Majorization transformation
between two sequences.

Given two sequences, find doubly stochastic matrix
program   Update 2010-07-15
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The Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class   J. Michael Steele   ★★★★★
This file is personal home work. No one
proofread. Cannot promise correctness.
If you suspect any view point wrong,
please ask a math expert near by.
Freeman 2009-06-19-10-46

Please use MSIE browser to read this file.
Did not test other browser. This file is
written under MSIE 6.0

<a name="textbook"> (local)
This program
use book written by Professor J. Michael Steele
The Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class  ★★★★★
as textbook. Program code is written base on
textbook page 198 to page 201.

<a name="intro001"> If find error what to do?
2010-06-28-21-59 start
This page 
Majorization transformation 
between two sequences. 
Given two sequences, find 
doubly stochastic matrix
is a result of study The 
Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class 
chapter 13 Majorization and 
Schur Convexity

<a name="intro002">
jsmajor2.htm has four programs
(1) Given two sequences, find 
    doubly stochastic matrix.
    Input at box 1 and box 2.
    Output at box 7.
    Example button from 11 to 
    18, 51 to 53 and 71 to 73.
<a name="intro003">
    11 to 18 had no trouble at
    early version. 51 to 53 got
    negative element matrix at
    early version. Now 51 to 53
    are OK. Example 71 to 73 do
    not have majorization
    relation or not compatible.
    Run button is [run stoch]
<a name="intro004">
(2) Matrix multiplication.
    Input at box M1 and box M2.
    Output at box M3.
    This is an auxiliary function
    Because Bx7 stochastic matrix
    need Matrix multiplication,
<a name="intro005">
    please see
P2*R2*P1*R1*ß seq. ---eqn.maj01
    Run button is [M*M Array] and
    [M*M Str]. Difference is here
    Example buttons are 01,02,03.

<a name="intro006">
(3) Add quote to comments.
    Allow one set comment be on 
    top of related function and
    show up on web page. Serve
    two locations. This is an
    auxiliary function too.
<a name="intro007">
    Inpur at Box M5, output at
    Box M6.
    Run button is [AddQuote pre]
    and [AddQuote br] 
    This function for programmer
    use only. because output to
    javascript string code.
<a name="intro008">
(4) Sort number
    Input at Box 71, output to
    Box 72.  Run button is
    [Output new index]     and
    [sorted sequence 321]  and
    [sorted sequence 123] 
<a name="intro009">
    Another button [up side down]
    change from
<a name="intro010">
    Box 1 top click button [s1]
    Box 2 top click button [s2]
    use sort function.
    Create permutation matrix,
    use sort [Output new index]
2010-06-28-22-42 stop
<a name="intro810"> more 01 02
2010-07-04-11-05 start
(5) Change fraction to quotient
    number. This function is added
    because in study notes page
    change decimal number matrix
    to quotient number matrix.
<a name="intro811">
    Change longer number to shorter
    number. First time do it by
    hand, second time decide to
    write a program to convert.
    Paste long decimal number into
    [x=:] box, fill [n2=] number
    default 3000. Click [fill M5]
<a name="intro812"> more 01 02
    Program generate sequence from
    1 to 3000 at box M5. Next click
    [x*M5] button. Output at box M6.
    If the only sequence is positive
    integer, program need only [n2=]
    box, generate internal positive
    integer sequence. Actually, this
<a name="intro813">
    program read from box M5. Such
    design allow any number sequence
    be used. For example, user can
    build a prime number sequence
    for other application.
<a name="intro814">
    Left side of [x*M5] button has a
    [t] button, [t] is Test. Click t
    program generate random number x
    and indicate the quotient number
    Right side of [x*M5] button has
    a check box. If checked, output
    sequence of x*Box M5 value.
<a name="intro815">
Number x = 2.353/7 = 2353/7000
= 13*181/(2*2*2*5*5*5*7) =

If fill M5 up to 3000 (no 7000)
output  x=NaN/undefined
          NaN = Not a Number.
If fill M5 from 6800 to 7200
(has 7000) get normal answer.
2010-07-04-11-36 stop
<a name="intro910">
2010-07-04-12-34 start
(6) Build permutation matrix.
    in/output is at Box 71
    Paste random ordered data
    sequence to Box 71. Click
    [output new index] button.
    Box 72 has answer. 
<a name="intro911">
1st First is index sequence 
    which correspond to 
    descending data sequence. 
    Be alert to index sequence
    and data sequence. They
    are different.
    data sequence is sorted.
index sequence appear random.
<a name="intro912">
2nd Box 72 second answer is
    permutation matrix which
    transform Box 71 random 
    ordered data sequence to
    descending data sequence. 
<a name="intro913">
3rd Box 72 third answer is
    permutation matrix which
    transform Box 71 random 
    ordered data sequence to
    ascending data sequence. 

<a name="intro914">
To verify, copy permutation 
Permut321 matrix to Box M1
copy Box 71 random ordered 
sequence to Box M2, then
click [M*M Array] button.
Output to Box M3. It should
be in descending order. If 
<a name="intro915">
you do not want permutation
matrix, just want sorted
number. On top of Box 71,
click [Sorted Seq 321] or
click [Sorted Seq 123] .
Output to Box 72 and no
permutation matrix.
2010-07-04-13-00 stop
<a name="intro011">
2010-06-29-11-31 start
Other click buttons are
Build n=[5] Identity matrix.
This is programming debug button.
In case you need identity matrix
it can help. Output to Box M3.
'5' in n=[5] can be replaced.

<a name="intro012">
Verify Bx7 stochastic matrix.
stoch. matrix (SM) must be 
all elements non-negative,
each column sum to one,
each   row  sum to one.
<a name="intro013">
You can do it by hand. But
Verify button do the job for
you. Output to 
Box M3 for α_seq. = SM*β_seq
Box M4 for sum to one and
       non-negative check.

<a name="intro014">
After find stochastic matrix
(Bx7) then 
How to use stochastic matrix?
Please click above link. It
bring you to "How to" section.
<a name="intro015">
You need click 
either one of 11 to 53 example
 button, then 
click "run stoch" button, then
click "How to use?" link.
Result display right below.
<a name="intro016">
How to use stochastic matrix
main point is under
<a name=how007> where you can
verify that individual
alfa[i] = one row product
main point is also under
<a name=how009> where tell you
which study page to read.
<a name="intro017">
This file jsmajor2.htm has many
javascript functions. Main
functions have document displayed
from docA handle
 to  docH handle
It may help you if you want to
know programming.

<a name="intro018">
This file jsmajor2.htm 
may still contain error.
If Liu,Hsinhan find error and
if LiuHH correct error, the
update notice is at whatsnew
section. Please visit whatsnew

Thank you for visiting Freeman's 
page.  Freeman  2010-06-29-11-59.

<a name="intro019">
2010-06-29-15-40 start
The important javascript function
in this program are
function jkCheck(arg1,arg2,arg3)
function robinMatrixf(n,j,k,bj,bk,aj,ak)
function matMVecf(arg1,arg2)
If you find error output, above
three functions are first to exam.
<a name="intro020">
Within these three functions.
robinMatrixf() and matMVecf()
are less likely to have error.
LiuHH spend more time on the
function jkCheck().
If j,k determination is wrong,
output matrix has negative
elements or infinite loop.
2010-06-29-15-50 stop
<a name="majorBgn"> Output may contain error, Please verify first.
Program environment is MSIE 6.0, please use MSIE

Majorization transformation between two sequences.
Input α sequence to box 1, input β sequence to box 2.
(1) α_seq. & β_seq. both be non-negative. alert
(2) α & β both have same number of elements.
(3) α total sum and β total sum are equal. Blue alert
(4) When arrange both α and β to descending order,
    β partial sum is always ≧ α partial sum.
Example button 11,12,13+ are OK. 51+ had negative
matrix elements. Current version improved. (51+ OK)
Example button 71+ do not have majorization relation.
tolerance= compare elements need tolerance.
maximum iteration= done in reasonable steps.
Write (slow) all OR (faster) last set output.
Box 8 debug output ; How to use stochastic matrix?
Input Box 1 & 2, output Box 7. All other are debug.
Box 1, α seq
Box 2, β seq
α sum=βsum; α more average, β more diverse; click [Run Stoch]
Box 3 β history
Box 4 RobinHood
The Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class Liu,Hsinhan study notes
Box 5 error code
Box 6 permutation
Bx7 stochastic mat
Box 8, debug
output to Box M3 & M4 below.
Box M3 = α seq = stochastic matrix * β seq
Box M4 do column sum & row sum. Check matrix +/0/-.

Box M1, input
Box M2, input
Please visit Javascript index page for more programs.
n= Identity ;
Box M3, output
Box M4, debug
Thank you for visiting Freeman's web site
Box M5, debug
Box M6, debug
x: b: e:

docA handle
docB handle
docC handle
docD handle
docE handle
docF handle
docG handle
docH handle <a name=docU001> TwoMinor programs
<a name=docU001>
2010-07-04-13-02 start
This file jsmajor2.htm has two
small programs
fraction to quotient converter
build permutation matrix 

<a name=docU002>
fraction to quotient converter
 document is at intro810
in/output is at QHboxb15

<a name=docU003>
build permutation matrix 
 document is at intro910
in/output is at Box 71
2010-07-04-13-06 stop

<a name=update001>
2010-06-30-10-15 start
Update 2010-06-30 add few comment
for function jkCheck()
Please see docG007
2010-06-30-10-16 stop

<a name=update002>
2010-06-30-13-03 start
To test negative matrix element
alert. Please click [run stoch]
build a matrix in box 7.
Change numbers to negative value.
(change box 7, NOT change box M1)
<a name=update003>
Then click [verify] button
Box M4 will print " NEG 1".
'1' indicate one negative in
current row.
<a name=update004>
If click [How to use?] At
<a name=how004> there is big
red "negative !"
Both are negative matrix element
2010-06-30-13-10 stop

<a name=update005>
2010-06-30-16-43 start
New version of jsmajor2.htm
[Box 6 permutation] always get
identity matrix. LiuHH added
program function. In sort area, 
if click [output new index]
Box 72 show permutation matrix.
Document is at intro910
2010-06-30-16-48 stop

<a name=update006>
2010-07-04-14-55 start
Update 2010-07-04 add 
fraction to quotient code
Please see document at intro810
and in/output at QHboxb15
2010-07-04-14-58 stop

<a name=update007>
Update 2010-07-11 change
fraction to quotient control box
from b2 one box 
 to  b and e two boxes
Because during work need to find
<a name=update008>
quotient of 0.02219711236660385
calculation get 884/39825  
that is 2*2*13*17/(3*3*3*5*5*59)
run integer list from 1 to 39825
wait for three minutes. Decide
<a name=update009>
change code structure. Allow
begin number 'b', end number 'e'
specified for better control.
Now input b:39000  e:40000
and x:0.02219711236660385
Click [fill], click [x*M5]
get x=884/39825 in one second.

<a name=update010>
Added [L] button for Leap function
If begin 'b', end number 'e' are
 b:1 e:3000 and click [L], program 
fill box M5 from 3001 to 6000 and
change b/e box value to
 b:3001  e:6000  For the number
x:0.02219711236660385 =884/39825
user click [L], instead of [F]

<a name=update011>
Update 2010-07-15 add auto run
function to [F], [L], [t] buttons

<a name=how001>   How to use?  

<a name="sortnumb">
Sort number not text string Output may contain error, Please verify first.
Program environment is MSIE 6.0, please use MSIE

Box11 accept only numbers, not name list, not non-number string.
Box 71, input number sequence

Box 72, output answer

This file sort numbers, not for sort text; upsidedown text ok.
2009-07-15-11-18 start sortNumb()
2009-07-15-18-40 done sortNumb()
2009-09-29-20-50 done upsidedown()

Javascript index   local
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File name jsmajor2.htm means
JavaScript MAJORization English (2)
Chinese version file name will be
jsmajor1.htm 均化矩陣 (優控化矩陣)

This page, majorization matrix
First Upload 2010-06-29
(related material see tute0047.htm)

Thank you for visiting Freeman's page. 
Freeman  2010-06-29-13-10