trade Center?


<a name="anti_us0">
Chinese communist, they hate the whole world


2009-05-16-04-17 done include above three pictures.

<a name="madkid00">
2009-05-16-22-45 start include next two pictures.

Communist change Chinese into world bandit
tricky named 'world revolution'


<a name="madkid01">
Start from kindergarten!!
If not root out communism from China,
Mao style madness may come back again.
China is first victim nation,
United St?tes is SECOND !!


2009-05-16-22-54 done include above two pictures.

<a name="20120114a0"> 2012-01-14-15-16 start After ten years would it be the same? Republic of China had president election on 2012-01-14. President Ma,Yinjiu won his second term. Nationalist Party is still in power. <a name="20120114a1"> This paper After ten years would it be the same? is written by Liu,Hsinhan, take the position of President Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese Central Government. This paper target at the world leader. <a name="20120114a2"> First review history briefly. In 1912 Dr. Sun,Yatsun lead his party (later become Nationalist Party) build a republic nation -- Republic of China. In 1919, USSR send team to China to seed communism on Chinese soil, founded communist third international China branch, also called "Chinese" communist. "Chinese" communist receive and carry out USSR order. <a name="20120114a3"> In 1925 Dr. Sun,Yatsen pass away, then Chiang,Kai-shek step to the leadership. "Chinese" communist start to grow. In 1931, Japan invade China, Chiang,Kai-shek lead all Chinese to resist Japan. This war weakened Chinese government and let "Chinese" communist grow even faster. <a name="20120114a4"> 1946, U.S. defeated Japan and war ended. 1947, U.S. introduce two party system to China, U.S. consider "Chinese" communist as second party and Marshall mediation (between Chinese government and communist) U.S. protected communist. <a name="20120114a5"> Chiang,Kai-shek Central wounded by Japan, Chiang,Kai-shek Central tripped by U.S. Chiang,Kai-shek admit he had mistake too. All together, in 1949 Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese Central Government moved to Taiwan province. <a name="20120114a6"> Chiang,Kai-shek Central national policy is Resist Russia, Resist Japan, Exterminate communist. Re-build our nation. <a name="20120114a7"> Chiang,Kai-shek announced that *** To exterminate communist which is *** Chinese Central's sole responsibility. Start from "Chinese" communist creation until President Chiang,Kai-shek natural decease, it is about seventy years. <a name="20120114a8"> This seventy years history facts indicate that *** To exterminate communist which is *** Chinese Central's sole responsibility. that is failure policy. "Chinese" communist always get communist world support, "Chinese" communist never be alone. <a name="20120114a9"> Korean War, Vietnam War, 911 World Trade Center attack, they are all consequence of Japan invasion and Marshall mediation. 911 World Trade Center attack see BBC news http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/chinese/news/newsid_1563000/15633221.stm <a name="20120114b0"> To avoid future disaster ●● 整個美國都成為一大片公墓 All United States become a big public tomb field http://freeman2.com/warp_ori.htm To transform communist which is the whole world's responsibility. <a name="20120114b1"> Next back to Republic of China had president election Because Chiang,Kai-shek Central national policy *** To exterminate communist ***, which is impossible, the current Nationalist Party step away from Chiang,Kai-shek policy. In president election, only local (Taiwan) topic are discussed. <a name="20120114b2"> Nationalist Party is a all-China party, Today Nationalist Party talk only Taiwan local issues. Brand (all-China party) and value (Taiwan local issues) are not consistent. <a name="20120114b3"> Today Nationalist Party win president election, because many OLD generation support Nationalist Party. <a name="20120114b4"> OLD voter natural decease, younger generation no longer have all-China thought. President election after ten years, the whole picture will be very different !! Republic of China President election today's pattern may not repeat !! <a name="20120114b5"> World Leader !! Please think smart !! Please think sixty years into future !! If Taiwan separate from mainland, that may bring future instability !! Liu,Hsinhan simulate Chiang,Kai-shek Chinese Central view point. 2012-01-14-17-21 stop <a name="WangJWcompare"> Wang,JinWei comparison http://freeman2.com/bioge006.htm#20130320a06 Wang,JinWei comparison need reader pay special attention. All Chinese say Wang,JinWei is a traitor. WangJW comparison suggest a different view point. Please pay attention to Chinese general public, see how Chinese react to Wang,JinWei comparison. 2013-03-23-18-52 move to permanent.
<a name="20090817"> If you find this page freeman2.htm not update for long time. The possible reason is that Freeman's computer break down. Freeman has no money to buy another computer. Please also check Chinese main page. 2009-08-17-11-28
<a name="whatsnew"> U.S. Fate Japan Corrupt attention
I cannot live without you !!
2014 world guestbook sign record a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, s1, s2, s3
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01/01/2019  02:54 AM  77,716 wang_jw2.jpg

<a name=WangJingweiFoto>
Nanking curve-path-save-nation 
central government chairman 

communist promote Wang,Jingwei to a "traitor" 
position. Liu,Hsinhan reveal the truth. a801010912
<a name=WangJingweiWinCC>
2. reveal truth, teeth for teeth, comparison method. 
use opponent force exert force, 
compare red bandit to hell
exterminate red bandit fail one after 
one? Compare red bandit to hell !!

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a/h0baggag.jpg father third baggage 
a/h1baggag.jpg father third baggage 
biogc015.htm 2018-12-22 Liu,Hsinhan visit brother 
pay6nxt2.htm prime number Z gap 

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biogc015.htm why ask capitalOne.com for loan?
cjBaiCH1.jpg Chinese general Bai 
cjHsuSC1.jpg Chinese general Hsu 
cpage044.htm Mao tyranny is RUSSIA tyranny 
cpage044.htm RUSSIA tyranny is communist tyranny 
epage011.htm Hello World ! 
Please exterminate world bandit ! 
exterminate "Chinese" communist !

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12/11/2018  07:33 AM   318,250 biogc015.htm Chinese page 
12/11/2018  07:53 PM    96,706 cpage044.htm Chinese page 
12/11/2018  05:37 PM   291,285 mao_sad1.jpg Chinese page 
12/11/2018  06:25 PM   562,954 pay6get2.htm prime gap 
12/11/2018  06:05 PM 8,919,378 pay6nxt2.htm prime gap 
12/11/2018  06:02 PM   211,864 tute0070.htm prime gap 

8,919,378 pay6nxt2.htm has prime list from 2 to 60000011 

<a name=u1071117>
11/17/2018  09:54 AM  561,864 pay6get2.htm 
11/16/2018  08:26 PM  247,038 pay6lst0.htm 
11/16/2018  08:25 PM  248,565 pay6lst1.htm
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11/16/2018  08:52 PM  250,705 pay6lst7.htm
11/16/2018  08:58 PM  250,919 pay6lst8.htm
11/16/2018  09:03 PM  251,048 pay6lst9.htm
11/16/2018  09:07 PM  251,212 pay6lsta.htm
11/16/2018  09:11 PM  251,258 pay6lstb.htm
11/16/2018  09:15 PM  251,512 pay6lstc.htm
11/16/2018  09:19 PM  251,533 pay6lstd.htm
11/16/2018  09:25 PM  251,687 pay6lste.htm
11/16/2018  09:28 PM  251,493 pay6lstf.htm
11/16/2018  09:33 PM  251,714 pay6lstg.htm
11/16/2018  09:37 PM  251,659 pay6lsth.htm
11/16/2018  09:41 PM  252,005 pay6lsti.htm
11/16/2018  09:46 PM  252,146 pay6lstj.htm
11/16/2018  09:49 PM  251,906 pay6lstk.htm
11/16/2018  09:55 PM  252,078 pay6lstl.htm
11/16/2018  10:01 PM  252,029 pay6lstm.htm
11/16/2018  10:06 PM  252,169 pay6lstn.htm
11/16/2018  10:09 PM  252,362 pay6lsto.htm
11/16/2018  10:13 PM  252,499 pay6lstp.htm
11/16/2018  10:17 PM  252,352 pay6lstq.htm
11/16/2018  10:20 PM  252,277 pay6lstr.htm
11/16/2018  10:25 PM  252,260 pay6lsts.htm
11/16/2018  10:29 PM  252,387 pay6lstt.htm
11/16/2018  10:32 PM  252,457 pay6lstu.htm
11/16/2018  10:36 PM  252,475 pay6lstv.htm
11/16/2018  10:40 PM  252,602 pay6lstw.htm
11/16/2018  10:44 PM  252,494 pay6lstx.htm
11/16/2018  10:48 PM  252,712 pay6lsty.htm
11/16/2018  10:54 PM  160,457 pay6lstz.htm

update 2018-11-17 change code, let whole html page 
output table include pID=primeID column and include 
pay6 string column. 
2018-11-03 first time upload pay6get2.htm did not 
include these two columns. Later do prime gap 
pattern analysis, all prime use its ID, not use 
prime itself. Adding pID let work easier.

<a name=u1071103>
11/02/2018  09:17 PM  552,730 pay6get2.htm
11/02/2018  04:30 PM  109,348 pay6list.jpg 
11/02/2018  02:45 AM  245,970 pay6lst0.htm
11/02/2018  02:49 AM  247,492 pay6lst1.htm
11/02/2018  02:52 AM  248,265 pay6lst2.htm
11/02/2018  02:54 AM  248,770 pay6lst3.htm
11/02/2018  02:55 AM  249,008 pay6lst4.htm
11/02/2018  02:56 AM  249,375 pay6lst5.htm
11/02/2018  02:57 AM  249,686 pay6lst6.htm
11/02/2018  02:57 AM  249,632 pay6lst7.htm
11/02/2018  02:58 AM  249,846 pay6lst8.htm
11/02/2018  02:58 AM  249,969 pay6lst9.htm
11/02/2018  02:59 AM  250,132 pay6lsta.htm
11/02/2018  03:00 AM  250,178 pay6lstb.htm
11/02/2018  03:00 AM  250,432 pay6lstc.htm
11/02/2018  03:01 AM  250,453 pay6lstd.htm
11/02/2018  03:02 AM  250,607 pay6lste.htm
11/02/2018  03:02 AM  250,413 pay6lstf.htm
11/02/2018  03:03 AM  250,634 pay6lstg.htm
11/02/2018  03:03 AM  250,579 pay6lsth.htm
11/02/2018  03:04 AM  250,925 pay6lsti.htm
11/02/2018  03:04 AM  251,066 pay6lstj.htm
11/02/2018  03:05 AM  250,826 pay6lstk.htm
11/02/2018  03:05 AM  250,998 pay6lstl.htm
11/02/2018  03:06 AM  250,949 pay6lstm.htm
11/02/2018  03:06 AM  251,089 pay6lstn.htm
11/02/2018  03:07 AM  251,282 pay6lsto.htm
11/02/2018  03:07 AM  251,419 pay6lstp.htm
11/02/2018  03:08 AM  251,272 pay6lstq.htm
11/02/2018  03:08 AM  251,197 pay6lstr.htm
11/02/2018  03:09 AM  251,180 pay6lsts.htm
11/02/2018  03:09 AM  251,307 pay6lstt.htm
11/02/2018  03:10 AM  251,377 pay6lstu.htm
11/02/2018  03:10 AM  251,395 pay6lstv.htm
11/02/2018  03:11 AM  251,522 pay6lstw.htm
11/02/2018  03:11 AM  251,414 pay6lstx.htm
11/02/2018  03:12 AM  251,632 pay6lsty.htm
11/02/2018  03:12 AM  159,377 pay6lstz.htm

In "pace six" merge two 's' get "pay6". 
1129,1151,1153,1163,1171 are primes. 
1129,1151 has gap 22=3*6+4, pay6 record "3F"
1151,1153 has gap 2=Two, pay6 record "T"
1153,1163 has gap 10=1*6+4, pay6 record "1F"
1163,1171 has gap 8=1*6+2, pay6 record "1T"
Pay6 form prime list is shorter than whole 
prime list. Pay6 form prime list paramount 
display凸顯 T,F,T,F,T,F to forever. This is a 
result of prime gap avoid prime3 cut rule.
pay6lst0.htm to pay6lstz.htm 36 files list 
prime from 2 to 60000011, 3562116 count. 
Hope Pay6 Prime Table is useful to you.
Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 2018-11-03-09-16

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09/07/2017  11:00 AM  220,943 bioge003.htm English
09/07/2017  10:58 AM  222,305 bioge004.htm English
09/05/2017  10:45 AM  357,512 a/biogm001.htm Chinese
09/06/2017  04:41 PM  150,722 a/cd710704.jpg
09/06/2017  04:41 PM  132,595 a/cd710730.jpg
09/06/2017  04:42 PM  126,610 a/cd710810.jpg
09/06/2017  04:42 PM  128,257 a/cd710831.jpg
09/06/2017  04:42 PM  134,330 a/cd711023.jpg
09/06/2017  04:42 PM  134,809 a/cd711207.jpg
09/06/2017  04:43 PM  130,801 a/cd720116.jpg
09/06/2017  04:43 PM  149,508 a/cd720210.jpg
09/06/2017  04:43 PM  127,142 a/cd720330.jpg
09/06/2017  04:43 PM  143,089 a/cd720419.jpg
09/06/2017  04:44 PM  148,766 a/cd720516.jpg
09/06/2017  04:44 PM  135,943 a/cd720605.jpg
09/06/2017  04:44 PM  181,561 a/giftbzar.jpg Gift Bazaar
09/06/2017  04:45 PM  293,132 a/h710722a.jpg Chang,HwaSan
09/06/2017  04:45 PM  115,361 a/h711006a.jpg Lan,Yan
09/06/2017  04:45 PM  245,214 a/h720326a.jpg Bob Redlinger
09/06/2017  04:46 PM  499,938 a/mapIAC01.jpg Iowa City map
09/06/2017  04:46 PM  408,935 a/mapIAC02.jpg University IA
09/03/2017  08:49 PM  420,283 a/mapIAC03.jpg LiuHH resident
upload Liu,Hsinhan 1982-07-04 to 1983-08-04 diary
diary URL http://freeman2.com/a/cd710704.jpg in Chinese 
biogm001.htm LiuHH document list 
biogc014.htm LiuHH diary explanation
biogc004.htm LiuHH big event list 
bioge00?.htm English biography 

<a name=a609071002>
Liu,Hsinhan upload personal document to 
Most document are in Chinese
index page is 
Liu,Hsinhan diary page is
Liu,Hsinhan father written document (letter) is 
Liu,Hsinhan mother written document (letter) is 
Liu,Hsinhan self written document is 
Liu,Hsinhan brother written document (letter) is 
Liu,Hsinhan sister written document (letter) is 
Liu,Hsinhan friend written document (letter) is 
public organization written document is 
Scanned picture is 
Liu,Hsinhan father passport scanned image is 
Liu,Hsinhan self passport scanned image is 
In which 
Liu,Hsinhan diary page is
help make correction.

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08/29/2017  03:06 PM   36,312 jsindex1.htm
08/29/2017  03:07 PM   70,678 jsindex2.htm
08/29/2017  02:53 PM    9,640 jslist1c.js
08/29/2017  02:58 PM   24,328 jslist1e.js
08/28/2017  05:51 PM  710,734 numjsdoc.htm
08/28/2017  06:17 PM  686,918 numjsdok.htm
numjsdoc.htm update 2017-08-29 no code change, 
just add the term perturbation. In 
λ × V = M × V if V huge change to U then
λ × U = M × U is not defined. 

<a name=u1060822>
08/22/2017  03:03 PM  180,134 biogc004.htm Chinese
08/19/2017  09:03 PM   89,436 biogc014.htm Chinese
08/22/2017  03:18 PM  708,254 numjsdoc.htm English
08/22/2017  02:51 PM  684,952 numjsdok.htm Chinese
biogc004.htm record LiuHH visit mother rest-in-peace date 
biogc014.htm How miss Li know that LiuHH is not a mouse running cross the street? 
numjsdoc.htm add "What is eigenvector"
numjsdok.htm added Box22 to Box26 
exam Matrix*eigenvector ▬ eigenvector*eigenvalue = zero 

<a name=u1060804>
08/04/2017  08:07 AM 1,001,510 prime_e3.htm
update 2017-08-04 added selection control to 
✚✚ Even meet Prime table 
Even meet Prime table support small primes . 
Any prime theory true in general, must be true 
for small primes . Study small primes first, if 
find something exciting, then try develope program 
extend to middle range primes. Here small primes 
mean primes less than 200. Can you find any clue 
worth extend to middle range primes? Liu,Hsinhan 
is still playing 3,5,7.

<a name=u1060729>
07/29/2017  03:31 PM  227,386 dec2frac.htm
07/29/2017  03:29 PM  219,480 dec2frak.htm
07/29/2017  03:03 PM  598,642 numjsdoc.htm

numjsdoc.htm update 2017-07-29 modified Examples 
, ,  code let up or down work better. 
dec2frac.htm , dec2frak.htm , numjsdoc.htm use 
<img src="data:image/png;base64, ..... "/>
add picture to HTML.

<a name=u1060727>
07/27/2017  06:28 PM  248,504 dbstoch1.htm
07/27/2017  06:13 PM  248,642 dbstochm.htm
07/27/2017  06:31 PM  253,358 dbstochn.htm
07/27/2017  06:17 PM  225,730 dec2frac.htm
07/27/2017  06:25 PM  217,814 dec2frak.htm
07/27/2017  08:07 PM  587,012 numjsdoc.htm

update 2017-07-27 main change is add examples in 
http://www.numericjs.com/documentation.html to 
http://freeman2.com/numjsdoc.htm as click buttons. 
Allow reader one click get documentation.html 
example and test run to confirm the output is same 
as document declaired. 
Other dbstochm.htm etc. five files change 
function bye09() error. 

<a name=u1060723>
07/23/2017  12:03 PM  489,522 numjsdoc.htm
07/23/2017  12:49 PM  304,364 utility4.htm
07/23/2017  12:49 PM  425,826 utility5.htm

function bye09() has error. 
error code is if(nine0<0)nine0--; 
right code is if(in09<0)nine0--; //a607211645
Liu,Hsinhan build utility to test javascript 
functions. Now upload let everyone use it. 

<a name=u1060721>
07/21/2017  09:10 AM  484,110 numjsdoc.htm
Numeric Javascript numeric-1.2.6.js
numjsdoc.htm added matrix eigenvalue, eigenvector 
verify code , all test get 
matrix*eigenvector - eigenvector*eigenvalue = zero
real matrix and complex eigenvector & eigenvalue .

<a name=u1060716>
07/16/2017  01:53 PM  243,004 dbstoch1.htm
07/16/2017  01:51 PM  242,950 dbstochm.htm
07/16/2017  01:12 PM  243,168 dbstochn.htm
07/16/2017  12:23 PM  219,860 dec2frac.htm
07/16/2017  12:01 PM  212,122 dec2frak.htm

dbstochm.htm doubly stochastic matrix calculator
dbstoch1.htm Chinese 
dbstochn.htm doubly stochastic matrix debug, error on purpose 
dec2frac.htm decimal to fraction calculator
dec2frak.htm Chinese 

2017-07-16-14-57 Liu,HsinHan delete 

<a name=u1060712>
07/12/2017  04:07 PM  232,400 dbstochm.htm
07/12/2017  09:34 AM  231,236 dbstochn.htm
07/12/2017  03:22 PM  217,992 dec2frac.htm English
07/12/2017  03:22 PM  211,866 dec2frak.htm Chinese
07/11/2017  05:10 PM   56,321 eigenv01.htm
07/12/2017  10:18 AM  322,164 tute0069.htm

dec2frac.htm decimal to fraction calculator 
input 0.0019436345966958208 , should get 2/1029 
but output 3/1029 , now corrected.
eigenv01.htm Calculator for Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors. 
Written by Arndt Brünner , mirror by Liu,HsinHan
dbstochm.htm doubly stochastic matrix calculator, added 
  example buttons.
dbstochn.htm doubly stochastic matrix calculator, debug 
code all open, help writing tute0069.htm
tute0069.htm doubly stochastic matrix study notes. 

<a name=u1060704>
07/04/2017  08:06 AM  197,796 tute0069.htm
Given α sequence and β sequence 
Given doubly stochastic matrix α = DSM * β 
Show that α ≺ β ('≺' mean many comparisons)
A study note for reading inequality book 
written by Professor J. Michael Steele
The Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class

<a name=u1060627>
06/27/2017  03:05 PM  209,776 dec2frac.htm English
06/27/2017  10:48 AM  205,450 dec2frak.htm Chinese
decimal to fraction calculator , 
input 0.0754716981132076 
Click RUN 11 ☞ , output 4/53
one input, one output. many input, many output.
document introduce how code work.
Add minusEqual input box, allow user input 
'-' or '-(' or '=' Click 
program output three style. 
If input decimal 0.0754716981132076 , Box17 output 
minusEqual='-'  output "4/53 -  0.0754716981132076"
minusEqual='='  output "4/53 = 0.0754716981132076"

If input decimal -0.0754716981132076 , 
minusEqual='-(' output "-4/53-( -0.0754716981132076)"
"-4/53-( -0.0754716981132076)" allow evaluation to 0. 

<a name=u1060624>
06/24/2017  09:28 AM  192,198 dec2frac.htm

decimal to fraction calculator
one input, one output ; many input, many output
Real number calculator ; document for main 
function decimal2fraction(arg1,arg2)

<a name=u1060622>
06/22/2017  10:34 AM   78,116 biogc014.htm
06/21/2017  11:50 AM  234,466 dbstochm.htm
06/22/2017  10:51 AM   69,322 jsindex2.htm
06/22/2017  10:49 AM   23,502 jslist1e.js
06/21/2017  09:09 AM  100,484 mat2tabl.htm
06/21/2017  06:50 PM  274,134 utility4.htm
06/21/2017  06:48 PM  397,116 utility5.htm

dbstochm.htm and jsindex2.htm and mat2tabl.htm
change "decimal to quotient calculator" 
 to    "decimal to fraction calculator" 

utility4.htm Extract Unicode from input string. 

<a name=u1060620>
06/19/2017  10:45 PM  232,288 dbstochm.htm
06/19/2017  07:53 PM  100,158 mat2tabl.htm
06/20/2017  04:41 PM   34,040 jsindex2.htm
06/20/2017  05:00 PM   11,761 jslist1e.js

Update 2017-06-20 added decimal to quotient 
calculator change 0.0754716981132076 to 4/53 .

<a name=u1060617>
06/17/2017  03:59 PM   76,340 biogc014.htm
06/17/2017  11:11 AM  208,996 dbstochm.htm
06/17/2017  11:18 AM   98,482 mat2tabl.htm

Update 2017-06-17 added Box15 debug checkbox. 
Default no debug output, allow faster answer.
Update 2017-06-17 added Date/Time stamp below 
HTML table. 

mat2tabl.htm read matrix array of 
numbers and convert to HTML table code.

<a name=u1060613>
06/13/2017  07:19 PM  238,490 dbstochm.htm

dbstochm.htm is a strange page. This page work on 
off line computer. 
dbstochm.htm has error on online computer. Do NOT 
see dbstochm.htm as doubly stochastic matrix calculator. 
See this page as a strange page try if you can find out 
why?. If many other freeman2.com calculator page not work 
on your computer. Do not be surprised. They all work fine 
before Liu,Hsinhan upload to freeman2.com . 

<a name=u1060530>
05/29/2017  10:26 PM   47,020 biogc014.htm
05/30/2017  04:07 PM  995,820 prime_e4.htm
05/30/2017  05:41 PM  569,684 tute0068.htm

Study Even Meet Prime Table 07 and Table 09 
after maximum given prime 47, the determination 
of next prime cannot rely on column pattern, 
the determination of next prime 53 can be done 
by integer's prime multiplication decomposition 
reject 49=7*7, reject 51=3*17 . 
Can you find next prime gap from future data 
in hand?
Can you find prime rules from future data 
in hand? 
Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 2017-05-30-15-51

<a name=u1060527>
05/27/2017  04:11 AM   237,544 a/biogm001.htm
05/27/2017  03:47 AM   149,698 a/ha60526a.jpg
08/10/2016  10:15 AM 8,365,557 a/hpim0442.mpg
05/26/2017  07:38 AM 9,166,457 a/hpim1488.mpg

City government ALERT ! Wind damage !
Location 7325 Dogwood Ave. California City CA 93505 NORTH NEIGHBOR 
Build date 2016-08-10 and 2016-11-01. 
Damage date 2017-05-26.

California City has strong wind. This is a record of patio building and 
wind damage. Liu, HsinHan upload to Internet allow all city governments 
find a better guide lines to prevent future similar damage. 
Liu, HsinHan 2017-05-27-03-24
This photo URL http://freeman2.com/a/ha60526a.jpg
Video file URL http://freeman2.com/a/hpim0442.mpg
Video file URL http://freeman2.com/a/hpim1488.mpg

<a name=u1060520>
05/20/2017  04:56 PM   34,834 biogc014.htm
05/20/2017  04:20 PM  981,662 prime_e3.htm
05/20/2017  11:22 AM  952,426 prime_e4.htm

2017-05-20 upload 
prime_e4.htm has two points different from 
earlier version prime_e3.htm 
1. prime_e4.htm has fast code to find 
   Even Meet Prime table. See 
2. prime_e4.htm is a "Prime Both" page. 
   Both mean 18=13+5=11+7 and 18=2*3*3 
   Later Liu,Hsinhan will add 18=2*3*3 
   factor sum to Even Meet Prime table
   then become Prime Both Table.

<a name=u1060511>
05/11/2017  11:17 AM  259,022 utility4.htm English
05/11/2017  11:01 AM  383,290 utility5.htm Chinese

Liu,Hsinhan write 
Two equation apply to four number sequence
initial motivation is in 
All given prime column sum list
Future prime column sum list
among [column sum] [6*n-1 drop] [6*n+1 drop] 
[bluPrAll] [redPrAll] [bluPrSum] [redPrSum] 
hope manipulate data adding, subtracting and 
get prime data local minimum or local maximum. 
Although guess impossible, still write code 
do this job. But focus at complex number, not 
focus at prime number. 

<a name=u1060508>
05/08/2017  12:19 M  979,520 prime_e3.htm
05/08/2017  12:21 M  453,452 tute0068.htm

update 2017-05-08 added Date/Time and elapse to 
Even meet Prime table, add same time stamp to 
All given/Future prime column sum list. 

<a name=u1060505>
05/05/2017  05:21 PM  975,874 prime_e3.htm
05/05/2017  05:10 PM  441,278 tute0068.htm

update 2017-05-05 add code from a605051620 to 
a605051627. Let All given prime column sum list 
background color be light blue and let 
Future prime column sum list background color be 
light yellow such that if reader merge given and 
future two table to one, it is easy to see the 
difference. One example is at 

<a name=u1060504>
05/04/2017  09:05 PM  974,230 prime_e3.htm
update 2017-05-04 add one code line 
if(primeArr[k0]>columnTop)break; //a605041102
corrected bluPrAll redPrAll sum error.

<a name=u1060503>
05/03/2017  11:17 AM  967,240 prime_e3.htm
05/02/2017  04:32 PM  413,508 tute0068.htm
Current version is very slow version. Because 
code do even number two prime sum one by one, 
SLOW ! Faster version is to use given prime 
list and manipulate index consider shift (sum 
of gaps) get primes without calculation. See 
Even Meet Prime Table 02, 03 Table 02 has 
proper shift, Table 03 no shift at all. 
Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 2017-05-01-07-00

<a name=u1060423>
04/23/2017  05:33 PM  460,962 biogc013.htm Chinese 
04/22/2017  05:15 PM  152,099 emp6npc1.jpg Chinese 
04/23/2017  04:32 PM  324,528 tute0068.htm
emp6npc1.jpg Even Meet Prime Table and Six N Prime Table 
             comparison graph Chinese file 
tute0068.htm Even Meet Prime Table 07 Find future prime.

<a name=u1060420>
04/20/2017  08:18 PM  148,021 emp6npe1.jpg
04/20/2017  07:53 PM  264,250 tute0068.htm
Even Meet Prime Table given data and unknown 
future relation study.

<a name=u1060416>
04/16/2017  06:56 PM  176,874 tute0068.htm
Even meet Prime table is able? to find 
next prime without integer's prime 
multiplication decomposition.

Work in progress, not able predict next prime.
Liu,Hsinhan decide ask general public to think 
this problem. 
Many works should be faster than one work.

<a name=u1060413>
04/13/2017  05:39 PM  238,936 biogc013.htm
04/13/2017  05:37 PM  840,574 prime_e3.htm
New click buttons "add [even],[odd],[eo],[oe]"
click [even] insert even 06 08 10... in x-axis 
click [odd] insert odd 03 05 07 09 11...

<a name=u1060411>
04/11/2017  05:08 PM  829,874 prime_e3.htm

Even meet Prime table emphtme1.jpg
All prime column has black prime3 at bottom. Column 
top color reveal this red prime 6*n+1 (7,13,19 etc.)
or blue 6*n-1 (5,11,17 etc.) property. All color in 
between are opposite to top color! An interesting 
All non-prime column has yellow at column bottom and 
mixed red/blue or all blue or all red. Worth further 

<a name=u1060408>
04/08/2017  07:16 PM  236,128 biogc013.htm
04/08/2017  07:12 PM  200,605 emphtmc1.jpg
04/08/2017  04:44 AM  192,812 emphtme1.jpg
04/08/2017  07:45 PM  795,952 prime_e3.htm
04/08/2017  07:18 PM   45,516 tute0068.htm

biogc013.htm Even meet Prime table document, Chinese 
emphtmc1.jpg Even meet Prime table Chinese
emphtme1.jpg Even meet Prime table English
prime_e3.htm Even meet Prime table utility
tute0068.htm Even meet Prime table document, English

<a name=u1060330>
03/28/2017  09:56 PM  896,096 prime_e1.htm
03/29/2017  09:45 PM   93,224 sixnlaw2.jpg
03/30/2017  11:11 AM   32,636 tute0068.htm
prime_e1.htm add horizontal line in even meet prime graph
sixnlaw2.jpg Prime Gap Six n harmony rule graph document
tute0068.htm Prime Gap Six n harmony rule text  document

<a name=u1060326>
03/24/2017  07:41 PM  133,278 gevmpri1.jpg
03/26/2017  11:14 AM  653,340 tute0067.htm
03/26/2017  09:03 PM  214,584 utility4.htm

2017-03-24-11-?? revisit Goldbach EVen Meet PRIme 1 
LiuHH spend half hour find out how to draw gevmpri1.jpg 
Record key steps to tute0067.htm#a603241230 

<a name=u1060208>
02/08/2017  02:57 PM  183,360 utility4.htm
URL add link if input http://ab.org/old.jpg 
output http://ab.org/<a href=old.jpg>old.jpg</a> 
output <a href=http://ab.org/old.jpg>http://ab.org/old.jpg</a> 

<a name=u1060109>
10/23/2016  01:57 PM  202,210 fmb2016L.htm
01/07/2017  07:47 PM   16,917 fmb_link.js
2015,2016 old main page freeman2.htm retire to 
Since 2016-Nov. most activity is in Chinese 
page http://freeman2.com/freeman1.htm

Earlier home page link to

<a name=200902211840>
2009-02-21-18-40 start
Dear Reader, please not be puzzled by the surface line. Do not stop at "Where to set up the world capital?" Must take a deep thinking!!
Chinese communist are not smart!
Chinese communist are not normal!
Chinese communist "refine steel" at each family's "back yard steel mill"
<a name=backyard>

<a name=200902211846>
Based on "theory" of "class struggle", Chinese communist classify citizen as red-five-category and black-five-category ready for next big chaos. Any normal government will not stir up citizen kill citizen! Mao,Tse-dong and Chou,en-lai promote "class struggle", drive Chinese kill Chinese. (please see picture http://freeman2.com/bandit01.jpg ) Today's Chinese communist still allow people to worship Mao and Chou. Pave the way for second Mao and Chou go to power !!
"Chinese communist unify the world" is a lie, never come true. Why "Chinese communist unify the world" broadcasted in mainland China? There must be someone hide behind the curtain and push Chinese communist to fight the whole world! (fabricated as "theory" of "world revolution")
Dear Reader ! please do not stop at the surface word: "Chinese communist unify the world". Please see what is going on BEHIND THE CURTAIN !!
If make wrong evaluation, free world will pay huge price!!
Freeman 2009-02-21-18-57

2009-05-17-08-48 <a name=dow37> Above is how communist treat American Belo? is how communist treat capitalist. communist check capitalist http://freeman2.com/dow37.gif 2009-05-17-08-51 add picture dow37.gif <a name=dow40> Not just hanging plate stand on chair (above)! How communist treat 'counter-revolutionary'? Capitalist is worst 'counter-revolutionary' capitalist may get same treatment as the victim in picture. communist treat 'counter-revolutionary' http://freeman2.com/dow40.gif 2009-05-17-09-12 add picture dow40.gif <a name=dow12> Not just torture common citizen (above)! Mao's communist also torture high rank communist! Propaganda Minister Lu, Ting-i torture high rank communist http://freeman2.com/dow12.gif 2009-05-17-10-55 add picture dow12.gif <a name=ccUnique> Communist fabricate murder as a 'theory' called 'class struggle'. Communist fabricate bandit action as a 'theory' called 'world revolution'. In the whole world, all rebellion force, stop killing after grab power. Chinese communist is exception !! Chinese communist begin massive killing AFTER seize power. <a name=cckiller> Not just torture few high rank communist! Mao told Indonesia communist leader "ai-Dee" during 1942 to 1946 Mao killed twenty thousand communist officer. Mao ask "ai-Dee" do the same thing. Not just kill few thousand common citizen, U.S. Senator report Mao's communist killed common citizen in between 34,300,000 and 63,784,000. Next link has record in Chinese http://freeman2.com/r1aggr01.htm#maokiller7 2009-05-17-11-15 here <a name=stoptank> One young man stopped four tank. The same day Chinese communist use tank and machine gun killed thousands students in Beiping City. Stop tank http://freeman2.com/stoptank.gif 2009-05-17-11-35 add picture stoptank.gif <a name=morePic> There are more pictures, they are in Chinese page. If you like, click next link, go to picture list (in Chinese), each link open one picture. http://freeman2.com/mlmao005.htm#picList Next link has English document. http://freeman2.com/mlmao005.htm#Eng001 Above link list has most picture-picture. Next link list has most text-picture. That is Chinese notes in picture format. There are still few picture-picture. http://freeman2.com/mlmao004.htm#9607022050 2009-05-17-11-47 stop <a name=whatlife>

Please imagine: If communism come to U.S.A. what life you are going to get? Now the communism evil center is Chinese communist ! Please stop communism from the whole world NOW !!

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