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You are welcome to translate all Liu,Hsinhan's page to other
language. Here is a list. The only requirement is correctness.
No one proofread for LiuHH. Please proofread at translate
time. You can keep error and mark gray color, please state
correct concept. Thank you. Liu,Hsinhan 2011-05-13-21-20
<a name=start0>
Freeman need math function plot program.
for example next picture
was plotted on 2005-01-22. I had trouble
that time. I never dream that Javascript
can plot function curve. I downloaded
Euler.exe and use Euler.exe plot above
curve. On 2006-03-16 download Euler.exe
newer version, record as below.
and (total 2760k bytes)
Euler.exe is similar to Matlab.
In middle of 2006-June I find a Javascript
program which plot curve.
Start from 2006-06-12 I search for
Javascript math function plot program.
Next program
I input most of my effort to make it as
good as I wish. Now in graph03e.htm I
can plot great circle on earth. See
Statistic data example 3 in graph03e.
This serial of Javascript math function
plot programs 
will help me to solve my problem. Since
they are useful to everyone. I upload
to Internet let everyone to use them.
When I search the web. If it is free for
non-commercial use. I will include that
one to my serial graph pages. Several
demo-only, demo-viewer, 30-day trial 
period programs are not included.
Freeman 2006-07-20-18-49

<a name=savejs>
Local link add on 2009-09-29. If you saved a copy of
program file and put all files, include jsindex2.htm,
in same folder, then click local become effective.
Freeman (Liu, Hsinhan) 2009-09-29-19-47
Save graph code to same folder as htm files.
Liu,Hsinhan use four jsgraph*.js files.   local
jsgraph1.js   jsgraph3.js   jsgraph4.js
1,3 are Chinese; 2,4 are English.
1,2 have graph code and other code.
3,4 have graph code only, shorter.
Liu,Hsinhan's computer has all four
version. If LiuHH write Chinese version
first and forget to change to 2,4 when
write English version. LiuHH can not
find this error. If user save only 2,4
and if page call 1,3 Your computer can
not draw. Suggest user save all four
version. a010051420

<a name=start1>
save js   graph A  

<a name="indx0044">
2017-07-21 upload Numeric Javascript numeric-1.2.6.min.js local
numjsdoc.htm mirror from Sébastien Loisel program
2017-08-29-11-14 add

2017-06-24 upload decimal to fraction calculator
Input 0.0754716981132076 , output 4/53 local 2017-08-29-11-10 add

2017-06-17 upload Matrix to HTML table local 2017-06-20-14-41 add

<a name="indx0043">
2017-05-20 upload Prime Both 18=13+5=11+7 and 18=2*3*3 local 2017-06-20-14-36 add

2017-06-13 upload doubly stochastic matrix calculator
Update 2017-06-20 added decimal to fraction calculator local ; 2017-06-20-14-39 add

<a name="indx0042">
2017-04-08 upload Even meet Prime table local 2017-06-20-14-30 add

2016-09-01 upload Prime number study notes local ; 2017-06-20-14-33 add

<a name="indx0041">
2016-07-19 upload Goldbach conjecture data 6 to 1000 local 2017-06-20-14-18 add

2016-08-06 upload Prime number calculator local ; 2017-06-20-14-12 add

<a name="indx0040">
2016-08-30 upload Six n Prime Table, n=1 to n=40000 local
prim6n02.htm , prim6n03.htm , prim6n04.htm ,
prim6n05.htm , prim6n06.htm , prim6n07.htm ,
prim6n08.htm , prim6n09.htm , prim6n10.htm
2017-06-20-14-08 add

<a name="indx0039">
2016-06-23 upload Pair Prime number local ; 2016-06-23-09-26 add

2016-01-31 upload Complex number drawing board
Cauchy-Riemann Equations drawing board cplxdraw.htm local ; 2016-02-27-07-19 add

<a name="indx0038">
2016-02-14 upload Complex number study notes tute0066.htm
2016-02-10-17-43 Liu,Hsinhan access local ; 2016-02-27-07-13 add

2015-03-15 upload Complex number study notes tute0065.htm
2015-02-07-14-05 LiuHH use YTD download
Lecturer is Prof. Petra Bonfert-Taylor local ; 2016-02-27-07-08 add

2015-02-14 upload Taylor Series study notes tute0064.htm
2015-02-08-21-30 LiuHH access local ; 2016-02-27-07-04 add

<a name="indx0037">
2015-01-10 upload Gamma function study notes tute0062.htm
2014-03-25-20-36 Liu,Hsinhan access local ; 2016-02-27-06-58 add local

2015-01-05 upload Integration by parts tute0061.htm
It is Liu,Hsinhan derivation, may contain error. Please verify local ; 2016-02-27-06-52 add

2014-11-04 upload Zeta function study notes tute0057.htm
Main textbook is MrYouMath lecture video. URL is next.
2014-10-29-07-56 Liu,HsinHan access local ; 2016-02-27-06-46 add
tute0058.htm , tute0059.htm , tute0060.htm

<a name="indx0036">
2015-01-18 upload utility program
extract "string1" from <table><tr><td>string1</td></tr></table> local ; 2016-01-24-20-16 add

2014-07-06 upload, sign world guestbook signed guestbook list. local ; 2016-01-25-21-34 add

2014-07-11 upload, utility program used during 2014-01 to 2014-06 sign world guestbook. local ; 2016-01-25-21-25 add

<a name="indx0035">
Great Circle equation in terms of Latitude Longitude.
Great Circle graph generator. local 2013-12-31

Draw x,y data ; 2016-01-24-20-03 add local First upload 2013-06-27
drawdata.htm file end sign date 2010-07-04-09-30 which is wrong.
drawdata.htm first upload year is 2013; 33636 Jun 27 19:31 drawdata.htm

<a name="indx0034">
Complex function derivation: sin() to exp(), complex power,
complex sine, complex cosine, complex tangent, complex log,
hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic cosine, hyperbolic tangent,
arc-sine, arc-cosine, arc-tangent, arc-hyperbolic sine,
arc-hyperbolic cosine, arc-hyperbolic tangent local 2013-03-30

Complex calculator
Complex variable functions principal and non-principal solution.
Complex function test boxes added verify capability.
♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ indicate error close to zero ; ☁☂ indicate error. local 2013-03-16

<a name="indx0033">
Math Logic Truth Table
Improved version, user can input (~(P∨Q))↔((~P)∧(~Q))
instead of PiffQ(notP(PiorQ(P,Q)),PandQ(notP(P),notP(Q))) local 2012-12-08

Math Logic study notes local 2012-11-30

Parenthesis Pair and Unicode math symbol local 2012-11-21

<a name="indx0032">
1. build two lists, let you be able to compare two folder files.
2. from a list, create copy/move/rename command.
3. file comparison. Compare only two files. 132,042bytes 2012-08-03

Spelling check programs. dict000a.htm . local no dictionary, 102kBytes English, 1.88MBytes French, 880kBytes Spanish, 654kBytes German, 1.78MBytes 2.1MBytes is English dictionary, Chinese page

<a name="indx0031">
Input a HTML+js code file, output js /*documents*/
output //javascript comment lines. Output js 'quoted string'.
Output HTML <!-- documents -->, output HTML "quoted string".
Output thinner HTML+js file. Keep (hope) same function as original
input. But <!-- style codes --> removed. It has an easy solution.
Liu,Hsinhan goal is extract data and do spelling check. local 2012-04-21

Plain vanilla spelling check
Delete repeat lines ; alphabet counter
This page has spelling check structure, but do not have main dictionary.
You find dictionary words, put in "Box 5, Dictionary" program should
work. Please see How to get dictionary local 2012-03-16

<a name="indx0030">
2012-01-26-19-10 start
mat2eul2.htm is partial done on 2011-10-17, but
Liu,Hsinhan did not list mat2eul2.htm in
Hope list it when done. But today 2012-01-26
look like 'done' is far far remote. LiuHH do
not see when restart math/study notes work.
Now list mat2eul2.htm in jsindex2.htm .
What is LiuHH doing? Please visit
2012-01-26-19-19 stop
Rotation Matrix to Euler's Angle Sequence local 2012-01-26 list

Rotation matrix from rotation axis and angle
method 2. Mass point rotate, coordinate static. local 2011-10-05

<a name="indx0029">
Spherical triangle graph ; Document about
eyeUpMat(). Build rotation matrix from two vectors. local 2011-07-10

Use Rodrigues Construction to prove
Euler's Rotation Theorem ; It is same as
to prove quaternion multiplication rule. local 2011-07-03

<a name="indx0028">
Rotation matrix from rotation axis and angle
Equation derivation, 3D graph geometric construction
Mass point static, coordinate rotate. local 2011-05-29

3D data to 2D data, use eyeUp local 2011-04-23

<a name="indx0027">
Build 3D rotation matrix; rotate parallel move 3D points
Twelve 3 axis sequence rotation matrix at one click. (15 too) local 2011-04-23

Build code to draw Pseudovector. Particle move along
real vector. No particle move along pseudovector,
because pseudovector is defined by cross product.   local 2011-03-14

<a name="indx0026">
Display drawing code, XYGraph model file   local 2010-12-21

Build code to draw spherical coordinate   local 2010-12-21

<a name="indx0025">
Build XYGraph mechanical spring codes and data
Rotate string type data in XYGraph codes. x array
and y array separate. One click rotate, one click draw.   local 2010-11-23

Build XYGraph arrow, ellipse, shade codes.
Draw equation, draw data, rotate x,y side-by-side data.   local 2010-11-03

<a name="indx0024">
Abel�s Summation by Parts. Three different
versions; Build data; 2∥x∥≦|sin(πx)|; sort   local 2010-07-25

Given two sequences find doubly stochastic matrix
m*n Matrix multiply n*p Matrix; Add quote; Sort.   local 2010-06-29

dbstochm.htm is a better version 2017-06-20-14-52

All calculator change from 13/46 to 0.2826086956521739
for you. Do you have a chance need to do the reverse?
jsmajor2.htm has a small program convert from
decimal to fraction. Input 0.1818382677861246
output 823/4526 . jsmajor2.htm has limitation.
0.7579736303955441 is 151597/200003 prime1/prime2
It is hard to do the job. If input PI=3.141592653589793
never get a rational answer.
Liu,HsinHan 2010-08-04-21-38

<a name="indx0023">
Carleman Inequality program   local 2010-05-04

Carleson Inequality program   local 2010-04-29

<a name="indx0022">
H�lder / Holder Inequality Curve   local 2010-03-10

Power Mean Inequality Curve   local 2010-02-19

<a name="indx0021">
Numerical Integration Newton-Cotes formula n=1,6   local 2010-01-30

Find function real zeros. Bisection method.   local 2010-01-11

<a name="indx0020">
Cauchy inequality for up to six sequences;
Cauchy Converse, reverse less than to greater than;
Product Sum, Consequences of sequence order;
Sort number, upside-down reverse text string.   local 2009-11-22

Cauchy inequality, complex number,
drawing program. 2009-11-10   local

<a name="indx0019">
Draw x,y points; draw complex roots 2009-10-20   local
tute0014.htm#fig2.5 default number separator to be ';'
If data not draw, click 'newline' check box (or ',' tab)

Random number, power number generator, sort number,
Arithmetic Mean and Geometric Mean inequality,
Carleman's inequality. 2009-09-29   local

<a name="indx0018">
Prime number list from 2 to 1229999. 2009-09-23   local

Binomial, factorial, double factorial. 2009-09-23   local

<a name="indx0017">
SUM{i^1} i=1 to n; up to SUM{i^14} i=1 to n ; 2009-09-20   local

Prime number and prime decomposition 2009-09-15   local

<a name="indx0016">
Positive Integer power sum COefficient equation 2009-09-02
SUM{i^(8)} for i=1 to i=n, find general equation for you.   local

Hilbert's Inequality and Schur Constant. 2009-07-26   local

The Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class (Inequality) 2009-06-24   local
08, 09, 10, 11   local 08, 09, 10, 11

<a name="indx0015">
Disguise email, Less junk/spam mail 2009-05-15   local

Complex variable functions with non-principle solution
This page is also a calculator. 2009-04-12   local

<a name="indx0014">
Complex/real coefficient polynomial root finding. 2009-03-12   local

Gram-Schmidt Process 2009-02-16   local

<a name="indx0013">
foot of perpendicular 2009-01-31   local

Space Curve Projector 2009-01-03   local

<a name="indx0012">
Year Equivalence between two calendars
day increase sequence (one or two columns)   local
09/19/2008 11:20 PM 68,660 jsdayseq.htm

A real virus code chopped into pieces.   local
35858 Jan 20 2008 devirus0.htm

<a name="indx0011">
Elapse time in seconds 2007-09-30-13-20   local

Create vary string commands 2007-05-01   local

<a name="indx0010">
Create array up to five dimension. 2007-04-12   local

Create search function for your site 2006-12-30   local

<a name="indx0009">
Create triangle drawing. 2006-12-07.   local

VML+JS color web 2006-11-14.   local

<a name="indx0008">
Math curve 2006-10-25. Suggest keep this Multi-graph page.   local

Math curve 2006-07-20   local

<a name="indx0007">
Math curve 2006-07-19   local

Math curve 2006-07-19   local

<a name="indx0006">
Math curve 2006-07-17   local

Math curve 2006-07-16   local

<a name="indx0005">
Better quality Mathematics Graph 2006-06-26   local

Javascript Mathematics Graph 2006-06-17   local

<a name="indx0004">
Increase NumBER 2006-06-16   local

Javascript Mathematics Graph 2006-06-14   local

<a name="indx0003">
Small circle equation/locus 2006-05-11   local

Great circle equation/locus 2006-04-26   local

<a name="indx0002">
Exchange data column, split file left/right, merge file L/R. 2005-11-18-21-28   local

Add line number; Delete line end white; Fill ' ' at line end.   local
This page contains most Freeman site song list. (Chinese song)

<a name="indx0001">
Create whole range Unicode table.   local

Convert to Unicode internal code.   local

<a name=a60621>
Update 2017-06-21 change quotient to fraction
At first, Liu,Hsinhan refer to ℂ ℍ ℕ ℙ ℚ ℝ ℤ
in which ℚ=integer1/integer2 decide use quotient.

Later find out the change from 0.0754716981132076 
to 4/53 , its correct usage 
 is "decimal to fraction calculator"
not "decimal to quotient calculator"


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