Matrix to HTML table Update 2017-06-21
A utility to display number matrix in HTML table form.

Fill matrix data to box21 to box24, then click RUN 11 ☞ [drawBx21to24]
output HTML table code to Box25.
In Box25 modify 'OP' to = + - * /
then click [DrawBox25] see better matrix equation. mat2tabl.htm do not care
matrix calculation. It is user's responsibility to supply meaningful equation.
Liu,Hsinhan 劉鑫漢 2017-06-16-11-36

<a name=bx2122>
Box21, matrix.A
Box22, matrix.B
Box23, matrix.C
Box24, matrix.D
fillData RUN 11 ☞ output 0.9333333333333332 ;
; [drawBx21to24] read from box21 ... 24 ; [DrawBox25] read from box25
Box25, HTML table code ; ; Ex. ,;

Box26, debug ;

Box27, debug

QDboxc27.value='' ;
//bArr[j0][k0]=parseFloat(bArr[j0][k0]); //a606151322
//a606181732 drop parseFloat() allow 1/53 fraction
bArr[j0][k0]=bArr[j0][k0]; //a606181732

<a name="docA001">
This file
is a utility program. It read matrix array 
of numbers and convert to HTML table code. 
Program read at most four matrix definition 
at one time. If user has matrix equation 
involve six matrix, user need run first time 
for four matrix and run second time for two 
matrix then edit two output to one equation. 

<a name="docA002">
mat2tabl.htm do the job convert 2D number array 
to HTML table code. mat2tabl.htm do NOT care 
the input matrix equation is correct or not. 
Even mat2tabl.htm example is NOT compatible 
in matrix equation requirement. It is user's 
responsibility to supply meaningful equation. 
Run program click  at next line 
RUN 11 ☞ drawBx21to24  output 0.9333333333333332 
HTML table code output to Box25, if user wish 
to add <style> definition, click  to 
add color to table.
<a name="docA003">
Example Ex.,; 
[01] has doubly stochastic matrix. [02] has 
MrYouMath Zeta Function - Part 5 , video 13:10
main goal is to test if HTML table code and 
VML code can exist under one click button.
Button  send Box25 HTML table code 
and VML code to drawing board. 

<a name="docA004">
function matrix2table(arg1,arg2,arg3,arg4)
is the main engine. 
arg1 to arg4 can be strings like "6.1, 4.2, 3"
arg1 to arg4 can be arrays like [6.1, 4.2, 3]
String "1" add string "2" get string "12". 
Array of number 1 add number 2 get number 3. 
When code read from input box, box value is 
always string. Program convert string number 
to array number. If input from another function, 
the value passed can be array of numbers. Click 
button  supply array of numbers to 
function matrix2table(), make sure matrix2table() 
process correctly. 

<a name="docA005">
Update 2017-06-20 added table display capability 
allow fraction 1/48 be displayed and allow text 
'Los Angeles' be displayed. 

<a name="docA006">
Update 2017-06-21
change quotient to fraction
change Quotient to Fraction


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