No more ill policies !!

A cheating vote win world recognition. Include U.S. recognition. A Japanese victory, A U.S. nightmare!
Freeman re-construct Republic of China government.
Why United States recognize cheating vote?
2004-June sign U.S. guestbook.
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<a name="GBK001">
Dear Sir/Madam:
The collapse of World Trade Center gave
you big shock.  Do you want to know the
remote causes / immediately causes?
Please visit Freeman's web page

More important
Do you want to prevent future attack?
What event today is possibly future 
attack's "remote cause" ?

Please visit Freeman's web page

You need to have some knowledge about
China/Japan/Russia's inter relation.

In brief, both Russia and Japan try to
control China, then drive China to
fight the world for RU/JP interest.
First to hit is United States.  You can
not ignore the events of control-China.
Taiwan is a province of China.  Taiwan
crisis is important to you !!

Thank you for your attention.

Freeman  2004-06-06-15-43

Chinese National Father Dr. Sun, Yat-sen 
Chinese National flag

<a name="930607A">
Above is paper signed to U.S. guestbooks.

Similar warning issued on
2002-10-17-11-35, please visit

United States government should have
already take into consideration.

News report said some U.S. citizen
(and their representatives) criticize
U.S. government spend too much money
in watch Chinese communist.  These
U.S. citizen do not know inner story.

<a name="930607B">
If they read Freeman's 
World Trade Center Analysis
Freeman believe they can understand
why U.S. government spend money to
watch Chinese communist.
(Instead of Afhan's Taliban)

This time Freeman warning (this page)
has similar function. If U.S. citizen
find U.S. government spend too much
effort (and money) in Taiwan crisis.
They MUST understand that

<a name="930607C">
If let Taiwan crisis free to go,
(if let Japan guide Taiwan situatuin
Japan worked long time to annex Taiwan)

American public must know the relation
between today's Taiwan crisis
 and    future  possible disaster !!

so that American public can cooperate
with U.S. government better.

Freeman start U.S. guestbook sign on
2004-06-06 and intend sign one month.

Freeman 2004-06-07-08-26

President  Chiang, Chung-cheng
Chinese map

<a name="930605A">
Sixty years ago, 

U.S. first policies provide Japanese
best weapon to Russia puppet in China
(exchange for Russia go to war with
 Japan, purpose reduce U.S. wound)

Yalta Conference, Roosevelt, 
Churchill and Stalin.
1945-02-04 to 1945-02-11 U.S., 
British, Russia meet at Yalta, 
a city in Black Sea area.


<a name="930605B">
U.S. second policies provide puppet
necessary one year training period
learn how to use Japanese weapon.
(U.S. purpose unknown !!)

Marshall mediation (between
Chinese government and puppet)

1945-08-28 U.S. ambassador to China,
Mr. Patrick Hurley safe guard Mao 
goto war time capital Chungching for
1945-12-22 Mr. Marshall come to China
1947-01-08 Mr. Marshall left China
mediation failed.

1947 start government to Russia-puppet
war in China.  Government loss ground
1949 Chinese government move to Taiwan

<a name="930605C">

1.  Korean war

2.  Vietnam war

3.  World Trade Center attack.

killed many U.S. citizen, 
destroyed two skyscrapers.


<a name="930605D">
Twenty years ago,

U.S. policies help, protected 
pro-Japanese group to get solid
ground in Taiwan province.

purpose is to suppress pro-Russia
group in Taiwan.

Pro-Russia group in Taiwan diminished
around 1998.

Pro-Japanese group continue grow.

If pro-Japanese trend continue !!!

After sixty years from now

<a name="930605E">
Japanese version "Sino-U.S. big war"

(much bigger than destroy two

United States !! Please do not make mistake TODAY !!

Freeman 2004-06-05-07-28 <a name="930605F"> Similar comments: and <a name="cheating01"> 2004-06-05-17-37 Title: A cheating vote win world recognition. Include U.S. recognition. A Japanese victory, A U.S. nightmare! Paper: There are two nations try to "unify" the world, that is to conquer the world. They are Russia and Japan. They do not want to fight U.S. directly. They want to preserve their own national strength. Both Russia and Japan try to weaken U.S. as their first step. Then who play the fighter role? <a name="cheating02"> Both Russia and Japan eye on China !! China has one quarter world population. enough man power to exhaust U.S. Russia collected traitor from Chinese society and win mainland governing position. Russia conducted Korean war. U.S. kill each traitor bandit, Russia win one family of volunteer anti-U.S. advertiser. Total sum about one million wound/death. Include Mao's son. Russia gain one million volunteer anti-U.S. advertiser (in mainland China) Korean war Vietnam war World Trade Center attack are the consequence of Russia control mainland China. <a name="cheating03"> If Russia control China and use Chinese to exhaust U.S. or if Japan control China and use Chinese to exhaust U.S. both case are harmful to U.S. Therefore U.S. came to help China. Later half of World War II, U.S. step into Chinese battle field helped Chinese government to fight Japanese and expel Russia. At the end of World War II, Russia invaded Chinese soil to collect Japanese best troop weapon (permit by Yalta Conference) Without third nation interfere, Russia will (guess) NOT move out of Chinese soil, and (guess) may annex that part of Chinese soil. This time U.S. come ask Russia to get out of China. Russia move out of China, but set wild fire before go. That is Russia transfer Japanese best weapon to red bandit, let Chinese fight each other. <a name="cheating04"> Before/during World War II, Japan invade China, occupied one third Chinese soil. Speak frankly, China did not have enough strength to fight Japan. Because China was a agricultural nation, can not produce weapon. Eventually, it is U.S. two atomic bomb kick Japan out of China. But Japan never hand off China. To invade China, north route is invade Korea first, then invade northern China. south route is invade Taiwan first, then invade southern China. <a name="cheating05"> Although both Korea and Taiwan annexed by Japan sixty years ago, but Korea has strong anti-Japan mood. Taiwan has strong pro-Japan mood. Today, Japanese management is go south take Taiwan first, then invade southern China, eventually occupy whole China. Japan has strong influence in Taiwan. Taiwan's pro-Japan group work closely with Japan. In the year 2000 Pro- Japan group gain government seats. That time pro-Japan group get only about 35% vote. They win mainly because Nationalist Party split. vote split too. (200406060710 start insert Nationalist Party was split by "was Japanese" man Russia put TO INFER "was Japanese" man on FACT the leading seat of FACT Nationalist Party. FACT "was Japanese" man was FACT communist too. FACT Russia purpose was TO INFER to expel anti-Russia TO INFER member in Chinese TO INFER government. TO INFER ALL TO INFER NO EVIDENCE 200406060725 stop insert ) <a name="cheating06"> In the year 2004 Pro-Japan group gain government seats again. (in Taiwan) Although Nationalist Party unified this time, but Pro-Japan group declare they got 50.1% vote. Voting date was 2004-03-20. One day before, that is 2004-03-19, Pro-Japan group candidate (both number 1 and vice) were "shot". This play earned sympathy vote. There are many rumor indicate that this "shot" was fabricated play. <a name="cheating07"> What influence to the world is that ** Pro-Japan group continue occupy ** governing position, they can ** "educate" (brain wash) Taiwan ** citizen that "Japan is friend". After four years, in 2008 vote, Pro-Japan group no need to fabricate play, they can get over fifty per cent vote. Pro-Japan group in power will help Japan annex Taiwan. Pro-Japan group in power will help Japan invade mainland China. <a name="cheating08"> Some (many) pro-Japaner use Japanese discriminate term to describe Chinese. They do not admit themselves as Chinese. They like to be Japanese. Some even declare that himself "was Japanese". 2004-03-20 vote is a cheating vote. Strange enough, the world no one major nation question this cheating. Look like whole world "recognized" this cheating vote. Include U.S. This cheating-let-go fact is a Japanese victory. <a name="cheating09"> This cheating-let-go fact is a U.S. nightmare. Because Taiwan is going to fall into Japanese occupation. Because mainland is going to fall into Japanese occupation. Because Japanese version "Sino-U.S. big war" will be likely carry out in near future. (about 60 years from now) Those cheating points are included below, they are in Chinese. You need find someone translate for you. <a name="cheating10"> Key points 2004-03-19 "assassination" used toy gun. After shot, "victim" was sent to far away (not near-by) trusted hospital. "Victim" walk to doctor office. (not carried by portable moving bed) Bullet was found in "victim" jacket pocket. No one arrest "assassinator". <a name="cheating11"> Please remember! This cheating-let-go fact is a U.S. nightmare. This cheating-let-go fact will let pro-Japaner to brain wash Taiwan resident, which is fatal to U.S. future !! Please find someone translate for you. Please read the question points about cheating vote. Freeman 2004-06-05-18-57 <a name="cheating12"> 2004-06-05-23-17 Above mentioned ** Pro-Japan group continue occupy ** governing position, they can ** "educate" (brain wash) Taiwan ** citizen that "Japan is friend". PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE BRAIN WASH METHOD !! A practical example is that before 1948 Russia puppet occupy mainland China. Chinese society main trend is thank U.S. Chinese society main trend is north watch Russia occupied Chinese soil !! <a name="cheating13"> After traitor Mao, Tse-dong rule mainland, whoever thank U.S. whoever hate Russia annex Chinese soil, Mao's puppet group use "class struggle" as excuse killed many Chinese. (count use million as unit!) Political movement one after one brainwash Chinese. Today's mainland society, anti-U.S. is a "common thought". But expel Russia words no one dare to think! Similarly, pro-Japaner can brain wash Taiwan resident. If let it go, Someday Taiwan will become Japanese strong hold. Anti-U.S. is a "common thought" No one dare to anti-Japan! <a name="cheating14"> One thing can be used as probe. President Chiang, Chung-cheng's government educated Chinese that Japan invaded China. Japan killed many Chinese. BUT pro-Japaner will NEVER say one bad word about Japan !! Please watch, if in Taiwan school no anti-Japan education is true, then all analysis in this paper is true. The future disaster is likely true !! Changing just begin, Changing under U.S. nose! Changing may eventually turn to attack U.S. mainland !! Please do not ignore !! 2004-06-05-23-59
93,06,08,17,11 paste 930608 paper here 93,06,08,17,11 phone ring 5 ring then stopped <a name="930608A"> 2004-06-08-08-14 start

Freeman re-construct Republic of China government.

1. Russia invasion history 2. Russia/Japan invasion history 3. Republic of China founded 4. Traitor no resist policy 5. TW in-power-new-comer no resist policy 6. communist independent 7. Why include communist follower? 8. Cooperate with Nationalist Party 9. Influence to United States. <a name="930608B"> 1. Russia invasion history China has two major foreign invasion problem. Both fatal to China, and both fatal to Unites States too. Four hundred years ago, Russia begin expansion, annexed all northern Asia. Include one third Chinese soil. To annex those Chinese soil, Russia use diplomatic pressure force China agree Russia's annexation. Main reason is that China did not have industry, can not produce modern weapon to compete with Russia. Is it one third Chinese soil satisfied Russia? NO ! Russia continue play trick for next annex. Around 1920 Russia come to Chinese society to collect traitors, work for Russia's interest. All kind of killing murder, arson, seize etc bandit action are fabricated into "theory", that is "communism". Specially <a name="930608C"> "class struggle" murder, arson, seize in local community. "world revolution" murder, arson, seize in world community. "class struggle" drive those traitors to topple Chinese society, to destroy Chinese culture. Pave the road for Russia annex whole Chinese soil (not annex massive Chinese population) "world revolution" drive those dumb to fight the whole world for Russia interest ! (let world gun fire kill massive Chinese population too !) Strange enough, those no-brain traitor do it !! Above is brief about Russia invasion. 2004-06-08-08-47 here Below is brief about Japan invasion. <a name="930608D"> 2. Russia/Japan invasion history In the year 1867 Japan begin to learn modern technology. Japan change from agricultural nation to industry nation. Industry need mineral resources. China has large land and not use mineral resources. Japan begin to invade China. 1894 Sino-Japanese war China loss battle. 1895 Japan annex Taiwan. 1897, 1898 German, Russia, France and British occupied Chinese soil. 1899-Aug. U.S. announce China open-door policy, let Chinese mineral resources available to all industry nations. Avoid world industry nations split China. 1900 China has boxing chaos, target at foreigner in China. Russia send troop to China. 1903 Russia refuse to withdraw its troop from China. Japan did not want Russia annex Chinese soil. Japan-Russia war start. Russia loss battle. Japan start invade Chinese mainland. <a name="930608E"> 3. Republic of China founded 1912 Republic of China founded. Northern warlord control governing. 1925-March Chinese National Father Dr. Sun, Yat-sen deceased. Strong leader Mr. Chiang, Chung-cheng (common known as Chiang, Kai-shek) come to office. 1925-July Republic of China government founded in southern provinces. Under President Chiang, Chung-cheng's leadership, China has RESIST RUSSIA POLICY AND RESIST JAPAN POLICY Without these two national policies, China's fate is doom. But <a name="930608F"> 4. Traitor no resist policy Russia collected traitor do not have brain, those traitor worship Russia as "ancestor" (Lenin) as "grandpa" (Stalin) as "big brother" (Any Russia man) Those traitor (mainly Mao, tse-dong Chou, En-lai etc.) redraw Chinese northern provinces as "inner Mongu" ready for Russia next time annex. Those traitor sign paper with Russia give up our northern Russia-annexed soil. Mainland ruler do not have RESIST RUSSIA POLICY for sure. 1964-07-10 Japanese congressman 佐佐木更三 (Japanese name in Unicode) visited Beiping, Mao, Tse-dong thanked Japan for Japanese invasion. 1974, Japanese Primer Tanaka visited Beiping. Chou, En-lai thanked Japan for Japanese invasion. Because Japanese invasion weakened Chinese government, then those traitor get chance to seize power in mainland. Mao and Chou thank Japan, so Mainland ruler do not have RESIST JAPAN POLICY for sure. <a name="930608G"> 5. TW in-power-new-comer no resist policy President Chiang, Chung-cheng is also the leader of Chinese Nationalist Party. Chinese Nationalist Party (or Kuo Min Tung, brief KMT) continue RESIST RUSSIA POLICY AND RESIST JAPAN POLICY in Taiwan province. But KMT loss vote in 2000 election and loss vote in 2004 election. The in-power-new-comer has clearly, not-avoid-suspect link with Japan. In other words Taiwan new governor do not have RESIST JAPAN POLICY Taiwan new governor's precedence is "was Japanese" man. "was Japanese" man was *** Guess *** selected by Russia *** Guess *** Russia has favor to Taiwan new governor. They do not have RESIST RUSSIA POLICY either. <a name="930608H"> In other words, today's China, both mainland China and Island China (Taiwan) do not have RESIST RUSSIA POLICY AND do not have RESIST JAPAN POLICY Review history, Russia and Japan are two nation attempt to destroy China. No resist policy that is not to educate common Chinese about foreign-invasion history. How can we Chinese survive without the knowledge of foreign-invasion history? Based on above condition On 2004-04-18-02-41 Freeman announced that "Taotao and Freeman re-construct Republic of China government" 2004-06-08-09-55 here 2004-06-08-15-18 start <a name="930608I"> 6. communist independent This is an informal announcement. Whole paper discuss whether Chinese communist did "communist independent". Freeman accuse Chinese communist carry out communist independent policies. Any policy deviate from Chinese view point that is communist independent policy. Chinese communist call Russia as "ancestor" (Lenin) as "grandpa" (Stalin) as "big brother" (Any Russia man) Chinese communist thank Japan invade China. Chinese communist carry out "class struggle" policy to destroy Chinese society order. Chinese communist carry out "world revolution" policy to play Russia puppet role. These are all Russia interest, not Chinese interest. <a name="930608J"> 7. Why include communist follower? Since Taotao speak for Chinese communist why Freeman include Taotao to re-construct Chinese government? To reconstruct Chinese government must have mainlander to work together. Without mainlander, how can two percent of Chinese population (in Taiwan) recover our northern loss soil? After Mao's massive killing, most pro- China Chinese are killed by Russia agent. Remaining population brainwashed by Mao's group. It is very hard to find real Chinese in mainland. Real Chinese means Chinese interest first. Real Chinese support resist Russia policy. Real Chinese support resist Japan policy. Since it is hard to find real Chinese. We Chinese do need national spirit education. Although Taotao speak for Chinese communist, but Taotao admit Russia annex Chinese soil is a fact. Taotao mentioned resist Japan policy. Freeman still include Taotao to re- construct Chinese government. This is a choice in no-choice condition. <a name="930608K"> 8. Cooperate with Nationalist Party Freeman is not a political type person. I mean Freeman do not have interest to get a political related job. Freeman did not want to join any political party. Freeman announce to re-construct Chinese government that is under a very special condition announcement. (all governing group abandon resist Russia and abandon resist Japan policies) National Father Dr. Sun, Yat-sen and President Chiang, Chung-cheng created Chinese Nationalist Party has similar ideology as Freeman's ideology. Freeman always support Chinese Nationalist Party. Freeman does not have intention to compete with Chinese Nationalist Party. Any time Chinese Nationalist Party re-gain governing seats, Freeman will step back as a supporter. (9306081555) (Key point today's paper) <a name="930608L"> 9. Influence to United States. No resist Russia ideology, then pave the way for Russia come to Chinese society to collect traitors. Teach traitors to carry out Russia-favored policies. First victim nation should be U.S. Similarly, No resist Japan ideology, then pave the way for Japan come to Chinese society to collect traitors. Teach traitors to carry out Japan-favored policies. First victim nation should be U.S. Has resist Russia policy and Has resist Japan policy are Chinese self defense necessary weapon. China has resist Russia policy and China has resist Japan policy let United States get a safe international environment. What Freeman re-constructed Chinese government will be friendly to U.S. Freeman 2004-06-08-16-09

<a name="KMT"> 2004-06-11-09-26 KMT represent Kuo, Min Tung Following is Unicode Chinese Kuo 國 Nation, National Min 民 People, Citizen Tung 黨 Party (political) Kuo Min 國民 Citizen (nation's people) Because KMT take resist-Russia policy and KMT take resist-Japan policy which is necessary for Chinese, English MEANING translation use Nationalist Party Not use Citizen Party 2004-06-11-09-38
<a name="930609A"> 2004-06-09-18-12 start Communist may argue that "Most revolution have fighting, killing destruction. Therefore Freeman's accuse [All kind of killing murder, arson, seize etc bandit action are fabricated into 'theory', that is 'communism'.] which is not fair." Freeman imagine above communist argument (never see one such argument) Freeman's view point is next. An ordinary person live in a healthy life. most of the time. Illness in one's life span takes only small percentage. 93,06,09,18:23 dial up window pop up If one's life has large percentage illness period. Then this person has misery life. If one's life has nearly one hundred percentage illness period. Then this person basically enter this human world by mistake. Who like to live in long time illness condition? For most people, we expect ninety- eight percent healthy period. <a name="930609B"> Similarly, a society should have 98% time in peace condition. Revolution is society's illness. It can happen for short period only. No society can afford long time "revolution". In 1927, Russian Besso Lominadze came to China, meet Mao, Lominadze teach Mao that "revolution can never stop, revolution must continue. It is called 'non-stop revolution theory'" Simple minded Mao accepted Russian Besso Lominadze's teach. Mao apply Lominadze's words to Chinese society. It become every Chinese never forget slogan: "struggle every day, struggle every month, struggle every year" We Chinese can never admit that 'non-stop revolution theory' communism is an ordinary revolution theory. <a name="930609C"> 'non-stop revolution theory' communism is frankly use "struggle every day" to destroy Chinese society completely !! Chinese society REALLY deeply hurt by non-stop struggle !! CONTINUE FOR THIRTY YEARS !! EVERYONE ONLY KNOW IT IS MAO'S WORK. RUSSIA MAN Besso Lominadze IS COMPLETELY HIDDEN !! Freeman words in Chinese community [ All kind of killing murder, arson, seize etc bandit action are fabricated into "theory", that is "communism".] JUSTIFIED !! 2004-06-09-19-20 here Above: revolution should be short period. <a name="930609D"> Below: revolution should be domestic. Chinese revolution is to solve Chinese society problem. World affair has nothing to do with Chinese revolution. World affair should be solved in United Nation. Every nation meet together and discuss. But Lenin fabricate "world revolution", drive brainless Chinese puppet to fight world for Russia interest ! If Lenin want to do "world revolution", it is Lenin go fight the world !! NOT Chinese go fight the world !! Actually Mao's communist take "world revolution" as a communism theory. Fight in Korea and fight in Vietnam !! Command southeast Asia communist. Topple other country's government. (Indonesia) Jiang's communist goto Washington D.C. to "capture 2001-09-11 WTC attack murderer" this is indirect indicate that Chinese communist involve "world revolution" -- attack World Trade Center !! <a name="930609E"> All of these dirty job, should Lenin do it, NOT CHINESE !! But actually Chinese do it, that is an agent work !! Not "world revolution" !! it is world bandit action !! Freeman words in world community [ All kind of killing murder, arson, seize etc bandit action are fabricated into "theory", that is "communism".] JUSTIFIED !! <a name="930609F"> Revolution should be short period. Not every day ! Not every month ! Not every year ! Revolution should be domestic. Not attack other nation ! Not export to other nation ! Freeman 2004-06-09-19-43
<a name="930610A"> 2004-06-10-08-27 Why United States recognize cheating vote? Reader may ask: "Why United States recognize cheating vote?" If we goto the flip side, it is easy to get answer. That is What happen if U.S. try to clear the election in Taiwan? First, Like Russia, Japanese use every chance to direct Chinese to hate Unites States. If Unites States question the election suspect points, Japanese will throw voice to Taiwan society "Against Unites States interfere Taiwan internal affairs" Japan annexed Taiwan for fifty years (1895 to 1945) Since 1945 Japan worked long time to control Taiwan. In Taiwan today Japan has strongest influence than any other foreign nation. <a name="930610B"> Second, Twenty years ago, Unites States protected group is DPP (Democratic Progress Party) (U.S. use pro-JP to suppress pro-RU in TW) Initially DPP use violence method in parliament. Fighting video footage wide spread in the world news media. A good entertainment for the world audience. KMT is long time governing party, KMT will not use this kind violence method. If Unites States question the election suspect points, DPP will start violence in parliament AND ON STREET. Chaos in Taiwan, no one can control the situation then it is best excuse for Russia puppet to attack Taiwan. That is Taiwan may fall into communist hand. <a name="930610C"> For all consideration, United States recognize cheating vote is the only reasonable way to go. In the future, reader may see United States and Japan exercise muscle in Taiwan arena. American citizen should understand United States position. This is two U.S. cities life or death struggle! Freeman 2004-06-10-09-08 <a name="930610D"> 2004-06-10-20:13 Please pay attention to Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia citizen. See if any of them would like to announce that he "was Russian". Please pay attention to Korea citizen. See if any of them would like to announce that he "was Japanese". We can almost definitely make sure that no one of them will say so. <a name="930610E"> But in Taiwan situation is different. In Taiwan, announce oneself "was Japanese" is not a shame. In Taiwan announce oneself "was Japanese" is something "look good", otherwise how dare he say something shameful? From this comparison, reader should understand how much Japanese work done to Taiwan society in past sixty years. (1945-2004) 2004-06-10-20:22 <a name="930613A"> 2004-06-13-09-57 When steal attack likely? When steal attack unlikely? "steal attack" is a Chinese term. English term is attack by surprise. "steal attack" means attack without declare war. The attack action like steal action. carry out secretly. Steal attack is relatively easy to be "success". Because it is very hard to monitor every possible leaking point in national defense system. The most effective method to stop steal attack is counter strike force. Aggressive nation do not want to get counter attack from United States. So evil master drive evil puppet to carry out attack. <a name="930613B"> If continue steal attack or not, mainly depend upon U.S. judgement. If U.S. miss-judged and believe it is evil puppet carry out attack and counter strike to evil puppet. Evil master is safe! Evil master steal attack U.S. and be able to stay away from punishment, in this condition next steal attack is likely ! On the other hand, <a name="930613C"> If most U.S. citizen finger point to RIGHT direction, Evil master afraid of U.S. counter strike, in this condition next steal attack is UNlikely ! 2004-06-13-10-21
<a name="930615A"> 2004-06-15-11-41 Above mentioned [[ Twenty years ago, U.S. policies help, protected pro-Japanese group to get solid ground in Taiwan province. purpose is to suppress pro-Russia group in Taiwan. ]] reader may ask: Why help pro-JP to suppress pro-RU? Why not help pro-US to suppress pro-RU? Then there is no Japan trouble in TW. Most Chinese understand why, but for non-Chinese, it is hard to imagine. <a name="930615B"> Russia intend to drive China to fight the world for Russia interest. therefore Russia come to China collected a group agent to carry out Russia orders. Similarly Japan intend to drive China to fight the world for Japan interest. therefore Japan come to China (Taiwan) collected a group agent to carry out Japan orders. United States do not have such "drive- China" intention. <a name="930615C"> There is NO pro-US group in China. U.S. can not help pro-US to suppress pro-RU. Above is first point. Below is second point. Although Freeman said "There is NO pro-US group in China." But <a name="930615D"> all real Chinese sincerely thank U.S. help us to kick Japanese out of China. all real Chinese sincerely thank U.S. help us to drive Russia out of China. All real Chinese are China-interest first. All real Chinese are thank-U.S. Chinese Nationalist Party is real Chinese party. Chinese Nationalist Party thank U.S. helped China. However, <a name="930615E"> Chinese Nationalist Party's top man Mr. Chiang, Ching-Kuo (CCK) married a Russian woman. So CCK is a pro-RU man. (next line is second point key words) A pro-RU man command the thank-U.S. party. Under this special condition, United States can not get help from Chinese Nationalist Party. The alternative is to help pro-JP group to suppress pro-Russia group in Taiwan. 2004-06-15-12-01 <a name="930615F"> 2004-06-15-12-30 Few more background information. CCK has three sons. They are half Russian, half Chinese. CCK old son loss consciousness around 1960's CCK second son died around 1990 CCK third son died around 1997 In 1970's 1980's CCK work hard to pave the way for half Russian take over power in the future. Remember: A pro-RU man command the thank-U.S. party. <a name="930615G"> How can half Russian command the real Chinese party? How can half Russian command the thank-U.S. party? Russia like to see real Chinese leader get out of government seats. Initially CCK selected a real Chinese leader as vice. But this real Chinese leader "got stroke". Can not work any more. Second choice is "was Japanese" man. After CCK died (around 1989) "was Japanese" man take over power. <a name="930615H"> "was Japanese" man expelled most real Chinese leader. Which is what Moscow like. BUT !! half Russian died ("illness") during "was Japanese" man in-power period. Which is what Tokyo like. From the facts: real Chinese leader "got stroke". Second choice is "was Japanese" man. ("was Japanese" man was communist too) Freeman inferred that Moscow suggested CCK what to do for best RU interest. (no evidence) Freeman also guessed "was Japanese" man cooperate with Japan for best Japanese interest. Above are Few more background information. 2004-06-15-12-47
<a name="930616A"> 2004-06-16-12-35 Why "was Japanese" man declare that he "was Japanese"? Non-Chinese reader need more background information. Taiwan population has about 75% move from mainland to Taiwan four hundred years ago. Taiwan population has about 20% move from mainland to Taiwan fifty years ago. About 5% are original resident. "was Japanese" man's ancestor move to Taiwan four hundred years ago. "was Japanese" man has 100% Chinese blood. <a name="930616B"> 1895 Japan annex Taiwan. 1945 World War II end, Japan surrender. 1945 Taiwan return to China map. "was Japanese" man was born around 1925. "was Japanese" man said that in his first twenty years Taiwan was under Japanese rule, so he "was Japanese". (100% Chinese blood doesn't matter!) 2004-06-16-12-44
<a name="930625A"> 2004-06-25-00-38 The words: [[ Freeman to evil master evil puppet Your first shot is your last shot!! Number two's strategy !! PLOT REVEALED !! Freeman 2004-06-20-08-38 ]] Translate to Chinese with Freeman's own words is next 自由人致魔王及魔奴 你們的第一次出擊,也是 你們最後一次出擊!! 「老二戰略」陰謀曝光!! 自由人 中國九十三年六月二十日 08:38 2004-06-25-00-47 <a name="chinese"> Below is Chinese paper from Taiwan BBS talk about 1. 2004-03-19 "assassination" in Taiwan 2. 2004-03-20 election in Taiwan (for president) 3. Forty points about this election. It is Chinese Big5 code, you need find someone to translate for you. This election has far reaching influence to United States future. ***** Possibly it is first step of ***** future attack two U.S. cities. 2004-06-10-08-24 93,06,05,17,13 C:\_fm\doc\93\9304\csb1_d4m.htm this is what I want [[ 93,04,22,11:29:16 湯本論壇 網友﹕阿扁槍擊事件疑雲.網友論壇 C:\_fm\doc\93\9304\csb1_d4m.htm ]]
  <a name="cheating41">



 1. 時機--此事件發生在投票日的前一天下午,讓對手毫無反應與釐清的機會。假如發生在前 7天或10天,我還會把它視為偶發事件。

 2. 防護--阿扁上午在高雄遊街,坐的是有防彈玻璃的座車,他穿防彈衣。不知道為什麼,下午到了台南市,座車沒有防彈玻璃,他也不穿防彈衣了。

<a name="cheating42">

 3. 駕駛--為什麼會由普通老百姓來開車?而非國安局派人駕駛?如果有意外發生,他未受專業訓練,如何能積極反應?這是多麼危險的事呢?

 4. 地點--狙擊手為什麼會選擇阿扁的大本營-故鄉,來幹這勾當?是自找死路?還是神經不正常?假如這事件發生在桃園或新竹,我就比較能接受。

<a name="cheating43">

 5. 位置--假如是要暗殺,能夠傷及肚皮,為什麼不是直接瞄準頭部或心臟?此一疑問,絕非詛咒,而是腹部和兇手之間有那麼多的人(腹部所劃的是由右上往左下斜線,表示兇手在較高的位置),倒不如直接射擊頭部或心臟,更為容易?

 6. 巧合--總統槍傷在表皮,副總統受傷也是表皮。我的天!這把槍的子彈還專挑無傷大雅的位置,說出來,真是笑死人!

<a name="cheating44">

 7. 對象--要說遭到槍殺,怎麼可能找一個技術這麼爛的人呢?要知道,幹這行的,不讓你一槍弊命,他也白混了。假如是外行人幹的,怎麼可能閃的乾乾淨淨,完全沒有任何線索?國安系統是吃屎的,白領國家薪俸的嗎?

 8. 侍衛--前右側檔風玻璃有彈孔,前右座的侍衛長和阿扁都沒受到前向的槍傷也罷!但是連玻璃碎片都沒有傷及侍衛長,可謂命大福大。

<a name="cheating45">

 9. 國安--前右側檔風玻璃有彈孔,前右座的侍衛長居然毫無反應?兩側的警衛人員也是麻木不仁?竟然大言不慚的說,被鞭炮聲壓蓋住了。事實上,也有可能用”鞭炮聲”來掩飾這件齷齪的事件。

10. 彈孔--彈孔是由車前往車內射擊的,還是車上往外射擊的?有待查證。

<a name="cheating46">

11. 彈頭--一個彈頭可以穿過檔風玻璃,另一個彈頭卻穿不過阿扁的夾克。難不成阿扁的夾克是不袗板做的?為什麼兩個彈頭,一個是銅頭,一個是鉛頭?那有人是這樣準備子彈的?除非是”庫存品”。

12. 彈殼--彈殼為什麼跑到事發地點10公里以外的地方發現?沒有彈頭的彈殼會飛嗎?還是去佈置的呢?

<a name="cheating47">

13. 蒐證--發現事故時,為什麼不立即封鎖現場呢?難不成,現場需要佈置嗎?

14. 姿勢--為什麼發現阿扁受傷了,還讓他站在原位?而不立即換到前座坐下,讓他趕快休息。是要讓他繼續站著,讓血流的更快、更多?是要謀殺阿扁嗎?真是天殺的!

<a name="cheating48">

15. 醫院--為什麼近在咫尺的署立台南醫院不去?距離較近、規模頗大,且為總統緊急醫療指定醫院(陳文茜小姐展示國安局的公文資料)的國立成功大學附屬醫院也不去?偏要跑去 8.5公里以外,為阿扁死黨許文龍所經營的私立奇美醫院?若是真的槍擊事件,在當時受傷部位與狀況不明的情況下,誰敢如此拖延時間,做此豪賭?萬一過了成大醫院,還未到達奇美醫院,而總統卻於途中過逝不治,試問:將造成國家社會多大的動盪與不安呢?誰該負責?要負什麼責任--做此決策者是否要承擔一命換一命的死刑嗎?

16. 問路--據座車駕駛於電視訪問時說,事件發生時,侍衛長問駕駛員,那裡有醫院?這是完全不合於總統遊街時,發生意外的處理程序。應該立即通知由當地警局所派遣的前導車,由前導車人員用最快的速度,引導到最近的醫院。這個過程顯然有問題。

<a name="cheating49">

17. 預告--奇美醫院醫護人員透露,在前一天就通知所有人員,次日醫院會有大事發生。沒想到,奇美不但是醫院,而且是上帝,可以未卜先知。

18. 接待--按照一般常理,救護車要到醫院前,都會通知醫院準備。醫院在救護車到達時,就會立刻由醫護人員推出病床,讓病患下車後,立即轉到病床送診。很奇怪的,阿扁卻是自行下車,自己走到急診室裡。很顯然的,奇美故意羞辱國家元首。應該把奇美封院,和全國人民致歉。

<a name="cheating50">

19. 送診--奇美急診室的錄影帶顯示,阿扁進急診室後,仍能自己大搖大擺的走進診間。假如真的是腹部受傷,應該會用手按壓或抱著傷口,為什麼他會沒有這個人類生來的本能呢?難道他是機器人?要不然,就是根本沒有受傷。同時,為什麼安全護衛都沒有人攙扶他呢?錄影帶所顯現阿扁的夾克,完全看不到血跡。這是怎麼回事?

20. 傷口--按照御醫提供的照片判斷,該傷口太整齊了,有可能是雷射切割的傷口。在切割時,會有流血,但比槍傷的流血量要少。並非有流血的照片,就是有槍傷。

<a name="cheating51">

21. ㄨ光--在照ㄨ光時,發現彈頭在夾克裡。病患照ㄨ光,怎麼不會先脫掉衣服?那麼夾克拉鍊也會照進去,是否會影響ㄨ光片的判讀了?看起來,奇美醫院都是蒙古大夫,把它封院吧!

22. 麻醉--據醫院提供的照片顯示,槍擊傷口長度為11公分,寬度為 2公分,應該不會只採用局部麻醉,而是採用全身麻醉。和御醫所宣佈的方法,有相當的出入。

<a name="cheating52">

23. 手術-為什麼動手術時,連夾克都捨不得脫掉?不怕感染嗎?奇美醫院真是草菅總統的人命,應該把該手術的醫護人員以蓄意謀殺總統判予重刑。

24. 醫療--槍擊傷口會有深層燒傷,所以要有擴瘡、清瘡的過程。手術完成,必須預留引流管,導引餘血。在阿扁露面時,沒看到這個血袋。很怪?

<a name="cheating53">

25. 縫合--據電台收到醫護人員的Call-in ,這種傷口不應該縫的那麼密。似乎有問題!

26. 消毒--觀察醫院提供的照片,沒有看到傷口縫合後消毒(如優典)的痕跡。

<a name="cheating54">

27. 紀錄--據陳文茜小姐接獲奇美醫護人員透露,阿扁的就醫紀錄遭到竄改。

28. 復原--槍傷處理後,不會那麼快就能復原的。不可能幾個小時就能出院的。

<a name="cheating55">

29. 親情--阿扁自受傷後,到回官邸止,居然沒有親人趕赴醫院關切或照顧,實在匪夷所思。難道他家人都是冷血動物?或者都不是人,是畜牲?

30. 筆錄--地檢署檢查官到了奇美醫院,卻被攔阻在外,長達兩個小時。為什麼?這段時間,在裡面做了些什麼事?

<a name="cheating56">

31. 宣佈--下午 1時45發生的事(據稱),為什麼直到 3時30分才對外發佈?為什麼不在醫生診斷完成,就立刻發佈新聞,以利安定民心呢?是希望有暴亂發生嗎?或者是要蘊釀同情票的情緒?

32. 露臉--為什麼從事件發生,到回到官邸,播放錄影片前,始終不露臉呢?

<a name="cheating57">

33. 紅臉--當晚播放阿扁談話的錄影片,阿扁臉色真是紅潤,好似迴光返照。完全不像是下午曾受過槍傷與經歷過手術而失血的病患。

34. 先知--於 3月13日上午收音機廣播,有一觀眾Call-in ,宣稱 3月19日選舉之夜,綠營會舉辦”祈福晚會”,真是不幸言中。

<a name="cheating58">

35. 投機--選舉之夜,藍軍因為阿扁受槍傷,而停止所有的選舉造勢活動,綠營卻仍共聚一堂,高談闊論,致力於選舉造勢。不因致哀或為了社會安定,而停止活動。使得此一事件,與選舉有極為密切的關聯。

36. 聲調--勝選當晚,阿扁對記者和群眾的演講,極度興奮,音調高亢。腹部有11公分長的傷口的人,居然在高聲講話時,傷口不會痛嗎?難道他是一個沒有知覺的人嗎?

<a name="cheating59">

37. 懲處--國家元首遭人槍殺,國家安全委員會、國安局、內政部、警政署、警察局等一干人犯,當晚無一遭到撤職查辦的懲處,並且以瀆職移送法辦。如此重大事件,監察院也沒有立即派員偵辦有關人員的失職。真是耐人尋味!

38. 緝兇--在任何國家,發生這種大事,無不於第一時間,立即高額懸賞緝兇。很不幸的,時至今日,阿扁政府節省公帑,並未採取此一必要的措施。

<a name="cheating60">

39. 鎖票--扁政府利用此事件,命令軍情警人員戒備留守,造成大量藍營人士無法返鄉投票。顯有綁架對方選民之嫌。

40. 前嫌--該黨謝長廷與藍營吳敦義競選高雄市長時,曾有製造假的錄音帶,控訴對手有婚外情,而以少許差距險勝。雖然事後證實錄音帶是偽造的,但已無法還回公道。可見該黨的黨性和黨格是無比的卑劣,手段勘稱下三濫至極。

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<a name="cheating62">

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